James Mattis gave the order every Trump supporter was waiting to hear

Americans cheered Donald Trump when he names James Mattis Secretary of Defense.

The move was a sign that Barack Obama’s era of American decline was over.

And Trump’s supporters rejoiced when Mattis gave this order.

Voters elected Donald Trump to crackdown on illegal immigration.

Trump made securing America’s southern border a centerpiece of his campaign.

He immediately went to work to make good on that promise.

Part of his plan was deploying the National Guard to the border to assist Customs and Border Patrol.

James Mattis thrilled every Trump supporter by announcing the Guard would stay at the border for another year.

The Daily Caller reports:

The border deployment, dubbed Operation Guardian Support, kicked off April 13 in response to President Donald Trump’s call to use the military to guard against rising illegal immigration. A joint operation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the mission aims to provide surveillance and logistical support to border agents, freeing them up to interdict drug and human smuggling.

There are currently about 2,200 National Guard soldiers deployed to the four states along the southwest border, Davis said. There are 1,145 soldiers in Texas, 115 in New Mexico, 580 in Arizona and 360 in California.

The border states are contributing the majority of the guardsmen deployed with Guardian Support, while several other states are providing aviation assets. Other states participating in the mission as of June were Missouri, Indiana, Maine, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, reports Stars and Stripes.

It remains unclear how the Pentagon will fund a border deployment in the next fiscal year. For the current deployment, Congress granted reprogramming requests that allow the Pentagon to shift hundreds of millions of dollars from the Army’s general account to its personnel account for the National Guard.

Democrats and the media howled at Trump’s plan to secure the border.

They want open borders and amnesty.

But Trump retains the support of his base because he stands strong on the promises he made during the campaign.


  1. I agree anger is bad on the Heart but you have fuzzy thinking.From what i see and hear its the far left spewing the anger.Apparently you have a brain tumor playing tricks on you.

  2. Hoping that Mattis “gives them hell” and hope that the barbed wire is up. Pray that
    it will stop these clowns who think they are coming to live off of the United States.
    Pray for Mattis and Trump that the correct structure has been planned, the right
    way to go about it and NO LIBERAL IDIOT IS GOING TO STOP THIS. Their “Supreme Leader”..
    Hillary Clinton even made a statement that sounded NORMAL…THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.
    Pray for our nation in this time of crisis. Go Trump and make us safe!

  3. Oh really? Obummer didn’t sneak refugees and ISIS into the country? He didn’t send $450 Billion on pallets at one time (really much more, but I don’t think your mind can deal with that), join the ParisAccord which a scientist who left it told me it was because working on SLUSH FUNDS gives him hives (one of the original 77). He didn’t have an AG who ran guns to Mexico? I could go on, but it’s pointless. Snowflakes don’t learn, they don’t have the capacity.

  4. The space fleet already exists, the rockets being launched is just for show. A large portion of UFO sightings are American craft. I sincerely hope you are aware of this already. The technology that people line up at Apple to buy every year or two, well in reality Military Technology is 60 to 80 years beyond that. They have reconstructed crashed UFOs and built new ones. There is what we know or think and then there’s reality. The later would blow your mind. Would go on but if you don’t know this to be true, what’s the point.

  5. As a Texas resident near the border I am proud of Trump and Mattis as the decision is a great one for all who face the worst immigration problem in history. I know the more American soldiers protesting the better. I also hope the Army is allowed to finish the wall. God please be with our President and all those who support him.

  6. Legal Law-Abiding, thank you from most of America. I don’t care what all of what is on here, but it appears it will not end well, and we will all be victims.

  7. 0K!! Rite away, i’ll Take NEW Meds.
    What Should i take ??? i’m so Lost.
    help me. (u ‘cheaper’ than Ins policy).

  8. Reply was underneath your quasi name Richard, duh. 0k?
    > can’t see that??? hmmm. xoxo ??? Say what???.
    U gotta problemmo on some level. Not too good-NEED

  9. Fr. Tom Martin:
    We don’t complain when Mexicans pick our fruits and vegetables. The work shrimp boats and pick crab. They do all the hard work lazy Americans won’t. We have had zero influx of Mexicans for a number of years. Just not the right color for you?

  10. ps. ‘cyber’ trix. LOL.
    But, IF U R ‘trolling’ for whatever –
    check out Diane/ Dr.J.D. /Frtom Martin, etc.
    > & Thnx for a Real GOOD ‘belly laugh’. Ha Haaa.

  11. Deborah:

    Your from an immigrant family. Should you be capped? If I recall history we took this land from the indians. This is the same old story. We used to hate the Irish then Italians. I guess it’s the Hispanics turn.

  12. 0k, whatchooo Got.( Furthermore, should you be so
    ‘lucky’ ? 0r Intelligent. ___) BIGGEE Price, BIGGEE. __
    0h, ps. You Did Not Say you
    would ‘troll’ me. oops,you lied. Where is that

  13. Normally i do not reply to ‘smack’ comments. &&&
    fyi: Totally ‘med’ FREE. HA HA Haaa. (just so
    ya know – which Is Basically a ‘nunyo’.)
    > You could Not ‘match’ me in a 1000+ yrs. Sooo,
    there ya go. You Are a Presumptive ‘Fool’. heh__

  14. Dr. J.D
    I agree 100% with you. I read this stuff from time to time. Most of these people are really twisted. I ponder as to how they get so warped. I suppose Breightbart, Faux News and Alex Jones and their ilk is their daily diet.

  15. Richard, ARE You Aware of what IS called ‘ESTABLISHMENT’? NWO Globalists???
    > Ex-TREME Left(Dem party) today ( 50’s 60’s dems ARE GONE) is
    Also RINOS/ ‘r’ ESTABLISHMENT & Conservative Constitutionalist
    Patriot ‘r’s(not many).
    > ‘Understand’ ___ the ‘factions’ w/in
    the ‘political’ parties. 0nce you do, you may ‘think’ differently.
    > MOST PPL Here ARE USA Patriots & Trying to Expose info/ Beating
    Down Dissenters,/ Propaganda etc. ‘WE’ Are All ‘we’ Have to
    SAVE USA. You NEED More Info. & Not from msm. Good luck &
    Think < . #SAVEUSA.

