James Mattis got the order about the caravan that every American was waiting for

The migrant caravan is testing Donald Trump.

Thousands of migrants are massing on the Southern border preparing an invasion.

And Donald Trump just gave James Mattis the order about the caravan that every American was waiting for.

Trump gave Mattis the authority to expand the military’s mission on the Southern border.

The troops now have the ability to take “protective activities” to defend the Border and the Border Patrol should the migrants get out of hand.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump has given Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to allow troops at the Southwest border to perform “military protective activities” he deems necessary to protect troops and border patrol agents, according to a White House memo viewed by Breitbart News.

Those activities include “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention, and cursory search,” according to the memo, which was signed on Tuesday by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“Department of Defense personnel shall not, without further direction from the President, conduct traditional civilian law enforcement activities, such as arrest, search, and seizure in connection with the enforcement of the laws,” it added.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said despite the new authorization, the current missions have not yet changed and that troops remain unarmed except for those whose specific job is to protect other deployed troops.

Despite what the fake news media says, the caravan is filled with violent individuals.

Video in Mexico showed thugs storming fences and overrunning Mexican military and law enforcement.

Reports also surfaced that the migrants threw rocks and Molotov cocktail bombs.

Americans want to see the border secured and are thrilled to see President Trump take the steps necessary to achieve this important goal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. At least we don’t kiss the STUPID DEMOCRATS ASSES…

    You just CAN’T FIX STUPID….

    Every DEMOCRAT is breaking their Oath of of ft ice

  2. Just shoot them if they cross the border. They’ll get the message and turn around and go home.
    All illegals should immediately be deported.

  3. Denis your right on Target those that dont want the Wall are Globalist fools your Statement is Backed up by a book Tattled Dynamic Freedoms it can be perched on eBay at a very low price and well worth the Money for all freedom Minded Persons.

  4. David B – you are correct ! The liberal media will never ever show or tell this either. I saw those Mexicans with their Mexico flag protesting those illegals. About 25 feet away from them as well. They just don’t want them out of Tijuana, they want them out of Mexico and back to where they came from. Not to the USA either ! They seemed to know and understand very well right away ( in days only ) what it is like to have illegals get into their country. A DEM in the USA will never wake up until an illegal from that group like a MS-13 guy starts stabbing and cutting a friend, neighbor, family or themselves. Or they get a disease brought in from that group of illegals. Or, get their house robbed or their car broken into or stolen from that group of illegals. It is what has to happen to these DEM’s to get a wake up call is to get it the hard way to learn. Just a day before I typed this a DEM said there are no bad people in that group! They are all good citizens and many well educated ! You already know that they are LIB news lovers only !!!! That stupidity just glows that they are CNN watchers also. Those Mexicans being interviewed had not a thing good to say about those illegals and they want them gone NOW ! Plus, they moved some of them 5 miles away and out of Tijuana. But they want them all gone ! Even they were telling us that yes there are criminals in this group and already proven by many of them (the illegals) to be true. They even spoke up about those who were throwing rocks and other things at our Border Patrol. Showing the world that yes, they cause problems and do illegal things so why would or should the USA take them in ??????

  5. I saw those as well in CA. You know who has loads of tanks, we do. But pretty cool to see those on rail going past you. Impressive. If they were scene all around the country then you have to say that they were showing the public a little bit of our Military force that we do have. We are the largest Military in the world. Obama would NEVER show off our Military as he was anti-American. Peace through Strength began after WW2. When we had enough of world wars. Someone had the idea to make a massive military and let the world know we intend to keep it that way. That would make any enemy think twice. Obama cut the funding and all. Trump is bringing it back to bad ass kick the living hell out of the enemy status. Trump talked and showed strength to Kim Jung Un ( North Korea ) and he stopped talking BS didn’t he ! One carrier fleet after another to NK waters and KJU had to know he was crap if he kept up his BS. Lasers going on our Carriers now. Plus we are working on those to be on our tanks and other things. Even a laser rifle is in the works. Trump flexed USA muscle at KJU and talked it as well. This is exactly what our idea was how to do this to those trouble makers. Obama would draw lines and they were crossed in seconds. Because everyone knew Obama was a real coward – wet his diapers and hid under the bed. A real American doesn’t know how to act like that. But Obama proved he was never a real American. A real American also knows all about what everything on our flag is about and how many states we have in the USA. Obama thought we had 57. That alone should of told you he was never raised as a kid in the USA nor an American. At Obama’s age to not know about the USA flag or the number of stars on it either because he had no idea how many states we have. You have to be a real incredible idiot to not know Obama was never an American.

