Ilhan Omar told Muslims to do something that just crossed the line

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is back in the headlines.

And once again, she is at the center of controversy.

That’s because she just told Muslims to do something that crossed the line.

Ilhan Omar addressed a crowd of supporters over the weekend and attacked Donald Trump as an Islamophobic bigot.

Omar claimed Trump was to blame for the New Zealand Mosque shooting and that Muslims needed “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable” in order to fight for their rights.

The Washington Times reports:

As hundreds of pro-Israel protesters rallied outside, Ms. Omar said U.S. Muslims should confront discrimination in her keynote speech at a fundraiser hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles in Woodland Hills, California.

“So, to me, I say raise hell. Make people uncomfortable,” Ms. Omar said as the crowd cheered. “Because here’s the truth, here’s the truth: Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and frankly I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it.”

Ms. Omar, whose speech was livestreamed by Fox News and posted on CAIR’s Facebook page, also intimated that President Trump was to blame in part for the horrific March 15 shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, which left 50 dead.

“The reason I think many of us knew this was going to get worse is we finally have a leader, a world leader in the White House, who publicly says that Islam hates us, who fuels hate against Muslims,” she said.

Omar is clearly lying.

Trump had nothing to do with the New Zealand Mosque shooting.

The killer was a madman that claimed he wanted to spark political chaos.

But Democrats always want to exploit mass shootings to rile up their base and throw their political opponents back on their heels.

And that is exactly what Ilhan Omar tried to do with these disgusting comments.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • We bring them over here, give them Welfare, they call us Islamaphobics as they are bashing our President for there rights that we have already given them, by letting them come to America! Go back home future suicide bombers!

  1. When Are Americans going to be free of these three Muslin women? They are here just to cause riots and upset the normal flow of everyday life. They will not be happy till they have caused Blood in the streets. That is what they think they were elected for and they will continue to keep their cause going.


    • Then we should all carry some pork fat to rub in their faces. That’s fair. Appears chuckles and Nancy are losing the party quickly if they let this crap continue.

  2. I went to war for America many years ago. I’m a disabled war Veteran. I can barely walk. I don’t sit around bitching and complaining Now I see people coming to America from different countries and they demand this and demand that. Ether settle for what you have or get the Hell out America. Go back to where you came from! All that do is bitching and complaining! You are useless!

    • I agree one hundred percent! What do these foreigners think coming to this country and trying to changed things for their benefit. They don’t have a right; for the biggest part they are still foreigners. They don’t like the way things are then get their stinking asses out of the country!

      • I agree 100%!! I say the same thing to many of them that they are just coming here and want this and want! And the majority of them haven’t been in this country a good 30 or 40 years!

      • Amen Omar BITCH get the he’ll out of our country and oh but I love bacon LEAVE WE DONT NEED MUSKIMS HERE I HAD 4 uncles and Mr dad that fought for our country all 5 of them and my father in law rip Frank all fought for this country. Get the he’ll out you stupid Muslim BITCH take traitor Obama with you and crooked Hillary they can continue their love fest overt

    • Facebook blocked me for calling Omar a rag head. Thinking about hiring a Lawyer for them blocking me for saying some thing that was not a threat. It’s not like I told people to raise hell and make people uncomfortable.

      • Lorna, I know exactly what you’re saying. Twitter banned me for literally asking Omar if she had any response to the news about all of the “Extremists Muslims” who are literally murdering Thousands of Black Christians in Nigeria!!! I wish I had the dang money to SUE them for it. I tried to appeal their decision and it’s been a week and they have Never responded!! It was the very same for me…….I Never threatened or harassed Anyone, I Only asked a question in reference to FACTS!!! It makes me so mad because these Leftist Liberals Own Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. and WE, Conservatives/Christians, are the very people who are being totally Discriminated Against!!!

    • I agree with you, James Stone. These Muslims that Obama brought as “Refugees” from Somalia, 150,000 of them and placed them in Minnesota and Michigan have the Audacity to think they own the USA and can claim RIGHTS. They have NO Education. If they did, they should know that the USA is a “Judeo-Christian” country, NOT Muslim. If they don’t like it, they should go back to Somalia and Palestine from where they came and flex their Political Muscle there. They would be more Prosperous there with their Muslim men and culture. We have to pray to God to undo what this Wicked Muslim Barack Obama has done to this country as ex-President. God will prevail. There will come a time when all these Muslims will run from where they came from.

    • I totally agree with you Newyc, they don’t come here to make us better, they to take over & to change who we are as a country & as a people.

  3. If it is true that she told Muslims to raise hell and make us uncomfortable, then turn about is fair play. If any of the Muslims out there do what she suggests, then they need to go back to where they came from if they cannot think for themselves. Furthermore, if she did this and an incident happens directly related to her speech to 10 or more people, this could be inciting.

  4. It must drive Omar crazy that she thinks Muslims are treated as second-class citizens, because the Quran tells them they must always be in control of non-Muslims, who must be made to pay a special tax called the Dhimmi, if they refuse to convert. Here’s the news for Omar and her friends: you are second-class citizens, or even third-class, because of your hatred for Jews and Israel, contempt for non-Muslims and support for Islamic terrorist groups like Palestinian Hamas and Iran-sponsored Hezbolla. If you feel this way, you should renounce US citizenship and go live among your fellow Muslims in whatever country will have you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Your correct DC2!! But the Qur’an also says that if they can’t convert the infidel..they are to KILL THEM!! So bring your ass on woman..I’M LOCKED & LOADED!!

    • If CAIR wants Jews to respect them, it is Moslems, Muslims who first must take the first steps, tell Omar and Tlaib that you must decist from this sick anti-semtic behavior and the Imam clerics must resolve the conflict with jews, get rid of the Hajj El-Hussienni Amin filth and the Osama Bin Laden killing crap.

    • Amen We can’t be Christans in Muslim country’s can’t practice our religion why show thay in ours yes get out of our country its ours not any Muslims there Dirty pigs any way what religion goes around cutting off heads of non Muslims I been to the middle
      East it’s a mess and dirty it’s a shit hole

      • if we cant have a bible in their countries then why do they have freedom to worship ere double standard until Christians are allowed to practice openly without fear in their countries they shouldn’t be allowed to practice their religion in America

      • If I was a congressman I’ll be worried about bitching come in one day’s with bomb strapped to her they do that s*** all the time overseas

  5. It really gets up Omar’s nose that she thinks Muslims are second-class citizens, because the Quran tells believers that non-Muslims must be treated as inferiors and made to pa a special tax if they refuse to convert to Islam. Here’s the news for Omar, Muslims in America make themselves second-class citizens by promoting hatred of Jews and Israel, promotion of Palestinian terrorist groups, disdain of other nonMuslims and by their constant, arrogant demands for special treatment for themselves.

    • Don’t forget the thousands of white Christian wome in Europe who have been violently raped by those pieces of anti Christ.
      You know the allia god they pretend to worship is a hoax and a lie. God cones from good and good means to live and let live. But not those baby rapers.

      • Absolutely ! No one says a word about their pain & their violations. I am tired of being attacked for being White & I refuse to apologise for it. I am a person, a Female & a Causcasion and that is that. To hell with all of the self flogging, I will never do that. History is history, the past is the past and I am not responsible for their sins. This is 2019, not 1860, stop living in the past and grow up !

        • Buckwheat and BJH, you both are absolutely, positively and I’m sick of all the bending over backwards for the few Muslims in this country and nothing is being done to protect the many Christians…

          • Thank you, we must not fall into that trap. White America cannot make reparations for every person enslaved in America either, no one in the last 150+ years has any connection to Slavery. The first Slave Owner in Virginia was a Nigerian Black man,a former Indeed turned Slave,Anthony Johnson in the 1700s’. Slavery envolves’ every race, not only the Black race. There were the Irish Slaves during the Slave Trade days, the Chinese, White Native American Captives, ie, Slaves’, Hispanics, excetra. I refuse to play into the whole White Privilege thing, it is a made-up greivence, promoted by Social Justice Liberial nutcases who want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Every race on earth has been discriminated against, it wasn’t right, however, it was how the World worked. Conquer or be Conquered, it is the history of humanity. Ilhan Omar is a trouble make who hates the USA, it is expressed in every speech she makes. America gave her safety, education,opportunity & she is now a Congresswoman & it still isn’t enough. Ilhan Omar is an ungrateful woman & a troublemaker, she needs to resign & repatriate back to Somolia.

    • Ihate to be fund but what connection does Obama have to Muslim people to encourage Muslim immigrants to come here in huge #’s & settle in Michigan & Minnesota 2 states primarily settled by Europeans many moons ago???

  6. Omar, please tell your Muslim friends to raise hell where I’m at! I would love to show them what American Terror is all about. The Democrats are the party of Islam and just another Domestic Terrorist Organization that we need to deal with! Why do you think that Americans have been buying guns and storing ammunition? Until the Democrats are wiped out, the Muslims will continue their attack on our country and, our foreign enemies are watching to see how we deal with both threats! Omar, if you and Islam are so damned good, why do you have to screw your own brother?

