Impeachment just backfired on the Democrats in this major way

When news broke about a so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint against Donald Trump, Democrats thought they finally found the silver bullet that made impeachment popular and inevitable.

They thought wrong.

And now impeachment just backfired on the Democrats in this major way.

Nancy Pelosi held off for months on supporting an impeachment inquiry because she believed it was toxic for Democrats in 2020.

But when news of the so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint leaked, Pelosi could no longer fend off her left flank.

Without seeing the transcript of the phone call in question or the actual whistleblower complaint, Pelosi announced she supported an impeachment inquiry.

That led Republicans to conclude that the Democrats just wanted to impeach Donald Trump no matter what, regardless of the facts.

And that did not sit well in House districts that Democrats represent but that Donald Trump carried in 2016.

Breitbart reports:

At one town hall, Illinois, Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL) was confronted by a woman who “tore into” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), accusing them of “lying their little butts off,” according to a report by Politico.

She said the whistleblower complaint “looks like a bunch of 13-year-old girls gossiping.”

At another event, another constituent asked Casten why he was not condemning former Vice President Joe Biden’s actions. Trump has said Biden and his son Hunter Biden should be investigated for their actions in Ukraine. Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the chief prosecutor, who had opened a corruption investigation on a Ukrainian gas company that employed his son for over $50,000 a month. The Bidens have denied any wrongdoing
. . .
… Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), another Democrat in a Republican-leaning district, has also been confronted at town halls back home.

According to a report from the Detroit News, Slotkin’s recent support of an impeachment inquiry has raised “a cacophony of applause, boos and mingled shouts of ‘Let her speak’ and ‘Fake news,’” at crowded gatherings.

Democrats expected news of the whistleblower complaint about Donald Trump pressuring the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden to lead to a flood of Americans supporting impeachment.

Polls showed support for impeachment increased, but only among Democrats and left-leaning independents.

And that could spell doom for pro-impeachment Democrats running for re-election in Trump districts.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  3. It’s a very high probability that most of the democrats supporters here, is actually just one person who’s trying to portray that there are more democrats supporters than there really is.

    On a larger scale, the democrats use dead voters, illegal aliens voters and the democrats supporters vote two and three times.

    Hopefully a voter ID card and ICE agents will be used in the 2020 election.

    • Democrats oppose voter ID laws for that very reason. They claim it disenfranchises black people but that is a pile of crap, and we all know it.

      • Even blacks know it. They actually get quite offended when they find out just how stupid demoncraps think they are. Theres only one woman I know, that shouldn’t be required to have voter ID, because shes so stupid, it makes one wonder if she is a human being, or a big, black turd. This, of course, is Mrs. Redman. Mrs. Redman is actually a dude, but has a teeny, tiny, microphallus. Its mommy wanted it to be like she was, a hoooker, so it could make a couple bucks. Mommy knew it was going to as dumb as a bag of bricks. It was correct on both counts.

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  5. “News from Syria is sickening,” Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third-ranking Republican in the House, tweeted Wednesday, echoing lawmakers across the spectrum. “Turkish troops preparing to invade Syria from the north, Russian-backed forces from the south, ISIS fighters attacking Raqqa. Impossible to understand why @realDonaldTrump is leaving America’s allies to be slaughtered and enabling the return of ISIS.”

    • US does NOT have a treaty with the Kurds. If the Senate got off their collective butts and wrote one up we would have a responsibility to help them

    • Where is Assad and the Russians, They are all in Syria with a lot more people and a lot more hardware. This is all planned out by all parties involved and if you think the few Americans standing in the way of the Turks will stop them think again, Turks are crazy and not afraid of anyone not even Americans. Erdowan was gracious enough to give us warning that they were coming. If Trump would have defended the Kurds would mean war with Turkey and then you will hear the Democrats cry about war with a Nato ally. Trump cannot win no matter what!

    • Here’s a clue: PresTrump has his fingers on pulse of global matters including *classified* matters. He knew this thing w Turkey was on the verge of escalating into yet another full-blown never-ending war w Russian-backed Syrian forces. USA never promised unending coverage for Kurds. Kurds were not abandoned. This is yet another radical Left piece of propaganda intended to do exactly what it is doing!! Our young patriots are being sent out there to be slaughtered for what? PPL PLZ START THINKING LIKE OUR PRESIDENT: AMERICA FIRST!

      • everything is allways blamed on trump why should Americans be in a war in another country he didn’t start it and if the dems want to protect another country let them go and defend Isis Turkey or whoever put Obama on the ground line since he doesn’t care if anyone gets killed well news flash I don’t care if that trader or thief gets killed he is a troublemaker.

          • red sook
            This, coming from a democrat wannabe troll. I really laugh at your pathetic attempt to get republicans Trump supporters upset. I find that the babble you’re trying to pass off has intelligence rhetoric is hilarious.

