Ilhan Omar’s worst secret came out and now her days are numbered

Ilhan Omar has found herself involved in numerous controversies since entering Congress.

Most of them surround her repeated anti-Semitic remarks.

And now a massive cover up exploded and Omar’s worst secret could be about to end her career. is an online petition service that allows grassroots activists to circulate online petitions to get the attention of the media and policy makers, showing there is a groundswell of support behind their issue.

But, like all tech platforms, is run by liberals and suppresses conservative speech.

That is the case where the site is censoring a petition from calling on the Justice Department to probe the Council on American Islamic Relations’ ties to the controversial Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. accuses CAIR of being linked to Hamas and they want to know the extent of this relationship with Omar and Tlaib.

But is hiding the petition by not allowing users to search for it.

The Daily Caller reports: is suppressing an inflammatory petition from a Jewish watchdog group demanding a federal investigation into the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Though the petition didn’t violate’s terms, the platform took steps to restrict its “discovery on our platform,” told, the watchdog group, in an email shared with The Daily Caller News Foundation. The petition is hidden from users who search for it on the platform.

The petition, which had more than 32,000 signatures by Tuesday evening, accuses CAIR, a Muslim activist group, of being “an American front group for the Hamas terrorist organization.” The petition also challenges Omar and Tlaib’s loyalties to America. Both congresswomen previously leveled the same charge against supporters of Israel.

“There’s no doubt that Tlaib and Omar have close-knit ties with Hamas affiliated CAIR and we, as concerned citizens, call on Attorney General and U.S. Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism to investigate these ties,” the petition states.

32,000 people so far have signed the petition.

There is no way to know how many would have actually signed to hold Omar and Tlaib accountable for their controversial link to CAIR had not suppressed the petition.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. I lived most of my life in a bubble, I guess. I was never interested in Politics, and figured it best to leave that “STUFF” to those that were interested in how our government worked. To pay attention at my late stage in life was like opening up a “whole new world”! Watching how the different politicians handle situations is a REAL AWAKENING, and I am truly in “SHOCK” by the ILLEGAL, RUDE, CALLOUSE, NON-CARING, and DOWNRIGHT SHAMEFUL way that some are conducting their “JOBS” and their “DON’T GIVE A DAMN ATTITUDES” about how they hurt others, use a word here or there to manipulate everything to suit their purposes. The Justice KAVANAUGH hearings were a CLASSIC EXAMPLE! How that poor man was exposed to the ROTTEN UNDERSIDE BELLY of POLITICS was SHAMEFUL, to say the least! His entire family, from his parents to his daughters, was forced to witness the DUMBOCRAPS attempt to ruin him, his reputation, and EVERY possible accusation and LIE that a man could be accused of!!! I was EMBARRASSED for HIM, HIS FAMILY, HIS ASSOCIATES, HIS FRIENDS, and ANYONE THAT HE CONSIDERED A FAVORED PERSON IN HIS LIFE!!! THE DUMBOCRAPS FLEW IN (AT HER RELUCTANCE) THE PHONY DR. FORD, WHO COULD REMEMBER NO DATES, NO ADDRESSES, NO PARTY ATTENDEES, DID NOT “RECALL” HOW SHE GOT TO THE PARTIES, NOR HOW SHE GOT HOME, NOR DID SHE PRESENT ANY WITNESSESS,,,,,,EVER FOR ANY PARTY!!! BUT SHE WAS SHOWN ON THE INTERNET AT A PARTY, ON THE ARM OF SOROS, ABOUT 20+ YEARS AGO. THAT SHE CANNOT DENY. THE DUMBOCRAPS SHOULD BE TOTALLY ASHAMED AND EMBARRASSED BY THAT TOTAL SHAM OF HEARINGS!!!!!!

  2. was founded to fight against the Impeachment of the Draft Dodging Traitor who was ILLEGALLY in the White House from 1993-2001. should be ELIMINATED by any means necessary.

  3. should loose there .org status for being politically partisan if one looked deep enough at them, I bet they’g come up dirty both in money dealings, and
    political deals as well

  4. Finally someone doing the research into Islam,I pray that there eyes be opened,these people should not be in office.

  5. Muslims use the United States Constitution and The Bill Of Rights to obtain power. They are playing “the long game” and bidding their time in their effort to take control and put the country under Sjaria Law. All one has to do to see what is coming is watch Europe. President Trump had the right idea that prevented Muslims from immigrating to the United States. Immigration from Middle East countries should have been restricted to Christians. Left wingers don’t understand the problems Muslims bring from their countries of origin and never will until ot’s Too late.

