Investigators after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for this criminal violation

Things are not looking good for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She has investigators hot on her trail.

And they are after Ocasio-Cortez over this legal violation.

The non-profit Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed a Federal Election Commission complain against Ocasio-Cortez because she gave her boyfriend a email address.

Only spouses and partners can receive those addresses from a member of Congress.

Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend does not fit either of those categories.

Fox News reports:

The new filing also concerns the famous congresswoman’s boyfriend, but focuses on his use of a congressional email account.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, a political nonprofit, alleges in the complaint that the New York Democratic lawmaker used her newly found congressional privileges in an unethical manner when she set up the House email address for Roberts.

“This Complaint alleges Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez improperly converted U.S. House resources to her non-official, personal use by obtaining an official ‘’ e-mail address for her boyfriend, despite the fact he was not employed by her congressional office,” reads a line from the complaint obtained by Fox News.

“Moreover, it appears she obtained the e-mail address for him by falsely designating him a ‘staff’ member.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s legal woes are mounting.

She is neck deep in another FEC scandal surrounding her Chief of Staff funneling nearly a million dollars to an LLC, which he owned and operated.

Now she has a second Federal Election Commission reporting scandal.

Ocasio-Cortez likes to rail against “dark money” in politics and the practices of swamp lobbyists.

But judging by her conduct, she fits right in along with the rest of the corrupt swamp creatures.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hi Jack RI,thought I’d lost you. Glad I found you. I saw something new. The Brains Behind AOC Part II. The are planing to put Dem progressives plants to run on the Rep. ticket. Starting at th District Attorneys office and up. Check it out. Let me know.

  2. All that is true, but even better than that, the Dems are already planning to run someone strong against her in the primaries in 2020. She won’t stand a chance! Reap what you sow, AOC!

  3. WHEN ‘they'(ignorant/dumbos/naivete’s)
    SEE = will be Too Late. ‘knowing’ Eviles
    Are X-trememly Active.
    Satan NOT ‘mad’. (at you etc) But, KEEPS
    Working ‘the Force’. ♥U. E’0ne. SAVE USA/SOUL.
    Stay in touch w/comm’s. (& biscuits/gravy )!!! yah ha.

  4. Zee, I wish everybody could see what we see. Do you think Satan is mad because I am trying to open peoples eyes to this? I don’t care if he is. I am a warrior in Gods army. Always in the Holy Spirit. We have already lost Cal and NY to him. We have to fight for the rest of our country. Satan is having to work overtime. His time is short. You keep the Spirit to. And keep up the fight.

  5. Dear Linda H. The Dems’ In 0ffice DO ‘know’
    about their dear obama ie Presidential Models.
    Beyonce WAS AT the WH ALL the Time. MANY
    Late nite ‘rap’ concerts(?) (Ahem). Late pm
    ‘parties’ ie ‘Receptions Are 0n Record, BUT,
    WHAT ‘they DID, IS Not.
    > Civilian ‘dems’ ARE Totally Unawares, & wouldn’t
    Accept the TRUTH, even IF they Saw it.
    ok, my dear, enuff For Now. Later.

  6. It’s All True, Jack. V. Evile & Abhorrent.
    Once you understand & ‘know’ what you are
    ‘looking at’, you will SEE ‘it’ IS Ev’ryWhere.
    Sorry to say.

  7. To Linda H.
    glad U came back.
    I saw Your reply re ‘monarch’.
    Don’t bother relocating ‘that book’.
    Project Monarch IS Alive & Working Today.
    Keep Your ‘brain’ / SOUL ‘in the HS’
    (holy spirit). I ‘know’ you will. Save USA.

  8. zee, I read a book that was wrote by a woman that escaped from them with the help of her guard just before they killed her. I borowed it. I was looking for it on google when I saw that. Her father sold her into it as a baby. She was almost 30 when she got away. I cried reading that book. I would love to find it again. That book is proof. Satan does exist. You have a good one to.

  9. Linda etc. ‘Project Monarch’ IS REAL.
    The ‘symbols’ ARE EV’Ry WHERE, 0nce you
    know what you’re looking at. Symbols ARE
    Wide 0pen IN FULL DISPLAY. Have a ‘nice Day’.