  16. Why are you people complaining. You act as if the Dems control the Senate, Congress and Executive. Show us something. I really dislike the hatred and division spewed by the right. I read both sides, Dems aren’t so hateful. Relax, both parties have been favoring the rich, not us average people. I know none of this will make not a difference except it will piss you off because I’m not completly agreeing with you. Anger is bad for the heart.

  17. You really don’t know anything. Objectivity is obviously not in your lexicon. I can disabuse you on every point. This is just partisan dribble. Republican talking points and Faux News propaganda.

  18. Brenda, it is amazing to me that ALL democrats are in lock step with the leaders of the party. Having said that, I can only assume the Skelton’s in those Demos , who follow these so called leaders , would lead to repercussions they can’t afford.
    Something is remiss for sure.
    Me personally , I would not lend my support , and integrity to stay.

  19. I agree, and time to let the ax fall on the leaders of the so called Demo party.
    There is FAR better Democrats out there than the leaders now leading. But am so surprised that the entire demo , house and senate members stay in lock step with the leaders. Perhaps it tells us all, that the Skelton’s in the pockets of other demos , is far to many to buck the establishment.

  20. post altered. I SAID: quoting you.”We were diocesesn priest supposed” etc
    WHY? Are you here??? What Did you Do /0r Not do.

  21. Ric B, I don’t understand why liberals think DJT and conservatives are racists against black people and Latinos. Polls show a higher percentage of those voters are with the Republicans than at any time in history. I also don’t understand why liberals think Fox news is racist, they have liberal journalists and reporters. Also, Fox aired every single word of BHO’s speech today, which is more than you can say forMSM airing DJT’s speeches. They not only ignore DJT’s speeches they refuse to report on him in anything other than a negative manner. Yep, liberals are the hate mongers not conservatives!

  22. Forgot to mention Obama is the puppet of Russian and Soro. the Obama never love America. Do not deserve anything. Obama is the shadow gov’t and supporter and behind the rioters against Pres. Donald J. Trump.

  23. FAILED Obama is a most disgrace, corrupt, crooked, hungry of power & money, pathological serial liar, killers of American in Benghazi & all the Journalist that were killed by Isis. Sold 20% American Uranium to Russia in collaboration of Hitlery Clinton, gave $1.8 billion + cash of $450 Billion dollars to Iran, who wish death to all American, weakened our American economy and military, apologize for America (what have American Done?), open border, Obama careless, etc. Spent Millions of American Taxpayers for his Family, friends & relatives vacations all over the world and a weekly parties for their friends in Hollywood and many more. He was never shameful of what he did to American Taxpayers, no shame at all.

  24. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  25. Bishop Morkovsky. In Houston Texas God rest his soul made all. Diocese priest learn to speak fluent Spanish. We were diocesesn priest supposed to serve only in the Houston Diocese and not sent outside unless we agreed to it. He was not interested in the Hispanics learning English or going to a parish that had a Hispanic priest. No the sacrifice had to be made by priest and English speaking lay people. I have been to many countries and some offer Mass in English at convenient times. Must do not. He knew this Hispanic influx to our diocese was illegal aliens that we were ordered to protect. As far as I am concern he ask his priest to violate the law. I guarantee you if any priest had been convicted he would have avoided the issue. Priest gave no power to stand against a Bishop unless you want to leave. He also covered up child abuse and it was reputed to him by priest. His reply was always the same say nothing and I will take care of it.

  26. The wall is to keep them out, not in. Learn your history. Sorry, I used the word learn and most lib/progs have no comprehension of what that word means.

  27. The wall is to keep them out, not in. Learn your history. Sorry, I used the word learn, and most lib/progs have no idea what it means.

  28. Come on Di, re ‘switching’ letters. PPL
    Here ‘know’ you. ALL Your Language/ Sentence
    structure/Content IS the ‘Same’ !!! Bee/cuz
    U R who u r.(for whatever reason)
    >>> Need Deep Thought in Quiet ‘time’. ___
    & Mostly 4 Yourself___ ppl that respond to u,
    well, it’s just a ‘game’. Your posts do not ‘influence’
    ppl to change their ‘minds’ re #SAVEUSA. U live here, rite???

  29. Felipe. You sure know how to take care of business. You have everything covered. Write to Trump, he can pass it on.

  30. To M.Dan. BUTCHY etc. Save this ‘Mattis’ blog.
    > Check ‘stuff’ replies ie aka’s. Haha Haaa.
    Capish, no?. hmm. (3)

  31. Also Beware Di, of what is called
    ‘spiritual Parasites’ __
    Don’t know what u Eat (gmo/chems) 0r
    Drink (same gmo/chems) 0R type of
    Air U ‘breathe’. But ‘something’
    IS Definetly going on w/ you.
    > Help Yourself. Anyway U can.
    RR is a V. poor place for your ‘vent’.

  32. Geez Diane, Come on – tone down.
    U are getting into ‘sic’ Comic Bk
    print. Probably could make more $ IF
    you had a ‘biz’ sense.

  33. joe1938. You have it ‘backwards’ re Semantics.
    Anyone who spells Koran in lieu of ‘alQur’an is considered
    somewhat moot & dis-respected.

  34. arschloch. Well, no schnitt Sherlock. Electrical fences & underground.
    >>> V. Effective w/ Livestock/All Creatures, etc. Remedy Really IS Quite ‘Simple’ &
    cost effective. Add Cams. The Border ‘Boondoggle’ is nothing but that,
    To Felipe, you say stuff 0n & 0n & = a No Can do, for Many Reasons.
    (uh,i know re ‘razor wire’. 0u 0uch, totally ‘nasty’. i thought re ‘doing’
    ‘it’ in circumstances i had to deal w/. But Refrained___ hmmm
    > God Bless #SAVEUSA. &&& Your Quality of Life.

  35. Build the wall, line the border with claymore mines, setup raised guard posts with 50 CAL Machine guns. Kill the dumb phuquers that don’t get the message. The illegal border crossings will cease immediately.

