James Comey went on CNN and this absurd lie instantly blew up in his face

James Comey’s massive ego continues to land him in hot water.

The disgraced former FBI Director appeared on CNN for a town hall event.

And Comey is in big trouble after the former FBI Director told this absurd lie that instantly blew up in his face.

During the course of the program, fake news CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Comey about the nearly 800 anti-Trump prosecutors that signed a letter claiming they would have prosecuted the President for obstruction of justice charges and that the only reason Trump escaped indictment was because he was President.

Comey told Cooper he agreed with that sentiment.

Breitbart reports:

Cooper also asked, “I think it’s up to 800 former federal prosecutors who have worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations who have signed a statement saying that Mueller’s findings would have produced obstruction charges against President Trump if he weren’t president. Do you agree?”

Comey responded, “Yeah. I agree.”

Cooper later asked Comey if he thinks President Trump “should be charged when he’s out of office, based on what Mueller has shown?”

Comey answered, “I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that. Whether it’s a wise thing to do to a former president, I don’t know.”

The only problem is the entire premise of the letter is built on a lie.

If Donald Trump was not the President, he never would have been under this investigation.

There was nothing for him to obstruct.

Of the episodes that Mueller laid out that he claimed possibly constituted obstruction, Trump never would have been in a position to carry out those acts had he been a private citizen or another elected official.

And as President, it is within Trump’s constitutional power to order any investigation shut down or a prosecutor fired.

This whole nonsensical talking point was based on a lie, but now that Comey repeated it on national television, the falsehood is receiving more scrutiny.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Lets see… THEY do nothing? Where are YOU everytime a PRESIDENT would be where a tragedy is? You say your golf trips are cheap. YOU LIE!! WE pay for secret service, plane fuel, ALL YOUR GUESTS,etc. What happened to “i wont have time to play golf, I’ll be working for you” another lie.we may never recover from racism hr has put us back GENERATIONS. Trying to put it back in 50s when white was right. Only people he wants here is white, straight and protestant.back to days of the white hoods like his dad

  2. Lets see… THEY do nothing? Where are YOU everytime a PRESIDENT would be where a tragedy is? You say your golf trips are cheap. YOU LIE!! WE pay for secret service, plane fuel, ALL YOUR GUESTS,etc. What happened to “i wont have time to play golf, I’ll be working for you” another LIE.over 10,000. Set a record already.publish my address. Dont care. Already having war of wits with one of your minions. Too easy.,i have FACTS he has YOUR LIES

  3. We will never make progress fixing what needs to be fixed in this great country until we change the constitution and limit the terms of House Reps. and Senators.

    They are not doing their jobs; they work no more than 9 months a year; their medical benifits are outrageous. LIMIT all TERMS of Senators, Representatives and even Supreme Court Justices THIS IS A MUST

    • It is outrageous the money our representatives make, the benefits they receive, and the unbelievable number of staff people they have all paid for by you and me. I too am greatly troubled over this especially when they think they are so much better than their constituents and make decisions for us regardless of our expectations. When you mention term limits they will come back with old line that we already have control over how long they serve when we vote them back in. And they galavant around the country campaigning for what ever their cause might be, with the democrats it is the upcoming presidential election in 2020, while our borders are being evaded with terrorist, drug dealers, criminals, illegals, children bringing mumps, measles, and other diseases that were once eradicated from our country and they do nothing.

      • Lets see… THEY do nothing? Where are YOU everytime a PRESIDENT would be where a tragedy is? You say your golf trips are cheap. YOU LIE!! WE pay for secret service, plane fuel, ALL YOUR GUESTS,etc. What happened to “i wont have time to play golf, I’ll be working for you” another LIE.over 10,000. Set a record already.publish my address. Dont care. Already having war of wits with one of your minions. Too easy.,i have FACTS he has YOUR LIES

    • Term limits must be a priority. Our Founders are spinning in their graves with “carreer polititions” staying in office for life. Not what they intended.

