Ilhan Omar’s disgusting attack on America will upset every Patriot

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of the biggest lightning rods in the new Congress.

The Somali immigrant from Minnesota attracted a bushel of negative publicity for her anti-Semitic comments.

But now she reached a new low with this disgusting attack on America that leaves every patriot up in arms.

Like all liberals, Omar owns a “blame America” mindset.

But in a 2013 interview, Omar extended that hideous belief system to claiming Islamic terrorists killed Americans because they deserved it.

The Daily Caller reports:

Omar blamed “our involvement in other people’s affairs” for terrorism in a 2013 interview with Tharwat.

“When are we gonna decide or realize that terrorism is a reaction? It’s an ideology, it’s a means of things, it’s not an entity, it’s not a place, people. It’s a reaction to a situation,” Omar declared in an interview.

“Yes. What you’re insinuating is what nobody wants to face,” Omar stated. “Nobody wants to face how the actions of the other people that are involved in the world have contributed to the rise of the radicalization and the rise of terrorist acts.”

“Usually most people want to not look internal [sic] and see what [are] their actions that makes another react. For us, it’s always, ‘I must have not done anything. Why is it happening to me?’ Nobody wants to take accountability of how these are byproducts of the actions of our involvement in other people’s affairs,” Omar concluded.

Democrats believe terrorists attack America because the United States brings it on itself.

Nothing could be more disgusting.

Every life lost in a terror attack is an innocent that deserved to live.

No victim of terrorism “brought it on themselves.”

The only guilty party is the murderous terrorists that carry out these cowardly attacks.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. If a Republican said anything as antisemitic as Ilhan Omar said they would be censured by Nancy and her minions.

    • Oh ,we forgot,Democrats can do and say anything they want ,,only republicans are sensored.what a bunch of hypocrites!!

  2. Why can’t that piece of garbage be deported back to the cesspool she came from and by the way take Obama with her since he is the one who let her into the country along with others when he was the fake president.

  3. If you democrats are trying to take down a duly elected President, that is a treasonable offense and should be punishable by death.

    • This woman is a disgrace in everything she says, in all she thinks (?), if in fact she is capable of thinking, and is a shame to the people who elected her. She belongs back in some Muslim country, not in our great land. Can’t we deport her? That would be soooo good.

      • Unfortunately, the people who elected her are just like her. They use our tolerance to beat us at our own game by patiently growing a district until they have a majority that can elect a Muslim to Congress and if they do that long enough they can take over America without firing a shot. They would simply vote Sharia law and the Koran in, and the U.S. Constitution and the Bible out.
        No American in their right mind would vote for any Muslim. The two philosophies of life are in complete opposition to each other and if our Congress had any sense they would have long ago made a law requiring all immigrants to sign a pledge of allegiance to America and the Flag that represents her, or go back where they came from.

  4. Well what can you expect from a woman who had her clitoris cut off when she was a young girl. She is incapable of experiencing physical pleasure only pain and hate.

      • F–k you akers! There never will be a stupid camel jockey ever to benifit this country in any way! There to brainwashed by there idiotic practices to have a real brain! Screw you and any moron imigrates coming here!!

        • With a population 100,000 Somali’s it only took that plus a few minnesotan idiots to get her in. I thought they were smarter than I gave credit for

        • She was voted in by the relocated Muslim refugees that Obama put in Minnesota. I think it was like 70,000. Not positive. But enough to get her elected.This was premeditated on his part. Just like Michigan’s Muslim population. Everyone needs to read Bilderberg Group 2018 Location and Agenda by Press for Truth. Eye opening. State by State Global Takeover of our Sovereign Nation.

  5. Hey I’m another Diane lol … I cannot understand if people do not like our country then why in the hell are they in it? Misery loves company, Republicans get things done! Now kiss your ass goodbye you commie Libs. Just try something and you will see a wall coming at you that you never anticipated because we love our country and don’t see out to asshole communist.

    • Allen, Most of America agrees with you!!!! Is she even a US citizen? If the STUPID MUSLIM doesn’t like the USA, She should go back to Sira with people of her own kind. But NO, she won’t leave the good life she has now.

  6. No one who does NOT knows American History has the Right to run for any office, regardless if that person is a native born or a transplant! No one should have any form of authority without THAT NEEDE KNOWLEDGE for thar PUBILC OFFICE! To hold an office and getting PAIED is a PROFESION! EVRY PROFESSION Has A Qualification Exame! The SAME demand should also apply to everyone who signs up to RUN FOR A POLITICAL OFFICE! TIME FOR US THE TAX PAYERS O STAND and asking each and everyone of OUR OFFICERS IN TH GOVERNMENT though ELECTION to take this EAXAM Before they go on with their Running for that special office! Tat would be t hier JOB Qualification TEST! The Election is the Interview process and the Company (Citizenry) said YES Taht is a equalified person for that job!

    • Please PROOFREAD your comments before hitting SEND. I count more than a dozen errors, mainly spelling or typos and grammatical errors. If you want to come across as being smart, make your comment look like it was carefully done. Go over it word by word. It is too late once you hit send or enter.

      • Rose, I counted more than that!! People do not proofread what they type, and it really does make them look uneducated in the English Grammar department, for which I taught back in the early 1970’s. I do know for a fact that English Grammar and Spelling has not changed since I went to school, graduated from high school and college, and taught the subject.

      • Speaking for myself only. But I’ve proof read and still had an error pop up after send. Auto correct, my phone, or FB one does it. I’ve even spoke with others that have had the same happen. Maybe our phones aren’t as nice as yours.Didn’t realize we had to pass the Grammar police on here. You sound half liberal,intolerant of others issues. Can’t handle grammar issues. Wow. That’s pretty bad. Kinda makes me wanna make some errs. Lol😎

    • Natives who were here first aren’t able to run for president but we are sure on the path towards having a terrorist run. People need to get a handle on the fact that America is still at war since shortly after 9/11.

    • All this bitching and griping about these assholes who aren’t even TRULY born AMERICAN’S and residing in our GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD UNITED STATES OF AMERICA need to be evicted from USA along with the SAP ( stupid asinine people ) who voted for her and every other flag bearing terrorist f… wads that are against AMERICA that includes former political leaders and present so called want-a-be’s running for the presidency . PEOPLE WAKE UP DON’T VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING FREE WE HAVE FREEDOM NOW THAT IS WROTE IN BLOOD thats right THE BLOOD OF TRUE AMERICAN YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR EACH AND EVERY TRULY AMERICAN WHO TOOK THE OATH TO PROTECT THEIR COUNTRY

    • They Libs nut cheaters are committing Voter Fraud AT WILL!!!!! among other illegal activities all over OUR COUNTRY
      “WE THE PEOPLE” need to stop them at all costs.
      why do you thinks why they don’t want voter a Identification program ?
      this way the deceased and all the>illegals can violate our laws and voter for them.