  36. Dies it matter? Either way? It was produced by a criminal and Pedifilist rapist! Who cares? The women are stupid yo be and pray to such a Demon Bible created by a loser! Nothing like being BRAIN WASHED!

  37. With our high tech? Why don’t they put sensors deep under ground. Then when these sucker’s are deported? Put a collar around their necks that they can’t remove without blowing their heads off? But if they were to recross back over the boarder? Yeah! Their head would blow fricken clean off! Make that wall 100 ft. Tall too! With sensors and cameras on machine gun pits and rocket launcher’s too! So if they try to fly over? They’ll be shot down before the fly over! A no fly zone to be exact!electify and razer wire and barbed wire too! About Forty feet up in case they try to scale it with spikes protruding out and down.But not long enough for them to grab on to.high tension wires on the bottom the bottom of the wall will be a 100 ft. Below underground! To deter them from tonnelung under it. Then building a trench on our side beside it do if they tried tunneling under they’d run into s flood of water and the rat’s eould drown!a sensitive would detect the water level lowering because of a breach in the cannel. The kind if money being projected to build it? Should be unlimited by the Mexican Government paying for it! Since they have already signed an authorization on a blank check to build it! Trump wins! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  38. Another leftwingnut proves that the following can not be posted too many times… From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

  39. The only thing that would be better then having our national guard at the border would be giving them the right to stop arrest those and if half to shoot to defend them there selves. Maybe thay would not be wanting to across the border. Build the WALL.

  40. ISLAM & MOHAMMAD are HADES in disguise……The muslims are the true evil that lurks within our borders……..Build the wall…..NO MORE ALIENS, muslims/illegals or whatever……..

  41. Projection again, M. You are the one who thinks Diane is two characters with one name – – it is inside your own feeble mind, not reality. You are not very educated are you?

  42. Well, thanks for the question, M! How are you and your sidekick Dan T doing today? I first decided to pay attention to the statements of the limits of MSM, and listen more to Fox news and read conservative blogs to see if my knowledge was limited. I read some for quite awhile until I just could not believe the level of racist crap coming from some of you with snide “watermelon” and “chicken” and other personal attacks presented rather than a discussion of thoughts and ideas. I agree with you on one thing, conservatives do not know very much, and they tend to keep repeating some consistent bumper-sticker propaganda phrases. But as far as the constitution, I solidly believe in it also and that it stands for “ALL men (generic term for the time to mean all PEOPLE) are endowed by their Creator to have certain inalienable rights, and among them are . . . . . .” You and Dan Tyree are not being patriotic and supporting the constitution with your racist attacks on African-Americans or Hispanics, and the same goes for the president.

  43. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let this happen. ISIS and other Muslim groups of Islamic people need to be removed from the USA and other countries. Americans see what these Radical Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and Islam is not a religion, instead it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful religion and they are out to change Americas Constitution, laws, rules, regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to allow thousands more Muslims into the USA which will allow more of these Islamic barbaric savages in our country and get more people killed. Allah is their God and is not the son of God, Jesus Christ. Muslims do not believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God as Christians, they have a different God.
    Read below what these Islamic animals believe, their ideology and why they want to kill Americans, Christians and non-Islamic people.

    From the Qur’an:
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Allah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax
    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims
    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims
    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)
    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.

    Islam = Terrorism?

  44. Trump might want to start a space force because, as many of the experts report, he has gone off the rails and is not very educated about the consequences and expense of such an act? Irene, you are consuming too much conspiracy garbage or not consuming enough meds. If there is a “galactic war” – – just whom would be the combatants since we don’t know of any other inhabited planets as of yet?

  45. Your comment has all the signs of “liberal”mentality. At least our President has an intelligent solution which is to work out a plan with the new President of Mexico. It may NOT mean anything to you at this time, but do you realize that Mexico & Canada are connected to us by land and in the event of a far scarier situation of invasion, it would behoove us to be on the same side? That DOESN’T mean accepting illegals, it means a “galactic war”.DON’T laugh it’s coming! Why does the President want to start his “SPACE” program???

  46. Having some national Guard Troops at the border is fine, they get paid anyway. If it makes you feel good, run with it. Maybe they can save some lives. But until we deal with the demand side of our drug problem the supply side will take care of itself even if we put a million troops on the border with a 100 foot high wall.

  47. I agree….kill them mexicans ( and whoever) that comes into the U.S.A. illegally. No arresting or trial…Death is the only option……. Do not even bury them; let them rot there, or let mexico come pick ’em up……

  48. Butchy, This Dr. J.D., fake as a three dollar bill, “It” is one of Diane’s multiple personality disorder’s, non real egos. 🙂
    Did you know Diane’s mental illness has two characters name Diane? Yes, one is atheist and one is Christian? Diane is seriously mentally ill.

  49. Hey Tom, i sure do Not see Pence ‘looking in bloom’ at DJT AT ALL.
    In fact, i see quite the opp. ‘in scrutiny’. Clean your glasses
    Already, would ya. __ hmm.
    ps. Tom – ‘another’ pen name ???

  50. Uh -oh ricB. Still convoluted ink. You Almost get’there’ &&
    then you blow it. Must ‘know’ Diff. ‘tween Establishment ‘r’s
    rinos & true Conservatives. Take a break from this site & go Do
    your ‘homework’. #WalkAway & Then #SAVEUSA. Got ‘it’ ???

  51. wow – gee. No response from the ‘intelligentzia’ ???
    > Awww, Come on, let’s go – talk.
    i’ll wait & check back. Finish lunch or dinner,
    i got 24/7 365.

  52. Dr.J.D. ‘I’ AM a HIGH PRIESTESS. Would you have a problem
    W/that ??? Let’s Talk. ___ ASK ‘me’ your 1st Q. Thank you.

  53. Tom, I really don’t think you want to get anybody’s wives or girlfriends involved with this. You don’t want to open that can of worms, you pipsqueak liberal! Oh, nonya as to my name or gender. How does VP Pence look at President Trump, is it anything like Joe Biden and BHO looked at each other. I heard Michelle/Michael got very jealous!

  54. Dan T., What in Hades are these fruit loops talking about, threats, bullying, high level of discourse? Those are things liberals do to conservatives. They are all mixed up as liberals usually are. I don’t think they have seen any of that of either of us, YET! Huh, Dan T.?

