Indictment update: Trump’s going to HATE this

Joe Biden wants to stop Donald Trump from running for re-election by throwing him in jail.

Multiple ongoing witch hunts are central to that scheme.

And now Donald Trump is going to hate this indictment update.

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig appeared on a podcast for the left-wing website the Bulwark to deliver his thoughts on the phishing expeditions regarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and the events on January 6.

Honig predicted that the Democrat District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, would indict Trump over a phone call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger about the results in the 2020 election.

But Honig did admit Willis would face a near impossible task in winning a conviction.

“I’m not saying any of these are locks. More likely than not Fani Willis does indict Donald Trump in the next few months. As I lay out in the book, I think that’s going to be a very difficult case to convert from indictment to conviction,” Honig stated.

Honig also predicted that anti-Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith would recommend charging him over the Mar-a-Lago dispute based on the prosecutors he brought on his team.

“The Special Counsels have to recommend what they want to Garland, but Garland ultimately has the final say. I believe Jack Smith will recommend indicting Trump on Mar-a-Lago. I say that partially because I know two of the people on Jack Smith’s team. They haven’t told me. I haven’t spoken with them. I don’t know anything, but I know who they are. They were SDNY prosecutors who are supremely aggressive. There’s no way they left their prior gigs to go over and take a huge pay cut and not charge Donald Trump,” Honig added.

However, Honig cautioned that Attorney General Merrick Garland still had to approve the charges, which Honig put at no better than 50/50.

“But if Jack Smith does recommend that, Merrick Garland can overrule him. So I think it’s likely Smith recommends an indictment on documents. I’m 50/50 on whether Garland goes along with it. I do not think the DOJ ends up indicting Trump on January 6th. I think for the reasons I just said. I think Garland could have done it. I think it’s going to be too late,” Honig declared.

But Honig gave away exactly what all these investigations were about towards the end of his answer.

Honig explained that the true purpose of investigating Trump was to get Republicans to think he can’t win because of the so-called “cloud of scandal” surrounding his candidacy and pick someone other than him.

“I mean, on the one hand, people say nothing motivates Donald Trump and his followers like a fight. I mean, remember the day his Mar-a-Lago was searched? He got a surge in support and fundraising. On the other hand, at a certain point are the Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haleys, and their supporters of the world going to say, ‘look, the guy’s carrying one, maybe more indictments into Primary season, like enough’s enough.’ I’m not a political expert, but I understand the debate there,” Honig concluded.

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