James Mattis gave the order every Trump supporter was waiting to hear

Americans cheered Donald Trump when he names James Mattis Secretary of Defense.

The move was a sign that Barack Obama’s era of American decline was over.

And Trump’s supporters rejoiced when Mattis gave this order.

Voters elected Donald Trump to crackdown on illegal immigration.

Trump made securing America’s southern border a centerpiece of his campaign.

He immediately went to work to make good on that promise.

Part of his plan was deploying the National Guard to the border to assist Customs and Border Patrol.

James Mattis thrilled every Trump supporter by announcing the Guard would stay at the border for another year.

The Daily Caller reports:

The border deployment, dubbed Operation Guardian Support, kicked off April 13 in response to President Donald Trump’s call to use the military to guard against rising illegal immigration. A joint operation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the mission aims to provide surveillance and logistical support to border agents, freeing them up to interdict drug and human smuggling.

There are currently about 2,200 National Guard soldiers deployed to the four states along the southwest border, Davis said. There are 1,145 soldiers in Texas, 115 in New Mexico, 580 in Arizona and 360 in California.

The border states are contributing the majority of the guardsmen deployed with Guardian Support, while several other states are providing aviation assets. Other states participating in the mission as of June were Missouri, Indiana, Maine, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, reports Stars and Stripes.

It remains unclear how the Pentagon will fund a border deployment in the next fiscal year. For the current deployment, Congress granted reprogramming requests that allow the Pentagon to shift hundreds of millions of dollars from the Army’s general account to its personnel account for the National Guard.

Democrats and the media howled at Trump’s plan to secure the border.

They want open borders and amnesty.

But Trump retains the support of his base because he stands strong on the promises he made during the campaign.