Jaws dropped when Tucker Carlson demanded Joe Biden be impeached for intentionally breaking this federal law

Several Republicans in Congress are calling for Joe Biden to be impeached.

But it’s not just members of Congress going after Joe Biden.

And jaws dropped when Tucker Carlson demanded Joe Biden be impeached for intentionally breaking this federal law.

When it comes to implementing his socialist agenda, Joe Biden doesn’t care about following the Constitution or the rule of law.

For example, Joe Biden violated the law and defied the Supreme Court by nationalizing the rental property market with his unconstitutional ban on evictions.

Biden is also trying to enforce an unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate on 100 million American workers.

But nationalizing the rental property market and announcing a nationwide vaccine mandate aren’t Joe Biden’s only unconstitutional actions.

In fact, Tucker Carlson recently dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for “actively and intentionally breaking federal law” by refusing to secure the border.

“It’s a disaster and it’s hard to believe as you watch that tape that not so long ago, this country actually enforced its immigration laws,” began Carlson.

Carlson then ripped Joe Biden for caring more about “diversity consultants, Princeton professors, MSNBC contributors and trans-humanist tech billionaires” than he does about “working-class people of any color.”

Carlson was referring to how Joe Biden’s refusal to secure the border and get a handle on the illegal immigration crisis is making “wages go down” for American workers.

As for the record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens flooding across the border, Carlson blamed Biden’s open border policies and amnesty rhetoric.

“So why are they coming?” asked Carlson. “They are coming because they know immigration enforcement under Joe Biden has been suspended in the United States.”

Carlson then accused Biden of “actively and intentionally breaking federal law,” adding that “Presidents have been impeached for less.”

“In fact, no American President, however, [that] has been impeached, not Andrew Johnson, not Richard Nixon, not Bill Clinton, not even Donald Trump has ever even been accused of crimes this flagrant or this serious, not even close,” said Carlson about Joe Biden “breaking the law right out in the open.”

In conclusion, Tucker Carlson warned that Biden’s open border policies could mean the end of America as we know it, because “no country in the world that remains united, but has different languages.”

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