Ilhan Omar went on CNN and what happened will leave you speechless

Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of the rising stars in the Democrat Party.

But now her career is going down in flames.

That’s because she went on CNN and what happened will leave you speechless.

An emerging conspiracy theory on the left is that Donald Trump is blackmailing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham into supporting his border wall.

Liberals can’t understand why the pro-amnesty Graham is backing Donald Trump’s government shut down.

They believe Trump is holding some compromising secret over Graham’s head.

Representative Omar alluded to this sexual blackmail when she recently tweeted that “they got to him.”

Congresswoman Omar appeared on a friendly CNN program to explain her remarks and she double and tripled down on the fact that Graham was being blackmailed.

The fake news media loves to claim Trump is unfit for office because he spreads “misinformation.”

In those cases the fake news fact checkers usually substitute liberal talking points for “facts.”

Americans will be watching closely to see if liberal journalists come down like a ton of bricks on one of their ideological allies.

Do you think Ilhan Omar should resign from Congress?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Absolutely agree we Americans need to cherish and honor our armed forces and our veterans who fought for our rights and freedom’s for our country.

  2. There are many of us Minnesota residents who did not vote for this Moslem and just for the record I’m a black woman and grandmother/great grandmother.

  3. Obama was not the first black president read your history books Obama was the first Moslem ever elected as president and now all the bleeding hearts are paying for it. Get the facts straight.

  4. Omar is nothing more than planted terrorists cell by Obama and she’s a danger to the United States and it’s citizens get rid of this terrorists.

  5. She doesn’t respect the laws of the United States.
    She is a hypocrite who married her brother
    So that he could come to America legally.
    It’s such an awful country but she does that
    And has children with him She also has an affair with
    A married man And blackmails him. She is a
    Traitor has broken so many laws that she should
    Definitely be deported and her position in government should be stripped from her. If that doesn’t happen there is definitely something wrong with our
    Judicial system. She should be sent to Gutanimo Cuba before it is no longer if the lefty democrats get there way.

  6. Why did she marry her brother to bring him
    To America if it is such an awful country? She
    Is a total hypocrite and has committed terrible
    Treasonous felony’s. She should definitely be deported and absolutely taken out of the government
    Job she seats.

  7. I wonder who even voted for her. Probably others the exact same. Certainly not Americans. She’s way too weird and stupid. I like the idea of taking up a collection to fly her ass out of here

  8. Many of use disagreed with Obama, but he was never subjected to hour after hour of viscous personal attacks.

  9. I truthfully want omar to be happy, this sorry country isn’t good enough for her please help us take up a collection to send her to a great country that she doesn’t have to change where is surrounded by like minded people who love the religion of peace not some sorry old Christian country that is below her standard

  10. I don’t think anyone not born in the United States of America proper should hold office in any of the three branches of our government. I read somewhere that there one hundred thousand ( 100,000 ) terrorists in our country. Do we need to put them in office too? Aren’t the American people using common sense and doing due diligence when voting for these unamerican left wing thinkers. We definitely don’t need anymore Omar’s, ocascios, sanders to govern our lives.

  11. I am a homeless veteran and a 58yo woman. VA can’t find my records but my DD214 says Honorable Discharge. I have been out of military service for over 30 years. Only thing I have from 7 years of military service, a lovely gold star on my drivers license. Big fat hairy deal…can’t live under it, VA is the second slap in the face for veterans.

  12. No she didn’t place her hand on the Bible. Our country is becoming radicalized, because we have become lax with whom we let work in our government. The left has lost respect for values, you just can’t agree with everything the want, just because they feel you have to be fair with everyone. Our Holy God sent rules and commandments to live by, I fear for those who make their own rules, like killing babies. They will all answer to their new laws and rules, life is short, but eternity is what it says, what do you choose?

  13. This is true! It’s been written, in the Quran as such this is exactly how they do it from within!

  14. “You know, the thing is, Trump is the president! Weather you like him or not! He does deserve your respect!!!!!!” “People today have no respect at all unless the people agree with them 100%!!!! I am sorry but he is are president, and he does deserve the respect!!!!!!”

    Let’s make a deal.

    We on the left will give Donnie Bonespurs exactly the same respect that the radical, rabid, racist right gave President Obama when he was in office.

    After all, fair is fair, right?!

  15. This is why people should be vetted before allowing to come into this country. She is from Somalia, has everyone forgot Black Hawk Down?
    V Duflo

  16. You know, the thing is, Trump is the president! Weather you like him or not! He does deserve your respect!!!!!! If people should realize this, we would be much better off! I am a registered Democrat and I AM ashamed of the way these so called democrats are doing to the PRESIDENT!!! They should be ashamed! People today have no respect at all unless the people agree with them 100%!!!! I am sorry but he is are president, and he does deserve the respect!!!!!! Terry Bishop

  17. I agree, if you are so anti-American, what on earth are you staying here for, trying to promote your Islam ideas on us. We are not Muslim nor do we care to be, but that is your hopes to take over the world and that is just wrong. She is the one that needs to be thrown out of Congress. I can’t imagine people who were so mislead into voting her into Congress, but she needs to be taken out of congress immediately as she has no respect for anyone but herself.

  18. Omar should be deported immediately. She married her own brother so that he could get Citizenship here in the USA. Anyone that would vote for this type of person to be in our Government is sick. She was not born here so why is she in our Government. I say she needs to be returned to her own Country and all of her family. President Donald Trump is to be respected. She doesn’t respect anyone just one total smart A**.

  19. Not placing her hand on the bible should have disqualified this Moslem terrorists immediately.

  20. First of all this Moslem women is a undercover terrorists and we Americans need to be very careful she needs to be impeached asap and immediately deported back to wherever she came from. As for Obama and his sidekick Michelle they did enough damage to america and the American citizens. Hopefully those mentally sick individuals will move on.

  21. Hi, I totally agree, they have way too many idiots in Democrats party, included that idiot from New York, waitress, what moron voted her in, include that other Muslim that wants to impeach trump, hey what happen to common sense and good judgement,

  22. So are u saying your helping these Muslims set up in your cities? Are you crazy? Have you people forgot about 9/11? If you end up getting blower up it will serve you right bc your inviting terrorist to your neighborhood!

  23. I agree they were. Obama wants back in the White House, that’s why his stupid wife wants to run for President. Omar should be impeached and take out of her position.

  24. “She swore in on the Quran and if they would ever try and remove her she’ll cry racism and Islamophobia.”

    And so what?
    There is no requirement in the Constitution mandating what religious book, if any, a Member of Congress needs to be sworn in on.
    The only Islamophobe is you!

  25. She swore in on the Quran and if they would ever try and remove her she’ll cry racism and Islamophobia. She’s not afraid because she also knows CAIR will have her back. The left is more afraid of being called racist or being accused of having Islamophobia than what they are to ignorant to admit they messed up.

  26. Ilhan Omar, resign. Your comments are nieve and bigoted. To even suggest that innocent people deserve being attacked by terrorists because they somehow earned it is short sited. Since you don’t like Americans or America go find somewhere else to live.

  27. Besides Ms. Omar being a total idiot she should be removed from congress Today. This woman shouldn’t even be allowed to stay in the US. I would be willing to buy Her a one way ticket back to Iran with the rest of her American hating Muslims. She is no good and we need to get rid of her.

  28. In case some out there don’t know this, our former presidents father was a radical Muslim in Africa. It is because the stupid Americans fell for the idea of a first black president, who secretly had Strong Muslim leanings, is why our country now has so many mosques & muslim areas both in Michigan & Minneapolis.. I believe this was a planned plan by OHO & his malicious made over wife. They were even worse for this country than both the Clintons who were pretty bad.

  29. What about the mumps and meisale Spaniards killing off the Aztecs? The illegal Latinos aliens at the Souther border bringing back the mumps which was eradicated now being introduced once again. Or Africans and Semolinas introducing aids! Watch who you call scurvy Sir!

  30. I would very much like to know if she did hold her hand on the bible. what the hell is going on? How did she manage to get the job? Why she is still there? SHE MUST BE FIRED ASAP.

  31. Richard R Pope First we are on the same side ok. Here is what non muslims are given in a Islamic takeover, they will let a few choosen convert, enough to keep Islam as the #1 religion, next us all non muslims will pay a tax(Jizyah) I see it as the muslim welfare for muslim men who aren’t smart enough to get a degree to make the money they want. They won’t take jobs that they feel are below them, those jobs are for the non muslims. If a non muslim refuses to pay Jizyah then it’s death. They don’t let us convert just to save our own asses, and think we will be treated as a equal, they look at the muslims native to the country they have conquered and test them to see if they really are a devout muslim. They use converts to carry out terrorist attacks, look at who are committing terrorists acts most are converted into Islam, some are born into it but so many are converted muslims.

  32. @Sandra Kirk 2000 when she was 17 years older. While I was looking this up I looked at what they have about her marriages and it looks like nobody truly knows exactly when she married and divorced man A or B if they over lapped, if one was her brother, it’s all very confusing, there’s something not right and explains why she won’t provide any paperwork. She is a perfect example of a muslim who is here to spread Islam, the enemy within.

  33. Theolddog Is that all you can come up with? To bad your comment is just a lie and Steph’s isn’t. Did you know that in the wild, wild pigs don’t reproduce with their family members. That would make pigs smarter than Omar and her brother. I bet the pigs are cleaner than them also. First cousins together is disgusting, but brother and sister is completely and totally sick!

  34. omar really DID marry her brother….and they have kids!

    *They* (islam/muslim) DO not assimilate to our way of life. I’ve read the koran and it clearly states that their mission is to immigrate, develope communities of other muslims, insist on new laws based on their religion, buy up property and convenience stores and from there they have wormed their way into our congress! There is a great book that would be of benefit to anyone who is open-minded and wants to know more: The Modern Day Trojan Horse – The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.

  35. You are correct. If you read and believe the Koran you cannot take an oath to obey the Constitution and obey the laws of the US. That is unless you lie, after all the Koran approves of lying to infidels. Being deceitful is ok, because Allah is the chief of all deceivers. If Omar is being true to her faith she lied when she took the oath of office. She should be removed.

  36. “they don’t that is why they do not assimilate to our way of life old vet.”

    Sorry, Bucko, but that’s been said about every new group starting with the scurvy Englishmen who first crawled over the side of the Mayflower.

    The Pequots could not understand a single word of the Gibberish they spoke.

  37. Let her, AOC, and Tlaib continue to shoot off their mouths as far as I’m concerned. So much the better for the GOP’s chances next year.

  38. i agree with the old dog who post here about warfare in our country. The United States has been lucky to not see war on our land since the Civil War if I recall right. If we keep letting the Muslims come into our country and get elected in our Government, we are surely headed for a war and it is not going to be pretty. i am praying that God will step in and stop all this corruption that is going on in our Country. I am thankful I am as old as i am and hope that i will not see a WAR here in our Country. We the people need to stand up and fight to keep our Freedoms and shut down the Muslims. Praying for this to happen and than God Our President is standing for the people and we need more people in Congress to stand with him and back him all the way

  39. The old dog happens to be welcoming in the largest adversarial race in the world. Better informed individuals have researched and understand this as a fact. Contrary to your understanding, Muslims do not come here fir the reasons you stated. They do to a degree come to improve their way of life, but they intend to do this at the expense of very citizen in this country. They have left their country but come here and insist and demand that this country is to have the same laws of where they just left. How stupid is that to believe? On top of that they hide behind the fact that Muslim islamists and their Korean are religion. This is a blatant lie! It is NOT a religion! Be very careful who you open your door to. They come to control this country with our own laws. People uninformed contribute to their agenda.

