James Mattis’ final words will leave you speechless

James Mattis resigned as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

His official decision stunned Washington, D.C.

But his final words as Secretary will leave you speechless.

Donald Trump announced Mattis would leave his post as Secretary of Defense on January 1, 2019.

On New Year’s Eve, Mattis released a letter containing his final words to the troops.

He expressed his gratitude for being able to lead the Department of Defense and asked every Pentagon employee as well as every active duty soldier to “keep the faith” in America’s mission.

Politico reports:

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis bid farewell to the armed forces and other defense employees on his last day on the job, urging them to “keep the faith” and stand by U.S. allies.

In a farewell message, the retired Marine general told Defense Department employees that serving as defense secretary “has been my high honor.”

“Our Department’s leadership, civilian and military, remains in the best possible hands,” Mattis said. “I am confident that each of you remains undistracted from our sworn mission to support and defend the Constitution while protecting our way of life.”

“So keep the faith in our country and hold fast, alongside our allies, aligned against our foes,” Mattis added.

The fake news media took Mattis’ resignation as a sign that Trump’s Presidency was unraveling.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Mattis opposed Trump’s foreign poliy in key areas.

Now the President has a chance to staff his administration with a Secretary of Defense that supports his agenda.

Do you think James Mattis did a good job as Secretary of Defense?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I agree. President Trump called our Great American hero, John McCain a LOSER. John McCain was tortured for 6 years for being American when he could have gone home Day 1. So who’s the loser? Our Great American hero, Resting In Peace, or our cowardly, lying POS President? You choose! Semper fi , My Brothers!

  2. It is truly shame that our Commander-in-Chief would not listen to the advice from a wise and experienced individual as our former Secretary of Defense. God speed to you General Mattis.

  3. Your comment could also apply to many gutless and ignorant anti-establishment lefty’s also. Time for them to do their service for this country of STFU, period! with over 22 years of active Army service all over the world and combat experience, I feel I have given my “pound of flesh” to this country. But the OATH I took on my enlistment day still holds as much relevance today as it did those many years ago.

  4. I thank General Mattis for his service to our country, both in Uniform, and out of it.
    May you live out your life in peace, security, and comfort.

  5. JFK did want to stop Communism. JFK also saw that Vietnam and other entanglements were a lost cause that would not end well. His plan was to be re-elected them pull everyone out. America had been in Vietnam in some fashion since the 50s and could not change things. So, LBJ builds US troops in Vietnam America actively fights for more than ten years loses 57,000 troops then pulls out. JFK understood this would happen.

  6. Paul i do believe you should get your facts straight before commenting on JFK he was the one who put the troops there.

  7. You are correct and I teach both American History and Political Science as the college level.

  8. Seemingly Mattis left with more dignity and respect for the USA that Tillersin (sp) and Kelly. Hopefully, he will maintain without comment because he was given an opportunity for more influence – did not seem to know how to manage it unless he could not control his demoncrat (sic) beliefs!

  9. Yes. I agree with U. And would like to say to Gen. Mattis. Thank You so much. You are truly an HONORABLE man. Thank You for your service to this GREAT COUNTRY of ours. God Bless U and your family.

  10. Agree 100%, the UN is anti-American. Frankly, it’s a boondoggle and I wish it would move to another nation, and let them foot the bill. POS organization.

  11. Not true. JFK was a devout anti communist and had extensive plans to stop the Domino effect in SE Asia. You should read the history and not believe what liberals thought he was going to do. Read! Don’t believe what others tell you what his intensions were. He increased troops by 50K in Vietnam and more. JFK’s policies would be too conservative for today’s Democrats. He believe in lower taxes and a strong military. Heck, by his poiicies he’d have to be a Republican today.

  12. First of all, General Mattis was not anybody’s flunky and in fact was re-leaved of his Command while an Active Duty Marine General; he is a legend in the Corps, much in the same fashion a “Chesty” Puller. Also, he’s a man of deep convictions and did the right thing by resigning and allowing the President to have someone on his team who will follow his lead… There is an old saying “Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the way!” and that’s what General Mattis did for America!!!