  10. Jack, That is how Satan works. Things he does is so hard to believe that people prefer not to believe. It’s easier that way. People go through life blind because they don’t want to see. Thank you for at least reading it. Let’s have lunch now.

  11. Linda, I read the Beonce article. I don’t know……that’s a little b”far-fetched for me to take as fact. COULD be true, but I don’t know!

  12. Linda, NOTHING surprises me about Obama! I think he and his crones are still not out if the woods yet. There’s a new sheriff in town!

  13. Jack, I have found something the Dems don’t people to know about their dear Obama.
    Google: Presidental Model. You want, Beyonce- A Presidental Model. The Monarch Files. It is a long read but well worth it. I knew they existed I just found out who the new ones are. Remember Marilyn Monroe? She was JFKs presidential model. Won’t believe who belonged to Obama.

  14. Jack,can’t wait until summer so I can pick them off the vine. I love a slice of fresh ripe tomato in a homemade biscuit. This makes me hungry. It is better than reading what the Dems are saying. They make me sick at my stomach.

  15. Jack,I love fried tomatoes. I make them so you can hold them and eat them like cookies. They are yummy.

  16. Zee,Dan and Jack, I am Irish so this is not an insult to the Irish. We love a good joke. What is a 7 coarse Irish meal? A six pack and a potato. Happy St. Pattys Day guys.

  17. To Linda, hope U come back for ‘review’.

    Linda H
    MARCH 11, 2019 AT 8:54 PM
    zee, not computer smart. Don’t know about links. Have Gov. phone. How about tomatoes,creamed corn and fried okra with that. I love that with hot biscuits.

    MARCH 13, 2019 AT 7:00 PM
    Linda. yowza. i can ‘take All ‘that’ (food)
    0h yeah, 0kra, Is the best.
    > do not have gov. phone. But ‘tapped’
    i can hear it/ & Curse ‘them’ 0ut In
    ‘vulgar’ language. Ev’ry effin Time. hmmm.
    > Let us ‘chow’ !!! Good food. lol
    >>> ps. Am not pc ‘smart’ haha, But get ‘by the by’.

  18. Linda. yowza. i can ‘take All ‘that’ (food)
    0h yeah, 0kra, Is the best.
    > do not have gov. phone. But ‘tapped’
    i can hear it/ & Curse ‘them’ 0ut In
    ‘vulgar’ language. Ev’ry effin Time. hmmm.
    > Let us ‘chow’ !!! Good food. lol

  19. zee, not computer smart. Don’t know about links. Have Gov. phone. How about tomatoes,creamed corn and fried okra with that. I love that with hot biscuits.

  20. ps, oh, i forgot. ‘Fried onions In
    Kow Butter. / w/ some
    ‘ketchup’ >(to morons’ on Real newz,)

  21. Ms. or Mrs. AOC and her Anti-American Ilk, they are very Bad News, I hope what they are doing to America, will come back and BITE THEM WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE!!!

  22. blocked again, i said about the view, today they were making remarks about trump and his wife, and how much cortex makes sense in what she was saying.

  23. If anyone out there believes, for a moment, that anything but a hand-slap for this media darling and political guru will occur … I have a bridge in downtown Manhattan I’d like to sell you ! If Nancy-pants … the fearless leader of those benevolent lefties, takes an OBVIOUS anti-semite (Omar) and treats her sins like they were everyday jargon … do you think the coward would even entertain a conversation about the new self-coronated queen’s (uh-hum) discretions ? Folks, the only thing we can do is stay on top of our own affairs and vote these cretins out of office. If we are not students of the debacle of these recent mid-term elections and how we cannot relent for a moment … then we deserve the results. If today’s Democrat leadership and where this country is headed does scare the SH#% out of you ! Well …. !!!!!

  24. Dan, Jack and zee, have you seen the video about AOC being an actress? If not find it. Good info. If yes let me know what you think.

