Jaws dropped when Joy Behar claimed this person was leading a coup in America

Joy Behar and her cohorts on ABC’s The View have become widely known as radical left-wing crazies who use the show as a platform to push the Democrat agenda.

The View stopped covering stories that affect the everyday woman decades ago.

And jaws dropped when Joy Behar claimed this person was leading a coup in America.

During a recent episode of The View, co-host Joy Behar declared that Republicans were involved in a “slow-moving coup.”

Apparently, Behar believes that Republicans are the ones trying to seize control and strip Americans of their God-given freedoms.

This is how deranged many on the Left have become.

Behar’s comment about the “slow-moving coup” came on the heels of a statement by co-host Ana Navarro about January 6.

“I have such a strong belief in American democracy and the American people. It’s been around for almost 300 years. It survived civil wars. I think January 6 has traumatized us all and left us all with the knowledge that democracy is a lot more frail, even in America, than we thought it was,” Navarro stated.

It was at this point that Behar launched into a monologue about the evil Republicans.

Behar believes it all started when, as she says, the “Supreme Court decided to put George W. Bush in office.”

Behar is referring to the now infamous “hanging chads” election of 2000.

Of course, Behar ignores the fact that Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts, has turned into one of the most leftist “conservatives” on the bench.

After that, Behar began spewing things about the Citizens United ruling, which she claimed allowed “all sorts of money to flow into the elections.”

Again, Behar ignores the very real problem of the Democrat Party funneling millions of dollars into campaigns from sources most folks will never know about.

Behar then said America was on a “slow-moving coup,” and that Republicans don’t care about democracy.

“And I think that we’re definitely on what they call a slow-moving coup in this country, and the Republicans are doing nothing to preserve democracy. In my opinion, the Republican Party is not,” Behar concluded.

Joy Behar, along with so many others on the Left, are on a mission to brainwash the American people and make them believe that the GOP is out to get them.

So far, the tactic doesn’t appear to be working.

But since the Democrats are desperate, no one knows what other tricks they have up their sleeves.

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