Jeff Sessions just got stabbed in the back in the worst way possible

Donald Trump was elected to Make American Great Again.

Part of Trump’s plan was appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General in order to implement his immigration agenda.

But Sessions just got stabbed in the back in the worst way.

Recently, House homeland-defense appropriations committee chairman Kevin Yoder of Kansas approved an amendment from North Carolina Democrat David Price that would defund the administration’s changes to asylum law.

In June, Sessions announced he was reversing Obama-era policies that let migrants win asylum because they feared gang or domestic violence.

Breitbart reports:

Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder rejected a personal plea July 25 from Attorney General Jeff Sessions before Yoder voted to revive former President Barack Obama’s catch-and-release policy for economic migrants, sources tell Breitbart News.

Sessions’ telephone plea was delivered during the markup session for the 2019 homeland defense budget, where Yoder – who chairs the House homeland-defense appropriations committee — ensured passage of a Democratic amendment to revive Obama’s catch-and-release policies.

Yoder’s surprise vote and rebuff of Sessions came one day after Yoder flew with President Donald Trump in Air Force One down to a July 24 Kansas rally. Sessions is Trump’s main ally in fighting illegal migration, which is playing a large role in the November midterm elections.

Sessions called multiple legislators on the committee, but all except one of the 30 GOP legislators approved the completed budget plan, which includes the Yoder giveaway plus several additional cheap-labor giveaways. “The Attorney General personally made multiple phone calls to committee members,” said a second source.

Yoder’s office declined to comment. “We don’t have any more to add on this topic,” a spokesman said August 9.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, swamp “Republicans” like Kevin Yoder have resisted his agenda every bit as much as the Democrats.

But the good news is Trump is threatening to shut down the government over funding for the border wall so he is serious about fighting for his immigration priorities.

So there is hope Yoder’s open borders betrayal is reversed.


  1. Sessions has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself.

  2. Thankyou Fisherman your comment really touched me brought me to tears thier have been many lost friends that you thought were friends and lost lives for hateful reasons in the name of God.but forgot that you are right we all have to remember what the word of God tells us

  3. M – Well, Actually Diane etc are ‘chimera’. Know re ‘chimeras’???
    > Lika a rat/mouse mixed w/ cluck, cluck Chicken Chickee/ But
    not a Turkey/ then mixed w/ humano genes. ‘Chimeras’ ARE Real.
    > Diane need read ‘my stufff’. hmm – squeak -squeak, cluck -cluck.
    __ eee gadz. hmm.
    > 0h, ps. ‘Steel Power’ – rite? RITE!!! &&& U Made ‘it’ Haha.

  4. steel magnolia, Diane is a teeny tiny rat and doesn’t eat much, probably not hungry. (I know, makes noise like a giant rat) You are a hoot, so much fun!

  5. Hey M – Read 0nly 2x ??? wow- U V. Smart. Took me
    re 2000 yrs.+ to ‘get ‘it’ ___ & Is a ‘yikemeister’
    for sure. heh.
    >ps Where’s Diane ??? (squeak- squeak, cheese please.)

  6. Hey steel magnolia, I believe I know what you are saying. However, I had to read it twice and think on it. It’s all cool. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. ps. > the “Golden Rule” to This Day has Not Been fulfilled.
    Nor Will ‘it’ EVER BE – Unless, Start All 0ver AGAIN.
    > the Great Deluge (noah’s Ark etc) Did Not Accomplish ‘stuff’
    > the ‘sleeping Giants’ Remain. & Waiting.
    > Any0ne Here ‘Get ‘THIS’ ??? ok, enuff. whew.

  8. Haha – ‘pop up’, should i bequeath U
    a new ‘nickname’ ??? pop-up Dan.
    Haha haaa. ♥U. Stay Strong,no?

  9. hmm. a few words dropped After .”consciousness”.
    I Said: Sentient Beings thru the UNIVERSAL ENERGY
    FORCE thru ‘free will’ Determine an Emotion of
    Good vs. Evile. & HAS Nothing To DO W/ Universal
    Electrical Force of ‘positve & negative’.
    > Those words are Synonyms, but mean V. Diff thangs
    at the same time.
    > the “Golden Rule” to This Day has Not Been fulfilled.

  10. There IS a Huge Problem/FLAW re ‘the Golden Rule’. ‘turning cheek’ Results
    in Non-Active Complacency. Period. We Witness those Results Today.
    > History tells us Certain groups of ppl Abuse themselves & think
    Nothing of ‘continued’ ‘practice’ to 0thers. 1 Ex: Self/and/or Human/ Animal SACRIFICE. Continues Today. Bible Is Prolific re SACRIFICE.
    > What ‘we’ call G__D IS An 0mnipotent/Massive/Ubiquitous/0MNIPRESENT
    UNIVERSAL ENERGY FORCE. ie. Positve/Negative Electrical Forces That
    Prevents Homeostasis ( 0n 0ur Planet). Please Capish re ‘homeostasis’. hmm.
    > The ‘trickle down’ Force to Sentient Beings in >consciousness Sometimes = Must FIGHT FIRE w/ FIRE. M – i tink U get ‘it’ ___ ♥
    ps. the Noble <" Love thy Neighbor As Thyself" Does Not/ Nor Has, to
    This Day, in the Year of 0ur Lord 2018. hmm

  11. Replying to Fisherman’s remark.

    AMEN! Sir, you gave the perfect answer for everyone to follow by, just like God and Jesus intended for everyone to follow. I believe, when you treat someone in the way that you would want to be treated, then, hopefully, everything will follow like it should.

