Jeff Sessions dropped the bombshell we have all been waiting for

Jeff Sessions has had it up to here.

The Obama administration allowed America to slip into lawlessness.

And Sessions just dropped the bombshell Americans have all been waiting for.

Americans were outraged when a San Francisco jury acquitted Jose Garcia Zarate, the illegal alien that killed Kate Steinle in 2015.

Zarate was a seven time felon who had been deported five times, but snuck back into the country because the Obama administration tolerated sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

Trump expressed his outrage on twitter about the acquittal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not going to let this killer escape scot free and the Department of Justice issued an arrest warrant for Zarate.

This tragedy should unite the nation around the notion of secure borders.

Without secure borders, murderers will able to infiltrate America and assassinate its citizens.

Americans were fed up with Obama’s open borders policies and that is why Donald Trump was elected.

Sessions announcement that a federal arrest warrant would be issued for Zarate was concrete proof the administration is going to make good on its word to crackdown on illegal immigration and make America safe again.


  1. You go Madonna. You are exactly right. There has to be more of us who have the courage to stand up a d fight. This should be the season for loving, but it,s turned into a season for hating if you don,t agree with the left. Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours.

  2. If I or a family member were harmed in any way by one of those illegals who had been turned loose after other crimes, I would pursue them in court and sue them for every penny they had! As the fault goes all the way back to the Judges responsible, as well as the politicians in power!

  3. I pretty much agree; since taking office Sessions has done very little to reign in the left and their obstructive and often violent antics. I had great hopes and expectations from him before he got in, only because he seemed to be a man of high moral character, now it seems as if he is just another cog in the anarchists machinery!
    If he is truly a conservative, he needs to get off his a$$ and start prosecuting the deep state and all those who are a part of it; starting with the moneybag supporters, like Soros!!!

  4. If you truly are a conservative you should move to a state that is in the lefts crosshairs. These states need an influx of conservative votes to offset the leftists who are trying to tip the balance. Cal. is lost and any conservative vote there is practically a wasted vote anyway!

  5. FBI complicit in Las Vegas massacre. check source lead FBI agent is son in law of John Podesta. J. Edgar Hoover – JFK. Bobby Kennedy, MLK.
    Bush Family, Clinton Family, Obama, Muslims – CAIR, Follow the trail of death. Satan is lose look at modern day sodomites around the world. Hate the sin Love the sinner. Everyone will be held accountable before God on judgement day. Jesus Christ is who he said he was and never

  6. You are so right, most of the sheriff’s have said they will not support illegal laws on guns. Most of these men and women are committed to constitutional law enforcement. I will not yield to the lawlessness coming out the swamp or the SCOTUS, they have had a history in the last 10 or 12 years of making law instead of enforcing IAW the Constitution. The FBI has become the Brown Shirts of the 21st century, fully a political arm of the left and the democrats. The time for change has come and it is Donald Trump, President of the United States.

  7. Bravo. Totally agree. Seems like Sessions has been stalling on these other cases ahead of this. MULTITASK.

  8. Please don’t lump all California’s in that lump. I’m totally conservative, and voted for Trump. I don’t associate with Hollywood. I’m absolutely against sanctuary cities and states. We can’t afford that and have to fund politicians harrassments suits and any other Obama’s failures.

  9. The progressive left goes all out for gun control.
    It would be far more effective to go after shooter control.

  10. I believe there have many many of her own advisers who have tried that, including her pervert of a husband, but Queen Helliar listens to no one. In her mind, she is not to be ignored nor trifled with. Well, Bring on the Trifles and lets get this tent show on the road!

  11. If you are really lucky most of the dim-rat Marxists will soon have moved out of state and the conservatives can reclaim CA. That is the only thing that will save all of the CA residents from the tide that has risen.

  12. Totally agree and have felt that way from the first day Jeff Sessions took office. I am willing to await the great announcements to come and follow the trials as they progress.

  13. I believe San Francisco and the State of California are totally capable and willing to aid and abet his escape from the Federal warrant. If that happens, they will both find out what it is to be on the wrong side of justice in this country.

  14. We ARE the militias. Those fools who believe that Americans are too soft to defend their country are about to be sorely sorry for their misunderstanding of what an American patriot is capable of doing.

  15. I agree, each of us will possify? (form posses) if this keeps on much longer. Especially will Americans rise and rebel if somehow they manage to impeach the President we elected, Trump.

  16. I agree, each of us will possify? (form posses) if this keeps on much longer. Especially will Americans rise and rebel if somehow they manage to impeach the President we elected, Trump.

  17. Afraid they see, Kate, but do not care because they mistakenly believe it cannot happen to them

  18. I agree, deportation is too lenient for Zarate. Since he insists on returning here, he is asking for it–for something, like long incarceration or maybe even something worse if he intended to kill.

