Ilhan Omar uttered two words about Donald Trump that will have you red with rage

Ilhan Omar is once again at the center of controversy.

Her latest foul up comes at a time when Democrats are on shaky footing thanks to the impeachment witch hunt.

And now Ilhan Omar uttered two words about Donald Trump that will have you red with rage.

Ilhan Omar was one of the leading agitators pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to launch the impeachment witch hunt.

Omar finally got her wish.

But now Democrats are struggling to make the case that their impeachment witch hunt is justified and Omar and others are in damage-control mode.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Omar claimed Democrats needed to simplify their impeachment witch hunt and compared Donald Trump to a mob boss in that the government usually makes a very narrow case when putting gangsters like John Gotti or Al Capone on trial.

Mediaite reports:

“To make sure I’m hearing you right on that, you would say on, say, the bigotry that you discussed before, the [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller stuff, you’d say leave that out?” Melber pushed.

“I think there are other opportunities, but right now we have a clear case, and I believe that we should follow this one,” Omar replied. “You know, I’ve used examples where you’ve had mob bosses who have committed atrocity after atrocity, and have violated our criminal codes of conduct, and we got them on one narrow case. But they get to serve time .”

“Congresswoman, it sounds like you are artfully making a comparison on the legal precedent to this president and Al Capone?”

“Yes,” Omar answered, smiling.

When former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann accused Barack Obama of running a “gangster government” the Fake News Media screamed racism at the top of their lungs.

There’s no such outrage in the Fake News Media after Omar used similar language.

But Omar’s over-the-top comments and claim that Democrats needed to “narrow” their impeachment focus are why the public no longer believes the Left when they claim the President committed impeachable offenses.

That’s because Democrats like Omar have been trying to impeach Donald Trump for anything and everything since his first day in office.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. I can’t really imagine why anyone would care what Omar said, unless this conservative site wants people angry and upset in order to manipulate people. I mean this woman is a flea in the plains of life.

  3. Mary. You are absolutely correct. Trump looks like a President, talks like a President, and walks like a President, so he must be the President, not a duck. Omar, she is definitely a duck.

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  5. Wrong Doc. It’s called Diarrhea law, and you’re right, we don’t need it or the filthy locusts that bring it

  6. Tony, Tony. Get yourself some kind of education before you speak of what you do not understand! Your ignorance is unbelievable to anyone with an education, maybe it is believable, just from what you are trying to say! Your ignorance is very much revealed by what you are trying to say!!!

  7. We can only hope and pray …. but it “ain’t” ever gonna happen!
    Instead the Muslim’s and LCD’s (Lying Communist democrats) will turn the United States into Somalia.

  8. I thought she wiped her backside with after she takes a muslim….I mean crap. You can’t tell me one thing those locusts has contributed to society except IED’s

  9. Mary, spoken like a true left wing kunt! Pull your head outta your Democrat a$$ and smell the roses instead of your adam Schitt!

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  11. Why is omar even putting her thoughts in our government business. She has been a trouble maker since taking office. Lets put her out to pasture ASAP. She don’t belong in our government.

  12. Muslims have became a danger to America. Many of them care nothing about our laws and constitution Yes, some of them believe in live and let live. But even some of them are becoming radicalized.

  13. AND make them repay the taxpayers the Millions of taxpayer dollars they have wasted over the past 3+ years.

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  15. If the gee-howdys and their kool-aid drinking supporters want to live under Muslim rule then move back to alabedam and leave America to red blooded Americans!

  16. James H: The biggest fraud in the history of this country placed a known communist as head of the CIA for four years and NO-ONE questioned it. Most everything bad stems from that one appointment and has escalated. Obama was NEVER properly vetted for President as Lois Lerner and Pelosi plotted to get him elected EVEN, for the first time ever, producing TWO letters of eligibility, one for Hawaii and the other for the rest of the U.S. to get around Hawaii’s more stringent requirements.

  17. It’s already being practiced in the Muslim communities in Minnesota or somewhere up north. Law enforcement isn’t allowed in. And they are radicalizing the rag heads in them places. Wake up doc. Learn what’s really going on.

  18. D.C. and C.K you are so correct. How these idiots on the left are so blinded by their hatred is really astounding. Google President Trump’s achievements and the list is pages and pages long. The left won’t mention a single one but the facts are right there and achieved whilst the President has had the worst opposition in the history of this country. Hang your head in shame, Mary, and do some fact checking for yourself instead of listening to the likes of Omar, a major embarrassment for the left. Oh yes, and also GROW UP!

  19. I think you are both idiots, and should start talking out of your mouth, it’s closer to your tiny brain, instead of your ass.

  20. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! She has been proven to be a bigger liar, crook than Trump ever has! She is going to get deported and sent back to the *hithole somolia.

