Ilhan Omar told one lie about the police that will put your jaw on the ground

Ilhan Omar is one of the most controversial members of Congress.

It seems every week Omar is in the middle of another category five political hurricane.

And now Ilhan Omar told one lie about police that will put your jaw on the ground.

Omar appeared as a panelist at an event entitled “Five Reasons to #ProtectBlackDissent.”

Omar took the opportunity to launch into a racially-charged tirade claiming America was a racist and unjust nation from its very inception.

“From slavery to Jim Crow to redlining to mass incarceration to voter suppression, racism is part of the foundation of American power,” Omar raged.

Omar also called for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to stop investigating violent black nationalist groups that promoted extremist hate and acts of domestic terrorism, ranting:

The reason for attacks and surveillance and secrecy is because [black activists] threaten the system that is built on the power of one race over another. There is no greater threat than a coalition of people working together to upend a system that is built on oppression.

This is why they conflate white nationalism — a legitimate terrorist threat responsible for countless acts of terrorism in our country – with peaceful movements organizing for their rights.

Our communities have been targeted, surveilled and undermined for far too long. Our government should not be sabotaging the First Amendment rights of peaceful protesters.

Omar’s call for law enforcement to back off of violent black nationalist groups comes as Democrats push to designate white nationalism as domestic terrorism.

While groups like the Ku Klux Klan would certainly qualify, that’s not where Omar would stop.

When those on the left – like Omar – speak of white nationalism they don’t mean neo-Nazis or bigots that march dressed up in white sheets.

To Omar and her fellow leftists, white nationalism means being pro-Life, pro-Second Amendment and anti-open borders.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Its obvious this Omar is in congress to cause controversy and disruption in
    our society she has know idea of what she is talking about. As a black man who grew up in the south under jim crow Its disturbing to read her dumb and misinformed Information about the Black struggle she is ignorant about the past she has no idea about the struggles Of blacks its also obvious she is a Plant the communist Party Has groomed to cause discord and corruption in our society. She should be burned st the stakes as all witches were in the past. Omar is a lunatic with disruptive motives and is a threat to our society. She should be recognized for what she Really is a true communist, the real enemy to our society. VOTE OMAR OUT, VOTE OMAR OUT, VOTE THE ENEMY OUT. OMAR IS THE REAL ENEMY TOO OUR SOCIETY!!

  2. Ilhan Omar is a lesbian who has regular foursomes with fellow terrorist-lovers Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and Joan Terrell-Paige! All four terrorists are Dirty Dykes!

  3. Julio, be that it may, Trump was not impeached.

    Your erroneous understanding of the constitution is apparent — impeachment may only be constitutionally mandated upon “high crimes and misdemeanors,” not upon unreliable whistleblower hearsay accusations. No criminal charges, nothing. Waste of gazillions of taxpayer monies and government resources which have, instead been properly directed to the American homeless crisis.

    Omar exploits racism to promote her unAmerican activities. Bullying, via political correctness, is a manipulative sociopathic control mechanism for uninformed individuals. Pathetic.

  4. She does not belong in our government. The way she talks about America, she should be deported.


  6. Julio richard laredo why don’t you find a place to post that has people with your beliefs? If you don’t have anything nice to say about OUR President then remember the saying about not saying nothing at all. President Trump is the best thing to happen to the United States.Your hate for my president is making you a miserable person.Come out of the darkness you have created and be happy. Life is to short to waste on hateful thinking.

  7. Can’t believe she has the guts to even open her mouth and say anything? In her position, I would definitely choose to keep my flapper shut. She definitely is not too intelligent. That shows her character. That is how you get initiated to a member of the SQUAD! STUPID,DUMB,FELONS & BUTT UGLY!

  8. How can she say our country has been under racist government, when she hasn’t been that long in here? I saw her title on her seat, goes by Ms.not Misses Omar,if she is married. Is Omar her last name, or is it Hirse? She defently needs to be put out. Who is not being honest here? Ihan Omar get your title and marriage straight, and then maybe you can bring the subject of integrety .

  9. She needs to be removed from Congress because she has lied, stolen and cheated to gain the seat she holds and now rather then respect for her citizenship she seeks to tear it apart. T. Roosevelt said immigrants that come and embrace our values, assimilate into our society deserve the protection that citizenship brings them. But those that refuse to assimilate do not deserve that protection. 1) she has lied about her identity. She was part of what the refugees were trying to escape and she came to keep them down and under terror.2) bigamy is illegal and when it is used for fraud and money then it’s a felony that makes her unpalatable to hold office.3) she spouts her racist hate every chance she gets, she finds nothing about our country to admire except for how easily she scammed it. 4 ) Her radical views are of a one world order not for America which she vowed to uphold the laws of. Finally her welfare theft, tuition theft and campaign funds misused in itself are reasons to remove her.