  13. Could not agree with you more. It is very sad when politicians control the negativism spewing of the media condemn a man elected by the people to govern America. Always remember each one of us is flawed because the human race is flawed. Only one human-God is not because he was, is, Will always be Devine. He was innocent and was crucified for humanity.

  14. granberg Still a ‘lapdawg’ for the ‘left’.
    A non-Patriot. & ‘rides the Backs’ of True
    Patriots & has the gaul to ‘chide in the ride’.

  15. I agree with you. Over the last 50 years, we have had out young men involved across the world in some war. Remember JFK was killed because he wanted our troops out of Vietnam. Johnson kept our troops there and we all know we have been in some conflict ever since. The UN and Nato were not formed for permanent use, yet we have paid for it mainly ever since the end of WW2. I wish the UN would be relocated to Belgium and out of America

  16. Sam thank you! George was many things. But his common sense and Steady leadership put our nation on a right course. The preamble to the Constitution gives us 6 principals to focus on to keep us a free people. To many have died supporting and defending the right to live under This Document containing devine influence.

  17. Still Obama’s war. What a dumbass! The Syrian “refugees” ran to Europe. It ain’t Europeans’ problem.

    Good job, EU! You think you EU liberals know what’s the best for all the Europeans. You suck!

    Still obama’s MESS!


  18. Gen Mattis is a great Marine. He did a great job for President Trump. I wish him well as well as Gen Kelly. President Trump is the Commander In Chief and it is a time to change his people. We need to start supporting our president!!!!

  19. Ben,
    . . . . That is President Trump to you. If you can not show the proper respect than you need to pack up your bags and get out. I can recommend several very nice communist dictatorships such as Cuba, Russia, China, NK, or Venezuela.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  20. Very well stated. I worked for a General during my tour and concur with your assessment of this situation…

  21. This is for A SEEKER and BRUCE, don’t listen to BEN – he is probably a Democratic As.H.le.. Build that DAMN WALL – Trump is doing a GREAT job cleaning the SWAMP. Trump and his people have to get rid of the BAD Democrats – they do not care about the American People just getting more Power and themselves – Look what Pelosi did over the Holiday – Went to Hawaii – spent a lot of your Tax dollars – They said that she spends $10,000 a night.. Go Trump 2020.

    “Semper-Fi” for Mattis and Kelly…

  22. Geneww38,
    You are exactly right, Jeff Session, General Kelley, General Mattis all were hired to preform particular function, using the expertise of each.Those now removed was due to a job well done by all. General Mattis for example, has been moved to a greater task, I think it will be reveled in the near future ? There is good reason President sat out the holidays outside the country,(Iraq and WDC)Not due to shutdown, No way would the Dems ever give up their Holidays to meet him, he knew that , so there was another reason for him to be out of the country.Will soon be reviled also

  23. Here is some good advice from two of greatest Americans who ever lived:
    “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”: This was from George Washington’s Farewell address.
    The inaugural address of Thomas Jefferson was very similar; “Peace, COMMERCE, and honest friendship with all nations–entangling alliances with none.”

    God bless America!

  24. Mattis is not anyone’s flunky. Please read Howard Green’s comment. And don’t be so damn disrespectful about someone who has given his life to serving his country. What have you done for your country?

  25. This is a very good statement to make concerning the decision that was made. I believe God is still in charge and guiding Donald Trump and the choices he makes. I do wish Mathis well. At least he knew what he needed to do to make the job complete. Happy New Year to one and all. Be sure to stop and listen to what God is telling you. America needs to wake up concerning the condition of the United States of America.

  26. Frank >>> Thanks for your insightful comments. The Mad Dog wrote a retirement resignation letter with a date he would leave office.

    The President responded, “You’re fired,” and moved the date up to a termination date. Trump showed he is, constitutionally, THE Commander-in-Chief!

  27. Mattis is a very capable person for the job or President Trump would not have hired him. The only trouble is, if you don’t want to do the job the boss wants you to do, you need to find another job. That’s what Mattis is doing. It’s not that President Trump is wrong by what he is doing, it’s just that Mattis does not agree with what Trump is doing, so he did the right thing and resigned. I wish him the best.