  19. The ACLU will get involved and sessions wil PISS HIS PANTS and give up. I wish he’d GROW A PAIR OF BALLS AND GO AFTER OBUMMER ANS HILLERY

  20. He will have a difficult time returning if they first shoot him in both knees with the stolen gun he used for the murder.
    Then give him Mexican level Med care before deportation.

  21. Could be what the jury was presented was because the people prosecuting this case were more be holden to the city fathers who made this a sanctuary city. And they wanted to keep their jobs.

  22. The voters that elected these Geo Soros lefties that promoted sancuary cities are coming to your cities and states. They have ruined where they live so they are here… turning our cities and states into the waste land like they created and left. While waiting in line a the post office a while back, I was stuck between 2 people that had moved here. Reason they moved. High taxes. No jobs. They did not feel safe. Cost of living way up up and away. I listened to them bad mouth my town and state. Then one said to keep her sanity she had to go back to California at least 3 times a year. That is what is turning responsible states into far left sess pools. The original people living here have not changed our values… beliefs we are just being overun.

  23. I don’t want to appear naive, but we do not know what is going on ‘behind the scenes’. The best way to investigate is not to let those being investigated know about it until it is grand jury time.

  24. Do you actually think it would do any good to write a letter to my congressman, senator, or even the President? It would only get tossed onto the mountain of other unopened letters from concerned citizens. They’ll nod and say they agree with the issues I present to them, but in the end they all do pretty much whatever THEY want anyway… to hell with the “little people.”

  25. If your not here legally then it’s time to deport all and that includes DACA and every politician who wants to keep them here.

  26. The leaders of these sanctuary must be charged and imprisoned and the feds should set up deportation stations in each one, ALL illegal wet backs should be deported, don’t wait until they commit some other heinous crime

  27. You feed a pigs and not the politicians even if they are the same. But these pigs deserve a rope not to be burden on the tax payers! We need to spend money on smart things!

  28. Sessions is a part of the swamp. He did nothing really to act against the Clintons and other criminals including the FBI gang. If he was going to pass on this case, he would be outset by the president. Its only matter of time when Sessions will be kicked out and rightly so! He should not be there in the first place. So this is for him to save his azz and not a bomb.

  29. Sessions is a part of the swamp. He did nothing really to act against the Clintons and other criminals including the FBI gang. if he was going to pass this case, he would be outset by the president. Its only matter of time when Sessions will be kicked out and rightly so! He should not be there in the first place

  30. It is about time that Sessions takes a stand against these filthy pigs in californication and their sanctuary cities. They have got to get that animal and put him in prison if californication will not.


  32. Now that’s the spirit of a real American! Bravo, Dr. Efren Vargas! Well said! Stop the lie! These are NOT sanctuary cities! These are American cities UNDER SIEGE by those attempting to overthrow our America and we should not sleep until we have RESCUED our fellow citizens being tyrranized by radical and lawless politicians run amuk! They MUST be held fully accountable and hung for treason within 5 days of arrest, all assets frozen and then liquidated for damages to be paid to crime victims of illegals ASAP.

  33. My fondest regards and deepest support for your sentiments Flywheel! How was California overthrown anyway? We must etch their script onto our forethoughts so that this tragedy is NOT REPEATED in this Nation! It should be a call to arms for law abiding citizens everywhere BEFORE it is too late! Sanctuary is a misnomer! Takeover is the real word for these seized American assets!

  34. The Italians hung Mussolini and his wife, then displayed them upside down in the center of city for all to see. Justice needs to be swift and remorseless. America needs courage of conviction from each of us! We must condemn and convict sanctuary cities as unlawful and unAmerican and bring swift justice to ALL mayors and governors who have betrayed America with these leftist attempts to overthrow our country!

  35. A few years back Florida had a problem with cities and counties not following the laws about the state having sole control over firearms laws except certain activities. The cities/counties thumbed their noses as there were no teeth in the law. Then the state made those who wrote or enforced these illegal laws personally responsible for all costs and fines. They dropped those illegal laws like a hot potato. Make any mayor/governor personally responsible and you’ll see them drop the sanctuary city/state garbage faster than a speeding built hits a target.

  36. I resent that comment. I have sat on many juries and not because I couldn’t get out of them. Now yes, it does impose a hardship on those that do go but do you think you could come up with a better way? And the jury likely got told some falsehoods in their instructions from the judge. The minimum in this case should have been involuntary manslaughter. Because the person did handle a firearm and it did result in an unjustified death. But when you get a jury from a sanctuary city, what do you expect. It did not happen on a jury where I was because the law stated that if unjustified, firing a firearm in an occupied building that resulted in a death is involuntary manslaughter and that is what we charged the person with. Even though she did the world a favor by getting rid of a drug dealer you can go shooting unarmed people in the back up a set of stairs legally.