  55. Dan T., These liberals are so much fun today! They are stimulating my brain, I’m getting all charged and ready to let the good times roll. Diane(with her multiple personality disorder, you know Diane, Dr. J.D, Maxi, etc.) Ric B, and whoever else is out there. They are not very challenging however, they sound like a bunch of parrots, all saying the same thing at the same time, boring, same old tired talking points over and again! What a bunch of angry, mean, sour grapes, losers! I am going to go find something more fun than these liberal parrots, let’s see I will clean the dog doo from my backyard. 🙂 🙂

  56. Actually Diane, ALL those polls, combined on 538.com show the majority of Americans disapprove of Trump and the job he isn’t doing. As far as the stupid wall, there are over 600 private property cases that would have to be settled to actually build the wall, cutting some people’s land in two or more pieces. Besides, if the wall was built, there are numerous other ways to get into America, with one of the easiest a cheap flight to Canada and walk over the border. Are we the same person?

  57. M, really, that is the level of your discourse, about dog doo-doo? You never did graduate high school, did you?

  58. Looks like Dan and M have a bromance. Not sure what is M’s gender, because M forgot how to spell his/her name. Reminds me how Pence looks at Trump, it is love in bloom!

  59. Does this incoherent threats and name calling really work with anyone? Wow, you sure get unhinged easily and quickly.

  60. Thank you Gen. Mathis for your decision. The best defense for this country is to use our own troops, who you authorize to defend this country. President Trump chose you knowing you were the best man for the job. He is in a battle himself with all that is being thrown at him by the DEMS but having trusted people like yourself frees him up to do other things. Please hang in there with him and us the American Voters. God Bless us all.

  61. Ric B, I do not at this moment think you are one of the Diane pen names. However all the adjectives I use on her applies to you as well! Why, you are cut from the same cloth and and deserve it. Conservatives may not know very much however, we have it all over you liberals when it comes to knowing what our Constitution mandates and stands for in our great nation.
    What are you personally gaining from participating in conservative blogs. Does it make you feel better about yourself to attempt to make Republicans appear to
    be wrong in our beliefs? Tell us Ric B!

  62. I agree with you for once, Dan, they have no right to ridicule the faith or lack of faith of anyone. Not all democrats are atheists, but some are, like some Republicans I know. In either case, both should respect each other’s beliefs. I certainly know there is God and He is most kind and loving.
    Or was this posted by Diane, or Maxi or Ric B? You guys are funny in how you think you are SO smart when you know so little.

  63. Diane aka Dr. J.D., You are even more unintelligent than any one of us thought possible, and that is going some! You stupid jerk, you don’t have enough sense to pour pi$$ out of a boot with instructions written on the heel (after you were dumb enough to have peed in the boot). You are the most transparent
    lunatic that has been on a any blog at any time and an embarrassment to all liberals. You are a cheap classless psuedo representative of the very people you are desperately trying to promote. You have no shame or you would be ashamed. Now, I have been nice and civil in this comment. You won’t be so fortunate again! Taa-Taa!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  64. Ironic, that is how others see the Republican party. You guys are the worst attackers of moderate Republicans, who you call RINOs and have no respect or tolerance for. The Democrats have no disrespect for their moderates, no problem with respecting minorities, and are thrilled that these next few elections will be governed by FEMALES, who most do not like Trump and his sexist ways and sexual assaults. There is a YUGE (ala corrupt Trump) gender gap and females strongly against Trump. Not all Republicans are radicals, because you have the more fractured group I have ever seen – – don’t get along with moderates, neo-cons, Tea Party, Trumpons, and to be honest, you Trumpons are the most proficient in knifing each other in the back. Look at Trump with Tillerson, Sessions, McCain, Romney, Bannon, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, and the entire intel community.

  65. Wow, are you really a priest because you do not represent anything Catholic or Christian. You are like the Pharisee Jesus preached against.

  66. LOL, hilarious! Somedays you read this Renewed Right site and it is just a repeat of the same ol’ stuff, like “MAGA”, drain the swamp and insulting things to say about Dems and RINOs and most everyone else who still have a thinking brain. But Diane, did you know we were the SAME person, and maybe also we are a third person, named Maxi or Ric. See, I told you we should not have mixed up our name tags at the last “double secret” meeting of Deep State operatives! These simpletons know almost nothing about the Deep state and that we have our own ID numbers and “handles.” Keep up the good work, Diane, you have these conspiracy geeks so agitated, they cannot fathom what is really going on . . ..
    In our group, we laugh and laugh that the Trumpons repeat “Drain the Swamp” but when it comes to one of their own swamp creature, the expend tons of energy making excuses for them, like Trump or those two Republican congressman who are corrupt and Donnie whined and complained again via tweet and blamed Sessions for not protecting Republican swamp creatures.

  67. Sounds like a reasonable strategy. I’d like point out East Germans and West Germans were both citizens of Germany prior and during the war. Unlike citizens from one country illegally sneaking into another country without going through an immigration and investigative process, many of whom are already drug or slave smuggling criminals.

  68. New reality show, Out Running Ma Deuce. Illegals get a 500-yard start, if they can outrun a 50 caliber, they get their green card.

  69. I say Invaders should be shot. you’d only have to wound them in the knee caps to prevent them from trying again or they couldn’t walk,climb ,run for the rest of them to get the idea.

  70. Why don’t you recruit the East Germans? They have sealed of East and West Germany successful over 1000 miles and not more than 1000 made it across in 19 years! 147 where killed trying it, no numbers are known how many where imprisoned for attempting to get over it! Minimum sentence 5 years hard labor!

  71. You have to think that no one can be that stupid. Then you remember, nature abhors a vacuum. And so there is the thing called Diane.

  72. Typical liberal demorats..if you tell them the sky is blue they will insist it is purple..not to worry folks..the demorats thought they had it made in 2016 and they think they have it made in 2018 but we will fool them again..HA HA HA..Soon the demorats will be a dead party in more ways than one..60% disapproval of Trump ?..that only happens when you only poll liberal demorats..its so funny that they are just BSing themselves..