    • They are brother f….ckers don’t you know.
      And their god says it’s ok as long as you are Muslim. I have studied these people for four years and l have not heard one single good thing they have done for this planet and the people on it. They never say thanks. They never give but only take. And they want to control others as if their devil really wants that.

  7. It should be quite clear to anyone with half of a brain – Ms. Omar wants a race war between the Whites and the Blacks, the Jews and the anti-Semitic radical left. I cannot understand why the Democratic Party can simply sit back and allow this USA hating Muslim to say what she wants, do what she wants and intimate these things. This is no longer a political game. This woman is dangerous. She is spouting lies about the citizens who live in the USA, about our President and about the love we have for the State of Israel. We can’t let this rhetoric go on more than it has. Omar’s 15 minutes of fame is over. Send her back to Somalia.

  8. I am glad that the vote for the “Green New Deal” went down in flames. to bad the Democrats were such big cowards in the voting but showed their presence when the vote was taken.

    • McConnell DID the ‘rite thang’ in Calling Vote.
      He knows. (the deal)
      > EVEN ‘old Dems’ KNOW, ‘No Way’ie.( GND, grn nw deal)
      & the ‘weasel Vote of “present” INSTEAD
      of “yay or nay” IS the Way 0UT. ( of a ‘stewpid’
      devastation /future policy.)

  9. There are 4 women in Congress that should be tried for treason for their anti-American activities supporting terrorists – financing terrorists. They are in total violation of the oath of office they took when they were elected to office. I think Pelosi should be included with the other 4 women making it 5 to be tried for treason.

        • 0h, Maxine Waters? rounds out the 4.
          Hey, MUST KEEP Pelosi, As long as we
          Can, for 0bvious Reasons, Capish no?
          >Pelosi AS Speaker Has Lost Control of
          the House, to some degree, && POTUS ‘Knows’.
          The ‘freshman Youngers’ +
          Waters Are ‘beating the KrAAP outta her
          (pelosi) + schumer) WHO ? Would you prefer as
          House Speaker??? . 0ne of the ‘youngers’???
          I don’t think so.

    • Seriously? there are 4 Muslim women in Congress? I thought only 2. Who are the other 2? I thought it was just Ilhan Omar and the Palestinian Woman, RASHIDA TLAIB, who wanted to “Impeach President Trump”. Now, that Special Counsel Mueller’s Report is out, these women should leave the US and run back to their respective countries. What a shame to see them still here!

  10. When people came to this country thru Ellis Island they wanted to be Americans leaving their country behind. Today they want to bring their country to America. If they don’t want to be Americans they should go back to their country not try to make us become their country.

  11. In July Ilhan Omars community will be getting a new 6ft high security fence with 17 security cameras and new fob entry. Her community is also the reason Minnesota is known as the terrorist recruiting center. It’s her community that was involved in the welfare fraud using their daycare centers to pull it off. Do some real reseach on her and her community. I’m waiting to see what happens after the new security fence is up.

    • How the he’ll does this BITCH get to have science or wall rate and the Americans don’t even get a wall at the southern border to protect us.

  12. Donald Trump is absolutely correct. Muslims DO hate us. Muslims in every Muslim country in the middle east and in other countries riot and carry signs that say “DEATH TO AMERICA”. What does this stupid bitch think “DEATH TO AMERICA” means? Omar supports terrorists and finances terrorists and that makes her a terrorist and traitor. She needs to be impeached and charged with terrorism and treason and she should rot in prison and then in HELL.

  13. If followers of Islam want to become “national security threats”, that will be just fine! And instead of sharia law, will use the Constitution of the United States, the judicial processes authorized with everyone allow their day in court but if found guilty, subject to the full penalty of the law including imprisonment, deportation and in cases of treason, execution! We, as Americans judge people not only by their words but most importantly by their deeds, for which they are held fully accountable. The problem with Islam is the First Amendment of the Constitution, which is a declaration of religious rights which presumes a plurality of religious custom and faith, Islam on the other hand is not a religion of peace but is a religion of conquest where when Islam rules, all infidels (non-believers) are subject to being lied to, being discriminated by tax, to being abused and punished (for their faith) by being whipped or simply executed by being beheaded! Islam, once firmly established, becomes what is always been, a theocratic, totalitarianism, where might does become the right to an absolute fulfillment of a medieval terror cult headed by the pedophile, Mohamed, whose legacy is still an ongoing threat to the Western civilization built by the precepts of Judeo-Christian heritage and tradition. With Islam there can be no compromise, followers of Islam must uphold and conform to the standards of Western civilization or there is no choice, but they become subject to constitutional law and not sharia! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Savior of the world, Amen.

  14. All democrats are control by soros how is this
    Possible money they all take it and nothing will ever happen to them and they know it

  15. Muslims and other groups come to America to change it. They will make it a cesspool like the one they left. Democrats will allow it and wonder why a world leader worse than Hitler to arise. Trump is supportive of Israel as he should be and until God is done with him he’ll prevail. It must be awful being a Democrat without Jesus.

    • Michael Brown, you are SO Right!! In reality, these Terrorists Muslims are actually using Our very own Freedoms & Rights AGAINST US & all Western Countries!! According to their Book (Quran), they are able to LIE to All of us (Infidels) in order to advance Islam! I don’t understand how Liberals/Democrats don’t/can’t see what I can see!!?? They won’t wake up until it’s too late & Sharia Law is already in place. I truly believe my late father was correct, when he said that 9/11 was the “Beginning of the End”!! God Help Us!!

  16. How did she get into Congress If she is not a U.S> Citizen??? She needs to go back to her own Country & see if they put up with her b.s. The American People aren’t going to stand much more of her antics. She needs to be gone & out of Congress & who voted for this broad??? This is America she needs to take that Head scarf & stick where the sun don’t shine. God Bless America.

    • Investigate this POS and get the facts and info on how IT came to America x When One gets elected to Office and swears to their Oath of Office and they do not follow or adhere to that – THAT IS GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL OF THAT PERSON

      • The secret service needs to look into her behavior. These threats should not be dismissed as Pelosi and the other politically correct representatives did. It would be unlawful for me to incite violence. Why is it legal for Omar?

        • Amen to that, Chris. It’s typical of the Dimorats to say it’s ok for their party to spew hateful racist crap but, if you or I said something like that jail we’d be going…

        • Just ask Maxine Waters, she’s the democratic who told other democratics to “get in Republicans’ face and start a crowd “ She should also be investigated for treason and terrorism.
          It appears the democratics are the “new untouchables.

      • Your right she didn’t appreciate what we did for her as well as others like her who want to make our country like theirs is!

  17. Simple solution: Send her ass back to Somalia. She is not welcome in the US. Her radical views are not welcome in the US. Her anti-Semitism is not welcome in the US. She’s in this country because Somalia is a rathole controlled by Islamic extremists. Please go back to this paradise so we don’t have to listen to this insanity. And if you were born in this country, take your parents back with you!


  18. Wow, shades of Maxine “no, I’m not crazy, but…” Waters.
    “Raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable” huh ?
    Curious when the POLICE are finally going to nab these nut jobs for inciting violence.
    At least the FBI could start investigating these crazed offenders.
    – They investigated another for three years for a LOT less…

  19. She is Anti-Semitic and Anti-American. She must be removed from the Foreign Relations Committee and forced to resign from the Congress along with her fellow Anti-Semite Rashida Taliab of Michigan. We fought a war over 75 years ago to stop this type of hate, yet it is rearing its ugly head again in our Congress no less.

    • The way out of thisis to get all of ourselves out to vote. The “silent majority” tends to be too complacent We got Trump in now we need to investigate crooked polling places and reelect Trump and all conservative Congress members 53% is great but we need no less than 60% or better in congress MAGA !

  20. How is it possible for a Muslim who cannot by law be a citizen, be a Congress woman?? Someone please enlighten me !!!!!

    • I tell you, this country has allowed our great freedoms to be abused by so many Demoncrats and now Muslims, they have done all of this to themselves., the Coran, Quoran, Koran, however, you spell it states that unless you are a Muslim you are an infidel and if not converting to Islam then you are an infidel and death to the infidels, so she needs to be released along with her other Muslim Traitor and go back to the country they love, not change or try to change ours..Death to the Muslim hoard..they use our freedoms to hurt us…..

    • There is no prohibition against anyone of any religion becoming a US citizen (if in fact she is). The fact that she is prejudiced and bias, however, should have at least raised a red flag. So she hide her real feeling well from those who chose her. Let us hope she gets booted when she runs for re-election.

      • She came as a Refugee here through Obama. It seems Obama brought, get this, 150,000 Somalian Refugees to the US and placed them in Michigan and Minnesota. Then according to the Internet, she married her brother so she could get the “Green Card” and quickly became a US Citizen within the 5-year eligibility period so she could get into the US Congress to make a lot of money. These muslim women are pretty cunning and clever. A lot of the American Congressmen in the House of Reps. want them out. Their Term is only for 2 years. Hopefully, we’ll get some Republicans to contest them and push them out.

