James Comey is in hot water after what William Barr just revealed about his past

Due to inaction on behalf of Jeff Sessions, Obama cronies like James Comey have avoided punishment for their wrongdoings.

But with William Barr as Attorney General they are terrified.

And now James Comey is in hot water after what William Barr revealed about his past.

Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, the mainstream media has been covering Obama-era officials who led coup attempts against the president.

But in a rare twist, CBS News just dropped a bombshell proving William Barr has Comey in his crosshairs.

The documents fist obtained by CBS News show that prior to obtaining FISA surveillance warrants on Trump campaign officials, the FBI was given warnings that they may have been relying on Russian disinformation as their evidence.

These documents show that individuals “affiliated” with Russian intelligence knew of former British spy Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier in early July of 2016, three months before the FBI began citing it.

“… [A]n early June 2017 USIC (US Intelligence Community) report indicated that two persons affiliated with RIS (Russian Intelligence Services) were aware of Steele’s election investigation in early July 2016,” the footnote said. “The Supervisory Intel Analyst told us he was aware of these reports, but that he had no information as of June 2017 that Steele’s election reporting source network had been penetrated or compromised.”

It was in October of 2016 when the FBI sought a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrant against Trump campaign aide Carter Page, which relied heavily on Steele’s dossier.

That warrant application was later used to form Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion, which eventually proved that Trump had not colluded with Russia.

This footnote proves that Russia collusion was likely, but that it was more likely that it was between Russian intelligence and people like Christopher Steele, and potentially even James Comey.

Another footnote says that the FBI “received information in early June 2017 which revealed that, among other things, there were (redacted) personal and business ties between the sub-source and Steele’s primary Sub-source; contacts between the sub-source and an individual in the Russian Presidential Administration in June/July 2016; (redacted) and the sub-subsource voicing strong support for candidate Clinton in the 2016 US elections. The Supervisory Intel Analyst told us that the FBI did not have (redacted) on any other Steele sub-source.”

This news in June of 2017 should have invalidated the entire Mueller investigation, considering that it was entirely based on potential Russian disinformation.

It should also have been enough to exonerate people like George Papadopoulos who faced prison sentences based on evidence stemming from information first spread from the dossier.

The fact that this is just coming out now should be concerning for James Comey and other Deep State officials.

Should James Comey be prosecuted for his role in the Russia hoax?

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  1. Firing Squad for all of the Traitors.. White Collar prisons are like Country Clubs. They deserve Death for Treason.

  2. I agree with those statements that the “beautiful Democrats” of the Deep State run by Obama and his filthy crew should be charged with treason! And since we don’t see that happening any time soon, then the American people must vote Republican for every office in Washington. Get rid of the “dirty swamp” completely! It is so sad what has become of the Democratic Party. At one time it produced well meaning politicians, but put a Muslim in a top position in Washington and America has become a communist country.

  3. All traitors, including James Comey, should be prosecuted. Secret hidden manipulations echo the despicable refrain of Communist China and WHO. UnAmerican corruption, even at the highest levels, must be revealed and criminally charged.

  4. Comey needs to be put in a federal pen for the rest of his life along with Brennan, Rice, Kerry, Schiff, Nadler, Pelousy, Waters, Shumer and the most corrupt of all………..Obama

  5. Stop watching all that news and let there rating go down so they lose money from it. Get other news that tell you what is real not all that crap that comes on TV. Stop watching TV and then you have a chance to put these people where they belong.

  6. Stop watching all that news and let there rating go down so they lose money from it. Get other news that tell you what is real not all that crap that comes on TV. Stop watching TV and then you have a chance to put these people where they belong

  7. All talk for way too long! It’s past time for ACTION! More that just the imprisonment of all involved, but all of the millions of tax payer money needs to be paid back!!!

  8. I’m repeating another comment: Charge, prosecute and indict the entire Obama DOJ, starting with Loretta Lynch! Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and crew. Brennan of the CIA and Clapper of Homeland. There are also a number of media trolls that need to be in that mix as co-conspirators as well. Burn them all. All are Deep State SCUM! Clinton POS needs to pay. Obama most corrupt of all.

  9. Dan Tyree, I’ve noticed how you’re always attacking me. Makes me think you’re either jealous of my thoughtful posts or you have low self esteem. Maybe it’s you that had a fetish for sniffing little girls bicycle seats, and that’s why you came up with it.
    No normal person would think of something sick like that but a pervert.