  40. I agree Susan, the problem is escalating, these uninformed rejects of their own countries believe they can come here to this country and grandstand their beliefs and ignorant mindsets by publically slinging vile remarks about another individual as the truth. The problem is they are not being held accountable. In my world, she should be publically charged and arrested. Hauled off and put in jail as the criminal she is. Every time one of these self-appointed judges admonishes another they should be held accountable.

  41. I too was a Democrat until Obama worked his “magic”. I’d be willing to bet he did many of us a favor by waking us up to what the left was trying to accomplish. You would think all true Americans could see through this.

  42. This youngster is here to move forward and keep Obummer’s quest for Muslims to have total control over the United States of America. Omar is very dangerous and so is AOC. Both are appealing to the gimmies who feel we owe them everything. Omar needs to ditch the head dressing which is not becoming and a slap in the face to every Soldier who lost their life fighting for the safety and protection of the people and country they fought for. GOD BLESS AMERICA and President Trump.

  43. Then if there is a low majority of Muslims in your State, then WHY WAS SHE ELECTED? EVERYTIME SHE OPENS HER MOUTH SHE IS REFLECTING YOU, BECAUSE YOUR VOTES PUT HER THERE IN WASHINGTON DC. If you don’t agree with what she’s saying, THEN REPLACE HER WITH SENSIBLE LEADERSHIP. I don’t blame her for what she was taught and believes, I BLAME YOU THE AVERAGE MICHIGAN VOTER WHO VOTED FOR HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. The absolute worse other opponent would have been 1000% better than this Muslim woman. I suggest your State fix the problem on the next election to get her out!!!! In the meantime, The AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE TO DEAL WITH HER!!!!!

  44. You got one part right and that is about the far left being radical. You do know that the crazies can’t hide in the woodwork forever, they’re not capable of controlling themselves. President Trump is putting Americans first, when did that become un American? You fail to say what President Trump has said and done that is so un American, is it immigration? Is it putting Americans first? Or is it just easier to follow the radical left and blame him? I didn’t see any liberals carry on like this even when their precious Obama said we were training ISIL, maybe it’s because that is what the left sees as American. They do seem to agree what Omar says and does after all, so I guess you can’t say that it was President Trump that brought them out of the woodwork, they’ve been out for sometime now.

  45. Use your head-Barrack Huesain Obama I know I didn’t spell it correctly, should give you a hint.

  46. With some of the idiots being elected I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to be sworn in with their hand on a comic book. The bible was the base for this country and we have expanded true but that doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards of life. I am not rich and was brought up on welfare so no I am not a privileged person. I earned and fought for what I have but always remembered my base.

  47. No old dog, that is where u may have lost your soul and when u talk or God’s name in questioning which one I know u r a lost old dog. There is only one God of this world. To bad u may never meet him. But it sounds like u r now running with the demon dems. May our one and only God forgive u for turning to the ignorance of the demo world.

  48. Who r u people who r for a Muslim being in our country and allowed in our gov’t. U who r against Godly sense and well doing for our president and the great country We used to be, u have to had a bad home life and not taught any Godly sense and don’t have anything else to talk abt and condemn our best president in years just bcuz ur a Democrat. Come on people dems, we put up with ur pres Obama who is the one along with Clintons who started all of this hate and messed up country. He knew what he was doing when he was encouraging illegals into this country and he is still involved w/dems and is involved in a lot of things we don’t understand that is going on. Just wait time will show who all the real demons r and God will take care of all of them. May God have mercy on your souls.

  49. I pray everyday that somehow God will intervene and reek havoc on these devils!!!!!! How this could happen to my country is unthinkable!
    Thank God for President Trump! We must stand with him and save my country.
    OBAMA, the devil’s master opened the floodgates! God must prevail!!

  50. I have one suggestion for the state of Minnesota. Change your license plates to the “Land of 10,000 Idiots”
    Other than California I know no other State with the reputation of electing so many disagreeable low-life’s. Fool’s paradise…

  51. One more time.

    And so what, bigot?
    Have someone who can read read you Clause 3 of Article 6 of the US Constitution.
    You know, the cause that there shall be no religious test for office.
    If you can’t live with that, MOVE! You do not belong here.

  52. And so what, bigot?
    Have someone who can read read you Clause 3 of Article 6 of the US Constitution.
    You know, the cause that there shall be no religious test for office.
    If you can’t live with that, MOVE! You do not belong here.

  53. Are you seriously going to listen to a woman who is married to get brother, No Muslim should hold office, you can not believe the teachings of Islam an support the United States. AND if you also can’t take an oath on a Christian bible then your oath is bull an void.

  54. I have only 1 question did Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar put her hand on the bible and swear to uphold the constitution of the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S ALL I WANT TO KNOW…………………. AND PROVE IT……

  55. The Old Dog… you are one bad cynic that cannot move forward and refrain from saying anything once you read someone’s comment. Do you honestly think you are going to change their opinions?
    Yes, here America, we Christian’s pray to God, our maker and His Son, Jesus Christ. If you want believe in Allah, do so.

  56. And I hope he goes after you first… throws you into that FEMA camp or better yet, into a cage and serves you old oatmeal with worms in it, molded bread and sour milk. ????????????

  57. She is the Democrats problem and she won’t go away; they better learn to deal with her and her ongoing presence. Her votes and comments will be interesting. Don’t think she really likes any of us or our way of government.

  58. The Old Dog… I am surprised that you took my comment so personally. Are you that sensitive? I was simply stating my feelings towards the name calling and my rights to feel certain ways about it. But I did not challenge anyone’s lineage… I only spoke of myself… the one person I know about. It’s too bad people take things so personal, especially when you do not even know them.

  59. “This is America, and we believe in our father Lord Jesus Christ, not a religious sect that condone a killing of nonbelievers.”

    So much for the Jews, Buddhists, and Sikhs who live here, right?

  60. ” I live in the best free country in the world, America! I deserve it… I am a native citizen born and reared here!”

    Well, goody for you.
    I am the proud grandson of four immigrant grandparents, and I deserve it just as much as you do.
    And so who does ALSO deserve it is the immigrant who happens to be of the Muslim faith who has come here for the very freedom you and I have.
    Welcome, newcomer!
    This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    Let us have tea together.

  61. Exactly!! We don’t want traitors and Anti-Americans living here if they dont support our Constitution. There are liberal politicians telling their people that they want their old country back… of course they do. They don’t want to fight for what America stands for and the Dem politicians can’t get rich off of doing things honestly or without corruption. That’s what’s wrong with our country and we, Patriots want it fixed!

  62. I agree with the Rickster!! You are talking out of both sides of your mouth…. is this something you’ve heard a Fake News talk show host say on CNN? That’s all they are … talk show hosts, like Colbert and Kimmel. Trash talking liberals.
    America never had this much disdain until Hussein came into office in 2008 and told everyone how much he loved Islam but claimed to be a Christian… Hussein and Killery claimed they were bringing in 550% more Muslims, had she won the Presidency. The Dems are all talk and dont give a damn about Americans, including their idiot supporters.
    Both Muslim women politicians need to be removed from office. A law was written in 1940s stating they should never be in our government because they support and adhere to a different law that does not follow the Constitution and are from enemy countries. I dont care what you want to call it, but just because we want to protect our country, does not make us bigots, xenaphobics, racists or any of those childish names you want to call us…it’s just a liberals’ way of intimidation and I dont care… I live in the best free country in the world, America! I deserve it… I am a native citizen born and reared here!

  63. “Can’t imagine any American voting for a muslim.”

    Can’t imagine any good American being as filled with bigotry and hate as you.

    BTW, it’s Muslim, with a capital “M”, just the way Christianity begins with a capital “C”.

  64. No I don’t think she should resign, I think she should be kick out and escorted to a plane or shop and he sent back to wherever she came from with the rest of her followers. Capiech

  65. Add this to the non-profits that are easing the pain of migrating to our country–The Non-Profits who help these refugees settle in our country get a dole of xxx Dollars per refugee that they help. Some State governments help the non-profits with housing, erect new multi-family dwellings, etc. That is a shame and we cannot stop this from happening–msm, ACLU, dimms,and other bleeding heart libs, etc. will drown us down because they have the mega phones.

  66. I live on the west side of Michigan and there are definitely NOT Muslims in the majority in this State. Only one city, near Detroit; DEARBORN,MI is majority Muslim. It gets a lot of attention from the mainstream media, but it isn’t even a very large town. It is a small minority and shall remain so!

  67. Bea: So true. The vitriol in the posts on this subject are vulgar and obscene. It appears that most of the posts were written by kids who fell asleep during English classes. Our own Govt., both parties and we the sheeple, permitted and helped the muslim “refugees” and immigrants “set up tent” in these cities, gave them our tax dollars to help them live, and assured that their life would not be interfered (segregated against) with by the locals. Next two enclaves they will have in Michigan are–Pontiac and Hamtramck. There are “Charitable”, “Non-profit” organizations that are assisting these people settle in the hinterland–otherwise why would people who have never seen snow migrate to the cold climes of Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, etc.? As an aside–How many homeless veterans are going to be helped by our Govt. this winter?

  68. Got to remember that she and the other one recently voted in are from Michigan and Minnesota where Muslims out number all other races in those 2 states now…. Go there and see for yourself. They believe it is good for them to lie to nonbelievers as their Allah says. I also do not like the fact that they were elected into office but the Constitution says they have that right as Citizens. God help us!

  69. I can ,Dumb Democratic Americans. Just listen to A.O.C. Congressperson Alexandria On Cocaine , Dumb as a brick and gets elected to Congress

  70. ” I am a man of peace, but this has GOT to stop. People do not realize how close we are to open warfare in our own country.” So much bandwidth; so little content.

  71. Trump is a business man. He does not care if you are black,blue or striped. He cares about RESULTS. If you do your job well and correctly, contributing to the good of the company (read U.S.) You will be rewarded in kind. A solid and prudent owner of any company will always look for the BEST people possible to make their company stronger, more competitive, or richer. Any one that says Trump is racist obviously has not spent much time in thinking that statement through to its final conclusion, and as such is not worthy of myself or others whose time is valuable. Quit relying on “feelings” and speak only in terms of real, not unresearched statements taken from just one, not multiple sources. And then read between the lines after that to ensure you are not being swayed by your emotions.