      • Those who chose her are of the same stripe as she is…a large settlement of muslims in a large American city that has welcomed them…that is spreading like a cancer in our nation, including two terms in the White House. Planned & being executed before our eyes & we just watch it happen! Shame on us!

  21. If this crazy bitch is so unhappy with the U.S. then she needs to return to Somalia. This goes for anyone else, of any race or religion. I am sick and tired of people from other Countries, making DEMANDS on the tay paying citizens of America. I will be only too happy to chip in, for a ONE WAY TICKET, to the Country of their choice. However, if they wish to return, tough sh*t, No Way Jose!

  22. This woman need to be charged with Hate and Perjury. She is pushing lies to a group of Muslims that then feel they can get back with hate also. Our nation is suppose to be built on love and the leaders of our nation have forgotten this. They for some reason think they have a right to lie about people and spread hate and then the Democrats wanted to pass a Hate law and they are so guilty of spreading hate in our country today. Can we quit the hate and wait until found guilty and then hopefully we have honest and trustworthy judges that will follow our laws and prosecute justly. We don’t need Congress and the media to do the prosecuting and spread lies!!

  23. How much longer will this Muslim bitch traitor be allowed to soil our government? Why hasn’t she been removed and sent packing? Is Congress waiting for her to pull another 9/11, her ultimate goal! Their keeping her in Congress makes a mockery of America and those who gave their lives for it!

  24. This is America NOT Somolia. If you want to live under Sharia law MOVE TO A MUSLUM COUNTRY. We do NOT have to liese to you. This is our country.

    • No, literally Omar told Muslims to “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable”. Omar is stirring the pot to make sure chaos is alive and well and she’s doing everything she can to keep America divided. This is her agenda. This is her way of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.

      • What she Said is ‘Beyond the Pale’
        “raise hell, make ppl uncomfortable”
        & IN our Congress? 0-M-G.
        Doug, you ARE Absolutely Correct.
        0bama SAID: “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. &&& ‘dumbos ‘fell’ for it. & 2!!! Terms at that.
        > HOW ? can ppl Be so ‘brainwashed’ & BRAINDEAD ?
        >methinx – Soul DEAD comes 1st.

    • And tell me this-just when have the Muslims had to sit at the back of the bus? Never. She is doing just as Waters, Pelosi among others, to be rebels for no other reason than to be mischievous. We are not Mid East Countries or those countries where riots appear to be acceptable. We have Laws to settle differences, riots only cause harm emotionally and physically, justice is rarely done. Omar as well as Waters and Pelosi act like children; if they do not get their way then they throw a tantrum. That is what she is advocating the Muslims or any other people to do.

    • Eric, you are just another deranged mooslem lover. If you think you are cool with them, well you better watch your back. They’ll cut your nuts off after stickin a screwdriver up your ass. You dumb f*ckers think you understand that disfunctional way of life….you’re idiots. This omar terrorist is trying to incite her fellow terrorists to plunge war on us. Mark my word, if you don’t think it will happen, you are truly in fantasy land.

  25. Why does everyone persist in calling the Communist Party USA, Democrats, when they are flat out Marxist communists in the mold of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.

    • We are NOT one nation under god. We are NOT a Christian nation. But you are free to practice Christianity if you wish. And therein lies our strength.

      • This country was built on Judeo-Christian values, so yes… it IS a Christian nation. Always has been and is the greatest nation on earth due to the values, morals and teachings of Christianity. Without those, this country would be steeped in crime, filth, immorality and would be a banana republic, which is what atheists are trying to turn it into.

        • obama SAID ‘that’, Eric. “We Are NO Longer
          a Christian Nation.” So you ‘Parrot’.
          You are erroneous in saying:
          “therein lies our strength”.
          You are Way too ‘Young’ to KNOW HISTORY.
          Your edu has not not done you well in your
          thought process.
          > Talk TO REAL PPL Eric. Sitting there (wherever)
          w/ your mind thoughts ‘swirling around’ on ‘junko
          Info’ Is Not too Good.

          • ps. Eric. ‘KNOWING a whole buncha History
            Is Really Quite Fascinating/IMPORTANT. & Worth the Time.
            > junko bunko msm KrAAp is hurting you. & Beleive
            IT 0r Not, YOU Really ARE Too Good for ‘that’.

      • You must’ve been sitting in a dark closet for years. YES, WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD…..and you can leave if you don’t like it. It’s people like you who can’t show allegiance to our country and lead it downhill. WE ARE one nation under God and that’s why God blest it so mightily until recent years. I sure don’t want to go into any battle without taking God there with me. WE ARE a Christian nation. You might not be, but WE STILL ARE. You’re welcome to stand alone.

    • Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,250 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

    • Amen and Amen and Amen….and if the muslim creeps don’t like it, then go back where they came from. No one invited their sorry carcasses to intrude in our nation. GO HOME…if there’s anyplace on earth that even wants you.

    • If Ilhan Omar will not defend our American Flag, The Constitution or Bill of Rights . It is time she be removed from our House of Representatives. Along with the other 4 Muslim women, who will not allow our American flag in their Offices in the House of Representatives. Nor pledge allegiance to President Trump. May God Bless Him every day.

      • @Alfred Sommerfeld, bravo Sir, I feel the same way. These 4 new Congresswomen are using our Constitution against us, not believing in or revering it.

    • Sir great info and facts, Turkey ran out Christians/Jews/Hindu etc people when muslins reached power, and who are feeding muslim nations??

    • Actually, the word “God” refers to whoever you chose to call “God”. The Constitution guarantees religious freedom to everyone, whether you accept their god as your own, or not. It is one of the things that makes America great.

      • Actually, in those days, God referred only to the one true God, the God of the Christian Bible. The multitude of non Christian religions and cults have brought this country to it’s knees in a very bad way. None of the cults we’ve allowed to flourish in our country has had any positive effect whatsoever. Every single one of them have been divisive, oppressive or out right violent. Yes, I know about the violence and murders the Catholics have perpetrated but Catholics are not true Christians. The United States was far better off being Christian without the influx of the Johnny come lately cults.

    • Exactly, Christians’ have the right of choice, Muslims’ do not. American was founded by & settled by predominatly Christian people. We are and always have been a Christian Nation which allows all people the right to practice their own Religion without harrassment or death, unlike the Religion Of Islam.

  26. Ilhan Omar is not an American in the full sense of there word, she is still a person from Somolia & seems to have a great hate for the USA. Fine, if that is her position, she needs to be deported back to Somolia to live out her days in the harsh land of her birth. She hasn’t a good word for the USA and indeed, not for President Trump as our President. Such ungrateful behavior is not only shocking, it is disgusting. I have no use for Ilhan Omar and feel she should be ousted from her seat in the House On Representatives’. She isn’t worthy of her seat nor is she worthy of being an American Citizen.

  27. Here in leftist Canada, our Immigration Minister, a Somali immigrant believe it or not, recently met with Omar in her home state. Why the hell did that inbred bastard meet with a freshman congresswoman. And now the Liberals are opposed to Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. In addition, Canada has passed Bill 103 (sponsored by muslim MP Ikra Khalid) which makes islamophobia a crime punishable by imprisonment. I hate my own country now and refuse to sing the national anthem or display the Canadian flag. Need to move to Israel.

    • You have only one chance. Take up arms and meet them head on. DrSkippy1 If you will not fight you will soon be persecuted, as Sharia law is the next step.

  28. If she’s “sick and tired”, as she says (of being a second-class citizen), then she should go to live in a Muslim-majority country. I’m sure she won’t be treated as second-class then. (Holding my breath!)

  29. The Democrat party sure has a list of geek’s. All the new darling’s of the party have a brain disorder that seems’s to make them talk out of line.

      • So here we are..years after 9/11.…and with years of Islamic terrorism all over the world….and now they are even in Congress…wtf is going on…

        • Yvonne T. She can’t go back to where she came from. She was dropped off by an Alien spacecraft who couldn’t stand her anymore either and won’t be back to pick her up !!! Now she is our problem !!!

        • I agree!! It all goes back to him and his pushing the Islamic thing….I call it a thing because it is NOT a religion…it is a cult…worshiping a false god. A God of hate is not the One True God we worship. This is why they will never exist peacefully among us. O had a miserably bad idea…and it’s coming back to bite us all.

