James Comey is on the hot seat and you won’t believe who may wind up in jail

The Deep State rats are turning on one another.

Former FBI Director James Comey was grilled by federal investigators.

And you won’t believe who may end up in prison.

Comey was the subject of an interview because federal prosecutors are weighing whether to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators as part of the Inspector General probe into the Clinton email investigation.

The Washington Post reports:

Investigators from the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office recently interviewed former FBI director James B. Comey as part of a probe into whether his deputy, Andrew McCabe, broke the law by lying to federal agents — an indication the office is seriously considering whether McCabe should be charged with a crime, a person familiar with the matter said.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz accused McCabe in April of misleading investigators and Comey four times — three of them under oath — about authorizing a disclosure to the media. Horowitz referred the findings to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.

McCabe was fired because he lied to investigators about authorizing a leak during Clinton email probe.

McCabe claims it was authorized by Comey.

Investigators found this answer to be untruthful and the Inspector General recommended he be fired and referred the matter for criminal prosecution.

McCabe would be the first anti-Trump Deep State operative to wind up behind bars.

And in a supreme irony, it would be Comey – his former patron at the FBI – whose testimony could send him to prison.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. To send Obama to Kenya, or any Muslim country would be sending him to his death no matter how many bodyguards he surrounds himself with plus his wife Michael, for both being gay.

  2. “And you won’t believe who may end up in prison.”
    Dang! I was hoping it would say hitlery!

  3. No they don’t recess in August, Senator McConnell cancelled that recess, too much to do, dems resisted too much, and they have to do catch up.

  4. Holder is part of Mexicain cartel business, drugs, guns, and trafficking humans. Just throw him in Gitmo.

  5. Yet, no one did the right thing to stop this mess in the first place. Clinton, Obama’s, Comey, Clapper, and FBI are in this up to their necks. Not forgetting Lynch, the two love birds, and the media.

  6. That is an idea. Want them to suffer like Americans have before Pres. Trump took office. Do not forget to strip them of their benfits, money, personal bodyguards, and arms of any sort. After all, criminals do not have any rights techniquely.

  7. Although, Biden was a soldier once too. He had other things going on at the time. Lost a son, among other things. Seemed removed from the scene.

  8. Exactly. They ALL need to be in prison, then hopefully hung, for the traitorous acts that they have committed. Starting w/hussein odummer!! All of these swamp-rats are nothing but traitors.

  9. Cactus, Not so Sure re that. MANY
    ARE Christians. ‘They’ Just Cannot
    ‘Come 0ut’. (or Else). But, I Do
    Understand what U Say. Quraan Permits
    LYING. So,ultimately, i just ‘dunno’. hmm.
    0nly Time<<< Will tell. 'G' Bless.

    However, Much to my ‘shock/dismay’
    Heard VP Pence in recent speeches re
    0AS ( Organisation of American States)
    in S.America re 3x now.
    He REPEATED ” NEW WORLD” More than
    10 x !!! Please G_D don’t let me think
    this, BUTT, veep may be ‘totally NW0’.
    > NEED a PATRIOT DJT ‘clone’ ( lika Elvis)

  11. They all should be in the BIG HOUSE! “Crime Does Not Pay!” “No ONE is ABOVE the LAW!” To have A JUST COUNTRY, the Law of the LAND must be obeyed and honored by every CITIZEN, most especially, by the LAW MAKERS and every OFFICER
    who works in the GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, whose pay CHECKS are the blood sweat and tears of the TAX PAYERS!

  12. Jeffery, it would be better to start at the top of the recent mess. That means 0bama. Don’t think that Biden was in on it though. I don’t think they trusted him to keep the secrets secret.

  13. Kris, the PPL of Iran Are Good. !!!
    >ONLY the Immams that ‘rule’ Are Bad.
    >Mostly Iranian ppl Are Westernized &
    have beaten Down the V.Few Immams.
    > This ‘KrAAP’ re Iran Is Purely ‘Political’
    (thru US Military Industrial Complex [ looking
    for a job]
    & pertains to the V.Short list of immams.
    >Hope this is not mis-interpreted. i’m Aware
    of ‘normal’ Iranian news.

  14. Kris, re ‘protect statement’ (didn’t come out well)
    i meant if Sessions,Horwitz were too apprehensive in
    Doing their jobs (fear, threats etc.) that Just DO the
    DAMN JOB &(hopefully) no one would take them down.
    >NEVER EVER would i support criminal acts. Mueller et al
    MUST be STOPPED. The Entire Situation is V. Convoluted.

  15. More ‘rope’ @ POTUS. But, IG Horowitz, &
    D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office – HOW MUCH MORE
    ROPE Do You Need ???
    > Looks a bit like ‘passing the buck’ to me.
    > Get 0ver ‘weak knees’. We Will make Sure
    You guys are Protected.

