Jeff Sessions just made a decision that has liberals fuming

It’s no secret Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump don’t have the best working relationship.

But his appointment as Attorney General hasn’t been a complete failure.

And his latest decision shows just why the president may have chosen him in the first place.

When it comes to implementing President Trump’s immigration policies, there may have been no better choice than Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions is cracking down on Sanctuary Cities and violent illegal aliens like those involved in MS-13.

But he’s also singlehandedly working to restore sanity to America’s immigration system while dysfunction continues to prevent Congress from passing new border control policies.

Jeff Sessions just issued a new ruling that will tighten up America’s definition of who qualifies for asylum.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Sessions said that stretched the definition of asylum, which was intended to be a protection for those fleeing political violence, religious persecution or beatings because they belonged to an ethnic minority.

“Asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems — even all serious problems — that people face every day all over the world,” Mr. Sessions told the country’s immigration judges in a speech Monday morning.

His guidance, in the form of a ruling in a key asylum case, overturned a decision and set a precedent for the higher bar judges should apply before granting asylum.
Authorities say the smuggling cartels have begun to coach their clients on how to pass the credible fear screenings in order to gain a foothold in the U.S.

That has helped create a surge, with initial asylum claims lodged with Homeland Security soaring from just 5,000 in 2009 to 73,000 in 2016.

Sessions is right.

But Liberals are furious.

MSNBC was demanding to know if Jim Jordan thought it was the “Christian” thing to do.

Interesting argument from a network that normally would be the first to argue that Christianity has nothing to do with American politics while defending any number of immoral institutions like Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

What are your thoughts on Jeff Sessions’ latest decision?

Should our government do a better job enforcing the immigration laws on the books while waiting for Congress to act?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Yes, by all means add laws right now to be enforced until the judiciary determines what is or isn’t required to protect our country and the rights, if any, of asylum seekers.

  2. I think the ruling should be a REQUIREMENT for the immigration courts.
    Glad to see Sessions finally did something. Wonder who woke him up?

  3. IMO: Jeff Sessions is doing the job President Trump hired him to do – I think the real reason he wanted Sessions in the AG role was because of his well known stance on illegal aliens. The government wheels have always been flat (move slowly); everything that is attempted is challenged by liberal federal judges; Sessions is trying to cover bases so he can move on the illegal aliens. Also in my humble opinion, Jeff Sessions is a very intelligent man, and will get the job done. Due time, it will happen.

    • i agree sessions will get the job done. he is strong on immigration and correct in all is doing from no tolerance to identifying the meaning of asylum. the liberal way…asylum to anyone means the whole world can barge in here. now he needs to get rosenstein and wray under control to abide by what congress is requesting of them…or throw them out jeff.

    • I sure hope your right. I’ve always liked him until he became the AG. It would be nice if more people would let us know what Jeff is up to. The silence is totally convicting Sessions right out of a job. I’m not sure his recusing himself was the best thing he could have done. Instead of recusing himself, he should have stepped down for the sake of the Country.

  4. Sessions has finally made a proper decision! This has been a farce all along! Mueller and his crowd need to have their ears boxed as well! They weren’t nearly as smart as they thought themselves, and they should be dismissed from government service and permanently held away from any government activity at all, and should sacrifice their pensions for this stupid effort!

    • I sincerely hope you are right. But I doubt this 80 year old DAV will live long enough to see what should have already been done.

  5. I applaud Mr. Sessions and our President for supporting strict enforcement of our immigration laws. As most Americans I fully support and welcome legal immigrants.

  6. Build the wall…………Send all the illegals back to their hispanic origin…..We do not need those killers, rapists, robbers, or welfare seekers in the USA………..

    We need to help the LEGAL CITIZENS in the USA that are in need……..

    • The problem with non-American, American Hispanics is that in most of these nations, the law enforcement is illegal by USA standards! In most cases, they know that in the countries they have come from, if you have money or something the officials want, it’s likely they can get away with almost any crime, so long as the victim is NOT either an official or a part of the official’s family! They have been brought up on this knowledge, and are surprised when it no longer works! They “know, for instance, that if they can get in this country and hide long enough and make enough contacts, they will be able to blend in and not be deported. Our Democrat party is quite happy to go along with this belief, so long as they can see that they might be on their side in various elections. The invaders also believe that they will be able to vote if they hang out long enough, and they often do go to the polls and attempt to vote. If they are living in an Hispanic neighborhood it’s likely they WILL be allowed to vote, even without papers. There are more voters of this sort in such areas than you might suspect!

