Jeff Sessions made the worst mistake of his life

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just stepped in it.

Trump repeatedly criticized Sessions for allowing the Mueller investigation to spiral out of control.

Sessions responded to Trump and it was the worst mistake of his life.

President Trump and many of his supporters are furious over Sessions’ conduct in the Russian investigation.

Sessions recused himself and that allowed deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Had Sessions stood firm in the face of media pressure, the witch-hunt never would have started.

Sessions responded to the president’s criticism by attacking Donald Trump’s motives and claimed he would never be influenced by political pressure.

That is like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Senator Lindsey Graham and Trump ally Jerry Falwell, Jr. both floated the idea that Sessions would be replaced after the midterm elections.

That would remove Deep State apologist Rod Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

That could motivate Mueller to wrap up his probe sooner rather than later.

The Mueller investigation is a threat to the stability of the country.

Mueller is leading a silent coup against the President and it is about time his conspiracy against the President was brought to a close.

The first step in that process is replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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