  37. Good job Mr. President and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Make America Great Again! Let’s take our country back.

  38. The headline made me think that Sessions was going to DRAIN THE SWAMP, but it was only OLD news of this acquittal. The DOJ, in general, needs a thorough cleaning, but the FBI, specifically, needs one. This guy, Strok, should be fired and Comey, his previous boss, should be sent to prison for life. The quality of the FBI has been failing for years, not only couldn’t it solve the murders in Las Vegas, it couldn’t even get the timeline of the shootings correct. It’s a failed agency! It has been totally corrupted during the Obama years. Come on, Donny, do your job if your appointees can’t.

  39. This would be great if our law makers had the courage to enforce such laws. Brown, Emanuel, deBlasio’ and other criminals in high places need to be arrested.

  40. I would think that they might be considered accomplices after the fact and as such would be as guilty as the slime balls that actually did the deeds.

  41. What else can they do when stupid liberals in San Francisco set a murderer free. He must have truly had a jury of peers / murdeters and trsitors

  42. Make these DEMORAT VERMIN mayors PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE!!! Any Crimes because of their GROSS IDIOCY, put Them and the Criminal in PRISON!!!

  43. I too Live in NJ and I am terrified that our new Governor will make good on his promise to make NJ a Sanctuary state. How can anyone think that this is a good idea … especially after what happened to Kate Steinle ! How can so many people not see the truth ?

  44. Right On! For every illegal alien that is to be deported he/she needs to be required to take one Democrat back to Mexico for a sex slave! How fast do you think the wall get built & patrolled?

  45. Deportation is a pretty soft sentence for a murderer. He has alrea dy crossed the border FIVE times. What makes the feds think he couldn’t do it again if they send him back?

  46. The real problem is that the politicians who favor sanctuary cities/states never personally experience the misery they inflict on the rest of us because of their armed protection and gated communities, etc. Until they personally experience that which they inflict on the rest of us, nothing will change.

  47. Trump should ignore these liberal judges who go against him they have no right to stick their liberal nose in his executive orders you never heard of a judge ruling against the Obamas executive orders when he let the illegals come in!

  48. Please start returning these repeat offenders by air, released to fly home at 5,000 feet over Mexico, and they will choose to remain there.

  49. They are all disruptive chaos tactics espoused by his mentor Saul Alinsky. Anarchy is the rule and there is no law.

  50. Sessions doesn’t want to go down in history as the AG who took down a former First Lady and a President, or two. Sessions will do only what he can to keep his job, and he’s barely doing that. Sessions is an historical coward. Meanwhile, it’s his agency doing its best to bring down Trump while Sessions tries to make amends by going after a murderer who was acquitted. Big deal, he’ll probably let him go.
    Sessions, ya fiyad.

  51. OK,where are the arrests ? ? ? ? If he has all the facts.,..what’s the hold up ? ? I got an idea, put out a bounty on these criminals……the repeat or known felons with violence a dead or alive bounty. Deputize all ex Delta law enforcement and all ex Special Ops personnel. We have sworn an oath and I for one took it seriously. We are already trained and would gladly answer if called. De Opresso Liber !

  52. I live in NJ where Murphy won the governor election, saying he wants to turn NJ into a sanctuary state. I hope to hell if he pulls that BS, that we put him out of office.

  53. As a Chicago “community organizer” ; obimbo knew that chaos and uncertainty were his weapons; these high brow blacks PLAY THE UNEDUCATED EMOTIONAL FOOLS OF THEIR OWN RACE TO GAIN PERSONAL STATURE AND WEALTH, [AKA JETHIEE JACKTHON, AL SHARPTON, BARACK hussein obama]; are all charlatans seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of their own ignorant race.

  54. Seesions is a mixed bag. He has extended civil asset forfeiture, when many were hoping to end it. It’s simply a money grab by Gov’t. Even if no charges are ever brought, the Gov’t agency keeps all the assets. Sessions has publicly stated he will not be investigating Hillary Clinton, while many were hoping to put her in jail. There are other decisions that are not Conservative, that I can’t recall.
    While I support Trump, Sessions is still part of the swamp. For Trump supposedly being so smart, he really has made many mistakes. Here’s hoping he improves.

  55. I am sick and tired of Jeff Sessions. How about arresting the actual May and Juges and police who made it possible

  56. Every one has said it all except: My dictionary says: politicians are defined as criminals. We need term limits to roust the “old Man Like McCain” low lifes.I do not understand why politicians are so against doing there jobs, like, protect the American people.If crazy North Korean wacko sends a missile, I can only hope it lands on one of the west coast fault lines and the whole area falls into the Pacific.