    Again Sir, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. M,
    True. The Golden Rule only works if the person practicing it knows that the rule is a choice. We should practice it toward everyone but realize that the Rule may not be practiced toward us. However; God promises that He protects those who follow His commandments and the second greatest commandment He gave us in His word is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Perhaps those who treat others badly do not love themselves. Have a blessed day!

  13. Lori,
    Oxford definition of diction, “The choice and use of words and phrases in speech and writing.”
    The way a person writes his or her thoughts or their choice of the way they put words on paper and email, is diction. Diction is neither wrong or right. It is the individual’s choice.
    Grammar is speech or writing evaluated by its conformity to grammatical rules.

  14. Fisherman, I can’t tell you how many comments I have started in a civil manner either to Republicans and/or Democrats only for it to go south very quickly. I have spent a lot of time wondering if it is me and/or the other person or if it is a poisonous political atmosphere in America. I also see Dems attacking Republicans, who are being very cordial, in a vicious mean demeaning way and I take strong offense to that. I can take care of myself but, don’t want a mean person being ugly to really nice good people. I do get frustrated and return fire knowing it is not doing any good and won’t change a thing. I just hate for liberals who are fully prepared and trained to bully, attempt it. Liberals write comments on a conservative website for one reason, to create chaos and make Republicans angry and frustrated. The name calling and insults really do get vicious and neither side is going to change so it is really a futile exercise. It is just so hard to ignore a mean bully and I do fail to ignore it. I have found that it does not make it better to ignore them, if you do, they will find another innocent Republican to harass and insult. Taking the high road is a wonderful philosophy and I wish it would work but, sometime people won’t stop until you get down and dirty in gutter with them like it or not if you are going to blog. Lori, that you mentioned in your comment, would be just fine if she followed her own advice but, she has been so ugly especially to people who maybe don’t have good grammar or misspell words and other mean statements to people as well, that is just so ugly. I find myself rushing to their defense. It is a bad situation but I don’t know how to reason with the unreasonable.

  15. Z,
    I may be wrong but I don’t think the immigrants that you are referring to can afford to pay $150 for the plane ticket. Financial oppression is a main reason that many of them flee their country of origin.

  16. Z,
    He is smart enough that Americans and other countries are saying President Trump and not President Clinton. The Wharton professor misjudged this student.

  17. I like civil discussions that make me really think. Most people I believe will read or listen to opposing views and possibly learn from them if the one they disagree with is respectful of them and does not attack them with injurious words of their views or their personhood. All other(hitting below the belt) debate and discussion is fruitless and serves neither side because both leave feeling that the opposing person’s lack of civility is testament to why they oppose that particular viewpoint. Nothing accomplished 1, possible progress 0.
    Since Lori opened the subject about the Golden Rule, I feel that I may expand on the subject. Since the Golden Rule is from the Holy Bible I will go to the scripture to expand. Matthew 5:44 I say to you love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.
    Those words are the words of Jesus. If we treat others as we want others to treat us, then we will do what He said. He knew and knows it is always best to “take the high road.”
    I am a conservative Republican and more important,a flawed person who believes in God and His only begotten Son, Jesus (a Christian). If a person believes in the Golden Rule, it will be apparent in the way they treat others, showing God’s love through their words and deeds to others, friend and foe alike.
    My prayer is that we as Americans will come together again and disagree cordially and stop standing in our own way of getting accomplishments done that benefit all of the citizens who proudly call this country home. Democrats and Republicans alike. God bless the USA!????????
    An elderly American

  18. The “erstablishment” Republicans need to go. This jackass Yoder flys with President Trunp while planning to stop jhis efforte to slow down illegal immigration. Et tu Brute. Maybe President Trump will invite him to fly om=n AF1 ansd have someone open a door for him at 35,000′.

  19. Haha – yee haaa. Sunday nite Comedy Central.
    They’re Back! Kitty Katz Diane/Lori
    (w/rabies) ouch.( esp.if you’re not Immune)

  20. steel magnolia, That’ a good challange! Love your name, have heard it somewhere before. Now, let see…….Oh, I know where it was.

  21. i wonder sometimes, a deal between them ie: ‘public thrashing’
    distracts coverage of the ‘Real Deal’. haha. Meanwhile ___

  22. Hi Diane, please List 4000+ Lies you tout
    &&& don’t push it off on googie google.
    ( a cheap cowards way out – but you will
    come thru, for sure.)
    > RR will post your stated 4000+ Lies.
    > Back it up girrrl/ &&& guess what, i like U
    & learn a lot. Have U ever ‘thought’ about
    being a Certified ‘teacher’.

