Jeff Sessions made the worst mistake of his life

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just stepped in it.

Trump repeatedly criticized Sessions for allowing the Mueller investigation to spiral out of control.

Sessions responded to Trump and it was the worst mistake of his life.

President Trump and many of his supporters are furious over Sessions’ conduct in the Russian investigation.

Sessions recused himself and that allowed deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Had Sessions stood firm in the face of media pressure, the witch-hunt never would have started.

Sessions responded to the president’s criticism by attacking Donald Trump’s motives and claimed he would never be influenced by political pressure.

That is like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Senator Lindsey Graham and Trump ally Jerry Falwell, Jr. both floated the idea that Sessions would be replaced after the midterm elections.

That would remove Deep State apologist Rod Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

That could motivate Mueller to wrap up his probe sooner rather than later.

The Mueller investigation is a threat to the stability of the country.

Mueller is leading a silent coup against the President and it is about time his conspiracy against the President was brought to a close.

The first step in that process is replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Thomas John Wyman: A Civil War in the US would be a catastrophe for all Americans. A Civil War would not make America Great Again. One needs to cultivate the moderates and not the extremists. The goal should be reconciliation between the Republicans and the Democrats and vice versa. All heated rhetoric should be avoided – by those who profess to love America.

  2. He’s driving people to war? Your side are the ones talking blood in the streets pal. So when you get it don’t try and blame the other side. But your kind will never take responsibility for your actions. War? I say bring it on. Anytime.

  3. Your statement is pure BS, Mr. Greenberg.
    Sessions may be telling the truth of not being swayed by political considerations! IMHO, most of his activity as AG of the DOJ has been grossly influenced by the one world global government, aka the new world order and the deep state establishment.
    Acting DOJ should immediately investigate whether or not Senator Jeff Sessions was involved in the Uranium One treasonous activity or any other crime Hillary, Obama. Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey and other known deep state establishment traitors and enemy combatants. Seriously doubt this will be done until the corrupted enemy combatants still inside the agencies being investigated are fired,.arrested, detained in Gitmo until trials are over.
    As the AG, even though he recused himself, he was still responsible for everything in the department being done within the law, instead of continuing the corruption and making a mockery of the law as before.
    Sessions had to know that Rosenstein and Mueller had worked together before and he had to have heard something about both of them being involved in Uranium One along with Obama, Holder, Lynch. & Clintons.
    He was the AG and instead of aiding and abetting Mueller, Rosenstein &
    Wray in blocking investigation of their departments to obstruct justice, he should have stepped in and ordered them to immediately turn over every document requested by the congressional committee, and further told them that if anyone still working inside was worried about being exposed of criminal activity they should resign immediately or they would be fired if and when, whatever they were afraid of being exposed for was discovered. Had he been efficiently operating the department he would have known that Mueller & Rosenstein had worked together before and he would have kept oversight and caught the gross and deliberate biased witch hunting team. At that point, had he been doing his job, he would have fired both Rosenstein & Mueller, because they both had severe conflict of interest as both were Comey buddys. He also should have known of the illegal FISA warrants based on the bogus Russian Dossier.
    Surprised he would make such a statement as this, as the last sentence of it shows he is exiting with one of the biggest lies I have heard him tell during his time as DOJ The man is not stupid, and has to know what is going on with the congressional investigation of corruption inside the CIA, NSA, FBI and DOJ as he has been working with Mueller, Wray and
    Rosenstein and others to block the investigation and obstruct Justice. Now he exits, still trying to protect his fellow criminals blocking and obstructing justice to the end, which is a crime they are all participating in.

  4. Mr. Granberg, you are full of nonsense. If there is a civil war in the US in the near future, it would be one that is the result of libero communism in its present intolerant incarnation. President Trump is just a recipient of this gutless segment the population and its fake news media.

  5. The Putin loving poodle needs to be impeached. Trump and his ignorant supporters are driving America to civil war, which of course pleases Putin greatly.


  7. Mr. Sessions time to steep down,you have proven that for some reason,you cannot handle this job!! I wish we had Chris Christie he would of seen what was going on and handled it fast. He is tuff and smart!!

  8. I am from Alabama and always liked Senator Sessions and all he did for our state. However, I, like many many others feel that he is WRONG for the job of AG. I have always wondered if the DEMS had something on him and he is shaking in his boots. I regret that our President has not kicked him to the curb right from the beginning. We need a real bulldog for AG than a weak little man!!!!!!

  9. Mr. PRESIDENT, ROSENSTEIN IS not your friend!! HE is behind the whole MEULER investigation from day one!!YOU need to go to him and tell him to declassify those Visa documents and don’t take NO for an answer!! YOU ARE the only one that can declassify them with Pen and Paper!! THE only reason he doesn’t want anything to come out is because it Points to ROSENSTEIN that signed the Fisa warrents!! He is just as guilty as The FBI!! Also Wray needs to go!! ROSENSTEIN RECCOMENDED him to you, that should tell you he’s in on it too!! After the election FIRE SESSIONS!! He’s in on it also!!,,THEN get rid of all Obama leftovers!! LEAN HOUSE!!

  10. zee, I know replacing AG would be a holy nightmare, good to know if push comes to shove there is a short term solution. I don’t recall if article said how many Senate votes are required, 51 votes like for SCOTUS judge would be best case scenario. bee-u-tee-ful D, Dan & I have had the blogs smoking 2day. U see?