  6. Betty really hates it that Trump is doing so very well. DEM’s demand that he screws up the USA like Obama did. In France did you see the video of those French were out there protesting and then chanting ” WE WANT TRUMP !” The crowd was chanting it ! So I also have read and seen myself of Canadians asking if they can have Trump also ! Their current leader is more anti-Canadian as was Obama anti-American one Canadian told us.

  7. Betty really hates it that Trump is doing so very well. DEM’s demand that he screws up the USA like Obama did. In France did you see the video of those French were out there protesting and then chanting ” WE WANT TRUMP !” The crowd was chanting it ! So I also have read and seen myself of Canadians asking if they can have Trump also ! Their current leader is more anti-Canadian as was Obama anti-American one Canadian told us.

  8. I remember the same thing that DEM’s were not in favor of illegals crossing the border. Hillary and Pelosi had once spoken out against it. Now the DEM party needs votes. Plus to get those diseases brought back in that we got rid of years ago. The criminals and gang members we know that are in that group – reported to be about 600 of them right now. The more trouble there is in the USA, the easier of it to be taken over by NWO or Communism. This is what we know Old bum job Obama rather liked allot and his muslim takeover as well. Hillary seemed to be more for NWO over communism. Obama and his 4 books really told all about him and not being born in the USA you know this by what he writes. His favorite sound that he ever heard was as a kid, he heard the “Islamic morning call to prayer.”That is only done in Islamic countries. Never in the USA. You also know that he is Anti-American by those books plus the 7 videos he made while being a ILL. Senator. All 7 were of him talking about what he would do if President of the USA. ALL 7 were Anti- American. All were taken down from You Tube right after his first election. If you saw those 7 videos you knew we were going to have serious trouble from him. To add that both flags behind him were not USA or any state flag either. They looked like the ISIS flag but ISIS wasn’t around yet. So yes, one was ISLAMIC.

  9. What I have been reading is that according to International law, once those illegals cross into another country that they must ask for Asylum from that country. So they should of asked for this with Mexico. They did not, and I hear many were asked by Mexico if they want that from them. They all said no. So right then and there they have broken International law and should go to jail.

  10. I say electrify the Wire and after a few get shocked they will back off. Only the adults are the one trying break through the fence so I think give a shock treatment is a good idea.

  11. Also make it illegal to hire an illegal or to rent to an illegal. No jobs, no free medical, no welfare, no housing and that should fix the problem.

  12. These nuts have for gotten that the U.S. military is protecting their sorry asses as well the United States citizens. Build the wall!!!

  13. Those who support OPEN and POROUS BORDERS do NOT want to fix the problem because OPEN and POROUS BORDERS will help kill the USA from the inside out. Those who want the USA to collapse want ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION to succeed.

  14. Were u an American at one time? Maybe you could allow a few of them to stay with u while they wait for their welfare Checks.

  15. I’d like to see the President tell the military to shoot anyone crossing the border illegally, and to make sure the dead body falls into Mexico. Also, the border State governors should declare the area adjacent to the border, say 100 meters, a free-fire zone — that is, _anyone_ could shoot an illegal border crosser in the zone without recrimination.

