It only took two tweets for James Comey to suffer the biggest embarrassment of his life

Former FBI Director James Comey never passes up an opportunity to slam Donald Trump.

The disgraced former FBI Director is looking for any opportunity to crawl back into the media’s good graces.

But he fired off two tweets that quickly became the biggest embarrassment of his life.

Comey slinked off onto the sidelines after Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report revealed his corruption and insubordination during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

That report stripped away Comey’s image as a straight-shooting lawman just as Comey was promoting his book on ethical leadership.

But Comey understands the quickest way to rehabilitate your image with the media is to bash Donald Trump.

So Comey raced to social media to send out two tweets accusing President Trump of betraying Americans by refusing to accept the media driven conspiracy theory that the Russians rigged the 2016 Presidential election.

Comey’s groveling was as transparent as it was pathetic.

While the media may yet welcome him back into their good graces with open arms, it underscores just how little there is to look up to in James Comey.

What are your thoughts about his piling on the smear campaign of President Trump?


  1. He is uncouthly the biggest lies that the FBI ever put on there payroll he can’t tell the truth with with a straight face. The time has come for hem to go to trill and be connected of treason for what he has down lying, not telling the truth about H Clinten and Teresa treason useing her computer the way she did an deleted information that she was guilty of. She needs to go to jail for treason to with Comey and her husband for ursine Charty money donated by the people for there on personal off shore bank accounts thay are the CROOKEDEST Ex Presedent And Ex First Lady that this zzz Country has Every Voted in to Office. And thay need to go to Prison for the rest of there life.


  3. Comey, the snake he is, should crawl back in the hole he came out of and disappear. Everyday brings more demo crooks in the fbi and dj. Is anyone going to finally put a stop to this mess.

  4. Which one one of the liars in the CIA, FBI, or DOJ would you have President Trump to relie on should he ever need to push the red button. IMHO, he would be a fool to take the word of any of them considering that we now have all 3 departnents struggling to prevent their selves, or any other new world order puppets or deep state establishment traitors from being prosecuted for any crime whatever.
    Remember the Gulf War was based on faulty intelligence reports from the CIA. Those reported WMD’s have yet to be found!!
    I also remember the Syrian crisis under Obama, when both John McCain and Lindsey Graham went to visit the rebel terrorists and also remember both of them saying we should let Obama take action against Syria for using a biological WMD against his own people. WE STILL SAID NO!!
    Later it came out that the biological WMD was not used by the Syrian gvt.,
    but by the rebel terrorists trained and armed by Obama & Hillary and that Obama was in on the planning of it!!
    A question still not answered is where did those rebels get the biological
    The new world order puppets and deep state establishment traitors have been working to instigate the new world order’s nuclear WW 3 which was planned decades ago.
    Until we get the CORRUPTED SWAMP drained of all the new world order puppets and deep state establishment traitors, nobody on Planet Earth should accept anything anyone in the CIA, FBI, and also heads of many other departments as TRUTH!!!!
    Those traitors working with the new world order will tell any lie to further their plans to gain total control of the entire planet and to reduce worldwide population by 95% by 2025. President Trump is still working to MAGA and in so doing, has thrown a monkey wrench into their plan and slowed their schedule somewhat.
    That is why they are fighting our OUTSIDER President Trump so fiercely –
    they fear their plans being foiled and their organization totally demolished – with thousand held accountable for TREASON and crimes against humanity! Don’t believe there is a statute of limitations on treason and know there isn’t on murder/s and many of their crimes involve murder/s!!!

  5. Unfortunately for James Comey and many of his cohorts, high treason and crimes against humanity probably not the most disgraceful of their crimes.

  6. It sees that poor Comey, no matter how much he cries and tries, just can’t get us all to think he’s a straight shooter. He’s NOT one. He is whimpering because Daddy won’t give him the ice cream cone when he wants it.

    Hi lied throughout the Hillary email situation and he deserves to lose his job because of that and his MANY OTHER lies.