  11. more Words ‘dropped’. Will Not repeat__
    that’s ok RR (filters).
    > Get the ‘gist’. later ___

  12. oops, words dropped in post. I SAID: (go to bottom)
    > IF > 0NLY SENATE APPROVAL.< A ‘correction’ is in order on some level.
    > the ‘rest of comment’ IS Accurate re 0ur (R) ‘best friend’ —

  13. M. just went back to Slate re #1,2,3. #1=0UT.
    #2,3 deal w/ ‘Vacany’ procedures etc. In short
    210 days WITH SENATE APPROVAL (like i said).
    But Not House, (i missed on that 1) & could Go on & 0n
    w/ Complication(s).
    > So, in the event of ‘Vacancy’/>> SENATE APPROVAL, that means
    Rosenstein STAYS, UNLESS ‘temp’ AG ‘fires Rosenstein. Then
    ‘succesion’ Goes from there.
    > ‘R’s ARE Split ‘tween ESTABLISHMENT + RINOS ( & 1 rino
    IS Gone Now, thank ‘G’__ & True Conservative Constitutionalist
    Patriots ( not too many). (TOO Bad ‘some Cabinet appoints
    Cannot be involved here)
    > So, don’t Know what Pirro Said on Fox, guess i should ‘backtrak’
    & listen ( i abhore ‘baktrakking’), but will do, if Necessary for
    Truth) could Almost BE SURE Pirro KNOWS #1,2,3
    > IF HEY, R bee-u-tee-ful friend DI, IS NO MATCH for this type of
    Discussion &/0R INFO. awwww, boo hoo. wait a minute, BWAR HAR

  14. I guess we’ve all gotta trust that POTUS knows what he’s doing. So far, the polls look good.
    (G-D Sessions….!)

  15. If it ISN’T true, then we’re still nowhere. But if it IS true, there’s got to be some MAJOR, MAJOR “secret” reason why it hasn’t already BEEN done. Frankly – I’d be very hesitant to start poking the WH Cage at this point — it’s too close to Midterms.

  16. Hey zee, I believe that information was in the article on Slate website I told you about. POTUS could hire a temporary AG who could serve until such time as a new permanent AG could be confirmed. I don’t recall any other info such as how long a temp could serve, etc.

  17. I just heard something rather “odd” on Judge Jeannine (FOX News). She said that POTUS could fire Sessions immediately and hire a TEMPORARY DOJ from the DOJ “ranks”, or from outside the DOJ, who would NOT have to be confirmed by the House/Senate. I THOUGHT the main “barrier” to firing Sessions was that any replacement (temporary or otherwise) would HAVE to be confirmed and that the chances of THAT were less than ZERO. So, if Jeannine is right, there’s got to be another (or some other) reason(s) for the “holdup”. Like what? Problems at the borders too difficult for a temporary DOJ to handle ??? Sure makes a body wonder, doesn’t it?

  18. Mister Sessions you have never been in control of the Department! Perhaps if you fired Rosenstein maybe you could be!

  19. Magnolia, it’s pretty obvious that Jeff’s buddy’s in Congress told him to butt out or become one of the statistics. These guys have an agenda and it don’t include making America Great Again. I knew America was in trouble when some of our lawmakers started tossing about the idea of making Obama king. I say we need term limits to stop these guys from amassing stockpiles of cash on to back of we the people. But I digress, I think a few key people need to be let go for the greater good. The FIB is clearly on a witch hunt because if there were any Russian collusion they would have uncovered it. They kept an open investigation on Bush the whole time he was POTUS too.

  20. If THIS COUNTRY shouLd be appalled by ANYTHING, it should be appalled by THIS:

    It was right before Trump was sworn in, or immediately right after, when FOX News interviewed either Clapper or Brennan, with this question: Do you intend to provide President Trump with all necessary intelligence to do his job?” And Clapper’s (or Brennan’s) answer – which I will personally NEVER forget – was delivered back to FOX with a sneering laugh of incredulity, which was: “ABSOLUTELY NOT, and we have NO INTENTION of doing so in the future”.

    This is TRUE — and I heard it with my own two EARS.

  21. Watching POTUS intently for the last three years, I heartily believe POTUS plays his chess game so that, first and foremost, it’s AMERICA that wins! Of course, his detractors will always call it “ego” — but POTUS’s intention is to pick America up by her bootstraps to a strong and upright position in this world, and sometimes he must do “the double-edged coin thing” just to keep America unfolding in the right direction. That’s my take.

  22. POTUS likens to a ‘Coin’ ie ‘Heads/& Tails.
    V. FORGIVING & then, Not so much.___
    >POTUS ‘carries’ a DBL-EDGED SWORD. ___

  23. Leta,& Patrio, Gowdy/Cruz = old news.
    > Must Access/’know’ MORE Info. In short:
    BOTH ARE ‘Compromised’. ___ Capish.
    & i Take NO ‘pleasure’ in saying ‘that’.

  24. Buddy – U ‘deciphered’. U addressed your reply to zee/ hmm
    when indeed the post was from steel magnolia. damn. lol.
    > Have a good wkend. Pray for POTUS et al. SAVE USA.

  25. ps. Buddy, i become perplexed when ppl say “fire,fire” etc
    & NOT KNOWING re ROSENSTEIN, is NEXT & What that Implies.
    &&& the 5 Points above, in Session’s tweet, Have been Greatly Worked 0n &
    Vastly Improved in 2 short yrs, Compared to the Last 8 yrs.
    > A ‘Fast-moving 8 yr. ‘Train Wreck’ Has Been slowed down.
    > AG Sessions Deserves CREDIT, Where ‘Credit IS DUE’. His ‘recusal’
    IS an Entirely Separate Matter. Literally, Most Unfortunate, Among
    various ‘other thangs’. Capish, no ???