  23. Yes Kate, Ag Sessions Has done more re ‘illegal policies/sanct citites/ ms 13
    than msm reports. Also 0ver 600 busts in ‘medical’ fraud. no reports from
    msm. Perhaps just as well. AG is Quietly Doing a Really Good Job.
    ie: “Close to the Vest” .

  24. Dan T, Diane is even more uniformed and unintelligent than I thought she was. I guess the idiot really believes all Republicans are altright. She everything except said she thinks you are. She literally is the most radical crazy commie Dem lib I have come across to date. Of course, there is always tomorrow! Pay no attention and consider the source, a sewer bottom feeder rat. Now she is nasty! Just a waste of good air.

  25. He’s just another democrat, claiming to be conservative, while betraying the American people. We don’t people like him in Congress, or any other position of authority. People like Yoder don’t care about Americans, they just want to finish the destruction of the US, that Obama started. He needs to be removed from Congress so he can’t do anymore harm to American citizens.

  26. M what that idiot Diane don’t realize is that I have no use for white supremists. I have never been involved with them and never will. The commiecrats don’t win on issues , just labeling people. It’s their message that people of color need the government to wipe their asses. And that they are too dump to make it on their own. If their rally fell flat, and they are really white supremists, then I’m glad.

  27. Rick, You are way to good! Diane thinks she has been pulverized with a Jack hammer today. Dan T. and I appreciate all the good help taming that shrew. So glad so many people recognize her for
    what she is and let her know it. It is okay for people to disagree but in the political atmosphere we have today things escalate and get out of hand quickly. It’s a shame but that’s the way it is. I loved what you said about knowing you got Diane good. She is so easy to read. She works too hard trying to assure you otherwise. When she does so much of her printed “horse laugh”, you know the hahahaha forty nine times, she is in a rage. We won’t be bothered seeing that again after she reads this. 🙂 🙂 I have an idea that something will happen in her life to make her and Lori sorry for talking down to less fortunate people and, they have it coming.

  28. Diane.. And libtards love to call conservatives “poorly educated!”

    The term “poorly educated” does NOT mean “stupid!” It simply means NOT brainwashed by liberal college professors! In other words the “poorly educated” are still “free thinkers” with a mind of their own! And much smarter than any so-called liberal

    Maxine Waters, Nazi Piglosi, Dianne Finestine, Pocahontas, Chucky Schumer etc.etc. are all dumber than a rock and as worthless as a bucket of warm piss!

    To call any of them “low I.Q.” is an insult to stupid people, they are IDIOTS! My German Shepherd is 10 times smarter than any of them and he licks his own butt and eats cat poop!

    Liberals have all the intelligence of a pet rock! Take Nazi Piglosi for example, and she is amongst the smartest of the rock pile! And stupid liberals keep voting for that dingbat proof they all have sub 30 IQ’s!

    Nancy Piglosi is considered one of the “smartest Liberals in Washington!” For that matter she’s the smartest liberal in the entire country! Even I think she is 10 TIMES smarter than Obama!

    She, Nancy Pelosi said CNN Coverage 500 Million People Will Lose Their Job Every Month!” How is this possible? Since there are only 330 Million people living in this country? And that is including every baby, child retired elderly and high school kid in the country!

    “But we have to pass the [health care] AKA Obozocare bill so that you can find out what’s in it….”

    Voting on a bill when you don’t know what’s in it is M0R0NlC. Proof that if Dems revealed what was in the bill, it would have never passed.

    Modern education and left wing media = creating people stupid enough to follow liberals and repeat what they’re told, and dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else…

    It is a shame that things like this have to explained to the left, especially when those people laughably hold themselves in such high educational regards.

  29. Diane, If you have to comment any saying something really stupid like , “Do you have teeth? Didn’t think so!”
    My post really bothered you.. mission accomplished. Never let them know they won.. shhhhhh.

    My German Shepherd is 10 times smarter than you and he licks his own butt and eats cat poop!

    This is you right?

  30. Diane, I’d take Trump “the liar” over Hillary the Felon any day! Hillarys greatist accomplishment….Hmmm….How about…….Excaping prosecution!

    How about 33000 deleted subpoenaed e-mails? If they had nothing to hide, why delete? And why smash cell phones with hammers?

    Here is the list of felonies Hillary Clinton is guilty of! The FBI under Comey and Mueller now stands for Fraudulent Biased Investigations. Obama had 8 years in office to corrupt all branches of the federal bureaucracy. So since Hillary the pant suit pig is above the law I doubt she will ever spend a single day where she belongs……In federal prison!