  16. Nothing wrong with using skunk spray. Works pretty good and the stench stays with them a couple of days, they run to get away from it. If that does not work, blast them with the water cannons as they try to cross the border. If any of them can get through those two lines, time to use the hard stuff. I fully expect them to be gentlemen and make sure the women and children are in the front lines to try and persuade the military from shooting women and children. In the UN Court we would be damned and they fully know that thanks to our left wing liberal lawyers who are down them helping them.

  17. We need an emergency session of Congress to immediately pass legislation that would deny to anyone illegally entering the United States financial aid or assistance of any kind from the government. If we can eliminate their incentives many of them may choose to return home. What we would be left with are those with more nefarious intent. And we should deal with them accordingly.

  18. You need to move to the border and deal with what the people there do every day. I’d like to hear your comments after living there.

  19. I saw a train, in Flagstaff, az., that seemed miles long, with tanks and petrol tankers on it. We were stopped for about 10 minutes. Couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

  20. Well said!! I didn’t spend 6 years of my young life protecting our great country in the USMC to watch us be INVADED by these scumbags!! Shoot them like you would somebody invading YOUR HOME!!

  21. Are you talking about your lover, the gay brown clown? You are correct in describing it as an orangutan, as I see he still like swinging from vines, and loves to pick lice off his husband, Michael thewookie.

  22. Well said!! I didn’t spend 6 years of my young life protecting our great country in the USMC to watch us be INVADED by these scumbags!! Shoot them like you would somebody invading YOUR HOME!!

  23. The INVADERS were out of hand the moment they left their homeland, should be treated no different than an army of Russians attempting to cross our northern boarder!

  24. Absolutely correct. Thank God for Trump – he is doing what he promised- what we elected him for. Go Trump and F–k the LIBTARDS!

  25. GOD Bless Président Trump and Bless this Nation before the Demons’ Party of Betty burn down like in Communist state of California.

  26. Robert–this has become “our” mindset since the mid-60’s. in 1967 the national guard patrolling the streets of Detroit were not issued any ammunition. We need to learn riot control from Israel and British. We are mired in PC–thanks to the lefties. of course any injuries would be raised on a red flag to whoever wishes to listen. All the posts berating Pres. Trump show us the un-American side of those that posted here.

  27. Betty–it is obvious that you have not seen first hand, or lived in an area overrun by “refugees”. if you had, you would be echoing the same sentiments as “proud vet”. yoou have started using the same type of rhetoric spewed by the lefties in the early 70’s. you should try living in a foreign land–but be sure to go there legally, because if you go there un-invited, you will be jailed for sure. .. and you do not want to be in a foreign prison. blame the dems and rinos if anyone gets hurt.

  28. We have had every leftist judge come up and play dictator and demand the president of the United States is wrong and to give up his duty to protect the American people of which he was sworn to do along with all those in Congress who are being treasonous to their out of office and the American people

  29. You are so right on. It should be broadcast by all, so the American people know truth instead of believing all of the negative.

  30. Even prior to Trump most Americans wanted border security enforced. I’m not Trumps biggest fan but to open borders to all is just plain insanity. I just can’t understand how in the hell liberals think letting everyone come here unchecked is a good thing. We have millions in our own backyard who are homeless, most in Liberal States, HHHMMMMMM, seeing a pattern. A good portion are vets and that’s a damn shame we will bring illegals here who wave their own flags, play by their own rules and will not assimilate, give them benefits, WWTTTFFFFFFF ?????? Not all are bad people but stand in line like my family did and my fiancees family, all came here legally. We had to wait and respect a country that was welcoming us. It’s not a right JACKASS but a prestigious privilege to be a citizen of this great land. As a person who has traveled to many countries in over 50 years, I can tell you it does not get any better than the USA. These snot nosed, punk, liberals have no ides how good they have it here. Move to any other nation and I guarantee you will be begging to come back but respect the privilege and process. J

  31. Use lehal force if we have to. But what about the ray gun that heats up there skin that makes them Yelp.or water cannons . Try them first give them a warning first.

