Jeff Sessions could be about to cross one unthinkable line with this betrayal of Trump

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign just hit its biggest speed bump yet.

The President is facing what could be the biggest threat to a second term.

And Jeff Sessions could be about to cross one unthinkable line with this betrayal of Trump.

Disgraced former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci appeared once again on CNN to continue his feud with the President.

This time on “New Day,” Scaramucci told host Alisyn Camerota his plan to defeat the President in the GOP primaries.

Scaramucci claimed the anti-Trump challenger could skip Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina and make a play for the big states in order to deny the President the delegates necessary to secure the GOP nomination.

“The good news is you have until November, but you can really skip over the states of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina and you can work on the bigger states. You can start winning delegates from some of the biggest states that are sour on the president,” Scaramucci explained.

Scaramucci added that he thought he could get former cabinet secretaries to join his effort.

“I’m in the process of putting together a team of people that feel the exact same way that I do. This is not a “Never Trump” situation. This not just screeching rhetoric. This is — Okay, the guy is unstable. Everyone inside knows it, everyone outside knows it. Let’s see if we can find a viable alternative. Moreover, I have to get some former Cabinet officials in unity to speak up about it. They know it’s a crisis,” Scaramucci added.

Speculation immediately centered on former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump soured on Sessions after Sessions caved in to pressure to recuse himself in the Russia investigation, resulting in the appointment of Robert Mueller.

Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump in 2016, so Sessions endorsing a Trump challenger would create a stir.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Jeff failed to do his job and was let go now he is looking for away to hurt TRUMP Trump has done more for the working people and for the USA than are last 2 presidents so we the people should stand with TRUMP

  2. Just a humour thought: if DT being unstable, is able to deliver what he has,despite the hirrific ovstruction, where does it put all the Dems, & the dissatisfied like Sessikns/Scare-criow, etc ? Below mentally unstable???? Wow what a give away if self interest & dnvy only!!

  3. The politicians, have forgotten, the government belongs to the people. This why article 10 important(term limits). They serve their term & go home, not retire at 97 years
    Old, this is not a life time job.
    The President serve 2 terms only, why does the Senate & House not serve the same time?

  4. Soooo slims Sessions is gonna try something with Trump. The fool should have been put in prison after the crap he pulled. These imbeciles are nothing but ignorant, jealous
    swamp bottom dwellers.

  5. It’s definitely important to give Jeff Sessions his due! He was put between a rock and a hard place during the Mueller investigation. All the good that he did was overshadowed by the Russian collusion debacle. I think Trump handled his firing very poorly but I understand his frustration, as well! At times, I felt that Sessions was the sacrificial lamb….he was first one on the podium for Trump and then he was crucified by Al Franken for speaking with a Russian politician….something that was normal for a sitting senator! But he chose not to fight the accusations and consequently, he fell into the trap by the FBI and their game of Russian Collusion! He was passionate about his job and in the end it all worked out as it was suppose to…..William Barr arrived on the scene just at the right time to drop the hatchet and clean up the mess! Sessions should be remembered for doing a good job!

  6. Here’s what all this Trump B.S. is about.

    The Democrats know they can’t beat him with any of their Candidates or their Policy’s, so they’re reduced to hoping their lies, which are pushed by the Far Left Media, will deceive what they believe is an ignorant/uninformed Electorate.

    Sorry guys, it WON’T work 🙂

  7. If Trump is killing their China Investments, he’ll yes he’s unstable to them. That’s what is wrong with America today. I served 17 years in the Army and I have a right to point fingers. Trump has cleared $200 Billion of Chinese debt in two years. If a lot of those jobs come back to America then Chinese investors lose or politicians lose. Not Trump
    but both sides of the isle. Trump made this statement 25-30 years ago on Oprah. Today, “THE ONLY REASON” Anyone is pissed at Trump is they are repeating something someone told them or is passing around or they invest in China and Trump wants it stopped. I’m all for that! China now owes more to

  8. Tune them out! Neither one of those guys are worth crossing the street to hear what they have to say. They’ve already proven that, to every natural born citizen, who is without retardation, and past their 3rd birthday. Each of them have quite an inflated opinion of themselves, and mostly talk just to hear themselves pontificate about how they’ve come to save the world from the despicable Trump hoard. A cold north wind in January deserves more attention than a blistering hot southern blowhard in August does. Walk in the shade on the conservative side of the street. Your day will be much more pleasant, and you’ll have more agreeable company to share it with.