    18USC§201 Bribery
    18USC§208 Acts Effecting A Personal Financial Interest (Includes Recommendations)
    18USC§371 Conspiracy
    18USC§1001 False Statements
    18USC§1341 Frauds And Swindles (Mail Fraud)
    18USC§1343 Fraud By Wire
    18USC§1349 Attempt And Conspiracy (To Commit Fraud)
    18USC§1505 Obstruction Of Justice
    18USC§1519 Destruction (Alteration Or Falsification) Of Records In Federal Investigation
    18USC§1621 Perjury (Including Documents Signed Under Penalties Of Perjury)
    18USC§1905 Disclosure Of Confidential Information
    18USC§1924 Unauthorized Removal And Retention Of Classified Documents Or Material
    18USC§2071 Concealment (Removal Or Mutilation) Of Government Records
    18USC§7201 Attempt To Evade Or Defeat A Tax (Use Of Clinton Foundation Funds For Personal Or Political Purposes)
    18USC§7212 Attempts To Interfere With Administration Of Internal Revenue Laws (Call To IRS On Behalf Of UBS Not Turning Over Accounts To IRS)

    And that is what all you stupid liberals call “justice” the pant suit pig walks free! Hillary was indicted by the American people last November 8th! Today she is still screaming into her pillow! HA HA! Nuff SAID!

  31. Dan T, As dumb as it was for the the Altright to do a D.C. protest march. The altleft had more than they did by 500 to 1, guess that means the altleft is 500 times dumber than the altright? I am not a fan of the extremes but, I wondered if Diane might be there with Antifa or BLM until she started “trying” to make people angry on the blogs. Tee hee hee hee hee hee! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. Jhn – Do you know how to google? Just type in Trump Lies and all the articles come up. But I’ll play your asinine game. Trump’s words: “ The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Ruia did not influence electoral process”. It was a lie. They testified that Russia was out to hurt Clinton and help Trump. 2) He lied about winning the most electoral college votes since Regan. He won 304. George Bush, Sr won 426 electoral votes, Bill Clinton won 370 in 1992 and 379 in 1996 and Obama won 365 in 2008. I could go on, why should I? Look it up , Einstein, or get someone to help you!

  33. Dan – You should have taken all your right wing racists friends to DC today. The White Supremacy March fell flat on his face. There were only 16-20 White Supremacist that showed up. They were outnumbered 500 to 1 by sane Americans (bet most were Democrats). Hahahahaha

  34. Somebody tell sh-t face laughing hyena racist pig Diane that she is a joke to the world. To prove that, just about the whole world tore into her when she was so ugly to Brenda. You have limited
    vocabulary when insulting decent people, you hag. The term thin skinned
    is used up and pertains only to you
    Diane and maybe Lori. The people on these websites don’t like you Diane, poor thing, GET USED TO IT. What a miserable, slug, obsolete piece of trash. You are so mean and nasty a piece of dirty toilet paper wouldn’t let you use it. Now excuse me while I read over all your recent comments while laughing hysterically at what a joke you are. Hope it feels good to be the most hated person on any blog anywhere. Dumb brain dead monster using up good oxygen! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. BHO never ordered the demise of Bin Laden, he only took credit for it. It was already a standing order by Bush.

  36. Hey Rick, Can you blame ANY man for rejecting that erratic unstable piece of humanity, apologies to real humans with a real brain. Who would co-exist with such a fool, and it would be co-existing, because he could not have an opinion that relied on fact.

  37. Dan – I thought we were the same person? Hahahahaha, given up on that today? You and M provided me with a lot of entertainment today! Thanks for being so thin skinned!

  38. NAME ONE brain dead Diane. You continue to have the need to see your name on the screen but you fail miserably to produce ONE fact. As the NAACP says, The mind is a terrible thing to waste. God, it seems certainly did not want to waste one on you.

  39. Larry – Who ordered me? YOU???? Now that’s funny! Told you yesterday, I don’t respond to bullies (or low-life idiots).

  40. M – I’m laughing so hard at you right now! Thin skinned “it” or whatever you are. Doesn’t take much to get under that thin skin…..nor Rick’s for that matters! You’re giving yourself too much credit for “tearing into me”! It just made me laugh harder! Thanks, “IT”, you just made my Sunday! Hahahahaha

  41. Rick – Sorry, I’m not buying your whining! It doesn’t match the over 4,000 lies Trump has told since inauguration; truly a Liar-In-Chief.

  42. Dan T., I don’t even understand what you said about thumbs, switchboard, and Diane’s anatomy but I’m laughing so hard I can hardly write this!

  43. Dan T., I just tore into Diane for being nasty to Brenda too. I didn’t mention Brenda by name, didn’t have to. Did you see it? With all the negative angry comments Diane is getting she just as well as stepped in Brenda’s face. What a

  44. AG Jeff Sessions is doing his best to correct the misjudgment of Obama as to DACA and the illegal immigrants who have entered this Nation. And doing a pretty good job. As to the Russian/2016 Trump Campaign AG Sessions, right or wrong, recused himself from that battle which,if you look closely, is proving to be the Biggest Lies by the DNC and Democrats as well as RINOS as there is nothing to it. Those men who were picked out for prosecution by Mueller had nothing to do with the Campaign but with their own wrongs they did prior to this
    controversary. But those who dislike Trump, for their own reasons, will continue to deny and support the Dems. AG Sessions knows what he is about, whether you like him or not, in the end it is his cross to bear. As to his fighting against illegal immigration policies and sanctuary cities he is doing his best and doing well…Dems/RINOS will continue to ty to bring him down under the disguise of the Russian/2016 Trump Campaign when in reality they are afraid and do not want AG Sessions to succeed with closing the Borders because the Dems and RINOS are for Open Borders.

