Jane Fonda was in tears when she realized this nightmare facing Democrats for 2024

Jane Fonda has been a far-left Democrat in Hollywood since the 1960s. 

But one night caused her to have the biggest meltdown of her life.

And Jane Fonda was in tears when she realized this nightmare facing Democrats for 2024.

Democrats meltdown at Hollywood debate watch party 

President Joe Biden went into the CNN President debate against former President Donald Trump with low expectations.

And a simple mission to do just enough to convince voters that he was fit to serve as President.

Biden tripped over words, couldn’t put together coherent thoughts, and stammered during the 90-minute debate.

And stared off into space, mouth agape, without blinking while Trump was speaking.

It was the worst possible nightmare for Democrats come true.

Biden confirmed his severe mental decline to the entire country at the biggest moment of the race thus far.

The reaction from Hollywood was sheer panic.

“A debate watch party in Los Angeles on Thursday night happened to feature Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff, Pritzker, Whitmer and Beshear. There were other high-profile attendees – by a few answers in, Rob Reiner was screaming about losing and Jane Fonda had tears in her eyes, according to people in the room,” CNN reported.

The speculation immediately began about who could replace Biden on the ticket.

And three of the prime candidates were at the Hollywood watch party; Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Democrats are ready to dump Joe Biden as the party’s nominee 

Biden’s campaign vowed that the President wasn’t going anywhere after his terrible debate.

That awful performance had Democrats scrambling to figure out another option.

“They’re not writing anything down. They’re not making any firm commitments. But between staring into phones that started buzzing about three minutes into the debate and haven’t stopped since, several of Joe Biden’s leading possible Democratic replacements and top aides have started to think through what an unprecedented last-minute fight into the August convention might look like,” CNN reported.

Whitmer sent out a fundraising appeal the day after the debate that sounded like a possible pitch to national Democrats noting her ability to win a swing state.

But Democrats have no good options moving forward in the Presidential race. 

Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris as the party’s Presidential nominee would be a disaster for the party, according to Democrat insiders.

Picking another candidate could lead to a nasty fight at the Democratic National Convention in August.

“It would be a Category 5 hurricane,” a top Democrat said about Biden stepping aside. “People don’t understand the sheer destruction that would be unleashed.”

If Biden steps aside, Harris would be the only one who could legally inherit the money that he raised since they’re on a joint ticket. 

Everyone else would have to begin fundraising for an expensive national campaign from scratch.

Democrats decided to hitch their wagon to Biden and Harris last year.

Now that a political earthquake struck after the President’s debate performance, Democrats have no good options for moving forward in the Presidential race.

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