Jeff Sessions just cleaned up Barack Obama’s worst mess

Under Barack Obama’s open border policies illegal aliens flooded America.

Allowing illegal aliens to invade America to force Congress to accept amnesty was a central pillar of Obama’s scheme to “fundamentally” transform America.

But that all changed when Jeff Sessions cleaned up this big mess.

Under Obama, the government allowed illegal aliens to use flimsy excuses to claim credible fear of harm in their home countries in order to gain asylum.

Obama loosened the rules so gang and domestic violence would be grounds for granting asylum.

This led to 80 percent of asylum seekers winning their case and being allowed to remain in America.

Jeff Sessions closed the loopholes and began enforcing immigration law.

And this led to one immigration lawyer claiming this has led nearly double the amount of illegal aliens being turned away.

The Associated Press reports:

Immigration lawyers say that’s meant more asylum seekers failing interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to establish credible fear of harm in their home countries. They also say that immigration judges, who work for the Justice Department, are overwhelmingly signing off on those recommendations during appeals, effectively ending what could have been a yearslong asylum process almost before it’s begun.

“This is a direct, manipulated attack on the asylum process,” said Sofia Casini of the Austin nonprofit Grassroots Leadership, which has been working with immigrant women held at the nearby T. Don Hutto detention center who were separated from their kids under a widely condemned policy that President Donald Trump ended on June 20.

Casini said that of the roughly 35 separated mothers her group worked with, more than a third failed their credible fear interviews, which she said is about twice the failure rate of before the new restrictions took effect. Nationally, more than 2,000 immigrant children and parents have yet to be reunited, including Aragon and her daughter, who is being held at a New York children’s shelter and whose future is as unclear as her mother’s.

Donald Trump was elected to put America First and that started with his promise to secure the borders.

Trump has stated America will not be refugee camp and ending Obama’s open border policies is a big down payment on fulfilling his promise.


  1. MRS. SESSIONS IS AN F’n failure and should be fired as so as the MR. MAGOO MULLER SHOW IS OVER with thier BS Russian whatever you want to call because an investigation it’s not….. This little worm has done nothing to protect our President and put all these A-Holes on the run.
    Thank you

  2. I wonder how many conservatives, feel the angst as I do of the Sunday Fake News Media as they only produce the show to topple the President who is doing a remarkable job, even with the obstruction in his path by Republican Rino’s? Even the only thin thread given by Criss Wallace is insufferable, as he attempts to discount the President and the gains he has made for the country. Chris is now becoming the old Mike Wallace a staunch Liberal in action. Of the four Sunday shows, not one, defended Trump’s action against Obama CIA director Brennan, not one brought up the fact that Brennan was major in the Russian Dossier ruse and that Brennan has a clouded past with his politcal leanings. President Trump needs every one of our votes and what every other vote we can garner for his election. The Fake News Media including 300 newspapers are party to bring his presidency down. Remember the leader of the old failed administration is leading the charge to unseat the President with no holds barred.

  3. Sessions, made his first mistake, when he recused himself from Hillary Clinton and her cabal. Now he pecks around and only does what he thinks is necessary and first. There has to be something that he is not saying or covering up. She has made a mockery of the AG and the dept of Injustice is covering her and her repeated actions. Where is Sessions, what is he hiding from President Trump?

  4. Sessions, will only have done his job, when he takes up the cancer of the decade, Hillary Clinton and exposes her with a much needed investigation and indictment for her seditious crimes and money laundering. Lets not forget that she tried by paying for fraudulent papers (Russian Dossier)to unseat our President Trump for that she must pay.