  7. I still don’t trust Sessions, no way. He has been the number one obstructionist from bringing down Hillary with obvious truths of her evils and why Mueller is still there.

    • Amen! Sessions has either been bribed or threatened, or both, by the Clinton Mafia. He doesn’t just need to be fired, he should go to jail for obstructing justice, by protecting Hillary.

  8. I do Believe during those years of well above normal surge in incoming immigrants Obama was President. Can you imagine what came in during those years-??? And, all votes for democrats-!!!

  9. I prefer President Trumps idea of just turning ILLEGAL aliens around at the Border and sending them back where they came from. Using the same transportation they used to get here. Let Mexico take care of them, they’re the ones who allowed Aliens to cross over their country to get to the U.S. No other country in the entire world allows aliens free passage into their country and then feeds, schools and gives them jobs.

    • They do much more than this. They furnish them transportation from Guatamala to our border! They actually have guns on their border, and use them if they suspect they are trying to stop in Mexico! How do you think those unaccompanied minors found their way through the entire length of Mexico to our border? If they suspect for any reason that they might stay in Mexico, well they are armed with both side arms and machine guns! As with other things in Mexico, if you have the right connections or the right amount of money, you can do anything you want to do, so long as you don’t disturb the power holders.

  10. The Christian thing to do? Better to have asked it it is the Muslim thing to do. They also have immigration laws. The MSM would like that better. At least until they find they are Infidels?

  11. AG Sessions is just getting started , wait till he really gets rolling ….. I too am tired of taking care of other people coming stateside to ask for whatever they want while OUR own people go without .. AMERICA FIRST and always first . If the government can’t hear our voices then they will hear us come election day ! LOUD AND CLEAR !!!

    • I agree Sessions is just getting started…..Too many people are running him in the ground because he is not doing everything they want him to do…BUT…people don’t know ALL HE IS DOING….and I believe SOME of what he is NOT doing is because he may be told to NOT do it right NOW…Sometimes there may be reasons to WAIT.
      He can’t please all the people all the time…and sometimes I wonder why THE PEOPLE THAT ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM SO MUCH ARE NOT IN THE JOB DOING IT….Could it be because they are not qualified to do the job? Would most of them even qualify to be a CLERK in his office? I have my opinion about everything that goes on in there, BUT, am I qualified to do HIS JOB??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

  12. Yes the government should do a better job enforcing our immigration policies that have had a blind eye turned to them for years now. I’m sick of my tax dollars going to illegal immigrants when we have our own American people here who need help also. There are homeless families and vets that need a helping hand that I would much rather see my tax dollars work at helping. With as many illegals we have had crossing our boarders they could have built an army ten times over to defeat their own corrupt government.

  13. We have laws on the books now that need to be enforced to protect our people and our nation. I finally stand with Sessions. I think that he has finally found his backbone.

  14. re you implaying we should be happy that SESSIONS has finally did something that should have been done way before now???NO in looking back ,hj
    HE hasn’t completed anything or settled any thing.. AGAIN WE DON’T THINK HE IS QUALIFIED FOR THE JOB HE IS IN.. BAD CHOSE.

  15. Actually if you go back and review the founding father’s papers and the Constitution this country was not founded for majority rule. The country was founded as a Republic. The first political parties were the federalists and they were challenged by the democratic-republican party. These factions became opposed due to a tax on whisky among other things. To reall become confused look up the definition of both forms of government and you will have a first hand look at word manipulation within governments.

