J.D. Vance lowered the boom on a journalist for this sick hoax against Donald Trump

Democrats are reeling after Joe Biden’s catastrophic debate appearance.

Now they’re trying to go on the offensive. 

And J.D. Vance lowered the boom on a journalist for this sick hoax against Donald Trump.

Democrats try to do damage control after Joe Biden’s debate disaster 

President Joe Biden’s terrible performance on the CNN debate could well go down as one of the biggest political disasters in American history.

Every concern about his severe mental decline was confirmed, and then some.

Democrats and their media allies tried to go offensive, attacking former President Donald Trump to draw some of the attention off of Biden.

The media pushed a bogus narrative that Trump’s alleged lies were the real story of the debate.

Biden kicked off the debate with one of the most appalling lies of his Presidency when he said that no troops had died under his watch.

13 soldiers were killed in a suicide attack at Kabul Airport in August 2021 after security was turned over to the Taliban during his botched departure from Afghanistan.

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) appeared on CBS News’ Face the Nation where host Margaret Brennan pressed about Trump’s debate performance.

Brennan asked him why Trump made “false claims” about January 6 and other issues.

“Well, Margaret, I think the media is running interference on a lot of this stuff,” Vance said. “We all know and Nancy Pelosi herself has admitted on camera that she could’ve requested more National Guard troops, she bears some responsibility for the fact that they weren’t there at the Capitol.”

J.D. Vance dismantles media’s false narrative about the debate 

Vance slammed the media for refusing to fact-check any of Biden’s lies from the debate when he garbled out an understandable sentence.

“Most importantly, we know that media seems uninterested in fact checking Joe Biden from any of the number of false claims he made including his —” Vance started.

“I’ve lost track, sir. I’ve been told the media is on every single side of this and everything’s our fault. But let’s get back to the candidate you’re here to talk about. Chris Miller said 10,000 troops, he was never ordered by the President to send those to the Capitol that day,” Brennan interjected.

Vance gave her a reality check about her attempt to deflect from Biden’s lies.

“Joe Biden made multiple statements of falsehood during the debate and a lot of folks in the media, yes, seem totally uninterested in fact checking him and the reason, Margaret, is because Donald Trump just performed so much better,” Vance fired back.

He blasted the media for shifting into damage control after Biden was exposed as senile.

“There was this 24-hour period where effectively everyone was honest, that there was a credible contrast between Donald Trump’s energy and command of the facts and Joe Biden’s obvious inability to do the job as president, and now, of course, we’ve transitioned to this new media cycle where folks are trying to run cover,” Vance continued. “Look, the American people saw what they saw. Trump can do the job, Biden can’t.”

Joe Biden’s debate was a historic catastrophe that left his campaign on the brink.

Now the media is scrambling to find a way to contain political damage.

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