  32. Betty go take a nap. What’s the matter did your free card get taken away because the illegal, Kenyan born, America hating, bo which in actually stands for the bad odor he left?
    As stated before let them come to your house, or let them harm someone close to you. I bet you will be singing the praises of our wonderful, compassionate Commander in Chief.

    Now repeat after me President Trump is my President & he has done more in 2 yrs than bo aka barry did in 8

  33. While the Left keeps spouting how horrible we are for protecting our Borders & Immigration System, many “LEGAL” Immigrants, who came here “The Right Way” (LEGALLY) are strongly voicing their outrage along with those of us on the Right as to just how EVIL & Unfair the Left is for letting ILLEGAL Border “CRASHER” to Come Right on In. Most Hypocritical of all, is how not all that far back, the LEFT were saying How INSANE it would be to let these same gangs & gate/border crashers to get in like they are now. Now the Left is DEMANDING it be allowed. Funny how it was EVIL & INSANE until they found out a way to “USE ILLEGALS & CRIMINALS” to Steal Every Election! God Please Wake them up or make them Pay for these & all their other EVIL Crimes against America!

  34. i live on the border. 30 miles north of it.. i tired of the stealing the damage to my property.. tired of the drug runners crossing my property. tired of the knocks on the door at night.. iam tired.. i found out two years ago they run when shot at.. they are cowards and criminals.. don’t tell me about these poor people looking for a better life.. they are scum and don’t deserve to life in this country..

  35. Or the fact that the Mayor of Tijuana is going around wearing A copy of President Trump’s MAGA hat but in Spanish saying Making Tijuana Great Again and the Mayor and plenty of the Citizens of Tijuana saying that President Trump and the American People are right to not want these people in our country because they don’t want them in theirs. You damn sure don’t see that on any of the Big Propaganda spewing media sources do you.


  37. I am glad that WE have tanks there and AC-30 gunship planes too, I think we will NEED THEM SOON. This IS an actual military action against us and NEEDS to be put down HARD.

  38. I presume they will end up dying in Mexico, as Mexico does NOT want them. Do you really think that, after we push them away, Mexico will let them stay, or protect them when they are an invading army that is in their country? I don’t THINK SO!

  39. They also get those free debit-like cards worth about 2K a month to spend as they like; not to mention free cell phones, etc., etc.

  40. If you are old enough all this was supposed to be taken care of when Ronald Reagan was POTUS, he
    gave in to a bunch of immigrants and then there was
    supposed to be a cutoff for any more crossing the border with Mexico. What happened with that?? I’m really tired of intruders invading my state. Nobody I know invited them here to stay forever… But I suspect that Barack Hussaine Obama did.

  41. Then Betty, take them all to your house! Feed them cloth them pay for thier medical bills & most importatly take full responsibility for all of thier actions while they are here!

  42. Let’s hope and pray the border is protected by “any” force necessary! We don’t want these hoodlum lawbreakers in our country. They must return from whence they came! I’ll even volunteer to go help at the borders if necessary. We simply cannot allow Criminal Invaders to infiltrate our great nation!

  43. The Only Americans who were waiting for this order given to James Mattis by CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump were the Americans who are also the Republican Ass Kissers Of That Oval Office Two Faced Blond Haired Brain Dead Orangutan Ape!

  44. I hate to say it..but I think the only thing they WILL understand IS bloodshed!Because if they over run 1 boder in mass..they’ll damn sure try it here!But they’ll put the women & children up front! So shoot anything not female or child & let Border Patrol handle them & a bullet for anyone else!

  45. Randy Miller, Thanks! He is one sorry dirt bag. He has got to be an atheist otherwise he could not have lived his life style. I would be afraid to pass if I was him. Man!

  46. don’t waste ammo on warning shots never – ever. Warning shots are useless and will get you killed. They pin point the weapons and concentrate their return fire in that direction. US ARMY 66 / 68

  47. Seems to me that you, Scott 27, you are the one “most hated”. Why don’t you get a clue and leave this site, AND this country. Give me an example of even ONE of your posts as influenced anyone else. Can’t find one? I thought as much. That, sir , is a loser. Admit you are wrong, hang your head in shame, and leave, Bye Bye now.

