Ilhan Omar will live to regret picking this fight with Donald Trump

Ilhan Omar finally bit off more than she could chew.

Omar – who has a history of picking social media fights – sent one of the worst posts of her life.

And now Ilhan Omar will live to regret picking this fight with Donald Trump.

At a campaign rally in Florida, Donald Trump jokingly admonished a man who yelled out “shoot them” when the President discussed the hardships law enforcement faced when confronting the illegal alien invasion of America.

The Daily Wire reports:

While talking about what border agents can do about illegal aliens who are crossing over the southern border, Trump said: “Don’t forget, we don’t let [border security agents] and we can’t let them use weapons, we can’t. Other countries do, but we can’t. I would never let them do that.”

At that moment a person in the crowd shouted a remark that was difficult to hear on a video of the rally. A couple of people claim that the person in the crowd shouted, “Shoot them!”

“That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement,” Trump jokingly responded while smiling and shaking his head. “Only in the Panhandle.”

Omar reacted in outrage ripping the President for what was obviously a joke.

But those in glass houses should not throw stones.

That’s because the Trump campaign responded to her tweet with a video from a 2013 interview where Omar made fun of how Americans responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Omar is a never-ending spectacle of gaffes, scandals, bigotry, and anti-American rants.

But the last thing she wants is to be picking a fight with Trump as he runs for re-election.

Trump already plans to try and elevate Omar to be the face of the Democrat Party and she is doing his job for him.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. She’d be happier with her terrorist friends in Somalia, wishing for the Jewish extermination and denieing 9/11 was a tragedy. Why did she come to the U.S. at all?

    • I watched her chastise Elliot Abrams on cspann for “not adhering to the US constitution and civil liberties over US interest and saction in El Salvador where Government troops massacred a village reported to have been 800 deaths, and he would not answer yes or no to her question but was trying to explain his statement was taken out of context when he said US intervention was a fabulous time for El Salvador at that time, and the massacre she was referring happened was by government troops, Ie, Communist under D’Aubusson (sp) (1982), we were backing the guerrillas, after the free election we backed Duarte (1984). Thought it was very odd that she would claim violations from someone because he refused to say yes or no. Meanwhile she and other democrats proclaims the “OLD documents are obsolete and no longer valid in today’s society. She also showed her complete ignorance regarding the Junta of the Arena party under the communist vs Christian Democratic Party under Duarte.

    • I agree, why did she come to the US? If it such a terrible country? Maybe we should drop jer in the middle of death valley so she would feel more at home. I would even throw in a camel for her husband to hump.

  2. I am a pagan, and always will I be, but I can think of some better things to do than quarreling and murdering over God what might be.

    You stupid bastards.

    This sort of non-thinking got us the world wars.

  3. This girl or whatever the hell IT IS , HMMM , She must have her Rag wrapped to tight around her simpleton head , Omar’s lack of COMMON SENSE shows , as soon as she opens her anti- American trash spilling mouth , An to think the people who voted her into office are Stupider than she is , ship their butts back to SANDLAND ALONG WITH HER REAR END , ON A LEAKY OLD SHIP , THEM SHARKS GOTTA EAT ALSO

    • Chinese’ ‘wrapped female feet TIGHT’ for
      small feet. Factiod. Yes, maybe ‘head wrap’
      Too Tight. gak.


      • Omar is nothing more than a liar a threat to the United States and American civilization values and beliefs she needs to be impeached asap along immediately immediately deported back to the dessert where she originated from along with entire family they will never assimilate in America.


      • Marshal, I believe Butchy’s comment was inferring her idiocy is Better for the republicans to win. Not that she is republican. Same with AOC. Unless the majority have literally lost their intelligence, the verbiage (or as I prefer Verbage=Verbal Garbage) from the extreme left should kill the democratic party for the next few years

  4. Please see to it Mr. President that Omar is deported out soon as we are all tired of her and all the Muslins serving with her. She is nothing more than a piece of filth and she is pushing to be deported so let’s just do it and save us who want you for 2020 to not have to read or listen to her and all her Muslin friends. After finding the Islamic training camp in Alabama we have to get them gone NOW. Once we do not have to see her and all their faces we will feel safer. I know you are doing what is need in your time frame just like I know GOD does everything in his time frame so as with GOD I will wit on your time frame. Thank you Mr. President for being here for us all and I know you will be here after 2020.

      • As a Christian of course I disagree with her ideology, but have you forgotten she is still a child of God. Aren’t you spreading the same hate she is. How does that make you any better then her?

