Ilhan Omar stood in front of a crowd and said something unthinkable about Trump

Ilhan Omar knows no limit to the number of self-inflicted crises she generates.

But now she is diving deep into the gutter.

And Americans were appalled when Ilhan Omar stood in front of a crowd and said something unthinkable about Donald Trump.

Omar spoke at a rally in Washington, D.C. held by Black Lives Matter and other left-wing groups.

During her speech, Omar repeatedly lied about Donald Trump being the cause of the recent shootings at two Mosques in New Zealand and a Synagogue in San Diego.

Breitbart reports:

“At this moment, the occupant of the White House and his allies are doing everything that they can to distance themselves and misinform the public from the monsters that they created that is [sic] terrorizing the Jewish community and the Muslim community,” Omar said.

Omar said she is criticized because she is a Muslim woman.

“I also happen to be a refugee and immigrant from what they call one of the shithole countries,” Omar said, mocking the president for his alleged comments about war-torn countries like Somalia that drive their people out.

“The reality is that shithole country raised a very proud, dignified person,” Omar said. “Our circumstances may not always be perfect but that doesn’t lessen our humanity and I am not in the business of defending mine.”

Both shooters expressly stated in their manifestos that they despised Donald Trump and believed him to be a tool of Israel.

Omar knew this.

But she lied anyway.

That’s because if anyone is responsible for giving a voice to anti-Semitism around the globe, it is Ilhan Omar.

She is the most high profile anti-Semite in American politics.

So it is not surprising she is trying to distract from her role in the rising tide of global anti-Semitism by smearing Donald Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Obama brought over her entire voting constituents from Somalia for Omar. That is why she was able to be elected. There likely were some others in her community, ruled by PC that may have added some votes, but she would not be in Congress without O’s help.

  2. She came here from a refugee camp in Kenya where her family escaped to from her beloved Somalis, home of the pirates and black hawk She should be kissing the ground she walks on here. Revoke her fraudulently obtained citizenship and deport her to Somalia where she will be repeatedly raped until she has no more value and then will be traded for a goat since Muslim women are considered property. Muslim women wear the robes for two reasons, some for modesty the others to cover up the black and blues from being beaten for any number of things from dinner not ready on time to not accepting any perverse sexual activity. Good Luck Omar for you will surely be the one that gets beaten everyday from your owner in the religon of Peace(my Ass). Any woman in modern times that wants to be a Muslin is an imbecile. Let’s not forget those “honor” killings. These ahole fathers are the embarassment and dishonorable slime. They bring their kids to America enrol them in an american education institute and then murder them for becoming westernized??? Who brought them/ Their pos father!!!

  3. It just irked me to no end that this Islamic rag head pos is in our government!! What is wrong with American voters? STOP Voting Muslims and especially Muslims that Obama brought into our country and now into our government offices!! Muslims don’t assimilate, they take over!!! This is our country! If you love it STOP VOTING FOR Muslims!!!

  4. Zaw Soe, Our stupid president Obuma brought all of these camel jockys here to take our country over, we have some of those jockys in our state too, (Maine) they smell and they are rude and think we owe them a new life, i say get the h### out MY country and do not come back.

  5. I don’t understand Why? U.S.A.Allow these Animals in our Country.I am talking about Refugees from Somalia Omar and her stupid low IQ NANCY SHUMMER DONKEY A.O.C

  6. Stupid pills as in money in their pockets! I think all the Dems and half republicans are all bought and paid for. How else could they get so wealthy on their government salary?

  7. She said Somalia raised her? She was 12 when she came to the US. I forgot they are grownups at 8 or 9, she is a true muslim.

  8. Yes indeed , well put , Omar the Raghead needs to crawl back under that rock she came out from underneath , hit the road back to Sandland

  9. Omar is just demonstrating what a good little Muslim she is and that she is not interested in becoming an American. She is obeying the Quran’s teaching that it is ok to lie to, cheat on, steal from and even kill anyone who does not share her Islamic belief.
    My message to Ilhan Omar is that her black skin is not her problem here! It is her racism and her black Muslim heart! She needs to take it back to Somali where her beloved Islamic belief and sharia law is the law of the land. Everyone in America is expected to obey the laws of this land – not that of Somali or anywhere else!