  26. I ‘know’ Buddy re my code ‘short speak’. Have to. 0nly way i know.
    Some ppl decipher, & that Is Good. But i think what i said above,
    Should be Quite Clear’ in short. Anyway – answer to your Q, Absolutely
    YES. Deputy Rosenstein is NEXT IN LINE BY LAW. PERIOD. Just like VP
    after Pres, then Speaker of the House,in that succession in the event
    of an Undesirable Situation.
    > Rosentein IS a Total NO GO, to be Next w/ More Mueller??? NOOO!
    > In the Event of AG Sessions/& Deputy to AG, Rosenstein to be dismissed
    Means 2 New PPL to be considered for Positions. AGAIN, AG Position
    MUST BE CONFIRMED/ APPROVAL by ‘dems/ rinos’/ establishment/ Conservative ‘R’s.
    > A ‘VACANCY’ Should be avoided At ALL Cost. POTUS knows this.
    > A ‘VACANCY’ Would Produce GRIDLOCK &&& MORE ‘free reign’ for Mueller.
    > IG ( Inspector General) is V. Important here. We’ll see about him.
    He hired Huber for Assistance. IG Report to Come V.Soon.
    > What Mueller et al Are Doing IS a Total Threat to the Stability of
    USA & they know it. Sessions IN a BIND, looking for a way out

  27. One way or another, Jeff Sessions is DONE FOR (job GONE!) after the midterms, unless he starts following Trump’s orders IMMEDIATELY regarding the Hillary Clinton and FISA warrant investigaions. Even then, I don’t see Trump keeping him – Trump’s not too forgiving, and who can blame him? Sessions had such a sterling reputation at confirmation, but from November 2018 on, he will forever live in DISGRACE !!! He’ll NEVER live it down, no one will trust him, and no one will ever respect him again. Talk about a cowardly JUDAS. He didn’t even use the correct Statute to recuse himself. Guess it’s been a long time since he looked at a law book. He sure is one huge DISAPPOINTMENT for the judicial recordbooks.

  28. Uh-oh, ‘it’s coming’ & when schnitt comes from (‘mouthpiece’) Sen. Lindsey Graham, well – take some credence. hmm. The ‘Preparation’ Is in progress.
    Who ???

    ink @ Kit Daniels:
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions will remain at his job until after midterm elections, President Trump indicated.

    The president said that while he questions Sessions’ recent performance, he expects the AG to stick around for a couple more months at least, but he refused to say whether Sessions would last beyond November.

    “I just would love to have him do a great job,” Trump told Bloomberg on Thursday.

    The president also said he would “love to have Sessions look at the other side” when it comes to probing Hillary Clinton and her reported involvement with the launch of the “Russian collusion” investigation.

    “I do question what Jeff is doing,” he added.

    Given his comments, it’s unlikely that Sessions will last much longer past November, which is a belief held by multiple Republicans in Congress.

    “This relationship is beyond repair, I think,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Tuesday, adding that Sessions is “not the only man in the country that can be attorney general.”

    Last week, Trump said Sessions “never took control of the Justice Department,” and the president had previously criticized the AG for not aggressively investigating allegations of anti-Trump bias within his department and the FBI.

    Up NEXT???(WORSE) & A Would BE TOTAL GRIDLOCK, UNTIL Confirmation/Approval
    for a New AG. ___ 2020 Pres. Election.
    > Have Said THIS -0ver & 0ver. TIME NOW –
    to ‘Understand’ Protocol By Law.
    > AG (‘Behind the ‘scenes’) NOT Reported thru msm.] IS Accomplishing
    Some V. Significant ‘stuff’. Rosenstein WILL NOT DO ‘the Same’.
    > Hold 0N – 2020.

  30. What??!! Sessions isn’t gone yet?!! Not to be disrespectful but even doggy doo can be scrapped off your shoes eventually. Sessions, don’t go away mad, just go away…

  31. You are wrong Sessions should have stopped Mueller or arrested him when the truth about Clinton, Obama, and the dem party came out about their collusion and crimes against the people of this country! They all should have been arrested them and there! The dems are trying to ruin our country and those who follow are traitors to our country. This has been the worst in history. The dems should loose their political position asap!!! Then we will be great!

  32. Maxi, You are nobody other than the one and only Diane! Please, who in their right mind would want “MS Waters” to contact them, eeeewww!
    You are accusing DJT’s admin. of the very things your party is and has been guilty of (plus worse criminal acts) and would be in prison except for the protection of the Intel and DOJ community. We are working on that at this time. Hope you are feeling well today, DIANE! Oh Lordy, here come the phony denials!M
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Agreed…but these “milk-Toast” tendencies were known before he was selected to head up the DOJ…if it was an oversight, then why not do it now? Why wait?

    …probably because they don’t want to feed the “swamp” fodder during the midterm???

  34. I seriously doubt Ms Waters would even give someone like you the time of day, but I digress. One does not have to be a liberal to see what an effed up administration we now have in Washington, just take the blinders off your eyes and you too, can see. Crooks, liars, thieves, whore mongers,racists, a cast of assorted nuts, and my favorite fake christians.

  35. Maxi, Are you per chance Maxine Waters or just another, lying, uninformed, lying, angry, lying, mean, lying, out of control, lying, liberal who doesn’t know what the Hades they are talking about. In case you haven’t noticed, there are serious inquiries and
    investigations going on of your criminal, un-American, treasonous, liberal, elements, those are the ones Sessions needs to be stepping up to by doing his job. Liberals are such sarcastic jerks, it’s a wonder you don’t just slink away and expire. You could then be with your master, you know his name is satan.