  5. Naa, don’t nuke it as the prevailing west wind will blow all the dust to us. I say to just divide up the state into 4 sections, which basically it is now. Both San Francisco and LA control the present state. So Make a southern California, Western California, Eastern California, and Northern Californa. Let the West and North join the common since areas of the US. Then build walls with check points around the rest, like the Mexican Wall, and enforce it. Keep all the fruits and nuts in California where they grow the best, keep the mexican gangs in there, keep the overflowing mexican immigration in the south, keep the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and Waters to run them as a Hobby for those sick women, and leave the rest of the country alone. They can do anything they want in the remaining two sections, live off their own taxes, elect their own leaders, enforce their own laws, and dole out welfare as they desire. When they’re broke, tough luck. No contributions from us. Right now California takes in more federal money than any other state, contributes very little but trouble, and has as another person has said, has turned from a Garden of Eden into a Sodom & Gomorrah cess pool of humanity. Who needs it?

  6. So Sessions finally got off his butt and started to
    do his job! That is GREAT! Come election time we need
    to vote all DemoCraps and RINOS out of office! We can
    do this! We have to do this if we expect to save our
    country! We finally got a real President; let’s help
    him MAGA! Let’s all get together and shut the Deep State

  7. I agree with you 100%. as a 90 year old third generation Democrat. Manny years ago being FIRST an American, I came to the conclusion to VOTE the Person , not the Party. That adds up to putting America First This election it means Republicans.

  8. Yes, AG Sessions Will Continue to Do His Work
    re Immigration, NoMatter what Anyone Says –
    > & Thank You.

  9. It is a good thing that Sesssion’s is helping clean up the mess Obama left. President Trump has had an incredible job to do, and to have to fight for everything has been hard.

  10. I do and I donate . But lets all vote republican for the sake of our country and the President who inherited corruption inside and out, and is cleaning up the mess left by Hussein and company. No RINO’s please, vote them out during the primary.

  11. The Mid-Terms need everyone participating! We cannot afford to lose control, also, donate! I know every time I get mail it’s someone wanting money, but this is Yuge!

  12. California is like Sodom, and Gomorrah, let the good ones come out, if peradventure,there are any, then nuke it!

  13. Yes, High Treason! The DNC knew obama was a foreign born con man just like his father! Public hanging is a great deterrent!

  14. The Democrats and other Liberals claim that no Illegal Aliens are on Welfare Rolls and yet The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) (Search FAIR Report for full details) , a conservative advocacy group that favors tighter immigration laws, argues that the answer is clear: illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year.
    I guess they don’t need Welfare when they can get all this other free stuff

  15. Brennan,
    Obviously you do not like your country.
    First grab your Heath by the ears (assuming you can find it) and pull it out of your ass.
    Next leave the country and go to Russia where you will be loved????

  16. Wonderful idea. Let Mexico worry about the flood of people. They are allowing them access and allowing them to cross Mexico.

  17. Marlene, that is so sad but very true and you said it very correctly.

    I thought I would never live to see illegals who are criminals by virtue of theit status as being qualified to vote in elections in which they do not have that right by law!

    In my view, everything needs to be done within the law to get rid of these people, jail the leaders of every city or locale for aiding and abetting felonious conduct and deny forever the very existence of ‘sanctuary” status of any kind on penalty of law.

    The sooner the wall can be built, the deportation of all who are here illegally carried out, and thereby relegate the Democratic Party to the trash heap of history, the better for all of us.

  18. Arthur, perhaps the O’buckwheats can put them all up at their multimillion dollar mansion in Delusional City. That would bring the problem right into Congress back yard. I doubt any member of Congress that close to their families. The O’s undoubtedly have wall around their home and armed S.S feed and house them all Brrrrrak. You signed the bill to separate those Pooooor “refugees’

  19. I’m guessing you haven’t read a single word about the gigantic case load Sessions faces or the cumbersome number of steps it take justice is up against. There is nothing simple about the law. It took over a year and a half to finalize a simple divorce. I take it you have never been personally involved in the justice,system outside of a legal TV series. Nothing is solved in 24 hrs.. no matter who is the AG, nothing will be solved quickly.. you also have no knowledge of how many cases he is involved in. Sit back down armchair lawyer/prosecutor.

