James Mattis just said the one thing about Trump no one ever thought they would hear

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned in 2018.

Mattis claimed he would stay silent on President Trump for a limited period of time.

That time came and James Mattis just said the one thing about Trump no one ever thought they would hear.

When James Mattis served as Secretary of Defense it became clear that Mattis was more aligned with the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” and Barack Obama’s globalist agenda than President Trump’s America First viewpoint.

The Fake News Media and Democrats were waiting for the moment when Mattis would re-emerge in public life and attack Donald Trump.

That moment finally came after United States Park Police cleared an increasingly violent mob out Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Mattis published a piece in The Atlantic where he cheered the rioters cause and blasted America as an inherently racist nation.

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind,” Mattis wrote.

Mattis then falsely claimed that the military was used to clear out a mob in Lafayette Park that hurled water bottles filled with frozen water and bricks at law enforcement.

Despite his factually and legally wrong comments – Mattis also questioned the President’s authority under the 1807 Insurrection Act to deploy troops to end civil unrest – the Fake News Media lapped up Mattis’ attack on Trump.

That’s because the fake news and Democrats want to make it seem like the military is turning on Trump and that the American people must vote the President out of office.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I would like to respond to all of the above. You are true patriots who love this country like I do. I suspect most of you are also military men and women. I thank you for your service and keeping me safe. The hell with Mattis – like Bolton he is a traitor. Same goes for any military personnel who goes against our President. He has always had the military’s back. God Bless you All.

  2. Mattis is a corrupt has been military man. He wants
    to tell everyone what to do and think but no one cares
    what he has to say. So he joins the left in their idiocy
    and now he has brought disgrace to his long and distinguished
    career. He has eroded all good he may have done in the past.

  3. This USMC former General is a complete disgrace to the Corps. If DOD doesn’t UCMJ this traitor and pinko commie bed wettin fag, the rest of the politically charged flag officers will show their true colors, cowards and cry babies all! How will the USMC be able to hold their heads high after this Jarhead has demonstrated his opinions, which are as worthwhile as a case of bleeding crotch rot!

  4. Court Martial Mattis –Under he should not be saying these things in public. Mr. Trump hasthe right to use UCMJ to take action against Mattis.

  5. To Brad Liu/ Omar… Whew. & 0bvious, NOW.
    Thnx for Your DD & Posting… KEEP 0N !!! post E’ Where !
    & For ‘citizenry’ EXP0SURE. PPL NEED To KNOW…
    > Mattis, at This Point, NEED
    ‘Go Into a Silent ‘Rat Hole’…
    ? AG Barr ??? YOU KNOW ! ___

  6. Mattis is a pawn for Communist China which funded Theranos for Elizabeth Holmes who also speaks Mandarin Chinese. He was a longtime Director for Theranos. How was he compensated? Holmes is charged with fraud, but worse, lives were detrimentally affected by her defective blood detection company. Has Mattis also been charged as he made efforts to promote her blood detection devices for the military?

  7. Mattis was a Director on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for THERANOS, a privately held company, run by ELIZABETH HOLMES, who is awaiting criminal federal TRIAL for massive fraud. Q: Why wasn’t Mattis charged as an ACCOMPLICE and CO-DEFENDANT?

  8. ‘President Trump you can tell Powell Mattis Bush Romney OBana @the rest to kiss your ASS they can’t do what you ded 4 years you are making America AMERICA GREAT AGAIN SO stick that up your ass

  9. Funny how mad dog mattis is now just plain MAD. Was it because he was fired or because Mr. Trump would not bow to this MAD DOG LOL as you can teach an old dog new tricks. Hate America

  10. I wasn’t a fan of Mattis. Never thought he was a true champion for Trump’s agenda… Make America Great Again which Trump has done and is still doing. I will be voting for Trump in 2020.