  10. Might be smoking weed with Embalming Fluid on it & running around in the street “butt naked”…But that doesn’t have to mean that your a complete failure in life, there is hope left if you Vote for Trump. Join the military, maybe they can help you find the right path in life, instead of an street corner…

  11. I used to be a Republican but then I started smoking weed a few years back.
    Now I’m a democrat. It all makes sense to me now.

  12. Charge, prosecute and indict the entire Obama DOJ, starting with Loretta Lynch! Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and crew. Brennan of the CIA and Clapper of Homeland. There are also a number of media trolls that need to be in that mix as co-conspirators as well. Burn them all. All are Deep State SCUM!

  13. The question is: Will Comey be charged, arrested and go to trial? So far he is walking free and laughing at the Justice system. I bet he never gets charged and will never go to prison

  14. Comey, Clapper et al (that means Clinton & her people Obama & his), need to be put in front of a Grand Jury. Charges filed and a PUBLIC TRIAL done. That way, the Fake News Media, CNN, MSNBC will HAVE TO COVER IT!!!!!! Won’t THAT be rewarding to the rest of us??!!

  15. The only justice for comey is if he decides to roll over on crooked Hilary and fast and furious Obama. the Clinton Cartel will eliminate him and anybody else that will spill the beans

  16. If you are any form of DEMOLOON, progressive, liberal then you are nothing more than a waste of skin.
    If you are a politician in theses categories, your days are numbered.
    If you are a lamestream media loon in these categories, be prepared to be dispatched with prejudice when TSHTF, as you job has been performed to the DETRIMENT of the people of the USA.

  17. Criminal comedy has 3 choices 1commit suicide 2wait for the Clinton’s hit squad to take him out 3dissapear off the face of the planet

  18. James Commi and the rest of the Hate America crowd. Will never see justice, nothing to see here. I am sick and tired of waiting for these SCUM to get what they deserve. I have lost hope and faith in equal justice under the so called Law. If any of these POSs were Republicans, they would have been jailed long ago.

  19. It would be helpful to investigate Comey and have him deposed as to his entire network of relationships with the Clintons, Rosenstein, Soros, Pelosi, all before the investigation into Trump, so the world can see how incestuous this whole thing was. Then Justice may see a real conspiracy and prosecute accordingly.

  20. Yes… Absolutely prosecute these rotten Traitors.
    This is why we elected Donald Trump to be our
    President..Justice must prevail or the American
    People will lose all trust in DOJ .

  21. start the process,as they go to prison they will all start to sing and this is the only way to end this crime let no one run take there retirement also,and inthe end hit the dnc for the cost of this mess !!!!

  22. Yes absolutely he should be prosecuted and do should EVERYBODY else involved at any level, including our Kenyan president and vice president Joe Biden. They should all be already jailed

  23. Talk about collusion? The biggest has been between the democrats and fake media. When you watch the lamestream media and they say listen what Trump had to say today at his press briefing and instead of showing a clip of what he actually said, they give their version of it that fits their narrative. NEVER do you see what all the democrats were saying at the onset of the virus which was that he was a racist and xenophobic for the early travel ban on China. Now they have the gall to say he didn’t take it seriously. Nancy threw a party in Chinatown saying it was perfectly safe to not worry about the virus. Democrats said he was fear mongering. Now they all say that he did nothing when he knew a pandemic was coming. If that’s the case then what is their excuse for calling him out for his swift action?

  24. You don’t have to be too smart to realize the FISA Judges were complicit in the FBI scam to surveil American citizens, especially those in Trump’s campaign. It wasn’t just the FBI. Considering Hillary was paying for it and all those involved, there’s one person, that no one mentions but was key to the whole scam. Obama. Obama knew everything. From Ukraine to China to NSA, CIA, DIA and all the other deep state players.

  25. All the crooks involved in the Russia hoax should be brought to justice even though late in the day just to make sure this kind of crap will not get off, if they ever tried it again. Punishment should be severe.