  73. Agree! These people must obey the laws, rules and regulations of a sovereign country. American lawyers and other activist will be held responsible if they aid and abet an illegal crossing the border. Time to keep our country safe,, people of the world have changed their behavior.

  74. Di. re “knowing” ‘Eisenhower ‘r’s & What DID you Learn ???
    Also, Have you Heard former Pres. Gen. Eisenhower’s Departing Speech???
    >Take a break here – Go & Listen to what he Said. Some description
    of a ‘forewarning ‘Influence’ seems to apply to you, ricB, this djd person
    etc. Check it out. ps. fyi. Eisenhower ‘r’ days Are Not Long Gone,
    by any means. What he Said IS Now Coming Forth & V. ACTIVE. There are ‘3’ Crucial
    words, he spoke about. I Will not tell you, but if you ‘listen’ to speech, you may ‘figure it out’ . & You etc. Are ‘influenced’ by what he Said. Check it out.

  75. Dan T., Ric B maybe but haven’t read that with him. Wish I could tell you how I am getting the connection with these Diane pen names but I don’t want her to be aware. Think on it, a pig by any other name is still a pig.

  76. You move, its obvious you dont’t care about your country or its people. The crimes the illegals commit everyday is discusting. How bout some of those
    illegals move next door to your dumb ass. I bet you would move out in a heartbeat!!!!

  77. David if the left believes in freedom as they profess, why do they care if someone believes? The Bible says the devil believes and trembles. Even if God was a myth , look at what belief in Him does for the economy. Churches built, literature printed , buses , mechanical trades ect. Also salaries. Making fun of Christians is bullying. But in the lib’s minds that’s ok. Sad.

  78. Fr Tom Martin, Not a bad idea on cross the border get shot, after all the govt. will shoot you dead if you cross onto Area 51 property even if you are a “legal US citizen”

  79. And it looks like California, Illinois, Oregon, and New York didn’t either. They would rather the illegals come in, and if they do, they will protect them. Those Democrat State Governors need to be voted out of office as soon as possible. Cuomo and Brown have to be some of the worst Governors, ever in America.

  80. David Taylor, Thank you for that great comment. We all need to be reminded of these truths as well as “told the truth” about important issues.

  81. I have become so disgusted with the border problems I would support the government giving advance warning and putting signage along the boarder the minute you cross the border at any point that is not a legitimate crossing you will be shot. I also feel the National Guard should have the right to provide for their protection regardless of what they have to do.

  82. The border had been a problem for decades and no politician has been willing to address it before Trump. Maybe the fact Trump was not and is not a politician is why. Politicians will not touch any problem that may cost them a few votes.

  83. David Woodstein, Diane is a proud atheist. She told me and she makes fun of people who are Christians. I know, it’s hard to believe. If she sees your comment she will probably tell you the things she has told many of us. She is a troll, probably being paid everytime anyone hits the reply button at the end of her comment. Best to hit “reply” button at the end of anybody’s else’s comment or start a new comment and address her by name so she will know. She is really mean, nasty, bullying, insulting, etc. to people so be prepared. You probably have seen her comments already.

  84. Never forget what POTUS Reagan said. He had been a life long Demo and even elected CA governor as Demo. When criticized for switching parties, he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party; the Democrats left me.” He further explained how Demos had abandoned traditional American values, how they were violating their oaths of office to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and how they were intentionally discounting and devaluing our Constitution. When he could no longer tolerate the destruction of America by demos he switched to the GOP. Remember what he said about the demos? When questioned about demoncrap claims Regan said, “The trouble with democrats is they know so much that just isn’t so.”

  85. Dan T., Here’s a little funny for you. Diane is also writing under the following names and maybe others, I’m watching and will identify if and when it happens. Other “pen” names are, “Dr. J.D.” and the other day she used the name “Maxi”. We all know she is a professional troll and as BigJoe said we should not respond to her direct comments by hitting the “reply” button. BigJoe thinks Diane is a computer but I think she is a person and of course Diane is only a “pen” name. If she is a paid troll, da-ned if I want to paid that road lizard. So watch out for the names I listed and YOU, degenerate, deranged, disguisting, dysfunctional, wicked, evil, Diane (whoever the Hades you are), I’m coming, watch for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  86. Diane – you are partially correct. Beginning with the Eisenhower administration, demoncraps realized the GOP was gaining national prominence (Texas – formerly a demo bastian elected a GOP governor for the first time in 100 years). So, to get elected, pols began declaring themselves to be GOP. They learned that talking tough and saying all the right things about the Constitution could get them elected. Once elected, they most frequently legislated to support the demo agenda. RINOs!!! My senator, Cornyn, votes some 58% of the time with the libturd agenda. A lot of us are finally realizing the big difference between a RINO and a Constitutional conservative, AND things are atarting to change for the better.

  87. So, Diane, you are telling us to cut on Counterfeit News Network, (or do you prefer the name, Clinton News Network)?

  88. President TRUMP WON THE PRESIDENCY and he is a man of his word and woking at making America great again. Now if CONGRESS would get off their back burner and step up to the plate, they could be praised by helping with the border security, in the mean time the Praise goes to Trump and our service men, and other states that have come on board to keep America safe. Perhaps we need to fire a few democrat congress members. and deport them, or let them stand at the boarder and see first handed the illegals that are crossing with drugs, se trafficking, money laundering etc. then maybe they might change their views and see we need boarder security. Illegal immigrants entering the USA is ILLEGEAL they are breaking the law and need to be punished. What part of LAW don’t democrats, Congress, Judges understand.etc Canada has some coverage on their boarder not just mounted police either they have men in uniforms that appear to be Russians.

  89. So, Diane, you are telling us to cut on Counterfeit News Network, (or do you prefer the name, Clinton News Network)?

  90. Congress won’t get it. They will lose their voter base. Cut off all benefits to the illegal’s (Can you as a working class American citizen get the privilege illegals get?)
    And the money not spent on them will pay for the boarder security AND the wall. It really is simple math.

  91. Calvin Harwick, Listen! Do you hear all the applause? Cool comment to a very deserving blowhard liberal evil mean bullying stooge named Diane! Thank you Calvin!