  16. You should go to Mark Taylor prophecy and listen to the last two recordings. I promise it will brighten your day.
    If you don’t know Mark Taylor, he has been 100% in his prophecy. Not one to advocate for any prophecy. But you can’t argue with accuracy.

  17. Enclosed in this article is the question, WHO HAS DONE THE MOST HARM TO AMERICA, COMEY OR POLISKI. My answer is that both are equality guilty. Nuttsey and Clumsey are both ANTI-AMERICAN and do not dive a dame for AMERICA OR AMERICAN VALUES.

  18. Let’s start a campaign immediately to bombard our congress people and Pres. Trump to do an executive order or whatever it takes, to limit what the government will spend on an ex=presidents libraries as this is ridiculous as everything else that the big Zero did. He isn’t going to put anything in it in the first place as it is supposed to be all digital. If he wants a Taj Majal then he can pay for it himself. So far, he cannot even get the permits needed in Chicago because they don’t want to give up the park for his monument to himself. He really should build it in Kenya and move there.

  19. “…a person familiar with the matter said.” Like Trump says, NAME YOUR SOURCES!
    Stop being so gullible, people.

  20. Lets face it,,,,,THE BIG ZERO was the WORST president, and the MOST CROOKED PRESIDENT we have ever had, was not a born in America individual, and is so stupid that he thinks that he is a “RULER” and not a private citizen. His attempt to HOODWINK the CHICAGOANS and build his “IVORY TOWER” on CITY PARKLAND at a cost of $500,000,000.00 (THAT IS FIVE HUNDRED MILLION) of TAXPAYERS MONEY!

  21. COMEY, McCabe, Lynch, Holder, and Crooked Hilly should all be in prison, along with the BIG ZERO, ALONG with others that were involved in the sale of Uranium to Russia! They threw a talk show host in prison for stock trade that she made, and the aforementioned people have committed crimes against AMERICA! WHERE THE HELL IS JUSTICE????

  22. Unless both are executed and all of their top and second-level reports jailed the entire process is a complete waste of time. The swamp protects its denizens.

  23. My understanding, David, is that McCabe’s firing will DELAY his getting retirement for approx seven (7) yrs but that he will not lose the retirement unless something comes out in this time frame

  24. Andrew McCabe is a Traitor causing Sedition and High Crimes inside the Executive Branch. Attempt to protect Hillary Rockefeller at all Cost with fellow Deep State Plotters. He should face Death Treason calls for this Action of a High Crime.

  25. We need to vote out most incumbent GOPers because the RINOs are just as corrupt as demoncraps.

  26. TED – that was NOT a “jury” action. Due to extreme pressure from POTUS and the public, Sessions fired McCabe just hours before he was eligible to retire. That means McCabe did NOT qualify to receive full retirement pay and benefits. McCabe has NOT been indicted or even charged with a “crime”. McCabe is desperately trying to “save” his retirement pay and benefits. The IG is using that desperation trying to get McCabe to reveal lawless behavior by McCabe’s supervisors – Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey – and all of them are just as desperate to PREVENT McCabe spilling the beans.

  27. Sessions talks ‘BIG” but then does nothing. That mass movement of so-called refuges moving through Mexico to invade America is a case in point. Sessions threatened to use force, if necessary, to stop them and would not allow a single one of them to cross the border. THAT, of course, never happened and thousand of illegals were allowed in.

  28. Actually, because he talks Constitutional conservatism and sounds tough, but recuses himself or does nothing, Sessions has already demonstrated traitorous behavior toward his boss, POTUS Trump, and the Constitution. He needs to be fired immediately if not sooner.

  29. Comey the rat should be up next for prison! Instead of running around selling his trashy book of lies he needs to be starting his prison sentence fo lying and leaking and setting up our president! He is a BAD cop!

  30. With ALL of the crimes that have been committed by the government, some of which were and are, quite serious, not ONE person has gone to prison! Start with the Clintons, and work your way down through the ranks!

  31. True Believer – POTUS Trump has the “power” and Constitutional authority to order Congress to remain in session when matters concerning national security are pending. Let’s hope and pray he uses that authority.

  32. It’s about time????????this is just the beginning????this is we the people’scoimtry????????DONT STOP UNTIL YOU GET’EM ALL Big D????

  33. AMEN!!! Mueller then Comey were McCabe’s immediate supervisors. Holder then Lynch were Comey’s and Muller’s immediate supervisors. Comey already testified that Lynch told him basically to “stand down” on investigating Hildebeast. McCabe & Comey are “running afraid” and just might spill the beans that might lead to Lynch & Holder going to prison (to save their own necks). I again repeat: ANYONE who supports those arrogant and corrupt people are just as arrogant and corrupt as those they support.” That includes church leaders, pastors, sweet little-ol’-ladies, members of the so-called ‘greatest generation”, etc.

