Ivanka Trump just silenced her critics with these three words

Liberals have raged over Ivanka Trump’s position in the White House from Day One.

It escalated over the weekend into vicious personal attacks when Ivanka posted a photo with her son on Twitter.

But Ivanka left her critics in stunned silence with these three words.

“Ignore the trolls.” Talk about words to live by.

Ivanka Trump has faced some intensely harsh criticism since joining the White House.

While her liberal critics would’ve likely cheered Chelsea Clinton working alongside her mother (had Hillary won), charges of nepotism and personal attacks abounded.

But she gave some advice on Twitter for those who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Ivanka likely had in mind the liberal trolls who launched into vicious personal attacks when she posted a photo with her son on Twitter.

The liberal intelligentsia and usual suspects from Hollywood were incensed.

One former Democratic strategist and fellow at the London School of Economics wrote:

Comedian Patton Oswalt piled on:

Liberals were up in arms claiming President Trump was ripping families apart to enforce his immigration policies.

They were all sharing a picture of their own to attack Trump, which turned out not to fit their narrative.

What are your thoughts on Ivanka’s advice?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I thought it was a beautiful picture. As for the illegals, they jeapordised their childrens lives on that horrible trip getting here They don’t care if they’re caught, we treat them well (too well}. They know they aren’t supposed to come. You bring yourselves & your children at your own peril. We ought to tighten our laws. Especially the amnesty laws. Those who would coach these lawbreakers, ought to get imprisoned for life.They help no one. They are totally EVIL.

  2. did Obama not do the same?
    Time for the dem-oc-rats to shut up. USA has the beast potus EVER

  3. Ivanka loves her children by not doing anything illegal but those mother that cross the border knowing what the results would be are putting their children in danger that’s not loving your children. My mother would have never done such a thing. Shame on them not the laws in the constitution. GOD BLESS POTUS AMD AMERICA.

  4. I can’t image parent breaking the law by crossing the border illegally and wanting to come to my country and change my way of life when they can do the same in their own country. All those that are so concern about all those illegal should provide their homes and financial help without having taxpayer foot the bill to care for everyone that doesn’t want to stay in their own country. They don’t want to learn English but expect me to learn their language. Maxine Waters and Nancy Polosi have multi-millions dollars home they could house plenty of those immigrants family. That’s a great idea.

  5. Beautiful picture of Ivanka and her son. Not President Trump’s fault that immigrants enter our country illegally with their children and end up being separated. This has been going on for years. Support our President this problem can be resolved.

  6. One can only pray that her advise causes every LIBERALS head to explode. Since she won’t fight back against their HATE with hate they should all blow their stacks and since their heads are up their Rectums it should ignite the methane in their intestines and blow their minds completely.

  7. Not only are they breaking American Law but the children that you are referring to that are being ripped away from their parents ARE NOT EVEN THEIR PARENTS. Those lier’s are using those children to gain entry and once they get in they could care less what happens to them except to get food stamps. Don’t kid yourself they are using the Democratic idiots to the fullest extent. And the Democrats are letting them because the more morons that they let in the more votes they can buy. The children are just tools used by the democrats and the illegals who care nothing about their well-being whatsoever.

  8. Quite a ‘line -up’. ALL True.
    Throw Establishment ‘R’s in there as well.
    The ‘Dem’ ppl i know are way
    OUT of it & DO NOT Want to
    Acknowledge the Real Truth.
    > Tell me, HOW CAN ppl Be So STEWPID.

  9. The Democratic/Communist Party= The Party of hate, the Party of obstruction,
    The Party of lies & corruption, the Party of hypocrites, the Party of slaves, the Party of the KKK, the Party of no respect, the Party of denial, the Party of arrogance, the Party of lawlessness, the Party who attacks Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and the 2nd Amendment, the Party of Losers! Did I miss anything?

  10. The photo that got all the libtards up in arms about children being separated from their parents was taken during Obummer’s reign of horror. It was HIS policy !!!

  11. Ivanka is a true role model whose actions speak louder than words. If the haters out there actually realized that maybe they would try demonstrating responsibility in their own public life rather than spewing hate against the world.
    It is amazing to see what a role model can accomplish when they show you how the truth of love outshines the putrid stink of the fakers who don’t believe in the American model of values.
    But then once you are disarmed it won’t matter what you believe in – will it ?

  12. I am a Buddhist rather than a Christian and I also am pleased that America finally has a real person in the presidency rather than the fakers who where long on promises but short on effort.
    I am pleased that while the atheist left and atheist media attack anything that teaches moral sanctity in life we have a President who protects religious freedom and believes in the sanctity of human life – which is anathema to those who, like Hitler, believe in the convenience of dehumanizing the human life.
    . I also say thank you to the Christians among our forefathers who had the foresight to see that the corruption of human society would bring repeating cycles of depravity which they chose to guard against by the instilling of protections in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Need I say more?