  10. I do believe that “congress ” has been taking stupid pills.. how else would you explain their behavior ???

  11. She is a detriment to this country. She should be deported to the country from which she cane. She hates America and American people. I don’t understand why we’re being limp-wristed about this. She is entirely too vocal in American politics.

  12. it is there goal to take over this country without firing a shot. How do u think these muslim got in to office ? A large part of Michigan are muslim. WHO do you think they are going to vote on ?

  13. The demonrats plans are to have the first black President, the first woman President, the first gay, the first transgender, the first Mexican, the first Muslim President. They are one sick party. They are the liberal /communist party, and have turned thier pathetic backs on the true Americans.

  14. We should have her paid back the US Tax payers all the Welfare Money, The Food stamp money and all the Free Medical money we have given her and her Leech Family ever since they step on US soil!!, I’m Positively sure we are still feeding the Leeches!!,…

  15. Just when is this country going to put this woman on a plane out of this country or lock her up, she is a disgrace to our country and the very idea the DEMS think she is just doing her duty is absurd. She is disgusting and we look like fools for letting her stay much less serve in Congress. The DEMS like her and accept her as she hate our President and this has got to stop. She is making a laughing stock of all good people in this country. Do your jobs and get rid of her immediately.

  16. We had the McClarren-Walter Act, enacted in 1952, which would have prevented these non-patriots from being allowed to serve in OUR Congress. Somehow it was abolished to allow people such as themselves to take over our government. Need that act reinforced! There was a reason for it all those years ago, as there’s a need for it today!

  17. Unfortunately, during the Obama regime, all our government agencies were infiltrated, and tend to turn a blind eye to such abhorant, traitorous behavior!

  18. Why won’wt Congress do something to SHUT THESE PEOPLE UP? If this was a Rebublican they would be having a fit. Ask that chicken guru to do it!

  19. Every time Ilhan Omar opens her mouth, she leaves America a stool sample. That’s why she’s such an INTEGRAL part of the D.C. community (D.C.= Democrat Commode)

  20. Until the laws are changed in congress to keep foreign born immigrants from serving in congress things will continue get worse more and more will get elected to Congress voter fraud in America is rampant a national ID makes sense will it happen
    NO so my advice to everyone lock and load

  21. Get used to Omar’s insults and lies.. That is what muslims do–stir up dissention with lies and twisted insults. Pelosi will not stop it–Pelosi is lucky to be walking and talking–she is so alcoholic and demented. Pelosi is loving what raghead is doing and promotes it. Should voting records be checked in the district that voted her to a victory–were they all legal to vote? how many voted as a ratio to how many are legally able to vote. Teddy Roosevelt said that if immigrants and refugees do not assimilate and learn English–RETURN THEM TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM.

  22. I’m At the ready brotha , not many like it when the truth hits them where it hurts , thanks for the headsup , Semper Fie Ourah

  23. Will…you are correct, of course. But from now on, be very careful! Be very aware of your immediate environment. Semper fie, buddy!

  24. I wish the FBI or even CIA would do a investigation on this woman and the other Muslim Congresswoman. I believe they are connected with Isis based on their comments and beliefs.

  25. Constituents of NY and MN, these loony liberal ladies, Omar and Ocasio Cortez, are on you. Shame on you for voting those two into congress.

  26. When I observe the kind of oratory that is coming from the such as Ilhan Omar, I think about our history. In our country’s history if I recall correctly, anyone who promoted the traitorous kind of thoughts and actions she does would be classified as a traitor and treated by law accordingly. If today one such as myself went to most another foreign country and behaved as she does I would be prosecuted as a traitor and at least imprisoned and perhapd even executed. The fact that she has been able to convince enough Americans to support her is a sad message for the future of our country.

  27. Bob2, Hey i also just sent a e-mail to my Rep. in Washington to follow up with the petition that i signed trying to get her out it was deleviered to Peloski on Tuesday, have not heard back yet.

  28. Thank you for trying. All we can do is try to get our Reps to follow through. They are all together regardless of what happens. They won’t ‘attack’ a fellow even if that person is a foreign invader/traitor like Ilhan Omar.
    That’s another reason, actually a very good reason, to support the Convention of States. The Convention will be calling for term limits. If your State has not supported the Convention OF States (COS), it should. Term limits wold help stop this long term corruption activity by getting the thieves out.
    Originally it was set up that citizens would serve 1 or 2 terms then leave and return home to their work. If their business profited when they were in office that’s good. If it failed then they may be encouraged to not run for a 2nd term or better yet, resign.

