Jeff Sessions is in big trouble after what Trump just tweeted

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in the middle of another controversy.

President Trump – and many of his supporters – contends Sessions has not taken a strong stand against the Deep State.

Now Sessions is in big trouble after what Trump just tweeted.

President Trump blasted Sessions for not firing Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr.

Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS and helped dig up dirt on President Trump.

Ohr also communicated with ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

Steele used Ohr as a backchannel to the FBI after the Bureau ended their agreement to use Steele as a confidential human informant.

Congressional Republicans are zeroing in on Ohr’s role in the Russia collusion hoax.

Ohr is scheduled to testify to Congress on August 28th.

Republicans will press him on his role in the Russia investigation as well as his wife’s relationship with Fusion GPS and the Trump-Russia dossier.

Ohr – who was the fourth ranking Justice Department official – was demoted after reports surfaced of his conduct in the 2016 election.

However, Trump – as well as his supporters – are questioning why he wasn’t fired.
They point the blame at Sessions.

As Attorney General, Sessions could terminate Ohr’s employment.

It has not happened.

And many Americans are asking why.


  1. DOESN’T take a genius to figure out that MRS. SESSIONS IS A DEEP STATE WORM and needs to be fired ASAP. The balant blind eye ???? Mrs. SESSIONS had turned to the ALL THE PROVEN CRIMES COMMITTED BY THE LETS JUST SAY THE DNC BECAUSE THEIR ARE TO MANY NAMES TO LIST IS APPALLING.

  2. Exactly – he was told to support Trump – He is the insurance policy in case Trump won. Good cover as far as welfare fraud and immigration he is hitting hard. Sessions is owned.

  3. Sessions has intentionally stalled justice against the criminal liberals & rinos so they can continue to do acts of sedition against the U.S. & Trump . Sessions is part of the deep state .

  4. Firing people is not his job. In over twenty years I’ve never seen him lose a case. But he is like a snapping turtle when he does bite. He is NOT like Obama, who tells who, what, when, and where he will strike. Give him all the facts, and then he does his job. Always has, always will.

  5. Sessions has done a few really good things, but there is something wrong when he won’t stand up to the Deep State. Has he taken money from George Soros? Is he friends with Bill and Hillary?It is like he has been bought and paid for. It is real hard to trust him when one has those feelings.

  6. Come on people think about it he is one of the deep state, he was a plant from the beginning with out a doubt. He his a yes man to all of them.
    He should have been gone six months ago.

  7. Actually, Sessions HAS accomplished some good things re illegal immigration
    & 0ver 500 cases in ‘Medical Fraud’. MSM just doesn’t report.

  8. Notice i’m replying to Diane’s 1 dinky comment AT TOP of Page.
    > Not ‘fit’ to intelligently discuss this subject matter. Much less
    offer a simple decently worded opinion.
    > Furthermore, IF, you Diane, were in a University classroom w/ discussion,
    you would be invited to ‘leave immediately’. ( well, actually, a person
    must pass ‘tests’ to gain entrance to ‘U’s) including the ‘few’ ‘junko’
    ‘lib’ ‘U’s. & that’s about it.

  9. Steveur, rite re ‘whiny ass’ Clapper now going against Brennan.
    man-0-man, these guys really Are ‘Chumps’.___

  10. Yep -something like that, Dad Al. Also Sessions KNEW when he took AG & a
    ‘recusal’ he would be safe , from ‘the swamp’ [accidental death etc].
    #1Rule: Keep ‘mouth Shut’ re clintons. Period.

  11. Clapper is now trying to save his liberal skin…what you quote, should have happened years ago when Clapper was sucking up to obama. Clapper knows the the walls are moving in on him and he should go through the investigation and make the reborn jerk, know that he was guilty of allowing obama to keep him in the barrel… Clapper has no stones, he is just a lying Liberal who knows the ride is over. Sessions, get some stones and be a man, what are you hiding from us… We will find you out and then hang you with the same system you are covering.. you are hiding wont work..

  12. Daniel etc. a someone said this a few days ago. I have a ‘tendency’ to agree, & as much as i’ve defended him, am beginning to admit some things, much to my dismay. & Yes Sessions jumped on the ‘T’ Train quite Early. Now i’m beginning to think it was a ‘ruse’. Also, i have email IE Sessions saying ‘would not indict hillary’ (buried in a 1000 mails) So,i think that is part of his corrupt /compromised deal. Read on –

    “My guess is he[Sessions] was greeted on Day One with a folder sitting on his desk – with whatever nasty dirt someone has on HIM.