  45. Diane, You nasty uninformed piece of crap, you continue to attack people who have said not one mean word to you. You are singing your lying crazy propanda from the same page of the
    same song book. Nobody is buying one
    word of it. You and Lori are two young snits, not dry behind the ears yet, think you have all the answers, and you don’t even know what the real world is all about. With your level of intelligence, you little girls never will. Years ago, Democrats managed to get new “edited”history books into the education system. These books had factual historical events removed, others were changed and new things added that better suited the liberal agenda. Now that came straight from a historical fact verifying expert who knows what the heck he is talking about. So you millennials don’t even have a real education in so many areas. You were indoctrinated with what the Democrat party wanted you to believe to be the truth. Don’t take my word, check it out for yourself. Young liberals would be pitied except you are so mean, nasty, arrogant, racist, know it alls, when you get political that mature, experienced, educated, adults, cannot abide your pee-per poor attitudes long enough to feel sorry for you. Diane, you and Lori are especially abrasive brain dead zombies. But, you two are just so sweet, if you happen to be another brain dead zombie. You are so much fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  46. Diane. Liberals haven’t been this confident since the day before President Trump won! Liberals LOVE their polls, it is the election results they have a problem with!

    My favorite Poll was on November 8th 2016 that said the wildebeest had a 98.4% chance of winning the White House / Presidency!

    The same poll shows that only 37% of American donkeys haven’t yet been raped by Diane yet…

    MSMBC and CNN made the poles up trying to get Trump supporters not to vote! I am certain Trump would have won the popular vote by a LANDSLIDE if the polls were honest!

  47. Diane. You sound like a bitter ‘ole woman whose been rejected by more than one man!

    You are the very reason we need to repeal the 19th amendment!

    I’ll bet Chelsea Clinton is 180 pounds lighter than you and 10 times better looking! A beer goggle special LOL!

    Tell me, do you get all your clothing from Omar the tent maker?

  48. I hear that Obumer has changed his plans for his “presidential” Library…. being that he no longer has a legacy to fill his library with, he will now be turning it into a mosque…

    What remains of his legacy? NOTHING but 10 + trillion dollars worth of added debt and his failed ACA 2.8 Trillion dollar Obamacare!

    Obamas only remaining accomplishment…..He was the first LBGTQ black President….

    Obamas main haunt, is Anderson Coopers and Larry Sinclairs poop chute!

    Obama’s legacy – whining about his failures being undone.

    Is your real name “Honey Boo Boo?”

  49. Obama gave our ENEMY Iran 170 billion dollars in assets that were frozen in foreign accounts due to previous nuclear sanctions. And now Iran is rebuilding their nuclear program because of OhomoObozo! Liberals are mad they want their traitor OhomoObozo back! I call giving Iran 150 Billion + another 20 billion in tax payer interest on top of that and a pathway to a nuclear weapon TREASON. I wonder what they will do with it once they get the bomb?

    No President has EVER hated America more than OhomoObozo and that is a FACT! No “REAL” American President would have EVER given back that money! It should have been given to all the victims of Iranian terror attacks as war reparations!

  50. I LOVE Obama! OstupidObozo is the one that “drained the swamp!” He has decimated His Own Party unlike Any Other Modern President! 69 House Seats, 13 Senate Seats.. 11 lost governorships and finally the white house. The Democratic Party suffered huge losses at every level during Obama’s West Wing tenure.

    The grand total: a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency. Because of Obozos failed policies Trump flipped 217 counties that had voted for Obama in 2012. Thank you Obozo!

  51. To say that “Obama was the worst President in History.” That’s only partially correct….

    Obama was the worst president in not only the history of this universe but all alternate multiverses as well..

    Since you liberals think Obama/Clinton administration has been so great, post 8 good things they have done as President. That is only 1 good thing a year!

    And remember BEFORE you answer, he promised to be President of “not just Blue or Red America but of the United States of America!” That means that the 8 good things should be bipartisan I.e. viewed as being good by both Conservatives and Liberals. So don’t say “gay marriage, 2.8 TRILLION Obamacare,that not a single Republican voted for! committing TREASON by giving our enemy Iran 170 billion dollars in cash, or pulling all our troops out of Iraq, and giving life to ISIS” or “adding 10 + TRILLION to the national debt etc. etc, NO CONSERVATIVE WOULD EVER SAY THAT THOSE WERE GOOD THINGS!

    Obama has occupied the white house for 8 years and was President for only one day! The day he ordered Seal team 6 to take out Bin Laden! That is one good thing that both conservatives and Liberals (maybe) think is good., and now all you need to do is post just 7 more! LOL GOOD LUCK!

    If Obama and the Democrats were doing such a good job why did they get “shellacked” in 2012 and again November 2014 and lose the White House in 2016? Barack Obama: “Make No Mistake,” My Policies “Are On The Ballot” In November.