  7. This moron sits in the legislative body of the United States which she uses to advance Islam and harm the Americans she was elected to represent. Islam blames victims: female rape victims are punished for adultery. Wives beaten by their husbands are bad wives. She blames America for 9/11 and for the existence of Islamic terrorism.How did she get elected, people of Minnesota? Time for a recall or you will all be perceived as enemies of the United States and part of the Islamic war on Christianity and other unbelievers.


      • The problem is the people who are afraid of them and listen to their crap and get after your senators and representatives who are supposed to be working for each and everyone who will back them listen to their plan’s if the plan’s are workable ask where is the money coming from? They’ll ham hog around with their lips flapping with stupid facts, then ask how much taxes (legitimate taxes) they have paid from all their accounts in USA and outside and who is supporting their bid for office

    • McCarron Waters Act and Public Law 414.
      She is illegally holding that office.
      She is not qualified solely because she is a Muslim and Islamic. But being an opinionated bitch also drives that point home.

      • Sherry,
        Linda sasour is a evil stupid person.She is in the womans march in America yet her woman in all those murderous muslim countries are abused.Why doesn”t she help her own muslim countries.You know why because she would be beheaded.Every time i see her face i get sick to know this evil woman has anything to say while her own woman suffer.Get her out of here send her to Gaza, they need more human sheilds.

  8. It seems to me that the larger issue is : the State of Minnesota. Examine the people that have been elected by Minnesotans in the last 20-30 yrs. and the open fraud that gave us Al Franken. This is not the State of Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey any more. Minnesotans are great people but they need to monitor what is happening under their noses. They voted for Jesse Ventura as Governor of the great state and considering where we are today, that was a great appointment. I still recall an interview with the Minneapolis Mayor after the bridge collapsed … with bodies still floating in the Mississippi River behind him … commenting that the federal government caused the tragedy by chosing not to help the city repair their crumbling infrastructure. The next day we found out they actually receive 800 million a year and they chose to spend it on other things and ignore the needed repairs on the bridge. We learned that their own analysis of the condition of the bridge revealed the bridge was structurally flawed and could fail anytime. Political liars and “kooks” and now enemies of the United States, are being elected office by Minnesotans.

    • I grew up in the, then, wonderful State of Minnesota in the Mondale/Humphrey Era. It breaks my heart to read the above since I still have family in MN…


      • All this bitching and griping about these assholes who aren’t even TRULY born AMERICAN’S and residing in our GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD UNITED STATES OF AMERICA need to be evicted from USA along with the SAP ( stupid asinine people ) who voted for her and every other flag bearing terrorist f… wads that are against AMERICA that includes former political leaders and present so called want-a-be’s running for the presidency . PEOPLE WAKE UP DON’T VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING FREE WE HAVE FREEDOM NOW THAT IS WROTE IN BLOOD thats right THE BLOOD OF TRUE AMERICAN YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR EACH AND EVERY TRULY AMERICAN WHO TOOK THE OATH TO PROTECT THEIR COUNTRY

      • Well if you go to the ZOO with your wife and kids and they want to go see the monkeys you should be aware that they will show their assholes without you looking to hard especially the BABOONS!






      • The people of MN are not the blame. Voter fraud is what got her in. She married her blood brother to get her green card (illegal) and makes her ineligible to hold any public office. What needs to happen is that she be physically removed from office, convicted for fraud, serve time and then deported back to her shit hole country.

  11. She should take off the diaper that is on her head noone else wears some thing on their head. Take it off or leave. If she doesn’t take it off she should give up her position.

  12. So how do we ORGANISE against these anti-American morons? Are there groups out there? Any websites? Look, the Left is great at organizing, like NOW, Antifa, etc. WE need to get off our butts and start organizing NOW…and I don’t mean in a clandestine way, either. Any thoughts???

    • Robin seek out like minded people in your area. I’m not talking about a bunch of alt right nuts. And then we let the he so called lawmakers know. That’s always been the problem. We whine and don’t act. I’m not calling for violence. The left has already began starting it. We might have to finish it.

    • Find someone who is an accountant and pro-USA who will set up a collection fund for use to hire a law firm, Judicial Watch for example, to build the case against the politician to be removed. For example illhan the illegal muslim Congressional Rep.. if her citizenship was obtained illegally, charge her, remive her from the Congress and get her in Court. Then deport her ASAP. Start there. I don’t know anyone in that line of work who I could ask to do it for free.

      • Bob2 that’s a good place to start. If we haven’t stood up before, the time is now and the place is here. Also pay no mind to the leftist idiots on these posts. They just don’t know what’s in store if America becomes what they want. Let us take action now, before it’s too late. If we lose our country, it’s gone forever. I want them idiots to keep their paws off my freedoms. And that also means my gun rights. I won’t take no for an answer.

    • TMinnesota accepted thousands of Samali’s for money! They are given civil servant jobs. So the Twin Cities and Dt Cloud are so many boting her in! Probably illegally voting

    • The problem with organization is people. It’s the same problem that the government has had with immigrants: vetting!! Choose your cliche, but the chance of getting a traitor in your midst is so great it’s scary. I won’t trust anyone until they’re fighting by my side or dead at my feet. Yes, I mean like in a war. ANTIFA is like a vandal there to disrupt the normal operation of the place they’re “protesting.” This isn’t about vandals. This is about losing our precious way of life. This includes our religious beliefs. I have some who I once considered friends who have dropped to acquaintances. I will hate to see one in my sights, but will not hesitate. And color will mean very little, ad I have seen with my own eyes an American turncoat. GOD BLEDD AMERICA!!!

      • True big Bill. People have to earn my trust. I’m not suggesting attacking anyone. Only meet force with force. And it will come once we take a stand. We still have the senate and the whitehouse. Our next step is vote like we mean it next time. This raghead and the NY puppy should get bounced next time. One thing we have in our favor is independents and democrats who still value freedom. I might be risking a lot with my posts, but if we don’t hang together we will hang seperate.

    • You are right, look at New York letting them start a police force to copy the city force which is against the law. Where are the people of the city to stop this before it gets a foot hold. If they stop you drive off do not even talk to them they have no authority.

  13. If she does not love America, she should not be allowed to serve in the House. She needs to be impeached and if she hates America so much, she should go back to Somalia where she belongs

      • Don’t forget the other one, Talib I think that’s her name. And if either of these three believe in Sharia law, they should be expelled from the house. The anti-American sentiment is common amongst all the DCA. If not a citizen or belief in Sharia law, which is antithetical to our constitution, they cannot serve as house representatives.

    • I agree one hundred present. If she was not natural born citizen she shouldn’t be able to even run in any office.
      She is and all people who are in office who hate our President needs to be impeached.