    It will all come out one day…there is no way I can figure how a man who had served in the judiciary in Alabama and in Congress would behave in the manner he has chosen since he took office without putting it in this light.

    If so, the honorable thing to do would be to resign and let the chips fall where they may. This man appeared to support our president throughout the campaign. To become a turncoat as soon as he was sworn into office is so out of character that it must be that [self-preservation kicked in over honor.]

    In any case, American citizens deserve to have a functioning Attorney General…” etc.

  13. AMEN!!! Judge Jeannine or Trey Gowdy! Hopefully it will come to Pass!
    Maybe Trump is waiting til Nunez, Meadows, Fitton, Sara Carter, etc.,
    have all the proof verified, then he will replace Sessions with someone
    with balls!!!!! Soon! MAGA!

  14. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  15. You hit the nail, right on the head!! Sessions, was a plant!!! He must be FIRED!
    Shame on Jeff Sessions…..

  16. Well, Mr President you really need to fire Jeff Sessions as I had mentioned to you in my last letter to you. Jeff Sessions is helping the DEEP STATE.

  17. Robert Carter….I believe 3 or 4 million people agree with you statement
    I wish Sessions would be fired. Such a WEASEL!

  18. Jeff Sessions should have never of gotten that Job in the First place he is a super weak ass person a coward. And should have been removed long ago dirty bastard.

  19. Sessions is totally on a different page. Would not be surprised if he was working for a different country.

  20. No balls and cowardice AG Sessions is no good and a do nothing idiot. He absolutely is not fit for the job. Must be fired or impeached. President Trump must het a new and gutsy AG who can drain the swamp and the Rinos.

  21. If Trump were to fire Sessions at this time, the rest of the swamp would fall in on him. Thats the reason he has to stand by until this so called Mueller investigation is finished. Rest assured, just as soon as Mueller get thru with this sham, Trump will clean house and get rid of those swampers.

  22. Forget Sessions – I/m more concerned about Judge Ellis. I think he should end the trial because the jury can not reach a unanimous verdict on all 18 tax- and bank-fraud charges. Any other trial would have been over…. Why is everybody afraid of Mueller??? He’s nothing but a crook/criminal. Trump should pardon Manafort.

  23. There’s something drastically wrong with little Jeffie Sessions. Did he have a stroke or something?

  24. It is no Suprize the justice dept. is not doing anything. He has more than enough resonable dought to prosecute him, and Hillary but nothing will ever happen to any of these people. EVEN WITH ANOTHER DEAD CLINTON INVESTIGATOR, or evidence in his hands, because he was and is still acting like a politician protecting his own kind

  25. I totally agree! For their TREASON, they should be introduced to either the end of a rope or a BIG Firing Squad!

  26. Screw all the deep staters, indict them the way AG Holder would have had they done this crap to Obama. Sessions real failing is not to go scorched earth after Hillary. It is all there, collusion, self enrichment at the peoples expense, lying, treason. Documented in all those emails. Outrageous, go after the vermin Clinton Crime Organization leader or resign Jeff. A country that hopes to preserve the rule of law and equal justice under the law cannot engage in the witch hunt for Trump and leave the witch free to continue violating laws. Unprecedented attack on Democracy and the AG sits on his hands.

  27. A RINO is a Republican in name only. The Right has designated as RINOs John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and now Jeff Sessions (among others), All of these gentlemen are Republicans to their Core. What they have in common (apart from rock-solid Conservative credentials) is that they have all to one degree or another displeased the President. This means any Republican who disagrees with Mr. Trump, even a little is a Rino and therefore a libtard and a commie as well. When people fear the “cult of personality” (usually associated with autocrats like Stalin and Hitler), this is the sort of thing they have in mind.

  28. Sessions is the worst choice Trump has made and should go. The President has me puzzled in that he has complete power to fire anyone in the executive branch. Why he doesn’t fire the entire upper management of the FBI. They have been corrupt and partisan for many years. Their actions in the WACO killings turned me off long ago. A hundred people died because of their arrogance. Personally I would never aid the FBI or ATF in any way.

