Jeff Sessions finally did the one thing that has Trump supporters jumping for joy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has drawn the wrath of President Trump and his supporters.

Sessions has come under fire for recusing himself in the Russia investigation and setting up the appointment of Robert Mueller.

But on Tuesday, Sessions finally did the one thing that has Trump supporters jumping for joy.

While conservatives are critical of Sessions’ weakness in bending to media pressure to recuse himself in the Russia investigation, he has faithfully carried out Donald Trump’s America First immigration agenda.

Liberals have tried to make hay out of the policy of referring all illegal border entries for prosecution which has resulted in illegal alien minors being separated from their parents.

This policy – which had been in place under Obama – has become the latest flash point in the media’s war on Donald Trump.

Journalists circulated photos – which were taken when Obama was president in 2014 – that showed illegal alien children in cages on social media as a way to smear Trump as an uncaring racist.

The administration fought back and Sessions stepped up defended the policy as a necessary deterrent to illegal border crossings.

Breitbart reports his statement in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt:

Well, we can, we’d be glad to work at that, and actually, to keep them as close as possible, and then they’re deported. But the law requires us to keep children in a different facility than we do for adults. And every time somebody, Hugh, gets prosecuted in America for a crime, American citizens, and they go to jail, they’re separated from their children. We don’t want to do this at all. If people don’t want to be separated from their children, they should not bring them with them. We’ve got to get this message out. You’re not given immunity. You have to, you will be prosecuted if you bring, if you come illegally. And if you bring children, you’ll still be prosecuted.

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