  92. Diane, you are a first class nit wit if you think people are leaving the Republican party and going to the democratic party because of trump. That is just the funniest thing I have heard today. You had better have your eyes checked you are color blind. But good luck to you here is hoping you see the light soon.

  93. I can’t believe how mean you all are to Diane…NOT…it is okay Diane I will pray for you. Actually I find you amusing. At first I thought no one is that stupid but then I remembered you are a liberal. Me personally, I like stupid people because they make the rest of us look so smart. Actually, we are smart so maybe what I should have said was liberals make us look so much smarter than we already are. Anyway, if you are just playing around to upset people you are doing a good job. I just hope you are not a teacher. And just remember if you really are a liberal…TRUMP WON THE PRESIDENCY AND YOU NEED TO GET OVER IT…THANK GOD! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE PRESIDENT…AND ALL OF US DEPLORABLES!????????

  94. Hillary’s BFF SCUMER (spelled correctly) is the one that is the idiot……..He is fighting to keep the wall from being built………He has SOROS money in his bank account………

  95. They should be charged, for they took a oath to uphold our Nations Constitution which includes protecting the American citizens from harm.

  96. it’s congresses fault they had to do this , just more wasted money , but we need border security , in the long run the wall would pay for it’s self ,try explaining that to the idiots in congress

  97. yes democrats need to be held responsible for our problems with illegals can we charge for the crimes committed

  98. the Guard is there for support and logistics purposes, not enforcement. It relieves the Border Patrol of those obligations and frees them to use their manpower controlling the border.

  99. There were only two viable options for the Presidential election and the other one was very much worse. Be grateful for what we got. You only have another six years of Trump – and remember, primary elections are important – and the Democrats have (theoretically) made changes that will make their next one fair to both (or all) their nomination seekers.

  100. stupidy is your #1 qulity you do not know what youare talking about his #s are up and your not with it .OLD VET

  101. (Ecclesiastes 10:2 NASB) A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.

  102. There is only one place for Diane and she will find out whene she stands befor the one who will decide which opening she will enter at the pearly gates. It won’t be thru the gate most of us will be going but the way of all GOD loving people that love GOD sorry for you Diane but made your Bed and you will have to live with it. May GOD have Mercy on your Soul AMEN

  103. There is no “Diane” Roger. It is a computer entity that programs comments designed to solicit replies. Do not directly reply to it as you are only feeding it what it wants. Laugh at it’s comments with the other real people but replying directly to it will only get you more and more frustrated because you cannot make sense to an entity.

  104. Yes, we want the border sealed to all of these invaders, but Mattis is no hero after expressing his unbounded praise of Operation Storm in 1995. Having endorsed Operation Storm, where a quarter million civilians were forced out of the Krajina in 4 days’ time where their ancestry had dwelt for 3 centuries, the U S has no credibility in criticizing “ethnic cleansing” such as with Burma today.

  105. Pamalla, please do not respond to the entity that calls itself “Diane”. It doesn’t really exist. It feeds on replies from real people that get upset at what it says. Comment to others about it but not as a reply to it. You’re only feeding it by directly replying to it. If nobody responds to it, it will eventually go away.

  106. When our ancestors came here (except those of who have ancestors who were ALREADY here), there WAS no “welfare”. They worked, they homesteaded property (which is still allowed in some places IF no one owns it) and built home, helped each other, planted crops, brought in cattle w/them in some instances, & either lived, or died. No one provided them “medical”-there was none, except what knowledge they had; no factories, no stores-except what they built,no education-unless there was someone in the group who could read and write-to teach them, no churhes-except what they built. They asked for nothing, except for help & helping each other. Most of these present immigrants don’t come here, willing to do any of this. They think since America is so “rich”, they should just GIVE them everything they need. Even the blacks, when they were freed, were given 100 acres and a mule. NO ONE gave any of my ancestors, even that. Some were actually in slavery for 7 yrs after their arrival, to pay for their trip over here from Germany, although it was supposed to have been paid for by the gov. who asked them to come. They worked hard as “servants” and saved their money, and put it to good use to get a start in life for their families. They didn’t come here to rob, steal, murder & rape. Could have done that where they left. Life in America is no better in that regard, than in Mexico. The areas they “escape” to, are usually as bad as where they left. If they really want to escape something-spouse/gang, etc., move to another area of Mexico where it isn’t so prevalent, If they have the money to get to the US, it would go a lot further to relocate there! They waste the money, just to get sent back where they came from.

  107. I really hope the National Guard is armed, not just targets for the cartel using the weapons supplied to the cartel by the bummer.

  108. I’m happy to see that most of you are not responding directly to the entity that calls itself “Diane”. Comment about it amongst yourselves back and forth but do not hit the reply after anything the non-existent Diane seems to be spouting. It’s all designed specifically to solicit a reply in order to collect. Ignore the reply button after it comments and laugh at it with each other.

  109. Dan, do not support the entity you think is someone called “Diane”. There is no Diane. Make your comments on your own. If you feel the need to address them to the entity that calls itself Diane that’s fine. Just don’t do it as a reply to it’s comments that are simply designed to get a rise out of real thinking people. It will eventually go away when the replies stop.

  110. Waiting for the Hunchback to go to a Chappaqua Village meeting and demand they declare sanctuary status. Also waiting for the Clinton-Mezvinsky building in Manhattan to make sure it reflects the diversity in NYC and starts accepting Section 8 vouchers.

  111. If bull**** was music you would have a big brass band that could only play out of tune.Apparently every time you open your mouth s*** rolls off your chin and contaminat’s every thing around

  112. I noticed that our leftist Governor in North Carolina didn’t respond to the call and that’s really not surprising! We’ll fix that in the next general election!

  113. M if people realized what has happened to that party there would be panic. It started in the 1960’s with Lyndon johnson’s great society. Now George Soros and his bunch of globalist run the show. We have one shot in November to save this republic. In campaign speeches they make it sound so innocent. The moderate dems have left or turned republican. The radicals are all that’s left.

