Ilhan Omar will never recover from this racist attack on white people

Ilhan Omar keeps stepping on rake after rake.

Barely a week goes by without Omar making a bigoted comment.

But she may never be able to come back after she crossed the line with this racist attack on white people.

There is a crisis at the Southern border.

Even some Democrats are being forced to admit the flood of illegal aliens streaming across the Southern border threatens to overwhelm America’s immigration system.

Recently, Customs and Border Patrol apprehended 4,000 illegal aliens trying to enter the United States.

Mobs of illegal alien family units march toward the border because they know Democrats are blocking any changes to the laws that turn them loose in America once they are caught.

The government estimates that 1.5 million illegal aliens were added to the population in the last year.

But to anti-American radicals like Ilhan Omar, the real problem with the immigration system is white supremacy.

She reacted to a picture of illegal aliens being held in an El Paso parking lot because Customs and Border Patrol’s resources were stretched to the max.

Omar’s problem with the situation not was that Customs and Border Patrol needs more resources to enforce the law.

Her issue was that the law being enforced at all.

And she smeared anyone who supports enforcing national sovereignty and borders as “white nationalists.”

The question many Americans are now asking is how long will Democrats tolerate a member of Congress constantly lobbing racist and anti-Semitic attacks on other Americans?

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • The United States of America freedom was won from England and fought for by white people. Our forefathers we’re white people, white people wrote the Constitution. Refugees (Omar) of Somalia were allowed into the USA by the goodness of this country. Color does not play apart in whether a person is granted refugee status of asylum in the USA but legality does. We are a country ruled by milita units,cartels,gangs or terrorist groups. If Omar wants to live in a country that is controlled by an Islamic terrorist group, she needs to take her family and return to Somalia. Thus return Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota to the true citizens of the USA

      • Having studied Islam I can only say that Omar is a Muslim first. Islam teaches that the world is divided into two parts: Muslims and Kafirs. The Hadith speaks to how Mohamed felt about kafirs. “kill them, cheat them, steal from them, enslave them. Never ever be friends with them. Mohameds words.
        ps. notice that the word kafir is not in our lexicon. Do you wonder why?

    • AMNESTY REPORTS…??????
      And who in bis right mind believes what this shitty outfit reports..????
      How come it doesn’t report atrocities committed at Muslim countries but its sights are locked on the USA and israel..?????

    • NO TOM:
      I wonder what happened to that admission prohibition to those advocating the overthrow of the USA political system by force and violence, because just wait till this SCUM grows to a significant percentage and get ready to kiss your freedoms GOODBYE…!!!!!

  1. This woman is disgusting. AntiAmericans should be immediately deported back to their countries. In this case, Omar’s country is Somalia…a ****hole of a country. Send her back.

    • Diane you are soooo right! If she hates Americans (white Americans), why is she even in our white dominated world? Go back to the terror you came from Omar!!! These are the people trying to change America, which all started with Barry’s presidency and his apology tour.

  2. Well just let the idiot keep running her mouth, it only helps the Republican party. Do not believe the Jewish Americans will be voting Democrat anymore, do not believe Christians will be voting Democrats anymore. By keeping her on, they have proven that it’s okay if you are a damn bigot, as long as your one of them. It only counts if your a republican in thier pathetic eyes! Biggest pathetic hipicrits to ever walk the face of the earth! And Islam has no place in our government and most Americans feel that way! So more points for the Republicans.Trump 2020????

  3. THANK YOU democratic party. With all of the so called PC Crap, the enemy is now within our own GOVERNMENT…Making laws that we have to follow, but not for them……What is going to happen is that it is going to come up and bite you right on your assets!!!!!! Sort of like when we put the Taliban in charge, when fighting the Russians from Afghanistan. That sort of bit us real good. Had to fight and am still fighting to rectify that mistake…..When will you learn?

    • In my opinion, foriegners who are not natural citizens born on U.S. soil should not be allowed to hold any kind of public office. Local, state or federal. This is what you get, anti-Americans trying to change laws and our way of life to benefit them or their own. I can’t move to another country and run for office, why should they be able to move here and become state representatives , senators, etc. Especially When they don’t represent American values or its people ?

  4. That terrorist muslim should be removed, arrested and deported out of this country now! Wearing that hijab is an insult to what America stands for!

    • everywhere illegals go all you see is thrash. They finish with paper, throw it to the ground, leave plastic bottles on the ground. Texas used to be a beautiful and clean state until illegals now is a dumping ground everywhere you drive. Trash blowing in the wind. Thanks to all of you who support these people, giving them housing, jobs, childcare, all you do-gooders who are providing why don’t you teach them manners and respect for our environment while you are at it. I frankly do not like looking like a third world country. You have to realize these people have very little education and will not be good citizens if ever.