          • You guys do realize that the book that Obama followed to a T is the “Rules for Radicals”. Read it and you will see it all fits what Obama did and to add what the Koran says the muslims must do and take over the world Obama helped by spreading them out all over the world. R 4 R I hear was written for Satin. Should be found in small print somewhere in book. If you read any of or all four books written by Obama you would absolutely know that he was not born in USA nor raised in USA. To him, Communism and muslim is all what he was part of and who he is. One book says, ” That the greatest sound that he has ever heard as a child, is the Islamic morning call to prayer.” If you know what that is- you know that has never been done in USA. Not even close in Hawaii either. It only occurs in muslim countries. His Birth Certificate was a proven fraud and his half brother and what he had, showed to be all legit. He was born in Kenya. His first speeches ever when he first ran for POTUS, were all entirely or parts of the very first speeches that Castro spoke when he first ran in Cuba. Remember those media people drooling how brilliant Obama has to be to have written such great speeches?!!! ALL BS !!! None were good enough to even call good either. His SS number was for a Senior Mass. white Female. Nothing he had was ever proven to be valid. The DEM’s Messiah !!! Their holy one they worshipped !!! Your going to find allot of things will tie into Obama that is talked about now and should be coming out. Corrupt as it gets and with Hillary as well.

    • naw…. it’s not a brain disorder, it’s their professors in the lower education system (collage) that has the disorder and they are poisoning the young minds of our children, and the teachers minds in the elementary and high school systems. and it in my opinion that we should move our kids to home schooling so we control the lie’s and truths our kids hear, we need to stop the brain washing our kids gets from the public schools that push their agenda’s of the fake news and scientists.

      • Nobody, I completely agree, the Educational System has gotten way out of hand & it is no longer Teaching, but, Advocating & Indoctrinating our children. It has to stop. Let’s get back to the basics of Education & leave Politics’ & Indoctrination to the wayside. We Americans’, for the most part, do not wish to have the Government taking care of us or ruling our lives’ nor do we want any one Religion to rule over all of our lives. I have never seen this kind discord in our Nation, not even during Vietnam or Watergate, it is extremely distressing

    • The Little Darlings are not yelling out of line. They are politically Correct as supporters of the Muslim Sharia.

    • Yep and the brain disorder is known as Trumphateaphobia. What she and others really want to do is create chaos and terror in America. She would not even think about going back to her country because they would take her to the soccer field, execute and make an example of her if she made treasonous comments about their leaders.

    • IIhan Omar is committing treason every time she speaks to Muslims about and uprising against our President and government. She broke immigration laws by marrying her brother under Sharia law in Somalia in order to bring to the U.S. Omar needs to be deported from the U.S.

      • She needs to go back where she came from. She is the one spreading hate. We need to take our country back but not with hate and gutter language.

  30. How about Omar was responsible! She has become to public for American politics on her hatred of Jews/Israelis and her libtard party knows this but can do NOTHING to stop it whether they want to or not. It’s okay to kill a baby, it’s okay for men to be turd tampers, it’s okay to pick your sex in the U.S. but the first minute you trash talk a Jew, the no morals libs will drop you. Just because Jews are the people who have 100% control of the media, the people who per capita are the richest sect in the USA and just because Jews ushered in the modern day cancerous liberal ideology they are off limits to heckling or you get labeled as a hater, a bigot etc. Well, I’ll take being labeled because she’s right and she’s wrong. Her tribe is the scourge of the earth and Northern tribe Jews hatred of God and denial of the son is biblical suicide and they can bring us down as well. Look at America and our values today compared to 1940. If the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor today we would lose WWII because we’ve lost our unity, our belief in Christ and we’ve lost our balls.

  31. Every single muslim in our country needs to be sent back home to their sharia-law-lovin’ countries in the Middle East! They don’t belong here! And they sure do not belong in ANY governmental office, whether that be state, local, or Federal positions! Someone already let the Trojan Horse into our country, now our military needs to return them from wherever they came! They do NOT assimilate, they attempt to overthrow and dominate every Western country they are ever let in to!

    • You’re absolutely right!
      That wench/person has been in office months, and she is flying across the country on tax payer money, bad mouthing the very country and people that foot the bill.
      I’ve always wondered, how that evil cult continues to exist, if their men are killed off in large numbers in the wars they start.
      It’s their brain washed women! They continue breeding the evil monsters,
      Then the women do what this one is doing.
      They are a multi headed snake that needs……..


    • It is OK to post your opinion. It is even OK to disagree and be VERY vocal in your disagreement! Please do not stoop to he same level as the left by name-calling and labeling. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT! To that end let me say that I do not understand why a person or people who HATE us even bother to come here.
      I also agree that it may be a part of a bigger plan. This is WHY we MUST have metrics in place to screen these folks and make sure that OUR LAWS PROTECT US! I believe the reason that South America was able to survive and stay under the “radar” of slavery even when they still had slavery, is all of the country (continent) took everyone else as new individuals who had pledged themselves as South American. We musr REQUIRE any and all people who come here to pledge allegiance to OUR country and when they violate that trust, we must DEPORT them immediately for sedition!

    • So many Muslims are going to be murde-e-reed by the sparkling Mormons who’ve planned some incredible ‘games of Hiram’ this coming summer. Wait for the Gold-Aurea Clarion Angel to sound the triumphant trumpet.

  32. The House of Representatives has the power to dismiss Ocasio-Cortez and Omar from Congress, but it will take a two-thirds majority in the House to accomplish this. Democrats (elected and electing) have not shown enough intelligence to recognize these women as threats, much less dismiss them for issuing threats against the President: which is treason.

  33. A Dem muslim US Congresswoman ‘Calling for Violence’.
    Get ready folks. Hope you live in a good neighborhood.
    0r in the countryside.

  34. Ilhan Omar’s words will backfire! I speak from personal experience here. I’m a Hindu-American (not a Muslim!) of East Indian descent, but because of my complexion, I’ve been mistaken for being Lebanese, Iranian, Samoan — everything but East Indian.

    This was especially trying during 1979 – 81, when the Iranian hostage crisis was taking place. My brother and I were often mistaken for being Iranian, and had to face the anti-Iranian sentiments which were widespread among the American people at the time.

    A few years later, in 1983, the subject of prejudice on the part of Americans came up as we talked politics. Greg took my side by bringing up the kind of hostility anyone even mistaken to be “Iranian” was forced to endure during the hostage crisis. A friend of Greg’s was sympathetic, but said the Iranian students protesting in this country were indirectly “asking for” trouble and were the ones who “provoked” the kind of response they received, by deliberately shouting anti-American slogans, etc. He compared it to wearing a swastika in a Jewish neighborhood.

    Although I agree the First Amendment permits flag-burning, Bible-burning, Koran-burning, etc., engaging in these activities is only going to elicit a hostile response. If not here, then in other parts of the world!

    • This is the kind of crap the democrats start because they do not know how to win without starting a war or starting a riot. Mr Trump please lock her up. We love you and know you are for the USA. Thank You

      • Rather than lock her up. Maybe give her a one way ticket home? Send her sorry butt back to the hell hole Somalia where she came from. She doesn’t deserve the right to live free in our country. She is nothing more than an activist, which should give her the right to behave like that. There’s another community activist that should also get sent a one way ticket back to Kenya

    • Vasu Murti, you are correct and it is sad you and people you know had to endure the backlash. Americans’ simply want those who immigrate to the USA to respect our country and our people as a whole. Sadly, I don’t see much respect happening from any corner, not even from our own fellow countrymen. I was taught to never disrespect our flag, the National Anthem or anyone’s Religion. When one Immigrates to the USA, people are supposed to assimilate into the American Culture, not try to change our culture into theirs nor demand their own comforts’in our schools, restaurants, supermarkets, excetra. If they cannot adjust & assimilate,perhaps these people should be here. President Theodore Roosevelt said it best in an article in 1907 & again in 1919, in how to become an American. People will say that was over a Century ago, however, I don’t see it to be any different. I would think every country would feel the exact same way if it were their Country & their people.

      • What you say is true Steelie, however, respect for our Flag & our Country shouldn’t have to be written down, it should be taught & passed down from he genneration to generation.

          • Absolutely ! It was serious business to have the audacity to disrespect or burn the American Flag. Sadly our 60’s Generation seems to have initiated that sad piece of Americana, in relation to the Vietnam War. I am very afraid for our children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren & the rest of our decendants’. We must fight back for their sakes’

          • Absolutely not, treat our American Flag with respect, place one’s hand over their heart and sing our National Anthem. Then reflect on where a person might be living versus the USA. We are very lucky here and should never forget it. It is appalling to see people unappreciative of their country. Love it or leave it.

    • You are right. I’m sorry for what you endured years ago, but you can’t really blame Americans can you. POTUS Carter was the worst President in history, we could never imagine having anyone as bad ever again. History not only repeated itself, it doubled down when obami was “elected” ha…he is a scum sucking pig..

      I hope you can find and surround yourself with as many American friends as you can to stay safe.
      These stupid muslim seem to think Americans will sit back forever and do nothing. That is a big mistake I fear.

    • vasu, If it hasnt been worth it to you you are welcome to leave. If it is worth it then count your blessings and concentrate on the good.

  35. Omar needs to be removed along with Tlaib and stripped of citizenship, the people in the communities that voted for them need to be rounded up and air lifted back to Samolia. Each and everyone one of them. They are hateful ungrateful people. Raise hell, we should you what that is. Put them on an airplane and drop them back in their oun country. They’re only here because of obummer. They only want to destory the USA. So it high time we did something about them. Enough of this BS, they will not live in peace they dont belong here!