  29. I support Donald Trump as president and all his legal decisions , however Tweets are just that Tweets and have nothing other than personal opinion. These sites try to work everyone up and the left bites every time, they are like bluegills in a pond when you are fishing for large mouth bass you always catch a bucket of bluegills that get used for bait.

  30. ALL liberal communist infiltrators and those politicians who aid them should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists

  31. Ron, I agree on what you said about how Trump obviously can’t fire Sessions, because it is clear as can be he WANTS to. Reading some of the posts, many of you want to overly simplify and to do whatever you want – – but realistically, if you alienated MORE Republicans (Sessions has lots of friends), like Rinos, neo-cons, moderates, then where are you going to stand when the Dems and Independents (heavily turning away from Trump) and the legions of women and millenials, you don’t stand a chance at the polls. Trump just does not “play it cool” and when everyone, including his lawyers, tell him to keep quiet about things (like he did not do with Lester Holt and admitted he fired Comey for the Russia probe), Trump stubbornly won’t. And this “Deep State” conspiracy is unproven BS that keeps you guys paranoid, and therefore manipulable.

  32. AG Jeff Sessions, by all appearances, seems to have been extremely ineffective in handling the many cases of corruption at the highest levels of government;
    especially those that involve Obama, HRC, Comey, Rosenstein,Strozk, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr,his wife,etc. The list goes on and on. In my opinion, Jeff Sessions should be replaced with either Trey Gowdy or Judge Jeanine; two people with tremendous courage, respect for our Constitution. and immense personal integrity!”Duty, Honor, Country, and God Bless America!

  33. “Lunch Break”, not AG, Sessions checked out to lunch a year+ ago and hasn’t been around to observe the disaster he has wrought by NOT doing his job.

    Evidently Sessions though he could continue his vacation, started in the Senate, and didn’t realize he would be responsible to actually do his job as AG.

    “Frankenstein”, his second in command has run roughshod over any chance to get timely and un-redacted documents to House and Senate Committees . . . because Session’s has been on lunch break.

    Sessions should be history shortly after the November election.

  34. Thank GOD we have common sense!!! These losers are always so pathetic. Screaming “HITLER” “RACIST” some “phobia” Sheep. Herded straight to the gallows. The ignorance is just astounding. SOME are waking up! KEEP AMERICA GREAT! Have a beautiful MAGA day Dan!

  35. I think it is time for “True Confessions” from Jeffie Sessions. Sing like a canary or we close the mine.

  36. It looks like Sessions Is a deep state plant. Session pretended to be Trump biggest fan, to make Trump think he was his best choice. But the deep state planned to have Sessions be the Deep Throat for them so they can control who will go to jail or not.

  37. Sessions has made a few good decisions and addressed a few issues. But he has hardly been a fire brand. He is not doing the job that many people expected of him. He has mostly kept a low profile and let too much slide. He needs to get off the stick or resign.

  38. Terry don’t waste time on commie fools. Them people are corrupt and deplorable Not us. We are on the right side. These liberal puke bags will be discarded soon.

  39. The moment Sessions recused himself, President Trump should have fired him! Sessions is making sure that no Deep State criminals are prosecuted.

  40. Diane your a no it all huh. Trouble is nobody thinks that but you. When you gonna wake up and smell the roses instead of your nasty demorats. They just stink all the way into the out house along with your nasty mouth, go in and wash it out with you know what !!

  41. yous are all right , fire sessions , as for ohr going in front of congress what a joke ,for 8 years we watch criminal after criminal go before congress only to leave laughing ,what good are these hearings when no one ever gets held accountable, it’s a waste of tax payer money ,all these congress people get paid extra to sit on these committies ,and democrats make a joke out of it , like they did with hillary ,this is like putting mansons , gang on the gury against manson , you know the out come , and all these politicaly connected people all sleep together

  42. Another Hitler? What kind of uninformed liar would make such a statement. I cannot wait til the Islamic/Marxist/communist traitors in this country are exposed. Oh wait. They already have been, but the clueless, corrupt liberals in this country just stomp their feet and make up their own LIES!Truth is too clear. They have to twist and muddy everything they touch. Such ignorance. YOU ALL ALWAYS PICK THE MOST VILE OF SIDES AND CAUSES! Dems are pariahs now. RUNAWAY as fast as you can. EEEWWW. Nasty.

  43. Sessions is THE worst Attorney General. The ReKuser King. Invented a whole new STD, until now, unknown to the CDC…thumbs up his ass in need of an idiot-WRECK-tomy.