      • Lynn, she is not a child of God, but Allah and that is NOT God. She and her cult would be just as happy smiling at you as hanging your guts off a fence post. Look at Isis and what they do to their own and worse to an infidel. YOU Lynn are an infidel. Mercy is a foreign concept. Do not give it or they will cut your throat. You are ascribing a concept to a bunch of cultists that they consider a weakness.

        • Shef is a child of God. She has free will and God let’s everyone choose.If she turns and recognizes Jesus As her Lord and Savior, He will welcome her with open arms. She hasn’t but that’s where we come in. I’m just as guilty as everyone who slanders the Muslims. But truth be told we are supposed to be the salt and light. That’s our job. Do I do it? No. I need to try harder.

    • Satan gaining more ground!!!
      Sorry but according to the Bible God creates Evil
      so its God that is creating more evil ground

      • Whoa, wait give me one scripture that says that God creates Evil. I personally can’t find one in all my discourses. Enlighten me please.

        • He allows evil. He didn’t create it. Satan was a fallen angel that wanted to be better than God. We have a choice. Many Muslims are converting and they are on fire for Christ. My church had a former member of Hezzbolah converted to Christian give a sermon. He worked for the Ayatollah Komanai (sp?) He admonished us that we are not doing enough to preach the Gospel. Sobering moment, to say the least, when you have a convert asking the Christians “where are you?”

      • No. Evil is in the world. God allows it (fall of man) But it is not forced on us. We can choose. We will never be perfect, that’s why Jesus came to earth and died for our sins. Jesus experienced everything we do. It’s difficult to follow but it can be done. It takes work and perseverance and we MUST be in Gods Word daily. I’m not but when I make the effort, I am transformed. I had a friend tell me that she knows when I’m in the word or not. Jersey Girl so I am short on self control.

  5. Want to know how Omar, and the rest of these ignorant negroes got here…and WHY? Google “United Nations Agenda 21″…and you’ll see what the globalist’s REAL intent with all the flooding of White Western Christian countries is really all about…and it ain’t good, White man!

    Also, check out RedIcetv on You tube…you’ll see actual news on the population replacement policy of the United Nations, all the liberal democrat politicians, and the globalists, are promoting.

      • She is Somalian. Pure evil! Google “Black Hawk Down” true story on how they treated US Soldiers…not for weak stomachs!

      • You got that right nobody can even come close to the alpha and omega his name is Lord of Lord’s and king of kings this is the God we Christians serve.

    • I resent the remarke the word negro when speaking about this perverted trash Moslem I’m a black woman who hates these treasonous traitors and moselums don’t care about the American citizens and taxpayers and their families.

      • We Americans have to understand that these politicians goal is divide and conquer our country with the media’s help they are trying to divide and conquer.

  6. Guess what I can read and see the same names over and over. Just remember this is my opinion and it has nothing to do with how you think about things.

  7. When did this country get to the point where people from other country’s are entitle’ed to do and say anything they want no matter how bad it is.I feel if there so unhappy in this country they need to go back home ASAP. I feel that way about the Democrats that see no good in this country.What happened to all those people that were leaving if Trump was elected they can’t find another country as great as this one.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. people coming here for refuge, are in congress standing on their platforms to SLAM the USA. the “gratitude” never ceases to amaze me. People coming from countries who hate us are in congress.!
      wake up america. Our Country is Judaia/Christian. Middle East with their sharia law, is OPEN FOR ALL WHO WANT TO LIVE UNDER IT. Pelosi has a lot of money made while SERVING the people all these years, and can i know pay for tickets to those who want to go back to their home countries, where they are welcome to fight their governments, with probably terrible consequences….. Democrats need to clean out the swamp within their own party, and start working for the people who sent them to office. and Unite in America, to keep the Country and the West stronger and Safer, against a dangerous World..

      • Right, especially when they came under false pretenses. She married her brother to get here. Immigration fraud, pure and simple. By the way, where the hell did she learn to speak English?…..oh in our Taxpayer Funded Schools no doubt. Our country is under attack by outsiders and infiltrators ( infil-traitors more) more literally. BTW is she even a citizen?

    • Trisha, this POS was brought here with her entire family and given a second chance at a life far exceeding any she could have obtained in Somalia. This is how she repays kindness, courtesy and great generosity. Yes there are problems with our nation. A free country is expected to have a modicum of conflict because we are a nation of change. That is what happens when you have freedom to think for your self and the ability to express them. However this does not give you liscence to preach bigotry, racism, hatred and derogatory remarks about the nation that literally saved their asses. She and wach and every one need to be stripped of their citizenship and deported. Go on and look up impeach Omar. There is a petition to impeach this scum. So far there are 150,000 signatures. Their goal is 500,000. Please participate and at least run this vulgar person out of our government.