  13. The Fbomb, is heard in the news on a daily basis as if it will give those using it more attention to their acts, when the acts themselves are abhorrent enough. It’s been years since I’ve heard the C–t Bomb, and I never thought it would come from a woman. Of all the times to use it when women should be supporting each other in breaking through the “Glass Ceiling.” If women are going to treat their sisters with disrespect they going to lower the chances of all women to achieve their goals. Her reasoning for the outburst, for a Liberal, was hypocritical. Ripping babies out of their mother’s arms. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about women’s right to abortion. No expletives there rip them out and throw them in the dumpster. Their mothers won’t be looking for them. For the record those lost kids came in under Obama. The Conservatives are trying to locate them. While processing the Caravan in a responsible manner.

  14. The Fbomb, is heard in the news on a daily basis as if it will give those using it more attention to their acts, when the acts themselves are abhorrent enough. It’s been years since I’ve heard the C–t Bomb, and I never thought it would come from a woman. Of all the times to use it when women should be supporting each other in breaking through the “Glass Ceiling.” If women are going to treat their sisters with disrespect they going to lower the chances of all women to achieve their goals. Her reasoning for the outburst, for a Liberal, was hypocritical. Ripping babies out of their mother’s arms. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about women’s right to abortion. No expletives there rip them out and throw them in the dumpster. Their mothers won’t be looking for them.
    For the record all of the “LOST” kids happened on Obama’s watch. Those pictures are years old.Doris

  15. There is always a place for haters “HELL”. Get them burn while they are still on earth. Haters a created by Satan and Devil.

    Pres. Donald J. Trump brought back “Christianity” to America.
    Compared to FAILED OBAMA, you are forbidden to say “Merry Christmas”, a supporter to illegal aliens & Criminals. The Obama never love America not until they become the King & Queen in 2008.
    Legal Law Abiding Immigrants & Asian Seniors supports Pres. Trump

  16. No one appears to be thinking about Parental Responsibility. These illegal boarder runners and amnesty hopefuls know the risk’s and are willing to abandon their own kids taking the chance to break our laws and when caught or refused, use the low life excuse that it is the United States that is to blame.

  17. What CLASS!!! Ivanka showed America and all Americans that she doesn’t need to stoop to their level. No profanity needed to get her point across. The Trump’s show they are responsible with real feelings. Yet they show there is no need for hurtful comments in this world of double standards. Keep strong Trump Family. America has your back. MAGA!!!

  18. Quasi ‘hot? subject per ‘ivank’___
    As an aside: Would love to have a
    2 minute cup a java w/her & ‘splain
    WHY a ‘beautiful photo’ WAS Baad TIMING<<<
    (when BS LSM[lame stream media] is 'hot & heavy')
    Does Any0ne here get this on a 'deep level' ???

  19. Illegals that choose to put their children in jepordy make the the decision themselves. They mistakenly think if they bring their kids with them they won’t be sent home. Sorry but that is the law. They use their kids for sympathy.

  20. Yes. 0nly More Serious > (just like ‘Dating game’ canadian Granholm) was dumped in
    MI. for Gov. & 2 terms!!! at that. Did damage in Mi.

  21. Rite. No troll/0r anyone else etc. haha haaa.
    i think U perceived comment ie ‘Timing’ of post.
    Also, in the past, ‘ivank’ has displayed ‘negligence’/
    immature indiscretions Furthermore – i Support PATRIOT POTUS. Period. Buttt,
    just b/cuz she is daughter, Does NOT GIVE a ‘free pass’
    in my book. 0n any level, UNTIL Proven. I STAND COMPLETELY
    OBJECTIVE, on such matters. & Can Take ‘the heat’.

  22. T.Belle. this pic HAS A Lot to do w/all current LSM(lame stream media) re immigration/separation. No one Said: it was DJT policy.
    > Of Course ‘we’ see Loving mother/ father?
    Point Being MADE WAS >>> ‘TIMING'<<< of Post. Do you get that ???
    Great Mother's day photo –
    ( this IS 'sub-conscious stufff') that's all.

  23. She is white trash that Canada dumped on us because they didn’t want to air her tirades on their networks.

  24. So when I hug my son every morning when he gets up & again before he goes to bed, than I am voicing my opinion against immigration. Thank you for letting me know the truth. After all of these years, I didn’t know that . Here I thought I was being a good & loving father. Silly me.