  44. Whether true or not, it looks to me as if Sessions is running deep state cover for deep state operatives. Public perception means a lot in America politics. Hey Jeff, if you are such a great patriot do America a favor and resign. GO TRUMP!!!

  45. Agree: Seems their too much back slapping and fraternity BS! President is a nice guy and in DC Nice guys get stabbed! As a former Vet USMC! Officers do not associate with Noncoms!!

  46. This will never happen until the Justice system is purged of the communist plants that have stopped up the drain. Why do you think Hillary and Obumo got away with the things they did?

  47. You do not have enough facts. The justice system is broken !!!! If you are a government crook the system does not work the way it should because the people that need to do the convicting are corrupt and know they can be taken down too if they rock the boat to much !!

  48. President Trump made two major mistakes early on. The first was appointing Sessions as AG. I can see where he would, Sessions was one of the very first Republicans to support Trump’s bid for the Presidency. But then Sessions turned and stabbed Trump in the back! Problem is, should Trump fire Sessions, he would have to nominate a replacement. There is no way the current Demorat and Rino controlled Senate would ever confirm an nominee Trump made that would do the job that needs to be done. The second mistake the President made was not requesting the resignation from each and everything Obama appointee in each and every department.

  49. Trump is another Hitler and he certainly has added to the “swamp” look at many of the “swamp” monsters on his team…..WOW……

  50. All LEFT overs from a communist regime. This country has been run by a deep state for far too long. The CIA is the blame for all of the ill will abroad as well as domestic turmoil. Disband and defund the CIA. Comey, Brenner, Rosenstien, Ohr, Sessions, McCabe, Strok, Page, Lerner, Hillary, Obama, and I am sure many more trouble makers all. Anti-Americans. Pelosi, Schumer, Mad Max. Flush the toilet PLEASE.

  51. That’s NOT the way our justice or penal system work. And while we might wish it were possible to lock Bill and/or Hillary up in the way you describe, keep in mind that IF IT’S DONE TO ONE PERSON IT CAN BE DONE TO OTHERS. Do you want the next one to be YOU? Or a friend of YOURS? Or someone you ADMIRE?

    We have “equal justice under law” in this country JUST so we can AVOID that kind of treatment for ANY person who is suspected or even convicted of criminal behavior.

    We can see NOW how it works when the system BREAKS DOWN because a VICIOUS, UNRESTRAINED PROSECUTOR uses it against someone like Paul Manafort (I don’t know, or much CARE, if he’s guilty of ANYTHING; I DO know he’s being treated like a MAJOR GANGSTER or MURDERER instead of a guy who might have cheated o his taxes.) But YOU are inviting a system of “justice” (INjustice) that would allow ANYONE to be treated that way. Is THAT what you want? Sounds like the Soviet Union’s prison system to ME!

  52. It’s very frustrating, to be sure! But if President Trump were to “declare martial law” against all the D.C. Rats and RINOs, he would be accused of “the Big Lie” as a new Hitler. The Swamp still has a LOT of Rats in it, and Sessions may be one of them (How LONG has he been steeped in D.C. politics?). Guantanamo has been reactivated and expanded. Who do you think it’s FOR? Best is to be patient, let The President eat this elephant one bite at a time, so The American People will SEE just how corrupt so many national politicians are, then get on with business (MAGA!). Pray for President Trump!, V.P. Pence and all the good ones (Mattis, Kelly, Sanders, Kellyanne and MANY more). GBA! GBPDJT!

  53. I doubt this will ever happen because it would expose half of Congress for the traitorous rats that they are. Sessions is as dirty and will continue to protect them…

  54. Judge Session is a toothless lion???? He has a roar with no “MOJO! Reminds me of The Civil War General That President Lincoln had to leave the whitehouse and go and fire him!!!!

  55. Liberals are disgusting people, they are the dregs of society, the freak show! The politicians take those LGBT trash, the hood rats, and they use them, but they are too stupid to realize they are being manipulated! Lyndon Johnson bought the black vote decades ago!
    How does a political party knowingly, back a foreign born, ineligible candidate, and make him the first black POTUS, which he wasn’t because he is half black!
    What he was, as he stated more than once in speeches, was the first foreign born, POTUS!
    I don’t know about any of you but I believe that supporting a coup against the United States is high treason!

