Jeff Sessions made the one announcement that had Trump supporters jumping for joy

Jeff Sessions spent the last two years in Donald Trump’s crosshairs.

The President was furious that Sessions recusal allowed the Mueller investigation to consume the administration.

But now Sessions made the one announcement that had Trump supporters jumping for joy.

Donald Trump announced he was ending Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program in September 2017.

Democrats immediately sued.

They essentially argued it was unconstitutional for Donald Trump to be President.

But rather than waste time going through left-wing courts like the Ninth Circuit, Sessions and the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court hear the case immediately.

That could lead to a resolution by next Summer.

Breitbart reports:

U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco petitioned the Supreme Court on Monday to immediately review the legality of the Trump administration’s ending the DACA amnesty program, bypassing the Ninth Circuit appeals court and ending the six-year legal saga by next summer.

Former Secretary Janet Napolitano created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for more than 400,000 illegal aliens in 2012, which the Obama administration in 2014 expanded to a larger amnesty, DAPA, covering over one million additional illegal aliens.

Texas and various other states challenged DAPA as illegal. The federal district and later the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed, striking down the amnesty program. The Supreme Court then tied 4-4 on the case after the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia, leaving the Fifth Circuit’s judgment against DAPA in place.

Republican voters fought to win the 2016 election so Trump could make Supreme Court nominations.

Putting Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the bench should lead to a favorable ruling in this open-and-shut case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Texas and various other states challenged DAPA as illegal. The federal district and later the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed, striking down the amnesty program.
    The Supreme Court then tied 4-4 on the case –

    after the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia,

    leaving the Fifth Circuit’s judgment against DAPA in place.

    Must have family ties to JFK assassination,
    if there is any Sicilian or Italian who does not want a thorough investigation into the sudden death of US SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SCALIA……

    Why didn’t President Obama mention that he had a lengthy SECRET meeting w Justice Scalia, just “hours” before his sudden DEATH?

  2. M, You are a phony, fake, pseudo and a liberal! The real M is a conservative, and was here first so, choose another name or another site, matters not to me
    and my traveling companions, understand?

  3. I KNOW! The Dems had a blue wave and turned over 35 seats from Republicans, and can now launch a REAL investigation instead of the one Nunes, the jackal, suppressed. Can’t wait to have Trump tax records and his subpoena!!! Looks great!

  4. Trump SAID he knew all the best people – – too bad many of them are convicted or have plead guilty. Trump is setting new records for the turnover of his staff for any one-term president.

  5. Yes, she is almost as out of it as Trump, who just keeps repeating himself over and over! My Lord, it is like and old relative that should be in a nursing home!

  6. It is NOT a boxing match, it is about JUSTICE. The attorney general is the PEOPLE’S attorney, not there to protect the president from his crimes. Even the president is UNDER THE RULE OF LAW. So, if the main complaint is that Sessions, who was caught in a lie about interactions with Russia (as part of Trump campaign). properly recused himself.

    Would an innocent man be acting like Trump or a very guilty one!?

  7. I would like to know who the most liberal justice is on the 9th Court of Appeals. Whoever he/she is should be know by all freedom-loving Americans as “The Bottom Of the Ninth.”

  8. If it wasn’t for the rino Senators, the change would have been made before the mid term election, but now the House of Reps can vetoe the first bills before going to the Senate.

  9. The Ninth Circuit Court in SF … whew. It’s time to split this bloated system into three regional court systems. It’s too big. Completely hostile toward the traditional views.

  10. My wife thinks he was a genius plant from the left…I think it’s a shame he didn’t turn out to be better I think either had to be deliberate or inept and not sure which yet.

  11. Dan, Careful with the “Thoughts and Prayers” comment. Chris Mathews, host of MSNBC’s HardBall , said that he thought that “Thoughts and Prayers” should be illegal to say after POUS Trump said it to the victims of the mass killing in California.

  12. Could be his ego overruled his common sense?

    On DACA, Yes, it is ridiculous that DACA is even a question at this point. It was an Executive Order that any sane person would say an Executive Order could eliminate.

    The Circus Court in the land of Nuts, Flakes, and Fruits. Time to bust up that circus.

  13. One has to wonder why Jeff Sessions accepted the position as Attorney General if he was going to recused himself from the Russia probe because it’s like accepting to a boxing match then have your arms tied behind your back.

  14. Barry even said the DACA crap was UNCONSTITUTIONAL he just reLIED on the LIBERAL JUSTICES in Calipornia to HELP BREAK THE LAW!!!

  15. Do you think that is the 1st time Ginsberg has been in a comatose state I have seeing her during debates on major legal issues what they pertained to is anyone’s guess but clearly her mind was not on the topic at hand.

  16. Every mandate enacted by that illegal alien “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” needs to be abolished all illegal acts committed by a man who should have never been bestowed the authority he wielded.

  17. I heard about justice Ginsberg. My thoughts and prayers to her. My prayer is also she leave the court. Pray M!!

  18. Dan T., You are spot on. Did you hear that SCOTUS justice Ginsberg, fell broke three ribs and is in hospital? DJT please have “list” ready, just in case! Poor lady is so frail and in bad condition!

  19. M the sharks smell blood in the water. Not President Trump has said there are lots of room to investigate and indict a lot of deep state people. They are about to step off a cliff. Trump has outsmarted them all along. He made a mistake drafting Jeff. He should have had some other cabinet position that was not law enforcement. I’m sure he’s a good man.

  20. Dan T., God made us all different and some people just are not cut out to be fighters. His talents are for other things. Most people from AL say he is a wonderful person, a real southern gentleman. I understand M. Whittaker is not a Mueller fan, so that is one plus for him.

  21. Hey Dan T., How’s it going! Finally got a new browser so my RR site works now. So Sessions is finally gone. Bless his heart, he is a nice little guy but, not right for that job. He did some good things but he is not a toe to toe fighting kind of guy. Was past time for him to move on so POTUS can get a tough guy (hopefully) in that office.

  22. I expect any day to hear that Ginsberg has literally died in her chair while court is in session. I saw Ginsberg recently being interviewed, she could not lift her head off her chest except for a few seconds at a time to wipe the drool off her chin. Some of you, I hope, saw that too I would not want anybody to think I was making fun, that poor lady is pitiful!
    I hope POTUS, keeps his list of candidates handy because he may need it to replace three justices before long.

  23. Yeah, we need to solidify the US Supreme Court even more. Should Trump ever be impeached (will never happen theu the GOP Senate), Pence will prevail with fury.

    Jeff Session must act even more. He needs to indict all the officials for threatening the American citizens before the mid term election. Eric Holder, Hillary, Maxine Waters, and many others must be prosecuted and sent to prison.

    We can’t permit this to happen.


  24. Perhaps the most MEANINgFUL NEW Announcement to RE ELECT POTUS TRUMP in 2020 will be the Announcement that the (D) MOB anarchy Party is hiring OBAMA, OPRAH nad Biden to the campaign for whoever becomes their CANDIDATE for potus…..their Steller record to LOSE elections is beyond Reproach

  25. AG Sessions will have to live with the fact that he folded when folding was not the right thing to do and allowing mueller free reign to pursue the President when there was nothing to pursue.

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