  20. We are also very disappointed with AG Sessions performance and we can’t imagine what is really going on with him? The Left likes the status quo because Sessions is ineffective for now. We just keep hoping that he has something up his sleeve before Midterms?

  21. Isn’t this Brennan guy the ugliest and most sinister besides Mueller and Clapper? They would have fit right into the Gestapo!

  22. And Communist Brennan has the audacity to accuse our amazing president of treason. Brennan needs to look in the mirror when referring to treason; however, he may not want to do that because the reflection would be ugly.

  23. How does one identify a RINO before he/she is elected? It would not voluntarily self-identify or say anything that will allow one to identify it as one before election?

  24. “Allowing illegal aliens to invade America to force Congress to accept amnesty was a central pillar of Obama’s scheme to “fundamentally” transform America”….
    In a sane world this would be tantamount to reason…in a sane world ohbummer and the creature to whom he pretends to be ‘married’, along with holder, clinton, soros and 99.99% of the fascist sewer would’ve, at the very least, been tossed OUT of the country, or INTO the pen…

  25. Robert thx you for speaking up we must not sit “IDOL” folks if you really believe in “AMERICA” get out and vote straight republican lets show them who is boss “GOD” “TRUMP” “MILITARY” and dont forget us “THE TRUE AMERICANS” hey everyone lets go get our ” flag ” and enendate our cars and homes with the “GREAT USA FLAG” FYI: has anyone noticed that walmart has so many immigrants working.? went into Walmart the other day and asking the stockers in the aisles where the liquid chocolate was the one person cound not underastand what i as asking for so went to another aisle and he did not either. so found the chocolate on my own and then went to check out so here I am waiting in line and i counted 6 immigrants-1 black-1 hispanic please tell me where are all the whites/blacks/hispanics “AMERICANS” why are the americans not working? the vets etc could be a walmart greeter and earn some money and feel good about themselves getting to work, see & socialize some with others/ male them feel still needed.

  26. the globalist wanted chaos and our political system disrupted. this is the main reason BO was put into the oval office. he did his part gladly as he has deep rooted animosity towards this country. his early years tell who he was/is. all we can do is pray that the Lord has a plan that grants us another chance. Hope we don’t blow it.

  27. Sharon I wish it were that easy. Gov. Jerry Brown has claimed CA a sanctuary state, he and the liberal Demos do anything they want while breaking the law but, nothing is able to stop them. He is underhandedly controlling this state and doing as much damage as he can before his term is up. He doesn’t care about the harm that will come from allowing illegals to vote in our elections. This is against our law! If the Demos win the elections with illegal votes, this state is doomed.

  28. How about letting them come the way legal immigrants come and came. Do you have a clue what it takes too become a citizen the right way? may you should get your head out of the sand, read, read and learn It is not fair to those that came here legally. to just let anyone who come across the border live here especially free on the tax payers money

  29. It’s the first thing Sessions done right & you now want to fire him for it lol Democrats anything for a vote! by the way even illegal mexicans don’t want abortions, So do you still want them here lol

  30. Angelica, that is all so very true and it is shameful that politics has to get in the way of doing what is right by and for this country. I wonder why the public at large continues to vote for such corrupt officials when it takes a real man to try and right the wrongs of such bad administrations or criminal such as Obama’s.

  31. Need to get Na… blink blink blink, oh yea, Nancy a bed in the insane asylum. She clearly has problems and ol’ Chucky is too self centered to help Na Na Na oh yea Nancy, and the Hillary Bill team don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  32. They are all in bed with Obama/Clinton, and getting freebies. And probably can’t find a country that wants them or would put up with their BS.

  33. GySgt Lew…The corruption is so deep that it may take YEARS to get rid of. Meaning people like you and me may not see it. But it may take another Revolution to straighten out this mess. But people are going to have to figure out if freedom is really what they want. You know only 3% of the people backed the First Revolution and our Founding Fathers…the rest were like today, lazy and didn’t want to get involved. BUT they reaped the rewards of the blood shed by the brave. We would not be living the life we are today if NOT for the truly brave Founding Fathers making this a FREE nation…UNDER GOD!