  52. Diane You’re the reason we need to abolish the 19th amendment! I’d take “Trump the liar” over Barry Soetoro aka Barack Insane Ohomo or Hillary the liar any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

    You’ve re-elected liar-in-chief Obama for another term as your US President. Let’s celebrate this insanity by looking at some of the blatant lies he has told you to your face!
    Here is the “short list of obama lies.” I won’t post all 1,366 blatant lies he has told you.

    “ISIS is not Islamic.”

    “I didn’t call the Islamic State a ‘JV’ team.”

    “I promise that I support traditional marriage-1 man-1 woman.

    “Marriage is between one man one woman period!”

    “I am Somebody who Promotes LGBTQ Marriage.”

    “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”

    “Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk.”

    “No more Illegal Wire Tapping of American Citizens”

    The Promise to Walk the Picket Line if Workers are Denied the Right to Bargain.

    In an interview on The Today Show Obama claimed he won the Michigan & Illinois Primaries, which is a lie.

    “I believe in the Second Amendment.”

    “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”

    “I was born in Hawaii U.S.A.”

    “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”

    “Obamacare aka the ACA is NOT a Tax!”

    “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”

    “I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.” 2009 stimulus package. He lied. The bill had over 9,000 earmarks in it!

  53. Jeff Sessions is a P.O.S! He is no better than Eric Holder…. I wish President Trump would tell him “YOU’RE FIRED!”
    Trump 2020! K.A.G.

  54. Oh Brenda! If you had a brain you might be dangerous, but since that’s not the case, I’m not worried. Lori simply told the truth even if you reject the facts. We’re well aware the the right rejects facts. I think because they can’t understand them. Democrats are liars? Hahahahaha Now that’s hysterical since we currently have the biggest, fattest, orangish Liar-In-Chief in the White House. He’s told over 4,000 lies since inauguration! You’re “leader” is an incompetent con artist and you’re too ignorant to see it! Feel bad for the folks on the right, not Democrats. We’re doing just fine (as you will see in Nov.).

  55. Lori, is a perfect example of Democrats lack of trurh and facts. Ever notice when liberals get all bent out of shape, they go into attack mode. It’s a shame liberals blame Trump for their own failed laws. There is proven facts that Obama was the King Of deception,and even lied about his heritage to become president, and democrats look right over the truth. Democrats, want to make their own laws, then break their own laws, then blame Trump or anyone else when their own laws become their own failures. Guess that’s why Democrats are called the Party of Hypocrites and Liars. However, they are only hurting themselves.

  56. Shut down the Sewer, AKA US Government, the Republicans have never been hurt when they did. More people will come to our side if you do, because the Demon-Craps have nothing and most voters know it. No wall, no job. Don’t rehire the Non-essential personal, if they aren’t needed then why pay them.

  57. How right you are Iris… thank you for your wisdom!
    My dad taught me, make logical decision, not emotional decisions – even tho it can be difficult to do so.

  58. You’re right… many things have crossed my mind about his lack of performance… Was he a plant, from the very start as he was pretty much the 1st to stand behind. Candidate Trump? Did the
    corrupt Hussein Obama DOJ/FBI have something on him?
    I don’t know, prob never will. I do know, if any of us had a job that we did not do, WE WOULD BE FIRED!





  62. Sue, If you have not seen a lot of the craziness Diane has strewn over all these websites, you have no idea how rabid it is. There is another sister to her named Lori that is here now and proving to be a lot of fun and good time for sane reasonable people also. They are racist to boot and will accuse you of their sins. Just laugh and laugh at their insanity and ignore rather than let them insult you. They are both pathetic useless creatures.

  63. Mr. Yoder is one of the CROOKED POLITICIANS That Wants CHEAP LABOR from Mexico to work for The Big Farming Interests and Meat Packing Plants, they CONTRIBUATE to His CAMPAIGN, ITS all about the MONEY Doesn’t give a dam About AMERICA or AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  64. You are correct, they need to join their friends, the dinosaur. Politicians have been liars for over 2000 years. We have the best system on the planet, pathetic right? Those that state we are a democracy are quite mistake are quite mistaken. We are a Republic. Absolute power corrupts. We need to hold everyone in Delusional City accountable. Just as everyone in the private sector. Recall politicians the fail in their performance. They have NO union to protect them.

  65. Iris Lynch, So well said. You can depend
    on small children and seniors to speak the truth. God bless you and be well.

  66. Jose Vega, I agree. The Democrat liberals are not concerned with anything but getting more aliens into America. They, Democrats, claim credit for getting aliens in the USA in hopes they will all vote Democrat so their liberal party can maintain and hold power. You are correct in saying we should take care of American children who, in so many cases, are hungry, sick and in extreme poverty. Thank you for your comment.

  67. As I matured in life (85y.o.)I came to recognize that what you SEE is not always the truth. Some people, like Lori, are so emotionally charged that all REASON has long left OR never been operative at all. SO, let us all have some sympathy for Lori who has not, as yet, matured beyond the two-year-old ALL EMOTIONS stage of life.