  7. comey, brennan speaks Arabic fluently and has backed islam for years, clapper all snakes,just like barry soetoro aka Obama and Marxist Hillary backed by bill ayers and George soros-get rid of them, clean house-we don’t need traitors here or illegal immigrants

  8. Comey is a sleezeball! Also a traitor……..
    …worse is the fact that how on earth did he ever get a job with the FBI?
    What kind of Leader was he???
    Really he was just a sneaky criminal himself!

  9. ps. Even the ppl here on RR seem Hesitant
    to Reply/Comment on Crucial PEDO Matters.
    > NEED Deep Think/ Connect ‘the dots’/ Deal w/it
    &&& SPEAK UP – LOUDLY !!! Capish.

  10. I have replied to this post (too many x’s). RR blocked.
    KEEP on ‘pounding’ the Real Deal’ ie PEDO
    of which MOST Are INVOLVED in Highest Levels.
    >> PPL MUST Understand – & WHEN THEN & ONLY THEN
    the ‘Deep State’ Will Be Removed__

  11. Comey will get his “just dues” and it will come sliding in on him in a great hurry when it comes. He, like the Clintons will be asked by his children and grandchildren, How he could betray America like he did, and that will be worse than jail-time.

  12. Re “slip of the tongue”, remember those people in Hollywood – they commonly do many re-takes before they get their lines right. People who speak on live TV don’t have that advantage, so they have every right to correct themselves after making an error.

  13. Congrats on obtaining your BS degree! You majored in re-gifting the BS the Leftist propaganda. Now go do some real research and You’ll find that the real sell outs is those who put foreigners ahead of hard working Americans. Next time you get paid look at how much of your money is stolen from you or are you one of those living off us hard working Americans. now have a higher education And you know there is criminal activity why?

  14. COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  15. I’M sure he taught his children to lie, just as he lies. How proud he must be, to grow little liars.

  16. To a 64000 question. Can only hope he will get his comeuppins and fade away forever. He is in the pocket of Hillary. She is his keeper, as long as he has her back.

  17. Thank you as well Joe. And the Media IS a Massive ‘mouthpiece’. In 2016, i
    figured out the ‘style’ of accusations/ Deflection (from their crimes)
    & Blaming DJT. Several days ago Wray (new FBI head, i think) explained
    this process, w/out naming Karl Marx, of Deflection, Confusion etc.
    the Dem playbook calls it “displacement”. Not only the X-treme Left,
    but RINOS / & ALL Establishment Politicians.
    > MEDIA/Politicians etc Are in a Rage re Helsinky summit. & WILL NOT REPORT
    that Putin – Worldwide, 0uted Hillary /Browder re 400 million (out of 1.5 Billion $ made in Russia, (& never paid Tax to Russia or US) & Transferred to her campaign. That IS the ‘collusion’ & they are V. Upset. Are you aware of this extraordinary info ??? Also, since then, it has been written, this
    Browder guy renounced US citizenship, now lives in Britain. E’0ne in the wholewide World knows this ‘stuff’ including POTUS DJT. & There IS More __

  18. Former FBI Director James Comey never passes up an opportunity to embarrass himself and the FBI. He is a disgrace to the FBI and America.

  19. Okay Mr.Grizz Man, but it was their job to make sure there was justice. They warped and betrayed our legal system in the most contemptuous manner.

  20. Soros is a nasty looking man.His billions can’t help his evil heart and giggly looks. Founder of Antifa

  21. They are like a chigger, digging DEEP,itching and a nuisance.They can be gotten rid of! Nasty critters.

  22. Thank you, Zee! From my Facebook page, I know this to be true after 75 years of life’s experiences, but did not realize the Communist Karl Marx said it, “Accuse your Enemy of what You are doing, as You are Doing It To Create Confusion” Now we know where the Lefties got their training, education and where they are going! I never thought in my life time I would see a Communistic party as large as the Democrats after all these years of fighting Communist world wide with American blood! No wonder the “Walk Away” movement is growing in leaps & bounds!

    Now we all know, at the least those that can read and understand what we read.

  23. Where was Comey when Obama went around the world dissing the United States, bowing to foreign Kings, and promoting racial dissidence in this country? He is a phony, a slimy underhanded member of the “deep state” who hates Trump and hopes to get everyone else to hate him also. Just stay out of the election, Comey, we don’t need your input.