  26. Sadly for our country the fake Russia Collusion, which was started because of a fake made up dossier paid for by the DNC/Clinton campaign, then hoax impeachment, with phony made up whistleblowers, the lead democrat Schiff changing the words of the phone call transcript between President Trump and the Ukraine President then reading his version to Congress and the American People put our great nation and our duly elected President through complete chaos and stress for over three years- WASTING MILLIONS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS AND WASTING SO MUCH VALUABLE TIME THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS- When Pelosi delayed forever nearly a month the Articles if Impeachment- which every American Citizen knew was a colossal waste of time and money, when the Congress led by Pelosi and the Democrats SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPENDING ON THE CORONAVIRUS! They even had the NERVE to point fingers and blame our President… Thank GOD that we have a STRONG, RESILIENT PRESIDENT WHO TOOK EVERYTHING THE SORE LOSER DEMOCRATS THREW AT HIM AND STILL DID HIS JOB OF PROTECTING OUR CITIZENS, OUR COUNTRY. He shut down travel to and from CHINA- was immediately called XENOPHOBIC by Biden and a RACIST, ALARMIST AND FEAR MONGER by other Democrats and ripped up and down by our fake news media and the daytime and night time talk shows. A DISGRACE! An EMBARRASSMENT to our country… PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ACTIONS POTENTIALLY SAVED COUNTLESS AMERICAN LIVES… The Democrats are the biggest sore losers in history. They only want power and control… care nothing about America or American Citizens. Ask yourself why do the Democrats want to Eliminate the Second Amendment? Eliminate Our Electoral College? Change Our Constitution? Why would anyone want to change things that have served our great nation well for over 244 YEARS?

  27. comey knew the Steele dossier was fake. The fbi knowingly deceived the fisa court in order to spy on Trump and his campaign. They conspired to bring down the Presidency, the elected government of the United States. Now it should be obvious but let’s make an analogy. What if someone or a group of people conspired to bring down Congress, the Judiciary or the US military, for example? What would that be called? TREASON .

  28. Dam right he should be prosicuted! He started this whole dam mess covering Obama’s corrupt ass! Hang the badtard for treason and quit a screwing around!

  29. IF the footnotes reveal that the FBI knew that the Steele Dossier was made up of Russian disinformation/or false between July 2016 and December 2016 THEN WHAT was Muleface and his hatchet men doing for over two years spending millions of tazpayer’s money?

  30. The Democrat voter does not seem to care that 4 Countries, elected Democrats, our Intel. Agencies and most of our Government Depts were involved in the overthrow of a duly elected President. These are the crime organizations in our Country. The Democrat voter is easily fooled and can be lead by the nose to turning America into a Communist Dicktator led Country.

  31. None of these seditious scumbags are ever going to be held accountable!! There are too many to name, but Brennan/ Comey/ McCain/Strzok/Page/lynch/ Clinton/Clapper//Weiner/Holder/Obama/ and the list goes on and on are all guilty.of treason and I’ll say it again,,, will never be held accountable!

  32. Comey& company,aka Paige Stoltz, Hillary Clinton,etc should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and all thrown in jail for life. Traitors and Trezanors all.

  33. Comey needs to be prosecuted to the absolute Letter Of The Law.
    And should he turn “State’s Evidence” it should be discounted against the full measure of the pain and suffering he has contributed to for all the good men and women who have been ensnared in this Demoncrat web of lies and deceit.

  34. Absolutely!!! He has been acting just like I above the law and there is nothing anyone can do to me. It is time the people pay for the wrong things they do. Need to make them an example just because you do a high level job you dont have to be accountable.

  35. There is to much Freedom in this country. No such country can low class scum reporters shout at a president and live.
    I would have liked to see machine guns set up and people mowed down as in other countries. All the fake news, lies, accusations by Democrats, the Coup on president Trump prior to even taking office should be addressed in a speedy manner. I don’t want to see these morons die naturally. Trial, then locked up, let them get killed in prison, beaten, raped like the average person. They are usually always Dummycrats, very rarely Republicans. Joseph Arsanis

  36. Mr Comey’s idea of what his FBI meant was FEED BARACK INTELLIGIENGE. Mr Comey and his treasonous cohorts have tarnished and disgraced what was once America’s most prestigious police organization and turned it into a political disinformation factory. It is my sincere hope that Attorney General Barr will finally indict Mr Comey and his ilk and get them the long prison terms their treasonous actions so richly deserve!

  37. Sorry America, but our so called News Media has way to much Freedom and No restrictions or repercussions and can write Anything, make up bald faced Lies and Totally get away with No Punishment!!! Somehow, reporters & management must be held accountable for accuracy and honesty without damaging, or violating our Freedom of Speech in our Constitution!! What can we do?? I’m asking you, We The People deserves a Better, more honest, News Media in USA!! Any ideas??

  38. All talk and no action…… Comey should long ago have been in jail……I do like Trump’s actions on Sessions campaign. I like Trumps’s actions on Mitt Romney

  39. 20 Millions of taxpayer’s Dollars wasted on agitated Mueller’s 3 year investigation that Comey & comp. knew was fraudulent must be retroactively charged to him to be paid back. For white collar Crime of wasting so much money without substantive reason a jail term must be applied. It is much worse misconduct than not saying the truth for which Roger Stone got sentenced to 90 months of prison.