  16. I hear this is going to be done and that is GONNA be done BUT I DON’t see anything being done except the illegals gain more freedom & more Sanctuary cities
    being opened and more cities not helping ICE by not holding illegals & more fake Liberal news about the children !!! I know the gov wheels move slow BUT they seem to be like a flat tire stuck in the MUD

    • If you want things to move faster, you had better be working every way you can to make sure republicans get voted in the CONGRESS and SENATE in November….
      That is the only way things will get done faster…
      If you aren’t aware that The democratic senate, and the Democratic judges put a stop to everything that Trump and his office tries to get done you must be living under a rock!

  17. That Sessions is tough on illegal immigration does not, in my view, give him a pass for his lack of enforcement action against those responsible for the “Russia collusion” witch hunt against President Trump.

    • Cat/Mouse game here. Resign 0r Dismiss (you’re fired).
      I suspect the ‘former’. AG = Good Job re MS13, But NOT
      re ‘immi’ CHILD SEPARATION to Holding Cntrs in TEXAS ( ie
      shut down Walmarts & ‘converted’. Casa de Padre type name
      BS. No Secret. To Gov of TX/Cruz etc & Any ‘other CNTR’, i say,
      Damn You. You KNOW FULL WELL ‘what IS Going on in these

  18. Here IS some ‘stufff’ for E’one, re ‘immigration’.
    > AG Sessions ‘knows’ / Texas ala Crux etc KNOW.
    > Remember JADE HELM 15 (2015) when Many Walmarts
    were closed (due to plumbing probs) & Called
    ‘Conspiracy’ crap. Well, Many ppl lost their jobs.
    > Those Walmart Stores have been ‘converted’ into
    HOLDING CNTRS, when children are separated from
    parents. V. V. Baaad ‘stufff’ Going on there re
    the children. a Dem. Senator went there, w/his own
    filming crew, to go in & See/inspect the activities.
    He was denied/asked to leave the grounds. Did anyone
    Here SEE the video,it Was on some msnbc . Just so ya
    ‘know’. This ‘crossing border/dropping children off’ IS


      • While I support his stance of immigrants trying to enter the US, I’m against the separation of the children from their mother. That MUST ASAP. #45 should also inform Mexico that they should stop allowing the immigrants from entering country OR the foreign aid they receive from the US will be stopped in 30 days.

        • We separate children from their parents every day. The military are separated from their children; criminals are separated from their children (by the way, illegal = criminal). No one but illegals can get out of jail by saying, but I have kids ~ WE ARE INSANE!!!!

        ( i Explained above) IS AN ATROCITY.
        > & 1 reason why POTUS Will Not criticize
        Mr. Kim for his labour camps. WE HAVE
        CHILD Camps(up to 16 yrs old) HERE. & NOW.
        – Not hard labour here, But the PEDO/trafficking’
        Abuse/drugs etc.
        > & AG Sessions/Cruz/ Gov of TX/ Ca etc. KNOW.
        God Damn it___ ‘them’, Dems/Rinos etc.
        > BIG CREDIT to AG Sessions in regards to MS13
        infiltration to US thru obomba,etc.

        • ps. SEPARATION OCCURS Not 0nly thru Ignorant
          Mothers (seriously, how stewpid can they be)
          SEPARATION 0ccurs thru ANY Type of Adult
          then this Atrocity problem IS Solved.
          > This Entire Situation IS V. Sick & V. EVILE.

          • Just a quick question…If I enter your home and start taking your things would you let me go free and continue if my kids were with me? If your answer is yes tell me where you live.

      V. V. SICK, BUTCHY. Physically, Mentally &
      Spiritually. It’s up to us, & try to Save
      USA. MUST.
      ps ppl still responding to ‘named’ Paid trolls.
      > When Will they (good ppl) Learn ??? (not to do that)
      > ‘trash’ Troll Language IS V.0bvious.
      >pps. Get some ‘goody’ Seafood over there ???
      > Iceland Cod came into Mi, few days ago. Good ‘stuff’.

  20. MSNBC was demanding to know if Jim Jordan thought it was the “Christian” thing to do. Here’s another question to ask Jim Jordan. Do you think Obama did the “christian thing” by not bringing over one single Christian over here from the Middle East? It was/is the Christians who are being truly persecuted in the Middle East. Both men, women and children are being raped, sodomized, beaten, tortured then murdered if they do not convert to Islam. Maybe, if anymore “refugees” come here from the Middle East, our government needs to bring the Christians here to get them away from true persecution. No, Obama did NOT do the Christian thing and there is a very good reason for that. He is not a Christian, in my humble opinion and using good common sense.