  29. BoB2, I have contacted my Rep. here in Maine and they cannot do anything it has to be done by POO POO Peloski or the people in Minn.and she is not happy with any of the new women either, they forget they are in AMERICA and she is very worried about the future of our country, the best we can do is keep Trump in office and also put a the house.

  30. Hi Jenny, She’s a muslim so it must be discriminatory, as in racist (though religion and race are two different things) so she isn’t charged.
    The best we can do is contact our Reps (hopefully yours aren’t leftists), give them a valid legal reason for removal and remind them if the Constitutional removal process, Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. We have to try. I and others have tried.

  31. Hi Jenny, She’s a muslim so it must be discriminatory, as in racist (though religion and race are two different things) so she isn’t charged.
    The best we can do is contact our Reps (hopefully yours aren’t leftists), give them a valid legal reason for removal and remind them if the Constitutional removal process, Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. We have to try. I and others have tried.

  32. absolutely right. we should not tolerate intolerance. they are genocide, target all civilization and all races who do not belong to them. She is the biggest racist. Should be charged. shame on Demo party.

  33. Sept. We were all waiting with bated breath for your words of “intelligence”, and we were not left wanting. Truly we have never heard such a long, unending stream of libtard B.S. Just for you I am creating term. “LIBERAL SUCKASSISM”. This is reserved for fools so far out on the fringes of society they have to identify with the most imbecilic cause. This enables them to believe they are part of society, event though the per capita members are so low as to be minuscule. Your words did not address even one word let alone one racist or nonfactual statement that passed Omar’s lying lips. You and your weak minded, amoral kind are a waste of our time.

  34. Polish a horse turd, put a $2000 dress on it and a $500 hijab on it and it is still a horse turd. It is so obvious when she speaks about Her people, HER country she is not talking about the U.S.A. It is so disasociated from anything American or our way of life, religions or ideals that everything that comes out of its mouth is an insult or a call for violence. It is the perfect example why presidents Adams and Jefferson distrusted and despised Islam. The House and Seanate had best recall her or maybe a DOJ indictment needs to be enacted. Tlaib is another one. It is now apparent Muslims do not belong in government nor on U.S. soil. Let the revocation of.citizenship and deportations begin. In God We Trust. NOT Allah.

  35. You don’t get criticized because you are Muslim, you get criticized because you are a US hating, unappreciative moron. We should have left you in Yemen where you were held.

  36. If we sent her anything to her email we would be arrested but she can say anything & nothing happens to her – double standard & she will only cry I am a Muslim!

  37. Why has Omar not been fired?? If we said something against the Muslims like she did against our President we would find our self in a court room with a fine & probably jail time. I do not care if she is a Muslim or Catholic – she needs to be arrested!

  38. Maybe a few lawsuits for defamation of character, verbal assault and incendiary hate speech would shut her ugly lie hole. OF COURSE Black Lives Matter would hire her to speak. That is nothing but a racist organization that gets all lathered up when some little black thug like sweet little Trevon gets his butt capped. Didn’t see them getting all upset when a 250 black thug beat hell.out of a white newsreporter/volunter fireman. Robbed him, beat him almost to death, then drug him over to the victims car, put his head under the tire and ran over it as the thug drove off in the victim’s car. Gee, where were all the riots and looting and bellowing of predudice, violation of civil rights and the hiring of bigoted liars like Omar. Yeah…they are BOTH empowered.

  39. she does everyday when spending the cash that the taxpayers are overpaying in order to have the rag $lut “represent(sic) the voters(some idiots at least) of Minnesotastan” in DC..

  40. The Democrats have become the biggest liers and political whores. They are public enemy number one, and should be removed from the office of public trust. They are a complete embarrassment to our self-government and a Republic form of Government.

  41. According to the Quran, which Muslim children learn early on, Muslims are required to lie to infidels if it supports Islam. There is no doubt in my mind that Islam is dangerous to America.