  72. Sir, you are most correct in your evaluation of the situation. All you have to do is look at the demographics of her district to know that is a fact. What happens when good citizen Obama was sneaking them into the U.S. and dumping hundreds of them at a time in cities all across America. In secret. Hell, how can it be possible to vet that many people and do it right? You don’t. Didn’t even try. And for those who don’t think that jihad doesn’t work in mysterious ways just wait… I am a born again former Democrat. Never considered myself as a bigot. Trust me brothers and sisters, what has been done to the United States and her Citizens is absolutely treasonous. I am a man of peace, but this has GOT to stop. People do not realize how close we are to open warfare in our own country. They have had a field day creating racial tensions, entitled groups, packed our nation with illegal immigrants and now want to make a grab fo your firearms on a state and federal level at a fever pitch. Ask yourselves why the Democratic party is so scared out their minds that you own firearms equivalent to those of our military and police. Better yet ask the men of Concord when they fired their equivalent of an AR15 if they thought it prudent to turn in their firearms to the enemy of freedom and justice…same paralell…

  73. Bea,
    . . . . .You are so correct. You are also correct about telling the guy with the filthy mouth to stop it. We must pray for forgiveness. We also must stand up for what is right and stand against evil.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  74. We really do need to pray and ask for God’s help, but for His forgiveness, first! For how can we expect His help when our laws approve of actions He has forbidden, like abortion and homosexuality?

  75. What a pity that you believe you have to use such vulgar language to get your point across!
    I believe such word usuage denotes lack of literary ability, and it lowers my own respect for what is written due to the manner in which the ideas are expressed.

  76. Jim,
    . . . . You are so correct. I also served in the AF and I thank-you for your service. I used to know the Marine Hymn by heart. The muslims are not here to assimilate. They are here to conquer us by way of stealth jihad. This is how they have conquered London, much of Europe, parts of Detroit, and parts of Minneapolis.
    . . . . This is WWIII and it is a fight to the death. If we lose the whole world loses. We will enter a dark ages that will make the Middle Ages look like a walk on a beach in the Bahamas on a nice spring day. The communists aka democrats are using them and the muslims are using the communists.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  77. Amen, and AMEN ! ASK the woman what HER PARENTS BELOVED country would do if WE GOT a CHRISTIAN missionary elected to THEIR GOV’T post ?? In AMERICA we do NOT KILL homosexuals, or STONE women, or surgically REMOVE a girl childs’ sex organs…We do NOT gang rape young women in PUBLIC swimming pools…claiming it was a “CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDING.” Marrying a young girl of 6 or 8 is SICK SICK SICK. I was NOT in the Marines..I was AIR FORCE..but as I vividly remember “From the HALLS..of the SHORES of TRIPOLI” our Marines sing PROUDLY..and that BECAUSE that SAME Marine Corp was BUGUN to deal with the MUSLIM PIRATES..check MARINE CORPS history and LEARN !! See “BARBERY COAST PIRATES”..GOOGLE those cut throat “barbarians”…see why we to THIS DAY use “leatherneck” to refer to a MARINE !!

  78. It’s hard to believe Congress democraps were so stupid to change our laws to allow this trash to wear that rag on her head in the white house!! All Republicans should wear there red maga hats!! We just keep letting more trash in this country every day! Time to take our goverment back a move this foreign trash to another border!! Afganistan!

  79. Sorry, I am not a moron. Perhaps, you were referring to yourself !!! From what you wrote, that is a good possibility!!!!!!

  80. olddog,
    . . . . I will correct Patrick. It isn’t 99%. It is 100% of the muslims want us infidels dead or converted. There are no other choices. This is told to them by the quran. A muslim must convert or kill the infidel. An infidel is anyone who does not follow the quran and sharia to the letter. It is that simple.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  81. @ Shirley Patrick. It is called Jihad by population. Muslims move into a city with their multiple wives, start popping out babies. Then they bring all their extended family over and before you know it, they outnumber the non Muslims and they start getting voted into office. This one is either a naturalized citizen or an anchor baby. That’s why we have no go zones in the U.S. now. SSG U.S. Army Intel (RET)

  82. You have obviously been drinking the liberal cool aide. President Trump is not the racist, it is the liberals like Obama and Hilary who tell minorities what they want to hear in order to get the illegal votes. Once they get the votes, they laugh behind their backs, about how stupid everyone is but them. When your friend Obuma left office, black Americans were 40% worse off economically than they were the day he took office. President Trump has worked hard to fix that, even without any help from liberals in Congress. Are u confused about who is and isn’t racist, or are you like the liberals in Congress, who just don’t care?

  83. Gwt that evil person out of there. She is the one spreading rumors about Sessions, plus she said she was going to make sharia law the law of the land. Why did people vote for her? Don’t they read and watch TV and understand? Oh, yeah, maybe it was the voters in the cemetery that voted for her cause most of them do not know about sharia law.

  84. Omar should be banned. Besides why would our government allow a Muslim in office anyway. Whoever voted her in office needs to be banned also, then sent to her country never to be allowed to returned to the USA periodm

  85. You predicted that the moon was made of cheese too? You’re just babbling nonsense. Go back to your hole troll.

  86. How this ignorant Muslum child ever got elected is beyond belief. She’s quoting a far left conspiracy theory which has no credence. Graham is a married man, and has a Southern accent, not a gay lilt fo his speech pattern.

  87. “99 percent want the infidels dead.”

    And you know this how?
    Crank up that old hate machine one more time.

  88. She should not be even in Congress. She, to me, broke the law by swearing in on the Quorum and not the Bible. The laws in the US were based on the 10 Commandments and not the laws of the Quorum. So is she pledging to follow the laws of the Quorum? Why does our nation have to be run by people of different culture than we were found on? She and the other Muslim woman is the same way. A Muslim has a right to lie and be ok as longer as it isn’t against the culture/religion. Is she a US citizen that converted to be a Muslim or was she one that didn’t go through the normal process of becoming a citizen and given her citizenship through Obama era?

  89. Far from fact, those who scream racism the loudest are the ones who know it best. Hence the left are the biggest racists in America, They are anti Christian, anti constitution, anti freedom and anti America. You don’t care for American so do us all a favor and LEAVE!!!!!

  90. Dear Lies and Fake, your libtroll agenda cannot be more plain to see. Kindly move your Illiterate ramblings to HuffPost or some other totally liberal site where you will be more appreciated. Im Sure they would love to have you.

  91. You told nothing but lies, liberals lie every time their lips move…. Obama is the best one of them all, that 3 dollar bill lied 100% of the time, somehow having a Kenyan in the White House for 8 years “woke” up the loons, now they all are coming for their 15 minutes of fame!

  92. You are very uninformed and radical. Obama let these muslems in the USA and now they are going to make trouble

  93. Just because you’re stupid don’t think you can label us you welfare trash bastard. President Trump is a million times better than ur Muslim in chief queer barry.Dumbass!

  94. olddog,
    . . . . These people weren’t duly elected. They are in the country in violation of Federal Law. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. Congress and him knew that islam and our Constitution are not compatible with each other.
    . . . . You have proven that you are a communist aka democrat traitor and you need to get out. I can recommend several nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  95. “America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us>”

    If you have an issue with Congresspeople duly elected by the people in their respective districts, perhaps it is not I who should leave.
    I hear downtown Mogadishu is nice this time of year.
    BTW, just which god are you calling on to ‘help” us?
    There are SO many to choose from.

  96. She had to take the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. She and that other muslims woman lied when she spoke those words. Of course the communists aka democrats have also done this.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  97. “kick her out]the constitution says must tale the oath of office on the HOLY
    Bible , not the koran.”

    In fact, not so.
    Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant, Bucko.

  98. I agree we should be able to wear hats in the government meeting. You talk about discrimination here is a perfect example.If you don’t like America get out and go back home and read the Quran. Talk to some of your people about the Musilm beliefs. Like you married to your brother.

  99. You would not know truth if it bit you dick off, you are so far past stupid there is no word to describe how totally ignorant you are.

  100. He started a LEFT uprising because the “President” is draining the swamp and they can’t swim. President Trump is doing exactly what we “deplorables” elected him to do. He is not owned by Lobbiest, Sicicon Valley, Google, FaceBook, Amazon and on and on. He owes them nothing. Love Our President.

  101. She should be forced to resign. If she is allowed to wear a head covering, all Trump supporters of any party should be allowed to wear MAGA hats.

  102. Notali: They are Americans now,at least i think they are,The have freedom of speech now.That’s why they were muzzled in their own country because of their ignorance

  103. Mr.I lived through Hitler’ Musolieni [never could spell the crackpots name] and Tojo and Trump is no dictator.””Mr.Truth and Facts””Go dry behind your ears.Better to be thought a dam fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt??

  104. In case you don’t know it people are responsible for their own actions. Some people wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face ,Mr.Truth and “Facts”,The only ones that came out of the wood work were the true Americans that were fed up with your B***S***.Your lefties coming out of the woodwork is the deep state looking for revenge on true Americans.If B.S was was music you would have a big brass band that could only play out of tune.Get a life of reality !!!.Or perhaps a brain scan.

  105. It is a lie that the communists aka democrats are telling. They are trying to over throw the duly elected President by labeling him with a false label. You are correct about all of the good that he has done.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  106. Thanks for your position on things. Unfortunately we are in the minority. It is beyond my understanding why President Trump is called a racist. What has he done except try and make minorities more a part of the whole country. Jobs, education and support are just a few of the things he has done. There are so many things wrong with our society it makes me sick

  107. “. Yes! They are here to conquer us. It is called stealth jihad and it is how they conquered London and much of Europe without firing a shot.”

    Paranoid much?

    BTW, which god are you proposing help us? Buddha? Quetzalcoatl? Amun-Ra? The Flying spaghetti Monster?
    So many to choose from.
    Please excuse me if I disbelieve in one less god than you do.

  108. You are a lair and you wouldn’t know the truth if it reached up and bit you. Your handle needs to be ‘Lair, lair, pants on fire’ Get lost and get out of the country. I can recommend several nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela. There really are fascist governments there. That is President Trump to you.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  109. Katie,
    . . . . Yes! They are here to conquer us. It is called stealth jihad and it is how they conquered London and much of Europe without firing a shot. They have now taken over control of parts of Detroit and Minneapolis. They have a say in the US government and they control the AG office of Minnesota.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  110. Your handle doesn’t match what you say. You are a communist traitor and a lair. Do you know anything about Slander, Libel, and Defamation? You are guilty of these and High Treason during Wartime which is a Capital Offense. You need to pack up your bags and get out. I can recommend several nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, and Venezuela.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  111. I beg to differ. The real racists are people like Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangle. They are always trying to get blacks angry enough at whites to start a civil war. The last time I checked, they are demoncraps. Trump has always had blacks and women working for him that are paid on the same level as whites with the same responsibility. I haven’t seen or heard anything from Trump to make me believe any of that BS that’s dished out by the media. Also, there are no people as prejudiced against gays as the muslims!! In their home countries, they KILL homosexuals. How much more hateful can you be? Also, the Muslim religion forbids anyone to swear allegiance to any authority except the muslim faith so how can they serve in our government???????

  112. Notice they have NO understanding of representing anyone but themselves. I have seen this is UK and other countries who had a huge influx of People who have lived only in Musim countries so why come here when you don’t understand a REPRESENTATIVE Goverment!

  113. Trump is to blame for the far left radicals coming out of the woodwork. I stated when the dictator won the nomination he would cause a leftist uprisings because of his racist and bigoted UNAMERICAN statements and his moronic supporters. Like all of his b.s. he is to blame,FACT.