  40. James Comey is a bad cop plain and simple. Unfortunately there are bad people even in good organizations and he is proof of that. More importantly when caught he and all of the other common criminals that were working with him and breaking the law, should be charged and prosecuted just like every person he ever investigated and charged.

  41. This POS should be prosecuted, All security clearances cancelled, All government benefits cancelled (including retirement, medical & pension). He nothing more than a Fabulist & a thief!! Same with H.R.C, lock them up, throw away the keys!!

  42. Bob Coffey.
    You sound like a good communist vermin creature that most likely is PAID to post your daily communist propaganda and LIES. You AREN’T AN AMERICAN and probably aren’t even in America. You vermin need to be hunted to extinction.

  43. That worthless two faced skunk should have already been locked up….along with his pal Miss Piggy……….

  44. James Comey and the whole deep state needs to be locked up. Include Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, and Schumer needs to be included.

  45. they all should be arrested and charged with high crimes and treason and face the gibbet right after they have been found guilty and be put on public display this includes the whole DNC also take no prisoners they all need to face the gibbet

  46. It will be a happy day when that goof Comey and his buddy, Brennan- the traitor are locked up. Hopefully, the sentence will show both of them what abuse of power is. They’re both schmucks

  47. This has been common knowledge for quite some time now!I am tired of hearing that these humps are in Barr’s crosshairs, I want indictments!

  48. The whole bunch of them FBI, DOJ, OBUMMERS ATTY. GENERAL. Any one who had previous knowledge including Obama and Michelle can’t prove justifiable deniability any more. Should all be hauled into court, prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. Sedition and Treason in war time are punishable by you know what.

  49. Bob Coffey I don’t think anyone could be dumber than you. The entire thing was inaccurate they all knew it at the beginning. You seriously should stop watching that BS on CNN and MSNBC. Liberals like you are disgusting repeating what you’re told from your so called news sources, god you’re a joke!

  50. Okay, we know all the people that are behind this. it’s time somebody did something about it instead of talking talking talking. It’s ridiculous. take them to court find them guilty and put them in jail like you would do anybody else they are not above the law!

  51. DEBRA TRUMP’S THE MAN !!COMEY is a puke doing to great guy like Flynn ruining his life.Now payback time.

  52. Got flights arranged for South America prior to the Nov elections, so I can depart the pending was zone when the demo/commies steal and cheat their way into the oval office. The deep state is strong and controlling. Good luck patriots, Ive already fought one war to establish our freedom, wrong enemy.

  53. This was nothing more then a coup against a sitting president that was duly elected by THE PEOPLE. But Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe and the list goes on an on, DIRTY COPS AND DIRTY DEMOCRAPS WHO did not agree with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE so they decided to bring up FALSE charges. If anyone was working with the Russians it was the DEMOCRAPS and now while small businesses suffer and go out of business the DEMOCRAPS are holding up the stimulus because THEY WANT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO BAIL OUT THEIR UNDER WATER PENSION SYSTEMS…Not one penny should go to this, NOT ONE PENNY YOU WORTHLESS DEMOCRAPS.

  54. at the rate this is moving Comey will die of old age before any trial. Ms. Clinton is already dead and she is still making speeches. Justice for all?

  55. Yes, James Comey needs to be locked up along with Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Schumer, and other consprirators that tried to bring Trump down, but didn’t succeed , by the way because the truth is coming out and the fake news media will be falling all over themselves. Let’s see how they try to get out of these messes they have lied about for over 3 years.

  56. The culprit is Trump, not Comey. The FBI was doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. When it was established that the Trump campaign was holding numerous conversations with Russian intelligence and was meeting with them in Trump Tower, it became the responsibility of the FBI to investigate. Does anyone disagree with me that this is a very good reason to open in investigation? Michael Horowitz certainly agrees.
    What is the part of the Steele Dossier that has repubs all up in arms? What points are they claiming are inaccurate? I have read it at least twice and have not found anything to disagree with in terms of facts presented. What is the republicans problem?

  57. Congratulations ! Finally the truth has come. Definitely Obama, Clinton, Comey Pelosi
    should be tried for treason! And all the others that were involved! Rock N Roll. Cleaning the Swamp! Those people don’t deserve to be society ever again!

  58. Jim, where have you been hiding? I’ve missed you on the talk shows (lying) pontificating about right and wrong ensconced in that unjustifiable smugness. I hope that you are indicted, convicted and sentenced to the maximum for treason. You defiled your office and thousands of FBI working men and women. You are a disgrace.