    • Mr. glenn r gray, I am laughing Out Loud at your comment and all of you Ignorant Progressive Liberal CS Infested Democrats and FAKE Republicans, the term limits only are for US Representatives and Senators, term limits are out of the question, in referring to The US Supreme Court Justices! You truly better read and re-read The Entire US Constitution 2 or 4 times to understand what The USA’s Four Fathers Drafted to start this Once Great Republic! You truly should go back to that American History Class, and Especially NOT one of those PLCSI Democratic Indoctrinated Schools, because NO PERSON CAN LEARN ANYTHING THERE!! LOL LOL LOL

  4. Comey ‘SWEATS’ w/rats.jumping @ msm.
    bRENNAN +RATS scrambling.
    Going Against each other.
    EOM. off blog. goood nite.

  5. Comey’s ‘800 >>>Former<<< federal prosecutors' vs.
    10,000+ fed pros. ARE bs MOOT. EOM.
    God Bless. Stay Strong. good nite.

  6. Hi Dan ! E’0ne. i just heard Radio
    “0peration Freedom” . 0mg. U
    gotta find it & listen. They just
    discussed ‘bombshells’ Way past Limbaugh &
    is ‘forbidden’ to say what i just heard.
    > Going to take some time. NOT as ‘fast’
    As E’0ne would like. Seems Brennan /Comey 1st.
    (12 inline for indictments)
    All evidence IS THERE & AG Barr KNOWS IT as
    well as POTUS. Anywho – Too Much TOO SOON =
    Major Stock Market ‘crash’. Whole thang is ‘monitored’
    to Lessen ‘severity’ WHICH IS Coming. More Later,Mon Man.
    >Boom < Patience & Rite Thought Prayer. God Bless.

    • Dear ♥’s. Find RADIO InYour AREA !!! 0k?
      Forget tv ‘KraaP for the most part. & ‘cherry pick’.
      Limbaugh/Levin,Savage SAY & ‘Splain A LOT, but what
      i just heard on “0peration Freedom” (Sundays in my Mi area)
      whoa – ‘nitty gritty’ Stuffff. ‘they’ R trying to shut DOWN
      these guys. KNOW about 515? The ‘shut down List’ . Look it up.
      > Happy Mother’s Day ! Respect. goodnite.

  7. All i can think about the FBI & CIA is they are equal and nefarious as the KGB. It’s time for all Americans to stand up against these bullies and liars. TRUMP 4 MORE YEARS drain the swamp

    • Fox News put up this graphic this week:

      Who do you Trust More:
      Network: Trump
      CNN 48% 35%
      MSNBC 45% 32%
      Fox News 30% 20%

      • Trump will the president you in 2020 these Democrats. If it was not for all there lying crookedness ways especially Obama and Hillary,s cronies because they could be charged with calusion and obstruction and go to jail.If Comey was lying to save there asses and there dirty work worked out to there plan we would not be at this point of fraudulent doings.

  8. If I were giving advice to Comey, I would tell him (from the very end of his work at FBI) to shut up. Comey is under the assumption that the Left will be able to protect him from the law.

    In the past….possibly….but as soon as he gets new exposure to AG Bill Barr, he will learn that the LEFT will be quite willing to TOSS HIM AWAY LIKE A PIECE OF GARBAGE.

    From the day Comey was fired, I wrote numerous posts advising him to shut up. Obviously he never read them and would never follow them even if he did.

    Trust me now Comey….your lawyers will soon tell you that you should never have spoken up after you were fired.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Am Glad ‘comey’ didn’t listen to your advice.
      & kept his mouth ‘rolling’.
      I can 0nly hope ‘the shovels’ of Jusitce
      are waiting.

    • I think we call that “getting thrown under the bus.” A former FBI director should know a thing or two about that, as major criminal organizations always hand out their underlings like Halloween candy when the heat turns up, all while the bosses maintain plausible deniability.