  6. Muslims should never be elected into any Congressional office in the United States. They will not swear on the Bible, which is the Litmus test. You don’t have to believe, but you have to respect our Law.. The Muslims want to swear on the Koran, which is in actuality swearing allegiance to Islam. They will die for Islam and they make loud professions of hate for the USA. We do not have to let them into the inner workings of our Countries secrets..

  7. Just the facts……
    Candidate Party Votes Pct.
    Ilhan Omar Democrat 267,703 78.2%
    Jennifer Zielinski Republican 74,440 21.8

    342,143 votes, 100% reporting (236 of 236 precincts)

  8. plagerism: noun: plagiarism; plural noun: plagiarisms

    the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own

  9. If you would like, here is the phone number for the Ethics committee. Call and voice your opinion to the counselor directly.202-225-7103.

  10. Hi Sherrey, If you have not, then pleasae contact your Reps and tell them to use Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution when Ilhans State starts the removal. Our Reps need to act when the moment comes and they need to be told to act in favor of removal by their own constituents (voters in their districts). We all must do this. Thanks!

  11. Hi KatahdinView, Thanks for that contacting! That is a crucial step. The Constitutional removal process will have to be used by them so we need to have them in the mindset to use it. They need to start that on their end and Ilhans’ State needs to take the first step. The other States would then follow with their portion of the removal process that their own constituency made them aware of the wanting this removal done. That is we told our Reps that we want Ilhan removed so when her State starts the process then the other States should join the action for removal as the Constitution requires per Article I, Section 5, Clause 2. Thanks again! Side note: I heard on the radio locals news that the petion had been delivered to Pelosi. Well I have no faith in Pelosi to do the right thing. She’s just as unethical as the rest of her fellow Dems and to stupid to stop her opposition when she can. I would like to be wrong on that point!

  12. Stop changing the focus to Trump and his family. Omar, Tlaib, and AOC should all be sent back to their cohorts-ISIS Anti-Semite, terrorists in all parts of the US and the world. These three women are dangerous and should be deported back to the countries they supprt: Islam, Jihad, etc. enough is enough. Shut them up, shut them out

  13. Lacy, I have cantacted all of my reps. they can only do so much, most of it has to be done in the state they live in is what all of my reps. said, I have signed the petition like a lot of have, so we will have to wait and see.

  14. joe Obama let in 150,000 Somali immigrants in Michigan and Minnesota. They eventually became citizens and got to vote. Thus the root of deadly Sharia Law raising its ugly head now.

  15. I heard you were related to Clintons and that is why you hide behind the name of our President Trump. It is sad you have been so ill taught that you think there us ANY TRUTH that comes out of your mouth. You should try to stop being IGNORANT and educate yourself to OUR VALUES AND CULTURE. If not go back to your third world Country and stop trying to turn the USA into the same place you must have left.

  16. Agree Ilham Omar DOES NOT KNOW THE US OF AMERICA! Remove from US Representative! Not qualified, lacks knowledge!

  17. Ahh you mean the pedophile democrat cult, yes like billy clinton and creepy old joe biden along with I wish i was spartacus corey booker, and then there is you wishing you were trump… bwahaha, loser try using your head for something other than holding your ears apart.

  18. Well from what I know ALL Muslims read and FOLLOW the Quran. They may not be terrorist but their agenda is still the same 1. MOVE in and set up Sharia law. 2. Do whatever it takes to get it done (lie, cheat, steal and even Kill) to do it. 3. Take over towns, cities, counties, States, and COUNTRIES anyway possible and mainly through city, county, state and elected Government positions. Just look at the three new Senator freshman in office and follow what they are doing (same as above) A.O.C. is part of the three.

  19. Please ask your Rep. to use the Constitutional process to start her removal. I have already and so have others. We all must do so. Her terrorist fund raising F or CAIR is a good starting point Thank you.

  20. Ilhan Omar should have never been allowed to run for office. There is a great amount of evidence that she committed Felony Immigration and Marriage fraud by being married to 2 men at the same time and marrying her brother to get him into the United States. She is extremely ungrateful to The United States from saving her. There is no way she can uphold her Oath of office to Support and Defend The Constitution of The United States due to her 7th Century lifestyle that directly contradicts with freedoms guaranteed in The Constitution. Investigate and hold her accountable.

  21. Lacy, Thank you. If others would do this also maybe we can get rid of her. He support via funding of CAIR for terrorists is treasonous. Hopefully others will push removal based upon that. Never mind the nay sayers. We must try.

  22. Bob2; I will do just that tomorrow. Every time you write you have fo stick to just one issue. The congressional recall will be for sure the next.
    Thank you.

  23. By the obama implants in the district she illegally represents. They voted her in. Have your Rep. use the removal process in the Constitution.