  28. I did not like Mattis. Did not like his anti- Trump references after he was fired. Trump let him resign, but Mattis had to make it evident that he was superior to the President afterward, which cemented his irrelevance as Secretary of Defense, in my view. I am an Annapolis grad and think there is a mindset of superiority at the flag officer level. Annapolis grads who go Marine Corps are not as authoritarian as Mattis, who did not go to Annapolis. Neither was Kelly Annapolis. It shows. Flag officers think they are great, but most are narrow minded and become stubborn because their orders have been blindly followed their entire career. RFK and JFK did not hold generals in high esteem as they felt they were too quick to use the military option. JFK’s generals favored a preemptive nuclear strike during the Cuban missile crisis, for example. Thanks JFK for ignoring these buffoons. Allies? They have just used America. No idea how Mattis got this pro-ally mindset. Shows his narrow mindedness. Generals forget that the dead and injured reek havoc on soldiers and their family. Trump was right on in ending the slaughter of innocent Americans. We have seen too many wars that had no benefit for America. Mattis should know this. No empathy for the troops he commands.

    The days of McArthur, Patton, Nimitz, Halsey,Lee, Grant,etc. are gone – all academy guys by the way. It is up to Trump to take command. The generals are not up to the task.

  29. Mattis was an Obama flunky, he kept his job when Obama was forcing out other fine generals to leave. Anyone who didn’t agree with him on anything he gave an ultimatum, retire or be discharged undesirable. A little fact the propagandists hid.

  30. I support your decision to resign but i hope you dont turn on the Pres
    now like others have done! I willl support him in his efforts.
    Go Bombers

  31. Secretary Mattis was excellent and will be missed. But as with many military men before him, most famously Douglas MacArthur, it’s hard for Military men to know when to let go. Mattis had that problem with Obama, and again with Trump. But we should remember him for the great man he was, and not for his shortcomings.

  32. I have always been a Trump supporter and back him because he has a lot of my beliefs. however, James Mattis and John Kelly are both high quality indviduals. Trump needs to understand you cannot just keep pissing people off as it will bite you in the ass. Think of John McCain. These high level guys are giving great advice and just loke they can’t be 100% wrong, but Donald Trump is not 100% right all the time. Stop and think.

  33. Thank you Gen. Mattis.
    . Truthfully, Trump is running things like a business. Capable people (think consultants) do a certain job for a time, accomplish goals and then move on or let go. They leave with Trump’s thanks and praise and on good terms, except when they have been proven insubordinate, traitorous or underperforming.
    . But to the media and liberal’s (most who never attained honest success nor earned an honest wage in the business world) think, “everyone leaving a White House assignment”, did so because Trump is (or has made them) crazy and they couldn’t take it anymore. Liberals are clueless to an efficient business world and believe “once hired’ a staffer, cabinet member or any person has immediate tenure to remain for (or past) the full Presidential term.
    Mattis did an excellent job in executing his assignment and Trump praised him for doing so.

  34. General Mattis, you will be missed by many! I believe you did an outstanding job in a tough position, yet l feel you made the right move by resigning. By making the Syria decision without your input, l feel was a mistake, though l’m a strong supporter of President Trump. General l,and l’m sure the entire Miltary, wishes you well! Job well done General, and may God bless and keep you! Thank you!

  35. Maybe “Mad Dog” will consider coming back out of retirement to oversee the military tribunals that will try, convict and EXECUTE Obama and the rest of the treasonous Swamp Creatures that are soon to be under indictment, yes?
    There would be a certain degree of comfort in knowing a fine American and Soldier like him is the hand that pulls the lever to open the trap-door in the floor of the gallows.
    No matter who eventually gets that job, however, I hope they understand, and can feel the collective hand of all True Americans resting on theirs as they yank that goddamned handle and and wait for the snap of the rope, and fulfill their promise to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.
    Selling tickets at a buck a pop to watch our Republic bring justice to bear might even generate enough revenue to balance the budget. Heck, just like comedian and true American Dennis Miller might say (to paraphrase) “Heck, I’d throw a couple of quarters into the bucket to see that head in a jar at the County Fair!”.
    (hmmm… what a pleasant mental image, yes?)

  36. Mattis is a leader? He is a globalist and he changed some because of our President, why did President trump throw him out on the 1st? instead of letting him stay until the end of Feb? You figure it out then……. However we do appreciate his serves to our country

  37. Lapdogs like the IRS FBI media just keep watching CNN to see what you think you should be upset about next

  38. Stop all the second guessers !!I’m getting a message that I have already posted something . There is some mistake on your end !!

