Jeff Sessions is set to make one announcement that no one ever thought was possible

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a figure of great controversy during his time in the Trump administration.

With Donald Trump in the fight of his political life, Sessions recused himself from the fake Russia Investigation.

Now, Jeff Sessions is set to make one announcement that no one ever thought was possible.

After weeks of speculation, the unthinkable appears on the verge of happening.

Former Attorney General and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions appears poised to enter the race for his old Senate seat. reports:

A woman who has worked closely with former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said she expects Sessions to announce that he is running for his former seat in the U.S. Senate.

Claire Austin, a Montgomery lobbyist who was communications director for Sessions when he was Alabama’s attorney general and was deputy campaign director on his first Senate campaign in 1996, said today she’s expecting her former boss to end months of speculation and qualify for the March 3 Republican primary. Friday is the deadline to enter the race.

“I feel very confident and cautiously optimistic that former Sen. Jeff Sessions will qualify to run for the U.S. Senate,” Austin said.

Other news outlets are reporting that sources are saying Sessions is likely to run.

This race will be decided on how President Trump views Sessions’ candidacy.

The President blames Sessions’ recusal in the Russia Investigation over Robert Mueller’s appointment.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the decided favorite to defeat incumbent Senator Doug Jones.

Will the President determine that any of the Republicans are just as good as another and attack Sessions?

If that happens, Sessions’ candidacy is finished.

But if the President stays out of the race, it is likely that Sessions will prevail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Joseph, please don’t be an idiot like so many on your side.
    You cannot put children in criminal detention with their parents because it is against the law, and separation was going on all throughout the Obama reign but you were silent. Why?

  2. No Joseph, Trump did not say there are good KKK or Nazi people. What Trump said was there are good people on both sides, meaning right and left. The tea party would be an example of good on the right while the KKK would be an example of bad on the right. Not sure of any good folks on the left so you can fill us in.
    Also, Obama had a couple of racists that supported him too but you people never called Obama a racist. Why?
    Obama also had a terrorist and a couple of crooks on his side too. No complaints from your side on that either. Why?

  3. ship Trump to Russia or North Korea since he admires their leaders so much – if separating children from their parents, abandoning our Kurdish allies, leaving the Paris climate accord, NAFTA, and Iran nuclear power treaty which no other nation left who signed it, disrespecting women and veterans great than you have a different definition of great and one cannot reason with a person who is prejudiced plus Trump is no friend of Jesus because he care not for the poor.

  4. you show your prejudice and ignore the fact that by his behavior Trump is a real racist – FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office – he thinks there are some good Nazi and KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups support him. Sessions was ethically correct in recusing himself from that investigation; he was simply following the canons of his professions – of course Mr. Trump would not understand that because he knows nothing of ethics and is amoral.

  5. To the Redman, your right the democratic white people hate everybody including you, you ignorant moron. White Democrats are the biggest racist and make a lot of money off you dumb supporter of liberals. Just remember one thing President Trump made his money by working and thinking. Democrats made their money by ripping off you idiots. They are rich and your still in a hell hole, maybe you live off the hard working citizens. So you and all your basement living liberals can crawl back into your hole.

  6. session,s spent 30 year,s in washington did nothing, he,s a has been,let
    him stay at home out off the way. jim p

  7. Tom you’re the one that doesn’t understand what right is. Right is letting the president do his job without being f—ked with by leftist cocksuckers every day.

  8. Good luck Sessions. Hope you win and thanks for doing right and recusing yourself under a president who doesn’t understand what “right” is!

  9. Sessions could get the nomination. This is to the people in Alabama that might read this post. If he gets nominated, for God’s sake elect him. Even if you hold your noses to do that. We need to get the senate seat out of commiecrat hands. But please vet the candidates and really try to make a good decision. Remember what’s at stake. I understand you good people in Alabama rejecting Moore. He should have dropped out with his baggage. But we can only hope for the best going forward.

  10. Hopefully, Alabama voters will be intelligent enough to soundly reject Sessions’ attempt to re-enter the Senate. He is an obvious ‘snake-in-the-grass’. He would be another Romney.

  11. Sessions may have been a good Senator even though he was a horrible Attorney General. He should not have recused himself. He could have stopped the Russian Hoax and the senseless Mueller investigation. As long as he returns to the Senate and supports the Republican Conservative values and the President he will be okay. If Trump endorses him he will win. If Trump does not endorse him there is a chance a Democrap will win which is no good.

  12. To say Trump will hold a grudge and not endorse Sessions I have to call wrong. Trump doesn’t hold grudges. He learned in business it’s not profitable to do so. Jeff just endorsed Trump. Trump I think will accept his endorsement and reciprocate. They are both in it to win.

  13. You’re talking about brown men, actually. Throwing children off cliffs, giving them addictions and a life of crime (Hispanics), so you’re lucky if you live here where the white men could read and write and grow fabulous crops. Because before they came, the Natives did a lot of fighting and took slaves.

  14. If I was an Alabaman I’d seriously question Session’s re-entry. Was he an effective voice for his State? If yes, then more power to him, if No, then why bother?

  15. Decent, Maybe, but a lousy Republican. Jeff to me was a N.W.O. Mole from the get go. A sell out to the American people. Who could or would trust him again?

  16. watched him on tucker he can say whatever my dad told me not to listen to what they say watch what they do & I watched sessions pretend to be gop as he sold us out to his good friend rosenstein comey etc if he were honest would never have recused he knew he was opening the door for the 3 yrs of hell left has put our President & our country through/remember he was a dem until they couldn’t get elected in bama CRAWL BACK IN YOUR HOLE TRAITOR!

  17. Don, the Attorney Generals job is not to be Trump’s PERSONAL lawyer!!!!!!! We all know Don the Con raided his so called “charitable” foundation to pay personal debts and of course Mr. Vain had to buy portraits of himself to flaunt. Does this person have any SHAME????????? HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  18. fart
    Donald Trump deliberately says and does things to trigger the intellectually challenged democrats. It doesn’t take too much to trigger a democrat.

  19. Good luck with that Mr. Sessions. You failed to do your job as attorney general by recusing yourself from your appointed duties. I don’t expect you would be welcomed back by voters after the way you failed our President.

  20. There might not be a Sessions campaign. He has to win the primary to be a front runner. He’s been in Washington too long. It’s time for a fresh republican.

  21. Praise be to Allah our lord and savior waiting in heaven for us who follow his prophet Mohammad and do all it commands in the holy book. Allah will smite the white racists for their indiscretions and peace be upon them who hold firm Amen!

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  23. Robert, you speak of “ignorance” of history……Here are some from your POTUS, during the Revolutionary War the Army took over the airports, how was that possible when the first flight never occurred until the very early 1900’s and they also sang the Star Spangled Bannner but that wasn’t written until 1814. But then again if Trump “stated” that it has too be true, because after all the man (just ask him) has never told a lie!!!!!! Think it would be more like, it’s “rare” when he speaks the truth. The guy is a major league CON MAN!!!!!!!

  24. I don’t know what you are and I don’t care.But your ignorance of history is really apparent.It is also apparent that you love wallowing in your own ignorance.but you are still allowed to voice your baseless, unifromed opinions. You can thank the conservtives for that.


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