Ilhan Omar went on CNN and what happened will leave you speechless

Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of the rising stars in the Democrat Party.

But now her career is going down in flames.

That’s because she went on CNN and what happened will leave you speechless.

An emerging conspiracy theory on the left is that Donald Trump is blackmailing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham into supporting his border wall.

Liberals can’t understand why the pro-amnesty Graham is backing Donald Trump’s government shut down.

They believe Trump is holding some compromising secret over Graham’s head.

Representative Omar alluded to this sexual blackmail when she recently tweeted that “they got to him.”

Congresswoman Omar appeared on a friendly CNN program to explain her remarks and she double and tripled down on the fact that Graham was being blackmailed.

The fake news media loves to claim Trump is unfit for office because he spreads “misinformation.”

In those cases the fake news fact checkers usually substitute liberal talking points for “facts.”

Americans will be watching closely to see if liberal journalists come down like a ton of bricks on one of their ideological allies.

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