  11. Sadly Mattis who has disgraced the USMC, a supposed historian, has forgotten the following; it was US troops that forced integration in the south, it was US troops after the battle of Gettysburg stopped the riots in NY where many blacks were being killed, US troops were used to end the riots in the 60’s. In fact while in the Marines at Quantico we were trained in riot control to enable us to help the DC police. Oh did I forget it was US troops that ended slavery at the cost of over 200K white northern troops killed and wounded. What a jerk!

  12. The generals don’t care that they got fired. It’s a privilege to be fired by Trump. They just have morals.

  13. Just because these generals that hate Trump because he didnt allow them to do what they wanted instead of what the President wanted, They can still be recalled, The President should do just that, recall them and have them court marshaled for treason.I support President Trump,these generals demand respect when they gave none.

  14. As a combat wounded Marine Veteran, I must say I am very ashamed of Mattis. He has dishonored all Marines with his despicable behavior.

  15. I am very disappointed in Mattis’s remarks. I used to think he was a good guy. But now I am sure he watches to much MSM and has been drinking their Koolaid: he is making untrue remarks about police in Lafayette park. Obama was the most racist president we’ve ever had and his wife has made racist remarks as well! Obama was the most divisive president we’ve ever had. Remember his relationships with Muslims … anti-American! So disappointed in Mad Dog.

  16. James Mattis , Your day of Reckoning is Coming you Turncoat , that’s a fact you can count on !!


  18. I now understand why he is nick named “Mad Dog”, he is clearly deranged and mad as a hatter!

  19. Trump has fired more individuals that anyone in history. So what do you think the problem is. Is he capable of hiring anyone competent?


  21. General Mattis is going the way of many “retired” high ranking officers in our military. These officers, (and I knew a few) when they retire, come to the realization that they are no longer “IN CHARGE”. Where they once commanded and controlled fifty, seventy, or hundreds of people, they now control none. A few of those I knew became petulant, demanding, obnoxious people who no one would associate with because of their attitude. Mattis is in that group. More’s the pity.

  22. Mattis just proved once again everybody has a price they can be bought at. Many a war hero flushed their reputation down the toilet when they got involved in the dirty world of politics. Soros has deeeep pockets from a lifetime as a con artist.

  23. James Mattis has become a bitter, disenfranchised old man. He should shut his pie hole and fade away. He has done great service for our country; now he should be careful to not undo that service.

  24. James Langham North Korea world be beautiful All we have to do is not upset Mr.Kim. See you there.

  25. Was glad to see that the majority of the comments here were from Conservatives supporting the President. But PLEASE PLEASE could you all try to put together coherent sentences? I’m sure if nothing else, you have a spell checker which will question most of your misspellings.

  26. Call Mattis back up to active service(anyone with a military background knows that is permissible) demote him then give dis-honorable dis-charge for his verbal attack on The Commander in Chief!!!!!

  27. I resent anyone that makes crude remarks about our President of our United States of our America. Period.

  28. Mattis and Kelly were both fired by President Trump but thye were given the opportunity to turn in a resignation letter to save face!! Check your facts you anti Trump jerks…

  29. Joe bob your correct it did begin with The peanut brain carter. But we have to see who got him elected and used him for there gain. And that would be the Hilderbeast and her puppet husband, the rapist, Slick-willie Clinton. The Clinton crime family have been running the DMC and all the rest of the SICK left.

  30. A ‘Pity’ INDEEd re Mattis…
    To Scott27 : You = ” Bone Spurs ” ???
    (re Military assignment) …
    hmmm . i see.

  31. James Mattis is a hero, warrior, pride of our country. And it’s very embarrassing for this proud man to bow down to petty revenge for our president, his former commander in chief. It is not worthy for such a hero.

  32. Mad Dog has never been anything but a closeted RINO and a DC ultra participant. The only thing shocking about his career is that Trump ever trusted him in the first place. He was fired by O’Bumer us my only reasoning as to why Trump ever felt compelled to appoint him in the begging. One if his only mistakes as President.

