Ilhan Omar was caught red handed in this career killing lie

Ilhan Omar keeps finding herself in trouble.

But now she is caught up in a crisis that she won’t be able to spin her way out of.

That‘s because Ilhan Omar was caught red handed in this career killing lie.

In a Washington Post puff piece about Ilhan Omar, The Post described a scene where Omar told a group of 400 children about the supposed racism and unfairness of the U.S. criminal justice system.

Omar told the children how she loudly protested in court when a women was jailed for stealing bread to feed her granddaughter.

The Daily Caller reports:

Omar, who came to the U.S. as a Somali refugee when she was a teenager, told the story as she argued that the U.S. has an unfair and unjust society, according to The Post.

Omar said that the woman spent the weekend in jail before going before a judge, where she received an $80 fine, which she was unable to pay.

“I couldn’t control my emotions,” Omar told the students, “because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust.”

“Bullshit!” she said she yelled at the woman’s court hearing.

When The Post pointed out to Omar that this was the exact plot of the popular Broadway play Les Miserables, Omar admitted she was making the whole thing up.

“She might have had a prior [arrest],” Omar responded. “I’m not sure,” she continued, adding that “the details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

Minnesota also does not arrest shoplifters unless they have committed a violent crime.

There is simply no way Omar was telling the truth.

That also means the lies from Omar are piling up.

Omar stands accused of lying about marrying her brother to commit immigration fraud and lying on her tax returns about her marital status.

This lie will add fuel to the fire that Omar cannot be trusted and that her denials of wrongdoing in her marriage and tax fraud scandals do not hold up.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. She is evil, vile , and vicious. She married her brother to give him citizenship. She needs to go. To Somalia.

  2. The koran tells muslimes that lying to infidels is permitted. Secondly, Omar will never be touched as she is a “woman of color”. We don’t want to be called “racists” now do we?

  3. During first meeting with USA administration my family hear first sentences:
    First, remember that during all your life:
    NOBODY owe you nothing!!!
    But you have possibility to build your future…
    If you will need help, just call us…
    This is should be said to all those who see himself in “White House”…
    So, leave us alone, without your idiotic dreams !!!

  4. What racism? This woman asked for leniency for men from her community that joined ISIS and were caught before they could get there to fight with them. She wants leniency for terrorists. She is the one who keeps making comments on the color of people. So you understand, it’s not only right wingers that see her for who she really is, may left wingers do to. She is a complete hypocrite, do some real research on her, unless you to are muslim then you defending her is explainable.

  5. You still make no sense. If a person ILLEGALLY crosses the international border, by definition, they are criminals. And, no. Conservatives do not hate them. We just want them to return home and apply for legal entry into our country, we want them vetted so we know who they are, and we want to keep out the criminal element.


  6. The people at the border that so many right wingers condemn, hate, say are criminals like Trump did.

  7. Real or not, which she admitted was true I couldn’t help thinking, at least we don’t cut a person’s hand off for stealing. And nobody goes to jail for petty theft.

  8. three Gowdy’s is witless and wrong!! The American Indian, had already settle parts of America The Norsemen sailed across the ocean and settled in the Northern parts from Iceland, Greenland, upper parts of Canada and to the New World. It was mostly Europeans that settled in to these Lands and made them somewhat habitable for those that followed. They were more successful because they had access to larger sailing vessels or Ships.. Sorry to burst your arrogant bubble, but it was the Europeans of many different ancestries that settled mostly the East Coast and worked their way across Country to the West..

  9. Your comment makes no sense. What does Native American (I am partially one) and Spanish heritage have to do with Islamist pigs that want to kill ALL of us, including YOU!!!

  10. The racism, hatred and bigotry from you right wingers is shameless. None of you deserve to live in this country, you are all an accident of birth living here. Those immigrants have ancestors that lived in the land of the United States one, two, ten generations ago since all are Native American and Spanish heritage. Most all of them would do anything to help people, even you sorry swine.

  11. Ya’ll really think anything is going to happen to her or any of her criminal counterparts; Ya’ll are fooling yourselves. A city in her district just voted unanimously to throw out the pledge of allegiance in the name of diversity so none citizens can feel included. For many decades I’ve watched our country go down the crapper. It’s only gotten worse. My life is about done and it’s your problem now.

  12. There is a 80% Muslim population in Omar’s district. She is a liar and has broken more American laws than I can count. A court has already ruled that her and Talib both are not legally sworn in it was deemed illegal because the Quran was used in place of a bible to be sworn into office. However there are many more muslims and followers af farrakhan in congress. They’re mostly secrative about it.

  13. The only solution is to vote them all out of office soonest.
    This whole liberal Democratic bunch is who N. Pelosi can’t control.
    American voters can control and remedy this situation at the ballot box.