  25. Rite Butchy. I’ve said this numerous times.
    (‘Know’ what you ‘ink’ & STAND Up for USA.)
    & ‘that’ goes for the ‘dissidents’ as well.
    > IF PATRIOTS go down for USA, well, >’dissidents’
    Will get ‘squashed’ UNDER the BUS, by their 0wn.
    > AT the V. Least. ‘we’ Are Noble to Defend USA.
    Thank you.

  26. Watchout what u say on this is being monitored by the swamp and your info is going to the deep state.

  27. Hey y’all,(Dan T.) what about me,zee? lol
    i want some too. My ‘mama’ MADE The
    Absolute BEST ‘Sausage gravy’ EVER. (hint)
    1 tsp Koop’s mustard & i’m not tellin’ the rest.

  28. Wait a minute Linda. NO RAIN !
    BAKE & BURN. 600 degrees.
    BURN to a ‘charcoal
    nugget’. Burned ‘smartnuggets’

  29. I couldn’t agree more that’s why these newly elected officials or whatever you want to call them, pieces of s*** think they can say or do whatever they want because the effing clowns Like Hilary, Reed , Pelosi , Schumer , Warren before them did the same thing that they’re doing and got away with it, monkey see monkey do, but this Cortez lady, piece of s*** that says it all PS so is the reps from Minnesota and Michigan we can’t forget those 2 frecking hens!!!!!

  30. I have a feeling the new a.g. Will do nothing. He is a “best friend” of mueller. He’ll crawl in with the rest of the swamp….

  31. Jesse45, when I was young Trolls hid umder bridges and ate little kids. You are right smartbiscuits is a Troll.

  32. samrtbiscuits aka Horsebiscuits. AOC a very smart woman?? Oh my. That doesn’t say much for you if u thinks AOC is ‘very smart.’
    AOC doesn’t have the basic knowledge of economics.
    President Trump has not been charged with anything illegal nor has he been prosecuted for anything. Until he is, I suggest you shut your slandering mouth.

  33. Libs are a sad joke, they remind me of a Monty Pythons circus skit where a knight challenges another to a fight and loses an arm, he goes back in and loses the other arm, lol, after a few times he is a body with a head trying to fight still unaware how absurd and ridiculous they are.

  34. Luckily most illegals stay in Southern California, the way it is there are millions of illegals with drivers licenses and registered to vote due to the motor voter law in California, there are so many in Southern California that they do not count thanks to the electoral college!
    They can pile 2 million more into California and none of the votes will help just like the last election! California was already won by the libs so the count that allegedly gave Clinton more total votes did not help the libs!
    If they had distributed the illegals across other states it would have counted!
    California has a $35,000.000 endowment, the ” iVOTA! ” campaign to register undocumenteds and get them to vote and become politicized!
    Billboard ads, Bus ads, bus stop ads, TV ads and T shirts etc all plastered with iVOTA! advertisements all across California! every year! At colleges, Community colleges, Rooster fights, dog fights, boxing matches and low rider car shows!
    The libs are so racist by saying the illegals are too stupid? fat? or lazy? to vote even when it is in their best interest to vote!
    If they were so law abiding they would not be here illegally taking the place of someone who is legally immigrating.

  35. I’m quite sure this freshman horse-face Occasional Cotex will be dressed out at a flat (tit) 78 lbs. soaking wet when the Likud Party knives find her soaked and drained of blood one of these soon to pass days. She should have stayed a bartender – it would have been more dignified.

  36. The bimbo should be deported or hung for treason! The traitors who voted with her should be expelled from office and deported.

  37. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez watched while Hillary broke the law and now she feels she can do the same and nothing will happen.
    She must be charged for this violation or it will continue. she must be shown that she is not privileged or special.

  38. More than likely got her “BS” from one of NY”s liberal collages and her “Masters” in criminal sycology from Charles Manson university. (I intended to spell it that way to show how the education system works these days).

  39. I have been saying this for 2 years. Most likely with millions of illegals in our country are getting paid by Soros to vote Democrapic.
    Let’s actually make sure ONLY legal Americans are voting, then we can count just votes.