  42. Bill, You are spot on Buddy, we have those Fuc#ing people in our state also ( Maine ) and they have taken over two of our towns all ready, in one of them we have to put them in hotels because we have no more room for them, the town i live in 100% white we try tp police who we let in to our small town only a couple hundred so we know everyone, would not have it any other way, maybe otther towns should adopt this process also.

  43. That’s a fact , the Ragheads won’t all us Infidels dead , Americans best come to their senses before it’s to late !

  44. Here is Omar’s e-mail address we need to tell her that she needs to go back where she came from. This is America & God Bless the United States of America.

  45. Omar the Raghead , take ur smelly rear end and hit the road back to sandland , back into that hole you crawed out from underneath , to that camel crap you sleep in you Moslum piece of trash, so Omar, when you and your left wing Looney tune Idoit friends get to feeling Frogish , jump when ready you anti-American trash , because We The People of The United States of America , have The Second Amendment Right , In other words Omar the Raghead , We’re Locked n Loaded , so please do Jump if your feeling Lucky !! Good Bless The USA

  46. After reading some of your comments it is obvious to me many of my fellow American’s clearly DO NOT UNDERSTAND, Muslim’s, ALL MUSLIM’S, hate our guts, they want to eat your face, they want you DEAD, they want to physically remove your head from your body, they want to kill your pregnant wife and all your children and grand children and murder in cold blood every American on this earth. You stupid people, your pathetically retarded if you can’t wake up and see these filthy, dirty, rotten Muslim’s for what they are. If you don’t wake up soon they will kill you and you’ll never know what hit you, because you blindly walk around with a happy smile on you idiot face thinking all is well. Well you’ll get exactly what you deserve, dead is dead, it won’t matter to anyone 100 years from now how you turned up one fine day DEAD as a rock, killed by the hand of an insane, stark raving lunatic Muslim murderer, with a big smile on his face because he killed you, while you slept! This freaken Ilhan Omar may not be the one that murder’s you, maybe it will be her brother, or her son, or one of her friends, or it will be, “Abdula the Ragman” that removes your head with a pairing knife, what difference will it make, your head will be lying on the ground and you’ll be a headless DEAD corpse! I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia 3 years, King Fahad was my sponsor into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I know more about the Middle East then all of our CIA, FBI, all over our government including all the European Governments also! I hope to GOD, my American Brother’s and Sister’s wake the Fuc* up and realize these gawd damn Muslims parasites want us all dead and they want to personally kill as many of us as they can. We the People of the United States of America need to run these filthy gawd damn dirty Muslims out of our country before their numbers grow even more and they take us over, put us on the slave block, sell us to be beheaded as entertainment for them on Friday afternoon’s, which is like our Sunday’s. If you don’t want to belive me, because I’m rude, big mouthed, or any other gawd damn lunatic reason you can make up in your stupid mind, just remember this, as they slowly cut off your head, I told you so, so give a one-last big scream as they break the spinal column and snap your head off your neck, “FREEDOM”. Hahahahhahaha for all the good that will do you, you stupid person, you’ll be dead because of your stupidness, which is I suppose is as it should be. Stupid is what stupid does.

  47. You’re delusional. No one ever claimed he’s a saint, but you’ve successfully transferred the sins of lying ‘perverts like the Clintons onto #45.

  48. Tracy,
    Wow! You have touched on everything I have been saying and thinking about since I first heard about this creature from Somalia! Thanks!!

  49. It’s not Muslim Communist rule, It’s MUSLIM NAZI RULE. Back during World War II, The Muslims were right up ADOLF HITLER’s A$$ and they all HATED the Jewish people, and it is also like that today, so yes, it is MUSLIM NAZI’s Today. So America be prepared to be known as a NAZI MUSLIM NATION…It’s already happening in other Countries ask the ENGLISH People and they will tell you the same thing.. NAZI”S

  50. Yes and she want’s the Turkish President to her people in Somalia. A country of radical Islamists and Somalian pirates. Nancy good by.!!!

  51. I read she had a plane ride to Turkey! Met the Turkey President for support for her Country, Somalia. Shame. This is not her Country by choice. Turkish President is radical. This is repulsive. Did she spend tax payer’s money????????????????????