  14. As long as you do what they like no problem. If they don’t like what you do they must punish you by killing you, chop off your head, burn you alive, torture you, throw YOU off a building ,stone you to death, …… your airplanes into your buildings, to kill thousands of you who don’t believe WAKE UP READ THE KORAN CHAPTER 16 IT’S CALLED TAQIYYA ” LYING TO FURTHER THE POLITICAL, CULT AND MILITARY IDEOLOGY OF ISLAM” LYING IS PART OF THE RELIGION

  15. We gripe about the communist agenda put forth by the left. The time is coming when we as patriots will need to let them know we will give them anarchy they won’t believe. That we won’t comply. LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!! They know. They monitor these posts. There used to be radio free Europe during the Cold War. Do we need radio free America? P.S. I’m back.

  16. She doesn’t need to go back to her country because soon she will be joined by more and more of her kind until our government will be unrecognizable and we will no longer be free. As long as people keep voting Democrat, this will happen. As long as we let them take over whole towns and cities throughout the country this will happen. We are in trouble, serious trouble.

    • El, look at it this way.
      1) if she gets sent home it’ll be harder for her to attack us
      2) her mouth will get her declared an infidel and they’ll kill her. No loss.
      3) the U.S. will benefit
      4) it’ll make a lot of real Americans very happy!

      • If the F’kin Muslin asshole doesn’t like this country, Greatest On Earth, WHY doesn’t she just go back to be with her “own kind”???

    • This is very very true. The democrats love the terrorist. The democrats are terrorist. So for the democrats to support this kind of hate filled speech is nothin new. A decent religious person will not vote for trash like this. So the democrats allow trash like this to enter our country and get into congress where they can spread this garbage.

  17. The Demonrats will be the death of our country! This is why they are so desperately trying to outlaw guns, so they can rule with tyranny, with their Muslim Brotherhood. They are rigging these elections. Mulims have no place in our government, they are a cancer!

    • As much as I don’t want it, Civil War II is approaching.
      This time around it’ll be worse. There will be no geographical territory as in CW I. This time it will be pockets of which political view has the best shooters. Anarchy of guerrilla warfare is going to be the backbone without the military takung sides.

    • I agree. What these demonic dumbrats do not think about is how this will end: If the muslims get their way, they will take over our beautiful America but the first ones the muslims will take down will be the gays, lesbians, women who do not cowtow to a man in their family and other women who are caught wearing clothing that is not acceptable to the koran. Yes I deliberately do not capitalize muslim or koran. These ignorant dumbrats better wake up before it is too late and they find themselves on the receiving end of the koran’s tenets.

      • Sharon,
        . . . . I also will not capitalize the words koran, sharia, islam, or muslim. Don’t forget that there will be no music except for the screeching six times a day for prayer call, no dancing, no parties, all females will have to have their clitoris’ cut off and their vaginas sewed up. Their husbands will be able to beat them and rape them when ever they want to. Only the first born son will have any rights.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  18. We, as Americans and patriots, need to guard our country from those that want to make it like the failed states they came from. Our culture; our values; our constitution; our freedom sets us apart from others. These values must be protected. We as informed Americans, respectful of our constitution and our republic must do our duties at the polls and in our own representation of those precious values in everything we do and say. These people who want to change these fundamentals, CANNOT BE ALLOWED to go without challenge, with silence and without regard.

      • This is a truth most people don’t want to admit As long as abortion is killing our citizens and muslims keep reproducing like rabbits, they will infiltrate without firing a shot. They are going to start with government = guess what? some dummies voted them in. I agree if America is so bad = get out, there is a lot of travel options use them as you will not be missed.

          • I agree these people should not be in office under no circumstances. She should be made to resign immediately.

        • There’s one good thing, that 50 percent of them that were born here ,have walked away from their faith, and also thousands convert to Christianity every day. It will take 200 years for them to take over.

          • I’d be interested in seeing the source for that 50% stat. It would not be consistent with the quran or 1400 years of history for moslems They already control the Somalia of North America (Minnesota) and a large swath of Michigan. They are also one of the only groups that forbid abortion. Unfortunately, I’ve seen muzzrats in action throughout the Middle East and am on to their plan here…

    • We the people of the United States need to remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11 both of these attacks by foreign entities were orchestrated by people who had been educated in the U.S. IIhan Omar is from a foreign country attacking our religious beliefs and way of life. Yes, there are others with some of her radical left leaning extreme liberal views that are enabling her position, some that are only doing it because they are only thinking of the votes garnered. We can’t let them win. Any attack whether physical or against the Constitution is one that has to be fought against.

    • We have to guard our voting places, stop mail in except for military. Get an honest company make voting machines not
      soros’s. The demoncrats have taken voter fraud to a new level.

  19. We do not need her kind in our government. She is against everything American stands for. Let her go back to her country. Do whatever we need to do to outst her from Congress!

  20. There’s a lot of comments here, but one things for certain, as long as Illhanded Omar is in office, Trump cannot claim ISIS has been defeated…you ought to send her back to Islam Country where she came from. She’s a Tyranny disciple.

  21. Get this women out of the country. Since she doesn’t like it …. get out. We have enough lousey liberals here. But this one goes against everything being an American is.

    • These terriots like her should go back where they came from. The muslims were terriosts before we became a nation. They weren’t welcome wherever they were, they are anything but a peaceful religion.


    • The truth is she is a hater of the very country she was elected to represent. She needs to be dumped before she does more harm to our beloved Country.

    • Yes God’s word does say the truth shall set you free. Now, go learn the truth. ANY true child of God American or muslim DO NOT MAKE COMMENTS LIKE SHE HAS because they trust God instead of government and no mere man or woman. The only ones allowed in our country should be ones who pledge aligence to America and should be here on trial that if they break that aligence they’re shipped va and k to their country at their own expense.

      • The “citzens”” of Minn. SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!! How the Hell did that USA hater get elected? There should be an “investigation” about that!!!!!

    • Absolutely. How she ever got elected to our Congress is mindboggling. We are being infiltrated and soon we the people will be no longer. Thanks to Obama and the Clintons and the rest of them. Now all we need for president is Cory Booker. Big news is that all of a sudden since throwing his hat in the ring, he has a girlfriend. Bathhouse Barry has a wife; Jim McGreevey had a wife; Rock Hudson had a wife. So what? Then we have Pocahontas Warren who lied about her heritage to advance her career. Kamala Harris who slept her way to the top with a corrupt man like Willie Brown. Dems have nothing to offer except their hatred for our amazing president. People in glass houses . . .

      • Her area is all the illegals that don’t belong here. They are all from Samolia.taking over that state. If her and the other rag head took oath on a bible they would have been killed by their own people.

  23. Let me ask you some questions. Was voting for Donald Trump a reaction to something? Was Dylan Root shooting up a Black Church a reaction to something? Was the shooting at Columbine High School a reaction to something? Is action and reaction a basic principle in Physics? Do right wingers like to call people names?

    • Eric those shootings had nothing to do with Trump. And yes, it was a reaction to something voting for Trump. It was saving our country. We will do it at the ballot box or in the streets. It’s up to the left to decide. By the way, WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER OR DISARM.

