Jeff Sessions dropped the bombshell we have all been waiting for

Jeff Sessions has had it up to here.

The Obama administration allowed America to slip into lawlessness.

And Sessions just dropped the bombshell Americans have all been waiting for.

Americans were outraged when a San Francisco jury acquitted Jose Garcia Zarate, the illegal alien that killed Kate Steinle in 2015.

Zarate was a seven time felon who had been deported five times, but snuck back into the country because the Obama administration tolerated sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

Trump expressed his outrage on twitter about the acquittal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not going to let this killer escape scot free and the Department of Justice issued an arrest warrant for Zarate.

This tragedy should unite the nation around the notion of secure borders.

Without secure borders, murderers will able to infiltrate America and assassinate its citizens.

Americans were fed up with Obama’s open borders policies and that is why Donald Trump was elected.

Sessions announcement that a federal arrest warrant would be issued for Zarate was concrete proof the administration is going to make good on its word to crackdown on illegal immigration and make America safe again.



  1. You go Madonna. You are exactly right. There has to be more of us who have the courage to stand up a d fight. This should be the season for loving, but it,s turned into a season for hating if you don,t agree with the left. Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours.

  2. If I or a family member were harmed in any way by one of those illegals who had been turned loose after other crimes, I would pursue them in court and sue them for every penny they had! As the fault goes all the way back to the Judges responsible, as well as the politicians in power!

  3. I pretty much agree; since taking office Sessions has done very little to reign in the left and their obstructive and often violent antics. I had great hopes and expectations from him before he got in, only because he seemed to be a man of high moral character, now it seems as if he is just another cog in the anarchists machinery!
    If he is truly a conservative, he needs to get off his a$$ and start prosecuting the deep state and all those who are a part of it; starting with the moneybag supporters, like Soros!!!

  4. If you truly are a conservative you should move to a state that is in the lefts crosshairs. These states need an influx of conservative votes to offset the leftists who are trying to tip the balance. Cal. is lost and any conservative vote there is practically a wasted vote anyway!

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