  5. The time is coming soon. Watch out goat humpers there are silent organized American groups all over the nation ready at a moments notice to get rid of illegals, muslums and some politicians. By bullet or ballot we will have our country back.

    • Agree Nick. Let’s get all illegals out in America. These people think that they can just cross our boarder without documentations with all of their families. Who do you think will pay for these people, we taxpayers. Majority of these people has no skills to offer to America. Everyone, we are broke, we have a National Debts of 21 Trillion US Dollars.

  6. Hey bitch, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I’d do it again if I could. Sit down and shut up!

    • Thank you for your service, I just wish they dress like Americans, instead of that whatever it is they are wearing, maybe they forgot what country they are in HUH ?.

  7. What REMAINS TO BE SEEN is HOW the VOTERS of MINNEAPOLIS will VOTE in 2020 to RCTIFY THIS MAJOR SCREW UP they PERPETYRATED TO THE USA !! Same Applies to AOC in NY and that Other Idiot anti WHITE muzzie in MI….Or the REPUBLIC IS DOOMED !!!

    • She will be re-elected. She comes from a muslim enclave like Detroit. Muslims have but one goal. convert all kafirs to islam.

      • The Muslims in America will fail totally in taking over America. Perhaps they need to take their anti-infidel mantra back to the ZMiddle East. We don’t respect antiAmericans in the USA! Why should we?

  8. So here we have a recent immigrant, a Muslim, and worse, a Somali, and she’s lecturing the people whose ancestors largely built this country about had bad we are. I might remind her that if she still lived in Somalia, had her genitals mutilated and was beaten constantly by her husband, that there is no way she would even be allowed to speak much less hold public office. I do hope Minnesotans are ashamed of her and themselves.

    • Craig,
      you are so correct, if Ilhan Omar was in her great Somali country, she would have long since been stoned, if she said things about Somali that she says about the USA.
      So why is her family here? She is a disgrace to the Congress much less the USA.
      I am very offended by her statements and actions. If the Greatest Nation ever on earth is not good enough for her , then what is???

    • Thank you!!! Yah, she’s got to go!!! She is a RADICAL MUSLIM! She has no place in ANY ELECTED capacity! I will repeat, Minnesota has the stupidest voters in the world. I know they have the largest Somalia population in the United States. If they have more VOTING rights than Minnesotans, they should consider shutting the door on these Immigrants!

    • absolutely! Why don’t people who voted for her get it? Maybe,because they’re Muslim? and are the majority in her district?

      • well, when ya have the largest population of Somalis in one place in America they tend to vote for them selves. How could the other people in that state help vote her in? makes ya wonder about some of the other people that live there. I’ll bet that their population is getting smaller every year.

  9. “Eric, the problem isn’t their color, but we don’t have room, jobs or money to support them. Most of them don’t have skills that will get them jobs, so they will end up on the welfare rolls, which are already filled to overflowing.”

    What a dipstick.
    Our newcomers take the jobs you wouldn’t take no matter how much they paid you.
    Would you change the diaper of some old man in the nursing home?
    Would you replace a roof on a house in the heat of the summer?
    Would you work with hot asphalt to pave a road in the summer?
    Would you unload a 54′ trailer box full of pig iron?
    Our newcomers do all this and more.
    Your comment is not worth a pitcher of warm spit.

      • BEV.
        We need workers – not more people on welfare.
        What we need is a Work Visa program for the people with SKILLS that want to come and work , then they go home till more work is available. They never remain in the Visa country.
        It must be EZ to set up because most African countries have one. Many Americans are working under a Visa today! This program does not include free anything, plus you can’t vote, but you do pay taxes . check it out.

        • Amen Bev! It sickens me when people try to use race or the color of someone’s skin as the problem. That is NOT the problem, that’s just a way to try to control what people think. Herd mentality is when something is repeated enough by enough people (aka fake news, etc), people start to believe it. That’s what fake news and people like Ilhan are doing to our country. Wake up people!! This was a technique used by the Nazi’s!! I don’t care what color or race you are. If you say or do something that is false or reprehensible it is NOT a matter or your skin color or race and that shouldn’t even be raised as an issue. There are good and bad people in ALL races and skin colors.

    • I beg to differ. American workers who do not qualify for work bc they are entitled to be lazy and do not feel they have to work. ILLEGALS work cheap but send their money to other countries. Get ILLEGALS out of our country. Send all bho “refugees” back to where they came from, since he was an ILLEGAL president. Get the anti-Americans out of this great country.