      • Good comment. Eric is clearly a most uninformed individual. Columbine was a reaction from hateful atheists out to kill Christians. Dylan Root was a KKK. Neither of those killings had anything to do with Right Wingers. Just Nutwingers…like the one who shot Steve Scalise, and broke Rand Paul’s ribs…oh wait..they were part of the nutwing Democrats.

    • Right wingers???? All of the vile crap spilling out of the disgusting left wing mouths and you blame right wingers??? Hypocrite libtard!!! How’s that for a name??

    • You say right wingers call names ….. You meanly mouth moron!!! listen to what this American hater said about President Trump!! what DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS NAME CALLING.. Hey jerk take a walk on the wild side go spit in the wind!!!!

    • You seldom see right wingers using foul language or violence when they don’t agree with something. It’s always the left with their foul language, violent protests, rioting, etc. Most intelligent-lacking people resort to these things.

    • Eric Granberg, there are two kinds of people. Those who believe in God first and those who believe in their own pea brain are thinking. Those believing in God lean on Him and His ways. Those who do NOT follow God serve satan and follow him. Now that’s where hatred and murder come in. Democrats are followers of satan clearly they hate good and murder little babies and children. Sin is of the devil which is where the dems get their hate and if you’re male you best rethink your comment because this I am woman hear me roar thing HAS GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND. They hate men period. And just to be clear….in God’s eyes we are equal as far as God’s love but God clearly said the woman is the weaker vessel. She is NOT to be tread upon or mistreated but loved as one loves their own self. God took a rib from Adam which is UNDER THE ARM, meaning man is to protect her. This stinking women’s lib thing is way out of hand. God is CLEAR THAT HE IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP WE VOTED FOR HIM BECAUSE MOST OF US WITH A BRAIN COULD CLEARLY SEE THE CONSEQUENCES OF ANYONE ELSE.

  24. Get those devil worshippers out of gov’t since they are the enemy and illhan herself is a liar and incestually active foreign agent. Revoke her citizenship since she lied and deport her and the rest. A few C5-A aircraft and parachutes would work. Dump them all in Saudi Arabia over empty desert from 1.5 miles up. If they don’t open the parachute that’s on them. If Saudi Arabia doesn’t like it, well Tango Sierra!

    • Agreed with you Bob2! Americans are for America! Whoever disagrees with what we do, she/ he/ they should all return to their native lands and continue to live their BETTER WAY of LIVING!! If their desire was to come here so to change us into their WAY of LIFE, they too, should leave! We are where we are, and we are what we are nade WHO WE ARE as AMERICANS! We do not welcome Snakes poison our WAY of LIFE! Yes Ms.Omar is POISIN! Poison will gather with poison! Be wear!

  25. First I will keep it simple. What would be the reaction if several, or all, Republicans in congress wore MAGA hats during session? Or suppose many Democrats, perhaps all, wore T shirts that said “F you, NO wall” during session? Well allow me to tell you what the manner our lovely Muslims manner of dress says to every real American …. actually it’s better leave it to your imagination. My thoughts are unprintable.

    Second, I have posted a caution on other comment sites,that there is indeed a redline out there and if we citizens reach our our fill of no wall, Muslim invasion and MS-13, the reaction may not only be swift but also very, very unpleasant.

    • What her manner of Muslim religious garb says to real Americans is that America is well and free as our founding fathers intended. And if MAGA is a religion, when go ahead and wear it.

      • No Eric Granberg, that’s not it ssys!!!
        Just look at her actions. She belittled our President when sworn in with language no man or woman has ever heard aloud in that room! She threatens your very existence daily and those of your loved ones. She smirks and laughs when talking about killing Americanc because we deserve CV it! She doesn’t honor out U S Constitution. Why should she be in our country? In the 1950s through the 1960s Congress agreed that Muslims had no right to enter our Country because of their lack to assimilate! They creeped in here anyway, through Canada mostly. Many of them are illegals. There purpose here is to eliminate all of us and our freedoms and beliefs. People like you are first and easiest targets. You’re weak… in mind and actions. You don’t give a damn about our country. They are all Evil!
        You may think one is your friend but if it came down to you or their murderous beliefs, you’d be toast! Wake up!

      • we do not need any more inbred rag heads that practice incest talking schitt about the USA or any of our Real American citizens, especially the president.. need to take that stinking rag azz back to africur and we need to evict that other rag $lut, MOFOHO from over in Michiganistan.. and those two hores could take occasional-cortezhole with them.. sort of a cultural exchange thing..

      • No…it says she’s ISIS and can go back to the Middle East. She’s a supporter of a Caliphate. Eric you’re clearly missing a lot of marbles.

      • Sorry Eric but, you’re 0 for 4 with your arguments. If you had ever been to a Moslem-controlled country you would understand how they operate. The time for acceptance of people into our country that actively work towards it’s demise has passed. Islime has one goal, establish a worldwide Caliphate and assert dominance over all the earth. If you don’t convert, they will kill you or enslave you. If you try to leave their twisted ideology, you are an apostate and they will kill you. It has been claimed repeatedly by the Left that there are “moderate Moslems.” The truth is this: A “radical Moslem” wants to behead you and a “moderate Moslem” wants a “radical Moslem” to behead you. There is no middle ground for them from the teachings of their pedophile, ahem… prophet. Just look at how things have gone in the Middle East since the “Islamic Revolution” in 1979. Prior to then, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc… were all modern, thriving societies where women could freely live without persecution. Now? Not so much… Tell ya’ what… I’ll do whatever I can to live up to the stereotype that people like you want to label us with…I’m gonna’ cling to my guns and YOU will have to come and take them from me.

      • If you were a true American you’d know MAGA is religion read God’s word sometime God made us (America) that city on a hill and God expects us to keep her as such, Eric Granberg.

  26. If I am not mistaken, her citizenship can be revoked as she is not a natural born citizen. She was brought here by her parents and later became a citizen. I think the more she states her views that condone terrorism, Islam, the Koran, etc…the more she shows that she has not assimilated with the American culture/society and has no respect for America. She should be put on a terrorist watch list henceforth.

    • AGREED! May be some good Legal Minds who are also Law Practitioners should look into PEOPLE like this one! Our Be LOVED America does not needs souls of those sort around, whose intensions of being here were to do our Be Loved COUNTRY Harm! Now they are here, they would love to get ther hands on it, thus, they are all running for Governmental Offices…. Once they have the POWER, they will, then, show their TRUE FACES! “Snake on the grass!” WAKE UP Americans! WAKE UP!!!


  28. in chicago they are doing gatherings on inclusiveness for muslims and how we are prejudice against them.remember the koran says death to all infidels.also it is ok to lie if it advances allah. As for me. I will take Jesu!!

    • What I’d like to know is just how putting on a black face for a party or theatrical is worse than what this nasty foul-mouthed person said?