  25. nobody is forcing these people to abandon their children. if you cross the border illegally it becomes our problem. you people just don’t get it. we are being invaded and they are taking our country away form us without firing a damn shot. the a$$hole liberals are giving them everything but not our chhldren. they have no reason to assimilate, WHY SHOULD THEY

  26. What the hell has this picture to do with immigration? I see a loving mother with her toddler son. The immigration policy of children being held separate from their parents was in force during the Obama Administration; Trump had nothing to do with it.

  27. Separation should be occurring at the border. If you want to come to America do it LEGALLY. Stop feeling sorry for these people who know darn right well that they need to use proper channels to come here.

    Samantha Bee is just plain white trash. She may be on TV, she may have money, but that does not change the trashiness that is embedded in her soul.

  28. Photo Would Have been Awesome on
    Mother’s Day.
    hey ron, i guess we are all ‘trolls’ to
    some degree.

  29. Ivanka is very classy in dealing with this matter. even if you let it go, the party that is belittling her really should loose her job just like anyone that crosses the line. Just because our first amendment right give’s us the right of free speech doesn’t always mean we should say it! All I’ve seen is a double standard if the right would have said it they would loose their job. On the left, oh she apologize’s but no firing? That’s rich!

  30. When these totally illerate parents choose to bring their innocent children to cross a border ILLEGALLY, and they KNOW it, they are breaking our laws…..it is not unknown they will not come here illegally or will face the consequences………We are a Country……of LAWS……..Obey them and file to enter legally, NO PROBLEM…..the last president who

  31. How could it be a touchy subject? These are criminals trying to cross our borders illegally. Bringing their children along does not lesson the illegal criminal conduct. By the way they are breaking American law. Not Trump law.

  32. Classy First Lady! You are 100% correct. These creatures have absolutely no leg on which to stand.

  33. 0u. V. ‘touchy’ subject matter(re the border).
    No doubt good photo.
    BUTTTT – perhaps, an ‘In-Opportune’ Time to Post,
    Even ‘bad taste’ When
    ‘Separation 0ccurring’ at border.
    (& this is what this is all about.)
    > Many can interpret as a (‘sub-conscious goading’ )
    She Could Have Posted 2 months ago or whatever.
    >>> V. Bad Timing.

  34. This is a picture of LOVE. People have forgot what LOVE is and how to show it. All they know is HATE, and backstabbing those people that don’t agree with them. The want America to be a place of no feeling, and love. The zombie look is what the want.

  35. Mrs. Trump is correct; “ignore the trolls. Mindless people spout mindless drivel and I cannot learn anything from them: read; delete; go on with life. Dave

  36. We are in a sad state of affairs when the liberals take aim at a mother and her son. What is worse are the comments made by Smantha Bee. How despicable a comment and made on prime time TV. If Rosann Barr was ‘fired’ for her tweet, the troll Bee should be publicly caned and humiliated then given a one way ticket out of this country. She is one ugly person that does nothing more than continue to tear this country apart. Get rid of her.

  37. They are hypocrites. They grab onto any tidbit that they can to demean anything involving President Trump, his family, his party. appointees and voters. I don’t know why they call themselves: progressive. broad-minded, unprejudiced, beneficent, charitable, openhanded,munificent, unstinting, lavish, those words don’t seem match our American liberals.  Our liberals seem to be reactionary and intolerant. They have no tolerance for anyone who steps outside the line is shunned and abused. 
    progressive. broad-minded, unprejudiced, beneficent, charitable, openhanded,munificent, unstinting, lavish, those words don’t seem match our American liberals.  Our liberals seem to be reactionary and intolerant. They have no tolerance.Anyone who steps outside of the party line is shunned and abused. When is the last time Liberals did anything for kids? Only David Hogg who is not savvy enough to realize that he is being used by them to push their same old Gun Control fix that they keep pushing, knowing that it doesn’t work.  

  38. That’s right Obama. But of course they won’t admit it. They are liars, haters evil and wicked people. They don’t really care about those children. They don’t have hearts to care. Their pretending to care at Trumps expense. Anything that they can blame Trump for! Don’t worry they all will lose at the end again. They all need to be in a movie called despicable and disgusting. That would be the perfect thing. I wonder how many of their girl friends or wives had an abortion. Their not about to open their mouths on what they do that is horrible like murder. Girl friends and wives will keep their mouth shout too. Usually that’s the kind of people pick on others and lie about themselves never speak truth. I all need to take inventory of yourselves instead of pointing your fingers at innocent people. Get a life. Stop being so miserable! ????