  36. To give credit where it is due Sessions has done a few good things. But unfortunately far too few. It is not that he has done anything wrong. It is just that for the most part he hasn’t been doing anything. He was not put in the job just to be a figure head. He was expected to actually clean up the FBI and the DOJ. If he is not up to the job he should resign.

  37. The best that weasel has done, standing up for principles and not that idiot T-Rump. I guess he saw the handwriting on the wall with all the investigations going on. It was probably best for him to lay low and let the shiaatt hit the fan. This is like watching very, bigly, sad episodes of “The Apprentice” with long lasting and terrible consequences. Morons Are Governing America.

  38. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  39. That’s the reason Sessions recused himself was to protect the swamp and himself too! Sessions needs to go ASAP he is a disgrace to his position!!

  40. This country has plenty of law but precious little real justice. Hundreds of Damnocrats and Progressive Media personalities should be either in jail or executed for their crimes against the country.

  41. Van the Man, you are spot on in everything you said. Does anyone hear this, a prosecutor with balls is what we need.

  42. ed agree with you, all these lib names are being bantered about, too bad that’s all. haven’t seen one in cuffs, questioned, any indictments, anything that warrants fbi, doj guilt when it’s apparent of the opposite.

  43. Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Dir. Wray need to be the first to go. President Trump and the country deserve to have a honest and trustworthy DOJ and FBI

  44. Diane, it looks to me like you are the dim wit. Both these people because of their hatred for Trump abandoned conservatives for the Dems. Why do you think the Dems have done nothing but praise them. Remember McCain couldn’t get the fake dossier to the Feds fast enough he didn’t even bother to see if it was true.

  45. TO Anyone – that relays ’emotional’ ‘fire’ re AG Sessions,
    just Does NOT KNOW Political Procedure.
    ’emotional Rant’ Displays WHAT the Left/rinos/establishment WANT.\
    > At Least Learn & be Knowledgeable . NEXTUP IS ROSENSTEIN. ISTHAT What You
    Want??? N0000! ALL AG Appointments MUST BE CONFIRMED/APPROVED. Capish__
    Thank you.

  46. IF POTUS ‘were’ to fire AG, NEXT UP IS ROSENSTEIN,
    HOW MANY X Can ‘this’ be Said??? &/0R ‘understood’.
    > Please, PPL, come on now. Just ‘get’ ‘it’ Already.

  47. What a liar!!!! If politics will not be allowed to influence DOJ actions, how come not a single criminal Democrat has not been prosecuted? Maybe I just am blind and I missed justice being applied to the criminal behavior. In my mind the President should lower the flag to half staff permanently, justice is surely dead and it dies a new death everyday that laws are only applied to lower class citizens and the President. I support Trump as the best alternative to run this country and I applaud the good he has done. But until we get a President and government that restores our rights pre 911 nothing has really changed.

  48. Enough of allowing a congressman to spend our hard-earned money to commit treason against our country and president!! It’s time to take Mueller down!!!

  49. Fire Jeff Sessions now and replace him with a pit bull prosecutor. Replace him with someone who has the balls to stand up against these deep state criminal Democrats. Someone who has the testicular fortitude to prosecute these lying, thieving crooks. Rudy Giuliani or even the prosecutor who prosecuted the Blind Shake.

  50. Who cares. He is making the economy cook. There are now more jobs than skilled people.
    I travel to Nepal to help people. Two years ago my dollar bought 101 rupees but now I am getting 114.
    And l can tell you that Clinton had sex in the White House. I know your against trump. I don’t need your web site even though I gave you money.

  51. Dee Andrews, I liked the ” deer in the headlights ” statement ,have thought that my self about him. I have said this before, Sessions is in there to push this all down the road till limitations run out on all of this ,so no one is charged, and we are stuck with the bill. They walk away with full retirements

  52. It would be such a breath of fresh air to have Sessions gone, Rosenstein gone, Mueller GONE, and all of the “CRAP-DIGGING” over with, and allow our country’s leaders to go to work FULL-TIME at their respective jobs! All of America is SICK OF THIS CRAP, and it has gone from a investigation regarding the President or his family or his “team” to wandering all over the place like a DRUNK trying to find his keys to drive himself home, forgetting that he didn’t drive to the bar!
    Regardless of the fall-out or the Democraps protesting, THIS CRAP HAS TO STOP!!!!! I hope that MUELLAR UNDERSTANDS WHERE HIS CREDIBILITY STANDS<<<<<"WANNA START A WITCH HUNT, CALL MUELLAR!!!!!m NUFF SAID!

  53. Our president had taken control and seizes the day. I just read that Chuck Schumer gave the judge appointees that Trump wanted to him with Mitch letting Schumer know there will be a vote on Sept 4 for Brett Kavanaugh. And we will have him in the position ASAP.The DEMS better get home and campaign but they will lose the Midterms and shortly Mueller will be history and so will Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. Now I just hope all the RNC hold out will come on board as they may not like President Trump’s style but he gets the job done and we have a better country for it. This is our time to shine. God please bless us one and all.

  54. Yes. I have not liked him from the beginning of his tenure. He needs to be gone as he obviously is working for the Swamp. He is not an honest broker in my opinion–Rosenstein being the most obvious deviation from an honest broker. There is probably more.