  114. This is America, and we believe in our father Lord Jesus Christ, not a religious sect that condone a killing of nonbelievers. To me they are a bunch of low lifes

  115. I agree, they are tripping over each other to see who can best the latest insult against the President.

  116. Cant handle the truth eh? The fact that you call names and try to shame another point of view speaks volumes. Intolerant liberals.

  117. “How any self respecting American could vote to allow any Muslim to hold Office in a small town Animal Control has lost their mind. It is my understanding it use to be illegal, when did the Democrats and Liberals decide votes were more important than Americans.”

    She IS an American, dolt.
    Did anyone ever read you what the First Amendment says about Free Exercise of religion?
    Did anyone ever read Article VI, Section 3 of the Constitution about how there shall be “no religious test for office.”?
    If you cannot deal with those words in the Constitution, maybe it is YOU who should get out TODAY.
    I hear Mogadishu in quire nice this time of year.
    You are a disgrace to everything this country stands for.

  118. Ron I could not agree with you more. The Muslim religion is nothing more than a vicious Cult that is intent on taking over the World and either enslaving or murdering all non-Muslims.
    How any self respecting American could vote to allow any Muslim to hold Office in a small town Animal Control has lost their mind. It is my understanding it use to be illegal, when did the Democrats and Liberals decide votes were more important than Americans. BUILD THAT WALL.

  119. So you are now a blooming communist traitor. High Treason during Wartime is a Capital Offense. You need to pack your bags and get out. You aren’t welcome here. I can recommend several nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela. Get out and get out now. You should spend the rest of your miserable life in GITMO.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  120. “Any liberals or Democrat trolls: open your eyes & wake up y’all. I’m ex-Democrat & ex-liberal, if y’all can’t see past the hate & racism that has gotten worse ever since Obama ran..”

    Exactly. That’s when the Pubbies started making white supremacy fashionable.
    BTW, I am a recovering Republican whose first Presidential vote was for Goldwater in 1964.
    Then I grew up and became a liberal Democrat.

  121. @Any liberals or Democrat trolls: open your eyes & wake up y’all. I’m ex-Democrat & ex-liberal, if y’all can’t see past the hate & racism that has gotten worse ever since Obama ran which I’m sure y’all knew that cuz racism was dying out till Michael LaVaughn Robinson opened his tranny racist mouth & yes I’ll still call Michelle as Michael till HE quit his hate & racism b.s.

  122. They didn’t win. They are in the country illegally. Why isn’t the FBI doing their job? islam and our Constitution are incompatible with each other.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  123. Nope, the house was stolen by the communists and their cheating, lying ways. Voter fraud was rampant.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  124. “Muslim lovers….just the beginning.. unfortunately Muslims will rule this country…”

    And if they win a full, free, and fair election, that is their right.

  125. “Probably machines furnished by soros>”

    Nope, Edelman and the Koch suckers are more likely the culprits.

    In any case, the republicant’s lost the House.

    Put on your big kid underwear and suck t up.

  126. Shirley,
    . . . . Not hypocrites. They are communists. The msm has been taken over by the communist and they are doing exactly what their billionaire communist bosses such as george soros are telling them to do. That is to lie, lie, and lie some more. It is the communists propaganda machine aka msm.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  127. Bill,
    . . . . She shouldn’t even be in the country. It is against Federal Law for muslims to be here, to come here, to be brought here, or to be helped to come here. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. The congress and him knew that islam and our Constitution are incompatible with each other.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  128. George,
    . . . . Thank-you! I appreciate that! Did you by chance go and look at my page? If someone can’t help financially then just having people share this and spread the word is a big help.
    . . . . Did you know that the muslims are in the country illegally? It is against Federal Law for them to be here, to come here, to be brought here, or to be helped to come here. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. It has been updated a couple of times and is still in effect.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  129. The Democrats really elect some of the biggest loony losers, consistently, that I’ve ever seen. Criminals, Muslim that don’t believe in our way of life and just out and out stupid anti American people. What is wrong with you Democrats? Do you really hate America because that is the only reason I can understand.

  130. Same here, I’m disabled auto/heavy truck tech in Louisiana , and I must agree these folks are never far from going completely nuts when something piss’s them off, we don’t have far to see ie San Bernardino shooting because of Christmas decorations, the killing of those in that gay nightclub in Florida and major Nadal Hassan in Texas simply because he didn’t agree with the war on terror, and don’t forget that the disgrace that was in the White House labaled it as a workplace event, and likely even now those injured and the families of those killed probably still haven’t been paid for their suffering. Good luck to you and I hope you make it back to Texas

  131. Margarette,
    . . . . That probably will never happened. She would have to turn her back on islam which is a death sentence. islam is completely incompatible with our Constitution and our way of life. They hate everything that we stand for. They are anti-GOD, anti-Freedom, anti-American. Their whole purpose in life is to conquer the world and install a totalitarian dictatorship.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  132. Dianne,
    . . . . Then they aren’t a muslim. There is no such thing as a moderate or radical muslim. You either follow the quran and sharia law to the letter or you aren’t a muslim. It is that simple. The so called moderate muslims that you have met are either lying to you or they are infidels. The thing is is that any muslim that turns their back on islam is condemned to death. There is no appeal nor reprieve.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  133. I cannot believe the audacity of this clown. So here is the coming state of our country there is one Muslim that thinks being elected to public office it gives her specific right to go in front of the entire world and using the most profane language she could think of, not in private but on a world stage, I’ve always been told using profane language is the mark of a weak mind, which is likely true as I understand she actually married her brother to get legally(?)admitted into the US. Then we have good old Omar who now comes and claims this nonsense “ because graham is flip flopped on immigration that Trump must certainly have something on him” did it ever occur to these brainless idiots the man is just going on party lines, and likely Trump or anyone else has anything on him or anyone else. Not to mention their constant assault’s on one of our oldest and strongest allies in the Middle East Israel, just how long are we going to put up with these racists who now have some silly idea they now run the whole country. Oh don’t forget the newest idiot on the block the newest commie kid who grandma commie goofy Maxine Waters just put on the House banking affairs committee, I cannot imagine the trouble these two moronic idiots will stir up now. I don’t like the idea of having the woman voted most corrupt politician in America having a say in my money or anyone else’s money for that matter. Lastly Trump had better get it in gear now this new crop of criminals in Congress and start draining that swamp asap

  134. Kurt,
    . . . Actually it is that bad in areas of Minneapolis.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  135. Barbara, the muskim idiot is using a standard military tact, divide and conquer. So far the muslim loser has divided. If we don’t strike back hard without liberal Dem treasonous policy or decree the muslim will have conquered. Civil War II is not far off.

  136. That ignorant thing needs to get down. Who in the hell is she to come to our country and take down another human being. I don’t care that Lindsay is gay. He’s doing a good job. No different than her being a MUSLIM idiot

  137. RW,
    . . . . They are not Citizens. They are here illegally. Federal Law bans all muslims from being in this country whether they were born here or not. They are not allowed to come here, to be here, to live here, or to be helped to come here. Please know the truth before you open your mouth. Also islam is not a religion. It is a cult, a system of government, and a plan to conquer the world. The muslims have come here to conquer us. They have no intention of assimilating. It is called stealth jihad and it is how they conquered London and most of Europe without firing a shot.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  138. William Bailey — The U.S. CONSTITUTION, in which you and I as conservatives claim to believe, allowed her to be sworn in with her hand on the Koran. It’s called FREEDOM OF RELIGION. That means not only you right or mine to belong to any faith we want, but also says that there shall be NO RELIGIOUS TEST for public office. In other words, our elected officials ALSO have that freedom — they can be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or anything else. Or — dare I say it! — NOTHING at all. And if they want to wear religious headgear (a hijab, a yarmulke, a turban, whatever) that’s THEIR business.

    There have been MALE Muslims in Congress for YEARS. Somehow folks like you only got upset when TWO MUSLIM WOMEN were elected. Gosh, I’d HATE to think you were a SEXIST and not just anti-Muslim!
    BTW, the woman who wears a hijab (who seems to have set everybody off) is NOT the one who used particularly foul language in her verbal assault on President Trump.
    Anyway, they’re BOTH legal American citizens and neither one has broken any laws.

  139. Paul P — Term limits wouldn’t help much in the present situation. It doesn’t take very long for people who are in politics to enrich themselves to do it; if that’s their objective, they can do it in a couple of years. But you ARE wrong about most Senators being millionaires. Some were millionaires BEFORE they CAME to Congress (family money, prior earnings as attorneys or in business) and others NEVER get to that financial level. MOST people in politics work VERY long hours (like 18-hour days, whether they’re in Washington or back home) and end up with much LESS wealth than they could have earned in the kind of work they’d done before, in the private sector. I work with (not for, though once I did that, too) these people, and I know LOTS of Senators who aren’t millionaires, and I’m not talking about the newly elected.
    What you’re missing is that when a local businessman/woman makes a million bucks, everyone says “Oh, that’s nice, good for him/her” OR they don’t even KNOW it; when the person in question is a Senator or Congressman/woman, everybody hears about it and a LOT of people like YOU assume they must have gotten rich by “serving themselves.” No, they got rich before they ever CAME to Congress, by working hard and being successful at whatever profession they practiced.
    There ARE opportunities for legislators to “serve themselves,” but there are opportunities for the doctor or lawyer who lives down the street from YOU to enrich HIM/HERSELF, too. Some will, but the honest ones WON’T.
    And the doctor/lawyer/architect down the street from YOU probably does NOT work 14-16 hours a day to MAKE his/her money. Senators and Congressmen/women DO, both when they’re in Washington and back home.

  140. Gail — that is such totally ABSURD NONSENSE it boggles the mind that you are still rolling it around in your excuse for a brain NEARLY NINETEEN YEARS after the fact! Every agency known to humanity — government, private, education, media, and everything else — has investigated this gossip and proved conclusively that it’s just GOSSIP. The Towers came down because two airplanes that had been hijacked by Arab terrorists working for Al Qaida. NOBODY “took out all the gold” — it was THERE (there wasn’t even any post-collapse theft. It was NOT an “inside job,” and “our own people” were among the VICTIMS, NOT the perpetrators. Almost 19 years later, YOU still haven’t recognized REALITY and accepted it!

  141. Has anyone heard if Tliab will be impeached She lied about what district she lived in. Cited her father as place of residence , which was not true . Anyone one else would have been brought up on charges , Look at the past , Moore in Georgia was framed ( proven) nothing done, Flordia election was rigged , she retired with thousands of dollars, California , 50, 000 not registered voters , Nothing done about the removing the appointee , Georgia , rigged election, Virginia , illegals voting all over the states. The Dems are now a party of communist and Muslims. God help us because they will stop at nothing to take back control.


  143. Correct on your understanding about islam and thw Constitution. Taqyyi alliws them to infiltrate the enemy and go to muslim heaven which is Gods’ Hell. They need to save them selves and come away from Satan and come to God.