      • Muslims pretend they r black – to people who identify as African-Americans w/o knowing their real roots.
        Muslims act as if they r assimilating in the community – through the color of their skin. No one really notices if they pitch the anti-whitey mantra. But,the difference is Muslims want your land – and your head.

        • Good points. The thing that I have never understood is how blacks continue to flock towards and convert to an ideology that views them as less than human and only suitable to be slaves. Islime is still enslaving blacks in Africa today while we abolished that practice here 150+ years ago and yet, Americans are still demonized. Islime is the fastest growing “religion” in US prisons.

    • This is what America gets when just complaining about it without concrete resistance because of cowardness of liberalisms race and whatever card is next played! Stop the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! Stop having blind patriotism to past corrupt government and the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail! Americans can be their own countries and all races worsed enemy!

  29. Did this woman really win an election in the USA? Let’s spend a few of our hard earned dollars and check the ballots and the voter rolls which elected this anti-American zealot. While we’re at it, let’s bring back HUAC, Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover!

    • You Know Darn Well That The Democrats Can Only Get Into Office By Fixing And Stealing Elections They Have No Other Legitimate Alternative. And That Is How This Piece Of Unadulterated Pile Of Pig Shit Ended Up Getting Elected To Congress. It’s Really Disgusting. But They Set An Horrible Precedence By Allowing An Known Unqualified Non American Citizen To Be Elected To Congress And Then The White House And allow Them To Wrongly Hold And Ultimately Corrupt Those Offices

      • It’s so unfortunate for us to have the House full of anomalies this time!
        Please God, help us save America! Let those stupid, ignorant people live somewhere else.

      • What’s more disguising is Americans just complaining without true resistance due to blind patriotism and being afraid to be called something and that any government is too big to fight or fail! Corruption and tyranny in government can and does become both local and national with any country!

    • What did you expect. Brought here by the Obama regime, housed, educated, and fed at our expense. Handed it all on a silver platter. Americans are infidels. It is the religion of Muhamed. To lie to, cheat, enslave or murder an infidel is required by her religion especially if it furthers Islam. Wake up! It is NOT a religion of peace. And what is so funny is Black Americans who have turned to Islam. The Arabic Caliphates imprisoned the balance of black Afican people and sold millions of them into slavery. Most to China followed by south America. Those exported to north America were a very small if no less shameful percentage of the slave trade. But Allah is great. Allah is good. Anything is acceptable in the name of Allah. But hey BLM aside align yourself with a cult that made slaves of your race on a truly global scale. THEN ask for reparation, and complain of “”white privelege”. Take a strong look at the voting demographics of our Islam girls in Congress and please note that their districts are primarily black or heavily infused with new immigrants from Somalia. Good old Daddy Farakahn is nothing but the mouth piece and lap puppy of Islam. Get the picture?

      • No they don’t. A lot of them are so stupid theu are incapable of understanding that piece of truth. Their ignornce will tell them to play the race card.
        The rest of the intelligent African descent people in high end jobs get called Uncle Tom. Now that is shear stupidity and they feed their oppressors, the Democrat party. Stupiditu can’t go any lower.
        Do yourself a favor, quit trying to educate them. “If it’s successful, it’s white and we don’t want it” is their slogan. Let them live miserably by it. I do. I know longer care. I’m not trying anymore to help those lost causes. Those that want help, I’ll help becausr I do care in those cases.

  30. WTF, fuc Mulla Omar, Occasio Cotex and that other dude or what ever it is from Mich!!
    They need 2 look into voter fraud!
    Just like in TX.and PA where they found thousands of illegals who had been voting in our elections for years,but u don’t hear about that do u!! G I wonder Y,could it B the deep state…. DV 2SHIT’Z

    • Did you know she married her brother so he can stay in Country, and guess what he does for a living? He instructs the other nimble minded fools in bomb making 101

    • Kevin,
      They must be investigated.we the people must do so immediately. One married her brother, one did not live in the district where she was elected, and was wrapped in a Palestinian flag holding a koran.The koran teaches death to infidels thats you and me.Their koran teaches them its ok to lie.we need leaders now to rid these evil muslim extremists from our country.

      • And hence why they SO hate our president. Dems are in bed with muslims. Blacks no longer matter the dems have successfully aborted their babies out of existence. They need Hispanic & muslims vote to cover their fraud elections.

  31. She is anti-Israel and anti-American. She is a muslim and will act like a muslim. Send her back to the middle east. She and the other muslim have no business being in our govt. Both committed fraud and should be kicked out.

    • Mikki,
      If she opens her mouth the way she does here in any of the muslim countries her head will be rolling down the street.Better yet lets send them to gaza where they need more human sheilds at this time.

  32. Guantanamo for this foul piece of bacon! And never let her out! This is sick, she is flat out telling us that her murderous people want to kill us at some point!!! Damn how plain can it get!!!

    • That gal should be kicked right out of our country! How dare her saying those vile islamic things had the right to murder our soldiers! What a disgusting creature she is! She had better learn our ways because we won’t put up with much more of her insults! We need to get her our of office!

      • Being the she’s a Congress woman, being Anti-American, why on Earth is she still there?
        She’s a traitor and a big red flag to our country.
        At any moment in time, she can lead terrorists to kill more citizens.
        She’s a Huge risk in America and must be taken out, NOW!!!!

  33. Why is this person allowed to be in Congress, she should be removed from this comment? Why are the Democrats also so silent on this comment she has made, is it they agree with her. The American people we will not go silently into oblivion.

    • Mr. George, sir, this supposed female, including the other two females Illegally stretch The First Amendment of the US Constitution to the extreme, yes foul odored mouths!!! I wonder IF they ever brush their teeth?

    • You ask why the Democraps are silent…..Why do they NOT want a wall to protect the American people… They do however believe in LATE term abortion… How do these people sleep at night or day for that matter…. These election that seem too put these American haters in office is beyond BELIEF!!! DEMAND RECOUNTS .. PHOTO ID IS A MUST!!!!!

  34. The swamp Democraps use the three stooges to do their dirty work. They let them take the heat. Only thing is we all know the truth. The swamp Democraps, Cryin Chuck, Nancy Piglosi and the rest of them all need to go.
    I apologize to Moe, Larry and Curly.
    Chief Kickabitch leader of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

  35. Look this up most and least Muslim states “researchers find that Islam is the largest non-Christian group in 20 American states, mostly in the South and Midwest”. Pretty frightening, thank you Obama.

    • Obama is only partly to blame, he certainly did not make MN so f***ing liberal or dictate their lax policies. This problem has been brewing for a long time, even before Bath House Barry’s terms. This may sound sick but if these POS ragheads turn on the white population of MN & MI, that will be the best catalyst for people to wake up!

  36. Anyone who believes her nonsense should leave with her. I’m sick of these apologists for murderers! For the most part you all stated the rest. Just wanted to add something to encourage others to wake up. There is strength in numbers.