    • You’re right too.
      Elected, hummm, I think the ballot boxes were stuffed. Ballots need to be water marked and serialized by the location they are sent to, and only printed days prior to the election and put under armed guard until they can be distributed. No absentee voting, too bad if you’re sick or out of town. Tuff..
      I’m all for rounding up these frauds, and Trojan horse soldiers and deporting them back to where the came.

  36. Looks like Ilhan Omar is transitioning into Maxine “Muddy” Waters.

    Lock your doors and shutter your windows. It’s safe to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

    • This Muslim tarerst is trying to incite a riot with Muslim terrorist against American’s and America! She had to take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States! This crime is a felony and she should be arrested immediately!
      If an American citizen did this type of crime they would immediately be arrested convicted and sentenced to prison! Are these people above the law especially one who has taken an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America!
      No their Quran says that they can lie to further Muslim CULT! Her lieing makes her an enemy of the American Congress and American Citizen’s!

  37. why is it NOT a crime for dumb butts like her for inciting more hate crimes, ans trying to cause riots and harm to us American public, she should be prosecuted and removed from office, oh,I forgot they are above the law, RIGHT?

    It is B.S. thern’t held to the same laws we are huh?

  38. Illhan Omar, you are a 2nd class citizen and terrorists supporter. You need to be arrested for supporting via fund raising for a terrorist organization, CAIR. Then stripped you your illegal citizebdship and air dropped back in Somalia where you slither out from. Use of the provided parachute is on you. You can even hace the option to get out of my country on your own free will. Good riddance 2nd class scum.

    • Most importantly,George Soros who is behind all the amntiamerican subversive activities must lose his dual US Citizenship and arrested for TREASON. This will end the muslim infiltration of US Government.

      • you are clearly not only on the wrong side of the argument but also lacking in vision, history and sufficient brain power to function like a human being. You are another stupid anti-semite!

      • Mad Scientist, George Soros owns Progressive Insurnace. Get it ? The name? Don’t support the companies that he owns. Or, you become your own worst enemy. Don’t be like Hillary and give something that can be used against you in war to your enemy.
        As Uranium is used for Nukes and Nuke rockets. Russia is way loaded with those. Their buddy, Iran, needed that and money to finish making those Nukes they said they want to hit the USA with. Obama dropped them $150. Billion on a pellet out of a darkended plane and airport at night. Hillary is laundering money from the Russian Mafia thru her Clinton Foundation. Ever wonder how all of those who died mysteriously that knew Hillary or Bill going back to their Arkansas Governor days how they all die so mysteriously? Bill was a big seller of Cocaine while he was Governor there as well as Arkansas people have mentioned before. Hillay and Bill were up to a real mess back then as well.

  39. 3 Points:

    This anti-American & Christianphobic bigot Ilhan Omar needs to be removed from office and charged with her terrorist crimes.

    There are only two types of muslims, the violent and those yet to be violent. Those yet to be violent lie about their peacefulness becasue it’s not their time to strike.

    We need to round up the Arabic muslims and ship them off to a muslim country of our choice. American muslims are infidels and eventually the Arabic muslims will kill you people. WAKE UP! The Arabic koran IS NOT the English koran. That is from a former ISIS fighter turned Christian. LISTEN to him!! He says Islam needs to be stopped. If not you’ll be conquered.

    • Well said Bob. Omar is not living up to the oath she took as an Congresswoman defending the Constitution of the United States instead of fighting its citizens.


  40. Please, we need to get real feed up with all of the Bull S*** that the muslums are causeing, They do not want to enter as true constitutional citizens of our country and right now the best thing that we can do is the give them a free one way ticket back to the country that they came from. That way they can live the way that they want to and believe the way they want to and we will be better off not having to deal with their radical Islamic B.S. I have always tried my best to have an open mind toward other peoples way of life but I do not have to bend over and left them run over us, this is our country not theirs, please send them back to where theybtruly belong.

  41. This Muzrat is an Islamo terrorist infiltrator, she should be jailed ASAP!!!
    You have the nerve to call the New Zealand shooter a “madman”…! As uncomfortable as it makes you feel, Omar just proved every word in Tarrant’s manifesto to be 100% correct! Ignore that at your own peril but WE ARE AT WAR with this cult!

  42. Well let me tell you Omar camel jockey! Fricken deal with it or go the fu-k back where your camel ass comes from!! Nothing I’d be more proud of than kicking Muslims out of our country or shooting them! They dont belong here and they dont belong in congress!! Or any branch of OUR goverment! They should have a target on there backs! We dont need our towns ruined by a bunch of camel trash! Dont need your type milking goverment! Your stupid enough to keep running your mouth inciting your dumb people to stand up!! They’ll end up in a pile of camel blood you twit!! If you dont denounce your rags and your stupid Koran, you dont belong here and theres 27 camel countries to choose from! I’ll help your sorry ass pack! Those new z. Camels got shot for infiltrating there country too and building a stupid mosk and threatening people with stupid talk! Get used to it or get the hell out!! You’ll find out how long you last in Congress you idiot!!

  43. Omar is sending out a dog whistle for Muslims in the USA to start a war. We must remember this woman is a Muslim first and Somali second. She is using the rights afforded her by this great country to denounce the USA and its people. She is no better than Farrakhan, Sarsour or any other Muslim trash in USA Democrats have empowered Muslims and illegals to dictate policies and reap hate and divisive ness on the USA. There will be a Reckoning and the Lib politicians that supported rape, murder, sex trafficking, drug abuse, infanticide etc will all pay the price

      Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that w boomarang e know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!

    • Why do we have to accept this traitor woman in Congress, she is a Muslim ( since that is she wants to be known for) she is not for the USA she is against it , her only purpose to kill our way of life for hers. Time to show what we are and need to teach these enemies within that we make the rules not those against us.

      • Omar behavior is beyond the unbelievable —-coming from a culture who beheads women at Will—-what a silly 😜 ungrateful brat to say the least

    • Could not have said it better.

      mooslim have been kicking a sleeping bear a long time. I feel very soon the bear will wake and all hell will break loose.

  44. This camel ass is breeding war, so all Americans should start arming themselves against a muslim hoard in jhad of blood Ilhan Omar states that Muslims needed “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable”.
    Time this she pig leave the US congress one way or the other, it does not matter

    • These pile of trash were banned from entering this country back in 1959 . This country needs to used this laws to keep them out so use it.

    • Please have a heart, don’t compare that POS Omar with pigs. Pigs are more valuable than that POS Omar and the other one in congress Tlaib.

    • In the former Soviet union they had a very efficient way of dealing with Omars and others like her. She WANTS Civil war.
      She says that She is tired of being treated like a second class citizen, my advice to her is simply this.Treat others the way you want to be treated.
      We in the United States were gullible enough to buy into the idea that you wanted to come to America to have economic opportunity, have freedom to practice your religion.
      That was a lie. You wanted to make the USA just like the shithole you came from. You act like you a “insulted” over anything you can interpret as being anti -muzlim.(which is just about everything! You mistreat
      , and sometimes kill women echoes mode of dressing does not meet your standards. You exploit our system of ensuring that families who have little or no income by lying to the social workers who are trying to help you. You act lo
      Iike your better than anybody else, and you PISS AND MOAN when Americans don’t kiss your a**es. You lied to us the people of the United States of America, in part through Barak Obama, in order to gain access to this country, then you complain about being treated like second-class citizens.F*** a
      you and all your realatives.. You need to leave and crawl back up the rectum you came from.your choice how!
      You are a cancer on this world and will be removed!

  45. If you don’t believe the Muzslime terrorists are here, just go to YouTube and search Red House, Va.

  46. Are all of you kidding? The Dems will do nothing about these women. We the People have to do it. I’m a consertive and I can’t seem to get any Rebublicans to get as mad as I am. WE have to fight back because every one else is too afraid. WE have to get organized. If WE don’t, it’ll just keep happening.

    • Joni this is what I have been saying all a long, if we don’t start doing something now it will really get out of hand, it is dam near there now there is two ways to get rid of them, the civilized way is to VOTE these unpatriotic Muslims out of office and never let gain any voice in our government, the other way is not so civilized and it’s what their more used to KXXX which it might come to, drastic but we are not going to let them take over this Country of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      • DAVID, Common now, the DEM’s don’t give a dam if they are in office. Even if in their own Koran and what it says about a full world takeover they are to do in this world and lying is fine to non muslims. DEM’s do not give a dam. If the muslim is a DEM then they will protect and defend them. We all know this. DEM’s have absolutely no clue at all to think that it is their country and themselves that will pay for their lunacy. The same as these idiots believe how safe these illegals crossing the border are becasue their elected ding bats in Wash DC say they are safe and then follow up with unbelieveable BS to push that load of bull! To want to further get rid of ICE as to help support and protect all illegals as well will also get themselves and their family, friends, relatives, and neighbors killed. Yet not the slightest clue will occur to a DEM because they worship their DEMs in office and follow them as if they are their religion. Being incredibly lied to over and over by their party leaders over Trump and the Muellar investigastion and all that mass load of fantasy & make belief created by them about Trump and 100% all proven wrong and all lies- still a DEM won’t have enough sense to ever wise up or wake up. They will once again vote for a DEM’s as well. The reason why so? Most want this country done in and the worse things are in a country, the easier it is to take it over. Proven throughout history. Obama and his true being as muslim helped aid the push for a muslim world takeover by pushing muslims into USA and aiding That idiot Woman in Germany who dumped loads of muslims into Germany. Allot of Europe is having trouble with muslims now. No news coverage either.