  21. they are teaching islam to the kids in our can’t mention the name JESUS.but islam and the so called prophet is ok. He is no more a prophet than i am.All he did was rob,rape and murder. Sounds like a real nice guy.

  22. Ilhan Omar
    Do you mean, we should look the other way when Ilhan Omar(not her real name) perjured herself multiple times, on both her immigration application and her divorce papers? IMO, she needs to be detained, adjudicated, then deported back to Somalia, see how accepting they would be of a woman who fornicated with two different men while married to one and living with the other. ISLAM WAS BANNED FROM THE USA IN 1952, but Obama & the media didn’t want you to know that. The Immigration and Nationality Act that passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Muslims are allowed erroneously to run for and acquire public offices. Read on….

    Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States.
    I dare you to go and ask any Muslim which has the higher power, the U.S. Constitution or Sharia law.
    They cannot be a Muslim and deny Sharia law, if they did or do they would be declared Kafir: a demonizing word meaning …unbeliever or disbeliever or Munafiq: hypocrite or Mushriq cun: …disbeliever or Murtad: someone who makes a conscious effort to leave Islam. …all of which according to Islamic law are punishable by death.
    This law is being ignored by the White House. Islamic immigration to the U.S. is prohibited under this law because the Quran, Shari’ah Law and the various Hadiths all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the U.S. government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who believe that the Quran is life’s guiding principal also believe in total submission to Islam & Shari’ah law.

    To all who claim that Islam is a religion, read the law again … the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with ANY “organization” that advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government are prohibited. Islam is not a religion, definitely not a religion of peace and love for our others but rather it is a totalitarian, politically theocratic terrorist’s philosophy for fostering, guiding and controlling the lives of its followers. Nothing but war and tyranny has ever come from the adoption of beliefs, such as are rife throughout this formula for the establishment of any religion and is especially impossible in the case of Islam.
    Muslim: =slave of Allah
    Shari’ah: =the path of slavery
    Jihâd: actions taken to overcome the effects of truth, which reveals the lies, inadequacy and unsupportable correctness of Shari’ah, the Quran, the Hadith, Muhammad or any portion of the body of Islam. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 deemed aliens who were anarchists or members of or affiliated with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian organizations that plan to overthrow the United States as deportable aliens. Muslims are not prohibited from holding public office. Proponents of and “slaves” to Islam are, because they believe not in the greater power of the U.S. Constitution but in the Quoran and Shari’ah law which demands strict allegiance of the faithful Muslim, to them, are Islamists and jihadists. There are no moderate Muslims. Logic demands, if A=B and B=C then C=A …..

  23. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck,it’s a duck. She’s absolutely correct in her comparison and you know it. Lying about it and whipping up his cult isn’t going to change that and it’s not going to save the GOP. Those with any shred of integrity and ethics left in them should get out now while they still can. You can either try to save the party (and the country) and let him sink, or go down with him, never to recover and make the country suffer long term damage (it’s already pretty bad, when leaders of other countries are laughing at him). Time is running out and things aren’t looking good for him. Do you really want to end the decade this way and start another with this millstone around your necks?

  24. YOU ARE SO WITH IT AND ABSOLUTLY RIGHT AND IF WE DO NOT RID OF THESE TRAITORS QUICK OUR COUNTRY IS GONE! I WANT IT DONE NOW AS THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THE ENEMY HIDDEN AWAY FOR THE SIGNAL AND PROBABLY TOO LATE AS IT IS RELATING TO HISTORY ! you jerks that are sleeping better get off your but AND ADHERE TO THE CALL OF DUTY IF YOU EVEN CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN AS THE PARENTS GO TO THESE SATAN rituals that are allowed in schools and libraries. ALSO WE HAVE THE STUPID COLLEGE STUDENTS WHOM YOU STUPID PARENTS ALLOWED TO BE BRAINWASHED AND NEVER CARED WHAT WAS BEING DONE TO THEM IN America’s schools. we have already been infiltrated in every agency and you, the stupid people will caused all the plans in place for AI installation of control chips and wires in the brain and already in progress. we are being killed slowly by the food we eat , drink, grow. IF YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE REAL NAZI’S THE ONE;S IN PLACE AND MOST HIDDEN ARE WORSE. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO WAKE UP LOOK AT THE STATES THAT HAVE SURCUMBED, WHAT ABOUT SANCTUARY CITIES; WAKE THE HELL UP AND DO SOMETHING AS YOUR OWN CHILDREN WILL TURN YOU IN. GET A DAM BRAIN!!! we have people in our government thet are illegal according to constitution not borne of two American citizens and you do nothing ????? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY WILL DO TO YOU ? OOP’S TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!