      • It’s not the people of MN, it’s 1-2 districts and NFW they’ll learn any lesson, other than if they can breed like rats, bring in chain raghead migration and metastasize into other districts, they can elect more of their vermin element.

    • I read a article she was possibly going to be impeached. She gave a false address of residence before the election when she actually lives or lived, in Deer Born Mich. The article was brief but said there was a 167,000 signatures already. Ahny one else read this, about a week ago?

    • Mark, you are right. There is strength in numbers. Instead of everyone putting their 2 cents worth in these comments, just think what could be done if action was put in place of the comments. I guess I’m included in that now as well.

  37. To be fair the previous administrations were nor guiltless. The invasion of Iraq, the support of regime changes around the world have not always been what one might call kosher. However, that said, America is one of the most generous and compassionate countries that has ever existed on this planet and Omar would do well to keep that in mind while she serves the American citizens.

    • Tony,
      . . . . She can’t serve our Republic. She has sworn an oath to the quran and this is in direct opposition to our Constitution. She serves islam whose sole goal is to conquer the world. She will lie, steal, cheat, and kill in support of islam.
      . . . . That is why it is against Federal Law for her and other muslims to be in the country, to be allowed to come here, to be brought here, or to be helped to come here. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. It is why he owned a copy of the quran. It wasn’t because he respected islam. This is a lie being told by this female and the communist propaganda machine aka msm.
      . . . . It so that he could understand the enemy. This is WWIII and we had better win. isis has not been defeated. They have conquered most of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, MI, and Detroit. Wake up America before it is too late.
      . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Name one nation other than acient Rome, where the conquered country was re built and left in better shape that war was enjoined. No we did not belong in Iraq. But hey, as evidenced by by the Iraqi attack on Dubai, we were going to end up there again eventually. Only difference it would not have been for a B.S. story of WMD’S.

  38. By this Muslims standards an American could kill her other Muslims, lib politicians as a reaction to their hate for the USA. It wouldn’t be the murderers fault. So let the games begin.

  39. Why are we welcoming our enemies into our country and, into our government? People like Omar have a mentality more suited to 3rd world countries than to America! The Democrats might think that they are gaining an ally but, in actuality they’re getting a snake in the grass that will eventually come back and bite them in the ass.

  40. Omar must be a citizen to be allowed to hold a political office. A naturalized citizen can hold a office up to vice president i believe. Just because she is a citizen does not exclude her from being deported. for a statement she made that could be considered of violating the national security. I hope she gets deported she don’t deserve her united states citizen ship

  41. This Terrorist is why Electronic Voting Machines have to be eliminated and replaced with the old fashioned paper ballots and Every State Must Have VOTER ID ! If you leave the USA and go into Canada and try to sneak across the border back into the USA and are caught – You are Jailed as a TERRORIST ! but no worries on our Southern Border Nancy and Chuckles say there is no problem at the Southern Border and it’s immoral to build a wall. Liberalism is a disease in the brain – just no other way to explain it

  42. They’re here and entrenched. Won in MI too. Is it Colorado who elected a muslim AG? And he was accused of domestic violence. But that makes sense. Because muslims are allowed to abuse their women. MN, the ex home of the Swedes is history. Believe it or not, ID is loaded with muslims and they will be winning there too. They all have 10 children while other folks abort with zero growth. Thank Obama for planting muslim pockets all through the US. I take relief knowing that God is in charge. He gave us free will. It is up to us to do what is right.

  43. This Samoa Muslim should loose her American Citizen ship and be shipped back to herCountry she is a Muslim Teariest living in the United States under False Pretense it is only time and she will be found out. She is what is called a Slipper gust eating to make her Move. She needs to be Removed from Office and that other Muslim B—— that is in Congress we do not need Muslim in the House Selling out our Veterans and the ones who Fought And Died for our Country to tell us how to run our Country when thay have been fighting and Killing each other since the beginning of time. Get ride of both of them send them back to where thay come from..

    • She should be executed for her treasonous remarks. That’s aiding and abetting the enemy. How the F**K did she get elected to Congress and how the F**K did these other Communist B***H’s get elected.

      • It’s because they are here to take over our country from within and so far it’s working out just fine for them because the Democrats are helping them pretty much all the way by backing their legislation

      • Enough with the foul language. It isn’t needed nor necessary. It is time to leave HS and enter the world of grown ups.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  44. she should be sent back to the middle east so she can suffer if she opens her stupid mouth , like i said they want to brag about the new women elected to congress, well i won’t call them women , their a$$ holes , i have yet to hear anyone of them say anything that makes any sense ,i bet most of them are sexist and hate men period , and i’ll tell you what i tell women around the world when i chat with them , american women $uck ,

    • Look at 90% of the Women in Congress are Democrats and are for abortion at 9 months. They are pro LGBT. They are too emotional and weak to stand for what’s right and moral.Too many women in Congress. They shouldn’t be allowed in Politics because they have infected the whole Political System with weakness. The men act like woman too timid to stand up for what’s right. A woman’s place is in the home and having babies. That’s what God created them for, not for having careers then deciding to get pregnant without having a husband. All women should be banned from Politics at all levels. Especially Muslims and Communist women which most of them are.

      • I am an independent conservative woman, who tends to agree with you. I hate working for a woman and not real fond of working with them. There are some who I could relate to but, to be honest, they act silly and seem so out of touch. Its hard to have an intelligent conversation with some of them. I meet very few strong women.
        I tend too that some of the women in our Congress act like their members of a Mary Kay Club and over react to some of the most idiotic things. Many are soft, intimidated by the men and buckle. You might be right… women tone down a room of men. Men have to mind their manners then.
        I feel that America has lost their backbone. Everyone is too busy trying to bust someone on something or did, that in their opinion is immoral. This needs to stop! If everyone would stop sticking their nose in everyone’s business, we would not have the strife and division that we have today. Of course that’s impossible with the Mainstream Media and their fake news.

  45. Obama should be hung by the neck until Dead, he has committed more crimes, than any president in History, if it weren’t for Hillary, he would most definitely win the Ring on the carousel. Why wasn’t he STOPPED- 1. The Deep State and 2. All the cowards in Congress, I remember one Senator, who got furious when Congress was in session, and he raise his voice and said ” He (Obama) is one man, what the Hell is wrong with you people), I don’t recall his name, but he deserves a Medal.

    • If someone would actually read the article added from 1952 pertaining to those eligible to be in Congress, they would see that Muslims are excluded….the reason? Terrorism. It was going on as Pirating back then. They brought it on themselves…and the terrorism still continues to this day. Why did people knowingly permit her and other Muslims to be on the ballot?? They should be excluded. NOW!!!

  46. What an idiot, does she really think ANTIFA will protect them or Patriots who are Democrats, are going to throw a party. What will happen and of course we never want it to, but it would be like Japan, except there would be no camps, it would be a one way ticket for all of them, and you would have millions and millions of happy people.

    • I am sure this woman is secretely being watched by our CIA. And they should. I do not trust her with any US info she may be privy to.