  10. This ignorant POS doesn’t even know that white is a Mexican’s race….Latino/Spanish is their Nationality…not their race! Ignorance is bliss…DUH!


    • She’s used to living in an environment where she can make her recent comments with impunity. According to Islam (the word means ‘submission’) people who are not Muslim are inferior to them.

        • The first thing we need to do is cut out welfare. you come here ,you support yourself or leave. if we cut out welfare they will leave faster than they cam here.if I get food stamps & work any at all I loose my food stamps . I know from experience.

    • Butchy,

      well here we go again. If Omar does not like Jews and us bad Americans , why not live in Iran? You know she hates Christians or any religion other the hers. I support the Jews and Israel 100%. I despise people that hate me.
      Please Impeach her!

      • She hates white people, she thinks stoning Gays is alright.
        If the 2 major airports Texas and Buffalo, New York don’t want Chick-fil-A because they are Christian and not for gay marriages but not a word about Omar thinking it’s OK to STONE gays. Where is the out cry liberals?

  12. Load those fence-hopping illegals in cattle cars and ship them to her home state. Mount the National Guard along that state’s borders to prevent those illegals from leaving her state. Cut off all federal aid to her state.

      • This is not her country,she is only her because Obama allowed all of his people in illegally and then let them take over the state where she got elected. I never thought as a veteran I would end up living with a Arab in Congress. The problem is not that she is there,the problem is that she is going to spark something that she really don’t want. She may think she does but trust me the military being put on American soil not a good remember we are not cops and are not subject to their rules, when we take over we take over period.

  13. The reason she says white only is because she thinks she will get everyone that isn’t white on her side. She isn’t smart enough to understand this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with illegal aliens and our immigration laws that are being broke by these illegal aliens. But she thinks using racism will fall in her favor. This is what inbreeding for 1000’s of years does.

  14. A full Jew hater! Her prejudiced racism is just going to far and sick of the people we voted into office doing zero! The war is brewing & the white people as she tries to belittle our race she will NOT win!

  15. This ragheaded goat humper is a terrorist and has association with them. Throw some pigs blood on this incestuate muslim goat whore and then shoot her and send her to hell.

    • Evil Skank B’Oche!! GET HER OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT!! Why Would Anyone Trust This Soros Supported Rag Head In Our Government??

  16. Well why doesn’t her muslim ass let them all go live at her house. She can claim them all as dependents! As for me living in SE Texas, I’m sick of the crime. Since Obama let the flood in I haven’t been able to leave my house after dark because the city right next to me is a sancutary city and is full of that MS13 gang, not to mention the other gangs it already had. You can’t go to Walmart without getting overwhelmed by non-english speaking hispanics! This is America we speak English in this country!

  17. Okay my fellow U.S. citizens, please read and take the same action with your Federal Representative in DC. Here is what I just sent my Rep., and I/we all need to do this to our own Rep’s. I’m fed up with foreign and Democrat trash. Yelling here is fine because we know there is support in our cultural/nationalistic belief but we NEED to ACT, NOW!
    Please contact your Rep.! Here is what I did with my Rep. tonight, Sun 31 March 2019:
    (Follow this for unity in principle and add or remove what you need)

    Dear Senator #####,

    Please don’t take this as bias but there is a problem with Ilhan Omar, MN 5th District.
    You may be aware of the news stories about her fund raising efforts recently with CAIR, a recognized Islamic terrorist organization. Supporting this group by directly fund raising for these terrorists is NOT in keeping with American traditions and values. She has not assimilated into American culture either. These acts are against the U.S. and she shows no sign of assimulating into American culture. She is pro-Islam. Islams objective is globally everyone will be Muslim. Period. Her marriage to her brother is normal in the Arabic world of Islam but not here. She married him to get him here. It’s also stated in the media that she does not live in the district she represents. If these are true then she needs to be removed from office and charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist organization and for violating election registration laws. She has no intention of assimilating into our culture.
    PLEASE do not mistake tolerance for accepting of an invader by mistake as a large majority of the muslims are, especially the ones obama, a Muslim, let in. She needs to be investigated formerly so she can be removed and prosecuted for her terrorist supporting actions. IF CAIR is not recognized by the U.S. as a terrorist organization that it is, then please have your staff propose a bill to make it so. She is an enemy agent who needs to be removed, stripped of citizenship and sent back home to Somalia.
    Thank you for your time.

  18. Amazing the fear that poor brown families engender in the hearts of big strong white supremacists. Or, I guess not so big and strong. More like chicken shit white leghorn racists.