  114. Dan T., Checking out that Dem platform lit a fire under you didn’t it? It is hard to believe that mature rational people really believe in all that bunk! Excuse me, they are not rational and.mature. It’s crazy. Dems want the govt. to control our lives, take our miney, and support the world. One world govt. control, if that doesn’t scare you to death, nothing will!

  115. Dan T., I just saw the reply where Diane’s behind was twisting in the wind at what I said about no way in her family was GOP. I rated being called an ‘it” all way through. 🙂 I told you earlier today what was going to happen to her mind before end of day. She deserves all she gets and more. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  116. M and Jason you are right. She said check the dems agenda. I did. I don’t believe in high taxes and big government. Those people want to strip us of as much personal freedom as possible. I am pro life , pro gun and against giving away our hard earned money to illegal aliens and other countries. I am for money’s being there for people whom can’t do for themselves. Education should be led on the local level. That’s just a few. The list is too large to print. The deep state needs to be prosecuted for unamerican activities , and mueller needs to be kicked out the door. We need senator McCarthy from the 1950’s. This November let’s bring a red wave they won’t believe.

  117. Dan T., Diane is what my Mom used to call a “die hard Democrat”. They believe all things Dem liberal is good. All things Republican conservative is bad. Mom said they would vote for “old Billy hell” if was running. She was so funny. When I was a kid people used to be able to vote for the best person for the position but, those days are gone. There is too much difference between the parties and I vote a straight Republican ticket now.

  118. M it’s happening. And Diane said she tries to not think of us. She sure responds. Something is going around in that empty head.

  119. Dan – There goes ignorant M again. It just makes crap up as it goes along. How in the hell would it know whether or not many family members are Republicans?? Because it knows me so well?? It’s true, I have a lot of Republicans in my family and I don’t give a rat’s ass if M believes me or not. I don’t hate conservatives either but I don’t care for Trump supporters because they have blinders on and would follow 45 off a cliff if he told them to jump. I don’t really care what state you live in, Dan…..I try not to think of you. Do you know how to google? Then google Democratic platform…….that’s what I believe in.

  120. Dan T., I was just over on YouTube checking out #WalkAway. This is a big deal and supposedly thousands and thousands have walked away. I only watched one video, this guy said the Dem party left him. They are radical, violent, unreasonable, bias, he tore into MSM for being dishonest, said they edit news video to suit their purpose, etc. He said how he finally listened to conservatives and found them to be nothing like he had been told, that all the bad stuff he had been told was lies. He has already joined the Republican party. The #WalkAway movement is planning an October march in Washington to show the movement is real. I swear he sounded just like us conservatives trying to tell liberals what conservatives really are. Hope this all makes sense I was writing it fast so I wouldn’t forget and to be sure you saw it tonight.

  121. M I feel as sorry for Diane as I would stormy Daniels if she lost all feeling “down there”.
    As for Dian’s family, they were probably rino republicans

  122. Dan T., You are a funny “red” man! 🙂
    If I was related to her (Lord forbid), it would take waaaaay more than Diane to bully me into switching! Would I have some fun with her, yeah! She is such an easy mark. By the way, do you feel sorry for her yet? I know, I am not a nice person!
    Diane, if you are looking, I’m talking
    ABOUT you, not TO you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  123. Dan T., I believe the Dems are coming to us also for the reason you said. I have not checked it out but supposedly there are videos on YouTube some of them have made. Videos are from the
    #WalkAway ex-Dems. have you seen

  124. Dan T., Lying Diane, there she goes again! If anybody believes all that crap she laid on you about Republicans in her family, I have a bridge to no where I want to sell them. As bad as she hates conservatives she would never admit that if it was true. She was yanking your chain. She doesn’t have a clue where you live but I may.

  125. Dan – See? You’re making assumptions about me, again. So sad. A lot of my family are Republicans. Not every Republican supports 45. I’ve had family members quit the Party because of him. They know he’s corrupt and guilty and don’t want to be associated with the GOP because of the way they are going and don’t like the racist rhetoric he spouts off. Sorry to inform you, but your base is shrinking because of him. I’ve known people who were Eisenhower Republicans (those days are long gone) and the Republicans will soon be known as the White Supremacist Party. Nope, I wouldn’t get into someone’s face if they wore a Trump shirt or a #MAGA hat……but I rarely see that in my area. People aren’t THAT ignorant where I live!

  126. M – Hahahahaha! Do you feel better now? Careful, your blood pressure seem to be skyrocketing! One can only hope…..

  127. Ken of mo, 🙂 🙂 :-). If you saw the movie Steel Magnolias, there was a character played by Olympia Dukakis who stated my favorite line from the movie. All these stars spoke in a thick Georgia accent and she said, “spoken like a true smart aaaassss (ass). I hereby by antoinette you with that line and I don’t share my favorite line with many people. I do appreciate what you were inclined to say Ed. 🙂 🙂

  128. Your and idiot getting your kicks trolling on here. No one can be as stupid as your acting about the wall not being built because its been on the news and all over social media.

  129. They are building the wall some in Texas an another part in New Mexico. Only a moron with her progressive head up her ass wouldn’t know that.

  130. M :: very well said. I was thinking something less polite like Ed was ahorses ass. Sorry to all horse for degrading you.

  131. Dan T., Diane may lose her her wired attitude and her rabbit-a$$ mind before this day is over, compliments of me! She is a joke to everybody on any blog anywhere. If people felt about me the way we all feel about her, I would find a den of rattlesnakes and move in with them. Of course, in Diane’s case, she would bite the rattlesnakes and they would die from her poisonous venom. Yee Haa, bring it on, dastardly Diane, can’t wait, you ugly, nasty, mean, black racist (against whites), stinking, useless,
    serial liar, witch! You are dog doo-doo that you just can’t get off the bottom of your shoes!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  132. Tina Bui, Diane doesn’t know $hit from Shine-ola (shoepolish, stupid Diane). The construction of the wall going on at San Diego has been talked about countless times on National TV and nobody in that area or anywhere else has denied it except brain damaged
    Diane. You can always depend on her to be disagreeable no matter what. Diane, the most loathed and despised piece of human waste in the world. You sure know how to make nice decent sane people wish you lived on any other planet. Sticks and stones may break my bones but dirty words can never hurt me or, any of these other good people either. You know, the true American patriots not anti American crazies!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  133. @M
    I cancelled our WaPo subscription end of December 2017.
    15% of their articles were pretty good.
    85% was só extremely biased against POTUS DJT, I could not stomach it any more.
    Worse are their Comments section.
    The garbage so vile and pure hatred spewed there was sickening.
    As a matter of fact, I also cancelled our NYTimes subscription ànd the LATimes.