    • DIANE just another Israel HATER add to that HATES the USA> but loves with muslim loving GITT t send the muslim that DIANE LOVES and ALL HER MUSLIM FRIENDS back to where she was SPAWNED ,and REMOVE that CITIZENSHIP SHE LIED to be able to get, then MARRIES HER BROTHER TO GET HIM HERE

  47. Terrorist from with in and Demorats let them in a long with obo and Killary. Wondering if the hit is planned for the WH! Bigger than 911.Who’s going to remove the terrorist within?

  48. Omar’s entry into our government is like letting a fox into the hen house! We have enough problems to deal with, within our government without letting an anti-American Muslim to broadcast her terrorist agenda from within. I sincerely hope that she gets to experience “American Terrorism” soon, very soon!

  49. Diane we all have Things we done wrong in are lifes includes Trump and also you but he was electet our president im a democrat and military Vet i dont like alot of things he says but get over it the past is the past just like your Diane you got to give it to him he dont take no shit from anyone and dont back down i like that as far as the woman from minn if she dosent like our country she can go back to hers our country was fonded under Christian values One Nation Under God take care all and God Bless

    looks like they’re
    getting close
    //// SHE ////
    //// ISIS ////
    TO ME!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  51. Did this story about her beliefs and agenda come out before she was elected?
    Or was it another coverup by the Dems like the pictures of Obama with radical blacks who want Jews and whites eradicated?
    I agree, I can’t believe what his country is becoming. Hey Minnesota how about the industry Trump brought to you useless state? Should we take it back?

      • Omar is a terrorist plane and simple how this terrorist
        Stays in power is shameful along with the other terrorist one day they the terrorist will get the call
        God help us

    • It is time to load her rear on a plane to where ever she came from. . Anywhere outside the USA and leave her She doesn’t deserve to be here. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

      • “It is time to load her rear on a plane to where ever she came from. . Anywhere outside the USA and leave her She doesn’t deserve to be here. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.”

        If YOU cannot live with the results of a full, free, and fair election, then perhaps she is not the one who should leave

        • She is a foreigner who has legal questions now coming up and she only represents islamic values, not American values. She will not assimmulate as will other muslims will assimmulate. They are invaders. Are you one of them? I’m not.

    • How can she serve Americans of Minnesota or in any state if this is what she truly believes? We do not need immigrants of her caliber in Congress much less in the United States. She needs to return to Somalia and live there permanently under their laws.

  52. How she got her foot in the door is a mystery to me. What she intends to do is obvious. My opinion shouldn’t be seen where some of the younger generation might see it!

    • She’s doing exactly what Moslems have been doing for 1400 years. If they can’t overpower a country by force they move in, set up their own enclaves, refuse to assimilate with the existing society, claim the victim when they get pushback and then out-populate the existing citizens. It will continue until every one of their believers is annihilated. The first time that Christian populations fought back was after 400 years of persecution across the Middle East and Europe. Time for another Crusade…

        • If you have done any reading on Muslims, it is their belief to enter into our culture and any other culture to take over the (kafirs) or non believers. They infiltrate our societies and attempt to become part of our culture. Then they get into our governments and attempt to change our laws and our government. We need to be wary of this. The Liberals are a weak group and they are going to fall for this. Read the Koran a bit and find out how they think and believe.

  53. And just what did you expect from a Muslim? The people of Minnesota are going to wonder why the rest of think they are morons or worse dupes.

  54. Why am I reading on other blogs and posts that Ilhan Omar’s problems include the info that while in Somalia, she married her BROTHER to get out of the country. It was a muzzie marriage, perfectly acceptable in izzlam to intermarry to achieve one’s purpose. Hmmm?

  55. What do you expect she is a Muslim and a Teariest she should loose her Citizens Ship in America send her back to where she come from thay can do to her what thay do to all Muslim Women she is aHate Munger.

    • Is this Somali wet back even legal? or is she following the same road Obama did?
      If you are not happy in this country there are airlines that will take you back to your beloved land. We have enough of our own traitors in this country, we do not have to import them.
      It`s sad these people go thru hell to escape their country but then they come here and blame us because their country sucks. due to their religious belief that they want to spread all over the world.
      That is the main goal of the Muslum faith to take over the world WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA.

  56. This is a typical lying Islamist in it’s fullest, follow the Quran instructions!! Infidels are to be lied to, to get what they (Islamist) want! The true American people better wake the hell up and send these fanatics back to where they came from!!!

  57. Why living in America instead of Somali? Can’t do a shit there while the warlords rule the land? Now you are here to push around?

    America is not for sale. The constitution is here to stay.

    MAGA and the US flag!

  58. Terrorists are murders and their victims do not deserve to die or be maimed.
    Throw that muslim traitor back to her home cesspool now!

  59. If she really believe this why does she blame President Trump? He had nothing to do with it/ She could blame Pelosi -Shumer – Waters – Bush’s – Obama- Clintons – ALL the people who have ben around for decades. She seems pretty misinformed.

    • Mike, I’m not sure if she’s just misinformed? I’m thinking you could add either brainwashed or just brain-dead to misinformed???

      • jack Gajda – I don’t think she is braindead or misinformed. I think she meant every word she said. We need to take our country back. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. If she wants to turn America in to a muslim country, she’s going going to have a lot more opposition than followers. She is brought to you by Soros, Obummer, Hitlery and all of the rest of the anti-Americans traitorous “leaders”. Have you ever heard her say during any one of her lame speeches that she loves America and is proud to be an American? I have not.

        • Leslie, I hear ya’ and I love ‘Hitlery’. It had me cracking up and as for her speeches, I never heard one and never will because, like Hitlery, Okenya, Cortes etc. they make me sick to look at never mind hearing them speak…

      • Dear Sommerfield, I hate to admit it but you,re 100% right. Very scary when you think about it. Thank God I,m an old lady, I don,t want to see what this country will. become in another ten years. God help us all, and God bless America. T

  60. If people were killed”because they deserve it”, we wouldn’t be listening to the vile crap comin outta her mouth! She’d be worm food.

  61. Great. We have an unamerican raghead in congress. Lock and load people. Islam, the asshole of Satan is taking over. They are the antichrist mentioned in the Bible.