  48. The military should use whatever force is necessary to repel an invasion, regardless of what weapons the invaders have. There would be no problem if the Democrats would cooperate with Republicans to enact the needed common sense changes in our absurd immigration laws. They won’t cooperate because they are only interested in power and are willing to give our Country over to aliens and welfare receivers to attain that power.

  49. We respond 100% to President Trump, Class of border..Y the one who jumps the wall or tries to intimidate Border Patrol, lead with it, make no mistake with US .. !!

  50. M…. Scott27 is living behind lead walls. He has never heard of Soros, Clintons, Hell even Beto got video’d handing out pre paid cards to illegal’s.
    But this troll (Scott27) is sound asleep and will stay that way. Good luck to you in the future Scott27. Good night.

  51. This article is out of date or is ignoring the fact that the America hating, communist, fake “judge” appointed by the man-butt loving, America hating, communist, community agitating, Muslim usurper ordered his declaration struck down.
    Of course the Supreme court will uphold our President’s decision but the leftist criminals are counting on the delay of justice they are injecting to inflict maximum damage to the country.

  52. Thanks to all for letting me know everyone thinks G Soros is daddy of the possible invasion force at the southern border! Caravaners go home now!

  53. Yeah, what’s with arming just a few of them??? Arm them all! Fire some shots over their heads and let them know it isn’t a game! Drive them back where they came from. We didn’t “get a better life” in this country for free! We had to fight for it, remember the Revolutionary War? What, are they too chicken to fight for their own???

  54. Scott27, I swear, you have gone completely off the rails! I mean, you are crazy as a road lizard! You had better get some mental counseling before something serious goes down to you or others
    And, you are still on that juvenile Jonestown thing! Give it up!


  56. Wounder if any of those tanks that were seen came from when Obama was in office ? Because just over 2 1/2 years ago lots of tanks were seen here in the U.S moving all over America by rail. There were hundreds, seemed like about every day trains were seen with tanks on them mostly by California, and lower East coast.

  57. Scott27, I know a third world country just calling your name to come join them.
    You have worn out the Jonestown thing. From the content of the comments you write it sounds like YOU are there begging for a cup of koolaid. You liberals are so shallow you should be playing with the children.
    You would not know Patriotic if it jumped up and bit your ugly nose off!

  58. This whole thing can be stopped if the Congress passed the laws that Trump gave to them, and I mean passed now not wait till bloodshed starts, for if they call an emergency section of the Congress to get these new laws passed these freeloaders and criminals and possible terrorist will all go home and we will of stopped any kind of blood shed for this is the right thing to do and these Democrats all know it!!! These Democrats are all to blame for this invasion and they all know this also!!! For a good example of why these people want to invade us is is easy to explain for these people are no different than any animal and let’s face it we are all animals!!! Take a person that lives in a house with a nice big backyard and that person starts feeding the birds in their backyard everyday at first their are only a few birds that are getting feed then the next day there are a few more and then even more the next day and before you know it you now have at least a 100 or more birds and that is how it all starts, but with human beings this getting everything free grows into thousands and the word gets passed on around the world and before you know it they are now demanding everything and taking whatever they can get!!! This is just human nature why work if you can get everything for free!!! We all have to remember that we are a country of laws and borders and we have nothing to be ashamed of and if illegals or immigrants think that they can play on our generosity and our feelings of guilt they have another thing coming for no American has anything to feel guilty about for we are the most giving country in the world and we give millions if not trillions of dollars to many countries and we have fought and bleed and died to give other countries the same kind of freedom that we have so trying to make us feel ashamed is just not going to work for we know when people are trying to take advantage of us and this is just what these invaders are trying to do and our politicians need to act and act now and let these people know the free ride is over with period and it is up to us citizens to demand that these politicians enforce our laws and our Constitution and to close the loopholes and give us very strict immigration laws!!!