        • It’s way past time for a blitzkrieg on these damn nasty, Satanic muslimes. Turn them all into shredded pork. Death to islam, death to the muslimes, nuke Mecca.

  47. All Muslims are Radical you just have to give them a reason no matter what it is and they will attack. These two Muslim Congress Islamic women are very dangerous and should not hold any Government position in a Jewish/Christian Nation. They need to be kicked out of Congress and These United States.

    • I’ve been saying this for years, Islam is not a religion. It’s a geopolitical entity bent on world domination. It would make slaves or corpses if any and all who disagree with their system. Now it may end up making me a corpse, but will never make me a slave.

      • What was it Patton said,
        It is not my job to die for my country or cause, but to make damn sure the enemy dies for theirs.

        • We didn’t elect her. The boxes were stuffed. Voting in Mn. Is corrupt. We can’t even get the Secretary of state to release voting data. There is a lawsuit pending

  48. Sounds to me like Ms Omar is preaching revolt against the US Government with comments like “raise hell”. Isn’t that considered treason? At the very least it sounds like she is both Jewishphobic and Christianphobic. Either way it is a real shame as she could have done a lot to bring people together instead of going out of her way to turn people against Muslims with her racist bs. If anyone is to blame for what happened in NZ perhaps she should look in the mirror.

      • Michel – What is happening now was Obummer’s and Soros’ goal all along. They want the discourse in America. If everyone is fighting each other, it’s easier for the cabal to take over. Hitlery wasn’t supposed to lose. She was supposed to finish what Obummer started – the destruction of the United States to prepare for the NWO. Look at all of the other countries whose citizens are rising up against their corrupt governments. Everyone is fed up with the evil and corrupt criminals. I sure hope we have enough room at Gitmo, although some will only be there long enough for their trials and sentencing for treason and crimes against humanity before the military tribunal. The gallows are ready.

      • Obama is Muslim don’t be fooled by him stating he isn’t. All the proof you need us on his hand. No christian would wear a muslim ring ever, not ever for any reason.

  49. This woman is a disgrace to our country and the flag. She doesn’t realize that most of America is waiting for for a reason to put out the fire the left is starting.
    Over 70,000,000 guns and trillions of bullets. The left always trys to light a fire to divide this country. Poor against the Rich, Black anainst White and now Muslem against White. What next? Get use to the best President since Ronald Reagan. He’ll be around for another five years or so. We are all here to protect that man. Locked and loaded.

    • ditto to that I thing any Muslim in our congress should be investigated.and any Muslim who thinks that there sherry law is better should be send back hence the came from.

      • I think that anyone who refuses to swear in on the bible should be denied a position as an elected official. She came here in 1995 as a refugee and became a citizen in 2000. I bet she swore in as a citizen on the Koran and not on the bible. If one does not pledge allegiance to our country they have no business being here in the first place. No one is saying she should become a Christian or a Jew, but it must be made law against inciting unrest in our country. She needs to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee at the very least. I’m surprised we haven’t heard her bionic mouth about Pres. Trump’s signing of the proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights. Give her time though – she’s probably writing her hate speech as we speak.

  50. Omar is terrorist plane and simple (sleeper cell)
    How is this possible that she is not impeach
    There’s is a old saying you can’t change the
    Spots on a leper you can’t reason with a terrorist
    She has a lot of friends in congress
    All hate America hate what we stand for
    Hate trump hate all whites
    GOD HELP US TRUMP 2020 trump jr 2024

    • OMAR has absolutely nothing to lose should she carry a suicidal Mission under her ugly head rags. DEMOCRATS,WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get rid of her before she commits an atrocity we will all regret. It is only a matter of time. Send all those Muslims on her side back home, even if Marshall Law is imposed on them. .

  51. She is a complete wast of a human. Send her back to her Muslim country. You dont come to the USA and tell others to rise up a phone against Americans. How the hell could Minnesota allow her in office.

    • Because Minnesota is a Muslim-controlled state. Their aim has always been to ‘rule’ & enslave the world according to their “God” Mohammad’s instruction in the Koran. Mohammad is the exact opposite of the Christian God of the Bible Who loves us, & sent His son Jesus to die for our sins & save us. Those who have not made the choice to be saved by God’s love will be lost forever to darkness & death…..choose now whom you will serve, as the time is short.

      • She.needs to get kicked out of Congress and the United States asap if the Muslims want war. We will shoot them all and farkocon to

  52. And some people say that a Hajib is not a symbol. As Col. Potter said, HORSE HOCKEY!! She should know that these kinds of instructions legitimize the same by the opposition.

  53. You have a right to your opinion
    And as usual someone like you cant have a discussion without insults and name calling
    I could easily do that too, especially with the likes of you, but I wont lower myself to your negative level

  54. This crazy MUSLIM is in the wrong country to be calling her Muslim Brotherhood tpo raise Hell. They want Hell, America will show them what real Hell is. Throw this worthless Turd out of our government. Wake up America !! I predict a Civil War in this country is coming soon. Our and our children and grandchildren”s futures are at stake

  55. Anyone read the book “Islam Is Of The Devil”? It tells the truth about Muslims and their intentions to dominate the world.

    • She seems to forget she is in the USA.
      She also seems to forget that their whole plan was made clear in 1992 when it was said that they would take over from within. First by getting into government, by playing nice and acting nice to get in…then it will be death to infidels.
      I dont trust any of them if they are still practicing their Muslim faith or Sharia law or still wearing hijabs.
      They are supposed to be assimilating.
      She has clearly shown her hate for America and Israel.
      She needs to go…the sooner, the better.

      • I definitely agree with you!!! Why can’t more people see what’s happening?? This is very scary to me! I wonder what Trump thinks about this?? I’m in Minnesota and there are lots of them here like her, I’m afraid! We need to do something about this!!!

      • What to do? Everything is against you! The law, the government, the EVIL dems.
        What to do. I am sure assimilation will take place, but which way. Everyone talks the talk, but will they walk the walk? Remains to be seen.

  56. so you tell the muslims to raise hell well guess what go ahead raise hell just
    remember when we the people the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA answers back an raise hell is not going to be a pretty site.I don’t care what religion you are along as your in america remember this is God country.God bless UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and President Trump 2020 coming from California

  57. they are in the wrong country to raise hell? doesn’t she know they are in a country that will shoot back and ask questions later.

    • President Trump never said Muslims hate Americans. He said many times that “Radical Islam” hates us and that’s true. Omar is an anti-semitic, Jewish (Israel) hating anti-american bigot who has no place in our country much less our congress. She, like the dumocrapic party are the true racists. A word to Ms Omar and the rest of you dumocrapic freshmen… Those who falsly accuse others of racism, are the true racists themselves. Just a word to the unwise.

  58. As we all know, the answer to every question is in the Bible. The answer to the muslim question is….when God scattered the 12 Tribes of Israel, the ones that ended up in Persia, today’s Iran, became muslims. He gave them ”enmity” in their hearts. Enmity is a never ending hatred for a people, a country, a sect, a land, etc. In this case, it was Jews and Christians. Todays infidels. Omar cannot help herself!, it is the enmity in her heart, only curable by dying.
    The big thing with islam that no one understands, is it is not a religion, it is a form of gov’t, and the koran is their Constitution. These politicians, pundits and average people continue to give them a pass because they don’t want to be castigated as anti muslim. Judge Jeanine was totally railroaded by the left for asking a question that anyone might wonder. We are a Christian Nation, and islam is not our friend!

    • Very well said John Metzger. I worked 35 years including all middle east countries. The average American has no concept of Islam.

    • I so agree.
      Judge Jeanine got rocked for saying what everyone else feels.
      I sure as heck dont trust her or her voters. Or her cult, government, kiran lovers. Not one of them.
      They say they came here fir better lives.
      They cannot or will not be happy as muslims in America. They dont really want to be.
      They want to infiltrate and take over.
      I want them out.

  59. Where is Pelosi??? Shummer??? Shame on the Dems for even allowing her to This idiot will bring down the Dems further than they are right now. I hope everyone is listening… We need to build the wall right now and throw her on the other side of it, along with her supporters. She left her shit hole of a country and now she wants to make America like the country she fled?

