James Mattis said the six words that keep Kim Jong Un up at night

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is holding a nuclear dagger over the world’s head.

He believes he can bully the world into accepting his tyrannical rule.

But Defense Secretary Mattis just said the six words that keep Kim Jong Un up at night.

The U.S. is scheduled to conduct joint military exercises with South Korea in February.

There has been speculation that the drills will be canceled because they coincide with South Korea hosting the Winter Olympics and no one will want to risk North Korea launching a provocative action when so many travelers, athletes and dignitaries from around the world are gathered on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea views the exercises as a pretext for an invasion and theY usually ratchet up their missile tests as their form of saber rattling.

But Mattis said “I don’t anticipate that right now” when asked if the drills would be delayed.

Politico reports:

“The U.S. doesn’t plan to pause military exercises near the Korean Peninsula during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Defense Secretary James Mattis said Friday.

Pyeongchang will host the Olympics in February amid heightened tensions with North Korea, drawing international concern about safety at the games.

U.S. military exercises in the region often provoke North Korea, whose leaders see them as preparations for an invasion, despite the U.S. saying the regularly planned training exercises seek only to increase readiness. Earlier this month, North Korean state-run media said a joint exercise between the U.S. and South Korea was pushing the country “to the brink of nuclear war.”

South Korea is reportedly considering scrapping an exercise planned for the spring to lessen the chance of conflict at the Olympics. But Mattis said the U.S. will not change its exercise schedule because of diplomatic concerns, while leaving the door open to reschedule because of other concerns, like availability of ships or local holidays.

“The rescheduling of exercises will be, as always, subject to both countries,” Mattis told reporters. “If a pause is, I’m pausing them for a period of time because of a diplomatic issue or something, no, I don’t anticipate that right now.”

Mattis is not going to let North Korea dictate our military readiness.

His comments are a signal to Kim Jong Un that he can’t bully the U.S. into accepting North Korea as a nuclear power.

We will keep you updated on any new developments in this story.



  1. Its been a long time since being president was an honor that couldn’t be bought . That was the attitude of Harry Truman. A major Co. wanted to hire him to take advantage of his past title but he said the president of the USA was not for sale. He went back to MO. on the train without secret service protection and lived in the house his wife’s parents gave them till his death. Maybe they don’t make them like that anymore.

  2. TRUMP NEUTRALIZES ROCKET MAN: President Trump has effectively taken The Rocket Man down by declaring that that the U.S. will not trade with any country that trades/supports N. Korea; The Trump Doctrine.
    The Chinese economy is having trouble and we don’t need to be purchasing all their junk, we can make it here and make it better. Also, we don’t need China to buy any more of our National Debt; the Trump Ax will reduce government spending.
    China has up to recently arrested people leaving N.K. and sent them back to N.K. where they were exterminated. After Trump’s trip to Asia, China has started to build temporary housing for N.K. defectors, along the river that separates China and N.K.
    Japan and Radio Free Asia broadcast propaganda into N.K. along with S. Korea. S. K has an army of assassins getting ready to go North. It shouldn’t take long before the military people and their families defect, leaving Un without enough support to continue to threaten anyone. He no longer has enough money to keep bribing the military with expensive gifts so he either gives them a pat on the back and a badge or has them executed.
    The Trump doctrine needs to be extended. S. Korea and the U.S. can take care of the nuclear materials after Un is gone; China stay out; North and South can be united again. And the Doctrine extended to the United Nations; support the defectors or take your building in New York and get out !
    For those that don’t want war with N.K., support Trump. And for those that hate, Leave !

  3. Many of you would not remember the Korean war, but when the UN forces pushed the NKs back, they went most of the way to the Chinese border, but when they got too close, China joined in and forced the UN forces back to the current cease fire line. If the US and allies physically invade the North, the results will be similar, that is, China and Russia may join in on NK’s side again. Far better for the US to develop its anti-missile system, and re-start their “Star Wars” program, if they haven’t already done so. If Kim were to actually start a war, it would be the only one he ever does, as I am sure there would be a lot of missiles pointed his way right now.

  4. Maybe if we send him a few pallets full of money he will like us for a year like the past presidents have done..oh wait,we have a real man as president now.nevermind

    • Yeah, but they want to stress, “I don’t anticipate that right now.” Meaning he couldn’t care less about what North Korea thinks. Those six words were the ones they wanted you to focus on.

  5. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are far worse in the long run because of the millions of brainwashed bags of rocks who blindly support them and their ilk, all the way to becoming Venezuela or worse!

  6. Obama is worse as he did not live where there were no standing buildings like Kim’s Grandfather did! If Obama saw what Kim’s Grandfather did he would have done everything differently! It is also quite possible Kim is smarter than Obama, but actually probably not. Intelligence is actually worse in a person with power. Kim would be very wise to set his people up to,start working to build devices of peace. Then the North Koreans would gain more power, prestige, and have more of a future. They would also be a hard working and prosperous nation. The Chinese unfortunately seem to see things from a Chinese only viewpoint. North Korea is doing the same. Mattis is a powerful,factor here and no one to trifle with. Trump will keep the peace if it is presented.

  7. I say we should just send in our Navy Seals to eradicate this little roly-poly pestilence once and for all and take him off our list of worries. We have enough problems without that little pile of roach droppings, just get rid of him.

    • That is the same reasoning that has caused us to be in Iraq for the past 14/15 years. I agree the nut job must go but we need his people to do it.

      • Idealistically, his people should have done away with him a long time ago before he got this much out of hand. They can’t get near him like our Navy Seals did with Osama bin Laden… that is, I THINK they got him. It could have been more of that “fake news” to get a rise in Obama’s popularity. It’s getting hard to know what to believe anymore… but I digress…

        If the people are unable to do it themselves, what then?

  8. How you so sure NK is really worried? After all, China and Russia is showing their support by sending oil. I believed that is a false signal that those two countries will defend NK. Then again? This whole affair is a right rope walk, for both sides pushing their agenda. Who loses balance and when is to be determined. Personally, I hope Trump and Mattis are not as cocky. Pride before the fall?

    • Frank Bower, without any doubt obama was the poorest president ever. He travelled all
      over the world blaming each countries economic problems on the United States.
      We need a law that prohibits the construction of any obama monuments of any kind anywhere in the united states! Without exception on any kind.

    • Frank Bower, without any doubt obama was the poorest president ever. He travelled all
      over the world blaming each countries economic problems on the United States.
      We need a law that prohibits the construction of any obama monuments of any kind anywhere in the united states! Without exception on any kind.

      • Actually I think you meant to say the worst President on the USA, not the poorest. This black POS who took the American people for an 8 year ride, gave nothing back to America and is now worth ober 8 million dollars. Great payback for someone with only a 400 thousand dollar a year salary. Over 8 years, the numbers don’t add up, do they?

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