Jeff Sessions just got stabbed in the back in the worst way possible

Donald Trump was elected to Make American Great Again.

Part of Trump’s plan was appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General in order to implement his immigration agenda.

But Sessions just got stabbed in the back in the worst way.

Recently, House homeland-defense appropriations committee chairman Kevin Yoder of Kansas approved an amendment from North Carolina Democrat David Price that would defund the administration’s changes to asylum law.

In June, Sessions announced he was reversing Obama-era policies that let migrants win asylum because they feared gang or domestic violence.

Breitbart reports:

Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder rejected a personal plea July 25 from Attorney General Jeff Sessions before Yoder voted to revive former President Barack Obama’s catch-and-release policy for economic migrants, sources tell Breitbart News.

Sessions’ telephone plea was delivered during the markup session for the 2019 homeland defense budget, where Yoder – who chairs the House homeland-defense appropriations committee — ensured passage of a Democratic amendment to revive Obama’s catch-and-release policies.

Yoder’s surprise vote and rebuff of Sessions came one day after Yoder flew with President Donald Trump in Air Force One down to a July 24 Kansas rally. Sessions is Trump’s main ally in fighting illegal migration, which is playing a large role in the November midterm elections.

Sessions called multiple legislators on the committee, but all except one of the 30 GOP legislators approved the completed budget plan, which includes the Yoder giveaway plus several additional cheap-labor giveaways. “The Attorney General personally made multiple phone calls to committee members,” said a second source.

Yoder’s office declined to comment. “We don’t have any more to add on this topic,” a spokesman said August 9.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, swamp “Republicans” like Kevin Yoder have resisted his agenda every bit as much as the Democrats.

But the good news is Trump is threatening to shut down the government over funding for the border wall so he is serious about fighting for his immigration priorities.

So there is hope Yoder’s open borders betrayal is reversed.