  52. If lies are being voiced by members of congress attacking the character of the President of this country and the facts to substantiate are not made available within the statement, they should be charged and held accountable. If it is simply a verbal criticism, name calling, etc. Its freedom of speech, which the Muslims have ceremoniously studied for years to use to their advantage to incite and use against the people whose countries they are actively infiltrating. They have made their lives revolve around deception…most notably using a countries laws against the country and to further their cause. Along with propagation of the host countries population.;

  53. She IS the ENEMY. She is the scout sent ahead to map out the territory for the rest of her kind to fullfill their plot to take over. Our Country. She was voted in by the majority in her State, who happen to be Manchurian Candidate Muslims, lying in wait and ready to strike when the signal is given. They have been migrating here ( mostly in the midwest) for more than two decades, building up (reproducing) offspring like rabbits to form a majority (army) to cause terrorism, in the hope (intention) of taking over this Country., as their fearless leader, that crazy loon cave dwelling deviat subhuman pervert pedophile orders them to do in his coffee table novel called the Koran. It didn’t work then, and it wont work now.. all those who strive to follow his sick commands, should be hung from the tallest bough by the ankles until dead, as he preaches they do to the infidel. THEY are the real infidel. Be informed America, and be on guard, it’s going to get nasty, and this camel turd Omar is leading the way choosing the Jews first ( keep in mind Jesus was a Jew, and they LOATHE Jesus).. Obama (666) opened the door for them. Get rid of her NOW.

  54. The three of them should be thrown out on their asses. Soros or no Soros. That bastard ruined our country.
    Wake up AMerica before its too late. They have ties to all the terrorists. THey all hate the USA. Why cant we all revolt and get rid of these people that want to call the shots in our government.
    I remember when our troops were in Somalia and one of our Blackhawks went down. They dragged their dead bodies through the streets of Somolia.
    So they hated us way back then. The best is we were there to help them. Some thanks huh? We need to send them packing out of our government. How dare thay speak al those lies about our President.?
    Please people lets not wait on this too long. They are involved with all the terrorist org. . Omar is even funding one of them.

  55. Totally agree. I think that there should be muslims in our governments, local state or federal. I been banned from facebook 3 times for saying that.

  56. She married her brother to get into this country. She is a despicable, conniving, evil person who dies NOT represent Americans in any way!

  57. There aren’t enough negative adjectives and nouns to describe Trump but here are a few, a charlatan, a carnival barker, a creep, a thief, a whining mobster, a constant braggart, an endless liar, a money launderer, a Putin butt kisser, a Kim butt kisser, a self-admitted serial sexual assaulter, a farce, an egomaniacal creature, a preener, an obese slob, a cheater on all his wives and there are so many more, but insulting, a ruiner of this country and vengeful person are a few more.

  58. She is not a dignified person and she has nothing to be proud of. She is instead the sh*th*le element from a foreign land. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what land she comes from.

    I, for example, was born in Cuba. My parents and grandparents were also born in Cuba and a number of my blood relatives are Cuban-born. A vast number of my friends and associates and acquaintances are also Cuban-born.

    I regard us all as dignified. And yet this island nation where we were born produced us as dignified people, it, unfortunately, produced also the Castro brothers.

    It produced the butcher Ramiro Valdez. It produced Osmani Cienfuegos.

    Venezuela produced Simon Bolivar a liberator. It, unfortunately, produced also a low-life, traitorous Hugo Chavez. He rose to Colonel and as a colonel, led a military coup attempt against his country’s government in 1992, about seven years before winning his first Presidential election in Venezuela.

    A country should not be stigmatized as a sh*thole country simply because it suffers the misfortune of being the birthplace of sh*thole people born there.

  59. Why don’t you get a hold of that lying blitch omar and go back to Somalia. She was allowed entry into this wonderful country and has done nothing but disrespect it. GET OUT>

  60. Communist vermin creatures like you should be eradicated from America. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU ANTI-AMERICAN COMMIES NEED TO LEAVE NOW.

  61. Omar should be stripped of her title, kicked out of Congress and sent back to her OWN Country along with her Illegal husband (by our laws).

  62. Trump campaigned on a Constitutional violation: Muslim Ban.
    He is a legally-documented racist: United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.
    He is a charged and fined money launderer: FinCEN v. Trump 1998 and FinCEN v. Trump 2015. There are web pages documenting his over 5,000 lies since taking office,.