      A guy like Mueller should completely understand this matter. Any good lawyer would just tell him to stay home, stay quiet, draw retirement and do some fishing or gardening. Quiet retirement isn’t a bad life at all. One can find all sorts of things to do, for which one earlier never had time.

  9. Anyone that goes on CNN and other lying media networks are liars because that’s all these networks know how to do is lie and never showing any kind of proof of what they say they are all a disgrace to our country and something has to be done about it.

  10. Insinuations, hypothetical, assumptions and lies. That’s all we get anymore from a Jew owned and operated news station. In the Northern Jews desire to continue to worship baal they have no problem with all of the propaganda. 800 said they would prosecute? That does not mean a damn thing. It’s not in their jurisdictions, they have no say so, so any ambulance chaser could sign it and it’s worth nothing. That’s all we get from the msm in this country anymore and if it has anything to do with that turd tamper Cooper, it’s fake as hell. Next thing you know the Jew owned Hollywood will be making a movie on all of the lies, sell it as facts and it will hit theaters about August of 2020. That’s the shithole we’ve created. The Baby Murdering Party has only one desire and that is to have only one political party in the U.S. If that happens the public has no say so, we get what we get, dictatorship under the guise of a Democracy. Americans better get their head out of their ass and vote against the 4th Reich, the Baal worshipping Jews and eliminate their party. People will say it can’t happen, I’m paranoid etc. Look at Hillary’s wish list when she ran. Those wishes basically ended our period as a country. It’s easy to prove my thinking with one fact. Under Obama over 90 million were on some type of HHS program. Two years after Obami and we are a little over 55 million but that number is inflated with illegals that the states get to classify. Enough said!

    • Your antisemitic rant is sickening….. First off, CNN is owned by Rupert Murdoch and he is NOT Jewish, and CNN international has a large share holder from AL Jazeera

      Most major media outlets are owned by public companies: Comcast (NBC), Viacom (CBS), Disney (ABC), Time Warner (CNN), Tribune (Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times), Gannett (USA Today). The Graham family, which owns The Washington Post, isn’t Jewish.

      Only the NY times is owned by someone jewish, and they are noted for being Anti Israel….
      So please stop your BS because you antisemitic remarks punctuate your bigotry.

      And isn’t there something rich in a complaint about media ownership by Rupert Murdoch who controls Fox News, the Fox broadcast network, 20th Century Fox, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, the Sunday Times, Sky News, HarperCollins and other properties?

      Beyond that, it’s hard to take ethical lectures from a man who presided over a phone-hacking scandal in London that — whatever his knowledge of it — prompted him to close the longstanding News of the World tabloid and has led to the arrests of several of his former lieutenants.

      The Democrats are represented by self deprecating Jews, no doubt, but to cast a generalization that Jews support Baby murdering and that they are the source of all the problems in the US sounds very familiar to the rants of the Nazi’s in Germany.
      As for Hollywood, 99% of the ignoramus’s are just uninformed and they flow together in mass but they are not representative of what Americans want, including Jews.

    • You could be said to worship JC, an unshaven long haired homeless man wearing a poop stained thong and flip flops.
      I have lived in Pomona California (Danger Island) to the Beverly Hills zip code(90210) section of the Hollywood Hills off of Coldwater Canyon to Palm Springs to the North Coast of San Diego to California’s butthole, Sacramento, and there are Jews living in shitty apartments in South Central Los Angeles and Benedict Canyon in Bel Air, not all Jews are rich but most are funny and their culture is one of achievement, what is wrong with that? I tell you what, if I ever get framed for murder I want a Jew lawyer!
      If I am ever a hostage in a plane or ship I would select to be saved by Israeli special forces !! Every body has to serve in their military and it is a fantastic thing for the kids, not as many fat lops smoking weed and living with Mom until they are on Social Security or never off it lol!@

  11. Eyes wide open the former administration used the government system to inflict the total damage and we’re still hemorrhaging the slow
    derangement of the Americas
    Constitution being raped by the backing of the media from the Democrats. It hurts to see this from the media because I always at one time that they were the guardian of free press and speech instead they are the culprit support of corruption of politicians and lawyers who deceive the public. Can’t hardly wait for the next election 2020 time for total house cleaning.

