Iran hit Donald Trump with a threat that instantly blew up in their faces

Iran has been at war with the United States for over 40 years.

In recent weeks, Iran stepped up their provocations against the United States.

And now Iran hit Donald Trump with a threat that instantly blew up in their faces.

Iranian backed militias killed a United States contractor and then stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad after U.S. Military strikes killed 24 militants in response.

Donald Trump was not about to have another Benghazi on his hands and sent a message to Iran that the United States would not accept threats to American lives.

The President ordered a drone strike that killed the top Iranian general in the Middle East Qassem Soleimani –the commander of the elite Iranian Qud Forces who ordered the attack on the U.S. Embassy.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responded by threatening “harsh retaliation” in response.

Breitbart reports:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned a “harsh retaliation is waiting” for the U.S. after the airstrike, calling Soleimani the “international face of resistance.” Khamenei declared three days of public mourning for the general’s death.

In a letter to the Iranian nation, Khamenei wrote: “The great revenge awaits the criminals whose filthy hands are dirtied with his blood and the blood of the other martyrs in last night’s incident. The Martyr Soleimani was a persona who fought in the global arena, and all those who support the struggle demand to avenge his blood.” He then expanded on his theme of bloody revenge:

All of the friends, and obviously enemies, must know that the activities in the jihad will continue doubled and redoubled, and that the final victory will belong to the mujahideen who followed this blessed path. The loss of our dear leader, whose life was sacrificed (in jihad) is bitter for us, but the continuation of the fight and the true and final success will be extremely bitter for the murderers and criminals.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani added his voice, saying: “Soleimani’s martyr’s death will make Iran more determined.

Iran will huff and puff about revenge.

But the regime is facing massive internal protests over economic sanctions that crippled the nation’s economy.

Protesters are tired of the Iranian government spending money on terrorism abroad instead of on the population at home.

That combined with Donald Trump’s willingness to confront Iranian aggression with force could deter Iran from doing something foolish.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Truth is not appreciated around here Basil. Of course when your President has told more untruths than all of the other Presidents put together and yet , you still believe his lies, you can only surmise one thing! President Trump IS God! Because, Lord knows we must have faith when ALL FACTS tell us that the only Orange Men that are truly great, are on Interstate 81 near the Finger Lakes! Putin/Trump 2020!

  2. The fact is, without the release of the Shah’s military commanders from Iranian prisons, the Ayatollah’s insane movement would have been crushed by Iraq. Hatred of everything which they even remotely disagree with, with their seemingly sole recourse of murder, is not either a workable military strategy or “nation-building” idea, but simply a recipe
    for continuous madness.

  3. The middle east FOREVER has been governed by one principle – adherence to a nomadic barbaric, murderous, so-called cultist “religion” of fanatics with one goal in mind, the
    genocide of ANYONE not agreeing to whatever narrow sect they, themselves follow. Whether that “enemy” is white, black, or of whatever nationality, makes no difference to these
    thugs, (outside of Jews, of course, which they believe genocide is God’s mandate), it simply is irrelevant – DEATH, murder and mayhem is the answer. Well for those who seek DEATH as these maniacs do, the USA should be more than happy to oblige.

  4. A nation who was instrumental in stopping the second world war is more than able to handle these maniacs when and if the time comes

  5. Don’t forget the vast majority of common Iranians are in fact really good folks who want no harm to America. It is only the crazy radicals that are the enemy, much as our crazy Democrats here are the enemy. The Iranian leaders are despots and criminals and should all be blasted to the hereafter but we must protect the citizens who are very much like our own people.

  6. Dear Douglas Paige. Your screenplay scenario is 4yrs old. It’s the old dying America under Clinton-Obama. Bring it up to date.

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