  39. A very high number of foreign army’s are weak and run when involved in combat action.
    These people depend on the US to defend them witch is bad
    Be Men and Fight for Your freedom

  40. The democrats have to much hate they are concentrating on removing our president have not doing anything for our country or our people but to open the gate to the 50 + millions illegal here, without the illegal they can win an election they took over the Congress by cheating and stealing votes in 2020 Trump will win back the Congress and Senate big time.

  41. Thanks to our leader,he made this happen! As President Trump stated many times America First ,our Military Men n Women have trained many Countries to fight for there freedoms n in doing such we have lost many soldiers n their families are grieving,now it’s definitely time for for them to fight their own battles n yes bring our Soldiers back home!God Bless America n our great President Trump n those that are no longer with ,may the RIP n we will honor forever,Thanks be to God,Amen❤️????????

  42. Thanks to our leader,he made this happen! As President Trump stated many times America First ,our Military Men n Women have trained many Countries to fight for there freedoms n in doing such we have lost many soldiers n their families are grieving,now it’s definitely time for for them to fight their own battles n yes bring our Soldiers back home!God Bless America n our great President Trump n those that are no longer with ,may the RIP n we will honor forever,Thanks be to God,Amen❤️????????

  43. Diane: Who are you to judge about adulthood? His agenda is what he said he’d do when he was electe as POTUS. “incompetent seat of his pants?” not on YOUR best day. He needs people who will assist him in carrying out what he said he would do. If you won’t assist in that agenda, get out of the way. He’s trying to drain the swamp and will accomplish that goal regardless of who tries to stop him.

  44. Not as incompetent as Obama!! By far!! Every President has his troubles but this one was not getting any recognition for anything Good he has accomplished because the MSM is part of the resistance. They were covering for Obama every day for eight years while he has not accomplished anything of note the entire time and they are still protecting him from scandals being uncovered.

  45. We need a SecDef that values our country, the lives of all our troops (without willingness to sacrifice any unnecessarily), and supports our president before, during, and after serving. Anyone that cannot abide by that credo is character not worthy of the position.

  46. Amen, Ann. However, Pres. Trump does deserve a Defense Secretary who will either agree with his Commander-in-chief or follow his orders and keep his mouth shut. I have been a very vocal supporter of President Trump but I have to tell you this resignation has brought me up short. I am now becoming afraid that the coming 2 years are going to be more than chaotic. I thought in 2 years that our President would have acquired more expertise than I feel he has. I sincerely hope I am wrong. I am a Korean Vet previously married to 2 Marines over the years, spending many years as a military wife.

  47. ronsch: Where does it say that he has to consult with our allies before he makes ANY changes? He knows where he wants to take this great country and make it greater. Regardless of what people may say, he’s doing just what he was elected to do. As far as being POTUS, he’s done more in these past two years than the previous three presidents inspite of 24/7 negativity by the media and the opposition party. If you have a chance, without prejudice – if that’s possible – look at all the negativity brought out against him. It doesn’t matter what he does, someone will find fault with his actions. They are not DJT and will never come close to what he wants for this country.

  48. Of course this included General Mattis who I have the highest and deepest respect for his sacrifice and service. Semper Fi Sir????????????????????????????????????

  49. your an idiot you stupid liberal . just hope the next president we get will be their to tell you what to do while the lie to you and give you false promises like Obama did and screwed americA

  50. Well said, Americans need to recognize that the last wars have lasted longer than all major wars over the last 100 years. Victory was elimination of ISIS which is 99.5% completed with a plan to eliminate the rest through foreign allies. Time for our soldiers to focus on their families and supporting Americans on domestic soil. We owe a great gratitude to our service members for their sacrifice and commitment to our country. Thank you all for your service…

  51. Mattis is a Leader, was an excellent commander and it’s men like him that are missing from Leadership as a whole today.

  52. General Mattis was the right man at the right time for the right job. He did an outstanding job for the President and is an honorable man! Thank you and may God Bless you in all of your future endeavors!

