Ilhan Omar’s troubles just went from bad to worse because of this one tweet

Ilhan Omar is at the center of a growing scandal.

Calls for her resignation are heating up.

And her political troubles just went from bad to worse because of this one tweet.

Democrats were set to vote on a weak resolution that called out anti-Semitism without mentioning Omar by name.

But the left pitched a fit.

A growing number of Democrats hate Israel and did not want to see Omar punished for merely expressing a commonly held belief among many in the Democrat grassroots.

So leadership pulled the resolution.

Donald Trump responded to this ugly episode by calling out Omar and the Democrats’ cowardly leadership on Twitter.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump criticized House Democrats on Wednesday for their handling of the allegations of anti-Semitism levied against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“It is shameful that House Democrats won’t take a stronger stand against Anti-Semitism in their conference,” Trump tweeted. “Anti-Semitism has fueled atrocities throughout history and it’s inconceivable they will not act to condemn it!”

Omar ruffled feathers with comments she made last regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict and the “dual loyalty” she feels like members of Congress have to the Jewish nation.

Omar’s controversy, and the ensuing liberal backlash, threw the Democrats off stride.

This was supposed to their big week for passing all their left-wing messaging bills to prove they could “deliver” on their campaign promises.

Instead, Democrats spent it proving to the world they are the party of hatred and bigotry.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Do you agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that America is “garbage”? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only “garbage” that is going on is the ANTI-AMERICAN garbage that is being led by AOC and Omar with the rest of the DumboRATic Party in lock step.

  2. Like Barack Obama, Rep. Omar does not deserve to occupy the office she holds. Like Obama, she secured that position thanks to a mainstream media that painted anyone who did not support her as a racist. Like Obama, she should concern herself more with representing the wishes of those who elected her than imposing her opinions on others. In my opinion, she should be removed from the Foreign Affairs committee and subsequently be advised to show up, shut up, and do her job. Just a thought…

  3. She and her brother/husband need to go back to Somalia and work in their dad’s used camel lot.

    • Slap a hoe, lets stop being what they are or we fall as they do. Lets be more constructive and less destructive with these comments. Get serious man.

    • Chief Kickabitch, 🙂 Great name! Omar is not only a b-itch, she is a incestuous
      b-itch! This stooge has committed so many sins against her Islamic faith, I can’t imagine why she is breathing. I guess it is because she has the brass kahunas to speak hatred toward God’s chosen people. She and her people will find out in eternity what a powerful mistake attacking the Jewish people is. No, I am not Jewish however, I stand with them.

  4. I don’t want to see Omar resign, I want to see her dropped kicked out of our government! The same goes for Tlaib and Cortez. American Patriots have reached the end of their fuse and if our President gives the word, we will do whatever is necessary to fix our government and our country!

    • there is no excuse for these traitors in our govt. they should be removed what ever means it takes, the dem wits put them in, they should lose their voting rights.

  5. Looks like the Demon-crats are showing their true colors and it will surprise me if they continue to get votes from the Jewish community they are kicking.

  6. Please stop using the phrase
    “Democratic Candidates”
    When there is not much Democratic
    about them.
    They are
    Democrat Candidates.

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    • They are ” treasonist” at the core just look at their fruit and what have they? Its true we must come together and fight for our freedom which is highly at stake here.A National scripted ” We are Christians” March will do it once and for all. We the people must take a stance right now not tomorrom.

  7. who will beat him with the bunch of dem lib baby killers,muslim voters running? let see a land slide for Trump,, Go Trump 2020
    this is not a duplicate post, please post.

  8. who will beat him with the bunch of dem lib baby killers,muslim voters running? let see a land slide for Trump,, Go Trump 2020
    this is not a duplicate post, please post.

  9. Yes, it’s very sad at the current state of affairs within dem/lib party. They are disintegrating right before our eyes. I love the rebels like aoc to take attention away from the dems platform and even secure MORE votes from former dems/libs. I hope they don’t go anywhere, keep the turmoil and distracting and let the word of the Republicans and conservatives be heard. These freshman lawmakers will keep the rest of the party busy by correcting them, chastising them, ignoring them, but the focus won’t be anything to do with some crazy dem/lib platform. Gotta love how God works it all out!