  144. Their should be no Muslims in our government they are a danger to our government and the American people. I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them. They are not our friends

  145. But he could sue her for slander, and defamation by labeling him a homosexual when he is not. Hit this loudmouth in the pocketbook! I don’t think being a politician exepts her from those laws. Bet he’d win too. Sue for damages, and extreme emotional suffering because of her lie!

  146. You R soo true SweetOlBob; Obama placed these Muslim immargants mostly in the
    states of Maine, Michigan, Mimmisota, Tennessee & Texas! Already seen them elected from Michigan & Minnisota as a result I’d it!! Look for more to come from other states!!
    How did they become voting citizens, so quickly when most are still living off our Government? America needs to wake up; there will be enough of them to elect A!NOTHER MUSLIM PRESIDENT in just 20 yrs: YOU WANT THAT??

  147. Muslims are allowed by the Qur’an to lie for the sake of Islam. Satan is the father of the lie. This woman will lie anytime she feels it necessary. Is this what we want in Congress?

  148. She has an accent because she is a Muslim, they recite the Qur’an every day in Arabic. I have no idea why she is in office, Muslims are supposed to hate Christians and if possible to kill as many as they can. We do not need that kind of hatred here in the USA.

  149. I agree with you, Bob! Some Demo’s reporting they have more diversion in their party? What is the price of diversion > Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar!!!

  150. All in the name of “diversity”, ain’t it great!!!! To the Demodumbs of the Democrap party: Careful what you wish for … !!! Well, here it comes … like it so far?

    What’s next? Public be-headings?

  151. Dianne, I don’t know if you have ever heard of the word “Takiya”. It is the part of Hadith that allows Muslims to LIE to preserve Islam. The Muslims you know will tell you anything you want to hear. Just ask any of them about Israel.

  152. I agree that we need TERM LIMITS As soon as possible, NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!!! They are only in politics for self gain! How many senators do you know that aren’t MILLIONAIRES? It’s about time they do the job of serving the people instead of SERVING THEMSELVES!!

  153. “the olddog…so this is a measure of smartness????? Pathetic?!”

    Instead, it’s a measure of the depth of your denial.
    You DO know that denial’s not just a river in Africa, right?


  155. You are all pretty much hitting the nail directly on the head, with your comments about her not deserving to be in the Congress of the United States! You also must hold the people who voted her into office, accountable as well. There is something seriously wrong with Americans, or whoever the voters were, that gave this 100% un-American, pseudo-politician, this opportunity. I mean seriously wrong!! I guess this just shows you how out of touch Americans are with politics and how our government actually works!! With people like her winning a seat in the US political arena, with the power to influence our way of life, is just a very sad sign of what our near future in this country is going to be like. Dismal! American voters need to smarten up, and soon, as to what’s really happening in Washington, and our country! The Left doesn’t want to ever stop immigrants from invading this country, because to them, they’re all instant voters for the Democrats. Republicans need to rally harder than ever before, if we’re going to have a fleeting chance of re-electing a president, whose only agenda is genuinely sincere. He honestly wants to cure this critically ill country, once and for all. But the media, who most Americans only listen to, and believe, don’t take the time to investigate other news sources, to find out the truth, because we all know they align themselves with the left, and that’s a huge problem. PLEASE BROADEN YOUR NEWS SOURCES AMERICA, BEFORE YOU VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION, THANK YOU!

  156. I think she should go back to her own country and keep her opionions to her self,we have no room for people like her ion our goverment.

  157. When the voters of her district fire her, then I’ll agree her career is going down in flames. But I am not holding my breath.

  158. Tlaib & Omar are propagander and attention mongers, it’s not the american people they are representing it’s their own personal agenda. So sad how can they love a country they don’t know anything about. Omar is racist and showing her true feeling about her discrimination on gay rights.

  159. Sharia Law!! Dig a hole, take off her shoes, and stick her in the hole! Have all the children gather stones. as she gets stoned, her male voters can have a party.

  160. It Figures that CNN would have this radical nut case on the program!!! CNN 7 the mainstream media has moved to the extreme left just like the democrats have.

  161. Exactly bill nothing good can come from this behavior the left is nuts.Im fearing what is going to happen to this country in the next 20 Years.

  162. in the Koran Mohamed calls for the death of all infidels, non believers over 100x. They must be converted if not death. Now does this sound to you as a peaceful religion???
    It’s an evil cult and must be stopped. Look at Detroit and they over vote the rest of the state.

  163. She should be tried for treason! What she has done is to not follow the oath she took when sworn in. I don’t want jail time, I’d prefer a firing squad. At least she should lose her citizenship and assets, be deported back to Somalia.

  164. These are the same so called Media outlets that think Trump is uncouth and not professional enough to be POTUS yet they let this thing, big mouth Cortez and another new Rep call Trump a MFer but this is all ok. HYPOCRITES.

  165. She was married to her own brother! I guess when it comes to Islam being gay is worse than marrying her own brother. Immigration fraud is the reason. How she is able to hold a office seat is beyond me.

  166. Not all Muslims are bad, there are those that have denounced Muslim extremist and have had their lives threatened because of it. They give speeches and write books against Muslim extremism and sharia Law. Several have been on FOX News speaking out against Muslim extremist.

  167. I agree. They have infiltrated the government to take over the country. Can’t believe people were so stupid not to see it

  168. Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is what? A semi-muslim who picks and chooses which parts of the Islamic teachings she follows. I could have sworn that “rightous” muslim woman weren’t allowed to be in public without a male escort, or go around with their face uncovered, or criticize men, or dress provocatively, wear makup, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, really,what a bunch of hoowie!

    But since she’s an American Muslim (whatever that is), that makes her accountable to our laws … yes? And liable, yes? So where does she get off, in public (media) branding Senator Graham a homosexual.

    He’s a got-damn grown man, and he can do what he will, but!!! I’ll tell you straight, I’d sue the crap out of that loudmouth b*tch, for slander, and defamination … and WIN! She’d be so poor for the next decade, she wouldn’t be able to afford to pay attention! Some people are just stupid, moronic gas-bags, and don’t deserve the time of day, much less being in the halls of Congress. Perhaps, she falls into that category? What do you think?

  169. She was elected by other knob headed Somalians who were brought to this country by the little muslim fraud,obama* as supposed refugees. He purposely deposited them in sparsely inhabited districts in groups. They never should have become citizens. They should never should have been installed in our welfare system. They are not Americans in any stretch of the word. They will never assimilate into the culture of America, but will remain a demanding, sucking, bunch of muslims seeking to force their uncivilized beliefs and religion on America.

  170. I believe the Muslim Quaran is against our Constitution, and no Muslim belongs in our Congress or Senate or any political office because they cannot support our Constitution. I don’t understand how they even became citizens. Am I right?

  171. Correct. All of the muslims are Enemy Combatants and a Clear and Present Danger to all of us.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  172. I think Pelosi and Schumer are being paid by drug lords Soros or Lobbyist or some other crumb. I think they are ruining their Democratic Party. Who would do this unless their getting s LOT of money. Think about it. They said they were going to be bipartisan, flip flop for money. GREED

  173. Half dozen muslims now……and, how many later? They do it inch by inch…which is exactly how they take over a country without a firing a shot!!!!!!!!!!

  174. How I wish we would do just that. You have my vote for paper ballots. In addition, limit vote by mail timewise and require a serious reason for doing so. Voting by mail opens up all kinds of doors for fraud. In person, paper ballot is the way to go. Voting is a priveledge, if possible, plan to be at home on voting day. Instead of mail if voting in person isn’t possible, require hand carry & have it recorded. We have to get on top of our voting. Also, breakup these resettlement districts & other gerrymandered districts.

  175. When obama began the resettlement of
    ‘Immigrants’, what he actually planned & carried out, was the resettlement of
    ‘Muslims’. If anyone knows of any other immigrant groups that were resettled together in thousands, let me know. Why are the words (immigrants & Muslims) underlined in red. It likely won’t go out to readers that way. Is this a warning? Is someone keeping track? To respond, those words were necessary to be clear in my commenting & for no other reason.

  176. I see no difference between being sworn in for poblic office by placing one’s hand on a Koran or Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

  177. She is an Enemy Combatant that is occupying a seat in the House. Our House. Just like brackkie the muslim was never the President and was occupying the White House. The muslims are in the country illegally. The Federal Law barring muslims from being here was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  178. The dems remind me of the description of a cat with 9 lies, but with them it is multiple gaffs and no consequences. This woman should never have been elected.

  179. That pork lover infidel muslim needs to resign and get out of OUR country. She’s a traitor and her actions to subvert us like most Dems proves this. Good riddance to her.

  180. I agree mulims worship the devil that cane from christian muslims who want to save muslims who want to kill them President stopped many from coming here Dems want them because they are lost loving foreign people hating Americia who vit d a Muslim to congress hard to believe

  181. I do not hate her my friend. I hate all the things she stands for and that is that her values match up with her religion. This country was founded on one GOD not one of those muslim things called allah. Her very belief tells them to kill all infidels. Unless you are muslim my friend their job is to kill you to. If you are muslim and I suspect you are you are hiding behind typed print. That is usually the way a coward does things. I shall continue to love even, yes, you because that is what the true GOD tell CHRISTIANS to do, even as you kill us, we are to love you. The difference is I will go to paradise eternally and muslims will go to the eternal place for suffering forever. I will forever worship GOD and well muslims will worship their allah (the devil) in the land they belong in…

  182. Who allowed her to be swore in with her hand on the Koran? The Koran, the head coverings in Congress and lack of speaking English should be band in the USA. If they don’t believe in our true Constitution then they need not be a representative.

  183. People that refer the Koran as a religious text are n NOT knowledgeable about it in the least. There are two parts to it. The first is all peace and love guys! The second is something out of hell. This 2nd part is so extreme because the “Prophet” was jeered and made a fool of as no one accepted him or his teachings. The Koran teaches violence, anger, murder, raping of women, and demeaning any and calling for the death of any person or religion that does not recognize it as the word and religion of the one true God. Every one else is an infadel. If you are a truly devoted Muslim one must accept both parts as tbuths.ok IPO PM PM PM

  184. Gail,
    . . . .I am so tired of this lie. It was the muslims who attacked our country and killed almost 3,000 Americans. Do you know anything about Slander, Libel, and Defamation? You are guilty of these. You should pack up your bags and get out. I can think of a few nice communist dictatorships such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  185. Linda — Tlaib was BORN HERE and Omar immigrated as a child, with her father, LEGALLY. Are you trying to kick out EVERY immigrant? How many generations back? What about the three MALE Muslims now serving in the House (you didn’t even KNOW, did you? Also two Buddhists and three Hindus!)
    The CONSTITUTION — which we conservatives SAY we value so greatly — says “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” In other words, it doesn’t MATTER where someone comes from. We judge his/her qualities as a candidate and vote for or against them, and if they’re elected and we’re not happy, we look for a better candidate the next time. That’s how the system works.

    I am white, female, a senior citizen, and as patriotic an American as you can find (as conservative as you can find, too), but I am getting REALLY pissed with fellow Americans who think every “furriner” is an enemy! They’re NOT. Even among the Arabs, a large percentage come here because they LOVE AMERICA. We don’t have to welcome them with open arms (though it’d be nice if we at least extended a friendly handshake), but WHY make ENEMIES of them when they started out as potential FRIENDS?