  24. Lacey, Remind your Rep. that there is a Constitutional process in place to remove politicians and they need to use it, especially with Omar.

  25. People like Omar, Tlaib, Cortez do not understand freedom. The two sand diggers never had to fight for it or give up anything to get it. They were brought here and it was just handed to them. As for the PuertaRican moron, we have all met her in the grocery store. Loud, rude, foul mouthed and demanding. Another case of affirmative action gone wrong. And it’s not just them. I have heard people that should know better make remarks or statements that were off.the charts stupid. We gotta outsmart these people, not be like them. And the one way that will shut up and get rid of them is to write your Congressmaen and senators. It only takes a few minutes out of your day. Could you imagine.the results if everybody on these sites were to blast them with everything from the border wall to gun control? People by nature are a little lazy and kinda look for their own interests. Your elected officials are no different. Sometimes they just need to be jumpstarted and pointed in the right direction.

  26. Loren, this Donald Trump is the average leftist NEVER TRUMPER troll. They are incapable of rational thought because of their hatred of President Donald Trump undoing their evil and or bad policies. Don’t waste your time on this cowardly fraud.

  27. Amen Gunny! These liberal a/h’s have nothing better to do with their miserable lives other than continuing their pitiful efforts to show normal folks just how damned dumb they really are!

  28. You must be totally brain dead! IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP FOR WHAT??????????

    Where in the world were you when OBUMMER WAS POTUS?? He was, by far, the worst POS that the USA ever had. Both Obummer and The Hildabeast should be executed.

  29. It is most interesting to note that an “entity” has been posting on this site as “Donald Trump”. By the verbiage and terms used it is pretty much obvious that you are a balless wonder. This is one of the sex changes gone bad rejects that escaped from Trinidad, Co. We used to watch your kind wander the streets and try to convince us everyone else was crazy as hell and you were “normal”. I could spot your kind a mile off just by reading the way you use “dearie” and other cute little homilies. Do us all a favor and the next time you go under the knife, have them put a vacuum cleaner up against your ear and finish sucking out what few brains you have left. Note to all. To engage or acknowledge this freak of humanity is a total waste of your time. It is unable to understand conceptual and rational thought.

  30. Donald H. Beck – I don’t know why Omar, marrying her brother to get him into the country, is not illegal and fraudulent. Why were charges not made against her long before her bogus run for Congress!

  31. R.H. Lehmuth – *****! I think that the Plagiarist (not Donald Trump) is a coward. It will be interesting when the deranged leftists find out that the majority in their own party are not only pedophiles, they are also pedovores/Satanists. The sickening crimes against humanity are currently being investigated and are among the 82,000+ sealed indictments. Their idols are at the top of the list. When you add that to the corruption and treason/sedition, the Dems will become obscure. Sure there are some corrupt, traitors, pedos in the Rep party but the majority belong to the same club (the Dems). They want to legalize pedophilia.

  32. You are a dumb ass. Your use of the Trump name just might get you some jail time.All you commy libs demogogs can kiss my ass. SEMPER FI USMC

  33. Omar and Tlaib are active members of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS organization and they openly support TERRORISTS

  34. Can her citizenship be revoked…azzhat Oscar Charlie….why are the people who mediate this whatever you call it allow someone to steal pres trump name but limits the rest of us

  35. I just love limp wrist scum like you as you do NOT have the Cajones
    to show your REAL NAME. Rather, you plagarize the name a someone you despise – undoubtedly because you never make yourself more than a
    cowpie in a pasture.

    Now, not I have the cajones to list my name and location – you limp . . .

    R H Lehmuth
    St. George, Utah

  36. I definitely hope and pray that truth-seeking Muslims will detach themselves from the pedophile, false prophet and liar that Mohamad actually was

  37. Exactly! Impeach Trump and put his entire family in prison for the rest of their natural lives! That would finally make America great again!

  38. It all ends for them if someone gets a clean shot.
    Hopefully, someone on their Security team will.

  39. Oh sweetie, it’s cute when you think you understand how the government works. Bless your heart……

  40. Relax, all decent people hate the pedophile cult that is Christianity. Weren’t Christians demanding religious freedom a few years ago? I guess that’s the typical hypocrisy that the poison of Christianity teaches the weak minded

  41. Does this mean the 72 virgins is a lie?
    Guess I better stick with Christianity, but
    I can see how a person with the mentality of a dog living in a cave would blow themselves up for 72 virgins… The problem is those 72 virgins are actullay 500lb gay guys and you’re on the bottom…

  42. These woman have no right to be in our government period, and Cortez. They are all a disgrace to America and us. They hate Christianity witch this country was built on!