  60. Why is this woman still in office ? What is wrong with the people who voted this demonspawn into our hallowed halls ? These people are not even supposed to be able to be elected into office anyway ! WAKE UP AMERICA ! They are trying to turn America into the same shithole they alledgedly escaped from !

  61. I thought legal immigrants and naturalized U.S. citizens should assimilate. This congresswoman is not. She is lucky to be elected government official. Now, I believed she is abusing her status. If she can’t take it as a Muslim free to practice her religion in U.S. she should go back to where her family came from (INGRATE). I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. I served 20 years in the U.S. Navy. I took an oath which is similar to the oath she swore in to defend this country and not to belittle it and attack our president. How can she accuse our president responsible for the shooting that happened in New Zealand? She should be recalled; she is a disgrace as U.S. to U.S. congress.

  62. she needs to be dunked in a vat of pig guts and blood and deported before she is able to bath and air dropped over iran or another muslim country

  63. Whoever thought we would be even commenting on behavior such as hers. She is a disgrace and I’d like to see her gone, but if all our i’s are not dotted and our t’s not crossed, she may remain and the US will be tied up in courts trying to defend our actions until her term ends. I worry about the President and his safety. Her comments are becoming more and more threatening sounding. I do agree with all the comments listed above–she needs to go and go soon.

  64. If she doesn’t like how moslems are treated in this, their HOST country…the country to which they fled, then go BACK to Suckistan or wherever it is y’all are from!!!

  65. One needs to read between the lines. Omar is fed up with the fact that this country’s laws are based on Judea-Christian principles – not Sharia Muslim law! The fact is, Omar and Muslims want Sharia law which is mutually excluded by our Constitution.
    WAKE UP America! Throw these people out of office and keep those out who want to shred our Constitution!

    • That’s because the great Obama is part of them!! The dems call the Republicans the violent party……but how many of them have shouted for every demo to run us out of restaurants or stores. Or how often have conservatives been mobbed at universities or other places they were trying to speak. Now this rag-head cow is pushing for muslims to ‘make noise’ and make more mob activitity. They DO NOT belong in this country and sent back to where they came from….see if they can voice that kind of opinion over there!!!

  66. Someday, and I have a feeling it’s going to be soon. Thousands of Americans right here in the stats are going to be victim’s of a Muslim attack. Then some real bright person will realize the damage this TO has brought upon our nation. Then some one will claim, “something must be done”. By then it’ll be to late. .

    • With two terrorists and one idiot (Occasional Cortex) as newbies in the House I would have thought that Nancy and Mad Max would have put their high heels on these 3 idiots throats . . . . I kinda miss Mad Max’s ugly face on the news. 😊

  67. Is a pig’s pork pork? If ya know a butcher, have then save a few and mail them to her.

    Isn’t she the one that married her brother to break our immigration laws? Why hasn’t she been charged?

    • Do not worry, Trump karma will kick in and will kick her ass so hard that she wished she never opened her treasonous mouth.

    • Because shes a dem. Pretty simply, actually. If a Republican candidate married her brother, they’d be jailed so fast their head would spin off.

  68. All muslims are not radicals, condeming all muslims for what a few morons say is not right
    I cant stand her, but all muslims do not think like her

    • You’re wrong. All muslims don’t say what she says but when push comes to shove they will unite against our society because that’s what their religion tells them to do. Remember, not every German was a Nazi either.

    • You are a moron…Muslims are full of hate! Every last one of them. Unless you are a muslime, you are an infidel and worthy of death!!! Freaking idiots! There is no such thing as a good muslim…read the Koran or should I say Pig crap chronicles of a pedophile!

  69. Where is the ethics committee at the least. This woman is on the edge of if not have already crossed into treason. 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason | U.S. Code | US Law


      • There is a petition somewhere out there.
        I have signed at least one against her.
        The site I can think of is

    • Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    • They deserve the same thing they do to us, head lopped off. The subhuman people wipe their buttocks with bare hands, then go make Starbux coffee with fecal fingers. Mmmmmm, tasty. Ask Starbux CEO if he drinks it, since he hired thousands of the sandrats to work there. He probably likes his coffee with a little feces in it, tho.

  70. This should be the end of the line for her in Congress. Stirring up her fellow Muslims who, for very good reason, Americans have little or no trust in, wasn’t an intelligent move on her part. Oust her now before it gets worse. Her sickness shouldn’t be allowed to spread any further.

    • Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. K. Boudreaux, Ms. or Mrs. Omar truly needs to DEPORTED, or at least take up residence inside A Insane Asylum, because her mouth is surpassing Ms. or Mrs. Maxine “Rude Loud Mouth alias Scary Face” Waters.

      • Yes, I agree with you, Fred, I let my southern manners get in the way of my true feelings. Kicking her butt out of the country is the way to go. Even out of Congress she’d continue to spread her poison. Waters, AOC, and a host of others we can’t deport…Insane Asylum.

  71. How can any muslim be an American? Their beliefs in the Koran are against our beliefs and our Constitution. To allow one like Omar to take her oath of office on the koran is a fraud!

  72. There is no question that Trump rhetoric helped fuel the engine that killed all the innocent Muslims in New Zealand. It is exactly the same as how language from radical Imams promote evil against Christians.

    • Take a laxative clear your demented sick mind. Omar married her brother to fraudulently break immigration laws, she is a piece of human waste. She shits on the nation that took her in, and our citizens. She does not represent Muslims, since she is a near communist. Her anti-Semitic speech is ok, but the left cause your moral warriors? Trump is bad, so you defend Adolph Hitler’s wanta be Islamic daughters right?

  73. It is time for this woman to be sent back wbere she came from. She is part of jihad. The President needs to close our borders an since this pork looking piece of shit wants to incite trouble then deport all muslims.. End of problem get rid of the filth in America.

  74. Seems that she is clearly declaring war on the United States and the American people. Does she think that the American people are just going to sit back and let that happen without fighting back? She needs to be thrown out of office now. The taxpayers are paying her salary and we are Americans. We are also paying for the exorbitant expense account that she has full use of. So she hates Americans and that does she think that the American people are just going to sit back and let that happen without fighting back? She needs to be thrown out of office now. The taxpayers are paying her salary and we are Americans. We are also paying for the exorbitant expense account that she has full use of. She obviously hates Americans but she has no problems taking our money and shoving it in her pocket. This woman needs to be kicked out of office now she is inciting a war in the United States of America

  75. Omar is an evil person and should be kicked out of office …The Democrats are one of the main offenders concerning this woman…They feel it’s o.k. for her to say the things she says…REMEMBER THIS AT THE NEXT ELECTION PEOPLE…. There is NO place in the USA for people like her and especially in OUR government…

    • How right you are. If she keeps spreading her hateful rants, there’s no telling what she will get radicals to do.

    • I am so tired of the three female morons. The people in their districts are just as ignorant and gimme, gimme, gimme as they come. For someone who was given sanctuary and I am reasonably sure she and her family received vast amounts of financial aid that we citizens paid for, she sure shows her appreciation. She is not stupid, so Auntie Nancy needs to quit making excuses for her and the other two. For a starving Somali she sure looks like her fat face hasn’t missed too many meals since she set foot on U.S. soil. For the life of me I cannot understand why Omar is not in prison as she is openly inciting Muslims to foment rebellion. As for making people uncomfortable, some one starts raising the hairs on NY neck , MY finger starts migrating toward a trigger all on it’s own. Self preservation. Is this what she truly wants every time I encounter someone who is a practicing Muslim? To having in the back of my mind they are going to holler Allahu Akbar and Jihad? Stupid decisive bitch! As for trying to tie our Presiden to a horrific act of murderous terror, well, guess she needs to be airlifted right back to Somalia where the men can stone her, rape her, behead or any of the other tender mercies that sharia law affords a woman in Muslim countries. She shows no love for.our country, does not appreciate what was done for her, and a total lack of respect for the citizens or President of this great nation.

      • BadBob, There are more than 3 airhead idiot female morons. Starting with Pelosi as she is the gang leader who will allow anyone in office so long as they back her and agree with all she has to say. We also need to get rid of Omar and ALL extreme radical muslims, Cortez, Harris, Waters, and the list goes on. Most all the democratic women are a few logs short and they ALL need to go. But as for Omar and Cortez, they should have NEVER been allowed to serve on any part of our judicial system. They do not belong especially since non of them want to follow the American way and do what is right for our country. Shame on the ring leader Pelosi for ever allowing these crazy females into office. Then again she probably does not see that there is a problem or that they are so bad because she is the biggest ignorant air headed moron of them all. She is a few logs short or she is not playing with a full deck. She does not even know how to speak therefore all her followers follow suite. But when you cannot put your hand on the Holly Bible and agree to follow our Countries ways, rules, and the constitution then what the heck are you doing here?? They said they want to better themselves and get away from all the bad in their country, but let me ask this, If they are trying to better themselves and their way of living, why the HECK do they come here in their garb and still follow all their countries ways and not the AMERICAN ways.. They DO NOT BELONG. and as far as Pelosi and her followers, why are they trying to demolish our country instead of making it a better place to live?? All these hateful and deceiving women need to GO.. God help us all if everyone continues to agree and follow all these crazy women. Last of all I think Obama is the reason all these extreme radical muslims are here. I think he opened the door and welcomed them all in with open arms with all intentions of tearing our country apart.