  56. What I’d like to know is how much evidence do they need to collect to put Obama and Hillary up on charges to at least get them locked up. When that gets done the Democratic Party will be so discredited that there followers will probably start seeing the truth of this Administrations work and the shadow Government would loose there reason for existing. With those two locked up without any communication outside and there faces out of the public view except in there orange overalls things would have a chance of getting back to normal prior to ten years ago. They are not to be put in a white collar prison. They were supposed to represent The People so they can be locked up where The People would be or they can preferable be locked up in Gitmo for all of the Corruption they did to We The People.

  57. You should know by now that you can’t fire someone who has a government job. You just move them around so that they can screw up some other position.

  58. Jeff Sessions has had enough time to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and bring charges so what is the issue…maybe he is part of the establishment…he needs fired, get someone with some conjones to get the swamp drained…quickly!

  59. I have long advocated that Jeff Sessions should not even have been placed as the AG! He appears to be feckless, cowardly, uninformed and saddest of all, is likely an integral part of the Deep State, overseen by none other than BHO with HRC as his right hand person to stoke the flames of discord in this country and around the world. Sessions needs to be gotten rid of and appoint a strong Conservative bulldog that is above reproach when it comes to applying the law of the land!!!

  60. Jeff Sessions has lost all credibility, he is fortunate to be in the position he is in, and he has squandered it, his intentions are as plain as day, and he is a disgrace! The man has no shame, he has no dignity, I’m ashamed of him being from the south! You were given a high position Jeff Sessions, you’ve done nothing! If they threatened your family get out! Be a coward, but step aside so someone with a pair can do the job that office deserves! Go back home with your tail between your legs, you are a disgrace!

  61. Instead of blaming everybody in the Kitchen, just resign and let your 2 pence guy run the country for another 28 Months

  62. What is up with JEFF SESSIONS??? Did the DEEP STATE get to him?? IF he cannot do his job, then he needs to be replaced with someone who will !!!

  63. Get rid of Sessions! He won’t do his job and just maybe he is part of the deep state! His lack of action sure supports that theory.

  64. If we the people ever expect to get the truth of the real seriousness of what liberals and obimbo created ; Roenstrein and Sessions must GO.

  65. These bottom feeders accuse Trump of being a Nazi if he were you would all be in a camp doing a real job and the country would be better off.

  66. Stephen, that’s possible. To cover his ass, he can only well with the illegal immigration issues. Suppose if Sessions, as a part of this conspiracy, snitched on someone that was involved in this scandal, they are going to rat him out, too.

    I don’t know. Sessions recusing himself is one of great mysteries. If it is true, then perhaps only a very few conspirators know his involvement.

    Why in the whole world would Sessions ever allow the deputy attorney general to set up his own Special Counsel team? Fishy, fishy.

  67. I maintain that Jeff is part of the Deep State which is why he recused himself and have taken a hands off approach to letting the Conspirators circle the wagons.

  68. Beware!!!! Obumas robot cult followers are everywhere. Sessions might be one. The commiecrat demons takes on all forms. Like the liberal fools whom post here.

  69. It’s obvious none of the posters here have spent a single minute in the legal system. You are expecting to know exactly what Sessions is involved in. A simple divorce can take more than two years to be finalized. He is not a TV show lawyer nothing this complicated is simple. Just bring all kinds of charges against multiple parties now. What is he waiting for, yada Yama Yama. We only know tidbits about most of what goes on in Delusional City..Things have steps and procedures that need to be followed. Corruption is rampant, there are scads of players involved. You witnessed what happened with Hil-liar-y. She was off the hook before being interviewed. Is that what we really want? Another shoddy investigation. I certainly don’t want that. Sessions doesn’t need a charismatic personality. He needs an airtight, thorough case.

  70. Jeff Sessions should be fired. Judge that is on Sat night should replace him. She is a fighter. Not a wimp like sessons.

  71. I completely agree Robert!
    Sessions went in w/ the desire to have that position in name only! While he has done some good, it IMHO..has all been in vain because he has not stood up to what really needs to be done!
    I don’t believe he backs our POTUS one iota & should be delt with appropriately.
    Feckless, absolutely Feckless I say!

  72. I just want to say that Jeff Sessions is not the man for the position, he is a man without personality or character, it’s time that he gets fired!

  73. Jeff Sessions is not doing what he was hired to do and needs to be FIRED. He just doesent care about President Trump.

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