  186. You are right when you say she cannot be thrown out because of religion, however when she slanders someone in congress that my friend is grounds for impeachment. But since the democrats hold more sets they do not believe in fairness, justice or most any other American values. They have set themselves apart from the rest of America and have their own sorry values which do not include morality for themselves. They hold everyone but themselves up to a higher standard and that will never change. Term limitations will rid our country of all who have taken away the American values. NO more CAREER POLITICIANS. WE THE PEOPLE have used DONALD TRUMP to show America that the impossible can be achieved when WE THE PEOPLE band together. WE THE PEOPLE sat back this past election while the democrats brought in hundreds of thousands of illegals to vote. This will be corrected. PLEASE AMERICA get the TRASH out of office before we see a CIVIL War. Only one in a country is enough. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, listen to an ole man (69). Correct the problem before an uprising….

  187. George W. Bush sr. Brought down the towers with Cheney! They took all the gold out and to cover there tracks brought down the towers! Inside job…don’t know how they slept at night killing all those innocent people and children! Our citizens our people our Americans! By our own people!

  188. Dan & Margaret —
    They’re NOT living here “for free.” Tlaib was born here, Omar came with her father as a LEGAL immigrant in 1995 and is a citizen, of course, because otherwise she COULDN’T have run for Congress. Neither appears to have been on public welfare/relief/food stamps or any other assistance at any time. And neither of them came via the Southern border. 🙂

    I’m not crazy about having a half dozen Muslims in Congress, but the Constitution DOES say there shall be NO RELIGIOUS BAR to prevent them from coming. or from running for office if they meet the same qualifications as other candidates. And we hard-working American conservatives are supposed to RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION, no?

    Moreover, a half dozen Muslims will have ZERO ability to affect our Constitution and not much chance to change our laws, either. (That’s a very small percentage of House members, and none at all in the Senate.) If you’re looking for liberals who ARE trying to change our country, you might start with….oh, BERNIE SANDERS or maybe NANCY PELOSI. Don’t waste you energy worrying about the SMALL FRY!

  189. looking at these 2 muslims turns my stomach, get them out of our congress they don’t belong here. No muslims belong here. go back to your sand box.

  190. Has anyone ever read the Koran? It is the most anti-Semitic book that was ever written as well as inspiring all of its followers to kill all nonbelievers such as us after all that book inspired Osama Bin Laden to order the 911 terrorist attacks that killed 3000 innocent American Citizens.She should go back to where she came from. Islam is a Satanic cult and should be banned from this country as it is totally incompatible with our way of life period!

  191. RW,
    . . . . Smokey is correct in that Federal Law bans all muslims from being in this country. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. Congress and him knew that islam and our Constitution are incompatible. Any American that converts to islam must immediately denounce their Citizenship and leave the country forthwith. No it isn’t isn’t the Constitution but it is on the books and has been revised and up held on two other occasions.
    . . . . The Constitution does bar someone from holding office if they have allegiance to more than one country. They can not hold dual Citizenship.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  192. When did incest become legal in America? How is it someone actually “married to her brother” get a seat in the House of Representatives? Have people in Michigan gone looney? I did not believe this would ever be possible in the US. But I guess anything goes these days in America’s PC world.

  193. Like that Idiot A.O-C, she’s a frigging self-serving moron Freshman Congressman!!!!! She speaks more out her BUTT than she does out her mouth!!

  194. SMOKEY — It is NOT true that Islam was “banned”, at least NOT FROM CONGRESS. The CONSTITUTION — which we conservatives SAY we support — says VERY clearly: “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” That means ANYONE — Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wicca, or Atheist — can serve. Period.
    There have been MALE Muslims serving in Congress for several terms. Sure it’s not the hijab that’s bothering you? (Also, THIS Muslim woman was NOT the one so rudely critical of Israel. That was Rashida Tlaib — the OTHER Muslim woman. THIS one just got into a minor fuss because of her stupid hijab.

  195. If she was born in america, why does she have an accent? How could any american vote for those two horrible women?

  196. Tear that rag off her head and wrap it around her stupid neck, and take her quoran and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. This country doesn’t need any more slim bags in government roles. Big Mama

  197. This woman must have her genital mutulated when she was a young girl and it screwed up her mind. What does a Muslim know about American values. Nothing. Send her back to the land of camels, goats, sand and unwashed demented men.

  198. CNN is so biased !!! They owners and Board of CNN must be all Democrats…They NEVER say one good thing about our (their) President. Just horrible. I do not watch CNN anymore for that reason.

  199. Hate it. We have sacrificed and worked too hard to live in OUR country and obey OUR laws. They come here and want America to be like THEIR country, and they are working very hard and secretly to make it their way…I hate it.

  200. Robert Wilkonski – She’s one of 2 Muslim women in the House now. This one is from Michigan, wears a wrap-around hijab that looks like a towel wound around her head. The other is the one who spoke so offensively about President Trump the other day. There are a couple of male Muslims as well. BECAUSE THE VOTERS OF HER CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT ELECTED HER.
    I don’t much like her, either, but the CONSTITUTION – which we conservatives claim to REVERE – says “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION,” so I am inclined to swallow hard and follow the Constitution. She probably can’t be any worse than some of her white anglo colleagues, and in the new Congress there’s NO WAY IN HELL we can get rid of her. Besides, there IS that pesky old Constitution and it makes the issue pretty damned clear!

  201. Muslims in government is how Islam takes do you feel about muslims living for free in our country on YOUR DIME!

  202. Mario, great points. Yes, investigate these people who will only bring down this country. They are not solving problems, just looking for the OR with their radical
    Statements which are never verified.

  203. May be we should have her arrested for treason against the USDA. She is more of a threat to the USA than Trump ever thought of being.

  204. These 2 Muslim freshmen congresswoman seem to be representing their country’s ideology. Anti- Israel.
    AOC is constantly voicing and showing her ignorance of all things traditional USA. We have no use for this childish
    Anti-Trump shock verbage. Educate youself, think before you speak and start working for solutions without creating

  205. Well, her fellow members of the House would have to impeach her, and if you’ve taken a look at the numbers in the new Congress (Dems outnumber Republicans by more than 100 seats), we can both stop thinking about it — it’s NOT going to happen. The CONSTITUTION (in which we conservatives are supposed to be staunch believers) SAYS that “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR PUBLIC OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION,” which means we CAN’T throw out Muslims (or Buddhists or even Wicca or Atheists) BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION. And we can’t pretend to be a free society where people of different faiths are all welcome, and at the same time talk about getting rid of someone because of his/her faith.
    THIS is NOT the woman Muslim who insulted the President, incidentally. That was Rashida Tlaib, who incidentally doesn’t WEAR a hijab.

  206. Isn’t that the truth. We are witnessing a segment who just don’t have the wisdom to see through the degredation of our country.

  207. This whore needs to be duck taped. She married her brother to get him into our country. Wonder if he is planning a terrorist attach.

  208. RW,
    . . . . She is not a duly elected member of congress. It is illegal for her to be here. Since she was born here she is required by Federal Law to immediately renounce her Citizenship and leave the country forthwith.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  209. One of those Muslim women ran unopposed. Also, the Congress should never have changed the rules to allow those women to wear those head scarves…The Democrats have really lost their minds. Those women should be censored and thrown out of congress.

  210. Gary,
    . . . . They aren’t democrats. They are communists and they know exactly what they are doing. They are trying to over throw our Republic and install a communist dictatorship. They have taken over the msm and our schools. They have co-opted the FBI and the CIA. That is why they are so afraid of President Trump. The muslims are useful idiots for them and they are useful idiots for the muslims.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  211. She fits right in with Ocasio/something and the Michigan “mother f–er” pig.
    The people who voted these anti-American whackos in office should lose their right to vote. Likely most of them are not even citizens of this country.
    How did she get to be a citizen with the right to even vote? How were they vetted in the first place?

  212. Well, she came from Michigan, and she was BORN there. She’s NOT an immigrant. The only way to get rid of a sitting Member of Congress is through impeachment (similar process to that used for a president, but some differences), and if you think there’s a chance in HELL that the heavily Democrat House we have now will impeach one of its handful of Muslim members, you’re NUTS. As long as she runs for re-election and the voters in her district don’t get tired of the weird sort of hajib she seems determined to wear (it looks more like a towel in which she might have rolled up her hair in the shower), she will BE there.

  213. Oh…I so much agree with you!! She has no facts…only feelings and her own opinion. Omar…that’s not going to fly with the Americans. We are sharper than that…but nice try!

  214. DalyNok – sorry, but YOU don’t get to decide whether someone has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or “given aid and comfort” to the enemies of the United States. It would require an IMPEACHMENT trial in the House to reach that conclusion. As for McCarran-Walter, it’s been “reaffirmed” but then REVISED many times since the 1960s. I rather wish we had it BACK, in its 1965 form, because we’d not have all this trouble about immigration, but WE DON’T.

  215. So she gets elected, goes public a sounding like a Mideast lunatic and expects us to just shrug our shoulders? She needs to remember where she is and what she was elected to do and it was NOT to represent the notions of a people from another country like Gutierrez from Illinois was doing. And the one who took her oath on the Koran was pulling a stunt. It is not necessary to swear or affirm the oath on any book. Like Article 6, clause 3 says, no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or Public Trust under the United States. Notice that is an Article of and not an amendment to the Constitution. Be careful that the one who swore on the Koran doesn’t use that as an out for not totally honoring the oath.

  216. There’s NO rule in the House of Representatives that a member must put his/her hand on a Bible, or a Torah, or a Koran or anything else. In fact, the CONSTITUTION (which outranks House rules) says that “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR ANY OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” The founders didn’t CARE where (or if) someone worshipped. That may be hard for many today (including myself) to accept, but it’s TRUE.

  217. cnn, where’s your RESPECTABLE journalism?
    You’re disgusting allowing this LIAR on the air without FACT CHECKING her first.
    You’re simply trying to gain notoriety through Anti-Trump rhetoric… as you know, IT IS BACKFIRING.
    cnn – Comedy News Network

  218. Islam and the US Constitution are not compatible, first the US is capitalist country, that means, “I got money, I hire you to work for me”. Islam does not understand or participate in our banking system, Islam does not pay interest, so how could a bank survive under that form of government? Islam wants to take the US to 3rd world level, where everyone shares the misery. Capitalism works because it gives an individual the inspiration to better himself, as compared to communism and islam, where no one can better himself by hard work, because communism and islam says everyone must share the misery.

  219. That is the problem. She is not smart, she swore an oath to uphold the constitution, she obviously hasn’t read it, she does not know what the word decorum means, she slanders people with no facts to back her up, she definitely has not assimilated with our culture, and that is the expectation the United States has of every immigrant, she is what the oldest generation called a stink stirrer—always mixing up mud to throw at someone, she has no respect for our culture and expects us to bend to hers because she is a minority,— is that enough or do you want me to keep going.