    • These new people are put in Congress by a group that is taking over all the D’s that are there now. It’s a group called Justice Democrats but with everything they do on the Left the name is misleading,it’s about taking justice away from the people to bring in Communism. AOC was taken from a casting call as an actress would be.She was put there to be the mouth of these men led by Cenk Yuger,the young Turk.

  10. What a sad excuse for a political party the Democrats have become. Promoters of infanticide, aberrant behavior, bigotry and racism. Dismantling of 2nd amendment, Dabbling with the 1st and playing with the 26th. It is unable to come to grips with the border and flies in the face of reality when confronted with fact. The assinined green deal, protection of non citizens to the point of openly embracing the ideal that they are entitled to purchase firearms,vote, and are free to break the laws of the land, creating the means of sanctuary cities, counties, and whole states where they are not subject to the laws of.the United.States. I do not have time nor patience to completely compile a list of the most anal and ridiculous stunts this party has given rise to. Sadly if I were a woman I would be so angry and disappointed in the fact that we now have so many women in Congress and this is the best that can be achieved. Racism, attacking the President, infanticide, bigotry, lies and half truths is not a political platform. It just exposes them for the hateful Godless ethically and morally challenged waste of human skin they have become.

  11. The law banning moslems from holding public office needs reinstated. It was rescinded in 1992 or 93 by no less than the DNC ruling class of today. They’ve been planning this for decades, this capitulation to Islamic law.

    • They shouldn’t have been brought here in the first place. Take them out of troubled , backward countries, give them all the freedoms our fathers and forefathers fought for, and what do they want to do? Kill us, our president our way of life and turn this country into an islamic one. They have been fighting inthat part of the world for centuries, one tribe against another. The know no other way of life. It is Islam or nothing. They don’t want to fit in, be peaceful members of our society. They wan to change it into theirs. A society of fighting amonst tribes and different people than themselves.

    • But so many have already planned the extermination of this Muslim heretic who shall die by and for her hated slurs and prejudices…the timing is exact! See

      • take them out of office, display them like ISIS does , they show pictures on tv of these animals holding Swords over their heads ETC, give them a sample of their tactics eye for an eye. we do not need any muslim people in our govt, we would not be allowed to have Americans in their country , they would behead them, remember they are animals.

    • VERY AFRAID FOR OUR COUNTRY!! IN MY 60s…NEVER SEEN THE LIKES OF AOC, ILHAN & RAHSHIAD!! When you come to our country it’s to join our way of life. Not to change it to where you came from. VOTE THEM OUT! CALL YOUR REPS. God help us! TRUMP 2020

      • The thing about it, this Omar woman as well as the homely one that got voted in here in MI. will be re-elected. They represent the areas where Obama transferred thousands of refugees. Obama is responsible for this. He transferred them to large cities. So, it will be hard to vote them out. The American people are not the ones voting for them..

  12. Muslims are not even allowed in this country. Islam is our enemy. We need to deport ALL muslims. Their goal is to replace our Constitution with sharia law and are very dangerous to our freedom. libs are with them, as they hate this country.


    • If I am not mistaken there are places in either Michigan or Moinnisota that have DO NOT ENTER areas that Musliums have taken over, Which shude not be aloud in this country. s0rry about spelling.

  13. TRUMP2020
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  14. Modern Ashkenazi Jews are not the Jews of the Bible. “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Recent DNA analyses have revealed that even Ashkenazi Jews have the majority of their DNA originating in the Middle East. There are those that are camouflaged Jew haters that try to create some sort of Khazar quasi identity to disprove the Jewish identity of Ashkenazi Jews.

  15. So let’s take a second, and glance at the Democrapic Girls Scorecard. The Muslim Terrorist with the Congressional seat celebrates that she “defeated the Government” in a situation last week — ummm, could she be referring the same Government that has given her a Job and a paycheck? “Sandy” (as we find she wants to be called) has been accused of making moves and abusing laws of the Government that SHE works for… what an interesting pattern we have here — and this behavior comes from the TWO brightest new stars on the democrapic stage ! PEWLOSI is afraid … but I say WE need to be afraid … BE VERY AFRAID … PRESIDENT TRUMP, GO FOR IT SIR — MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN …

  16. Omar may be a citizen of the united states but she can still be deported. Her public statement proof what she is about, i believe she is being told by her muslin tribe what to say. Deport all of them

    • ibelieve this also this arrogant twit has been repeating what she is to say and she is doing it well to make everyone mad. i say send them all back where they came from and leave them there. they do not fit in in this nation.