      • She and the same islam people she represents hate us and want to take over our USA …and kill all of us that wont accept Islam and denounce Christ …I wont… So as a child of God they will behead me…and u too!!!!

    • Maybe other countries refused to allow the creeps in after President Trump was elected. Just kidding. I know those worthless people were just spewing excrement.

      • Whatever happened to the rule, that you had to be born in the US to serve in its government.
        Dems probably removed it so they could get people like Omar, Tlaib and Obama into it.

    • Well Richard, I don’t quite understand what is happening to this once blessed country. ‘Course, it can be just me. I’m 75, a disabled Vietnam vet, and 20 years ago we didn’t have this shit going on. I live in Florida. I eat breakfast every morning at the neighborhood Wawa. As I sit there, sipping my coffee, my eyes behold much! Florida has become home to sooo many different cultures. I see 10 times the blacks that I saw in my home state. Then there’s asian indians, hispanics up the ying ying and those damned muzslimes! The muzslimes are even buying up as many major medical facilities as they can, even VA. The VA clinic that checks my blood every two weeks is infested with muzslimes! They even transferred my doctor and replaced her with this HUGE female muzslime doctor.. GOD HELP THE US, but I surely don’t see it getting any better…😗😒😥😰😪

      • Yes, what is going on is extremely sick and very dangerous to our freedom. The goal of Islam is to replace our Constitution with sharia law, as their ultimate goal is total world control.

  8. If Trump is not willing to use guns to defend this country’s borders, then maybe he is not the man we thought he was. Those forcing their way across the border are foreign invaders and should be treated as such.



      • Lying Trump is lying about the wasteful wall. The Republicans did not want that wall when they were in control for TWO YEARS. Now lying Trump is blaming everyone else. His lies and threats of an invasion lost him the HOUSE. HOW SOON THEY FORGET.

    • What a terrible comment. You should be at the other end and see how that feels. Lying Trump did not win the election in 2016 without Russia’s help. That was the upset. Trump did not receive the majority of the citizens of the USA votes. He received the electoral college voter’s votes who were influence by Russia. That is a TRUE FACT and not lying Trump’s alternative facts he continue to repeat and you believe blindly.

      • Wow!…actually dumber than a box of rocks! If, after two years of all your lying liberal democrat fascist’s traitorous lies, spying, fake news, illegal FISA warrants, and all the heads of the NSA, CIA, FBI, getting caught LYING to congress, and attempting a coup d’etat on a sitting president, fully, and dishonestly promoted by the America hating, lying liberal democrat propaganda mass media fake news, you still believe that, then you are really a retard.

        As far a the electoral college, they are now, and have always been, the “true” electors of the president. You should follow how our election process works, and learn about WHY certain states are more “important”, as far as winning an election…than others. It’s not that hard…unless you’re sucking on a lying liberal democrat crack pipe.

        Wake up…you sound like a fool.

      • Really, “smart”biscuit? Please provide us with your information proving that statement. Oh, you can’t? SHOCKING….. NOT!!

        You need to stop making up scenarios to support you desired agenda. Your delusionment is expected from those who take as evidence and truth whatever the liberal media bestowes upon them as truth!

      • Ignorantbuscuits…Your ignorance shows every time you post. You need to get out of fantasyland and join reality. You have NO CLUE what a fact even is. That is obvious. And Hillary only won the popular vote because of illegals and dead people voting and people voting more than once. THAT is a fact. Pres. Trump won fair and square and it has been proven that Russia had NOTHING to do with it.

        • Hillary won because of large number of illegals’ votes. Remember when Odumbo was on TV with an illegal young woman who asked if she would “get in trouble” if she voted & Odumbo said she could go ahead & vote & she would not be in trouble.

      • ??smartbiscuits?? Apparently you have no regard for the news. The special prosecutor I feel certain you were rooting for foound NO collusion with the Russians. It has all been proven to be a hoax. Are you not smart enough to read and understand what has been in the news about this. Perhaps you are like that idiot in California, Swalwell who is so venomoous, and stuck on finding collusion evidense that he continues on that track, even though the rails ceased to exists, a long time ago. Get with reality, President Trump did win, fairly and honestly, but people like you can’t accept that. Your favored mistake lost, and you can’t take it. ??People?? if that is what you are, can dish out the swill, but can’t take truth and good law when it comes back at you. Yes, you and others like you remind people of cockroaches, they all run to hide when the light comes on.