  59. All the more reason to arm them all. Just arming a few, the invaders will just trample the front line, throw rocks, or bombs, or whatever.

  60. Send the illegals invaders back the way they came or by force. let the same evil force that paid their way here pay to send them back.

  61. It is truly sad that the Border has become such a dueling point, and the poor people that have walked so far, (ON A LIARS PROMISE!)are the ultimate losers, since they cannot return to their birth country,,,too long a trek for most of them, and I truly empathize with them all. If they take up Mexico on their offer, at least temporarily, they could enter later, after getting paperwork done properly. They are in my prayers, and I truly wish all of the good people success!

  62. you don’t hear the fake news reporting on what the mayor of tijawana said do you , he called them bums ,it’s getting to be a crisis down there, getting them to the border is mexicos fault ,who was trucking them there

  63. It’s been said on the net that there has been thousands of tanks in South America with Red Stars on them, Hope we are ready for that as well if true.

  64. You are exactly right! Gun Free Zones are nothing more than a picnic for criminal’s who want to do harm to anyone at will! Without repercussions at the time of the assaulting situation. Many will die before help arrives. Then who will get the blame? Trump? Yup! It’s what these Demonrat’s do best. Is Blane Trump for everything! Even that Hurricane in Puerto Rico. Retarded!

  65. And who’s big money? Who’s benefitting from it? The guy you see as a leader. That’s who. What better way for him to control you further; and to justify further tearing down everything that made this country great. No, you are the fool and I’ll bet you would have been at the front of the line at Jonestown.

  66. I love it too! It’s about time. Now let’s see if these loser”s try to insist on invading? If they kill another boarder patrol Agent? I Believe they’ll try sonething? Because George Soreass and other’s paid them to do so? It’s what the Demonrat”s want! To tried to make Trump look like he’s the bad guy? Like they haven’t already tried that many times already? They are desperate. They know if they lose the jig is up! They are going bye! Bye!I sure hope these Criminal Demonrat’s are finally executed for their treasonous traitor a activities.

  67. About time someone has taken action for this country and the people of the USA Just think of these POS as invaders to take this country. Look up Nathaneil Grigsby tell uou how long libs have been at it

  68. Technically the invaders are Foreign Nationals. When an exceedingly large group of foreigners attempts to cross our border en masse, illegally and against our wishes, it is perfectly reasonable to describe the effort as a foreign “invasion”. Regarding armed troops protecting our sovereign borders, would we rather they protect our country unarmed? Nine years ago this month a mass shooting took place at Fort Hood. After that event, citizens openly questioned the wisdom of disallowing our military members from carrying small arms while on a military base (a military gun free safe space has a bit of irony). Could you imagine the repercussion if a U.S. Service member was killed by an invader because he was unable to protect himself? Come to think of it, the Leftists would blame President Trump, as usual.

  69. Capt.Blastoff, my thoughts on the matter. I have been saying all along. Build the wall and put towers every 300 to 400 yards. In those towers mount 50 cal snyper rifles. They would be used as a deterrent only unless needed to protect our borders. I really believe that when the migrants saw the rifles they would back off.

  70. Scott 27: YOU are the FOOL. It is obvious the “caravan” is being funded by big money. They are sent here as a specific invasion force. We must stop them!

  71. P.T. will defend ICE and everyone who is there controlling the caravan members. But there will be issues because these migrants think they are being welcomed and they are not! If shots are fired it will be because some migrant tries to push the envelope and sneaks inside. The major issue is if hundreds of migrants think they are going to crash the border. Many of them will be hurt or even die in the oncoming horde of bodies.
    Let’s hope the migrants are smarter than that!

  72. If they rush the gates fire rubber ordinance. If they dont stop pull razor ribbon infront of them. If they persist shoot live ammo.