    • The only chicken shit asshole out there is you eric. You are a lying liberal racist jerkoff. The middle east would probably be a better home for a dick like you!

    • Eric, the problem isn’t their color, but we don’t have room, jobs or money to support them. Most of them don’t have skills that will get them jobs, so they will end up on the welfare rolls, which are already filled to overflowing. Who’s going to pay for their medical coverage, food, lodging, etc. Are you going to, Eric with your high sounding rhetoric? It sounds so high and mighty to be for the underdog, but we have many in our country who were born here who need help, and they should come first. Why, because they are Americans.

      • You’re being too nice to Eric, presuming logic will make a difference. It won’t; he’s as committed to his ignorance as flies are to excrement. Eric, marry your sister in honor of Ohmar, give all your belongings to illegals to ease your conscience, then shoot yourself to rid America of the burden of your idiocy.

        • Our country? Please, you Muslim bitch, this is not your country, this country belongs to us true Americans, deport every Muslim in this country back to their shit hole country and ban Islam and Sharia law

    • Yes Eric, 9/11 caused that fear. I openly admit to despising Islam and also cocksuckers like you whom have your heads up your asses.

    • Eric,
      I suggest you learn something about islam before you render judgement. It takes a bit of reading to learn but there are plenty of volumes on the subject. will get you going in the educated direction

  19. It’s not YOUR country, Omar. You hate it. It’s the country of people who built it and love it. There is no place for haters ,Muslims like you, or otherwise. So keep your ugly race hate to yourself. The mosque might appreciate it, but Americans don’t.

  20. This incestuous, spider monkey, raghead bitch is giving all of us infidels the middle finger. I keep seeing these “crossed the line” articles, which only serve to enrage us, and I know it’s all pablum. NOTHING will happen to this camel whore for 3 basic reasons.
    1) Her district will keep electing her and Leatherface isn’t gonna oust her, she’s too scared of the young “energy” in her party and would be tossed as Speaker.
    2)Stupid, spineless, guilt ridden American Jews are liberals first, Jews second, they don’t even support Israel!
    3) The white race is under assault long ago and nothing’s gonna change that. If we keep allowing the browning of America, we will lose this nation like Europeans have.

    • Your absolutely right. At least 25% of Jews voted for Trump, my self included. Our ”Wonderful” congresswoman was supported by ”J” Street.
      She never publickly made that known. Had to dig into her website to find it.
      Amazing how stupid people are that voted for these Demorats. They haven’t learned anything from Odumbo.

  21. Muslim bitch, what do you mean our country? This isn’t your country, go bag to whatever shit hole country you came from

    • I’m so damm sick of these perverted, infant killing piles of feces ruining our country. Send them all home, in body bags, if that’s what it takes. We need to take our country back, before it’s too late.

    • She forgot that her Idol Muhammad was a White Supremacist and they are only here to take the white mans place. This is how they work, We took years of wars and civil Wars to create a beautiful Nation, so they leave their shitholes and try to take what is ours. They claim that every land they step foot in belongs to them by the commands of Allah.

    • Amen and agreed. I have said same thing many times. AMERICA IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE HER COUNTRY. This BITCH is a planted TERRORIST and needs to be REMOVED not only from Congress and America but from the face of the earth.ILHAN OMAR IS A TERRORIST and was elected by a TROJAN HORSE using our own laws against us to make it happen.
      Death to this TERRORIST and may she BURN IN HELL.

      • I agree!! ILHAN Is A Terrorist! Why Are We Allowing A Terrorist In Our Government??? America WTH is going on?? This woman traitor should be strung up!!!

    • Robert, you are absolutely right. The Dimorats are traitors and care more about illegal scumbags then American citizens…

    • I am praying all the time that Trump closes the border indefinitely. Take that all you dogs, thinking you can take our country.

  22. It’s more important than ever you have a high powered sidearm, learn how to properly use it and practice, practice, practice. This Jihadi bit*h and her 3rd world comrades are coming for you, your family and everything you own.

    • Richard Piercer
      Good luck with that aad if you want a side arm, rifle, sling shot, knife, stick or rock. While these 3 House bimbos are constantly in the news, the F’n DEMOCRATS are still quietly working to restrict your right to defend your family, home a d nation. As they have said, they don’t want to control, they want to abolish. Please all you contributors out there, don’t forget that while the Democrats’ 3 stooges are grabbing your attention, their party’s work never ends. If I didn’t think it was giving them too much credit, it would be one heck of a political tactic.

  23. I didn’t give up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces for this kind of crap.Get rid of these anti-American politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Absolutely!!! Let’s run this lying skank from our government!! George Soros her benefactor should be prosecuted for financing this POS!!