  59. The culprit is Trump, not Comey. Trump is trying to exonerate himself by saying that he can’t be at fault because he was caught with his pants down in a manner that he did not expect or suspect. His real problem, though, was that he was caught red handed.
    No one has ever come out an said what it is in the Steele dossier that the repubs deem to be so horribly inaccurate. I have read it at least twice and cannot find much to argue about so what is the source of their horror?

  60. The cries to : LOCK HER UP, was the wave the Donald Trump rode into the White House almost Four Years ago. LOCKING HILLARY UP will insure His next Four Years.

  61. H.R.C. must be indicted and adjudicated. TRUMP knows that armed Patriots are gunning for quite a few of the Crossfire Hurricane conspirators to include much of the DNC. These people are ‘Domestic Enemies’ and if they’re not indicted they will be tracked, hunted and executed.

  62. This is why Schiff and Nadler are about to begin an investigation on Barr. They have to begin another offensive or the whole bunch will be indicted.

  63. Moat definitely Comey, Hillary, Nancy, Schumer, and anyone that had anything including additional spies of our government in the FBI,CIA, Homeland Security, and Congressmen and women. Crooks, Crooks.
    It is so insulting to think that we have such people who have been able to circumvent the law.

  64. The American public deserve to know why our justice system can’t incarcerate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Brenner and the many others. If they were citizens like the rest of us they would be spending the remainder of their lives in jail or be sentenced to death for treason. There is so much proof against Hillary Clinton that even a marginal attorney could convict her.

  65. Debra is your typical idiot democrat. The Mueller report was about investigating Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, which there was none.
    Not obstruction of justice of the Mueller investigation.
    Democrats investigated Trump for a crime that didn’t exist, and then tried to claim he obstructed justice for not cooperating with the investigation.

  66. Obama Administration was nothing more than a highly organized crime family. The weaponization of our intelligence and security services has damaged their reputation for generations. Basically same crap has when Allen Dulles and Carlos Marcello took out JFK and J.Edgar Hoover hated Robert Kennedy so bad he just turned a blind eye to the investigation. Deep State just like the Mafia, but more powerful.

  67. You people need to do your research. Jeff Sessions did his job and it was his actions that brought in John Durham, not Barr. John Durham was appointed on Oct. 28, 2017. This false information that conservative news is putting out is not showing you in good light. Jeff Sessions began the Human Trafficking crack downs and rescued thousands of children from kidnappers and traffickers. Please use your own research and don’t spread false news. Vet it and fact check it. It just puts you in the same category as CNN if you do that.

  68. NO William Barr was covering up. When he was asked a question at the hearing they asked he couldn’t explain one damn word to what referred to, as if, pertaining to, as in, to the statement, He couldn’t answer it, cause he was lying. He also changed the wording to make a summary of Mueller report to reflect nothing wrong. Trump had at least 15 obstructions, 1 of which was before his presidency

  69. Conmym Brnnan, hillarY, barry Obama,Steele and Biden along with others should and the Russians should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecuted and thrown in prison and throw away the key. Actually Hillary, Obama and Biden need to be charged with treason, as well as the FBI and CIA.

  70. You wondering why Obama hair turn grey fast? He knows that a crime has been committ during his two terms! Lock them up and throw away the Key’s!

  71. I take great comfort in knowing. I repeat, in knowing. These morally corrupt and pride filled despots will not evade the second resurrection to judgment! They claim to be believers in God but their lives prove otherwise.

  72. Why has it taken so long? It is obvious that once you rise high enough you are immune from punishment under our not so blind two tired justice system. Obama, Lynch, Holder, Comey, Brenner, Biden, Clinton….these people are truly above the law and will NEVER be brought to justice.

  73. With due respect to the Senators and Representatives who were on the committee to impeach POTUS. They all conspired and aided and abetted the procedures of impeachment. They should all do time, an appropriate amount of time, for slander, and acting as domestic terrorists under Title 18 USC section 2331,(5)(B)(I and II) which defines as trying to change the opinion of the government.

  74. Absolutely, what law as an American taxpaying citizen can I break and not get the full weight of the justice system come down on me?
    Why has he and his cronies been above the law? Who’s been protecting them. Clinton and Obama?

  75. YES all of them comy first for letting climton off when he had no authority to do so. clapper brenon muller holder schiff pelosi biden nadler sonland schumer finesteine all of them the lovers to. this cannot be swept under the rug of the dirt pit.get it done barr before october,,,,,

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