  40. Michael Brown Jesus he would be out there preaching and showing those that are doing force entry to the USA is not the right way. Jesus has given everyone brains to do things the way it was meant to be legally not forcefully

  41. Smartbiscuits:
    You are either a paid troll or a member of the foolish club. I don’t care if it Republicans or Democrats pulling this b.s., wrong is wrong! It is just the things things the Democrats have been pulling to the extent that they are now by every definition criminal. If you del e into ANYONE’S past far enough you can find some type of criminal evidence whether intention or without knowledge or intent. After two years, if the resources devoted to investigating Trump had been applied to you, would you still be a free man? Probably not. Ic you have followed ANYTHING, it has become embarrassingly apparent that there just is not enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing to amount to anything. As for the judicial system of the great state of New York, that is one of the most corrupt and easily influenced judicial systems in the world through the offices money, greed, power and social and political influence. That is a fact. You might think that you are really smart, educated or intelligent, but your words drip with venom and not reason.

  42. Dan Tyree, this is how to make smartbiscuits: mix 1 cup plain flour and 1 cup water. Place outside in rain to bake.

  43. TRUMP
    is going to have lots of fun
    teaching us why it’s so
    hard for them to

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  44. If the Dumborats take action against Occasional Cortex or either of the two “Jihad Janes” they would have to admit there is a big problem in the House. Puglousy will not allow ANY bad P.R. such as investigations or recall or actual jail time to occur. These three racist, moronic idiots will be protected by sheer virtue of the controlling members of the House being willing to not enforce the laws of the land nor the rules and bylaws governing Congress solely because of the fact of political embarrassment. These three need to be recalled jailed and stripped of citizenship.

  45. Come Lord Jesus. Below this is a survey that asks if Jesus would build a wall. Some 21% said he wouldn’t. I guess the Pearly Gates are not an indicator that there is a wall around Heaven. Straight is the gate and narrow is the way.

  46. I believe she’s protected under the democrats and deep state umbrella of corruption immunity. Expect nothing, including lack of publicity of corruption.

  47. I, think the popular vote was illegals and other non-verified votes from the sanctuary cities as well.

  48. MY Posts are not published as well. the DUMBOCRAPS and all their atheists friends will pay the price one way or another!! it’s only a matter of time. and to the pussy REPUBLICANS it’s time to ” man up ” and stop being scared of your own shadows…… because you are either for US OR AGAINST US being ” WE THE PEOPLE ” and you will pay

  49. I have a lot to say about the democrats, but it’s useless. the reps. think by being nice will over come. it won’t. they don’t care because the reps. have no back bone. bunch of bitc… I fault trump for 1 thing, not picking Chris Cristie for A.G. If he did, none of this would of happened.

  50. Smartbiscuits, you are just stupid, moron and state your real name, so, the FBI could find you. President Trumps does not need any salary, or money to anyone. So, keep your filthy mouth and go to hell.

  51. Open your eyes! Hillary deleted thousands of emails that were subpoenaed. That’s a felony. Then there is Benghazi, the sale of nuclear fuel to Russia and the list goes on and on. Just because Trump beat her in the election you try to villainize him. In the words of Obama, Trump needs to say, “I won the election. Get over it!!!”

  52. IF
    remember the story about the
    //// AND ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  53. You will find out the whole truth soon enough, since Rosenstien is gone and we finally have a trustworthy A. G. that’s not part of the Swamp! ARE I pray he’s not! Your party is tryi g to keep this lie alive, until next election!

  54. There’s not one damn thing that Trump did, there is no cullustion, there never has been. He got set up by your damn currupt party, and we have all the evidence of it. It was a lie from steel. Are you paying attention? Four FBI agents have been fired already, Maxine Waters is going down for theft, Cortez another under investigation for steeling millions, Omar being a damn Jihadist, Hillary will finally be held accountable, along with Judge Ore, Rosen stein, Comey, Obama, damn the list is long with damn curruption. Mueller has nothing on TRUMP, now the demonrats are going after Trumps family to find anything! This is communism fool!