            What an excellent example of what to expect from a democrat simpleton.

            I have noticed that fewer Trump supporters are replying to red sook’s posts. There’s nothing to gain from replying to red sook because it’s not of a intellectual level that makes for a good challenge.

            red sook is doing a fantastic job of showing people the mental capacity of a democrat wannabe troll who lacks the ability to make a statement that is neither intelligence, insulting or upsetting. But is hilarious. I never thought that someone so stupid existed. The existence of red sook showed otherwise.

            Thanks red sook.

            Donald Trump 2020

  6. Not only is President Trump not going to be impeached but he will win in 2020. Not only are the Democrats going to lose in the 2020 Presidential run but they are going to lose the house also.

    • Has anyone else noticed that the democrats haven’t held a vote within congress to start the impeachment proceedings. Instead they have impeachment committees that go over the same fake evidence.

      Then cherry pick what to release to the American citizens.

      The Ukraine government knew nothing about Donald Trump withholding aid and this was because the rest of Europe wasn’t contributing enough financial aid. Not to force the Ukraine government to investigate a corrupt democrat politician.

      The financial aid was approved prior to the phone conversation between Donald Trump and the Ukraine president. The Ukraine president said that Donald Trump never threaten or pressured him. First hand evidence.

      Then the Ukraine prosecutor has publicly stated that he was terminated by threatening comments from creepy joe biden due to investigating the company hunter biden was a board member of. This is on video. More first hand evidence.

      The Democrats have changed the whistleblower’s act to allow heresay. Then a whistleblower whose political allegiance is for the democrats and didn’t even have first hand evidence and spoke to adam schiff’s department before going public.

      The inquiries are being conducted behind closed doors, in secret while denying Donald Trump, republicans and witnesses any legal representation to contest the allegations.
      This looks so honest, truthful and is representing the constitution.

      • They don’t have the votes. There are too many democrats that are worried about getting voted out of office if they’re forced to go on record with impeachment so Pelosi can’t hold a vote on the floor.

  7. Affirmativee! Pau Pelosi Jr. Foundation owner along with Chris Heinz (John Kerry), Hunter Biden, Devon Archer,James Bulger (Whitey) Thornton Gray Foundation, Rosomont Seneca Parters 2009, Bohai Harvest Fund. See Peter Schweizer 5/11/2019 New York Post Bidens and China

  8. Up to right now Democrats learned that there was no low too low not to slither under, no slime not too slimey not to wallow in, no lie not too obviously a lie not to tell, and no crime not so criminal not to commit. Suddenly they are getting caught by the very people they have been fooling for man many years. Too bad it is not too late to change their habits.

  9. Right down party lines… at least in the House. Not some much back home.

    Makes one suppose there is a bias in the House.

  10. Living the last one quarter of my life right now. Not sure what I want for it to be but what I do know is no lunatic , lying, cheating fast-talking effing democrat is going to tell me what I can and can’t do or shove anything in my face because they the democrats, say it is so. If they hadn’t lost my vote sometime ago, they would now.

  11. I am so sick & tired if these lies that the democrats are making up, they are desperate to bring President Trump down so they can win the election. I wish they would crawl back into their hole & stay there. Tired of their whining like little babies. Like the song goes jealousy night and day you torture me.

      • Well red sook is still using the winning formula of calling Donald Trump supporters offensive names and expecting them to become a democrat supporter.

        I laugh so hard. red sook seems to actually think that Donald Trump supporters will change political ideology through abuse.

        red sook struggles to put together 2 coherent sentences that a 5 year old would understand. This is probably a generic defect due to red sook’s mother and father being brother and sister.

        Everybody should feel sympathy for red sook. One doesn’t get to choose their parents. It’s not red sook’s fault.

  12. The liberals are a complete joke and just what would they have done if it was Trump’s son in the Ukraine? They would’ve lost their collective minds. This impeachment is a farse and a waste of time because it won’t get by the Senate. It’s just pure stupidity on their part. Speaking of stupid,they could’ve done themselves a favor by telling AOC to just shut up. She’s not doing them any favors either.

  13. If I should ever have to face a judge I am going to the Republican playbook. Standing proudly, I will tell the judge that I don’t believe in any stinkin kangaroo court. Next, I will perform a brisk about face and depart for the parking lot. You folks try it!! The Deep State has convinced us that there is a document called the Constitution and that we are a nation of law and order. Excuse me, I’m off to rob a liquor store without the fear of any consequence.

    • Jonathan, you are right on but with one minor problem they will throw the book at us we can’t rob a liquor store or forgive an officer or civilian for any wrong doing, we can’t show love or mercy without the haters hating on us and our President, but if your one of the Squads and Pelosi, Biden etc… spreading lies and hate you will get off with a free pass ticket, you might even be able to marry your sister and run for congress or lie and have your college paid for and tell them that you are an American Indian and actually run for Presidency. Look at Pelosi she the Dems and some Republican are full on Traitors they should be put in jail for an attempt to over throw our President they are all a disgrace to this country and to our constitution, let’s not forget they want to dissolve our constitution and rewrite their own.