  34. Set up a Go Fund Me account for BUILD THE WALL. The wall would be funded in a week and no tax dollars used. Win Win and the democrats go insane and kill each other. Three wins@!

  35. Tom you have said a “,mouth full ” with your response and you are Correct !NOT a single one of the asswipe have the balls to do anything !!

  36. It is up to the citizens of California and the election board to stop illegals from voting. Maybe we need to vote based on your SS number, because illegals should not receive SS numbers.

  37. Vote Republican senators, Republican congressmen and congresswomen, except the RINOs. Make the Congress all RED this coming mid term election. America has to move forward correcting the Obama/democrat messes and make the needed reforms to close the loopholes. Time has changed, the world’s occupants are no longer the law abiding people that used to be. Save the next generation.

  38. The president the AG and congress all have the power. None of which has chosen to use it. The house can pull funds but they will not. Congress could stop it at anytime but they won’t. The president could but he can’t because of congress. The Republicans have to many RINO in place to have a pair to support the duly elected President. That says it all.

  39. Fire Sessions NOW! They say President Trump would not get another AG confirmed if he does that but I say we don’t have one now. I believe Sessions, along with Rosenstein, are part of the deep state and duped Trump by claiming to support him from the start. Time to clean house for real and get someone in there with balls.

  40. You are a bigger problem than Sessions or the President. If it takes insanity to build a billion dollar business and raise some of the smartest and most stable family we’ve seen in a long time than insanity gets a bad rap.

  41. and our northern border also. Canada has a lot of illegals That is another larger problem that hasn’t popped up yet But it will and we will be flooded with illegals from Canada

  42. San Francisco now is letting non-citenzens and illegals vote. Letting these non-citezens and illegals is acancer to our America and need to be stopped.

  43. Please reply to this: Who has the POWER to Stop Mueller’s investigation and get Soros sent back to Russia? Well take care of the Anti-Trumpers, Liberals and the Biased Media.

  44. All of the above comments have a lot of merit – great ideas, but is anybody with any Power listening or reading them??? I want to see some replies from the people that can do the things that are suggested – any takers ?????

  45. It’s about time that the law had some teeth. The wall must be built.
    The liberals see the immigrants only as votes, so they can maintain control.

  46. The democratic party needs voters so they want as many illegals as possible to vote for them. You do realize that illegals are permitted and encouraged to vote in California and New York. Some other blue states are pushing this also by not requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. It is the only way democrats can win elections even in blue states.

  47. No one has the BALLS to step up and do this – that’s why I’m very disappointed with the GOP and Jeff Sessions. Someone PLEASE get rid of the trash and start backing your President…. Let’s make our America GREAT again….

  48. I agree. It is time a bunch of them, including Clinton’s, we’re in prison for long sentence’s.

  49. It is amazing that with all the challenges this country faces and all the issues that congress needs to deal with that the democrat’s biggest yew and cry is to prevent boarder security and allow illegal entry of foreign nationals into our country. A secure boarder and enforcement of our laws should be a no brainer. For those that care about America there should not be any argument at all. Congress’s time would be better spent working on ways to reduce the deficit and establishing a balanced budget. And ways to eliminate government waste. And that is just for starters.

  50. Please to see the rule of law has been enacted by Session & promises kept by America’s strong leader our President Trump our nation has become a dumping pot, not a melting pot.

  51. Tough bananas, send them all back where they came from. We don’t need anymore welfare recipients here thank you. We are the worlds food basket not the worlds septic tank.

  52. In my view and I agree with you, is that all of them have committed a crime by being here illegally. Every one of them, the children included, need to be returned to their respective country and not allowed to reenter.

    The wall needs to be built and the ‘zero tolerance’ policy is the correct one. These people need to know that if they come here illegally, then they pay a price and hopefully, in time, this will be a deterrent for anyone else contemplating coming here.