  43. These enemies of our country need to be exiled. These monsters have shown their true colors over and over again. In their own words something needs to be done to protect American values.

  44. These enemies of our country need to be exiled. These monsters have shown their true colors over and over again. In their own words something needs to be done to protect American values.

  45. Good idea maybe we can get a deal and send Barry with her He has no love for this country oh he has family too they don’t like us other We will buy them all a ticket

  46. Steps in conquering America by Non-Christians 1. Infiltration, Already did that 2. Overwhelm, on the process with 4 wives each man. 3.Domination, Preparing to do just that. 4. Slavery can happen without firing a shot.

  47. Why is AOC even a Representative when according to article 5 she would have to be 30 to even be elected. She is only 29 yo.

  48. Get Judicial Watch to do the petition. Then we can finally have justice. Get Cortez out along with them. Investigate them along with Pelosi.

  49. And there’s the rub. When liberals are controlling most sources of information the truth gets buried. Sounds to me like we need to start a petition on CHANGE.ORG to have their Federal tax breaks as a nonprofit organization abolished. If they are able to determine whAt they deem meritous to print and also determine that while does not fall within the sites ideology, then they are no longer a public forum but a private enterprise. I have often wondered if any right thinking citizens were taking action against these two racist antiAmerican “politicians” and now we all know the truth. Liberal media is controlling not just our speech, but are very ability to act. I am what you might call.technically challenged so I am almost beggging… if anyone reads this and can set up a petition on CHANGE.ORG and use it against them to cause them to use the site in a manner that is fair to all please do so and publish it here that we may go to that site and sign your petition. I would really appreciate your action.

  50. This is only the beginning.Infiltration.DemocRats are afraid to admit it because they hate Trump.Why are they allowing this ?

  51. Yes, Obama is muslim and the goal of Islam is total world control. Their goal in this country is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. The dems hate this country and are pro-muslim. They are very dangerous to our freedom. Revelation says that satan will rule for a period of time and it is all falling into place. satan has both the muslims and the dems in his army. But we know that God will win and we will never have to deal with either in Heaven, where there will be only peace and love.

  52. They were elected in their district because Obuma sent them there it is and was his plan for them to start the take over of our country, people need to wake up to this fact quickly.


  54. Some prominent Dem leaders defended her. Amazing. How can they praise her after all the trash talk she made against America? She’s a foreigner. Born in Somali before moving here.

    She has no love for this country at all but why giving her the mic to scream at us?


  55. I’m Christian also and I’m fed up with the hypocritical attacks. I’ve even heard it claimed mohammed was alive in Jesus’ time which is wrong. The false profit mohammed was born somewhere around 650 – 700 yers after Jesus.
    I forgot the former ISIS fighters’ name but he claims Jesus came to him and thus he left ISIS. He says he feels like the modern day Paul and he is a Christian now and he is out preaching against Islam. He also warned that the English Koran is not the real Koran. The Arabic Koran is the real Koran and it is violent in its teachings. This is another way how the Arabs will tell the infidels from the real Islamists. In other words the English Koran is not the real Koran.
    Well one can only hope and pray the Islamists wake up and save themselves.
    Muslim readers: All you need to do is simply walk into a Christian church and tell the Clergy you want to become Christian and they’ll help you do so.
    Unlike Islam we don’t force you to and if you want to leave you can leave at anytime. That is the directive from God via Jesus… come on free will to me.
    Love can’t exist by force.

  56. I agree she claimed JESUS was a Palestinian. She has no knowledge of anything that she say’s. Highly offensive to my Christian upbringing. I try not to get upset but it is offensive,and historically inacurate.

  57. Ignore the survey. Do your civic duty and have your Rep. use the Constitutional authority to remove a representative. There is a minimum threshold to remove so we all need to do this. I already have. We have to try. Also for those who live in the area where a Rep. commits a crime or engages in questionable legal action, report it to law enforcement. Showing a petition full of wants to law enforcement does no good. Evidence showing justification for a complaint is the best approach. In Ilhans’ case her fund raising for a terrorist group would be a good start.

  58. I bet that Omar and Tlaib are running scared that those 32000 petitions might be found and they are, their careers with be over along with the Democratic Party and show us that that party is as antisemetic as they are.

  59. America was founded by individuals who wanted freedom and equality for all. The belief that all are created equal. We allow various religions and nationalities. But these individuals are going to the extreme of ANTI-AMERICANISM. Muslims are creating herotic atracities all over the world. We do not need those here in our Great Country. I find it hard to believe that they were elected within our countries boundries. They need to be removed immediately from ANY government posiltions, we don’t need their poisoned ideas.

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