  33. I can’t wait for the day when we hear that the building that the demorats when in the basement knawing on their declaration of Independence these murdering looters set that place on fire with them locked in their rathole

  34. Did widdle ole mattis get his butt slapped. Cry cry widdle one. For a “Marine”, you need to grow a pair. You got fired because you thought you were the one elected to the presidency. You weren’t!

  35. Mattis just another ding bat from CA. He’s not mad dog he’s just mad. Who recommended this idiot to Trump?

  36. 75th: Hope you’re well. These guys are driving us down a road I’ve been dreading since the mid 70’s. Every since that yellow belly Carter.

  37. My only regret is that Trump was not able to vet his deep state/Obama connection? Those that do the vetting need to be upgraded. Then another boomerang surfaces with Sec of Def Esper. Another deep state mind hiding in the ranks until opportune time to try to defeat Trump in coming election. The Covid19 falling economy snd the negative affect of the rioters apparently was the signal from derp states that now was the time to pile on for maximum but guess what? As soon as Trump gets re-elected Esper’s ass is toast!

  38. To Joe Bob; 👍 He’s to damn dumb to know if your flat footed or have anything wrong with your feet, you can’t march and can’t pass a physical.

  39. This idiot is just another Obama’s ding-a-lings sucking poppet, I would say he has gotten to much cum juice, doesn’t know whether he is coming or going!! Just another Obama’s trying to stock up on cum for the future!!

  40. Snot and snot27 I guess y’all are both packing each other’s fudge like good little kweers. Of course neither of you could fight your way out of a wet paper sack and most everyone knows you both are pussies. Just like Mattis. And Kelly. Both have soiled their memories with mid deeds. Mattis was raping young fish heads in Nam and got sent home. Kelly is a very poor leader and only rose up the chain because he was a yes man. Couldn’t do anything for himself. So why don’t you both go hang yourselves!

  41. expat… you’re right about my military background. I had bone spurs. And I would just reiterate the end of that post… your sole beacon of truth is a reality tv guy with a life-long history of cons and fraud. Is it really any wonder why 60 percent of the population think you are complete loons.

  42. I read with disbelief the stupid comment from Scot27 about the General. Maybe some generals, scholars doctors etc don’t support Trump, many more do. Now, Mr. Scot 27 obviously has no experience with the military and if he does, it isn’t much. There are many generals who have NEVER seen a battlefield. Once you become a general, you are now a politician. The military is full of politicians at every level, many of whom scheme their wait to greater rank. Did you know that EVERY general or admiral has to have his promotion approved by congress. Mattis is an old fool and should follow MacArthur’s advice and “Just fade away”. But NO, he will not do that! The old politician general is embedded deeply in the swamp.

  43. Trump fired Mad Dog, then he resigned. We need law and order in this country, without it we will have chaos. This is what the Democrats were wanting. How many law makers have come out supporting the riots, and saying to keep it going. We need to vote all Republicans in 2020.

  44. Hummm. I just wonder what happened to “ALL” the Military guys who should have respect for the Commander and Chief? Also what happened to the Oath that they swore to when they joined??

  45. 8 years of Obama and Mattis and Isis was stronger at the end than the beginning. 2 years of Trump and Isis is defeated. That alone should tell you a lot.

  46. Mattis parted ways Trump when Trump pulled our troops out of Syria. In the final analysis, Trump was right in doing what he did. Accept it and get used to it mad dog warmonger Mattis.

  47. As expected of the god of death,
    His statement did not understand how he could control the army commander, he retired to the garden is right.

  48. I wish one of you could please explain to me why multiple generals and military leaders who earned their way on the battlefield, along with scholars, doctors and medical experts, scientists and all other experts who earned their way through time and experience are all full of crap and liars when they disagree with you; while your sole beacon of truth is a reality tv guy with a life-long history of cons and fraud. Is it really any wonder why 60 percent of the population think you are complete loons.

