James Comey let Hillary Clinton skate for one unbelievable reason

Former FBI Director James Comey was keeping a secret.

He never told the real truth about why he let Hillary Clinton walk.

But the bombshell Inspector General report revealed the truth is even stranger than you could imagine.

President Trump and his supporters were eagerly awaiting Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report about the FBI’s conduct in the 2016 election.

The report was released on Thursday and it did not disappoint.

Horowitz blasted Comey for his conduct, but one finding stood out.

Comey used a private gmail account to conduct official FBI business.

CNBC reports:

“James Comey used a personal Gmail account to conduct FBI business on numerous occasions when he was director of the bureau — even though he had bluntly warned FBI workers they would be in “huge trouble” for doing the same thing, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog revealed Thursday.

His frequent use of a personal email account for unclassified FBI business was “inconsistent with” Justice Department policy, according to a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General.”

Clinton clearly used her private server to avoid government record keeping laws.

It appears Comey was engaging in the same conduct.

No wonder he let Hillary go free.

Horowitz’s report was a complete repudiation of Comey’s time as FBI Director.

Since he was fired, Comey has toured the country promoting his own brand of ethical leadership.

But the IG report lays bare the fact that Comey was just as ethically challenged as Clinton.

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