    • Think, James, THINK! What will happen if soldiers open fire on unarmed women and children surging at the border? Force of arms is the worst idea imaginable. Well, maybe there are other ideas as bad; like invading Mexico and annexing it to the US. <>

      • Jay…A lot of those illegals coming in are or enemies. This is a WAR!!!!! Either we keep control of our country, as we have every right to, or we lose it. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand????? Open your eyes and dare to see reality.

        • What do yo have between your ears? Straw? You open fire on unarmed women and children and we will be thoroughly condemned by EVERYONE. It will be the worst possible move EVER. Then it will be open season on civilians in this country. Think back, Strawhead, to Lt. Calley in Viet Nam, and what happened to him and the reputation of the US. Then multipy it by a million. Good grief. With “friends” like you, we sure don’t need the dirty dem and islamic enemies. Go. Go far away! And stay away.

      • We had that opportunity to make Mexico a state back in 1848, but passed it up. As for firing on the invaders, you have no clue as to the effectiveness of our soldiers and their ability to choose targets. IF you ever noticed the emblems on the soldiers dress uniforms, you would see a marksmanship emblem. That says they scored high points to get that emblem from marksmanship training. What that means is, men, fair game, kids and women, not fair game and the ability to hit one, and not the other. Besides which, the women would tend to turn tail and run in the opposite direction, with the kids. Only murderous fiends in the invaders would use kids and women as shields, and shoould not be allowed in this country. That kind of action should make them unwelcome in America. Besides that, there are other ways to stop the invaders. Ever been exposed to tear gas? Did you know there are other gasses that will stop people in other, non-lethal ways. Your comments scream out, “I AM IGNORANT”, and you prove that to be true.

    • James, I am somewhat in agreement. But…dammit the wetback aholes are running little kids ahead of them or mixing them in. It is one thing blowing a hole in somebody that knowingly crosses the line,.but they are forcing little people with no choice in the matter. I say get the addresses of every crooked libtard and drop all these disease ridden illiterate criminals in THEIR neighborhoods. I bet that wall would be built yesterday.


    • President Trump is definitely willing. However, there are too many satans impeding his every move. I wish the hell he could take over and send all those satans to hell. The Constitution does not allow him to stand over the US and do what he would like to do, unfortunately!

  9. I always LMAO at these articles, mostly wishful thinking, about Ilahn Omar said this, tweeted that, etc. and they always end with “that she’ll regret”. Folks, she’s not gonna regret a f***ing thing! All her over the top crap is purposeful and designed for her sub human spider monkey district voters and the far left Dem faction. Any fight with Trump and law abiding Americans will be a resume enhancer for her. Unless we can gerrymander that district, that clitless raghead bitch ain’t going anywhere!

  10. Islam infiltration first, then elect terrorist Muslims to government at all levels. Build large Muslim communities across America then check mate. This nation is in deep crap. Illegals ,immigrants from Muslim nations and Democrats make a majority .

    • They will have to find every last gun, every last bullet, every last knife,rock,tool or patriot and eliminate them first, before they try!

      • Gun grabs are underway as we post, All they have to say is the guys with guns must be terrorists? Any judge in America who wants to sign a restraining order ( whether it’s a lie or truth) can send the Police to take your guns away. You are automatically GUILTY until you can spend thousands to prove you are innocent, by then your guns are gone and you cannot buy more. Be aware folks, the gun grab has started, In California they never did say WHY they confiscated a citizens guns? He can legally own as many as he wants as long as he is not a felon? think about it.

    • Motorguy; y’all talk a good line. Question for you and all others speaking of armed insurrection or defense of the border: ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR YOUR CONVICTIONS? This must be answered deep within your soul as if this is your course of action you cannot in good conscience ask others to do so and then change your mind. To do so will only result in the sad demise of our brother and sister Patriots who may depend upon you right up to the moment of your death. This was realised by those at Concord and Bunkerhill. Are You/We the same mould? Think carefully before making such calls to action and failing to consider the full consequences. To be sure I am of like mind, but I am at peace in the knowledge that to preserve or protect our great institution and country if need be I would give my all. America gave me her all and I owe her that much. Question is deep in your hearts would you?

  11. Islam must be careful, and I speak for
    35 million people in the United States.
    It’s a fact, that the people of this country, happens
    to be the largest armed citizens in the world.
    ( just saying) I am against all violence,
    But they are pushing us to the limit.

    • HOW sad an citizen entitled to free speech is threaten for speaking. That is what lying Trump has brought this nation to. And you did not see or care. Trump is responsible for the division and hatred since he took office with all his lies. Now at over 10,000 lies and counting. But blinding following a liar that says what hate you have in your heart is what is happening. Truth matters but not to those who hate and follow a liar.