  53. To make sure we get this wall done we all need to be a part of it. I for one would like to see us posibility use a entry on filing our income taxes like they used to have a place to donate for elections, I think it was $2.oo. But we could decide what WE want to give to get this done and then the IRS can let us use the donation as a charity deduction. If this will make us all responsible for helping then I feel we are truly voicing our actions toward this wall. The Dems will obstruct but what new. I am very glad the Oath Keepers are getting on board and they will be a great help to detour the current Nancy and Maxine madness in CA. We may just be turning the corner on all the EVIL in this country. God Bless Our Country,

  54. Obama said he was going to transforme this country. He did his best with the help of both sides of the isles.
    Time to round up all the dirty politicians and this invasion force they have been letting enter.
    Put everybody in the fema camps Obama built. Let em stay there.
    Stop with the free stuff.
    These people obama let come here in his first few attempts get a better living given to them than most retired citizens.





  57. Separation of families IS NOT TRUMP’S ‘POLICY’; it is the law enacted by obimbo to verify who the child’s parents really are. Liberals NEVER TELL THE TRUTH.

  58. Actually, what we need to do, in my humble opinion as a vet, is bring our troops home and station them on our southern border, until the wall is built. And, that can be done without any further need for Congress to approve it. As Commander-in-Chief, President Trump, can tell his generals that he wants the US Army Corp of Engineers to build the wall across the whole southern border. The President and Congress gave the DoD a huge bag of money in the last budget passed! This can be done without having to go to Congress to get money or an OK! Write to President Trump telling him this, at Maybe if enough of us do, he will!

  59. And, that my friend, is EXACTLY what they want! Vote Republican and bring in the people that will MAGA by helping Trump’s agenda!

  60. This is one of the most important reasons I voted for Trump! We will accept any immigrant that wants to come to this country LEGALLY! I never voted for Obama and his HATE AMERICA agenda! I am glad that Sessions is cleaning up Obummer’s nightmare, and I do feel sorry for these people, but do it LEGALLY, and we, the American people, will accept you gladly. But coming into our country by breaking our laws is NOT the way to do it!

  61. Barrack odumbass did transform America as he said he would. Look how much more divided we are. The plan was to divide and conquer. But us patriots won’t be conquered. More democrats and independends are coming to our side. Welcome all comers if you are really interested in saving our republic.

  62. Exactly! Who commits a crime while dragging along their 14 day old child? Or forcibly invades a country against the law with your and/or your neighbor’s kids in tow? Who does that? They sacrificed their children’s health and welfare by trying to invade with them in their arms (as leverage?). Now it is our fault & costly $$$$ responsibly to take these criminals in? And care and house them. Wait! Lets give them Attorneys, at the tax payers expense, to help them sue our country?! They are failing at proving their need for amnesty.
    They are illegal criminals once they cross the border. CRIMINALS THAT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OUR SOIL IMMEDIATELY! NOT FED AND CARED FOR! But perhaps shot if they do not go back. Crossing illegally is a crime. Why do so many ignore that fact?
    Or Perhaps Hillary or Barack should open their doors and pocketbooks for them to go to their homes for protection? That will NEVER happen! They are the special elite that get paid to commit crimes against the AMERICAN PEOPLE!


  64. Remove all illegals. They are costing us billions of dollars that should be spent on Americans. Americans MUST come first. I want the bleeding hearts to bleed for LEGAL AMERICANS.

  65. Well, we still need to put up the wall.

    We also need to empower the National Guard to make a physical arrest rather than waiting for the border patrol to come get the aliens. Why? Clearly, what the aliens did is a foreign invasion.

    Sh-t, of all the years, we have been wondering why the government did not act to stop the flow. It was the senior RINOs such as John McCain and others that stay silent over 30 years. Trump exposed the truth …

    It is already hardened to enforce the immigration laws. Yeah, the liberals call for the abolishment of ICE.

    That tells you one thing: we must win November election. We all have to be proactive. Get your voter registration ready!

    MAGA for life!

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