  68. LORI;YOU ARe @ stupid b.IGNORANTLYBASTARD traitor u need to worry to feed 3 millons of our black children and around 10 millons of OTHER american children who are n poverty and don’t eat every day before yo help,with my money and the AMERICAN PEOPLE MONEY,TAX PAIYERS, OTHER ILLEGALS ALIENS ILEGALES QUE ME BESEN EL CULO PRIMERO HELP AMERICAN CHILDREN FIRST

  69. Rinos need to become extinct.Can anybody picture pelosi as head of the house.Frickin’frightening.

  70. Lori – Couldn’t agree more! However this M “it” is a real piece of work! Very vile, arrogant and a real racist Trump supporter no matter WHAT the subject is. So give “it” a break…….it’s not real bright.

  71. Z – Right on! Most progressives laugh at the far right’s ability to spell, let alone THINK. They don’t. They don’t think about the Canadian border and immigrants just walking in……they are racist bigots and only think about the Mexican border and brown people. However, you can’t reason with the far right. They only resort to calling you names (or making things up ) and have no desire to have a civil, intelligent conservation……..they simply can’t.

  72. Lori, You racist Dem liberal. You think I am sad, well here is one for you stooge, Barack Hussain Obama was seperating families at the border as well.
    Where was your righteous indignation
    about that? Oh, that doesn’t fit your narrative, does it? OH, and I do believe the majority of Dem libs are commies. Now, go away, you house fly, before you really bother me!

  73. Fizzy – As if you’re NOT drinking the Trump Kool-Aid? Oh that’s right, you’ve moved on to an IV hookup! The truth hurts, huh?


    I guess family separation is a walk in the park…yeah…that’s the ticket! Not cruel at all……M, you are SAD

  75. Z….THANK YOU! I love your rationale, and laugh at the misspelled words and odd sentence structure I see on these far right web sites. What schools did they attend? (or NOT attend). GEEZ…if they’d just read a book now and then they’d pick up a little good diction.

  76. Z, Edna’s sentence structure criticism from you was cruel and typical of you commie liberals who are trying to detract from the real subject, so shut up! DJT’s professor, no doubt, was a commie
    liberal also. What dignified professor would be saying such things about a former student? President Trump may not be the most intelligent person the world has ever seen but, he is intelligent enough to be a billionaire, several times
    over. How much money do you have, Z? You hypocritical smart a$$!

  77. “Vote every crooked and corrupt Democrat and Republican out of office”
    I agree Barbara C…….BYE BYE TRUMP, and his most corrupt “best people”, which is ALL OF THEM!
    Hurray for Kevin Yoder who thinks independently and makes decisions based on the needs of Kansas, not what Lying Don the Con needs to make the country HATE again. Lying Don is the worst president ever, representing the WORST instincts in humans. We need to go back to church for a reminder that God loves all people equally. To treat any group or individual the way Lying Don the Con’s agenda calls for is to act against God’s wishes. Donnie will burn in hell for the pain he’s so proud to cause. What if one of your children under age 5 was taken for a shower and then shipped out to a DEVOS for profit prison-corruption in plain site-and then drugged and lost track of. Really, put yourself in that picture for a moment, then tell me
    if you like it. Only monsters take any pleasure from this action. Do unto others as you would have done to you…..the Golden Rule that will always be true.

  78. I just get So incredibly amused how many comments deal with how much “smarter” you are than Democrats, but what you write shows the inability to write or is ignorant. First, Clarence, it is “secure the border, whereas “boarder is some renter in a boarding house.” Second, you ignorant fools who think the wall will do much good. Think and check the facts. Most of that land is private, so it will take hundreds of lawsuits. Next, there is no secure border to our north, and so for about $150 cost for a plane flight to Canada, immigrants can just walk right into America . . meanwhile we would have WASTED tens of billions of dollars.

  79. Edna, before you call anyone dumb, perhaps you need to work on your English and sentence structure because your last sentence makes NO sense at all. And don’t forget, while Trump brags he went to Wharton, his professor said continuously “Trump was the dumbest GD student I had in 30 years!”

  80. Rep. Yoder needs to be voted out of office if he going to continue fighting President Trump’s agenda from getting put forward. If Mr. Yoder is a Republican, he is acting more, more like the Stupid Dumb Democrats, because, the Democrats are fighting him every inch of the way.

    Mr. Yoder, just like the Democrats, wants open borders for all of the illegal immigrants and the MS-13 gang members to come into our country to cause a lot of chaos for the American citizens and our communities. Representative Yoder is a swamp creature that needs to be voted out of office this midterm election in November.

    Lets pray that all of these swamp creatures looses their seats this midterm election, because all they are doing, is stopping President Trump from getting the funding for his BIG BEAUTIFUL BORDER WALL, so that every American citizen and our communities can be protected from all of the crime that will be brought into our country.

    Vote every crooked and corrupt Democrat and Republican out of office, if all they are going to do is fight President Trump and his administration with getting his agenda put through and in forced.

  81. Republicans every one of us needs to make sure we vote in November, Liberal Democrats don’t get to vote until December. Vote Republican!