    • No Christian would ever think of even imagining the words obama said in the Rose garden. ” The sweetest sound on earth is muslim prayer in the morning” obama, the liar-in -thief !

  21. the best way to stop the illegals in this country is to take away their jobs. to do this the government needs to go after the people that put them to work an hit them with big fines or even close their doors. a wall will not stop them because most of them come into this country on work passes or other permits, and besides that they would just dig tunnels like they have already in some places.

    • Here is the contents of a letter I wrote to and the answer from the AG in the state of Washington. I had asked him to look into arresting the mayors in this state who violated these actsFederal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) and this part of the law Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):
      A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he: * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.
      Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.
      Now here is more from AG.. I had written a letter about the illegal problem and this is the reply…May 12 2006. “On behalf of Attorney General Rob McKenna, thank you for your recent e-mail. I am the Senior Assistant Attorney General who heads the Criminal Justice Division, and I have been asked to respond to your inquiry. Your letter expresses frustration with immigrant laws in our country. Immigrant laws fall under federal jurisdiction. The Attorney General’s Offices serves as legal counsel to state agencies and certain elected officials and has no authority to investigate crimes, initiate and conduct prosecutions. I can best serve you by suggesting you contact your U.S. Representative….” If you will note the part about what his or her job actually is, that should make every person in a prison in this state mad as hell. The AG cannot conduct prosecutions???

      • Robert Taylor, congratulations on actually writing a letter. Sounds like you got the run around and the baffle them with BS reply.
        I wrote a letter to feinstein of CA enumerating the problems caused by ILLEGAL aliens, how much they cost the state and that they had to go.(5 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens in California that cost the ever fewer TAXPAYERS $26 BILLION).
        The boiler plate reply from this open border slug was. “We have a difference of opinion”. Just like talking to a WALL.
        So we may as well have a real WALL.

    • There was a large tree trimming company recently that was fined $95 MILLION. They had HUNDREDS of ILLEGAL aliens in several states and they had turned a blind eye to the ILLEGAL aliens phony documents.
      NOW the question is; How soon do they have to pay the fine? AND what shenanigans will they pull to get the fine reduced?
      Tunnels, maybe, but that takes time and resources. Meanwhile the Border Patrol says that about ONE THOUSAND ILLEGALS a day attempt an ILLEGAL entry.
      BTW the new WALL will extend some 5 feet down.

  22. It’s way past the time for “AMERICA” to pull out all the stops necessary to put an end to the insanity of letting people invade our borders illegally. There are no justifiable reasons for continuing to place “AMERICA AND ALL HER LEGAL CITIZENS IN HARMS WAY”. Anti-American-Obstructionists, who do not respect and honor the “Immigration Laws”, need to be stopped and held accountable!

    • Way way past time as over 4,000 U.S citizens are murdered, twice that if you include motor vehicle mayhem (DUI), EVERY year, by the 30 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens ALREADY HERE; over 7000 more, as young as infants and as old as 90, are molested, raped or assaulted; these are the “Honest”, “hardworking immigrants”, looking for a better life the demo-rats want to legalize, to sell out the entire country, for votes.
      The demo-rats have dragged this Trojan Horse into our borders, even forcing taxpayers to pay for it through the gestapo arm of the obama regime known as the; IRS, NSA, DoJ and DHS.
      Keep a close watch and – Prime the guns for November.
      Look up “The Remembrance Project” to see pictures and details of ILLEGAL alien atrocities.

    • I cringe at the thought of how many terrorist or potential terrorist have slipped across our porous borders. Who’s to say they are not putting together a network to carry out a massive terrorist attack across the Nation. I guess I still have some paranoia from the TET of ’68. lol

      • For those who do not knowthe TET is from Vietnam. So Sir I THANK YOU for your service. A fellow veteran from same era.