  24. Comey is a phony — PERIOD. His only goal is to make us all think he’s Sir Galahad, the wonderful knight who will save us all. Of course, he cares about no “knights” but himself. I don’t and won’t believe anything this phony chooses to claim.

  25. “This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country”….
    ….hmmm, I don’t remember seeing our President standing on foreign soil next to ohbummer and holder, or clinton, the beast, or soros…
    …in a sane world, the scum comey would’ve have been locked up for sedition and perjury and obstruction of justice a LONG time ago. The one BIG mistake of President Trump was in NOT firing this traitor’s a** right away.


  27. Now THAT’S the kind of damage we need. Wonderful to behold, Pres. Trump dismantling all the evil-doing of Obama.

  28. You are right to call Obama’s presidency a “reign.” That is exactly what happens under a dictatorship, a “reign of terror.” We must NEVER allow such an evil to ever again happen to this country. It astonishes me to see so many who just do not get it. I cannot believe that they are so feeble minded that they choose to listen to the very accomplished liars in government and the media, instead of studying the facts. Disturbing that far too many in this country are mentally challenged.

  29. No, the damage was done by the last president. All Obama did was apologize for America, demoralize our troops by allowing transgenders to enlist, cut military spending, and with weak, ineffectual leadership by the “Commander in Chief” caused the spread of terrorism. I could go on and on. He was a disaster in every area. Pres. Trump is fixing all that Obama broke, even with the vicious obstruction of the left and their leftist media. In the face of all this obstruction, this Pres. has done a MAGNIFICENT job. God Bless America and President Trump.

  30. OK, Wee Willy. We are glad you never make an error when you speak. I am glad when he did, he corrected himself. Myself, when speaking, I try not to use contractions, but lip myself from time to time and it can lead to errors, both in speech and hearing. Oh, did you leave your fly open?

  31. To James Comey: ‘Get thee behind me, Satan’ To the responsible Republicans, stop playing around with these evil people Tell the President to order the release of the documents or fire RosenstAin. The American people are losing their faith and patience.

  32. Comey is the biggest idiot and how he was in charge of the FBI is beyond me. He can try to take the President down but we all know he is so disgraced that even his own family has got to wonder what happened to the person they use to know. He is a traitor, criminal and a thief. He thought he could write a book and it would lead to other books but no so. I bet James Patterson wishes he had never joined his first book. His claimed to fame will always be the most disgraced person in the FBI. God Bless this Country and all the good people who serve the FBI.

  33. Comey’s Judgement is nonexistent. He still thinks Hilary and obama can do no wrong & that stroke & pudge told him the truth because it is what he wanted to hear.

  34. YOU SAID BUT YOU MISSED CHILDEST Take a look at the Dims behavior at these hearings and ask yourself if these are mature people or unruly children

  35. Trump has “Damaged” this country. But, the damage is to the over 2,300 liberal groups funded by George Soros “Open Borders” group, which he funds. Soros is the “Hitler” of the leftist movement. By the way, Soros worked for the Nazis by rounding up Jews to be sent to the “Death Camps”. What a “Sweet” guy! Soros is a Jew! All the Unions, media, Dems, college professors (liberal), are in on wanting “Open Borders”, like the “European Union” has. The “Open Borders” group was behind the “EU” being formed. Soros wants an “Americas Union”, but Donald has “damaged” that plan also. I never vote for a “D”, buy “Union”, or work for a “Union”, that includes “Pro Sports”.
    Do all you can to get out votes for the Republicans. If you know of any other ideas that will help, please advise me.

  36. Comey was the consigliere in the Obama/Clinton crime cartel. Let’s see what his attitude is after he spends 20 years in Leavenworth for treason, dereliction of duty and incompetency. His cellmates will be Strock, Page, Hillary, Brennan and more to come.
    Good riddance to a delusional bureaucrat.

  37. Please, tell me the damage that President Trump has done and compare it to the damage obama did to this country. I prayed daily that obama’s “reign” would end and America wouldn’t be completely in the gutter as a third-world country. I’m waiting for your explanation. Is it the tax cuts, or maybe that ISIS is on the run or possibly the fact that over 10,000 would be criminals have been repelled by ICE in just one week at our border.