  53. The ONLY reason anyone in this administration needs a lawyer is to protect themselves from the CROOKS & LIARS in the Democrat Party! Who are ALL beside themselves that they can NO LONGER FLEECE the American taxpayers!! Best President in DECADES!! Mattis was great and it is time for him to go!

  54. He is the best for our country and the people!!!!????????????????????????????????????????He has done more in two Years then most presidents do in eight!!

  55. General “Maddog” Mattis served as a Marine and did his duty to the end of his term. His reputation in the Corps and as Secretary of DOD will not be sullied. So far, the MSM has not had anything negative to say about him. Thank you Sir and Semper Fi. Marine Bob

  56. Most of Trump’s remarks are about those who have already torpedoed him. The media never ceases to beat him for his slightest remark so who else is going to stand for him but himself. Mattis should have paid more attention to what his boss was seeing and doing to effect these outcomes. It seems he has been able to convince Lindsey Graham so lets see what happens. Couldn’t be as bad as Obama!

  57. There are, unfortunately, plenty of high ranking lapdogs available for so called President Trump to offer the job to. And even they may not accept it, since they’ll know they will have to bring their own lawyer.

  58. General Mattie did a strait up job as SecDef, but was ground centered in his approach to fighting America’s enemies in the field. He was also focused overseas. You can’t serve the President or the country opposed to the President’s policies. He wasn’t the President, so he did the honest thing by resigning. We need a SecDef who can develop the means to defeat enemies without large ground forces. We have worn down our troops and set engagement policies that put our troops in jeopardy. That is just wrong!

  59. He didn’t just Put our Troops in Syria, His mission was to use the CIA overthrow a legitimate government. It was the Rebels hat we armed that were using poison gas on civilians.

  60. A Seeker…..He has not lost his temper????? Are your eyes open and your ears clean????? Your comment sounds just like something Trumpty would state!!!!! If you want to see “hatred” just pay attention to Trumpy’s assaults on ANYONE that disagrees with him. YOU are “blind” to that!!!!

  61. He knows HOW TO BE A PRESIDENT! He is doing a good job! He faces HATREDS and EVIL wishes toward him 7/24 for the past two years, without a second of break! ! He has not last his temper, but is calmly and steadily he is focusing on the Course that HE has platted out for the Country! He is doing his job with that needed Clarity of mind and KNOWlEDGES with determination of how to get there, that is to bring our beloved America the Beautiful back to HER OLD GRLORY!! That is our President’s focus, through thick and thin, he knows where he is going and, with Patience and Clarity of vision HE IS LEADING! How many Stumbling blocks he had removed? But more are being created by Envy and Hatred minutely! Have you seen any other president who faced more than our Current President faced thus far? This form of divisiveness and bottomless HATRED toward a President who is elected By the People, For the People and Of the People to serve the Country! But the Hatred filled hearts seemed to want to see HIM FAILS! As though, if he fails, the country wins? No, the Country would be last, but they win! Is that form of destruction not made of sick MINDS who can not SEE any Good in others, and have NO USE for the GOODNESS that are within the hearts and minds of others who happened to have a different view about things, and that difference might be better for the Country? Let us give HIM all the Freedom to get his job done! Why so much harmful destruction? What are they hoping to Achieve? Hatred begets Hatred that is destruction! Do we need MORE DESTRUCTION?

  62. I think Secretary Mattis is a great American, I must admit I felt safer when he was Secretary of Defense. I am sorry to see him leave.

  63. Mattis is a good man just did not mesh with Trump he is a man of war Trump is not he wants the job done and then get our people back home and in this instant he made sure there were going to enough troops coming from a local Country to handle the job and the turks said no problem they would be there

  64. Donald Trump made his decision without consulting his military or our allies. An unprecedented action. He doesn’t know how to be a President.

  65. General Mattis, Thank You for your service. Thank you also for acknowledging your differences with our POTUS and your offer of resignation. I’m trusting God for whatever the outcome.

  66. Thank-you General Mattis for your service. My prayers go with you and yours.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  67. Where is “James Mattis’ final words will leave you speechless”? This is the statement of a person dedicated to his government. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody is aware of his disagreement with the some of the President’s policies. Trump needs to more thoroughly interview his appointees to determine if their agenda meshes with his.

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