  82. Yep, TURNING this country into another VENEZUELA……..!!!! obozo was GOOD FRIENDS with Hugo Chavez BUT played it DOWN just to FOOL us all, as he has FOOLED America for 8 years, AND we just “PLAYED ALONG” instead of having HIM “IMPEACHED”…………!!!!!

  83. Edna considering the mindset of today’s liberals (Democrats) with their anti-America, anti-God agenda and some of them using firearms to injure or murder conservatives they have already “shown their colors”. They are not Americans in the traditional sense. They would not have lasted five minutes in late 18th. Century Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

  84. Every American voter needs to open their eyes toss the rhetoric out the window and ask yourself if you are better off today than before President Trump took office. Be honest with yourself – do not let party affiliation vote for you. Our founders gave each of us the right to express our opinions thru our right to vote. Don’t waste yours. Ask yourself who is trying to be there for each of us and who just spews promise’s – the proof is in the pudding as my mom always told us – be honest with yourself and to thine own self be true.

  85. Thank you James. I concur. We the People run this country, not They the Unlawful Intruders. The US Constitution protects US Citizens, not intruders. Intruders have no political or Constitutional “rights”. Liberals (Democrats) want them in the country for their banana republic mentality votes. They are welfare level people from foreign nations seeking a much higher standard of living through US Government handouts which liberals are willing to supply in return for votes insuring the liberals’ continued holding seats in the gravy train Congress. They are non-contributing ones who place a stressful burden on US taxpayers. And NO, non-Citizens should NOT be allowed to collect Social Security benefits. Not until they are bona-fide US Citizens and have paid the required “forty quarters” — TEN YEARS — of contributions into the SS system.
    The USA was not founded to become a Third World political entity–no Cuba, no Venezuela.

  86. Trump has to, also, get rid of the Swamp Republicans when cleaning the SWAMP. They are hurting his progress.

  87. Trump never threatened to shut down the Government. He said he would have no problem doing it. That’s not a threat it’s a statement showing his passion to keep his word and stand up for the American people against the swamp. FNBC…

  88. i dont think trump is to smart because he says that either do as i say or i shut down the government til you do is he forgetting about an election coming up because how will he blame the democrats for this one. Well i say this quit making threats and that is what they are is threats that should be classified as terroristic threats against the usa if they dont do as you demand, which each member has a right to do what is best for there community, not as being threatened to do so when you go to the polls think about that and if trump wants to make american great again my 1st thought would be take the government away from big business and return it to the people, but that is just my thought

  89. need to vote these rhino’s out of office. they are as bad as the liberal snowflakes. The people in this country are sick and tired of all the resist tactics they are pulling and something bad is going to happen if they do’t wake up. We normal people are fed up !

  90. Poor Sessions, he just got stabbed in the back! No, we the People got stabbed in the back. Sessions is unfit for the job. He delegated his job to the swamp, to the People’s detriment. Go, Sessions, go, go away!

  91. The Republicans in the House and Senate are NOT representing citizens as they promised to stop illegal immigration and now will not get behind the President’s requests pertaining to the border. Vote them OUT.


  93. Amen! It can’t happen soon enough. It looks like that Article 5 Convention of States may pay off soon too. It’s been way overdo.

  94. I’m surprised the “invisible AG” still has a job. He recused himself from the Russian circus and now Rod Rosinstien is running the DOJ. Both of these incompetent people need to be gone. They serve at the President’s pleasure…I’m sure by now he has to be displeased.

  95. Sessions should NOT be pleading with these PsOS — he needs to command with the AG authority. He appears weak, meek and too mild for that job. The voters in Kansas need to remember this clowns treason to our government and get him out of office ASAP.

  96. Even to the blind it becomes obvious that removal of the RINO’s is one of the
    most important actions we the voters need to take to insure that we restore our
    nations laws for the protection of our citizens. Criminal Invading Illegals
    do not have rights nor protection under our constitution. That is reserved
    for legal and lawful citizens and those who have followed our laws of immigration
    and came here in accordance to our laws.

  97. In comparing some of the very dumb things that Hillary Clinton has done and said, it appears to me that this Democratic Party evidently must all be every bit as dumb as Nancy Pelosi. This woman need terribly bad to school.

  98. Liberal candidates are getting enough donations for their campaign. Liberal billionaires & multi-millionaires are fighting back.

    The mid-election are extremely important for MAGA agenda. We need to change many Obama-era policies. And appoint the judges. And complete the investigation to prepare the indictments.

    And to protect our 2nd Amendment. And our freedom of speech to deal with the current censorship problem against the social media & news media.

    We can’t lose the election.

    Trump 2020!

  99. If we don’t drag others to vote, we are screwed. If we lose one leg, The House we are screwed, too many supposedly conservative pundits are saying we will, feeding the leftist/Liberals. The House will pass an impeachment bill everyday, bringing the Government to a standstill, the Country to economic disaster.

  100. All the more reason to hold the house and senate in November. I think this kind of thing will help us. It if not , we’re screwed.

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