  34. Don’t you think that if Andrew McCabe, Go’s to prison that Hillary Clinton should as well? After all, this investigation is about just one of Hillary Clinton’s major crimes? One of many as well as many Murders.

  35. Did you hear Trump’s words this morning. He said he could assassinate Mueller and then he could pardon himself. What kind of a dictator did you vote for. He actually believes this because he said when he was running that he could shoot someone on Times Square and his popularity would go up. He was talking about fools like you.

  36. They aren’t all lying fools, just the Obama upper echelon who politicized the department. The rank and file are pissed.

  37. and Sessions may be preparing indictments – what he and we have been expecting for about a year, but most importantly, just in time for midterms so voters can remember & vote MAGA

  38. Treason,Treason, Treason!!! Punish everyone who can be tied to this coup.Media as well. Shut down the movement to overthrow the country. Attack all using Muellers NKVD tactics. Raid homes, offices, hotel rooms, shut off government money towards any public college or school district that promotes the leftist (communist) agenda.Pressure the perpatraitors into confessing to their crimes, put serious pressure on their personnel lives. Make the price to pay for subverting the nation so severe that people will stop supporting this attack on us. Put these people in Gitmo with all amenities cancelled..Turn the radical Muslims and BLM antagonists loose in the prisons . Have these people who hate us so much live in this prison together in that environment.

  39. Let the FBI agents and others who are asking to testify under oath do so! This has gone flat too long!

  40. What I am awaiting is the Horowitz report because supposedly it is even worse than expected and many indictments or criminal referrals are to be issued. Remember this report was on Hillary’s email scandal and Uranium One. I pray every night that not only Hillary but Obama as well get a criminal referral. Even if that is all and they just get slapped on the wrist, I think that all retirement pays get stopped and they can never hold another public office. We don’t have much time before our illustrious (sarcasm) Congress goes on recess for a month (August). I don’t think they aught to be able to go unless all appointments have been confirmed.

  41. So much for the arrogant, “holier than thou” Mr. Comey. I must add to his character flaws “Turncoat” against the FBI/and Unscrupulous Leaker.
    A history setting abuser of the FBI’s overall decent reputation.

  42. My faith in anything happening to the crooks is zero. They will just stall and then all will be forgotten. What ever happen to the invest out of Little Rock AR by the FBI? What is the US attorney John Huber in Utah doing? He is supposed to be working with the IG? Then we have the FBI DOJ not releasing the Docs. Wonder what they are hiding? If it was good news for the FBI DOJ it would already be out there.I am afraid that everyone will get a pass and it will be business as usual in 2018 2020

  43. Cut off finger by finger and continue until they are a carcus. They deserve to feel feel pain just like the american people have since regan. God will take care of them all. Obummer n Killery can kiss my ass too.

  44. I love the thought these rats or even ONE rat may be arrested, but I will BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT DONE, and not before.

  45. In the end we will see a couple of low level sacrifices as the true criminals are white washed…this should be left to Washington DC authorities….they are the most corrupted official’s in the country…by far!

  46. they investigate every body but the real traitors. hillerkiller and obama should have been in jail for at least 16 yrs already.

  47. they investigate every body but the real traitors. hillerkiller and obama should have been in jail for at least 16 yrs already.

  48. wow looks like comey wants mccade to take the heat for him, yet comey lied also so does comey also go to jail?

  49. With luck on good american citizens’ luck: The cats!! Who are “clean loving animals” and not “filthy like rats”.

  50. MAN FROM GREY: No doubt that all the names you mention should land ASAP in jail. They have all lied under oath, and that is really a filthy crime.

  51. McCabe? Obviously he is already guilty. So is Comey. John Clapper, too. And John Brennan. And Loretta Lynch. Susan Rice. There are low-level staffers.

    We need to go much higher level. We should be looking at Hillary and Obama.

    John McCain? … he must have known that the first dossier is a fake one.

    Trump, keel the MAGA ball rolling and piss off everybody that Trump is returning the wealth back to the American people. Fix the trade deficits. Replace the judges. Shut down the fake climate fanatics. Put the wall. Etc. etc.

    American citizens come first!

  52. Obama is a classic contrast to TRump…..PROVING that an INexperienced “NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZER” who now claims to have been elected too eraly ( meaning he had no CLUE about managing, economics,Military tactics, or International affairs) Vs a mature business man with National or INternational Affairs who CREATED a huge business….. But claims that We the tRIBAL minded Americans did not understand how SMART he is….Well the DUMBASS makes my point

  53. The latest CLASSIFIED info that is in newspapers WORLDWIDE proves the ineptitude of the FBI to run their own house….or investigate. The BOSS needs to fire the upper echelon and rehire morally fit human investigators.

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