  73. We want people who can add to this country..not lay around & live off the system! We have too many of those as it is! And if they want to “invade”..throwing fire bombs & trying to force their way in..SHOOT TO KILL!! Its time the “kid gloves” came off!!

  74. Just about every President said we should protect our borders and reform immigration and did nothing, Obama did the opposite. Trump is the only president since Reagan to keep his promises, and he’s doing it with all the left criticism and resistance.

  75. Dan, M, all you other America and God haters, why don’t you find a nice banana republic dictatorship.. I’m sure many would love to have you and your weapons. Molotov cocktails, guns? Seriously, those in the caravan can’t even afford to eat much less pack weapons. No one is going to start shooting at the border unless you wannabe cult member idiots do. You are just being played for the fools that you are.

  76. If you hate America so much, get the hell out of here. There are any number of other banana republic dictatorships that would love to have you and your weapons.

  77. I think that Obama, Hilary and the Senators are the ones to blame. You know that Obama wanted them here. he keeps popping up acting like he wants a Third Term. Go to Hell Obama and take Hilary with you. and any Senators that think we need to cut down on those people going to storm the Border .

  78. absolutely correct. How anyone could have voted Obama in for two terms must have been brain dead. Well Hickenlooper of Colorado Got voted in for two terms after he paid for the election by allowing Dead People and Dogs to Vote and he admitted it. Did any one of our Colorado Legislatures speak out against it. Hell NO. Bunch of pansy asses to boot. Then we have a Known Gay as Governor now. Not sure how great that is. I am sure he is going to allow the 1 Million Illegals stay here in Colorado and probably let in a few million more. How are we the Taxpayers going to pay for all of these Illegals with our deductions. Well time will tell. Either you pay for it in Property Taxes that goes for the Schools. I frankly think if we started charging for the Illegal’s Kids to go to Schools we would find them leaving Colorado in a hurry. This will probably off set the New Tax Law altogether? Hard to tell how it will play out.

  79. that is correct. The Democrats need voters and they don’t care how they get them. Democrat Governors and that includes Colorado will give out Taxpayer Money for the year 2020 and the 1 Million that are in Colorado right now will be paid to mark certain names on the Ballots and they will be paid enough so they can do that. Our Governor will make sure that happens. Supposedly Hickey made them get DL that say you can’t use this for an Id and your can’t use this ID to vote with. So what the heck is an Illegal’s I D For. That is right, just walk in and show this ID which probably doesn’t even have anything on it that says you can’t vote with this ID. Not sure what it says as most of the Illegals are not going to be showing it around.

  80. Dan T., If caravaners show weapons, it will be the sorriest day of their lives. I saw DJT address his last order, the troops are to keep them out of US and do what is needed to protect themselves and others.
    I hate DJT has to take care of this border and immigration situation. It should have been done long ago but, was neglected by Democrats and Republicans alike.
    WHAT D.C. DOES BEST IS PROCRASTINATE (they think if they put problems off long enough, they will disappear, WELL, NOT!)

  81. Randy Miller, Shhhhh, don’t want the “citizens” to get “rounded up” before and if they are needed!

  82. Ronnie, while I do agree with your comments, you leave out the very important detail that while congress does need to do its job, right now, today, there is a major invasion in process at our southern border that sorely needs to be addressed by our military. The problem lies at the feet of every member of congress since the 80’s. Every current sitting member is guilty of dereliction of duty. They are guilty of violating their oath of office. The problem has finally manifested itself in the only way it could, an illegal invasion of our country. Trump has the bad luck of finding himself in the terrible position of addressing a problem not of his own making. He is duty bound to protect our sovereignty. I hope he does so. Throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails IS assault with deadly weapons. Our troops must, absolutely, have the ability to protect themselves as they act to protect us from invasion. It is not my desire to see any deaths or serious injuries down there. But crimes have consequences, or should have. If there are to be deaths or injuries down there, it should NOT be our service men and women who suffer them.