  9. I also sick of hearing bull-**** about racism. The word is loosing its meaning today almost everyone is a racist. I don’t claim to be racist and have never acted as such. I am a Trump supporter and a republican, but in no way does that make me dislike people of other races. With that being said Scaramucci is so horrible, he is trying to cause enough turmoil in the republican party so that we end up with one of those nut jobs from the Democratic party. God save us if that happens… I can’t believe how corrupt our government is and the root of the corruption is money and power. I am sick of these people that have more money than good sense telling me what’s best for my life. We need more down to earth and honest people to govern our country. God bless you all and God help us if Trump doesn’t get a second term.

  10. Dee Andrews, I agree with you. Plus, notice how Mexico is now helping curb the wanna-be immigrants at the border. Trump did that by threatening higher tariffs.

  11. Somebody had to put China in its place. President after President before Trump just let China walk all over us. The farmers will have to take a hit for the cause, so be it. Farmers are always whining anyway. What other business gets subsidies from the federal govt. and are even paid NOT to grow certain things.

  12. Jeff Sessions didn’t have the ba## to do his job. That’s the reason he was canned. Everybody knows that. He’s about as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

  13. YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD ! You must have your ears to the ground, Good For You I’m totally with you as in my opinion they’re both humorous liars and truly do Nothing for our Country.

  14. Mic , I like ur handle for D Trump , The Terminator is one tuff thick skinned individual , to have to deal with all the ridicule , false accusations, Rino Traitors , Wicked Witches from all corners of AMERICA especially from the West Nancy P and northeast like wannabe Squaw Warren and the list goes on , oh yeah the sneviling Snowflakes , yes D Trump is a real Man !!

  15. Was Scaramucci the campaign manager for Rudy Guiliani in 2008, who told Rudy to skip all the early states and start his campaign in Florida? President Rudy thanks his campaign manager for such prescient advice. If this is really meant to be serious, Scaramucci is delusional.

  16. You got that right. Could not agree more. Sessions has become, I being the lady, I am will not say. I guess you can figure it out. It too a while to figure him out but now everyone seems to be waking up to him and how he is and what he has done. He has not helped this country at all. I nicked name him “WEASEL!!

  17. I think he is a weasel for sure. The people in our government have become so corrupt. They all want power. What ever happened to what is best for the people in our country. It seems they are for themselves. Personally, I like Trump. He tells it like it is and he pulls no punches. “GO TRUMP!”

  18. Hwre’s something that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions did, and received no media attention =

    Sessions conducted the Biggest RoundUps – in US history – across The USA, Arresting MS-13 Gang members; Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professionals involved in the OPIOID Epidemic; PEDOPHILES involved in CHILD PORN Rings,Child TRAFFICKING, CHILD SEX CRIMES.

    THESE ARRESTS also led to the SCANDAL of the NXIVM Sex Cult, whose members were involved in SEX TRAFFICKING, and grooming CHILDREN as SEX SLAVES.

    Epstein’s charges were bein re-visited, bc of Sessions.

  19. You could be right. This all came out from Scaramucci after the Epstein case is being investigated by the AG and Judicial Watch, and others. He might have a connection and wants to discredit the President before he’s outed.

  20. I believed Senator Sessions will endorse President Trump. He is not the kind of person who will stable Trump. I believe him. Not Scaramuchi.

  21. In my opinion, all of these members of government that are so bent on getting rid of Trump, are messed up in the Epstein History, in the worst way. They are Dirty and Scared to Death they will be Prosecuted and put to Death for their CRIMES. The CABAL used Epstein to drag in Hundreds of Perps, of both Sexes. That’s why people like Scaramouch are so desperate to take down Trump and Barr and so many others involved in the Prosecution of THE PEDOPHILES.

  22. Is Trump “unstable” as in the article? Trump does not show any severe mental impairment, while he does rank very high on the personality disorder of narcissism. But Trump IS CREATING financial instability by his continually going back and forth, then changing again on his tariffs and other policies (i.e. background checks, did another 180 flip). That is partially why, especially how he has screwed over our farmers and market with China, 74% of economists predict a recession upcoming. All due to Trump and his tariff war plus chaotic running of the country. MARKETS WANT STABILITY!!!!!!!

  23. RedMan maybe a synonym for communist although I doubt this individual is bright enough to come up with that association. This person must be a do nothing and can think of nothing better than to write inarticulate, babbling drivel.