  17. If she were a republican instead of a democratic Muslum they would be pushing to have her removed from office. Double standard again.

    • Estell;
      You are so right. The party of slavery and Jim Crow was forced underground in the 60’s. It has always been there, but now over time people have forgotten. Those that are the most racist in Congress are almost without exception the youngest. AND in the majority are those that are recent immigrants or first generation citizens. This speaks volumes of our immigration policies and education systems for the eight years of the previous administration. The idiots in the Democratic party have painted themselves into a corner with creating all the individual groups and political correctness they have promoted for the sake of votes. Now if they condemn a black Muslim female they are racist. If they don’t codemn Omar for her disgusting comments they are…racist. Let them stew in the crap stew they have created. As has been witnessed, if a Republican had made or even alluded to one tenth of what has come out in the open they would have been run out of the country on a rail. It is not just the Omars, Tlaibs or Cortezes. Racism has been openly displayed by Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Tokyo Hirano and others. It has been allowed to run rampant as they now feel they have the “numbers” to come out in the daylight to attack the first, second and twenty-sixth amendments.

      • Just try to imagine the hundreds marching from one state to another and gathering force as we march to Washington DC and voice our opposition to all demonrats and their ruthless behavior to include of course treason. What will the senate and congress do then? They would have to agree immediately as they will be given more power more belief in the Constitution and i am talking about all members of congress and the house. Oust all who sew discord and push their own agenda like aoc, peloshi, shoe mer, maxipad which she needs on her 👄.and all the rest. The time is ripe for all on the right to stand up and be heard. They can do it, so can we amen.

        • Arturo Sanchez, Good comment! I give you a AMEN! I have tried all my life to decide why Democrats are more vocal, work harder, and stick together to get their agenda done and we, Republicans, don’t. I certainly don’t think it is because Republicans are more gentlemanly and lady like maybe, we are just not determined enough! It is past time for us to fight for our beliefs and rights even if we have to get a little dirt and poop on our hands, oh gasp!
          I wonder if the Democrats are industrious and we are too lazy and lack the heart to accomplish our agenda? If so, we have to get beyond that, or go down in flames!

        • How about starting a petition for the removal of the terrorist squad plus pelosi, Maxine, al green, hirono, schumer, nadler, and schiff.

    • But it didn’t go from bad to worse, and it won’t unless the Dems get some “balls”, some integrity and have the Ethics to call her out. They have no shame and are demeaning the role of our Congress.

        • What has happened to Rand Paul Kentucky is one of the most outstanding true GOD LOVING STATES IN THE UNION THE BEST GOVERNMENT,BUT THEM HALF ASS DEMOCRATIC PAUL AND MCCONNELL WILL HAVE TO GO.

  18. Well, you Democrats are proving once again what you truly are,’bigots and hatred’. You should go ahead and call yourselves racist too, after all you always accuse others of the very thing your guilty of. Thanks for showing your true colors. ASSHOLES.

  19. I listened to a history professor who primarily focused on the Somalian race and Muslim religion. He referred to the Somalians as gypsies, due to thier way of infiltrating countries, getting into all public assistance available to them, and finally into political positions. At which time they begin to take over the country and often bankrupt it. Before all the violence started in European countries that were, practically overtaken by them, he stated exactly about the violence that was about to transpire there as well as here in the United States. He nailed it. He warned about thier hidden motives, and thier hatred towards all Christians. Incase someone wants to pull the race card, the professor was a black gentleman. “Do not trust them”.

  20. L-i-b-e-r-a-l j-e-w-I-s-h v-o-t-e-r-s and anti- s-e-m-t-i-c s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-ts sure make strange b-e-d-f-e-l-l-o-w-s.

    Time to a-b-a-n-d-o-n the sinking s-h-i-p.

    Hope this comment get thru.

    • Yes spot on man from grey. Who’s country is this? I need to crawl under. Wake up we need more time to give these stupid voters a chance to look in the mirror. Dumb, Dumb,

  21. This Muslim moron/terrorist should be kicked out of Congress. Nancy Pelosi is a coward, asshole, and a moron because she does not want to anger Muslims in America who do not assimilate and are all anti-Semitic!