    • Jonathan scamunder
      The congress hasn’t held a vote to legally start impeachment proceedings. So the White House is quite within its right to tell congress that until they vote on impeachment , they will not be participating in this unconstitutional impeachment proceedings or attending the kangaroo court that’s called the impeachment inquiry committee. The democrats are denying Donald Trump, republicans and witnesses access to legal representation.

      The congress doesn’t have the numbers to successfully vote the implementation of impeachment. Instead democrat majority congress is trying to hoodwink the American citizens by portraying that their illegal impeachment coup is justified. The democrats are holding the impeachment coup behind closed doors, in secrecy, and the democrats will try and have us believe they are being transparent.

  14. Without seeing the transcript of the phone call in question or the actual whistleblower complaint, Pelosi announced she supported an impeachment inquiry.

    She did not need to see/read the transcript! She listened to Schiff’s version of what Trump said on TV …. A “PARODY” that’s all Nancy needed… Schiff did it for her!

    • Joz, they might of read it and Who cares It does not have anything negative about the conversation asking for a favor is nothing it’s an innocent request can you do me a favor and look into someone that wants to be a a future President is not a wrong doing request, did they not do this to Trump and other ex Presidents of course they did.
      there is no threat’s no you better do this or im going to slap you across the head or not help you there was nothing like that and another thing did not the Ukraine President tell everyone there was no pressure to do anything. Period they are all Traitors send them to Russia, Cuba, China, Iran, or Korea they will get their just desserts ( treason and be hanged for trying to over throw a President)

    • I have reason to believe that she already knew what was the complaint. You know, like she and Schiff had been the ones that helped write it. We already know that Schiff lied about pre-release contact with the so called whistle blower. Schiff needs to be brought into court under oath and charged with a criminal act. Conspiracy to overthrow a President sounds about right.

  15. Schiff Pelosi, Schumer, O’Roark, Castro, are just some of the reasons I will never vote for a Dem.. not even locally.

  16. The one thing that makes the left so dangerous to this nation right now is the fact that they believe their lie … that no one else cares about this country as much as they do. They do not see themselves as trying to weaken the Constitution. They are misguided in the belief that their changes will make it better. They are clueless about how UNAMERICAN they have become. They think the Constitution is from the government and should change as people change … on a dime. The Constitution is to keep government in line. It tells government what it can and cannot do.

    The left choses to ignore the Rule of Law in it’s effort to gain power and control. The President was working within the law to investigate election interference. The FOREIGN CORRUPTION PRACTICES ACT of 1977 and the MUTUAL LEGAL ASSISTANCE TREATY – Ukraine, signed by Clinton in 1998 and ratified by Congress in 2000 are just two of the sources of authority for the President to perform his duties.

  17. I am so glad that the citizens on the right have had enough of the lefts bulling and the right are now fighting back!!! No one should have to be afraid of expressing their thgoughts or political views, for if a person wants to wear a Trump hat they have the right to do so and if they want to put a Trump flag on their lawn ot on their house they have that right period, and if a group wants to have a conservative rally they have that right also, for we all have a right to free speech period!!! I am so proud that the citizens on the right have now come out and are not going to take the bulling of these ignorant leftists anymore, for it is time to show are strength by fighting back!!! We all need to fight fire with fire for we may have been silent for a long time, but when you wake up a GIANT you can expect a huge wave of patriotism that love this country and are freedoms and rights!!! I am waiting for the citizens to take action on these Democrats and liberals that try to inflict violence on those that have different views then them, and that wear a hat a hat that they hate or carry a flag that they hate or that express their conservative views!!! For if a citizens see someone being bullied the citizens should all come to that victims aid and let these ignorant liberals and Democrats know we have had enough and we can fight back but in a even smarter way by grabing you and takeing you right to a police station or just holding them for the police to arrest and having video of their actions!!!

  18. The Dems want to protect all illegal children at the border but want to kill all American babies at birth , they love and want to abort real Americans.
    They also want drugs flowing into this country with the illegals.
    Now they want all Presidential phone calls public, we need ALL their phone calls public also.
    A president that has made US oil independent, put over $40 per week into all “Joe lunch-bucket’s (as we are) pay each week via tax cut and regulation controls. more Americans working than ever before, honor our police so we don’t look like Hong Kong riots. and a hundred other great accomplishments of this fine President. Being very wealthy and intelligent President Trump does not need this daily beatings.