        • PM
          Can not disagree with any thing you’ve written. Would like to add that the Jefferson Koran Omar used at her swearing in has a truth behind it that would get her burka in a bunch. When the U.S. was dealing with the Barbary Pirates, both presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson bought copies to BETTER UNDERSTAND THEIR ENEMIES. Both Presidents looked with disdain upon the barbaric, sharia law as inhumane and given the times when women had no rights were agahst at how they were treated, maimed or murdered. Shortly after, president John Quincy Adams sent in a company of U.S. Marines to take care of the situation. The Barbary Caliphates did not act honorably even though the.U.S. paid them tribute to quit attacking seizing cargo and holding sailors and ships for ransome. We already know the outcome. One company kicked hell out of a whole pirate nation. It was then decided that no one of the Muslim persuasion would ever be allowed citizenship nor to be allowed to hold any federal office. Bill the horndog changed that in 1994. Guess once again our founding forefathers were absolutely correct. Now you have a lying bimbo, a hijab wearing racist and a foul mouthed bigoted Palestinian representing our values. Law or not, our founders were men of practicality. Tolerance should never be confused with acceptance. I have feeling that people.of their stripe would have been whisked off to the Dry Tortugas or some other 18th century black site.

        • Thank You BadBob, its sad that people like Pelosi and her followers have stooped so low to allow all this crap to go down in our country the good ole UNITES STATES OF AMERICA. But then when you have a arrogant and deranged ring leader like Pelosi opening her arms to every non citizen and welcoming them into our country as well as serving in our government your looking for trouble. Years ago I had a non american tell me that one day we would be the minority because we have allowed them and so many others to come here and basically take over. I think that time has come with the help of Obama, Clintons, and ALL of Pelosi’s followers and the far left radicals.You know they all down our president and say what a bad job he has done and is still continuing to do. Well if they would leave him alone and let him do what he pledged to do he really would be making america great again. Many may not like him as our president and I had reserves at the beginning but I do feel he has accomplished so much in such a short time. And I feel he has cleaned up a lot of Obamas mess as well. He would do so much more to make america great again if these idiot airheads would stop putting roadblocks up every time he tries to accomplish something good. I just cannot figure out why these crazy idiots want to see our country crumble. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and this is mine.

    • Unless conservatives really get it together and polarize our base The way the demonrats do, America is not going to be America soon !!!!!! We have got to get the vote out and get these enemies of the constitution out of office !!!!!!! Conservatives have to stop being so quiet and taking this crap otherwise we are all doomed beyond repair

    • You Say Trump is behind the NZ attack. If you have proof than bring it out in the open and prove it. If not, then stop lying. Oh maybe that is not possible, because you are muslim and that is all you know how to do. You have no truth in you or you would prove it.

    • She doesn’t need to incite violence with Muslims. They are already VIOLENT people. She is stirring the pot. How in this world did she ever get elected? I’m certain she is not a citizen. She & those who put her in that position have broken the laws of this great country.

      This crap is going to continue, until, Trump says enough is enough & he will do this to protect our country. These type people are pushing him to call for action & that action is certainly deserved.

  76. anyone who voted for her doesn’t love our country. maybe they should leave. she hates us but she has more freedom here than she could ever have in her country

  77. Get this muslim turd out of our government..any damn muslim comes at me will be planted..i use gun oil with pig oil in it for all my guns just for these inhuman turds of satan..Muhammad was the first turd satan had in hell..bring it on bitch from hell you lead the charge coward ugly turd

  78. Someone needs to jerk that rug off of her head, put a necklace of pork around her neck, drag her out of congress, and kick her Muslim butt back to wherever she came from!!!

    • Eugene – exactly! The SS needs to pay her a visit. And she also was inciting violence – that too is a crime! She is just a vile ungrateful human being. I hope the investigation into her citizenship and her illegal campaign finance deeds are also brought to court! She needs to be removed from office asap! Omar, along with Tlaib and Ocasio are under investigation
      and hopefully they will be removed from congress!! And removed from the USA too!
      It’s such a double standard for these liberal Nazi treasonous democrats!
      God save America from this insanity.
      Trump,2020 – our only hope 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Tex…Keith Ellison of Minn. also was sworn in with the Koran, it should not have been allowed in the first place, take note the 3 muslims in our govt. are all from minn. and are all democrats. The democrats are every bit as harmful to our country as the muslims.

        • Mike G.
          Worse than the rag heads. Starting with Horndog Clinton and escalated by Obama the magnificent, the democrats brought Somalis here by the tens of thousands. Only reason could be is votes. Same as they are doing with the wetbacks. B.R. Cortez already admitted they are her constituents and some others openly say they should be given the right to vote. Prior to 1994 Muslims could not hold specific state offices and absolutely no state offices. Old Horndog got that changed, so it is now obvious this has been in the works for some time, and now the first ones have children that are voting age. Why a veritable cattle and feed lot of liberal votes from south of the border and air dropped on their doorstep. This is why 5he Democratic party is more dangerous to this nation than Iran, North Korea or ISIS. These greedy,power hungry, asocial, murderous A-holes don’t give a damn about the country, just power, money and votes. Evidenced by B.R. Cortezes statement that she really deserved and needed to be paid more. Been there less than four months and now wants us to pay her more for the manure wagon of crap she has pulled. Yep, hamstring the first amendment, do away with the second, attempt to do away or abuse the 14th and for a cherry on top do away with the electoral college. Oh hell, there is not enough time in one day to list it all. We need to rain fire down on this party of traitors and thieves.

        • When you take the oath of office it should be on a holy bible. If not you cannot be sworn in. Any person who wants to take the oath of office cannot place their hand on any other book say Mein Kampf or Das Kapital etc. As the Koran fits in this category which preaches hatred for people who disagree with their philosophy.

  79. She should not try to cause too big an uproar in the USA, due to the fact that civilians have as many if not more guns than the military
    They will only take so much of her hate and trying to cause trouble
    When they get totally fed up, WATCH OUT

  80. Did Obama give these illegal Muslims citizenship right away when he flew them in to Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and who knows how many more states under the cover of darkness?
    Deport all of them!! They want to take over this y great country.
    These are not peaceful people! Are the rest coming across our border with diseases and isis fighters? How can we wake democrats up? Do they think they’ll be safe? What about the big corporations? Why do they think this will be good for them if the country becomes muslim/ communist? What about the media? They can’t be this dumb!

    • Obama IS a muslim. HE ALSO GAVE IRAN ABOUT $150. Billion. It could have been more or less, I rather forgot the exact amount, but I know it was a lot. He should never have been president.

      • Dolores, Okenya is the pebble in the water that started the ripple effect. ‘We the People’ need to vote them out before it’s too late…

    • The Democrats know what’s going on. They just won’t except the fact that Trump won the presidency, fair and squ7are. They can’t believe he beat their illegal voter and dead people who voted for Hillary. They thought they had the election sewed up. They were all set for a victory celebration until the results were in. They never got over it.

  81. Oh no! Another Mad Maxine type of person.. If you don’t agree with what is being done cause as much trouble as you can, maybe a riot is in order…I thought that we are a country of religious freedom, Oh that is only if you a muslim?????

  82. If we made a comment like that we would be accused of bigotry, racism etc. we would be tar and feathered and ruined for life. But hey, it’s okay for an American hating Muslim to spread her hate towards us, the country that took her in and get away with it. She is feeling a little too comfortable in her new country and thinks that in America she has a right to her hatred towards us. She needs to go back to The s hole from which she came. I say to all Americans stand up and raise Hell against the Muslims. Fair is Fair.

    • It’s real messed up how she can get away with so much hate speech because she’s a demacrat,where’s the damn checks and balances for this kind of people in office wake up people, stop being sheep

      • DidNT her party, the Democraps, just make it a law NO HATE SPEACH!!! Why are they not doing something to control the hateful talk she’s doing. Again they are all hypocrites.. they are all satans spawns.

    • That’s enough from this muslim Trojan Horse!
      She supported the very same people that flew planes into the towers in New York! Remember ground zero! She feels her people have been wronged by America? She’s the enemy within. Get her and everyone who voted for her out of our country!! And take the other muslim women and Ocasio with them! They have been planted in our government to take America down! Sarsour too! Leading stupid young women in
      The women’s movement to kill their babies! Get these daughters of satan on a boat to Iraq!

    • She is not an American, she is a muslim that hates this country and should not hold any power to change the lives of Americans. She should be impeached for treason and inciting violence in our country.

  83. She should be tarred and feathered in the street NEVER
    FORGET 9 ELEVEN. These people of HATE should not
    Be in America. The dog mohummed is SCUM and a person
    Of hate

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