    • Locked and loaded and waiting for the call from my President… There should be no Sharia-supporting members of Congress. It is a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic which is a polar opposite of their beliefs. The oath she swore to support and defend the US Constitution is null and void. Good old Islimic taqiyya at work with her…

      • Pete – Except she swore on the Quran, not on the bible so her oath means nothing. Christanity is the law of this land. Go back to your own kind if you can’t live by our laws. There needs to be a bill passed ASAP against Sharia Law. The brainwashed millenials have no idea what it even means – they’ve been lied to. I don’t think they would be happy campers if they knew that it is mostly anti-women. Women will be second class citizens, no drinking, no smoking, no skimpy clothes (have to be totally covered up from head to toe), no music, no dancing, have to accept being raped and beaten, can’t go anywhere without an escort, no driving. Women will exist just for the pleasures of men. Ironically, that’s what’s they are supposedly fighting against here on a dillusional, misguided smaller scale. No one is well-read anymore; the students believe everything they are being taught in these far left anti-American schools. Most don’t know how to obtain knowledge for themselves. They are not taught real life skill and are clueless when they get out on their own. I will make sure my 8-yr. old granddaughter is way ahead of the game. She’s already on her way there. She will have a mind of her own to make her own decisions. We’re teaching her to listen to both sides of an issue and make her own conclusions. We don’t want to brainwash her either. She’s very intuitive and asks questions without just accepting things as facts.

  62. The people of Minnesota should have kept this wack-job for themselves, just like New York should have kept wack-job Cortes to themselves…

    • Notice the women at the State of the Union address? All wearing white and acting like children? Why is it that women are so easily swayed? Its estrogen and emotions. They hate him because he’s a white man and likes pretty women. Limbaugh once said, “Liberalism was created by ugly women”.. That is it. Emotions and better access to stuff.
      If they took control there would be Nuclear war in a few years.

      • I am a woman and not easily swayed. Don’t sterotype all women into the likes of these braindead freshman idiots. Estrogen and emotions have not ruled my life and I’m certain not many other women’s lives. That being said, I am a proud American and proud that I voted for Pres. Trump. I hate what’s happening. We need to get our country back. I think that if one wasn’t sworn in on the bible, they are not legitimate senators. I think it should be mandatory to swear in on the bible. We are a Christian nation, period. If they don’t like it, leave! Ironically, the one thing I did notice about all of these freshman senators wearing white – they are the first to cry out that things(people) are too white. Perhaps another color wouldn’t have appeared so hypocritical.

  63. Obama’s Islamization of America has “THE SERPENT” raising it’s ugly head in our Congress This Sharia Law, radical Islamist SERPENT is slithering in Our Congressional Halls and must be dealt with to the extent that our laws provide.

  64. Ship her butt back to Somalia… She was given asylum here right after her Muzzrat warlords attacked our troops in Mogadishu… Never should have happened and the US should stop saving people from the problems that they’ve created. They only come here and try to turn our country into one that resembles the one they “escaped.”

  65. How in God’s green earth did this terrorist traitor get elected to our government. Please remove her from office immediately!Who voted this mu-slime radical into office?

  66. This person needs to be removed from office!! What the hell is this country coming to? All that seem to get elected are Anti- America idiots!!!Who the hell are these voters?????

    • Joan Ferrante you question who are all these voters. I say they don’t all exist. If there was inplace voter ID a great deal of the elections would have turned out differently. You wonder why democrats are against voter ID? Well Ilhan Omar and people like her are why. I believe that voter ID is almost, if not just as, important as the wall.

      • James Miller Peelor Jr – I agree. The only ones that are against voter ID are the ones that have something to hide. Also, racist comments are supposedly grounds for impeachment or insisting one steps down. Anti-semitism slurs are racist. Everytime she or some of the other racists freshmen spout their mouths off, we need to gang up and call our congress person, the WH and the media, making it a huge issue that can’t be ignored. We need to demand that she(they) need to step down. Hopefully, enough times will pressure those that can make a difference to make a difference. If it’s in the media, the politicians can’t ignore it. We just need to make sure it’s not MSM that will never report it.

  67. She should be taken and put in front of a firing squad for her treason. Standing beside her should be her demigod idol Barack Obama. I would volunteer to be a member of the firing squad if it were possible. Any of you out there who don’t understand my opinion, try watching or reading “Black Hawk Down”.

    • There were 620,000 deaths in the war between the north and south the civil war. Count me in. Firing squad way to nice. Stones lots of them

        • Joan – If you’re to blind to see this corrupt asshole as a traitor, then that’s your problem, not mine. He is the most corrupt person to ever sit in the Oval Office. Forget the Mueller report……I’m waiting for the indictments from New York Southern District……he will be ruined, if not in jail. There are currently 7 investigations going on and they have no restrictions, like Mueller, nor can he pardon anyone! Can’t wait.

          • What planet are you from? You are suffering from some sort of mental illness. I believe its called Trump Derangement Syndrome.
            Every word you say is BS
            Go slither back under your rock Diane

          • Sadly you are 101% Psychological projection. No room for anything else, such as thinking for yourself, finding out the facts based in reality, etc.

          • Diane, you make all kinds of accusations but nothing to back them up, so they are so much crap. Like most Libs you are the kind of person that can’t handle the truth. You get all pissed of and start calling names and making false accusations but will never admit you are just full of shit.

          • Diane – Like all the other indictments against Trump’s affiliations, nothing has had to do with Trump. They are going to jail for lying to Congress re: their own crimes that have nothing to do with Trump. I am waiting for the 73,000+ sealed indictments to be unsealed. I think your heroes and their cohorts are on the list. Lots of treason, sedition, pedophilia. Hide and weep.

          • Diane, What has Trump done to hurt you? What has he done to hurt this nation? Give me some facts about Trump… not about those recent convicted guys who’s 15 year old crimes were finally found out… not committed under Trump’s watch. Facts about Trump that makes him unfit. Like Hillary is unfit.. with all of the crimes she has committed including murder, selling our uranium to Russia, selling our guns to enemy countries, sold classified info to China, took donations from enemy countries and deposited the money into the Clinton Foundation and blew the money on expensive trips for themselves and Chelsea’s wedding, when the money was suppose to go to Haiti earthquake relief.
            Are you saying that Trump is that kind of unfit?

        • Maybe she’ll be able to take the hint when she looks all around herself for support and notice that nobody else is there who has a working brain!

        • Maybe she’ll be able to take the hint when she looks all around herself for support and notice that nobody else is there who has a working brain!

        • Marion
          If you think that Trump is anything like the Obama and Hillary trashpile, you are sick! The liberal cesspool is increasing. I’m shocked that they let these incestual, abusive, murderous pigs join their lib club! I guess if the shoe fits…

      • Without even thinking twice about it! Trump has committed no treasonous acts and, after serving in uniform for 28 years (& in combat zones in 3 Moslem countries), I have yet to be relieved of the oath I swore to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and you appear to be one of the latter. Every single one of the comments you have ever made on this site has been pure, unadulterated horseshit with no basis in proof, facts or reality. Why don’t you go be a “powerful woman” in Somalia where this Muzzrat came from, where women are viewed as property by her twisted ideology? You wouldn’t last 5 minutes… Lastly, I seriously doubt you have any friends…

    • Steff – I did see the movie years ago. I totally understand. I would volunteer to stand beside you but I haven’t shot a gun for forever. I guess I could target practice.

    • Agree Don…she needs to go back to her country. She doesn’t believe in our values and frankly I don’t trust her and the likes of her. Also AOC her bug eyed horse mouth all need to leave.

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