  55. That would be a great idea if McConnell could actually get someone like Rudy Giuliani approved by the Senate. The chances of that happening before election along with Kavinaugh is slim and none.
    Sessions was a well respected Senator, now he will go down as a failure of an AG.
    That is a lose lose lose situation for everyone, especially us.

  56. Right now Trump can’t fire Sessions, that would create a political firestorm he doesn’t need this close to the midterms. Besides, if Trump did fire Sessions who could he nominate that would do the job needed at the DOI (Department Of Injustice)and be confirmed by the current Demorat/Rino controlled Senate?

  57. Wouldn’t make that much difference! For all practical purposes Rosenstein is in charge now. Sessions isn’t even a figurehead! But you are correct on the rest of it. With the current Demorat/Rino controlled Senate there is no way any nominee who would do the job needed at the DOI (Department Of Injustice) would be confirmed. Only real hope is the election of several additional real Conservative Republican Senators this November!

  58. Trump wasted no time replacing his cabinet mistakes with this Yahoo jackass being the only exception. He’s paying dearly for this mistake!

  59. Reality check, This will never happened because Obama Has that title, and will NEVER give it up .and you deep down know this

  60. Actually, eyeball, this is a big “con” game but not exactly in how you think? Some of the government insiders who watch the “Deep State” and send out info, have been sending messages out that Trump has been having private negotiations through his people in perhaps doing the Deep State bidding quietly IF they drop the charges against his family and investigation of his business. His business is richer than ever since he has become president, and he knows that is where his future and the future of his kids lie. Look for signs increasing after the mid-term elections, with maybe a few small changes happening beforehand.

  61. Yes, a fellow criminal who will cover up things for Trump, so he can become the biggest swamp creature and most corrupt president of ALL time.

  62. I agree Jim. Oh sure, Sessions does it good job clamping down on immigration, and showing immigrants if they come here, we will remove their kids, ship them back and they may never see their kids again, plus showing others that the whites are in charge here. And he is well liked by other Senators, and that helps with Congress. But we don’t need someone who won’t protect the president’s back from all the laws he is violating and how he got all that dirt on Hillary from Russia. Trump is not a politician and has admitted to being a co-conspirator with Cohen and to have obstructed justice by firing Comey for the Russian probe. So we need someone who will do the president’s bidding and cover this up, because we do not want this president to not have to abide by the laws. King Trump. People should serve him, not think for themselves.

  63. He should have been gone months ago. He is a useless feckless little elf!!!!! Rod needs to go to and Mueller needs to go! They are all creeps and crooks! it needs to be sooner than later!


  65. This was never an investigation for justice. This has been anything and everything outside of the mandate of collision & obstruction. It has been a witch hunt and Jeff Sessions , newly appointed AG ran ducktail & his first tall order to show his appointment as a worthy selection proved to be an act of a coward. He could have called for a real special counsel and brought an investigation of Hillary, Obama, the DOJ under appointed Obama individuals & the collusion & obstruction they so desperately desired could have been done & over with. This has been a farce from the beginning and the American Ppl all recognize this now. There is no crime here and the acts carried out by the Dems including those in Congress should all be brought up on charges including accomplices when the only true goal is to set up this POTUS for impeachment. A big thank you to Pres Trump because if it had not been elected, the American Ppl would not be as informed how dirty so many politicians can be or what little some of these politicians do for us as their constituents, except at election time.

  66. While most of that is true the, one problem with that is Rosey would be in charge while the had to wait to get a new AG. If they do that the President will be overwhelmed with more BS than he is now. I think until they have someone that could be confirmed it a NO DEAL. There are several people out there right now but it makes no scene to do anything this close to an election and nothing right after that either maybe next year.

  67. PRECISELY! It is so obvious that it is hard to believe all but the most dimwitted individuals cannot see the truth.

    The only one Russians aided was Hilary because they knew she wanted the Presidency SOOO badly that she COULD be bribed!

  68. I say if he is going to fire Sessions, do it now & get a pit bull in place to take these people down fast BEFORE the elections so people can see for themselves the CORRUPTION of the DEMOCRAT party in its entirety.

  69. This scenario would be great if true, but I have my doubts.

    To another matter, I would love to see Trey Gowdy as A.G. Now, HE would get things done. Could be the reason he “left” D.C. in the first place, hmmmmmmm?

  70. Fire sessions,Rosenstein,Muller,and appoint Gowdy as temporary head over DOJ and get the records that have been subpoenaed then bring Hillary,Obama,and deep state cronies and those that have been involved in criminal activities and send them to prison!!!

  71. Jeff Sessions has done NOTHING to help Trump! He is a liar just like the sorry Dimms! In my Opinion Sessions & Rod Rosenstein should be FURED IMMEDIATELY!

  72. From all we’ve learned about the set-up, the cover-ups and the continued effort to investigate Pres Trump, IN SEARCH OF A CRIME, I tend to believe one of two things has occurred to paralyze Sessions… Either he was a mole placed in the Trump campaign, OR he was also caught up in the web of deception by the suits at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc., and they found some juicy dirt on him during their SPYING & WIRETAPPING & UNMASKING of American citizens. It is just too convenient that such a supposedly Strong Trump Supporter would totally CAVE & recuse himself when he legally did not have too – IT HAPPENED LIKE A WELL REHEARSED CORRUPT ACTOR.


  74. Mueller should be shut down now. There is nothing else to be found. He is just wasting Government Funds to continue any further. Mueller is just a “Dirt Digger” and went outside the Warrant he was given.