  38. What did you have to say when obammer all over the world criticizing America in front of a bunch of muslim thugs when he was 1st elected. Did you call that treason?


  40. Wow!!!Tell us how you really feel Ursula, LOL…but your right he is a sleaze ball FBI whore…Guys like him usually end up eating their words. My gut feeling tells me that President Trump is just waiting for the results of the midterm elections, before he makes his next big move! Guys like Comey, Brennan, and Obama’s whore, James Clapper will be in some serious trouble if the Republicans elect some “real” Conservatives into office, and the polls are looking good for us. I don’t think after the midterms, the Liberals, or the media will be spreading the kind of crap they have been spreading up to this point!!!I’m reading that Comey, Clapper, and Brennan were into some blackmailing of Chief Justice John Roberts(most of us knew there was something that turned his vote in favor of ObamaCare)because there is evidence that they hacked into his records, and were blackmailing him regarding something to do with his 2 adopted children… I think we should let President Trump deal with these traitors in his good time…God Bless President Trump, and the United States

  41. Why isn’t anyone in this forum saying anything about the concern for the REAL GREAT Damage that the present president has caused and relentlessly continues to cause our Great country? Stop him by stopping to feed his ego. Vladimir Putin has been successful thus far and continues to be as long as he continues to give Trump praises.

  42. If we had a government that was not owned by the global one world order billionaires, James Comey would’ve already had his death sentence and been in the gas chamber and been dead for several months now, along with many of his protégés I mean whores of the one world order money.

  43. Concerning the indictments of the persons who have committed all the crimes
    during their time ” in the swamp”, Nike had a fitting saying ” Just Do It.”
    Get them all in front of a grand jury and indict them.” Just Do It.”

  44. the lame stream media checking the facts why they go to cnn or msmbc or the splc to get their so called facts yet not one of them knows how to find out the truth just how to repeat what is put on the teleprompter writen by some far left editor

  45. I’m a VIRGINIAN and very proud to have voted for our President Donald Trump,I voted for him because, of his courage and love of our Country.I do not like living in the blue please vote for Republican.

  46. Just like President Donald Trump said he is nothing but a lie and he was right to fire hem. And he’s still speeding lies every time he opens his mouth. He said he was leaving the Repounlican party who needs people like hem in our party how is a crook and a lier like him. Good redenice. He will make a good Demacrate he lies just like them.

    Just like President Donald Trump said he is nothing but a lie and he was right to fire hem. And he’s still speeding lies every time he opens his mouth. He said he was leaving the Repounlican party who needs people like hem in our party how is a crook and a lier like him. Good redenice. He will make a good Demacrate he lies just like them.

  48. You are right Ursula! Just wanted to add a couple! Insignificant, dispicable, self righteous, and pathetic!!

  49. A lot of times we have played bad cop, good cop to find out information, I’m guessing that you played bad cop. Get lost Comey you are a disgrace to the FBI and all those who serve this great country. I hope to someday witness a court sentencing you to hang for your treasonous behavior.

  50. Comey = smug, arrogant, unprofessional, unprincipled, unhinged, biased, lazy, dishonest, corrupt, – and flat-out insane

  51. Bob Mueller should also BE CHARGED With Conspiracy against a sitting U.S. President Trump!

    Liberals ALWAYS WRONG! But damn proud of themselves….

  52. It’s a good thing comey didn’t try to screw up killery. He would be taking the dirt nap now.

  53. Comey has ZERO credibility since he was exposed by IG in his report! Comey needs to crawl back under his rock to remain irrelevant forever!

  54. Comey has already been fired. Why was he fired must be because of what he did not do on the job. If that took place to be fired then he committed a crime. Then if that is so he should be taken to court and convicted for that crime. then he should serve his time and not be tweeting anything and also being a leader and showing the others were they are going and the way to get there

  55. Mainstream Media ruined itself by failing to check, recheck, verify facts (which is failure), and they exacerbate the failure by inserting gross subjectivity (opinion) and implying it is the truth. The USA intelligence agencies are embarrassed at how corrupt their leaders are. The reporter who tried to trick the President of the United States of America while he was standing next to the second most powerful leader ought to lose his press credentials for all time.

