Injured Navy Seal war hero stunned Elizabeth Warren into silence with one tweet

Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls.

The Massachusetts Senator now ranks in the top tier in most Democrat presidential surveys.

But her momentum came to a screeching halt when this injured Navy Seal war hero stunned Warren into silence with one tweet.

Elizabeth Warren is trying to keep her momentum going with her decision to reject a Fox News town hall on the grounds that Fox is a “hate for profit” network into a campaign fundraising vehicle.

Warren tweeted, “I won’t do a town hall with Fox News because I won’t invite millions of Democratic primary voters to tune in, inflate ratings, and help sell ads for an outlet that profits from racism and hate. If you agree, sign our petition.”

Former Navy Seal and current Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw – who lost an eye while serving in Afghanistan – fired back by asking Warren why she had so much contempt for half of America.

Warren’s comments that Americans who watch Fox News support “hate for profit” is right out of the of the Hillary Clinton “basket of deplorables” playbook.

The Left tries to hide it, but they have nothing but hatred in their hearts for Americans that don’t live in big cities or subscribe to the Democrat Party agenda.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.