      • how this anti semite, anti american, was ever elected to our congress is beyond comprehension. do people from minneapolis realize they are still in america and therefore are still american citizens with rights to vote these apocalypse 4 out of office and dont make this same mistake again a muslim is a muslim is a mualim!!!! PEOPLE OF MINNESOTA REDEEM YOURSELVES…get them out..and VOTE TRUMP…2020!!!

    • This retired Navy Intel Analyst and female veteran totally agrees! The prejudice these newly elected DemocRats keep talking about is actually their own spewing forth from the black hole in their faces. Can you say Hypocrite?!

        • no problem dude, we knew that. we agree with you, the demoriods are shitting in the face of the American peoples!last i knew we are at WAR WITH THE NATION OF ISLAM! kill the jihadists and let wallah sort them out!build the wall! dondi in 2020~!

    • Totally agree, these politician that keep bad mouthing America and especially that piece of shit from Minnesota and Michigan get the F out of THE UNITED STATES IF YOU likely HERE, GO TO ONE OF THE MANY MUSLIM COUNTRIES AND SHUT THE F UP!!!!!!


    • They wouldn’t get away with any of this Crap if they were in
      There own country, they have to keep their faces covered.
      Anyway President Trump is not finished CLEANING the
      sWAMP !!!!

  24. Omar has no idea what real Americans think and feel. She is far from a Real American. I’m curious how many more relatives she will marry for the cause

  25. I hope trump has the courage to close the border so Mexico has to deal with the illegal immigrants. Anyone coming into this country illegally automatically becomes a criminal. Can you see an American sneaking into Mexico and being given anything but a jail cell? Omar is doing and saying what she is told to do and say. She is a plant in our congress to cause disruption and chaos. Obama intended on this happening. He is a muslim!!!! All muslims need to be removed from congress and any other positions of authority in our federal, state and city governments if America is going to survive this enemy invasion.

    • You are right about obama. Not only is he a muslim, but I sat in on a meeting between a high up person in the American Military and a high up person from the …… Military and listened to the words “His original birth certificate is locked up in a safe in Kenya”. He was not born in America. When asked why he didn’t make this public, his response was “I like breathing”!!

    • I agree 100%!! Omar should be considered a traitor to the U.S. Omar is a Muslim and the Enemy and Should Be Deported!!She certainly should never be in our government!! A fraud and a fake!!

      • Ilhan screetches a lot about white supremacy but the only supremacy that is important is to obey American Laws in the USA and No other religious laws. It has Absolutely nothing to do with being white as she claims. Everyone living in this country needs to follow our Constitutional Laws, period-!!! Doesn’t matter whether one is a citizen, illegally living here, or visiting here. Laws keep people safe. That’s why we have them. I cannot say it any simpler than this. What doesn’t she understand-??? And, One set of Laws for everyone including demoncrat politicians-!!!

  26. Someone needs to remind her that the US tax payers and the nation she hates saved her and her family from a Somali refugee camp in Kenya out of the goodness of our hearts. We can’t save the world. Maybe it’s time to demand the governments of Mexico and Central America step up and take care of THEIR people!

      • Taking an oath to Satan, via the Koran, should never be allowed since we are a Christian nation and not a devil worshipping cesspool. These followers of Satan need to save themselves and then turn to God, God, NOT allah, Satan.

      • All members of Congress have to take an oath of office. She was the first one in our history to take that oath on the Quran.

        • And she was stupid enough to do it on Thomas Jefferson’s, thinking that was a good thing. She is very ignorant of our history and doesn’t even know that the only reason he had it was to see what made the Barbary pirates tick and he decided Islam was evil

        • Taking oath on Koran should have proven she is ANTI AMERICAN.Her and Obama and rest of these terrorists need to be sent out of this great country. No illegals should be allowed in, to vote or anything else that is the right of Americans. When it was time for the 2016 election, I personally saw people that could not speak or read English vote. There were translaters to read the ballots to them. That should never be allowed.

        • They can not swear on the Quran against their Sharia Laws, and they are given the right by Allah to lie to the Infidels.

          • Actually, Allah is just the Arabic name for God and God says lying is a sin. It is MUHAMMAD who made up the Quran and made God into something He is not. He hated Christians and Jews and wanted complete control over them, which is still the goal of Islam today

        • CORRECT. Dan T.
          USA ‘0ath’ Means NOTHING.
          It IS a ‘joke’ to ‘them/ Q’ran.
          THEY ARE DOING ‘their DUTY’.

  27. Remove her citizenship and deport her immediately along with her compatriot Muslim in congress. They have violated their oath!