    • these traitors, palosi,scumbager,indian faker, maxine are screaming about seeing tax returns of the president, these idiots only had one job in their life, politics being paid by the American tax payers, yet they are worth millions, we need to look into their finances and tax returns ,where is the witch hunter, probably since he could not find any thing on trump is out trying to see if he Can find any thing on Trumps young son, seeing if he can catch him playing hooky from school.

  22. We need to come together ,and have a peaceful demonstration in every city big or small Show we are with the best President ever and have his back ! With a little will power we can do it .And everybody regardless who you are join in !!!!

      • We would vote them out, if our vote counted. I left California because of that, and the fact that I could not even go to the store without being assaulted by illegals.

        • this brain dead palosiface wants to have illegals to be able to vote, she has to be voted out of our govt. she should be given a one way ticket to Iraq and then put her name on the no fly list.

    • Lisamains: long ago I went to a Tea Party Rally in DC. Everyone who could got rooms at a couple of hotels and there were informational classes that night to make sure that all would be calm and there were great speakers nothing pushy or trying to advocate anything but how the govt worked. Next morning we all congregated on the mall and covered it in a crowd from the Washington Monument way on down. Standing room only. I took my 17yr old granddaughter so she could see how things really worked without violent protests and such. She really got her eyes opened to the workings of our govt. It was a great day, pretty weather, and met some awesome people who had even flown in or spent hrs on buses. Didn’t take us but 4 hrs. I’m in a wheelchair now but so want to go to Congress and visit all of the true republicans who don’t have the spine or the ba–s to stand and express some demands and I would really want to visit the pubs who are (closet dims) and continually vote with the dims. (I have a problem with those who haven’t even visited the border and spoken with the border patrol but voted against funding it!)

    • Lisamains, say when and where.lets all do it and not just a few. March to DC ohhhhh, the left dont want this because they know they will loose any grip they may have. Lets Roll, remember America? Do we want another one in our own backyard?

  23. People need to rally together and give this country back to God. It does not belong to Allah. God chose President Trump to save this country. We have to stand up for God and Country. God bless America and President Trump.

      • Dan Tyree, That is what I was trying to say. Every time I quote the Bible my post disappears. So far I have lost 5 posts that way.I tried to post Genesis12:3 three different times. All three times it didn’t post. So I tried to say it another way.

        • Linda H, Soooooooo, Google is not only anti conservatism, they are also anti Christian! Google censors a good many of my comments that to me seem perfectly okay, clean, nonthreatening, etc. I am sure my name has a big “red” flag by in in their system!

      • HE has got to be upset with us for allowing all of this but I also know in my heart that HE has a plan..there is a reason for all of it. We just have to really pray. I look around at our world and can’t help but believe we are living in the “End of Times” as laid out in Revelations. HE spoke about the “Lukewarm church” and how HE would spew it out of HIS mouth.. This was the last line of the times of the churches too!

        • MamaJay4, on another site I said that I believed we were living in the end times. Someone said that if it was the end of time it was because of ignarant cultests like me. There was a Baptist preachers widow that agreed with her. So I told this person that I would rather be judged by her and stand with God than be judged by God and stand with her. I admit I got that from the God Is Alive movie. But I felt I needed to say it. I want people to know that God loves all people and wants them to be saved. Sometimes I just don’t know exactly how to say it. I do pray for help before post anything having to do with God. Thank you for your post. I feel I’m not alone God sent me you.

    • Lying Nancy has lost her mind,apparently suffering from mental disability, called democrat. Muslims have no business in a god fearing countries political agenda. Get all of them out of our great country.

  24. I miss the days that, no matter which major party voted in our President, All Americans rally to our duly elected President Donald Trump to lead American to support All Americans!

    • ME TOO! And that wasn’t any further than in the last administration. Clearly, we are about one administration too late. I firmly believe that all of this crap was starting to be laid out by that administration and are still involved in it.

      • It is not too late Mamajay4, the last administration will not succeed all they want to do in America, like creating a massive National Debts of 20.5 Trillion US Dollars for eight long years in office, but, we can survive about this debts for electing our President Trump. We should start paying this debts and this can be done.

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