James Comey has a lot of explaining to do after this plot to take out Trump went public

Former FBI Director James Comey was one of Barack Obama’s top Deep State henchmen.

Comey used his position of power to try to sabotage Trump’s campaign and Presidency by framing him for colluding with the Russians.

And now James Comey has a lot of explaining to do after this plot to take out Trump went public.

Comey claimed there was no political bias involved in the Russian investigation.

The former director alleged the FBI looked at a set of facts and investigated them in a clear-eyed and nonpartisan manner.

But given Comey’s political history that is impossible to believe.

Comey – who was a Republican – previously admitted his wife “badly” wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

And campaign finance reports show Comey donated $20,000 to Democrats in 2018.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Former FBI Director James Comey and his wife have contributed nearly $20,000 to Democrats so far this year, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump within four months of him taking over the Oval Office, has been an outspoken critic of the president and has called on Americans to deliver a landslide victory for the Democratic nominee in 2020.

“All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021,” Comey told a New York City audience last December. The former FBI director added during an MSNBC appearance that Democrats “have to win.”

Earlier this year, Comey gave $2,700 to the presidential campaign of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.), who was in his class at the University of Chicago Law School. The money to Klobuchar’s campaign came on the heels of $2,700 that Comey gave to both Jennifer Wexton (D., Va.) and Abigail Spanberger (D., Va.) during last year’s midterm elections. Comey also canvassed for Wexton in her Virginia congressional district on Election Day.

The simple fact of the matter is Comey has hated Donald Trump from day one.

Comey was all-in on the plot to bring down Trump with the Russian collusion hoax.

And now that Comey is out of government and no longer has his hands on the Deep State’s levers of power, he is more than happy to spread his money around to a host of Democrat candidates in an effort to beat Trump at the ballot box.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. No comet is not in any trouble he never has been nor will he ever be. I’m talking about here on earth. They will all pay when they stand before God but here they are all good. Nothing will happen to any of them. I listened to trey Gowdy the other day and he’s just like the rest of them. All talk and wants no actions against the big criminals just the people that doesn’t have the money to fight the government. They all act like they are for law and order but I just against us not them. You young people are going to live a life that I’m glad I didn’t have to. The best thing you can do is to make sure you are right with God. Your life here won’t be very good but your eternity will be lovely.

  2. “All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021,” says comey. The nation agrees. Time to eliminate every democrat in the country since there seems to not be a one with any virtue, who will speak the truth about anything. If there is a democrat who puts the nation first rather than self and party then she or he will eventually stand out. The nation is tired of snake oil sales people and seditious dung flingers such as green, waters, booker, schiff, nadler, lee, cummings, omar, ratshita, pressly, cortex, etc., .

      • THERE once was a man in the military, serving in Vietnam. He had orders to , ” Waste, ” a village mixed with both enemy & civilians. He was also told that it be of his crew was caught, he’d face execution. This action was known as a Suicide Mission, the sad thing was, he & his team were set up, he was charged with Murder and faced execution by Firing Squad.
        It took nearly 30 years for the TRUTH to come out & too this day, the Democratic Cowards responsible for the Actions, still mix up their stories.
        Now we see this same type of movement happening again.
        Well, I was going to finish this thought, However Nature calls & frankly, I don’t give a D – – n if I finish of not!!

        • I think Quester is talking about Lt. William Calley, who was in command of the platoon that murdered My Lai village in (I think 1968) in S. Vietnam. They were supposed to be chasing a VC company, but that isn’t what transpired.

    • …..and just renember that this old man said it.. MONEY TALKS, AND THERE WON’T BE EVEN ONE DAMNED POLITICIAN SUFFER OVER ALL THIS.. Hello Venezuela!! 😒😥😪😞😰

      • CS maybe we can relook at Benghazi. I know I know let’s bring back Gowdy he did such a great job the 1st time.By the way what happened to him anyways

    • Dear Red Man, all of our races built a great country, and we all are ruining it. Mostly all half way intelligent people agree that in retrospect, we wish that the Indian had been better treated, and mostly all of us are appalled that there was once slavery. However, we have to look at now, and at our future as a country. I don’t want to insult you at all, but Indians could have become prosperous just like so many immigrant groups in the last century. It was up to you as a group. My skin may be a little pink, but my hair is kind of dry, darn it.

      • Funny – your people didn’t even have a wheel. You didn’t own anything. And certainly didn’t create anything. You should be glad that “white” people came along. Instead of using the Internet, you might still be communicating with child-like drawings on rock walls….

    • My God Trump has made His whole administration a cesspool if vested interests, crooks and lobbyists. Yes some sane intelligent civil servants join millions of other citizens in believing Trump is a lying crooked conman who has used and abused many undocumented workers. Comet is entitled to his personal opinions!