  23. Hey guys, Pres. Trump has only been in office 500 days and has successfully undone many of the horrible things the Obama Administration had put into place over 8 years. Sessions et al are only human and cannot undo and send to jail all of those that need to be there in such a short time. Just sit back, it all will be done and we can have a Holiday declared called Real Freedom Day when they lock up Obama and Hillary. They will have to build a new prison to house them all however, the really bad ones like Hillary and Obama should be sent to Gitmo, more their style. Especially Obama as he could talk to all of his Muslim friends probably in their own tongue.

  24. Way tighter entrance regulations and no more of this ‘chain migration’, these so called parents weren’t worried about their kids when they ran here from wherever they came from. This is just another ‘more kids, bigger handouts’ scam. Also, no more multiple definitions for the word illegal, if their here illegally put them in internment camps, well fed and housed until they receive legal status from immigration. And they will have to conform to our laws, 4 adult wives is polygamy which is illegal, 12 year old wives is pedophilia, also illegal. And no more Social Security when they haven’t paid a dime into it all the while refusing to work. And no, I don’t consider any of this cruel, if you want to be an American live by our laws.

  25. JUST because Sessions is doing his job on immigration is no big deal to applaud him for! Thanks to faint hearted Jeff Sessions the national credibility harm done to the DOJ and its’ subordinate departments JUST because he did not quickly resign re the leftist fabricated “Russia gate” fiasco may never be mended.

  26. Congratulations with your family coming to America the right way. I know that you are proud of them, however, every illegal that comes across the border now isn’t doing it the legal way, and then they expect everything to be handed to them.

    When you come into our country, you need to be able to speak English and to be able to provide for your family and not expect everything to be handed to you from the Government.

    Proving that you can provide for you and your family is the best feeling that you can have for coming to a new country.

  27. It’s about time. Now, issue procedural rulings/changes that make chain migration impossible to implement! Do to the progressives what they do to us.

  28. My parents immigrated to the USA from Sweden back in the 1920’s. Thy were on a waiting list. Once they arrived at Ellis Island they had to be physically fit and able to work. They were checked for diseases. They assimilated quickly by learning English and going to work. My father in construction and my mother worked at a bakery. They even changed the spelling of their last name taking the awkward “J” out of the spelling. The world has about 6 1/2 billion people. America is already over 350 million people. This country cannot sustain the world. Wait your turn and apply legally.

  29. AG Sessions has value and moral character which sets him apart as extraordinary and the caliber needed for his post. He is getting things done properly in spite of any criticism or flack. He fine tunes his focus amidst outward pressure and delivers with integrity! I give him an A+ as AG in comparison to Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder!


  31. The injustice that prevails is deafening! Why, when so many intelligent people can see the truth before their eyes, does our government blink so much and miss the obvious?

  32. These so called “children” who were brought into this country illegally, and raised as well as schooled here have had ample time, and should also, if they were “educated” here should know what and how to become citizens, I believe that they want the perks without the responsibility.

  33. Thank you for doing your Job with respect to immigration. Forget you were a politician, you now serve at the will and pleasure of the President, Implement his policies in an ethical manner . Help him drain this swamp. We need people in Government with common sense, courage, and commitment to doing the right thing for the country. We don’t need a bunch of nanny pammy’s that weasel word and parse everything they say.

  34. Hard to believe, we have law makers unable to forge a responsible overall inmigratión policy that protect citizens and reform existing laws that are full of holes. We have politicians only interested in obstructión for Party benefit, screw the citizens & legitimate entrante.

  35. Yes get this immigration problem solved or we’ll be overrun by illegals and then we will have real problems. These politicians keep stalling and stalling and this is why we need term limits. They’re just sitting around waiting for the next election.

    • American brother there is over 8 million illegals in America I think we’re being overrun already they just don’t have a sign on her back and says I’m illegal

      • Actually ILLEGAL alien counts from 2003 show some 11 MILLION. If you look at the Border Patrol figures which show about a 1,000 a DAY attempting to cross, what the demo-rats call the, “Secure” border, the more realistic 30 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens may even be low; don’t know if that counts the 4 – 6 MILLION Visa overstays.
        The numbers given out by the corrupt obama regime was for 11 MILLION, which of itself should give 30 MILLION credibility; which was also stated by an ex mexican diplomat in Los Angeles.
        Yes, over run by a full scale invasion.