  55. And let’s not leave out that she works under another swamp monster Maxine Waters, that stole millions from us tax payers to enrich her and her family. She’s under investigation now but how ironic, it’s not televised for the whole world to see, like Republicans are! If these damn Republicans don’t get a backbone and do into them what they do to them, they will never be held a countable! Hopefully our new A. G. WILL TAKE THEM ALL DOWN!

  56. The only brain dead person that takes the cake is TRUMP brain dead to the people that need him to be the president that the majority of the citizens of the United State did not vote for..But Russia helped the electoral college voters win the election for him. They needed his polling locations so they could influence those voters.

  57. She will get by with it, after all she’s a damn swamp monster. The demonrats always get by with everything, and we the people must demand this two teird justice to end!

  58. TRUMP is the swamp and brought more with him. So sad you listen to lying Trump everyday and think he is telling you the truth. He doesn’t know who to tell the truth. Sooooooooooooooooooo very sad for him.

  59. Hillary did not get away with any email scandal Trump continue to lie about that. Trump has his nerve to call any other person anything that he is guilty of himself and MORE. The lies never stop when Trump speaks.

  60. So sad the Republicans are so threaten by this very smart woman they just ignore the lies, criminal felony behavior of Trump. Clean up your own home before you start throwing stones across the floor. There is nothing she has done compared to Trump and his very smart criminal associates and family members. Wait until the SDNY finishes their investigation and you will see more corruption in Trump WORLD!!!!!!

  61. She won’t get punished as democrats can do no wrong as Hellary got away with that email scandal when it was quite obvious that she broke federal law which would’ve landed her in prison for quite a long time. As long as you’re a democrat you can do anything wrong and get away with it so AOC has nothing to fear as it will be swept under the rug.

  62. Since you can not slap stupid outta ppl. Guess a stint in jail would be the next step for her.
    Rot in hell you dip sh*t

  63. Hillary walking free, so hell we might as well let everyone ever incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter out of jail. Since she is free and guilty of conspiracy to commit murder numerous times. As with involuntary, not purposely committed but with Hillary it’s all planned, executed and covered up. Like big stinky dog turd burying another.

  64. Yep! She is one of them there swamp dwellers. What organization funded a poor bartender to campaign for the congressional seat? NY democrats? Puerto Rico? There is a lot to discover what is behind this woman. And it is not her ass.


  66. liking very much ! obstructionist were once known as insurrectionist to a government and were severely handled, hung and beheaded, remember Mel Gibson portrayal of William Wallace

  67. First step the FBI, the justice department etc etc… needs to come clean as a whistle otherwise no one will get social justice… Hillary still walking free.

  68. right on… the more corrupt they become the better for the lefty-democratic party…. the party America know AS: WHEN WRONG BECAME THE NEW RIGHT.

  69. She has broken the law, she should be charged and removed from Congress. Also, where did the money come from for her new luxury apartment. She sure does not live in her other apartment, in her district!!

  70. If she was a republican she would fry but lucky for her the democrats get away with everything. For once I hope she gets nailed.

  71. Dan Tyree, Do you make your biscuits with buttermilk. If so I would like to join you and JackRI for breakfast. I’m hungry to.

  72. JackRI I did unsubscribe. I just pull them up when I want to read the posts and make smartass remarks I answer no polls about idiot obama.

  73. Hey Bill, it’s Jack Feeney, formerly of Bellevue, presently of Kingston, RI. How the hell are you?

  74. It’s becoming apparent that the new Dems in Congress, are already corrupt, before they even get elected, which makes them more than ready to embrace the corruption of “The Swamp” in DC.

  75. Let her feel some heat. I await her “defense”. It will be an attack of some other political entity.

  76. Democrats will continue to violate and circumvent laws with continued impunity. They are considered entitled and untouchable by their party, the judicial system, the public and republicans. There has been no integrity in government for the last decade, and too few who who feel honesty in government is a good thing.

  77. Will someone please tell me WHY, every time I get an email from this site, I have to see a poll, asking if Barack Obama was the best president EVER? Are they frigging KIDDING me? I can’t stand it anymore! I’m about to “unsubscribe “!

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