      • You have zero credibility about anyone “lying”, you moron. If you wanted the lying, murdering, Hillary to be president, then you are an open borders, America hating traitor…just like the rest of the entire lying liberal democrat fascist party. As far as the “division” of this country that you speak of, THAT…and the anti White people racism flaunted every day on TV…is the SOLE result of the racist, America hating, anti White people, Kenyan born, lying liberal democrat fascist muslim, obama…AND NO ONE ELSE!

        You are either just a lying liberal democrat fascist, internet troll…or you are a mentally ill, intellectually retarded, America hating, obama ass-kissing, liberal democrat fascist.

      • YEAH, WELL “Smartbiscuits”…





      • Ignorantbiscuits…YOU are the liar!!!! And it is OBAMA who brought division and hatred. THAT is the truth!!! Obama hates whites and police, but that is fine with you. YOU have no clue what you are even talking about. And Pres. Trump has a LONG way to go to catch up corrupt vile Hillary who lies every time she opens her mouth

    • Assbiscuits. Obvious to all your family tree doesn’t fork or even have branches. Go kiss daddy Soros’ butt and go live with brother luvin’ Omar. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms (or whatever).

  12. Shooting those coming to crash our borders would be extreme, but where do we draw a line? You know most countries would have already taken extreme actions from imprisoning to shooting… If they are truly Asylum Seekers that is the purpose of Consulates! Make application to enter the United States of America, to crash and overwhelm our borders is just ILLEGAL and WRONG!! Over Half a Million have come into the United States from Jan 2019 to May 2019 …. Eventually this will deplete assets, resources, and even change the culture of the United States! Congress today and previous administrations are to BLAME for INACTION !!!!!!!!!!!! Our current Immigration Processes invite this type of action to even take place. FIX IT “OVERPAID” HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You know, it’s like democrats are trying to turn the country into the damn Gong Show! It’s ridiculous, reckless of the supposedly intelligent, and just the wrong thing to do. Is the government completely blind not to mention careless?

    • Turning off the spigot would be the answer IF we didn’t have sanctuary cities dangling the carrot. If everything’s free from the border on up, they have everything to gain, not lose. Hardly an incentive to apply for citizenship when they’re already on a free ride.

  13. Omar and AOC will be very valuable to conservatives in the 2020 election, since they’re both raving lunatics.

    • Unfortunately or actually fortunately there are many congressional and senate Demoncrats in the lunatic category.

    • True but only to the degree we can nationalize their outrageous bull$h1t. Don’t forget the Dems just flipped 42 house districts last Nov. and if that trend continues, we’re f***ed!

      • James, I know. That’s why I said,or should I say Allah. Yesterday I went hunting for petitions to sign. I googled, how to remove AOC from the House of Representatives. I found many petitions. I found one to get Obama’s sealed papers opened. There was others to get rid the other ones. I couldn’t believe how many petitions were there. Give it a try.

  14. She’s unAmerican and should go back to her own country and run that into the ground.This is Our country and we sure don’t need her in it.

  15. she is sad and scarry but above all she HATE’S everything AMERICAN”””’ how she got voted to represent AMERICA is truly unreal””””””but we MUST stand strong against such hate that pours out of her hate filled mouth””in the end AMERICA will WIN”” GOD BLESS AMERICA””we need HIM to protect us from such hate like hers””””””””

  16. OMAR
    IS A ZIT
    OF AMERICA ///
    INFECT OUR WAY OF LIFE ///////////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  17. Omar is a Somali by heart. She should never be elected to represent the American people. She bad-mouthed anything American. I have had it with the Minnesota voters that constantly elected America-hating Muslims that happened to be anti-white culture.

    Shame on Minnesota.

  18. Get Rid of this woman. She is a terrorist and needs to be relieved of her position. She has continually shown herself to be a traitor and hates Americans and the United States of America. She took office with swearing on the Koran and at that time should not been allowed to be sworn into office. Impeach her or whatever you have to do and do it now. A lot of people in Congress will not be voted in again. Limit terms. People such as Pelosi, Schiff. Nadler and more need to go. They also have shown to be traitors to this country and America stands for. What a sham Congress has become. Only thing they are interested in is stuffing their bank accounts while raking the American people over the coals. They think we are stupid.

  19. Omar said a very stupid statement that all illegal aliens come here are looking for a better life. Trump stated that one who wants to come here illegally must enter it legally. We cannot afford to let anyone who wants to come here come here. It is an insult to people who come here legally who wait for years and years to becoming a US citizen and have some illegals who want to cut in front of them and go ahead of the line should be a crime. I support that statement that that man shouted “Shoot them” which would discourage them from sneaking over here.

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