    • Far too many politicins look at immigration as a way of promoting their own political ambitions. I think it is time to hault all immigration, legal and/or the criminal crossings, overstay of visas, foreign student programs and the works. Seal all borders, cancel all student and other foreign programs for a period of 10 years, while ICE clears our country of this millions of foreigners, DACA and all. it is time to once again take control of the laws that currently exist. President Eisenhower’s “Operation Wet Back” could be our example. We must clean our land of terrorist sleepers, who want to do us harm. This would help in the drug intervention, also. We cannot be donors to all the world’s countries, with borrowed money, forever. Reconing is necessary.

        • The flood gates were opened in 1965 by the drunken and debased demo-rat. ted kennedy, of the Chappaquiddick drowning fame; who realized that demo-rats could not compete on their own merits, but had to have a large bloc of poor and uneducated people that were dependent on the government and so would vote for them.
          It is now no better for LEGAL Hispanics or Blacks as they largely compete for the same jobs as ILLEGAL aliens.
          Unfortunately Hispanics and Blacks don’t realize how badly they’re being used; that their voting demo-rat is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

  36. For the longest time, liberals have taken quick action according to their beliefs and if someone takes the time and money to oppose their actions or legal and/or moral grounds, they are perfectly accepting of the possible speed bump that may place in their way.

    Conservatives take the time to research the iegality/illegality of their proposed actions BEFORE they actually try to implement them. Naturally, IF their ideas seem legal AND they attempt to implement then, the liberals will put up a snarling opposition, no matter the cost.

    Therefore, the perception of the citizenry is that the liberals are a bunch of snarling wolverines, which some seem to prefer and the conservatives appear to be limp-wristed wussies.

    It is unfortunate that the wolverines seem to allowed to maintain the upper hand in almost all matters.

  37. I agree completely with this ruling. While most people that are seeking asylum are really trying to escape danger in their country you also have dangerous drug carriers and terrorist that will do anything to try and get asylum. When you can take a room full of immigrants and pick out the unwanted then we can forget about worrying about immigrants.

    • Smarten up Earl. 80% of these so called immigrants are coming here to get on the welfare rolls and eventually to get citizenship. The Democrats want them to receive citizenship so they can vote for the Democrats. What is so sad is what the DemocRATS did to Bernie Sanders in the last election by giving his votes to Clinton. So far the DemocRATS have promised the immigrants DACA and have given them nothing. These immigrants need to go back to their countries and change their countries to make them a living country. 75% of the American people do not want them here.

      • Unique, I would say probably more than 75%. And, you are so right! These illegals have been coached how to get here, get welfare, free free free everything and it makes me sick! If the other 20 – 25% would realize the burden they put on our infrastructure, schools and citizens, I would like to think 100% would be against them being here. Sure wish I had time to protest!

  38. Congrass, is not doing there job, because of MONEy like to get back to sameo, sameo WE have two put Term limit, IN

  39. It’s about time someone, ANYONE, in the government puts their foot down. Build the wall!!! Put razor wire along the ” walls ” that are up. They climb those walls like a bunch of momkies and laugh at the border agents because they can’t catch them all. Let them land in a bed of razor wire and see who laughs last. By the way, our agents can only help one at a time. The rest will just have to wait, hanging on the wire. Oh well!!!

  40. Why can’t he be good at indicting those who were involved in fake Russian dossier scandal? He’s useless on this one.

    I see both illegal alien migration problem and FBI/CIA/DOJ/Obama administration involvement with the fake Russian dossier scandal are equally important that really need to be justified under the laws.

    How’s about the violations of Logan Act? The federal authorities need to arrest John Kerry and Obama for knowingly violating this law?

    Come on, do it quickly! The federal authorities are so slow. Why must Kerry and Obama repeatedly violating Logan Act laws?

      • Many laws were broken by politicians. Just enforce
        the laws. It has become a double standard like small
        tiwn communities. Who cares the handful of misinformed
        and spoiled brats cy and protest. Majority should rule.
        Wake up folks bf it’s too late!!

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