  12. Comey has eroded America’s faith in the FBI. He is a treasonous fool. He is the one who should be imprisioned. He will play a central role in US Civil War 2. His ego is great, his performance was terrible. His actions illegal!

  13. Where is the logic in this obstruction issue? It was found there was no collusion so how could President Trump have any obstruction charges if there was nothing to obstruct? No collusion means he was telling the truth when he called out those trying to prove a case they didn’t have. He was simply stating his case with his rhetoric.

    • There was plenty of collusion so you are wrong. The evidence to convict for conspiracy was not probably strong enough. Even if it were Mueller wasn’t going to take down the President with all the crazy right wingers and their weapons.

      • joe the dumber…there was plenty of collusion…but it was all by the fascistcrats and their muslim homosexual leader…keep watching you’ll find out soon enough.

        • Trump has a better chance of going to prison that your whacked out conspiracy theories, typical of crazy right wingers like you.

          • Joe, you bad. i just defended U on
            another blog for a sensible comm
            re Nunes. Now U are blowing it. &
            mixed up.

      • I am not a crazy right winger, but even I know that the Muller investigation was a lie from the start you crazy left wingers all have blinders on becaus you hate president Trump so much. It is eating your brain.

        • I agree, Jan. This constant harassment of the Trump family has got to stop.The liars & crazies are all on the left. Now the are going after Barr because he appears to be helping our president. The left can’t have that. No one in DC is allowed to be on the Trump side. The left feels that they & only they control DC. That’s how Odumbo set it up over the 8 long years he was in office.

    • Every time Hillary/ libs accuse anyone of nefarious deeds,without exception it is precisely what they have done or are doing!
      Consider the facts,

      Oafbama overheard on open mike as he was leaning toward Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time –
      “particularly with missile defense” –
      Mitt Romney seized on Obama’s comment, calling it “alarming and troubling.”
      “This is no time for our president to collude with Putin by pulling his punches with the American people,”
      Oafbama was recorded colluding with Moscow to give him “space” until after the November ballot, and Medvedev said he would relay the message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin. COLLUSION, TREASON!

      Clinton kissed Putins butt with her idiotic “reset” button,the word “reset” was mistranslated into Russian for “overcharge”.
      Clinton told former Soviet propagandist Vladimir Pozner on First Channel TV:
      “Our goal is to help strengthen Russia.”

      An August 2016 Government Accountability Institute study reported that 17 of Skolkovo’s “Key Partners” plied Bill with speaking fees or gave the Clinton Foundation $23.5 million in speech fees.
      Russia gave the Clinton Foundation $173 million,$145,000,000 was never declaredand was only “discovered” after dogged research by a curious reporter forcing the charity to correct it’s tax returns admitting the overlooking of $145,000,000 in Russian doughnations!
      If Robert Mueller sought Russian collusion,it was right there.

      Despite top Republican lawmakers’ grave reservations, CFIUS approved Rosatom’s offer and handed the Kremlin one fifth of U.S. uranium supplies.

      • Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, Rosatom, announced on June 8, 2010, a $1.3 billion bid for a majority stake in Canada’s Uranium One. Its assets included 20 percent of American reserves of the main ingredient in atomic bombs. Hillary was one of nine federal-agency chiefs on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which evaluated this strategically sensitive proposal. As America’s chief diplomat, Hillary could have sunk it. She didn’t.

      • People who make fun of Obama’s names are clearly racists like you, perhaps Nazis, definitely ignorant folks, right wing nuts and probably believers in the Trump’s birtherism lies. He whole life is dishonest and all about greed and feeding his ego, lust for money and whores and food.

    • There is no logic. Just liberals whining and posturing, because they didn’t get the big red sign saying he was guilty. You know throwing temper tantrums like a 2 year old. That’s the way they roll.