  39. The libs should get their facts straight first. The pictures they see of the children torn apart from their parents were taken during Obama’s term in office. Fact check the dates.

  40. I agree with you on your comments. People who stoop to berating children because they are mad that their party wasn’t elected should be ashamed of themselves. I have never in my life seen such hateful actions from these people. I personally am glad that we finally have a president who cares about the people. They just need to grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats.

  41. That was the perfect answer for all these disgusting anti trumpers! They are so jealous of the beautiful, educated, and refined well adjusted adult children. The other family can’t hold a fig leaf up to the Trumps! Plus there was a report that the daughter was not Bill’s but that got crushed by the fake news. She doesn’t even resemble either parent. I love that beautiful picture of mother and son!

  42. Pierre PRESIDENT TRUMP is just FOLLOWING the LAW. NO other president has stood up against the ILLEGAL ACTS OF THESE people. You have to cisider this country our HOME would you just let ANYONE walk into your house AND CLAIM they belong there. I doubt it Well thats what these “people are doing to OUR COUNTRY. OH if your in favor of these ILLEGAL PEOPLE then send me your address and I’ll come over to see what I want from your place since you think we should LET ANYONE IN

  43. According to the Cambridge English dictionary, the definition of “ILLEGAL”: illegal meaning: 1. against the law: 2. An illegal immigrant/alien is a person who has entered a country without government …
    What part of that do the critics of President Trump’s Immigration Policy not understand?

  44. If they were good parents, cared for their children and did things according to our laws they wouldn’t be putting their children in this kind of jeopardy. Now tell me this is President Trump’s fault

  45. It’s about the hypocrisy when you consider the Trump policies that are ripping families apart. Nothing wrong with the picture of Ivanka and her son. Just make sure other moms and sons have that same opportunity.

  46. Ivanka…please do not listen to the few naysayers that are critical of you…know that you have a huge following that love you and what you do and say!!!!!

  47. If their parents are breaking the law the penalties affect the whole family. Not very good parents in the first place. If they don’t like the way their country is being run, they should band together and change it.

  48. Good job Patricia Foil. I too have their backs 100%. I do not understand, why more people cannot take on the common sense you speak of. Are they just so full of hate , anger, bitterness, and jealousy that this is what comes back at us?

  49. If American citizen parents put their children in the danger that the illegals are doing crossing through Mexico to get to the US, their children would be taken away permanently.

  50. Look at who these Critics are! They are the most vile and disgusting people in the entire Country! Nuff said!

  51. Looking at that picture just made me feel warm and fussy inside, me an 82YOA Grandad of 8!

  52. It’s incredibly sad that they are trying to politicize a picture of a special moment between a mother and a child, all because of who the mother is and who she is related to. Never before has a president’s family been such fair game for the press and the opposing side. Should I lower myself to their level and began attacking Chelsea Clinton, or rather Chelsea Mezvinsky, and her family? I think not, I am above doing that, especially to a 12 year old child. So as a caring, loving human being I will defend any child of a president unless they do stupid crap like our former first daughter, former first lady’s and everyone on their side. Maybe, eventually the will all grow a conscience and the common sense offered to you when you are born! So Ivanka, Don, Eric Tiffany and Barron I’ve got your back for as long as it’s needed.

  53. Just a bunch of NAZI commie liberals that are bringing this country down the path of destruction!!!!! Supported by the useful idiots!

  54. Beautiful young lady & child….. Classy!! Something the Liberal/ left knows nothing about!!!!Trump 2020!!!

  55. Only a hateful troglodyte would take offense at a picture of a mother and son (Ivanka and her son)! There is a special place in internet Hell for such haters!

  56. We already had one 1st husband or whatever they call it when 2 queers are together like Obummer and Michael (aka Michelle). The Trumps are doing a great job and I’m happy to see Ivanka loving her child. There’s not enough of that in today’s world.

  57. The better President Trump does, the lower the left gets. Ivanka is a beautiful classy woman and they are jealous. The picture was awesome.

  58. Totally agree….. and you are most likely looking at the first female president of the USA!!

  59. Liberals attempting to politicize the photo of a loving mother holding a child is disgusting and stupid. It is like this old hag Kathy Griffins repeatedly chased after Sarah Palin’s kids. She mocked them viciously. It was real low of her at the time. Yes, her display of a beheaded president was … whew, bad.

    I guess the liberals have gone stooping a new low that it is scary to think that they actually live among us.

    Stay strong, conservative women!

    Trump 2020!

  60. That an absolutely beautiful picture or a beautiful mother and child. Again, my mantra, “Don’t confuse a liberal with the facts”.

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