  3. Comey a saint , auhh , I Don’t believe he’d pass the test for being a Saint , now A Low Down Dirty Swamp Rat , Yes That’s exactly what the Traitorous Comey is and always will be , a Rat

      • Hey Redman people would be more willing to listen to you if you didn’t talk and say things like a first grader. A lot of things you say most people don’t respond because they are not sure of what you are saying. You say really stupid things that we can tell they are not even half thought out. I think a lot of people don’t say anything back to you because we were taught not to make fun of retarded people. If you want to get in on the conversation then talk like a grown up and maybe people will talk to you. You probably don’t understand anything I’ve said but maybe you can show it to someone and they will explain it to you.

  4. If the Democrats get elected it very well be the last national election that this country could ever have short of national revolution.

  5. Now is the time to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Jim Comey for his part in being subversive to the American people. A military tribunal needs to try this case of espionage sedition and hold traitors accountable. As Benjamin Franklin said, “we have a republic for as long as we can hold onto it”.

  6. Franklin Graham and James Dobson are Good Republican Christian Pastors and Televangelists that want America to be Holy and Righteous. They support George Bush and Donald Trump which is good. The Satanists support democratic Hillary Clinton and barack Obama because the democrats are Satanists that want us to go under and the Republicans are Christians that want America to prosper.

  7. So what? Talk, talk, talk, innuendos, accusations, call for investigation, etc. etc..

    When will someone in this DEEP STATE UNIT actually be charged and prosecuted for their crimes and there are many of them.

    Comey is dirty and has tarnished the FBI’s name and reputation as badly as Hoover did!

    AND WE ALL KNOW IT and yet he, Hillary, Bill, Obama Rama and many other guilty of collusion and felony crimes are falling down from laughing so hard on the way to the bank to cash their federal checks paid for by our tax dollars. Instead, they should all have to face charges/prosecution and be found guilty, have any and all access to government facilities and privileges revoked, never be granted a Security Clearance again, forfeit of all benefits with payback and face extensive federal jail time for high crimes and misdemeanors as you and I would had we done what they have actually done!

    But the reality is, we are paying them to walk about, providing Secret Service and on and on while that status is a universal disagree and an international level embarrassment for all law abiding USA citizens.

    Come on Barr, do something!

  8. Why do the democrats need to win in 2020? So we can go back to the economy being bad and people not having jobs and nit being able to put food on the table? Are people blind? Can they not see or understand what would happen to out economy and our 401K and everything President Trump has done to make out country good and what we need. Dems are just crazy if they want to go back to the way it was when the worst president we’ve ever had(Obama)was in office and not doing anything for our country. And why isn’t Comey in jail and why isn’t Hillary and Bill Clinton in jail? I don’t know what our country is coming to but GOD help us if we put another dem in the whitehouse. I don’t even want to know what that will be like. Let us all pray that it doesn’t come to the dems winning and let’s pray that our country will come back to the Grace that only GOD can give us.

      • Bj, I recently lost someone I thought was a long-time good friend by asking them to pray for President Trump and his family, and for our nation. I agree with you, though. Trump really needs our prayers, for wisdom and protection, etc. it surely does seem like all of the the demobrats’ minds have been taken over by Satan. So many people I know do not bother to vote, and others seem really ignorant and naive about what is going on in our country. May God help us.

        • Elizabeth…You lost someone by asking them to pray for Pres. Trump??? That is really sad. They best be reading the NT to see what Jesus wants us to do. Hatred comes from satan.

  9. Comey is a saint. That is why we need government to control every aspect of our lives. We can trust them. Wake up now. Wow what a nightmare.

  10. If Comey and the others ever pay for the wrongs they did and are doing will be a day in infamey to borrow Rosevelt’s word because they are going to pussy foot around with charges and no one will pay for their wrongs except we the people.

    • When James Comey said that Trump should go back to being a journalist, talk show host, family lawyer and entrepreneur so that some crappy democrat would be president, America will be going under in two weeks. We need Trump to stay in office because Trump has Good Republican Christian Values. George Bush and Donald Trump will keep America nice. The Clintons and the obamas are corrupt and dirty and plan to send America to hell in a handbasket by ruining our economy by taking our money and giving it to al-Qaeda and isis in Iraq and Syria and asking terrorists to kill Americans. We need Bush and Trump to safeguard America from corrupt satanic democrats like Clinton and Obama. You dig? Good!

      • Ethel Rosenberg Comey for his sedition. A military tribunal needs to try this case. Benjamin Franklin said, “For now we have a republic for as long as we can hold onto it”. Don’t let this chance to hold onto our republic slip away.

  11. The question is will they do anything about it. The justice department needs to see that no other candidates from either party ever has to go through this again. Examples need to be made.

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