  220. I am way past saddend at the sheer number of brainwashed citizenry that voted for these unAmerican lunatics.

  221. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim who believes it is acceptable to those who are not Muslim because they are so gullible and easily controlled! CNN is just a willing conduit for her vicious lies!

  222. My sentiments exactly. This is the United States of America that was founded on Christian principles in the Holy Bible not Islamic prejudiced beliefs that are contrary to what America stands for. Swearing a Muslim in with her hand on a Koran instead of our Holy Bible was the straw that broke the camels back. The democrats are ruining our great nation with their attitudes that now we owe everyone in the whole world when it’s right the opposite. The United States of America has been giving billions upon billions of dollars to almost every foreign nation while neglecting our own citizens that are in desperate need of our help but when we try to get help we don’t qualify for it. Illegal aliens pour into our country across our unsecured border and are automatically eligible for any help they want. They are rewarded for breaking our border laws and our own citizens are punished for being in need. This is the United States of America, not some Arab country. Anyone that holds a public office in our country needs to be an American, period! Our government is being infiltrated from within and it’s just fine and dandy with the democrats because their party is about as anti-American as you can get now. Seeing their faces on tv makes me sick. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. America better wake up before our enemies get such a foothold in our country that we will be at war from within. Because that’s exactly what they want.

  223. I say impeach her. Send her back to her homeland. We don’t want Sharia Law. These people come to our country and want to change it into their craphole. No!

  224. ilhan omar, just become another liberal lunatic democrats and why is that
    because all the newbie liberal lunatic democrats all of them want the full
    attention of mainstream media all you have to say just stupid things like
    gun control/raise your taxes/regulation/carbon taxes and the media will cover
    your lunatic idea simply right. ( VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR 2020 )

  225. If a Republican is censored for his comments, then these muslim terrorists should be also or better yet kicked out of Congress where they never should have been in the fist place

  226. Omar the TERRORIST SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM the office she bought and paid for. Arrested for Treason slander and have her background checked. Then be deported to whichever islamic country will take her. That’s my ooinion and won’t back off of it

  227. The spot should be a red dot from a ar-308 on the dumbasses chest.No maybe im just kidding.But then agaim maybe pop a cap in her ass.

  228. I never thought I’d see the day Muslim would hold a political office here in the USA. This individual isn’t fit to hold office in our country! What she called our President on national television was absolutely disgusting. She wouldn’t be allowed to say things like that in her country about any man, let alone a man in that position. She’d be taken out in public for an execution! It’s horrible that we’re allowing such as this to happen here.

  229. On the other hand she is part of the fuse that’s going to cause the Dems to implode. Two cans short a six pack.Right!!!

  230. I agree with you. this person has no place in our government. I’m praying the American people wake up soon!they aren’t going to liek what the muslin’s do to us?????

  231. She is an overt Muslim jihadist and anti-Semite. With her religious prejudices she should not be in congress as a representative of any true American.

  232. Yes, get her out. She is just another RAGS Muslin and does not deserve a place in American politics. Why have we allowed these people to get into our politics. They are disgusting she was silent until another Muslin became a character in our political world. This is somewhat a Nancy problem since she does not care about who has a vote only throw everyone in the mix. Take care Lindsey she is a liar. But I was not happy to see you on CNN. Don’t do it again.

  233. She needs to resign now. If she does no resign she needs to be impeached or fired or whatever it takes to get rid of her and her ideology. Send the free loading lady back to where she came from. Let her try this crap in her own country.

  234. She married her brother so he could become a US resident alien with a green card, then she married again while still married to her brother. She should be treated here as she would in her homeland.

  235. bj – He is criticizing Christians and protecting Muslims – hmmmm? Perhaps theolddog is Muslim? Perhaps he is against our Constitution and is pro-Sharia Law? Perhaps he is against America, the land of the free?

  236. “She should have NEVER been elected. The socalist & leftist media promote this TRASH. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS AMERICA !”>>>Indeed this IS America. If you don’t like free elections where the majority candidate wins and there is Freedom of Religion, perhaps you might want to consider moving.
    I understand that Somalia is nice this time of year.

  237. When we started this country all religions were reasonable… Thomas Jefferson warned about the Muslims. He even had the Koran
    published so that people could know. The basis of these people is to take over. They have no time for other religions.

  238. I agree wholeheartedly that she should be kicked out ! Then deport her to one of her beloved Muslim countries !!

  239. I do not hate for that is not for me to do saith the lord but I do condimen the thought of a person of any color, race or ideology trying to excerpt the constitution and bring this great country down to the 3rd world status that they spawn from. Theolddog you are a sheep being lead to slaughter

  240. Bruce, their goal is to take over our country with help from the dumnbocraps. First our guns then the constitution. Like i have said before, I am ready to do my duty for my country again if it comes down to it. This is our country not the politicians to give away to the like of Nazi George Sorrya$$ and progreessive insurance. I took the same oath as our American citizen politicians and I will stand up for it again if I am needed. Welcome home brother RVN 67-68 Mekong Delta 9th div.

  241. You are not kidding, ID cards will stop illegals from voting in our elections, I think our tough President knows that too, he will fix it where nobody that goes against this country votes in the next election, Trump 2020

  242. Her election is unconstitutional,based on section 3, 14th Amendment. Read it.
    Also should be deported, per Walter-McCarron Act,1952 & reaffirmed 1965.

  243. Hey people if you had any psch in colege you came across “PROJECTION” it is mamifested all the time by LOONEY LEFTIES, The DEMONCRATS & MOSLEMS are birds of a feather radical cults.

  244. Remenber, during WWII Japan would not invade mainland America cause too many citizens owne guns. The dumbocraps want to take our guns away so they can help them, but they are to stupid to understand that after the guns are gone them the politicians will be next.

  245. Olddog,
    . . . . islam is not a Religion. It is cult. A plan to conquer the world and a system of government. You are a communist traitor and you need to leave the country. I can think of several nice communist dictatorships for you to move to such as China, Cuba, NK, Russia, or Venezuela. Get out. High Treason during Wartime is a Capital Offense. You and your other 30+ million comrades should spend the rest of your miserable life in GITMO.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  246. Rickie, she ran as a democrat, remember the two systems of justice they have today. I hope she is reprimanded harshly, but I doubt it. I hope Lindsey sues the crap out of her and CNN for letting that on their air.


  248. The reason she was elected is due to resettlement of foreigners by Obama. They were resettled by the thousands and muslims threaten people if they don’t vote for her. Give them an ID and there goes our country !!!

  249. Never thought i would live to see America torn apart by Illegal immigrant loving Congressional Representatives! This is way far beyond belief and We as true Patriotic Americans have too come together and do something about this uneventful uprising of UnConstitutional activity by the now corrupt left, Democrats. There is no reason for these immature individuals to conduct themselves in this manner.
    For sure, we now have a congress that is running rampant. These trouble making Democrats either need to straighten out or be impeached, there is no other way to deal with this situation!

  250. She never got sworn in to begin with she Never put her hand on a bible to be sworn in ! So she is not official ! Kick her ass to the curbe

  251. She doesn’t seem smart at all. She is as smart as most moslems who are not intellectually capable to understand they follow a deadly political system.

  252. Michigan is a largely Muslim state. They have a strong voter block there, that is how she did it. As for “beam her up” and back where she came from, I have a better idea. Yes, Scotty, beam her up, but transmit the beam, widest possible beam width, out into space. Such as the story line where they encountered the entity that had controlled Jack The Ripper.

  253. One thing you can learn , if you listen, is the fact that NONE of these Middle Eastern Political Hacks and other Immigrants, that took the Governmental Oath of Office , ever intended to ” COMPLY ” with any part of that Basic Oath. That , People , has been proven over and over. What needs to happen, but never will , is for each one of these Foreign Immigrants that are now a part/piece of the United States Federal and State Governments, to have their United States Citizenship Cancelled. Then each of them , AND THEIR FAMILIES , Deported back to the Countries they came from. Take out your Copy of the United States Constitutional Amendments and read Amendment XIV (14) , Section 3 , of the United States Constitution. It spells out , EXACTLY , how these Immigrants are breaking their Citizenship Oath, when they graduate into the United States Government as a State or Federal Congressman, Senator, or Office Holder in a Higher Up Position. Every one of, these three Muslim Women , are and have been breaking this Constitutional Law. It would probably be advisable to Check and Re-Check he Citizenship Papers of all these people with Non-American Names – SEND THEM HOME WHEREVER THAT MAY BE .

  254. Are you serious about the brother thing? Good Lord isn’t that enough reason to get her out of our country? I am all for voter ID we do have that in our state(TN)

  255. Omar is a POS. What is wrong with the people who voted her into office. Were they trying to be politically correct??!! WTF. Wake up you fuc…g morons. These muslims do not have america’s best interest at heart

  256. It amazes me this person won a seat in our government. That there are that many stupid people that voted for her, if they did and the election was fixed. She claims to be a true Muslim but according to their religion, or cult, women can’t be in position of power. Hell, they can’t drive a car. Men rule and control. So how do you swear to this and be so vocal, or hold any position. Someone should find out her motives because she hates Americans if she’s a true Muslim. They chant all the time, death to Americans! How did this country allow her to run? And, CNN is nothing but a propaganda network. And they are lower then low. But, to allow this Muslim on tv and suggest something like this, is low even for them. Anyone that feeds into this craziest is gullible, and dumb. This whole hate Trump is getting old and more outrageous every day. This woman needs to be taken out of office.

  257. Why do we have a person who is against the constitution serving in our congress. this woman should be thrown out of congress and out of the country as a sleeper terrorist !

  258. I always thought liberals thought homosexuals were great! Even if this were true, which I don’t believe, seems to me Ilhan had better learn what her party stands for. We had better be more careful, about whom we vote for.

  259. She told me, speaking as one that elected her, what I wanted to hear her say. She told me how much better things would be if I voted for her. She told me that what it cost me for food, and housing, and education would be going down, or go away. She told me that my rights would be upheld. She told me what I wanted to hear, so I voted for her. THAT, is how she got elected. NOBODY, EVER pins a politician down to get the whole story, and what their real feelings are and their agenda to bring them into reality. We are stupid sheep to them, and they know how to sheer us, and we let them.

  260. This is why ALL VOTING HAS TO BE DONE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY! All Electronic voting machines are so easy to pre-program – ie once a certain number of votes are given to a certain candidate, all other votes are either switched or a percentage is switched to the establishment’s traitor assuring a win. Issues that are of importance ( such as Voter ID ) get voted down even thought the populace want them to pass

    Paper Ballots For All Elections Nationwide * Voter Identification or No Voting * Clean Up The Voting Rolls Coast To Coast * End The Scam Of Post Ballot Harvesting * And These Ballots Never Leave The Room and ARE Counted By You And Me

    This is the only way to get America Back as these machines are stealing our elections on a State and National Level

  261. In Minnesota they’ve formed complete cities made up of Muslims. The whites have moved out due to noise pollution and other factors.

  262. Like all of them do, she told the people what they wanted to hear, period! Works every time. Few if any have the guts, much less the knowledge of how they operate to ask the questions that no politician wants to answer, beginning with, their actual agenda.

  263. I agree, she is not for American people. When she put her hand on that Quran to be sworn in, it became invalid. She does not believe in the constitution.

