James Comey went on CNN and this absurd lie instantly blew up in his face

James Comey’s massive ego continues to land him in hot water.

The disgraced former FBI Director appeared on CNN for a town hall event.

And Comey is in big trouble after the former FBI Director told this absurd lie that instantly blew up in his face.

During the course of the program, fake news CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Comey about the nearly 800 anti-Trump prosecutors that signed a letter claiming they would have prosecuted the President for obstruction of justice charges and that the only reason Trump escaped indictment was because he was President.

Comey told Cooper he agreed with that sentiment.

Breitbart reports:

Cooper also asked, “I think it’s up to 800 former federal prosecutors who have worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations who have signed a statement saying that Mueller’s findings would have produced obstruction charges against President Trump if he weren’t president. Do you agree?”

Comey responded, “Yeah. I agree.”

Cooper later asked Comey if he thinks President Trump “should be charged when he’s out of office, based on what Mueller has shown?”

Comey answered, “I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that. Whether it’s a wise thing to do to a former president, I don’t know.”

The only problem is the entire premise of the letter is built on a lie.

If Donald Trump was not the President, he never would have been under this investigation.

There was nothing for him to obstruct.

Of the episodes that Mueller laid out that he claimed possibly constituted obstruction, Trump never would have been in a position to carry out those acts had he been a private citizen or another elected official.

And as President, it is within Trump’s constitutional power to order any investigation shut down or a prosecutor fired.

This whole nonsensical talking point was based on a lie, but now that Comey repeated it on national television, the falsehood is receiving more scrutiny.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.