  14. Lets see , hmm.
    “nearly 800 anti-Trump prosecutors” yada yada yada.
    How many ‘prosecutors’ do we have ? 100,000’s?
    million?. 800 Is ‘bucket wash’. Hi Dan*

      • Hi Dan ! i just heard Radio
        “0peration Freedom” . 0mg. U
        gotta find it & listen. They just
        discussed ‘bombshells’ Way past Limbaugh &
        is ‘forbidden’ to say what i just heard.
        > Going to take some time. NOT as ‘fast’
        As E’0ne would like. Seems Brennan /Comey 1st.
        (12 inline for indictments)
        All evidence IS THERE & AG Barr KNOWS IT as
        well as POTUS. Anywho – Too Much TOO SOON =
        Major Stock Market ‘crash’. Whole thang is ‘monitored’
        to Lessen ‘severity’ WHICH IS Coming. More Later,Mon Man.

  15. trump is hiding something Our tax money paid for this report we should be able to see or hear all GOOD OR BAD

    • Clearly you do not know the law! Grand Jury testimony is NOT to be made public…and the Mueller report contains grand jury testimony which is much of the redacted material. You ain’t entitled to it, madam! Know the rules before you opine!

    • Dorothy – Robert Mueller was praised by one side of the aisle UNTIL his report came back without the smoking gun they expected. Now that same side of the aisle is so upset with him that he did NOT choose to indict, that they have to find something. And Dorothy, know the law. Not only is Barr legally correct in NOT releasing the unredacted report, he didn’t even have to release what he did! You are correct….our tax dollars paid for the report, but that doesn’t mean it belongs to us. The time and money spent on this witch hunt delivered over 400 pages of nothing. So what is Trump hiding? Two years and millions of dollars has already answered that question….NOTHING. It is time to stop the whining and get on with the business of running the country.

      • What about the hundreds of prosecutors that Trump should be indicted and it would be an easy conviction in a normal trial of law.

        • ‘Brainwashed’ prosecutors, Joe.
          7-800 prosecutors vs 100,00’s .
          Wake up Joe. Don’t ‘let’ yourself
          be ‘sucked in’ Any Further.

  16. When the heck are these law breakers going to be charged and brought to trial. What the heck is taking until dooms day or are the law people waiting for the time for charging to run out. Come on, all the evidence is on the Internet, on TV news shows, on Cable, in books etc., etc. and yet all this criminal evidence is within everybody’s hands and nobody is being charged and arrested. Where are the investigators who manage to investigate anybody with the criminal activity hidden but cannot not manage to investigate when the criminal activity is known right down from the top of gov’t to the little guy on the street with a radio all out in the open, I mean how much more does it need to be out in the open before someone is arrested. I got a ticket for not fully stopping at a stop sign but these crooks are breaking the law terribly with jail time criminal activity and everybody including the law knows just how serious the criminal activity they have done is but nothing is being done. Where is our justice system.

  17. The media is the driving force behind any action the demofats take the media uses the demofats as puppets pull a string here pull one there. The mole from Kenya was handled by the media

    • How people so stupid as Comey becomes a LEADER in DC shows that definetly things are WRONG in our government. HE REALLY thinks he is something–HE and others should hang their heads in shame and apologize the the American Public–maybe prison will shape him up that is where he belongs and even that is TOO GOOD for such treasonous people–includes that P. S. and others in our Intelligence Agencies!

  18. Comey … pfffft!

    He keep coming up with many excuses for what he think of Trump. He had been on the national news frequently that would tell you something: he knows that he broke the federal laws. He must go to jail for a coup attempt. It’s treasonous.

    We must not let him get away with it.

  19. James Comey is a dirty cop who needs to be indicted for perjury, covering up Hillary Clintons email scandle, trying to run a coup in the 2016 elections against President Trump and lying to congress and the FBI spying. Go to Jail.

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