  24. Mr.Man, ahem, the white folks have built America. Just because you disagree with someone it doesn’t mean they are the names you are calling them. All you and the rest of the liberal thinkers have is name calling rather than facts. You think your emotions should rule everyone, facts be damned. This is about, “I know in my heart” doesn’t cut it. Facts are facts; emotions are feelings that can be unstable and change from person to person. Facts are facts; they do not change. It is your right to be a racist against white folk, but the fact is, as a people, they are more capable of building up a successful society than the Amerucan red men or black men. As for what ruins a society…..selfishness, which is an emotion! And yes, white folks have emotions too. And you make the emotion anger come out in all of us. NO ONE is perfect.

  25. I mamemba when ole Jeffey stepped up for Trump on the campaign. “She oughtta be in jail!” I credit Jeff with starting “Lock Her Up!”So they give him the AG job and the keys so he can do it . Then everyone waited patiently . We’re STILL waiting. Nice guy but no teeth. I appreciate him stumping for Trump . But after that he showed himself to be a goat . He’d do right by bowing out of politics

  26. Shame on the unnamed author or authors of this article with a faux headline. The article notes that, “Speculation immediately centered on former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” This is a freedom of speech statement by the author that has no foundation in fact.

    Jeff Sessions made mistakes while AG which cost him the job, but there is nothing but speculation about what he might do for or against Trump. Sessions while he was a Senator sometimes voted on legislation with liberal bent, but wasn’t ever a real RINO.

    I believe that he is a man of basically good character and will not stab conservatism in the back by joining the “Mooch.” Sessions is a MAGA person. His big focus while a Senator was immigration which made him a strong Trump ally.

    Let’s forgive his past mistakes and see what action he might take in the 2020 race. I believe he might endorse Trump and even offer to campaign for him.

    If so the cowardly author of this piece should apologize to Sessions for attacking him in the way that he did in this piece.

  27. A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

  28. Nothing from Jeff would suprise me, as he wouldn’t take control of the lame Mueller investigation anyway. No action Jeff did not do his sworn job effectively just withering away as just another Rino

  29. Pinkman spends all his time on his knees , he found a good set of knee pads to keep his knees from getting sore . Don’t get up pinkman you have found your spot in life !

  30. Sessions was lame and Scaramucci will be too if he goes down this path. All sorts of critters crawl out of the swamp when the flowing waters recede. Many don’t like his methods but President Trump is a great leader working for the people. All others like Sessions and Scaramucci can never be trusted. Look at what they’re considering. They want to try to harm our president and mess with his re-election whilst the rest of the country wants him there for another term. If you’re working against this president then you’re working against the people. I would have been okay with Session’s departure the way it was handled by Trump and I liked the Mooch until he ran his mouth against President Trump. He has a right to his opinion but if he goes down the road to harm this president’s chances then he’s either part of the swamp or joining it.

  31. I still maintain, Jeff Sessions was the “insurance policy”, Strzok and Page discussed. KNowing the plan the DEMONazi Deep State had contrived, Sessions immediately jumped on Trump’s campaign and went to all the rallies as a sitting Senator – supported him to curry his favor and to gain Trump’s trust with the plan to be named AG, which he was. Thus, the day after his being sworn in, AG Sessions recused himself leaving the entire case/situation to the Deep State to do as they wished without oversight.

  32. This is revenge for them working for a no-nonsense businessman who held them accountable and not a wheeling dealing politician where favors are traded like pokemon cards. They praised the president when they were in favor and vilify him when he held them accountable. Anthony Scaramucci (the mooch) and spineless Jeff Sessions (deep state) got their fingers burned.

  33. Robert , the PINKMAN is his new handle , just a wannabe Red Stick , that couldn’t n wouldn’t make the cut as a true Redman !!

  34. Are you a Black person with an Indian name, another wannabe idiot or just another instigator of hate towards everyone?

  35. Well well , if it’s isn’t the wannabe Red Stick liberal brown face Pinkman , Redman my ass , you wouldn’t make a pimple on on a true Redmans ass Pinkman , yeah Pinkman , its a better choice for such a smartass n worthless loud mouth , THE ” PINKMAN ” EVERYBODY , HE’S A LEGEND IN HIS OWN LITTLE BARBIE DOLL HOUSE , U Don’t Matter PINKMAN

  36. Racist white-folks in america are nothing short of being demons in pink skin. Jes look at how old trump-ah-hump dem stupid, brown nose white-folks who live to collect his farts. hahahahhahahahaha

  37. Yep, most white-folks have dat problem when they live deep in denial of their racist black hearts, huh, ron-sky. racist white-folks have ruin america. hahahahhahahahahhaa


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