  64. Talk about SELF suicide!!Thats what it IS letting these people IN,Much Less allowing them into our government!?The Stupidity of half of this country And the world is Surreal.Please watch a movie called”Day of siege”True story of how the muslim turks tried to spread their CULT to World wide domination(i saw it on Amazon prime)It happened in the 17th century,But Nothings Changed,Their Still trying,But they cant do it with huge armies<So they have to use the "Trojan Horse"and do it from the Inside,Just like with this walking sewer omar ect…. Wake UP Dumbass World,LEARN from History!Its Right in Front of your Faces! Semper Fi

  65. Omar is beneath criticism. I’m not remotely Jewish: more Irish than anything else, but her bigotry is grating. Perhaps it’s because the Irish have a well-deserved reputation for kindness, or perhaps because of my upbringing, but Omar seems medically insane. Blaming people for things which they did not personally do is wicked. It’s not OK, and not what the US civil society stands for.

  66. I’ve got Jewish blood. And that should be enough to tell you what tone this review is going to take.

    Omar has attacked a people that I respect religion-wise (I’m not Jewish in faith) and care about on a personal level due to my ancestry. She has spoken for months of her disdain about the Jewish people. I hope the other people in the Jewish community understand for their sake and mine that this is a woman LEADING the voices of the present day Democrats. She is not fooling my family in the slightest with her sudden “change” of heart. Any petition out there to impeach Omar, my family and I will support. Send them my way and I’ll gladly add my name as I have been doing for the past month or so.

    Congrats left, I actually said positive things in your defense before despite having some reservations about certain Democratic policies. I’ll never do that again. Your millennials like myself are turning on you, one of us at a time. Get ready for 2020.

    Feel free to send my message along. I don’t frequent leftist labeled sites any longer.

  67. Timothy, Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution is a great starting place to removing her ilk. Grab a charge and contact your Rep. Others are alreaddy doing so. We need to try regardless of whether we think it’ll fail or not.

  68. Dg … They did not escape from a mental hospital. It’s all Muslim inbreeding. She even married her brother to get him here. Liar alone should get the brain damaged incestual traitor bounced back to her cesspool she calls Somalia. She doesn’t even live in the district she represents from what I read elsewhere over the last few weeks.

  69. These 3 radical muslims in Congress are Obama puppets placed in to Congress to cause dysfunction in our country and it is working.Time for this BS hate talk and lies to stop.

  70. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides an avenue to remove a Member. Contact your Rep with a valid illegal action by Omar and tell them to use the Constitution to remove her. She has a few illegal actions and still does. She is definitely a traitor.

  71. Omar is a “plant” for a Muslim takeover of America……..she was elected to Congress because she represents a very SEGREGATED, Muslim only, Community which won her election. This is why, WE should NOT allow hoards of Foreign Immigrants into our country…….there should be a ceiling amount each year.
    Democrats depend on the foreign infiltration in exchange for their illegal vote…….The Democrat Party should be “disbanded” and “abolished”, as they seem to be infiltrated and influenced by foreign Governments. Or, are they now owned by George Soros?????…..who makes his millions by interfering and “failing” the economies and stabilities of Nations. He worked for Hitler, he damaged Hungary, hurt Russia, etc. Who else has enough money to fund the Democrats?

  72. obamas’ toilet has overflowed. Pick an charge and tell your Rep to use Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution which provides “… with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.” I have done so and others are starting to do so. Please do so and ask others to do so.

  73. This gutter rat, should not be allowed to be a member of Congress. She is a disgrace to the human race, Devilrats, Liberals. She is an evil person and hiding behind the race card. It’s time!!!!!!!

  74. Good for you we should not let her bad mouth our country,she is a very ungrateful POS

  75. Great point. The democratic leadership in congress needs to be kicked out office for extreme negligence. Good old Nancy doesn’t know how to lead. They need to get off their ass and deal with these traitors.

  76. Send her back where rape can only be charged eith 4 male witnesses who generally did the gang rape. After they are done with her they can trade her for a goat since women are property.After,
    should be pit in small boat then sink it but she wont drown since Sh** floats!! After retrieve body and feed to pigs thatway he/she can never go to heaven!!!