  56. You think it’s bad at the Federal Level of these traitors? It’s even worse at the state level with New York State, California, and other Liberal controlled state govts. FINALLY New York State is getting some of the corrupt Cuomo swamp rats caught…. The ‘Buffalo Billions’ is truly an example of major corruption of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, going back to the days when the first Gov. Cuomo was gov. It has taken lots of time and perserverence by Conservatives in New York State to finally get the propaganda of lies that raising taxes higher and higher and new ones added into the state called ‘fees’ to finally wake up New Yorkers to finally realize that a Liberal controlled govt. does NOT work and as a result, one of many, people have left New York State for better economical states with lower taxes and less regulations that have killed MANY businesses in New York State. Small businesses suffer first then the bigger businesses get hit too as Andrew Cuomo and his buds, Schumer and idiot female pos gillibrand, keep inventing new and ridiculous regulations on any and all New York State businesses. Even New York City is feeling the demise that the Liberals have created and gotten away with for decades….. So hopefully other states will take a lesson from the demise of the economy in New York State and NOT FOLLOW THE SAME COURSE OF THE DUMB LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS! Corruption DOES NOT WORK! Even unions are FINALLY getting their comeuppance in New York State! Thank goodness for President Donald Trump! He started the roll of taking off the blinders from politicians and made them realize that being a politician is NOT for the snowflakes and wafflers! You have to be tough and go against the ‘status quo’ to actually get the right things done and not go the easy route of just doing the popular, easy way, that is something any fool can do, but the RIGHT THING TO DO IS ALWAYS THE TOUGHEST BUT THE BEST WAY TO DO THINGS! It takes a STRONG LEADER and thick skin to get the right things done and President Trump has that in spades and is proving that he can and will continue to do the right things and not just the popular things! Thank You President Trump and God Bless You and God Bless the people of the U.S.A. who voted for you!

  57. His lying is criminal. There are a lot more unfortunately.S##t floats eventually. Watch and see! More things will surface. Too. Many Lies

  58. My understanding is that Lisa Page is answering questions asked of her honestly and directly. She is the “smarter” one of the “duo.”

    This CANNOT go well for Strzok. I suspect he is biting his toenails over this, if he can reach them.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  59. He should see his day in court for obstructing the law! There are more and much Bigger rate in the swamp.

  60. Patricia that’s because they all learned from the best Criminal Minds The clintons John Brennan and Muslim Obama and then there’s Muslim Valerie Jarrett

  61. Missuriism, first of all thank you for your service I too am a retired police officer in the state of Texas I also serve two years on a federal contract as a special Deputy United States Marshal I agree with you 100% he should be put in there and let the inmates be informed who he is and maybe throw in a little extra something that is a child molester that’ll get him shanked

  62. page just testified and shwed what liars and what a pos he is she will testit they all werwe in on it I pray to god they all end up togaqtgher in prison amen what a liar and a real pos fraud

  63. Comey is a foolish talking head!! If he had any common sense, he would try to melt into the wall like wallpaper!! With all the ammo that President Trump has to unleash on this clown, Comey would do best to just go away!!!

  64. Jeff sessions should hide his face in shame for misrepresenting himself as someone who would be capable of representing “Justice”…he hid using an illegal excuse and then deferred to a disgusting anti Trump operative …disgraceful..

  65. If Peter Strozk changed the wording from extremely careless to negligent, shouldn’t Hillary be brought up on the charge? He was not authorized to do that.

  66. He should see his day in court for obstructing the law! There are more and much Bigger rate in the swamp.

  67. That is interesting…When I typed Democrats……..
    My Samsung Galaxy printed it as………..

  68. James Comey has some majormental issues and the idea that such a man got to be the head of the FBI in this country is truly terrifying to me. May God have mercy on our country if Comey is the best we can get to lead our largest law enforcement branch of government. The “deep state” is far more senister than I would ever have believed until this dude was uncovered.

    Just think. If Trump had not been elected we wouldnever have known how unhingedthisman is.

  69. Mr. Comey it is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

  70. I believe the Big O should be elected leader of the cellblock as his only qualification to lead is “community organizer”..and now he would be in his appropriate community.