  19. They ruined a good asshole when they put teeth in Pelosi’s mouth. The only thing that comes out of it now is SHIT!

  20. What my greatest desire is in 2020 the Democrats lose every seat that is up for grabs and Trump is reelected with a huge landslide and the Republicans get control of the House again and they retain the Senate. But it doesn’t stop there. Now the Republicans will have the muscle they need to investigate and indict every single Demonrat that is still in office and the ones that were voted out. It will be quite comical to see one person turn on another person, watching how each Demonrat will eat their own. Brennon is now doing it by saying he took orders from the White House for the things he did. And who was the president in the White House at that time? You guessed it, Mr. Do Nothing Obama. Now this will be entertainment at its best.

  21. The only support Pelosi has is from her own group and the mainstream media and she was right about one thing, impeachment is not something they want to mess with. But after listening to the few morons crying for the past 8 months and seeing the direction the 2020 election is heading Pelosi decided to throw the Hail Mary and ended up just what she has been saying these past months, only worse. Her pals the mainstream media no longer have the power to sway voters with their lies and spins and impeachment just threw a match on Trumps supporters to really rile them up. Top it all up with Schiff getting caught lying yet again she now has no where to go but try and save whats left of her job.

  22. Jerry Nadler reportedly said “I kook at my 13-year-old granddaughter and I am Terrified”
    Yeah, Jerry. Me too. I am terrified that one of the fools you Democrats have running for office might actually get elected.

  23. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are allowing the muslim camel manure (the squad) to control the house, not once has Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer told the freshmen muslim to shut the hell up. muslim do not have the right to sit in congress that is Anti-American and has ties to TERRORIST groups like these camel a-holes has.


      • Yes but they also have to abide by our constitution.
        That’s presents a peculiar problem for muslims because islam is not just a religion, and it is incompatible with our constitution.
        They have an oath of office.

      • Only since the Democrats changed the law to allow them into the US. In fact, they were banned from that for years because of their Islam before law stance. They need to get kicked out of the country.

    • But….. But it’s only gonna get worse. Especially if these liberals are actually able to pull off this impeachment bullshit. I’m hoping there will be an uprising like this country has never seen!! GOD HELP US ALL!????????

  24. This impeachment shit is designed to take focus off of the FISA scandal. But it’s not going to work. So you commiecrat trolls will have to find something else to do instead of trying to discourage us REAL patriots.

  25. Nancy Pelosi really does have a difficult time. Not knowing the difference between her mouth and her rear and what they are both used for creates much hardship for her. For
    on a constant basis, all that comes from her mouth is simply poop. Try talking with
    our A___ nancy, has to make more sense.

        • Why so we can have a Republithug fascist party rule and then just think you can put people of color in their place after all that is what you want. A white American again to late for that my friend.

          • MJ…it’s ALL and ONLY and ALWAYS about race, isn’t it? I’ll say one thing for you, though, you are TENACIOUS!

          • mj
            Your post is typical of a bigoted democrat supporter that’s full of racist and hateful rhetoric. The colour of one’s skin doesn’t make them American. However the democrats like to categorise American citizens by the colour of their skin instead of their patriotic behaviour.

            Didn’t Michelle Obama say that she hated American. While Melania Trump said that she loves America.

            So democrats worship a woman of colour who hates America and demonises a woman who is an immigrant and loves America.

          • Dear Will-ma, and PDW;pure-dumb-wigga. white-folks ruined america by racism. democrat-thugs and repub-lick-em’s. I hate yo white country as well, you racist idiots are always in denial. hahahahahahahahahaha

    • those two look like the old commercial with the old lady in 1860,s dress and him holding the pitchfork and bobbing his head. MA AND PA KETTLE

  26. The President of the United States is supposed to be governing, Not fighting off crazy haters who want to undo the valid election of Donald Trump. A weaker person would have already collapsed under the strain of Fake Media, baseless claims of wrongdoing on top of constant criticism for lifestyle choices, and just plain maniacal raving. These blind, seething manipulators ignore the state of the union and the economy. They are killing their own nation in their madness and putting us back into the downgrade America position of the Obama years. I call that treason. Read your Bible, Romans 13.

  27. What’s wrong Renewed Right , the truth hurts doesn’t it , you can’t handle the truth RR . Now that’s out of the way . Let’s see now , have you liberals learned your lessons yet ? I bet I can guess the answer to that question , hahahahahahahaha

  28. It is all circumstantial. We have been waiting for some facts in terms of the evidence? As a speaker of a house she certainly is holding a very weak case. Time will tell. I do still support some of the democratic ticket. Heaven forbid not any of the leads they’ve chosen on their ticket. Biden definitly a no. Hillary’s head popped up out of the swamp? If she decides to run agsin she don’t know what she is in for!

  29. Rabid dogs reign in the democratic party What angers me most is Hillary riding her high horse like she has no scandal in her nest. Still after all this time she is untouched

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