  75. Get rid of that little sleeze ball now. Mueller is being allowed to cost the taxpayers of this country MILLIONS of dollars chasing a ghost. It is time to stop. It is also time to arrest Obama, Clintons, Comey, Mueller and all the rest of the deep state creeps who have conspired to take this country down. To hell with what the dems think they are all communist anyway. Show us your wrist Shumer.

  76. It is time, no more sitting back and doing nothing. The democrats are vultures, just waiting for anything to stop President Trump. Session needs to step up, stop the investigation that has been over done. Like they said it is a nothing burger

  77. He (sessions) and his witch hunt should of
    disappeared long ago, OUR country would
    be better today ????????????????????????????????????????

  78. This no balls AG Sessions is a total loser. He is an idiot and a coward. No matter what he said is full of it. No one is respecting him nor trust him. He is a Rino. He is 100% not fit for the AG position. President Trump must fire him. He is the cause of the Muller investigation. President Trump must get a brave and gutsy new AG who will clean house and put all the crooks in jail and that include crooked Hillary and corrupt Obama.

  79. This no balls AG Sessions is a total loser. He is an idiot and a coward. No matter what he said is full of it. No one is respecting him nor trust him. He is a Rino. He is 100% not fit for the AG position. President Trump must fire him. He is the cause of the Muller investigation. President Trump must get a brave and gutsy new AG who will clean house and put all the crooks in jail and that include crooked Hillary and corrupt Obama.

  80. Sessions should have been replaced immediately after he recused himself and Rod Rosenstein should have been fired at the same time!

  81. Diane, you are infected and affected by liberal brain syndrome. Part of the syndrome involves believing your own propaganda. There is also promotion of fake news and disrespect for our President. That’s why the sociocrats lost and it is a growing reason for your future relegation to the trash heap of history.


  83. Sessions is a big disappointment. I thought he might bring back integrity to the Justice Department and start inditing clinton, holder, obama, lerner, and the rest of the “click” that grossly violated their offices. Sessions is allowing the “deep state” to continue operations against the best interests of The United States and especially the hard working tax payers who are paying for all the corruption in Washington.

  84. Carl… Go cry your Libtard Snowflake self to sleep with your Trump Derangement Syndrome, you wittle blanky, and a popsicle…and keep plenty on hand …you’re gonna need it to survive in life.

  85. As far as I’m considered I’m not Republican or Democrat I guess you called me independent but yes both your attorney general and Deputy attorney-general should be fired this shouldn’t be going on in this country especially for this long and what about the other side why does is there no investigations and if there is a should let the public know on that the Democrats are not getting away if nothing that they will be dealt with do but right now they need to get rid of them too and get this country back on track I think Trump’s doing a better job than which should have never been president

  86. Yes Howard but the Problem with your “logic” is… that Trump is Not a Politician and has no problem at all doing what he says he’s going to do…without deranged Libtard Snowflake interference.

  87. I really think that Session and his family was threatened by the Deep State so he stepped out and let Rosen stein (who is part of the Deep State ) lead.This was part of the plan and Sessions is either afraid or to weak a person to fight them.

  88. Carl, why didn’t you say that about your precious BO, the Muslim traitor? HE was the one who circumvented Congress and broke the law and the Constitution, yet everyone was afraid to do anything about it because of BO’s color! No other reason. They KNEW he was lawless — proof beyond proof — yet they were silent for fear of being called a racist against the first black/white President!

  89. M. Able to locate 3 0p’s W/brief ie Vacancy/short term etc. ALL of ‘it’ is way too ‘sporty’. & what i said = ‘Gridlock’.___
    > Bottom Line. APPROVAL IS NEC. in ‘long run’. PPL Really Need to Learn ‘stuff’
    &&& ‘Get 0FF’ the ‘fire’ crap’. Emotions run high.
    > Thnx 4 more ‘info’.

  90. ps. I Don’t ‘Like’ ‘IT’ per se’ (truth), Upsets me V. Much.___
    Butt, there IS
    ‘stuff’ USA PPL( & U ARE USA) must Know ___ &&& NOT IN Conjecture/
    Speculation/ &/or Rhetoric. CHRONOLOGICAL FACTOIDS, ARE
    ‘the Truth’. >>> TUFF ‘STUFF’.

  91. Please STATE 4,229 LIes. 0r at least 100.
    > RR Will let U thru. Back up W/Factoid &&&
    NOT Rhetoric. 0k? Let’s Go !!! ‘I’ WANT
    to Know !!! ( at least, Truth.]]] that
    I’ve ‘missed’. Searching – just like U __

  92. Hey zee, I wasn’t w/h info, 3 ops are too long and involved for here, sorry. when get time go on Slate website & ck it out

  93. 0K M. ‘spare’ me some time re research. In Brief: What ARE
    3 0p’s ??? Sharing info as this IS why we have each other. Thnx
    in Advance. Later___ ( Capish ? – haha) SAVE USA W/& NO OPTION(s)

  94. M. I Know the ‘shocking Truth’ As well as MANY. whew __
    Now M.Savage IS ‘defending’ warrior type stuff. whatever.
    ( & ‘i’ Know savage just wants tosave his ‘butt’ ( for the record)
    & that’s ok, i guess. SAVE Your Own Butt ( Bottom Line).
    >> Anyway, Limbaugh Today, Revealed some ‘stuff’ re McCain &
    Rick Davis(manager) associations W/ Davis-Manafort Consulting
    Firm / Ukraine etc.. Way back then &&& N0 0ne Said a word. &&& N0
    Q that McCain was an ESTABLISHMENT RINO ( thru association W/
    Soros. etc. Ugh & yikes. 0H & BTW a ‘Tidbit’ for Y’ALL : WHEN
    DJT ‘found out’ re Manaforts ‘lobby connections’ MANAFORT WAS
    FIRED in 90 days!!! So, that’s all (for more ‘perspective’) &
    gee whiz, not here to ‘lecture’ ppl on ‘FACTOIDS’ ♥U later.