  71. Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page remind me of Majors Margaret Houlihan and Frank Burns. Always conspiring against Hawkeye, Trapper John and later BJ Hunnicutt.

    Peter Strzok like Frank burns looks like a no chin weasel, a REAL “Ferret face” and I’d love to knock that stupid smirk off his Ferret face! I for one can’t wait to see that stupid smirk turn upside down when he is sentenced to prison for obstruction of justice, I bet he cryes like a little baby!

    Obama had 8 years in office to corrupt all branches of the federal bureaucracy. Lets face it NOT even President Trump can fix it in less that two years! Perfect example Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok is STILL an FBI agent! And we have an obstructionist democRat party refusing to approve President Trumps appointees! And lets NOT forget about the disgraced former FBI Director James Comey who let the pantsuit Pig off scot-free free!

  72. Is this fool, comey, just throwing horsesh-t over his shoulder hoping that none lands on him or is he the big distributor of it?

  73. Yes, he along with the other criminals like Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, & almost all of Obama’s administration to include deputy director Rosenberg! Hillary & Bill should already be lifers in prison including Obama.

  74. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  75. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  76. I love it when that America hating jackass keeps helping the Republicans! Everyone knows he’d a dirty cop.

  77. Does this ass not realize the American people hate his guts and believe nothing he says. If I was him I’d be to embarrassed to show my face in public. So full of himself.

  78. I think it is amazing that a former director of the FBI has the unmitigated gall to make any comments – – when he knew in 2015 there was interference from Russians according to their own intelligence and DID NOTHING UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. The Democrats are delusional. They have never made a comment about Obama, Schiff, Clinton, etc. taking funding, giving away our uranium for personal profit in a “Clinton foundation.” This country has been flushed down the toilet by this free-for-all.

  79. however bULLETS ARE SO MUCH cheaper AND FASTER… iT JUST TOOK TWO TWEETS TO SHOW WHATA PERFECT ass hole COMEY TRULY IS !!!! deep STARE ANYONE?? how about you MULE FACE MUELLER .. any TWEETS to prove you are a FOOK UP also????

  80. These Intelligence agencies were not the ones that said Saddam had WMD’s? The ones that Hillary did not intend to get caught using unprotected servers, in place of Government Protected. Then took ”bleach” and hammers to her computers?

  81. I would like to see ALL FBI/DOJ agents who have clean hands come forward as a group and spill the beans before congress. This might be the only way of cleaning house.

  82. Comeys remarks about the President only prove that he is bias as hell. He is really stupid to make comments like that, especially after all the lies he has told. He just can’t keep his mouth shut. Hum, who does that remind you of…Crooked Hillary.

  83. just when are chargaes going to be made against Comey? ALso the folg two need to be tried for their lawlessness in not prote4cting citizen information and sleazy manner in releasing individual data, supporters of Trump. Time for Mr Trump to order (ORDER) Rosenstein to surrender all (ALL) documents to congress or resign or be fired. If he does not comply and continues to violate the FOIA law, fire him. Make sure his replacement will comply fully with the FOIA and provide all documents.Full Disclosure to the American public

  84. No doubt Comrade Comey wants the democrats to win a majority. It is the only way he has a chance of avoiding prison. Pure SCUMBAG, just like his former top FBI traitors, who deserve the gallows. Got Rope ?

  85. Comey has been proven to be the worst of the worst, a corrupt law enforcement officer, and a political hack for criminals. As a retired law enforcement officer, he deserves to be jailed in the general population of a maximum security prison where all the inmates are informed he was a LEO. I would give him less than a week before being shanked in the shower, unless he could prove to them he was always a criminal.

  86. Let the fool keep talking and make an even bigger fool of himsrlf. Wise men keep quite during times like this

  87. Ronnie P. I would say so since he ran the FBI and probably trained them in all his lawless subversive methods. He failed the American people and especially the FBI. He really deserves really serious jail time! Also, how dare someone with his lack of character criticize DJT !!! I am remembering his self righteous indignation, he makes me sick. Shame shame on you James Comey!

  88. Its now evident that the deep state is full of buzzards, not, statesmen as we use to know. Sink back into the swamp where tgey all belong.

