Ilhan Omar suffered a huge defeat that called her entire political future into question

Ilhan Omar was one of the rising stars in the Democrat Party.

Omar is also one of the leaders of a movement pushing to turn America into a socialist nation.

And Ilhan Omar suffered a huge defeat that called her entire political future into question.

Minneapolis became ground zero for the Left’s anti-police movement.

Black Lives Matter insurrectionists burned down a police precinct on live TV as part of the riots that swept across the nation, causing two billion dollars in property damage and killing dozens of Americans.

After George Floyd died, Ilhan Omar – who represents Minneapolis in Congress – began promoting the radical “defund the police” policy.

Law enforcement members leaned Republican in their voting patterns so Democrats wanted to expunge police who opposed their agenda and replace them with a new left-wing force of social workers.

Liberal activists finally got a chance to put defunding the police to a vote.

And in Minneapolis – the birthplace of the Left’s anti-police hatred – the measure failed in a landslide as voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure to defund the police and replace it with a left-wing public safety committee.

Axios reports:

Minneapolis voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure to overhaul the city’s police department by replacing it with a new agency…

…State of play: Returns Tuesday night showed Question 2 failing by a double-digit margin, 56% to 43%.

Details: The measure called for replacing MPD with a new Department of Public Safety that “employs a comprehensive public health approach” and could include traditional police, “if necessary.” It also would’ve removed a mandatory minimum for sworn peace officers from the city’s charter.

Polls show that defunding the police is wildly unpopular – especially with black voters who rely on police to keep their communities safe.

This was a lesson that Ilhan Omar and her socialist, anti-police allies learned the hard way.

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