  28. America is not her Nation and she is the boss, what she and her kind in congress really are is nothing more than Terrorists and Traitors and should be tared/feathered and driven out of the USA.

    • Agreed! ALL of these SCUM, anti-AMERICA TRAITORS, should be immediately REMOVED from office, stripped of their “citizenship” and DEPORTED back to the sandpit CRAP-HOLE they came from. This is what happens when you let in MOOSLIME TRASH, and give them a “chance”. They will NEVER “assimilate” they only wish to DOMINATE and try to change their “host country” into another SH**HOLE.

    • I see the democrats do not address their problems. All their anti Semitic, bigoted a.nd racists remarks have shown this. If you want your country back vote republican and get rid of the obstructionists and non constitutional idiots. There are many. Vote for anyone who is not like them. This goes for both parties. I personally am tired of my tax dollars being wasted, placed into a bill to benefit another nation and lobbyist. I agree with there is no place for the sharia law and lawlessness it brings. Time to stand up America and get rid of our lame politicians.

      • I agree but it is easier said than done, they know how to handle the people they support to stay in office. They just give them more in order to get their votes. Most of the takers are not educated and could care less about our country they would vote for the devil himself to keep from having to find a job. As long as Democrats can keep the bird feeders out they will get the votes and now they want the illegals to be able to vote as well, they have to be stopped before our country erupts into civil war to keep what our forefathers fought and died for.

  29. She is like Bozo O’Rourk. Both are useless. Bozos claim to fame as a 6 yr congressmen he was responsible for renaming a court house in Texas. He wants to be President with a record like this? Ilhan claim to fame is her Anti Isreal rhetoric and she has more Americans In her district join Isis than any other district in the country. She is getting more publicity than she deserves. She is a pimple on the ass of Congetional progress and doesn’t deserve her seat in Congress..

  30. I sincerely hope that that bitch from Somalia gets deported and sent back there and watch that pos get her head lopped off and paraded through the streets of her country with someone holding her ugly head by the goofy looking hajab that she’s so proud to wear.

  31. I bet everyone of your comments come from some white person that reap all the benefits from people of color you guys don’t want Mexican her but it’s white Business owners that hire them I don’t hear you guys saying anything about your white people

    • Your white people? That is a racist remark right there. No One gave my family anything of privilege. We worked/studied our butts off to get to where we are today. So do not give me your ignorant rant. I also had a cousin die on 9-11 tower 2. Omar is a bigot. She is also anti-Semitic & Anti-american. The Trojan horse in congress that needs to go.

      • Amen Michelle. We too came up the hard way and both my husbands parents and my Mothers, came over from Italy and worked hard to make a life and good loving citizens of our USA !! WE do not need these women in our Country.

    • Nate, the racist, bigot Democrat Party is where the hatred resides. The anti-American Democrat Party is anything but Democratic. They are Fascist Dictators who are lining their own pockets with taxpayer money. They stay in power by as allowing people in here illegally and they exploit those people for votes to stay in power. Are they better off now if so, how? How have the Democrats ACTUALLY helped them OTHER than by handouts?

    • Mate, I’m white. I work my butt off to support my family. I grew up very poor and still am poor. Being white DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE PRIVALEDGED. Since Obama everyone seems to play the race card. Get over yourselves. I have no probablem with anyone not white. I see blacks that make lots of money. More power to them. I see Hispanics that have made it. Great. So why cry race because there are wealthy hard working whites?

    • Nate, Usually I am a light tan. When I am sick I am white.
      When I am sunburned I am red.
      When I am very cold I am blue.
      When I am brused I am black,blue and yellow.
      And you call yourself a person of color.

      • My ‘Iranian’ ‘fish Lady’/ Local Kroger, has been in
        USA 0ver 30 yrs. Would NEVER ‘Think’
        ‘This stuff’ ( i hope,] butt U ‘never know’)
        She doesn’t]]] NOTHING In her EYES/’Aura Energy’ DISPLAYS
        Dissent. NADA. She Is ‘Always ‘happy’/pleasant/courteous etc.
        SPeaks Well-versed Excellent English. & Methinx, GLAD to BE In USA.
        >These ‘other’ Rats ARE Another Story.
        >1/2 Million $ Centennial Home (next dr) Sold to, i think.
        Sanctuary status. Unbelievable. (in a so called ‘affluent?
        small city in Mi)( Real Estate Co. IN 0N ‘it’ – Subsidy)
        Drive on Lawn, Putting ‘Trash’ pick up
        0n our ‘property’. 5-7 vehicles w/stickers. small children.
        Looks 0bvious to me. ‘young Daca ‘Squatters’ (FIRE Hazard)
        on other side. NO Respect for Property/ & ‘free-loading’__
        0k -Enuff of this BS. BE GLAD ‘mon’ Man, You IN country Side.
        PROTECT ANYWAY YOU CAN. I Know You Will.