  14. I believe the only way she was elected was she told her refuge sob story and people pitied her. It certainly wasnt for her intellect or patriotism

  15. Again, the majority of her voting base in her district came from the same place she came from. They voted in one of their own. Deport them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Walken, she gets away with her BS and got elected because the majority of that entire district she represents CAME FROM SOMOLIA!!!

    The democrats are “stacking the deck” to garner votes and achieve their agenda. They are mentally dysfunctional.

  17. WHY are we tolerating this terrorist in our AMERICAN GOVERNMENT? She belongs in jail and not in AMERICA!

  18. I am so sick of these terrorist ragamuffins, they should not be allowed be in our congress

  19. Omar lies every time she opens her mouth and speaks and nothing will ever be done about it as long as Democrats control the House. Personally I think she should be deported at 30,000 feet over Somalia

  20. The Quran says that lying is okay when it is to further their cause, which is total world control. She is very dangerous and should be deported NOW.

  21. Aside from hating America along with being a black female Muslim in congress, omar has every reason to lie. After all, this little rat belongs to the democratic party.

  22. Why are Minnesotans so easily taken in by Omar’s lies. One lie after another. There’s got to be something in the water there. No one can truly be that stupid.

  23. Mr. Miguel Stroe, sir, I can add Ms. or Mrs. AOC, Ms. or Mrs. Tliab, Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Frank-Feinstein and Mr. Amash and others to the list of being Oppressive, Abusive and getting Physically Abusive and Un-American To Boot Also!!!

  24. Mr. Miguel Stroe, sir, you can say that again, and you can also add that she condones and supports those Extremely Radicalized Killing/Wasting/Smoking/Murdering Islamic Muslim People against The USA’s Allies To Boot, which according to the US Constitution IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!

  25. So, they practice “justice” in HER NATIVE country…??? Their JUSTICE would be “HACK OFF HEAD” and be done with it, or STONE to DEATH, or set on fire ALIVE and RAPE. so “who” is SHE to JUDGE America at all….??? She is a NOBODY who DOESN’T belong HERE, let alone in our Government…..!!!

  26. Dr (?)Andrews, I have no arguments with the points that you made here. However, I do have to question how in the world you were able to earn a PhD without having the slightest ability to spell. Do I smell a phony Dr here?

  27. Deport this lying criminal! Why is she getting away with immigration and tax fraud while she continues to insult our country?? It’s time to end her scumbag act!!

  28. Impeach now 2morrow will be too late. Try to imagine what’s behind closed doors. If she is brazen here and now what then? Impeach impeach impeach. Americans stand up and be true PATRIOTS.

  29. THAT IS an iSLAM MODUS OPERANDI–GET INVOLVED AND THEN TAKE OVER.. I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT ISLAM IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WESTERN CIVILIZATION. The Koran teaches them that it is expected of a muslim to lie to Infidels. What did the DNC expect when this person was permitted into the Legislative Body of the USA? She is deeply involved in CAIR which the USA has designated as a terrorist organization. She is a big fund raiser for them. Research the criminality that goes on in her voting district. She was helping young muslim men get life insurance policies before they sneaked out of the USA to go to JIHAD and kill American soldiers among others they consider enemies of ISLAM.. Past time for some of these FAUX refugees to return to their homeland.

  30. She also has children by a man she is not married to – while married to her brother – Incest and Adultery – both punishable by being stoned to death under Sharia law – so there’s another lie – Omar is NOT a good faithful Muslim woman. She is as phony as it gets.
    It is forbidden in the Quran to marry your brother – but – a Muslim Cleric in Syria issued a fatwa stating that it was ok for jihadist to do so. Think about that.

  31. It’s time to boot her ass the hell of our country , it’s passed time I should say , the Anti American Raghead Omar , isn’t in Congress to help the AMERICAN people , she’s there to tear down the American way of life , STRAIT To Hells Gate with Her BS

  32. She’s such a proud Muslim, I wonder why she didn’t tell them that in Islamic country’s the punishment under Sharia law is to chop a hand off thieves, but that would mean she would have to be honest and even her lie couldn’t top that.

  33. She is getting away with everything. everything. The Dem Party rushed to defend her due to her minority status. When there is a proof of her power abuse, her leaders jumped out, accusing us of racism. Unbelievable! She … is … untouchable.

    The Dem Party leadership repeatedly refused to punish her. Should the GOP recapture the House of Rep again, they must fry her career permanently and move on. Her comments were uncalled for.

    Unfortunately, there is no code of conduct in House of Representatives. Zero. Our government is truly corrupted.

  34. It is past time this new bunch was kicked out of Congress. The Muslims need to be jailed then deported. AOC needs 20 years.

  35. This woman can’t be trusted. She is a liar for sure. She should be the one going to prison and I hope soon.

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