  25. When will the Democrat Party Leaders step up to the plate and do their jobs? Omar has on more than one occasion expressed her ANTI SEMITIC and ANTI AMERICAN BELIEFS and continuously has said derogatory things both to and about OUR PRESIDENT, with, to date, no accountability for her actions. The Democrat Party is WEAK. and allowing her unacceptable, unethical, irresponsible, disrespectful, disgraceful, offensive behavior to go on this long, illustrates just how weak the democrat leadership really is. It is blatantly obvious that the only way to rid ourselves, our country, of people like Omar who have nothing but I’ll will towards our great country, is to VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY WE GET… since the Democrats won’t do their jobs. NANCY PELOSI: Why is Omar still in office? We cannot have
    Anti Semitic, Anti American, Congressmen or Congresswomen or Senators Representing Patriotic American Citizens in OUR GOVERNMENT. Go and do your real job Nancy, the one you were voted into office to do, the one you’re being paid to do… Stop wasting your time and our time and money on frivolous, unsubstantiated, impeachment inquiry sham, a Democrat diversion tactic to coverup the REAL-
    QUID PRO QUO, which is there on VIDEO for all to see and hear, that’s of course then VP Joe Biden threatening Ukraine by withholding over a BILLION DOLLARS IN AID UNLESS THEY FIRE THE PROSECUTOR WHO IS INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION IN A COMPANY CALLED BURISMA THAT JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE HIS SON HUNTER WORKING ON THE BOARD AND WITH NO EXPERIENCE AND NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS PAID ROUGHLY $83,000 A MONTH, YES A MONTH.. JOE LAUGHS TO THE GROUP HE IS ADDRESSING WHEN HE SAYS, HELL SIX HOURS LATER THEY FIRED THE PROSECUTOR… THIS IS THE REAL QUID PRO QUO, the one that the Democrats and their FAKE NEWS MEDIA MOUTHPIECE ARE TRYING TO COVERUP with the oh so timely FABRICATED PHONY IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY AGAINST OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. Schiff the leader of this charade, this hoax, has been caught in numerous LIES and “LEADING” and “COERCING” witnesses and their testimony.. in some cases witness testimony changed after they said Schiff and others helped “JOG” their memory-I guess I didn’t hear what I thought I heard… rewriting the Transcript of the phone call between our President and the Ukraine President… then going so far as to OMIT EXCULPATORY INFORMATION FROM WITNESS TESTIMONY ON THEIR TRANSCRIPTS… NANCY GO DO YOUR JOB!

  26. It is called “Sharia” law and we don’t need it in America – -it is diametrically opposed to our constitution.

  27. She is the Crime boss in FACT she is a Walking Crime spree. Her crimes now know of should put her and her entire family on a boat back to Somalia for good now there is a charge that should get her hanged and the rest of her family booted from America. So she has no room to talk about Trump who the Democraps own witnesses have cleared of any wrong doing.

  28. James H Roberts,

    Thank you so much for your most generous remarks. It sounded to me you were describing the Clinton Cartel by the way you said mob boss.

    Yes, Trump IS A VERY DANGEROUS PRESIDENT. I agree with you on that as well. The dysfunctional Democrats are so accustomed to lying leaders when they hear an honest President stating facts, the dysfunctional Democrats automatically believe they are being lied to.

    Anything else, Mr. Roberts, you would like to add?

  29. She needs to go home get back into servitude under Shari law. Among Muslim men she’s nothing but a piece of ass.

  30. The people that voted her in, are the same group of people that moved into Minn. and are taking it over. The Muslim population has grown in this state and are moving out the old residences. Obama imported over 70,000 muslims into this area for the above reason, take over. If not checked, I bet they will keep growing and will try and claim this state as an Islamic state with their rules and laws. When any outsiders are attempting to go into many areas, you are escorted out by their own M.P. or guards. Can’t let this happen, folks.

  31. You can say one thing in her favor.


    All she has to say is ONE word and I’m red with rage. The second word just puts me over the top

  32. How do we keep letting this filth in our country much less in our government. Traitors should be dealt with swiftly.

  33. WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TWIT? She has so many things she’s done wrong, and yet nothing happens to her. What the hell?????

  34. Her last name isn’t Omar ! She got her citizenship by lying to authorities and hiding within the Omar family as the spouse of her bio brother( false wife) ! She should’ve been deported and still should be !

  35. Who is the Duck? If you have to be a honest person you need to identify yourself. If you have any idea of what Trump has been doing his life here in the U.S. of A. you would have no problems with believing his actions are what you see in a person of criminal actions or acting as a mob boss!!! He acts just like the head of a criminal family!!! A little investigation is all you need to believe that Trump is the most corrupt criminal that has ever been given the Presidency of America!!! It’s long past the day of his paying for his many crimes!!! O, just a little bit of advice, people of low or little intelligence like to be unknown!!! My opinion of you is not much!!!