  89. Comey should be locked up with Hilary and all her minions. He is so twisted that he lives in his own small world.SICK!!

  90. I am amazed that this is still news…. Mr Trump is trying to fix the messes from previous administrations. What exactly did Russia do to affect our elections that Hillary Clinton did not do…… lie, stuff ballot boxes across the country, leave email mails floating in space for everyone to see, slander opponents. Let alone failing totally as a the Sec of State under the corrupt Obama administration……… that’s a lot to clean up.

  91. When I typed Democrats……..
    My I-phone printed it as………..
    ARtificial intelligence at its best ever!
    Thought you would appreciate this

  92. can’t believe that this man is still in the public sphere after being fired, and proven to be so wrong, and such a lying POS, and with his book lies, and lies and more lies

  93. I think comey stinks.He is like a snake coming out of the pit.I hope that people in the media will look at Trump.Give Him a chance.When He does something wrong act like you did with Obama.You are messing up our future.You are going to be living in that cuture.I never knew that people were so childish.And comey is at the top of that list.Sooner than Later comey’s dishonest ways will be exposed.I Pray Sooner rather than Later.

  94. As long as Rosenstein and Sessions head the DOJ, none of the leftist criminals will be brought to justice. They are both part of the swamp.

  95. Hmm, both James Comey and John Brennan called for the patriot conservatives to stand up to Trump. Wtf at they talking about? Do they have no idea that the congressional committee are investigating their anti-Trump Russian dossier involvement? They lied, but they got busted.

    Politically, Trump appeared to point at the Deep State conspirators for creating a mess between USA and Russia. It may be true that the intelligence community confirmed the Russian involvement in US el cation, but I agree with Trump that it wasn’t enough to steer the election.

    Comey and Brennan are disgusting. What they did is really treasonous.

    Trump 2020!

  96. a trader kike you has no room to talk about the man who is true to his country . crawl back into your slimey hole .OLD VET

  97. Comey, why don’t you crawl back into your hole and hide your shameful behavior. It is better to lift a person up instead of talking trash or lies about him or her. You were fired because of your performance regarding the Clinton emails etc. You thought Clinton was going to win the election, but you were wrong. Go away and get your life on the right track instead of following your boss Satan.

  98. It sure seems like the FBI, CIA agents are all full of themselves. They think they are above the law. They need to take responsibility, they need to be charged and never have licenses for any Federal jobs ever again.

  99. what can i say , when you have someone as corrupt as hillary and oboma , anyone who has ties to them has to be corrupt to, gangsters like gangs , hang together, it’s just to bad our doj doesn’t start locking them up

  100. James you wrote a book on the very subject that you overlooked in your job description. What a low life. You deserve all the legal problems that are in your future.

  101. Comey is as crooked as clinton is and thats why he is so pathetic he brought shame and is scumbag liberal who should be in prison along with clinton.

  102. Correction, Cherie, Comey needs to be tried, convicted and executed for his treason against this nation and against President Trump.
    Notice he is still strongly trying to get his projection of his crimes onto others to take hold. In these 2 tweets he calls Putin a “murderous lying thug” and President Trump “a traitor” both of which describes James Comey perfectly.

  103. Dirty cops and disgraced FBI agents/directors belong in the ash heaps of history. … Please do the public a favor by staying where your ilk belongs, among the rats of DemocRATS. … You may be 6’8″ tall on the outside, but inside you are 6-8 mm’s small. … Even a chigger has more integrity that you have shown. … Please slither off into the sunset of the bank of some unnamed lagoon.

  104. Comey is a dirty cop and everyone knows it. He belongs in jail for the lies he told in helping Hillary cover up her e-mail server fiasco. He is in it up to his ears and should keep his mouth shut. The more he tries to slam President Trump, the worse he smells himself! The Democrats would do the Country a favor if they’d just go away and quit trying to sell us out! Most of them are liars and just awful people in general!!

  105. He was insubordinate and fired because of that. He forgot, or never understood, who he worked for, like, unfortunately, too many in the FBI management. I find it very difficult to say ‘leadership’ as too many are not leaders except for themselves.

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