  95. Perhaps AG IS Doing just that ie: re cyber. Just not advertising for
    msm to ‘crawl all over’, including their involvement.
    > Have seen reports on sidelines – POTUS et al ARE fully ‘aware’
    (& a moot comment) & WORKING 0N IT.
    ps. AG has Assembled 1000’s of ‘SEALED Doc’s’. He Also has ‘busted’
    0ver 500 in ‘medical FRAUD’/ just NOT ‘msm’ reported, of Which IS
    probably V. Good.
    >>> AGAIN : Rod Rosenstein IS NEXT UP after Sessions, in event of ‘firing'(Which WILL NOT Happen) 0R Resignation (also NOT happening).
    > The Appointment of AG, MUST BE APPROVED. DO y’ALL THINK that DEMS/
    Rinos/ NWO ESTABLISHMENT ‘R’s Would APPROVE a ‘Righteous Legal Constitutional Attoney ??? A ‘Gridlock’ Would 0CCUR. &&& ‘WE’ have
    Enough of that Already. Sessions IS Doing ‘a LOT’ ‘Close to the Vest’.
    > THE REAL DEAL IS ‘getting RID of Rosenstein &&& Special Counsel
    MUELLER. Period.

  96. zee, I know that Rosenstein would move up to AG as normal protocol however, I searched the subject online and there are three options he has on how to replace AG. Needless to say the norm is easiest way. Hey DJT never fears difficulties and he could, if push comes to shove, go another direction. As POTUS says, we’ll see.

  97. I totally agree! Don’t wait, just get rid of Sessions and anyone that were appointed by any previous president from Obama all the way back to Bush I. Be gone!

  98. zee, I read the blogs on what people are saying about him. There are too many vets still living who know the truth about his service record. His pow situation has overshadowed the bad stuff in a lot of minds. Also, I don’t remember any Republican politician being such a thorn in several Republican Presidents behind as much as John McCain. Sometimes it looked as if he took pride in being difficult and a cranky old dude. He has gone on to meet his maker and I pray peace and God’s grace for his family.

  99. M. PPL Are NOT ‘understanding’ That ‘firing’ Sessions
    puts Rosenstein “next-up”. Which would be Way Worse than
    Sessions. Read Larry S post above mine. Also AG Appt’ment
    Must be Approved. It’s not a ‘hire & fire’ situation.

  100. Say ‘it’ M. & Thnx for #2 re “customary” protocol. Media is so bad
    in convoluting/twisting E’thing.
    >Hey, go back to top & view Repost of Diane saying
    “But Trump must stay”. Priceless. &&& her V.1st non-lie.!!!
    M, she just doesn’t ‘know’ ANY Truth. Just amazing. ‘What’ ‘makes’
    ppl that way??? Why can’t they SEE 0r Even Want to Learn ???
    >ps just spent time on another site viewing over 400 comments re
    McCain. Wow__ &&& the ppl speak__

  101. Hey zee, I want to address Diane in this.



  102. Bob Cotton, Your name is new to me but, am so glad you are here! Great comment and I concur with every word! Thanks!

  103. RE john McCain. My sympathies to his family. But as a senator he was terrible. The commiecrats wanted him to switch parties and hang with him. Chuck schumer is singing his praises. He was a republican in name only. He fought President Trump all the way. It might be the grim reaper is draining the swamp. Now if some of the rat party will follow him , we will be better off. Rest In Peace senator. It’s good he didn’t cross hillary. He would have already been buried.

  104. Repost.
    August 25, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    “If you mean sessions john, I agree. But Trump must stay.”

    August 26, 2018 at 3:29 am

    Rite Diane. “Trump must stay”.
    >Best comment.
    > &&& ‘screen shot captured’.

  105. $.10 Diane, U really need to show some ‘grace’ & intelligence.
    U Keep ‘repeating’ over & over. As far as McCain goes – U need to do
    research from ‘former vets’/ What he did in ‘hot dogging’ & WHAT
    that means/ Also, WHY he was given ‘Song Canary’ name. U have some
    ‘research’to do. Take a break here & Go do your ‘homework’. & btw:
    ” BOTH Republicans” U speak of, well, Those ‘R’s = NWO GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT
    (right 0ut of GWB’s daddy’s mouth) not sure if u were even born then. If so, U
    Should Remember such statements.)
    of which POTUS IS NOT. You Should ALSO KNOW ‘What’ that means. Need Serious History ‘lessons’. ‘we’ Cannot ‘teach’ U that here, 0nly in
    short statements. Take a break from RR, Do some research.

  106. It has been said : ‘some’ of POTUS public excoriating AG, IS ‘just that’.
    > Meanwhile & “close to the vest”.___ Time will Tell. POTUS last 2
    ‘tweets’ Revealed ‘truth’ re 1 sided investigations & said
    ‘what re this, this , this & this etc. Look it up.

  107. Viril: The US is governed by the Rule of Law – not by personal preferences or by anyone, including the President, being above the law. Saying that it is a witch hunt does not make it necessary so. Therefore, the investigation must go on. Only after it is concluded, can one then draw a reasonable conclusion. Facts should form opinions not opinions creating precipitously conclusions. That is what has made America great – and why America is not like Russia or China. The law and the constitution must be respected.