  36. SHE has committed more crimes, atrocities than anyone else in our government. WHY is she still in office. Get RID of her!! We don’t need to hear any more of her nonsense.

  37. Not to mention she is an unabashed and unashamed terrorist supporter. It could also stand to reason, with her very public support for terror groups such as Hamas, she 8s a terrorist plant.
    Speaker (in name only) Pelosi doesn’t have the backbone to bring her up on charges, censor or move for explosion. Omar is a lead occupant of OAC clown car express.
    With all her illegal doings, one has to wonder if the fools who elected her have an IQ that’s less than half their own shoe size.
    It’ll be damn interesting to see what happens with her come election time
    If, after all she’s fine, they send her back, then it’ll be made clear their IQ is even that much less than
    One half of one half their shoe size.

  38. We had laws that prevented Islam from immigrating to the United states.(mpaccarren/ Walter’s act 1952).who removed those laws that allowed islam in? That’s who needs to explain themselves, and answer to the American people.


  40. We can blames this on that POS soetoro! How the hell did he ever get elected!? And right after 9-11! These PsOS, muslim women have no business being in America, let alone in our politics! You realize these PsOS are against our Constitution! NEVER FORGET 9-11!!!

  41. Yup, she is just bv the sort of upstanding citizen all of america should be listening to. Right after we take advise from Charles manson and Ted Bundy.

  42. Just another pig eating Muslim whore, who is also, a pedophile who sleeps with her brother for sex! A disgrace to all American women, just like the fat ass Muslim sow in the Senate!! (My apologies to the real pigs in the barnyards!!)

  43. Pure shame when anti americans like those mentioned get to use derogatory language against our Duly Elected President. Our nation is full of sick people who just want handouts and therefore will follow anyone anywhere. Thank God for those of us who stand for American Principles.

  44. This ignorant fool should be deported back to Africa and dumped into a Forest without clothes. That will give her reason to think about who she really is.

  45. Omar is a criminal, low life with zero moral center. She’s a liar, a cheat, and as corrupt as they come. If the Democrat party had any integrity at all, they’d launch their own investigation of her; but you can count on Pelosi to keep protecting her….A Democrat according to Pelosi is above the law.

  46. this racist muslim should be either impeached or i vote for sending this rag head back to somlia where she came from illegally. she should be tried for her many crimes. like marrying her brother, giving money to her lover, and a host of other crimes. her and the rest of the squad should find a country to go and ruin it. i’m sure there’s a plane well for aoc i’m sure there’s a ship going somewhere she’d like to go make a green new deal with.

  47. Ok folks. We know what we are up against. Ragheads trying to take America. Get ready. Next they will try to convert us by force. They are already stockpiling weapons. Let’s do the same.

  48. Because Congress is scared to proceed with impeachment to Omar, i in all my life i never seen what Congress is doing they are hurting the USA with there ass and nine impeachment, why just they forget and work for the citizen of the USA. and never mine the other you know what i mean. SO get off the band of jack ass’s and get to work for the working people.

  49. Because Congress is scared to proceed with impeachment to Omar, i in all my life i never seen what Congress is doing they are hurting the USA with there ass and nine impeachment, why just they forget and work for the citizen of the USA. and never mine the other you know what i mean. SO get off the band of jack ass’s and get to work for the working people.

  50. Omar is showing her racist black side. Just as media screaming at the top of their lungs when a white woman call Obama running a gangster mob in D.C. Where the outrageous when a black Muslim terrorist from Minnesota call a white president a mob? Oh I see! Democrat are allowed to call a White President and people RACIST NAME! IF YOU ARE WHITE I GUESS YOU ARE A RACIST EVEN IF YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  51. I think I would rather have a mob boss running the country than a democrat. By the way, Duncan Hunter, a Republican, was convicted of misusing his campaign funds for personal use. Omar did the same thing. Why is she still sitting in Congress?

  52. Let me get this right – a Arab Terrorist Congresswoman who wishes to deny women esp, and people all over the USA basic religious freedoms under Sharia Law, who favors open borders allowing terrorists to come into the USA at will, is calling our beloved president a mob boss? Rolling on the floor with laughter.

  53. Omar has a closet full of skeletons that are soon to be haunting her. She doesn’t know how to keep her big mouth shut. Minneapolis should pay attention! She has to be voted out and sent back home.

  54. Omar can blow me. Her moslem ass should never have even been allowed to run for office as Islam is counter to everything American and is detrimental to the very existence of the U.S. of A. Thomas Jefferson understood Islam and knew how to treat it’s followers. Send in the Marines and leave not a single moslem left alive. The Marines freed all the slaves of the moslem empire and killed every moslem within sight. This stopped them for about 100 years but then they reorganized and now they are slowly invading the west.

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