  77. Remove this terrorist from Congress, then deport her sand spook ass from the country!

  78. When we accepted Hungsrian refugees I to this country, they assimilated as soon as possible. But, refugees from the Middle East have no intention of assimilating. Their job is to take over and turn the US into a moslim country.

  79. Pretty much everything bad in America and the entire world goes right back to Liberalism, Progressivism and Globalism…

  80. The same thing applies to the whopping 13,000 votes Alexi Ocasio-Cortezovich (the communist) received in her all-hispanic district in Queens & the Bronx. When you want to get elected … pick an area, then feign that you are a person from the community … which she is NOT ! (It’s a far-cry from the upper-crust area of Westchester county from which she came.) Ignorance is easily fooled … and exploited !

  81. Amen to that, shame on America for even allowing scum like and that Muslim tramp to be allowed to run for any American government position, we need to get these scumbag’s out of congress, they are a real disgrace to America, and they are the enemy from with in, scum like that never change there spots.

  82. Who the hell allowed her that position any wouldn’t put her hand on the bible to take oath put her and her freind Pelosi on a plane non stop flight no return they don’t give damn bout america one with dish rag on her head is for her county america needs to wake the hell up if President can only do 2 terms same rule should apply keep new faces not allow them to stay in office till they die

  83. ….seems to me to be too long on the “proud” but WOEFULLY short on the “dignified”. I think she makes a terrible excuse for an American….jus sayin’.

  84. In her district it is heavy muslim population. Its time to stop any more rag heads from coming to America

  85. I read that the Islamic terrorists have advised their followers to set morefires.. forest fires and other kinds, in order to cause mayhem in America. We can respond by turning their desert into glass…. maybe there will be a market for glass!

  86. Send negro Omar back to Where she came from.She should not being allowed in the first place in U.S.A.This is what? Happen when you allow Refugess in this Beautiful Country.God Bless America.

  87. The only good musSLIME is one that no longer consumes oxygen. As for the BLM it consists of over breeding, parasite sluts and their bastard kids. The problem with that group is that the police DO NOT eliminate enough of them.

  88. We shouldn’t wish them dead because that means we are stooping to their level of lawless behavior. Lock her up or deport her. Killing is too good for her!

  89. This is the representation you get when you let an entire district in the USA be taken over by a foreign country, who then vote to infect our congress and poison our country from within! Send her and her whole community who want to practice Sharia law and promote anti-American propaganda back to Somalia

  90. Andy — Actually Clinton started the Somalian invasion in the mid nineties!
    Look how well that worked out!☠️ Thank goodness Hillary is not president!
    Trump,2020. Our ONLY hope!!????????????????????????

  91. Omar said she is criticized because she is a Muslim woman. This not true it because she is profoundly ‘STUPID’ and stupid can’t be fixed. May be she should be fixed.

  92. There are no words! She is useless and an example of what Muslim Vermin want to do to our magnificent government process. You let these moronic pieces of crap into our government, they will paralyze our government. If we keep our guard down, fellow Americans we will be dealing with these pieces of Sh— like her for the rest of our lives. There are many examples. Look at the Hecedic Jews in Rockland County NY. These useless vermin have paralyzed the county government. Look at the measles outbreaks in our country, they are to blame. They have No respect for us our our country!

  93. Omar is the enemy within! Hopefully her campaign money fraud, her citizenship fraud,
    and voter fraud investigations get her removed from congress, not to mention her support of Isis and CAIR, which is a terrorist organization! Wake up America!
    She has got to be removed from congress along with traitors Tlaib, Ocasio, Pelosi and Schumer.
    God save America from this madness!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope!????????????????????????????????????????

  94. I agree! The damnocraps are always accusing Trump of the very sins they themselves have committed. It is a way of life for them. One day they will each meet their Creator and it will be too late for them! What th3y fail to realize is that when you work for Satan, when he’s through with them, they’re dead!

  95. She wants to turn this country into a craphole country like the one she said she came from. She doesn’t have to do that, just send her back to the craphole country she came from. Oh, that’s right, you can’t do that, she’s a Democrat.

  96. What a POS. Speaks volumes of Minnesota. Much the same as Shelia Jackaon Lee from Houston Texas. She is a real POS too. Can’t wait for the civil war to get rid of this trash. Antifa, BLM, KKK, all of them.