  49. General Kelly also agreed 100% with Mattis. Amen to both awesome generals. God bless them both.

  50. Trump is sinking and there go the hopes of his budding fascist base. Put your boots away. America will not tolerate y’all.

  51. Mattis should have kept his thoughts to himself. Now he will negatively affect history toward himself.

  52. Mad Dog Mattis Fired Obama 2011 nobody saies anything and neither did he say anything about Obama but now our President Donald J Trump fires him and all hell brakes lose well goes too show your all about the Left

  53. Mattis is more politician than military general. Discretion is a better part of valour. He should not be mouthing off where he is not wanted and leave the decisions to the decision maker.

  54. Dan, trump did not kick Mattis out of the administration. Mattison resigned due to trump’s complete incompetence and total lack of knowledge. Said so much in his resignation letter.

  55. Mad Dog has rabies! You would hope that he would stand behind his Commander in Chief. Remember he resigned as he could not get along with President Trumps policies that were very different than the Muslim Presidents left wing destruction of America. Like I said, Mad Dog has rabies and with him backing the fascist rioters makes it even more sad to see. He has become a nobody and is trying to regain the spotlight he once had. Such a shame to see him end up this way.

  56. The old General seems to be angling for another position in a potential Biden Administration. He seems full of hot air and bombast, without anything behind it. I believe he was fired from B.O.’s corrupt admin as well.

  57. Actually President Trump can use the “Citizen Soldier” (National Guard) from every state as a control without venturing into using the actual Army full time soldiers. “The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a state, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy. Air and Army National Guard.” Even the idiots in the media should know this.

  58. Mattis has always been a crusader for the NWO/OWO said high ranking military officials are always War Mongers, if I recall it was a difference of opinion of a decision Trump had made about the military, I believe it was withdrawing troops from Syria, do not quote me on that.

  59. Always knew the mind of Mattis was not right, mad dog is right as in a severe case of Rabies or is it Alzheimer’s/Dementia, maybe a combination of the 2.

    The White United States citizens are not racist, what is tragic is how many have been programmed to be self loathing because they are White.

    By cheering on and encouraging people to behave in a completely uncivilized fashion using no rational thought at all merely proves Mattis is mentally incapacitated.

  60. It not going to take any coward general in our military to help get it back under control! Just let us second amendment Patroit AMERICANS. Trump should use the military and screw the left wing media! Small business is the backbone of this country! But big pharma is the Democrat idea of control the people. If you are a SUPPORTER or ANTIFA tell me one thing! Do you think Democrat care about you? Reason I ask you this question. Is if they did they would had protect the border! Illegal immigration will keep you from getting a good paying job! But don’t worry you won’t get one anyway. But six feet of dirt!

  61. I think M.M. just was wrongly informed by liberal`s media ! How many time and how many people has been f-d up by liberal`s media just because they are lies and faked of real news ! 75% mess up and wrong doing action in US it is f-g media ! When it will be accounted and sued by real court, not a fake lib-s court ?

  62. What exactly are the protesters demanding? I can’t figure that out since the cops have already been arrested and charged. How is Trump supposed to fix the police assuming there’s a problem with the police?

  63. Hey mad dog who pay you? You just show how cowardly you are! Just go ahead and finish what left of yourself! We don’t need MILITARY general acting coward for untrue media and Democrat who are unpatriotic to this country. So mattis finish it ! You sold your soul to Democrat and America ENEMY!

  64. Someone payed the Jarhead to run his big mouth, sometimes you can read your own press clippings to much and breathe to much gun powder. What do you call a Marine with an IQ of 64??? A Platoon…

  65. He’s not even pretending anymore! Funny how every snake Trump uncovers and fires immediately reverts to what they were all along.


  67. They are going after poor Flynn who did nothing – they should throw Mattis into prison for making false statements. What is wrong with these old no longer relevant military service guys. Why can’t they move on with their lives after they are out of the military. I never liked Mattis. I think I saw the same bad traits in him that Trump does.

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