  32. Ilhan Omar calls the white race a racist group which shows how ignorant she is since the crisis at the southern border has nothing to do with race. For your information Ms. Omar, if it was not for the white race, America would not even exist nor would she have achieved the level of civilization she has attained. You and the rest of the Somali trash that idiot Obama allowed into our country after what happened to our brave military who were delivering food, medicine and other aid to the Somali people should never have been allowed into our country. We need immigration reform that stops all so called refugees and criminals to flood across our borders because the Democrats see no harm in doing so. Is Islam is a threat to our way of life and we do not need more of the so called immigrants when we can’t feed, house, and clothe the American people who have lived here for hundreds of years. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said.

    • You were kind. Yet there are wusses in this country who buy into her diatribe. Why, aside from being naive and gullible…because they take everything this great country offers and is about for granted.

  33. Do people really understand it’s about TOLERANCE – THIS IS A TEST – It is pouring “Assault on America” to see how much will will tolerate.
    We already know about the Progressive Communist Left TOLERATES EVERY THING AND REJECTS NOTHING.

    Pelosi will swallow this just like DEEP THROAT Did. The Cowards on the right need to stand up and force her out of CONGRESS.
    If this doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY does not have a Place to tear down American Values, The Constitution and the Protection of AMERICAN CITIZENS – then nothing will show you the dark side of tis insidious race and ideology that was born in 600 AD

  34. Seriously Omar’s people stone to death gays, mutilate young girls, chop people head off.. They are barbaric and disgusting .. Who the hell is she to call white people inhumane when these illegals are invading our country.. Many committing murder, rape not to mention drugs being brought ill killing people every day. She is a disgusting and a disgrace.

    • If this Islamic terrorist was in China, Japan, Korea, mist ant other country , she would have been killed, jailed, physically punished, if not immeadiatly turned at their border, or for sure deported, as these countries di not allow these immigrants, and you can bet your ass, you would not find Muslims in their political cabinets, especially ones like her!!!

  35. Where does this ilk Omar get off thinking she is a part of we? She has no skin in the building of America. She adds nothing of value to our society, quite the contrary, she is divisive and bigoted. No place for her here and especially in “we the people”.

  36. If Omar is so dissatisfied with America, perhaps she should return to her beloved Somalia so that she can live in peace and happiness. I, for one, am tired of her childish, spoiled brat behavior, and of her disgusting put down of my country.

    • How long are this paper or our representatives gonna put up with her. Because of the facts that have been seen, She and AOC need to be deported if not put in prison for life. If a white person said anything like she did they would be called on the carpet if not put in prison. WAKE UP

    • This EVIL WOMAN (?) should not represent we the American people, she is not a representative of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We could not go to her country, yes her country, or any other county and say the things or disrespect our President like she and her Islamic terrorist groups are doing, they would have killed us already. BUILD THE WALL FIR PEOPLE LIKE HER.

    • and get the rag off her head…(mind you I love Scarves and or Hats and the Nuns habits, though I truly dislike the Hajib, as it stands for the Sharia Law crap that a woman must be covered so a man can not be excited by her…)

      Deportation is the only thing good for her, and her ilk.

  37. Go back to Somalia, take your muslim rhectoric with you . when you get there, go walk into a lions den and feed them. hehehe

  38. Omar is a racist POS and the liberal media ought to stop treating her with kid gloves because she is a black female Muslim,she is a very bad person.

    • they need to stake her out on a fire-ant hill & AOC also . that might stop their big mouths if the ants could stomach that much crap.

  39. Ilhan Omar will recover from this racist attack on white people, she is female black and Muslim. She will survive besides the DIMM’s are deathly afraid of her.

  40. This thing needs to be kicked out of our country and all her relatives with her with a lifetime ban on ever setting foot on American soil again

    • i personally feel the demorats that started th barough sheoud be docked a protion of their pay to take care of these people. THEY ARE TH E ONES STHA WATE TO GET THE VOTES THESE POOR SOUL COULD GIVE THEN SO THEY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM. SEE HOW FAST THE PEOPLE ARE SENT HOME THEN.