    My Midterms ” vibes ” ?
    The GOP keeps the House.
    The Senate: GOP gains 2 Senator seats.

    2020 MAGA DJT. easy win.

  134. VarAway, Tell degenerate Diane, nobody believes that ABC/Washington Post far left liberal commie poll. Those liberal polls are weighted, biased, and adjusted as needed to make the poll look exactly like the Dem libs want it to, which is to make President Trump look bad. Somebody put Diane back in the trunk with Chucky, the horror movie killer doll. She is too evil and loathsome to be loose among decent sane human beings.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  135. Dan – WHO is Parallax? Then there’s the typical Trumpical ignorant sentence….”You was nice to Diane”. Can you get anymore ignorant? I’m afraid you can! If your sister is anything like you…….I’ll pass on meeting her…….can’t take all the stupidity at once. I’m really not an angry person, but you racist knuckleheads just bring that out in me. You want to see people who are eaten up with hate? Start by looking in the mirror. Reread your responses back to me…….you are a disgusting and despicable lowlife and I’m glad you’re only online and not living next door. I would have to move.

  136. Roger – His stupid wall is just red meat for you ignorant racist supporters. They can go to Canada and walk right in. The wall is NOT going to stop people from coming here……..but he might! He’s got a 60% disapproval rate and it’s growing. Welcome to the minority!

  137. Ed Luszcz, You knew what David Woodstein meant, whether it was spelled correctly or not. People who spell correctly, use good grammar and sentence structure, it all looks very good in print however, it is far from being the most important part of a message. If a person’s message is true and meaningful, stated by a person with a good heart, that is most important. When critical people point out imperfection to intimidate, belittle, be sarcastic and make themselves look superior (in their mind’s eye), they would be better off to keep their mouth shut. You have not made anybody think less of David, you have made people think less of you. You have had the opposite effect you intended. So, shhhh and move on.

  138. I think that the National Guard are not allowed to arrest the aliens except to call the border patrol to come get them. Who knows there may be a change of plan for the National Guard in the future?

    Only Diane believe the existence of real money trees. The state budgets are running of money. Sixty-two percents of all the aliens depend on our welfare system. Not good. They came here with NOTHING except their clothes on them. That’s it.

    America was built its foundation on traditional families and middle class.

    Let us MAGA!

    Trump 2020.

  139. Diane you must be one SATENS wife’s the way you talk I hope you burn in H—-. It’s just the place you belong when you stand befor GOD at the Pearly Gates you will not be walking thure them you will be going with them, the wrest of all thoes IDET Democrats and Left Wing Liberals who are U S American HEATER. You don’t belong to live in the Greatest Country under GODS EYES you all want to bring America down like all
    socialites Communesim Country’s Liveing in Europe and South America living in in slums and povert’y but that will never happen as long as we have the 2nd Amendment to back up our country. You Dimwits are trying to bring our Country in to a CIVEL WAR just like the Sourthen Democrats did in the CIvel War you see how that outcome came out thay lost. And that will be your outcome too. Beloved and love GOD he is the only way To TRUTH and LIGHT. AMEN AMEN

  140. Parallax you was nice to Diane. But she’s mean and hateful to anyone whom disagrees with her. My sister said she would like to meet her. They would have business. Diane is so eaten up with hate. People like her are a curse on this country. Name calling and violence are all they understand. But I refuse to be bullied on this post or in person. People had better be ready and able to defend themselves. I am.

  141. Well Diane since your backing the dumbocrats and you don’t want the wall, We’ll send all the illegals to your house and even some MS13 gang members then lets here that you don’t want the wall.

  142. Pamalla – Turn off Faux AlmostNews. Your ignorance is showing. 45 is a disgusting disgrace and a total embarrassment to our country. 45 is on the “wrong” side of the country. He’s Putin’s puppet. He could care less about you…….he’s in it for himself.

  143. I agree. 20 years for Obstruction; 20 years for Treason. I wouldn’t shake that fat slobs hand let alone lick his ass. Be my guest…..lick away; you seem to be doing that anyhow….hahahahaha

  144. Diane, I am new to this blog. Comments were rolling along quite smoothly until you posted. I don’t even know who the “fat orange slob” is! First time from you. I believe that the radical left hates our President more than they love our country. You had better get over the fact that Hillary lost because if you keep hating, we are doomed and headed for a
    civil war. Isn’t seeing our messed up government being taken to court and convicted of every crime on the books get your attention that you are on the wrong side of our Country?? President Trump has done unbelievable things for the US in such a short time. Breaking all of the records. And once rid of the “Deep State”, it will be even better. I believe that you and I want the same things here in America. It doesn’t matter whether Democrat or Republican. Our problem is the people we send to Washington and their sidekicks. Think about that for a while. Do some private research. Best wishes to you.

  145. It’s NEVER going to be built……it’s just another lie from the fat orange slob. Current poll has him at 60% disapproval rate!

  146. I have many problem and issues with 21 million illegal immigrants in the USA. NUMBER ONE IS…why are there REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS that are suppose to represent ONLY the wants, needs, and concerns of USA CITIZENS AND VOTERS…why are they willing to shutdown government for individuals that 1) CAN NOT VOTE FOR PRESIDENT. 2)ARE ILLEGALLY IN THE USA…MAKING THEM CRIMINALS 3)TAKING SOCIAL SYSTEM MONEY THAT…ONLY…US CITIZENS FINANCED.4)TAKE JOB FROM US CITIZEN. 5)WORK LOWER WAGE JOBS AND KEEP THE THE WAGE STRUCTURE LOW.
    All these thing create hardship on the budget, and economy of our nation. WHAT IS THE ANSWER? VOTE ACCORDINGLY IN 2018.

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