  264. She and the one from Mi are both Muslims and should never hold office in our government.shes a racist hypocrite. The more she allowed to run her mouth, the worse it is for our government.

  265. Smart??? Maybe!! But she doesn’t belong in our congress. She is complete traitor to our way of thinking.

  266. That is a violation of house ethics for her to have done that she had better have some very damn good proof!!!!!!! This is going to taken up into the House ethics committee as soon as possible I can assure that will happen this week first thing monday morning you just do not accuse a fellow member of either branch of something like that unless you have complete written and video proof to back it up. She best to hope that she can back it up it with video and written proof or make this go away very quickly. this is going open some serious wounds on both sides of the isles because both sides has deep rooted skeletons to hide and PELOSI Shummer both knows it.

  267. I don’t HATE her, but I dislike the fact that she wants to do away with our CONSTITUTIONAL form of law, and bring in her Muslim SHARIA LAW to replace our Constitution. Why do YOU think this is okay in America? Do we go to Iraq and make them become a Constitutional Republic? Do we go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and try to change them to a Constitutional Republic?? NO!!! We don’t!!! Why should WE become Muslim and be forced to live under Sharia Law?? Are you willing to give up your freedoms that quickly??

  268. She’s from Somalia. The country that dragged our downed helicopter pilot’s dead body through their streets; when Bill Clinton was President. Also the Country of pirates, that have hijacked American ships off their coast, killing innocent sailors.

  269. Measures against Muslim invasion must be taken, even if it means involving the National Guard, etc. They attempt to poison this country from without and within.

  270. She should have NEVER been elected. The socalist & leftist media promote this TRASH. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS AMERICA !

  271. TRUMP

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  272. Donald Trump is different from US Presidents going back possibly a hundred years because not being a Politician means Trump isn’t thinking about the next election, Trump is willing to do whatever it takes to move his agenda which makes him dangerous to all that oppose him.

  273. “They” “all” need to be escorted out of America, NOW…Yesterday!!!!
    Their cult religion and insane barbaric ideology does NOT belong in America!

  274. I ask How is it that she can take an Oath on the Quran…but then again …why did Nancy Pelosi allow this …. she has a country she should go home…I refer to Nancy Pelosi as Ms Palestine Pelosi…

  275. The irony is that no major power in recent history has gone out of its way as has the United States to help, respect, please and, yes, appease Islam. And, yet, no other nation has been a victim of vilification, demonization, and violence on the part of the Islamists as has the U.S.,They invite Americans and Europeans to sacrifice part of their own freedom in atonement of largely imaginary sins against Muslims in the colonial and imperialist era. They also invite Muslims in the West to learn how to pose as victims and demand the rewards of victimhood as is the fashion in Europe and America. To the Muslim world at large, the message of Islamophilia is that Muslims need no criticism, although their faith is being transformed into a number of conflicting ideologies dedicated to violence and terror. The world needs to wake from its slumber and ask: What is going on?

  276. So tell us.
    Do you hate her because she is a Democrat?
    Do you hate her because she is a Muslim?
    Do you hate her because she has brown skin?
    Do you hate her because she is a woman?
    Or do you hate her because she’s a constant reminder that she is orders of magnitude smarter than you could ever dream of being?



  279. How on earth did this woman ever get elected! If she wants to live like an oppressed Muslim woman, send her home to Iran, Iraq, or wherever she comes from. She’s obviously not an American.

  280. I don’t think that freedom of speech should be allowed coming from any congressman or woman when they think that they can insult or bad mouth our Country. They should put that in their Ethics, first thing

  281. thats amazing, we’ve \been at war for over 18 years with religion and yet we invited them into our gov. doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with that?

  282. I think you got the wrong party. It’s the Demonscrats that do nothing you can see it by what this wonderful President is doing to correct Obama’s lazy Congress and Senate. Instead of working they just gave money away. SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

  283. How can Islam be a religious test it’s not a religion, it’s a dark path to nowhere! Go vote everyone and stop the infiltration before it grows like a cancer! Non voter are allow this to happen.

  284. Make no mistake she and the other one from Michigan are moles for a terrorist group. This woman ? should not be allowed to be in this country, she married her brother to get her citizenship. I could not believe that the people voted them in. All I can say 2020 will be a VERY interesting election year. This is why we need Voter’s ID cards.

  285. OMAR should resign from Congress. Her mouth like so many democrats is out of place. She is already showing signs of being a terrorist. She does not love American.

  286. Eva, I so agree with you. Every one that openly rebels against our Constitution have no place in our government. And anyone that display disrespect for their colleagues (either in the House or Senate, leave alone the President, either should be reprimanded or immediately dismissed of their position. The ones that egg on violence should be immediately dismissed, fined and lose security clearance for life.

  287. People that didn’t go out and vote allowed the Muslim population to out vote the one’s that did vote! Go future the lslams stick to gather, if your against them infiltrating our government get off your bar stool, easy chair, movie channels, news channels like CNN, CNBC NBC ABC. NEXT ELECTION, GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT or they will take over like their doing in Bearborn, Mi. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

  288. You wonder how in heavens name she got on the ballot and after that voted in with a majority. Either voter fraud or voter stupidity. She needs to beamed up by scotty back to where she came from.

  289. BJ you are correct. In the English translation of the Koran Jesus is viewed as a minor prophet. I can not read any Arabic but I am almost monolingual. I read a good portion of the Koran when teaching Saudi Arabian military in Texas and a tour of duty in Turkey.

  290. BJ you are correct. In the English translation of the Koran Jesus is viewed as a minor prophet. I can not read any Arabic but I am almost monolingual. I read a good portion of the Koran when teaching Saudi Arabian military in Texas and a tour of duty in Turkey.

  291. I want to know how this SOB comes out with unfounded accusations about our President and then doubles down on an American “news” channel. She should be brought up on charges of sedition and impeached from office. She is not even American. /?page=1

  292. Who, in their right mind, elects ‘dim’wits’ like this?, especially with her background??? It’s scary to have people like this in our Congress.

  293. Well, it’s my opinion the Ilhan Omar is from the planet Mars thereby negating her position of being a congresswoman since she’s not a citizen of the United States of American or of Earth.

  294. Right now, Jesus is coming in the person of Robert Mueller.

    He’s on the brink of leading our USA out of the darkness and into the light of truth about T Rump and his evil minions.

  295. Not only that but the freedom of the Muslim people in many of their countries is compromised by torture and stoning to death if they do not adhere to their religious training and teaching. You are correct in that their ultimate goal is the overthrow of the white Satan by any means necessary. RVN 68-69

  296. Robert…libs love Muslims. They both hate our freedom. And there are a lot of foolish people who have no clue what Islam is

  297. Peggy – Senate???? It is Nancy and the Congress who won’t do anything. They will not budge on building the wall. So you think it is just fine for illegals to just break our laws and walk in here. You have no clue what this country even is. You are on the side of the illegal invasion. sad

  298. Omar is very sick and a liar. But lying is permitted in Islam to get what they want. And what they want is to replace our Constitution with sharia law

  299. Make no mistake. Islam is our enemy. Anyone who does not know that is a danger to our freedom. There is no freedom in Islam. They are gaining a foothold and we are foolish enough to let them do it.

  300. Nancy…There will be a final battle between God and His people and satan and his people. It is very clear that Muslims belong to satan, as the Quran denies Jesus His true identity. satan will reign for a period of time, but then Jesus will come and deliver us from satan forever.

  301. theolddog…There is no hope for you. Your ignorance knows no bounds. Try actually reading the Quran and doing some research on Muhammad. You are a fool and you are falling right into the hands of our enemies.

  302. theolddog…You have no clue. Our founding fathers were Christians and they gave us the freedom to worship God when and where we want. Islam IS NOT a religion. FACT. Muhammad hated Christians and Jews and wrote the Quran to get even with them for shunning him. His goal was to take over the world, and it is still the goal of Islam. Either you are a lying Muslim or you are very stupid.

  303. Your ignorance is profound. Islam is our enemy. PEROID. Their goal is to replace our Constitutoin with sharia law. But guess it will be fine with you to face Mecca five times a day to pray. You are a fool. And by the way, lying is acceptable in Islam. She is not telling the truth.

  304. Indeed, keep our nation what it has always been – the last best hop of mankind.
    Emma Lazarus put it best in the words that are written on the Lady in the Harbor.
    Save us from the Christian zealot warriors who would deny to others the rights they demand for themselves.

  305. If any of you doubt for one minute her goal just talk to the muslim Dearborn, MI they let them in and now the whole town from Mayor on down is muslim and they drove all the American businesses out of town, they are a cult and they mean business this is just the first of many that we will see running our country if we don’t wake up and smell the roses we will wake up to a muslim president and the dems are heading in that direction. Dear Lord please help our nation.

  306. Yes she should resign and esp. go in front of the ethic committee. She shoud never talk about a Senator without proof. These young kids just talk and talk and talk. What can their people have them say they have gotten done while in Congress so far for them!!!!

  307. AHEM!
    The USA is no such thing.
    Our Constitution gives freedom of religion to ALL faiths, whether or not someone names Parry Smith likes it or not.
    In fact, if Parry Smith does NOT like it, she might want to move to a country where there is a state religion that all must adhere to under pain of imprisonment if she does not follow that one.

  308. This is a Cristian country. Why do we have a Muslim in congress??????????????????????? This is appauling and uncontionable for this person to be in office and not believe in our Christian ethics.

  309. Obama let them in Omar married brother Insest 3 kids.child marriages.female mutalation.wants to sit on foreign relation committee.America needs to Stop this!!! Tlaib and Ocasia need to GO….

  310. House has passed multiple bills to reopen the government for some 800,000 unpaid federal workers, but the Senate has refused to take them up. Republicas doing what they do best. Nothing.

  311. You Republicants need to have someone read Article 6 of the US Constitution to you.
    You know, that’s the part that says there “Shall be no religious test for office.”
    It also does NOT say, “Except for Muslims”.
    Now, haters, fold your tents, put them on the backs of your camels and slink away.

  312. islamics do not follow the constitutional law bot the law of the koran that is a form of government that is illegal according to the constitution that allows no other form of government to be here

  313. Sober or later thay will be brought down this is America and not the Middle East and anything could happen to them thay should be looking over there back. There are people who are vertans from thoes Muslim country’s who fought and died defending our Country who will not put up with there kind of talk and there trying to slam down our throats there kind of laws and we will not put up with it.

  314. You have to understand the Islamic culture, they are allowed to marry their first cousin. The proper term is Inbreeding and the results are retardation and mongoloid offspring.

  315. “how did this ignoramus ever get into congress??”

    By getting a majority of the voters in her district to vote for her, silly child.
    You should know that from 6th Grade Social Studies.
    BY any chanced, did you attend school in Redneckistan?

  316. What he hell is this women even doing in the US congress,and why is anyone listening to her
    BS to begin with???

  317. This woman is playing with fire….Her allegiance to the Koran and other facts have exposed her for what she is….in the same category as AOC!

  318. Yes, she and the woman from Michigan who made the crude comment about the President should both be forced out. Such comments are unbecoming to the office.

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