  57. This has given all American elected so called leaders a blackeye. Each and everyone, local, state, federal including all alphabet agencies, weak kneed politicians on Capitol Hill and Whitehouse!!!

  58. If you want to impress the American public Mr. Sessions, lets start by having you open a full blown investigation into Bill & Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation receiving money from the Russians. Oh how about the cover up of Benghazi.

  59. Arrest the whole damned jury too!

    The JURY is the FIRST and LAST line of Defense against an overbearing government and JURORS have an OBLIGATION TO ALL OTHER CITIZENS to Protect and DEFEND the Constitution in its Entirety!

    It IS TIME for people to realize that their JURY DUTY is not an option to try to get out of, but an OBLIGATION, DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to each neighbor, friend, relative and Citizen.

    Do YOU personally want YOUR JURY to be made up of fools that couln’t get out of Jury Duty?

  60. That’s right and bring home ALL of our Military from countrys That do not like us and cut All Funding from Any country that doesn’t like us as well !!!

  61. Really, That Judge should be fired from his post. Kate had more rights than that piece of trash and no one can say the Judge and Court did not know of Kate’s Murder at the hand of that garbage. The death of Kate happened right in their front door and everyone knew he had been deported 5 times prior in San Francisco. Give me a break!!!



  63. It is reprehensible and outrageous, as well as CRIMINAL that the ROTTEN KILLER escaped from the DEATH PENALTY, and I place the entire blame on the officials in California that released him so many times, and refused to follow Federal Law!!! Every legal and law official that was even partially responsible for the STUPID release of this criminal as many times as he was released and allowed to return with no controls over him, is GUILTY of the DEATH OF THIS YOUNG LADY!!!! THey should ALL be prosecuted and imprisoned!!! Cut off the funds immediately and let California squirm,,,maybe then the citizens that care about JUSTICE will rose up and do something about the shameful outcome of this trial, and the SHAME of this young lady’s death!!!

  64. Dream on! It’ll never happen, no matter how much we wish it would. Someone needs to light a big fire under Trump’s ass to get those borders secure. Now is the time! Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year… NOW, DAMMIT!!

  65. We need to start the wall in southern California since the liberal authorities refuse to assist the feds. I’m about to call their state Mexifornia if they refuse to cooperate. Citizens are moving out of state due to high taxes. Many others moved up north.

  66. Sessions is NOT a disappointment! What the hell are you talking about? He takes his time so there is nothing that can be said or proved incorrect. He is doing an awesome job. Sounds as if you are against Trump. With all the injustice that went on in the BO administration there is just so very much to go thru that it all takes time and to have the law behind it. In order to keep up with the BO lawlessness the country would need to hire 10 more AG’S. HC is too stupid to run and hide because she suffers from dementia and “THINKS” is it some type of golden idol to the country! Democrats are idiots and no one has the guts to tell her to shut the hell up.

  67. If liberal judges won’t do the right thing, and continue to obstruct our POTUS on
    immigration laws, then send in special ops. Special ops should neutralize these
    sanctuary cities. That would save federal funds for our veterans. It would also
    insure that illegals like this murderer won’t return once deported. He is a known
    felon, and was deported 5 times!!! Thanks Obama for your great legacy. You have
    Kate’s blood on your guilty hands.

    State of Emergency, Citizen of California Have Been Denied their Constitutional Rights Federal Government take over State to preserved law and order. Under Constitutional Law, Arrest of all Government Officials, including the “Governor of California, to Garanty and Preserved their Federal Right of Justice under Law. President Trump, The Highest Executive Law Enforcer of The Land, now in Control of the State. Until Election of New Stare Official Take Place.
    Reported by Efren Vargas, M.D.

  69. I am totally in agreement to build the wall and fortify our borders. I have often wondered why we don’t have our military bases very near the border. That terrain is the best training area for them instead of the plush surroundings in the middle of the country. They could learn how to protect our borders there and then let’s see how many of them dare to jump the fence. Take it to the enemy. Help our border patrol do an impossible job.

  70. Sessions might be the biggest disappointment of the Trump administration. He seems to be working against Trump while his agencies protect Illiar and obama.
    Hey Sessions, ya fiyed.

  71. Deport every single illegal, and there familys too. There is a legal way to come into this country. If some one broke into your home you would shoot them dead. There should be no difference in breaking into our country. Build the wall already. vote out all rinos , libs. and dems

  72. Deport every single illegal, and there familys too. There is a legal way to come into this country. If some one broke into your home you would shoot them dead. There should be no difference in breaking into our country. Build the wall already.

  73. It is about time. We have endured this Sanctuary City B*ll Sh*t for to long. Whoever violates the law, whether it be private citizen, police officer, mayor or governor should held responsible and not allowed to hide in a “sanctuary city”…

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