Jeff Sessions is set to make one announcement that no one ever thought was possible

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a figure of great controversy during his time in the Trump administration.

With Donald Trump in the fight of his political life, Sessions recused himself from the fake Russia Investigation.

Now, Jeff Sessions is set to make one announcement that no one ever thought was possible.

After weeks of speculation, the unthinkable appears on the verge of happening.

Former Attorney General and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions appears poised to enter the race for his old Senate seat. reports:

A woman who has worked closely with former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said she expects Sessions to announce that he is running for his former seat in the U.S. Senate.

Claire Austin, a Montgomery lobbyist who was communications director for Sessions when he was Alabama’s attorney general and was deputy campaign director on his first Senate campaign in 1996, said today she’s expecting her former boss to end months of speculation and qualify for the March 3 Republican primary. Friday is the deadline to enter the race.

“I feel very confident and cautiously optimistic that former Sen. Jeff Sessions will qualify to run for the U.S. Senate,” Austin said.

Other news outlets are reporting that sources are saying Sessions is likely to run.

This race will be decided on how President Trump views Sessions’ candidacy.

The President blames Sessions’ recusal in the Russia Investigation over Robert Mueller’s appointment.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the decided favorite to defeat incumbent Senator Doug Jones.

Will the President determine that any of the Republicans are just as good as another and attack Sessions?

If that happens, Sessions’ candidacy is finished.

But if the President stays out of the race, it is likely that Sessions will prevail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Joseph, please don’t be an idiot like so many on your side.
    You cannot put children in criminal detention with their parents because it is against the law, and separation was going on all throughout the Obama reign but you were silent. Why?

  2. No Joseph, Trump did not say there are good KKK or Nazi people. What Trump said was there are good people on both sides, meaning right and left. The tea party would be an example of good on the right while the KKK would be an example of bad on the right. Not sure of any good folks on the left so you can fill us in.
    Also, Obama had a couple of racists that supported him too but you people never called Obama a racist. Why?
    Obama also had a terrorist and a couple of crooks on his side too. No complaints from your side on that either. Why?

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