  41. Omar is a “hot mess” of bigotry, anti-Semitism and anti-American rhetoric; so be prepared for the Left and CAIR to toss out the false canard of “Islamophobia” if she is “called out.” To counter this, everyone should consider the following…

    When is someone (and lots of other “someones”) going to stand up, “grow a pair” and declare affirmatively that “Islamophobia” is a phony word? Note: A “phobia” is an IRRATIONAL, ILLOGICAL fear of someone or something. However, based on all the violent acts perpetrated by Muslims, acts that are permitted, even mandated against non-believers (e.g. “infidels’ like me) and violence that permeates the holiest texts of Islam (the Qur’an, the Hadiths and Sharia), fear of Islamists is both RATIONAL and LOGICAL. (This is especially true in light of their stated principle goal to overthrow ALL western democracies and constitutional republics like ours…and install a worldwide Caliphate.)

    Despite any and all protestations and threats by anyone to intimidate a person into silence, speaking the basic TRUTHS about Islam does NOT constitute “hate speech!”

    • Could not have said it better. Now since Bo was an illegal president, perpetrated by Friday. We can therefore, rescind his welcome of all these muslims and Somalis and ship their asses back to their own country.

    • RADMAN414
      At last! I sir could not have framed the gist of the problem better. As per their written belief and their instruction, everything is proceeding along quite nicely. They have taken the first amendment and Bill of Rights and weaponized them. Using hate speech, political correctness, and “white privilege”, allegations of racism, attacking Israel and her people (the biggest supporter of U.S. policy in the middle east), spreading lies and innuendos and veiled threats, fomenting rebellion among U.S. muslims in speeches, attending fund raising events for known terrorist organizations and cap that off with her voting district having more constituents that left our nation to fight for ISIS our sworn enemy. DAMN, what does it take for the House to impeach her AND Tlaib and the DOJ to ivestigate for subversion, REAL collusion and treason?

  42. Why is she still here? It must be a Bi-Partisan effort to stop her and her Terrorist ties. What was 9-11. Some must be brain dead not to see what is going on here.

  43. Muslims a re the biggest border security problem. There are only two Muslim mental states. One that is violent and the other yet to become violent. Ilhan is transitioning by supporting terrorist fund raising for CAIR. She needs to be charged accordingly, arrested, convicted and executed for treason since she’s a government official. Ilhan consider your execution one of many perks with the job.

  44. She is just another racist white people hater that should be deported back to her Islamic Pig country and hopefully gets beheaded when she gets there.

  45. Ilhan Omar SHOULD have never been voted into office this is the Democrats mistake. Omar this pig should have never been voted into any office pure garbage.

    • Robert – I think it was a rigged election. A lot of people from her district have stated that they did not vote for her. I think she should have to swear in on the bible or her swearing in on the Koran is invalid. If she cannot swear allegiance to the United States, she doesn’t belong here. If she is for Sharia Law, she can go back to Somalia and practice it there. Sharia Law is unconstitutional. Also, the anti-hate bill that was passed by Congress does not protect white Americans. If she is against white Americans, she can go back to her Somalia. We, the white Americans, are nationalists. We are white (Caucasian) and we love America. There are black, Asian, Hispanic and all other ethnic groups here that are proud American nationalists. Nationalism is not a bad thing. It means that you love your country, no matter who you are – it is not racist. If you are not a proud American, go home!

    • You can’t fix Stupid. I’m still perplexed as to how Jews, Blacks and others continue to vote these Liberals into office when it’s the Republicans that have done the most for them. If you continue to put your hand on a hot stove there has to be something wrong with you. That’s the problem we have every Election day. The only way we can fix the problem is in 2020…not by bad-mouthing them here. It has to be done in the voting booths. We cannot allow them to outnumber us.

      • If us voting really would make things right in this country then how did we ever get where we are today? While we all babel about the democrats, what about the traitor republicans? If they were so pure we would have never had Odumbo. They knew he wasn’t an American citizen, but they must have been bought off. I suspect the good ones on both sides were to afraid to resist the rhino’s. Most all government here is corrupt. Most all voters are stupid to see that. Trump wont be in charge (?) forever. If “We the People” had any balls we would take our country back instead of whining about the muslims here. There should be NO muslims here in America. By the time everyone figures out that those in power will never get rid of the swamp (as Trump said he would, (why is he placing them in charge of everything?)) it will be over for America. Cant anyone see any of this, or are we all just stupid Americans like the muslims say? If we drained the swamp we wouldn’t have much government left… but I guess most people are just as corrupt as our politicians.

      • ??????? Since Islam is an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means”, it is not allowed here…
        The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.”

  46. She left a nation that is a complete failure. She wants to change this nation to be a model after where she left. Go back there and practice your thoughts, see how you fare there. Women are slaves in her country. You came here to get away from that failure of freedom. They have none.

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