Jeff Sessions just got the news everyone has been waiting for

Liberals despise Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Deep State operatives schemed with the media to try and force him from office with bombshell leaks.

Now Jeff Sessions just got the news everyone has been waiting for.

The Deep State has pushed the idea that Sessions lied before Congress about his dealings with Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos was approached about the Russians possibly having emails belonging to Hillary Clinton and to press him to set up a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Papadopoulos was never given any emails and no meeting took place.

When he testified about his interactions with Papadopoulos, Sessions stated that he pushed back on the idea of Trump meeting with the Russians.

Anonymous sources leaked to the media that this was not the case.

But in the House Intelligence Committee report prepared by the Republican majority, they find that two eye witnesses back up Sessions story.

The Daily Caller reports:

“On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee released a report that cited two witnesses who testified that Sessions did indeed reject Papadopoulos’ offer of a Russia meeting. Two other meeting attendees have said they recall Sessions shooting down Papadopoulos’ idea.

The Republican report states:

Sessions’ account of his response has been corroborated by another attendee, [redacted]. [Redacted] also attended and similarly recalled that when Papadopoulos raised the issue of obtaining contacts with the Russian government on behalf of the campaign, Senator Sessions interrupted and began “talking about the Logan Act,” which criminalizes unauthorized negotiations with foreign governments.

The names of the two sources who corroborated Sessions are redacted in the 253-page report, which was authored by Republicans on the House Intel panel. But the footnotes reveal the dates on which the testimony was provided, and a check of a report written by House Intel Democrats shows that the two meeting attendees are Walid Phares and Sam Clovis.

Phares was an adviser to the committee while Clovis served as national co-chairman of the campaign.

Two other meeting attendees have supported Session’s version of events. J.D. Gordon, the director of the campaign’s national security advisory committee, has said publicly that Sessions rebuffed Papadopoulos.

And a fourth meeting attendee told The Daily Caller last August that Sessions shot down Papadopoulos’s idea.”

Sessions was another victim of the Deep State spreading fake news to destroy the Trump administration.

Are you glad he was vindicated?

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