  97. How can people enter the U.S. and be allowed to stay when they break our laws? Years ago a man was given the right to stay here with his multiple wives. We have a law that says ONE WIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!! In Omar’s case — How can she be married to her brother? That is against our laws !!!!!!!!!!!! In order to stay in the U.S., all who wish assylum or citizenship should have to abide by our laws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Ilhan Omar’s citizenship should be rescinded as she apparently didn’t truly recind her citizenship in her home Country. How did she ever get elected from a heart land State.

  99. Ilhan Omar is so over because she has demonstrated that she does not engage her brain before running her mouth! She has mud on her face, what a disgrace, waving her mouth all over the place! We will, we will rock her in 2020!

  100. her own book tells her to lie to attract infidels the weakest infidels to her way of thinking then when she gets over to her side and she gets enough of her running the US they will turn and start killing everyone even the ones who put them in power. Her own book says its ok for her to lie as long as it for her own religion.

  101. Muslimas in Congress. Both Democrats…supporters of mutilation of young women, “mercy killings” in which fathers or brothers kill daughters/sisters who date a non-Muslim. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, PLO, and other terrorist organizations. These Muslimas hate America, hate Jews, and hate Israel.

  102. This is a necessity to remove her from office. She is a true disgrace and making the Minnesotans look like derelicts. We must vote her our of office right now.

  103. This is our collective punishment for allowing Obama, and yes, Bush, to welcome tens of thousands of Somalis into the country with open arms. Perhaps some of them appreciate the treasure they’ve been given by their US citizenship, but Omar sure ain’t one of them!

  104. Although I as many others would like to make it happen we are not from her state. Our voices will not be heard. The only way is to make sure your rep knows and demand he/she votes to remove or the voters in the state do not reelect her.



  107. Hi, the two best ways to remove Omar are: the in State recall process and Nationally contact your Rep. with a valid legal reason to use the Constitutional process for Representative removal. I already have and others are starting to.

  108. I can’t believe she ever won an election in our country. That was undoubtedly rigged too. Anyone who actually voted for her should be ashamed, as you are not a true American. How about stoning her to death – that’s the kind of thing she and her ilk understand. And how about anyone who voted for her gets to throw the stones!

  109. If she were deported back to Somalia with her hajab soaked in lard, she would either be stoned to death or beheaded. I say let’s do this so we can rid this world of the vermon that she is.

  110. She needs to die as the british found a way to deal with those Islamic pigs such as her when the british took the bodies of their war against them and wrapped them in pig skin they relented and surrendered as it’s an insult to “Allah” and they would be sentenced to eternal damnation for having even touching a pig.

  111. This ragheaded goat humper who married her brother is a terrorist. Somebody needs to pour pigs blood on her. She said she came from a craphole country and she’s got the biggest craphole mouth almost as big as Satan’s Daughter AOC.

  112. The leaders in the Demorat Party were identified today at the Sham Barr Trial hearing. All those are worthy of freedoms’ bullets said

  113. Contact your Rep. and give them a valid reason to use the Constitutional process to remove her from office. We all need to. I have and others have. Stick to facts and stay polite please.

  114. She’s another that should resign, leave, get eaten by a sand crab. I don’t know how this thing received enough votes to become a congresswoman? But do something for those idiots that voted for you instead of riding the gravy boat payed for by The American Taxpayer!

  115. This demon Democrat needs to go! Have you Democrats lost your mind with this idiot!!!! Impeach this sick whatever she is…she definitely is not an American!!!

  116. She’s criticized because she’s a liar who doesn’t know how or when to her big mouth shut. And frankly, that’s one black life that doesn’t matter in the least.

  117. Omar is a member of the terrorist supporting group CAIR, who she claims was established after 9/11 when in fact CAIR organized in 1994. She is a liar and a highly probable terrorist!

  118. This ungrateful woman should deported back to Somalia the country that deserves her hateful mouth,maybe she should try building up her own country instead of bashing the govt of the USA

  119. Omar the only thing you are good at is kissing ass just so you don’t lose your precious seat. It is you and your coward friends ISIS that was responsible. You have no business in our government and everyone knows it including the democracts but they are forced to keep their mouths shut and back you up. If Soros and other stupid billionaires weren’t pulling the stings here your ass would be kicked out along time ago along with the other two donkeys

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