James Comey admitted he was guilty in this massive scandal

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey likes to present himself as an honest lawman that tried to stand up to Donald Trump’s criminal tendencies.

It’s all a lie.

And Comey proved it by going on TV and admitting he was guilty in this serious scandal.

During a CNN town hall appearance Comey admitted much of the fake Christopher Steele dossier was unverified even when he was fired as FBI Director.

Despite knowing this, Comey still signed off on using the dossier as the basis for FISA warrants to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Breitbart reports:

Speaking at a CNN town hall event that aired on Thursday night, Comey said the “bureau began an effort after we got the Steele dossier to try and see how much of it we could replicate. That work was ongoing when I was fired.”

Yet aside from the general charge that Russia was seeking to interfere in the election, there were questions about the other dossier claims, he said, seemingly referring to the portions that sought to link Trump campaign officials to Russia.

Comey stated:

Some of it was consistent with our other intelligence, the most important part. The Steele dossier said the Russians are coming for the American election. It’s a huge effort. It has multiple goals that I laid out for the audience. And that was true.

There were a lot of spokes off of that that we didn’t know whether they were true or false, and we were trying to figure out what we could make of it.

FBI guidelines mandate that only verified information can be used in FISA warrant applications.

Comey confessed that his FBI skirted the law with this illegal use of the Steele dossier to spy on Carter Page.

The Inspector General’s report on possible FISA abuse is due in the coming weeks and Comey and his allies have been making numerous public appearances to get their side of the story out before that report is made public.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Does anyone think a march on Washington with a list of demands(such as investigations on Obama, the Clintons and their cronies and stop any impeachment proceedings of Trump)would be worthwhile? If so, how could such a protest be organized?

  2. Absolutely. Post Ev’ry where.
    Joe ‘plunger’ get 0ff the ‘blunt’
    cough-cough. You not even a 6-pack, joe.
    & you don’t talk like a ‘sniff-sniff’.
    Truth Mostly ALWAYS ‘Stings’ (a hater)
    HAHa HAA.

  3. PLEASE READ & Comm on ‘ink printed.
    Thank you.
    Speaking CNN town hall Thurs night, Comey SAID: the “bureau began an EFFORT <<< after we got the Steele dossier to try and see how much of it we could REPLICATE.<<<>> COMEY SUBMISSION.

  4. Knock it 0ff – joe painter, builder, plumber.
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  5. This is what happened. The dossier was made before Obama was elected and paid for by Hillary. She was going to use it against Obama to win the election. She was talked out of it and was promised that she would win the election after he left office. Then she didn’t win and that is why she is so pissed off.


  7. How in heavens name he was chosen to be head of FBI–HOOVER MUST BE SCRACHING HIS HEAD!!!! WHAT A EGOMENIAC BABOON!!!

  8. Spot on William!! More people should realize this. Eye opening, isn’t it? Money talks and so many are getting rich from open borders. Really sad how corrupt government servants really can be.

  9. The hubris of this man is mindboggling!
    Comey never heard the old adage
    Better to be silent and thought a fool
    Then to SPEAK and remove all doubt!

  10. Good info in your remarks, Mike W. Of course, it goes deeper, to the drug cartels south of the border…and they DO influence politicians who take their money. Sanctuary cities and illegal aliens and no border wall is a bought n paid for political agenda. Democrats. Also, keep in mind that illegal drug trade in US is about $400 billion annually…the profits on that buy a lot of politicians and bankers. Normally the FBI would shut it down, but people like Comey corrupted it.

  11. Joseph R Carreiro Sr it is the truth but they seem to keep skating by something wrong with that don’t you think?

  12. Do what the good people of Iceland did, surround the castle and drag them out and make citizens arrest of all those politicians that are guilty of corruption, but first as a symbolic gesture throw them in the dumpster before the arrest, and I bet a person like a Ron or Rand Paul could secretly make a list of all that re guilty! Oh! Never mind most people are lazy and a dumbed down blind mass of snowflakes and do not have what is takes do actually do anything also because of blind patriotism to corrupt government and those that do Nothing are just as guilty as those that do the wrong!

  13. Knew he was a liar and did not do his job. He was fired for not doing his job. The President has the right to do so something the Democrats seem to forget. Comey committed crimes and should pay for them. He writes books and go on TV bragging about what he has done.

  14. Indict him for presenting false documents as well as knowingly releasing confidential material (ie his Memos), have him appear before a Grand Jury because you can always indict him again for other crimes. Once the ship hits the wall the rest of the snakes will come out of the cesspool trying to save their Jack Ass’s. The young woman lawyer lawyer should be indicted as well, as she will spill a lot of beans.

  15. I know …!! Right any common man or woman would be busting rocks in a prison yard for 100 years…Just fuking infuriates me..!!!!!!!!!!! Bunch of scumbags and Hilary the lowest of low with her douchebag of a cheating husband bill that coward scumbag..!!

  16. If this is a true story it is completely over for the Democrats and it should be. Opinion for the truth. Thanks, Comey if true.

  17. If this is a true story it is completely over for the Democrats and it should be.Opinion for the truth.Thanks, Comey id true.

  18. I wonder if Comey thinks he can use all that money to buy his way out of H_ _L. I wonder about the rest of them also. Bet they can’t. Any takers?

  19. Comey has a reported net worth of #$13,000,000. He earned almost half of that in one year – 2010 – while working for Lockheed Martin. IN that year he “earned” $6,000,000 in salary and bonuses. That was the same year that Lockheed Martin was awarded several huge government contracts signed off on by the Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton. Could be a coincidence huh? It’s weird when you look at the careers of Mueller and Comey – Mueller has a reported net worth of $19,000,000 – They both would work a while for the government – then go into private industry make a ton of money and then go right back into the government. They cannot justify having that kind of wealth from a government job can they? So they go into the private sector to get their payoffs? Then right back into the government to continue their dirty deeds? Look at their connections to the HSBC bank in England – busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. The powers that be at HSBC got off with a slap on the wrist. Loretta Lynch prosecuted that case – Eric Holder was the Attorney General and Barry whoever was president. Incidentally – “account holders” from HSBC contributed $85,000,000 to the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation”.
    It is interesting to note that the way HSBC laundered that money was by funneling it through phony accounts they had set up using information gleaned from previous “real” account holders. So where did that $85,000,000 really come from. As in all cases “Follow the money”.

  20. Yeah Jim and everyone else is verifying Bruce Ohr’s testimony that he had kept certain people in the loop in 2016 as to the Steele dossier being a fake. Two of those he named were Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissmann – two of Mueller’s henchmen. AND in 2016 Strzok was still working for YOU Jim. IF they knew YOU knew. If I was You James Comey I would start stocking up on cigarettes and vaseline.

  21. If anyone doubted Comey was a scumbag, this latest example proves what an unscrupulous person he truly is.

  22. No one with an ounce of brain believes what this creep is peddling on the communist station. The TROIKA OF COMO, CLAPPO, AND BRENNO SHOULD AND MUST BE GIVEN THE YELLOW JUMP SUITS AND PUT IN ONE CELL TO ADMIRE EACH OTHER!! LYING EX-COMMUNISTS!!

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