  10. Why hasn’t this multiple felony committing bigamist not just been kicked out of the HoR but in Prison as the first stop on her deportation back to Somalia?

  11. Omar has been talking thru her asshole for years. I cannot believe anyone actually listens to her.

  12. Just remove her and the gang and deport them all they hate it here but want all our freedoms ; send them home.

  13. Omar should do herself and America a favor and leave, or w3 can help be deporting her back. What an ungrateful load of human waste.

  14. Omar called on law enforcement to stop harassing nationalists, extremists and terrorists. What about the emigration scammers and sexual predators to which she should be attributed ?

  15. i would really like to know why Omar isn’t placed under arrest as of yet and charged ? all you hear is talk about it but nothing being done is cheap let’s have action put this slime ball away for good she is lower then dirt under my feet

  16. Sam the answer is plain. She is a plant to force Islam on America. Remember what they say. By word or sword.

  17. She’s the biggest racist around. Why is she still allow in congres?. Why isn’t she deported? She wants all the criminals and illegals to run rampant in our country and we legals and U.S. citizens to be slaves. She wants what the Karan wants to get rid of Christianity. She needs to be deported. She’s a sick, hateful person and every word out of her incest fowl mouth is an affront to us. Go home Omar. I don’t use the n word but you are definitely a niger! You deserve it!

  18. Omar and her religion is way more racist than America has ever been , Democrats she’s your problem ! And your to stupid to do anything , morons, that’s why she so radical the whole Democratic party is out of control, dishonorable , despicable , mentally incompetent , your America doesn’t exist, or your in the wrong country. Maybe Yugoslavia or Venezuela is right for you.

  19. Trump told her to go back where she came from. She been here long enough if she can’t get side with America she doesn’t belong here. I wish Trump would shove that rag on her head up her a## and put her on the first plane back Somalia. No one that comes here from another country shouldn’t be aloud to run for office. You don’t see us going to there country and running for office. And if they can’t speak are language and follow the rules of America they all need to go.

  20. She doesn’t like it here. Send her back to where she came from. Why should we change for what she wants. She is not changing for what we want. Where she came from, she would have been stoned already. Let her stoning begin.

  21. I wake up every day and read what the Dems have gotten by with AGAIN. When is this going to stop and these people, that have proof of what they have done and are doing, punished for all this crap. Omar needs to be out of this country, and for sure out of our congress. She hates America, so lets help her buy a plane ticket back to where she came from. She should be in jail and you or I would be for what she’s done. OUT NOW.

  22. Omar is one of many toxic anti American traitors in our government. She should be given the courtesy of choosing between a much deserved noose around her neck, or returned to Somalia.

  23. Julio Richard Laredo you
    are a lying lowlife POS

    Trump did nothing and it has
    been Biden that
    is a different thing..he has
    admitted it.
    Every aamerican regardless of
    race or color needs to join
    hands to vote every DemonRAT
    and RINO out of office.
    ON IT.

  24. Julio, Be that as it may why are your feet sticking out of Kotex Cortez’s Butt? You are gay but she is supposed to be a little Butt girl so I guess you mistook her for a pile of Schitt.

  25. No Julio that was just another scam and silent coup perpetrated by the low life corrupt democrats.

  26. I guess I been banned from Ok, I get the message, not sure why, but the issues comes from not me. I guess only leftest can be critical of conservatives to the point of being ten times worst than us.

  27. Just when is this witch going to face charges of bigamy, lying to gov’tal agencies, treason, and a slew of other charges?? Plenty is notated by various news/”news” groups, but at this rate, I presume the “news” is a slew of LIES, just like Omar!!

  28. Omar can go back to Somalia. She doesn’t belong here! Her hate speech and lies is what get lot of Somalia people killed by tribe who see CONTROL. People like her and these other squad don’t want FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR ALL! This country was found on people having choice! Religious was the main reason AMERICA was found! But it was MAN WHO WANTED POWER TO CONTROL. That brought HATE TO AMERICA! She doesn’t know anything about America history, so it would be best to go HOME! People today try to live in PEACE WITH EACH OTHER! But those who HATE GOD HATE OTHER! Just as Jesus said, the world hate you because it first hate him!

  29. Lowlife unamerican demarats have been living for yrs. Only STUPID dems. believe them. The ones that that also think hillery was clit-ton should have been president because she got 3 million extra votes from the illegals in this country & who thought that barack obama was good ? NOW THAT’S HALLERIOUS. That unamerican,lowlife did care at all about any U.S.BORN CITIZENS , only votes & to make it dangerous for U.S.BORN CITIZENS & protect the SCUMBAG illegals in this country. We the people finally have a good president that is standing up for US U.S. BORN CITIZENS.

  30. iihan Omar, this is NOT your country so DON’T say it is. Your a lowlife,scumbag , trouble making pile of cow munure. You were born out of a pile of cow munure.

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