  83. This mob at our border is starting to act like ‘American’ DEMONocrats…you know, hostile, making demands, being destructive, telling lies, expecting un-deserved entitlements, laws don’t apply to them, etc, etc. So, it is understandable how the mob has a common bond with our DEMONocrats- THEY ARE ALIKE!!!

  84. Absolutely correct! Now, saying that…we will see just how good Mattis really is. This is an Invasion!
    Chef (intentional) Justice Roberts, should save his thoughts for the courtroom! Besides, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone how he thinks…I remember how he ruled on the “individual mandate,” “it’s a tax right?”
    Whatever…Piss off ya WANKER!

  85. Man From Grey, If this is the “real” Man From Grey, you are drunk or otherwise incapacitated and should go to bed immediately!
    You have never written a comment like this one before! So good night!

  86. Had Obam remained the president, he would definitely open the gates. So with that being said, we can tell him to go f himself and go down to the border with a million armed citizens to stand with the border patrol.

    If the border patrol, obviously under Obama control, tell us to go home, it ain’t going to happen. Why? Obama should enforce the existing laws, period. We would call for his impeachment.

    By the way, he recently spewed his hateful “mommy” comment against our current president. He really asked for trouble. Well, he said nothing until the Dems won House of Rep …

  87. Dan T., Yeah buddy, Sounds like from the article they might be met with some force they didn’t count on. If they do storm the border it is not going to be pretty. We have the best trained military in the world and they don’t intend to be run over. I read some of those bad dudes in the caravans have guns and malontoff cocktails. That is some serious crap! I don’t want people hurt or worse but, the caravaners need to go home or elsewhere, just not here.

  88. Randy Miller, Hopefully this instruction from DJT will send the message that storming the border is NOT going to produce the results they want. Wonder if the news has spread through the caravans. Hope this will convince the caravaners to start back home.
    Wish we knew who the “daddy” of the plan for these people to come here thinking we would give up and let all of them come in. Don’t think they would have come without an invitation from ????

  89. The rule to get e permanent residency visa is to apply in the country of origin and wait there till the visa is granted. Any one else that thinks they can cross in our country needs to be turned back by force if necessary. No exceptions. Our president is trying to do that so now lets all of us support him. The bittys that are the top democrats need to be told and put in line

  90. You are absolutely correct, Ronnie. That’s all most want. For the immigrants to go through the proper channels. Then they a welcome. As I understand it, there are 350,000 to 400,000 illegals crossing every year. Enough already.



  92. Yes, we all know that OBAMA JUDGES are lurking in every corner Despite Justice Johnson’s or whatever his name is, issued statement about how there is not not Obama, Clinton or Bush judges. (BULLSH*T)
    I think if you are a Supreme Court Justice you should not be issuing statements and letting everybody know what side of the aisle you are on. We already had to listen to Ruth Buzzy’s lefty self in 2016. She is old as dirt and shouldn’t even be sitting on the Supreme Court. That little old bent over lady can’t even walk across the stage and keep her dentures in her mouth at the same time, on top of the fact that she does nothing but sleep when she is at work.
    I regret so bad voting for obama in 08. I never saw anything like this coming.
    And everybody needs to delete Facebook and Twitter. Especially if you are a conservative. Try not to let those liberal lefty loony sites make any money off of you. The more people drop off of social media the less money that Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey will be able to make. We already know Zuck is helping China censor their citizens. And he is up to his eyeballs in corruption right now. Dorsey says he feels responsible that Donald Trump Won the presidency due to his Twitter use and Twitter issued an apology to the democrats for it. LMMFAO
    Somebody please gag me with a spoon.

  93. Nobody makes fun of the order of the President of the US, none will pass by force and without political reasons for the interior of the American Territory, We do not accept illegal.

  94. If the Government of a country has no right to protect HER BORDER for the Sake of HER Citizenry, what kind of a country is that? could any leader from all the nations on the face of this earth or anywhere else says that it is Wrong for the Government’s Military to protect HER CITIZENRY and TERRITORY?

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