  108. I liked Jeff Sessions at first. His handling of the immigration issue is excellent. But he has to go. He’s a agINO, part of the swamp and the deep state. He’s part of the gang of corrupt fbi and the doj. Fire him now mr president. Don’t wait until after the midterm. He’s a cancer.

  109. No – Jeff Sessions made the worst mistake of his life when he accepted a post in the Administration of the Worst Screwball ever to disgrace the Office of the President. Thankfully , he has been making up for it by trying desperately to remind Captain Bonespurs that even Two bit Dictator Presidents have to abide by the Rule of Law and the Constitution. At great cost to him (Jeff Sessions).

  110. It could be that Jeff Sessions is part of the corruption..Maybe the reason why he recuse himself. If he did not Mueller will implicate him…Also why is he so slow in correcting the Attorney General for the President of USA work hand in hand with the President to better the country..he is not it almost 2 years he has done nothing. Why the american people paying top dollars just to smile ?

  111. Jerry – Probably because you’re like these other dimwits and have your head in the sand or wherever one puts it these days! If you can’t see that corrupt Trump is backed into a corner, then you’re a bigger idiot than the rest. Also do you know what kind of monumental POS you have to be to be banned from a funeral? Trump has been banned from TWO in less than 2 years…..Barbara Bush & now John McCain……BOTH Republicans. Seems like the only ones who like him are his dimwit supporters.

  112. I have always thought Judge Jeanine would be a perfect choice for AG

    she has a record of being a tough prosecutor and a fair judge. She would kick ass and take names

  113. Anyway , when selected to do the job the little big mouth Jeff has got to do a complete job. Immediately , when this little wimp said excuse me — the president Trump should have done just that and said go home and I need a complete DOJ ! so go to SWEET HOME ALABAMA and hide . Americans need a man for a complete and total responsibility and not a WIMP.
    THAT’s MY WAY of hiring workers–nuff said

  114. Diane,
    ‘Trump is running out of places to hide these days.”
    I wasn’t aware President Trump was hiding. How is it you know and I don’t? Tell me how he hides. I’d really like to know.

  115. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  116. Sessions has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself.

  117. Eyeball, I’m with you. I have faith in Trump and his ‘chess’ moves. He’s ALWAYS 3 steps ahead in everything he does. I am frustrated for sure but I trust Trump knows EXACTLY what he is doing. It’s fun to watch someone so brilliant doing good!

  118. What IF President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are playing a “con” on the libocrats? Suppose Sessions had led the “BIG Investigation” and found nothing (there’s no ‘there’ there). Libs would’ve jumped all over it as partisan. But if Sessions recuses himself, and the Libs get their shark team after the President, and STILL find no “there” there, well, the libs have no bone to pick, right? Now, suppose President Trump and Mule-ears are working together to swing this thing around to say, “Well, President Trump isn’t guilty of anything, BUT we will now indict Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for planning, initiating and executing “Uranium One” for illegal foreign contributions to the DNC, through HRC, which she now controls”? NOW, the :Libs are in a shambles, and Trump’s in the clear (and rightly so). HRC and BHO finally GO DOWN. BHO “escapes” to Kenya. They throw his scrawny ass back on the plane BACK here because President Trump asked them to, and the plane lands in Cuba, instead! You know …GITMO! WOW, WOW, WOW! I’m IN!




  120. YES!! Get rid of him NOW!! He not only caused the PHONY Mueller investigation and cost the tax payers MILLIONS of dollars but he cost the Republicans a Senate seat in South Carolina. Sessions has done more damage to this country than the Democrats and the MS MEDIA put together. FIRE HIS ASS NOW !!!

  121. Ummm, Smartbiscuits is NOT the President of the United States. The Liar-in-Chief has set the Guinness Book record for lying…….4,229 lies since his inauguration. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

  122. There you go, again! You need to use spellcheck because you look like the idiot you truly are! If Sessions had done his job, Trump would have been impeached by now. (It’s called allegations, dimwit)

  123. I agree…..20 years for Obstruction and 20 years for breaking campaign finance laws in order to win an election. Trump 20/20!

  124. Sessions should have stayed in the Senate and never accepted the nomination. He had a lot of potential. And a lot of us had great expectations of him. But he has been a huge disappointment. He has done a few good things but has mostly been ineffective and failed to establish control of the DOJ.

  125. M – Afraid to hear the truth? Trump is running out of places to hide these days. The walls are closing in on him (Mexico will actually pay forTHAT wall). The criminal Mafia boss will be forced to resign (for health reason because he is innocent….yeah, right) as a plea deal in order to keep his criminal children’s from going to the slammer for years! Have already bought my popcorn to watch THAT celebration! Need to get some champagne! You, dear, need to sit and spin……I’ll bet with your moronic attitude it’s been awhile.

  126. First off — he never “took” control of anything !!!!!! He let the scum rosenstein and others BS him and manipulate him. If he had taken control this 3-ring embarrassment would not be going on. I believe sessions is either just a pathetic coward OR part of the deep state and him, rosentein and wary all need to be gone ASAP !!!

  127. The biggest mistake Trump has made as POTUS wwas keeping and/or promoting so many “establishment RINOs” in critical arenas of his administration. Sessions is the typical RINO. He talks tough! He says all the right Constitutional sounding phrases. THEN, he does and says things that actually support the liberal agenda. Trump should have gotten “the message” when the RINOs refused to get rid of Obamacare. He didn’t! THAT was just the first campaign promise sabotaged by his own “party”. THAT led to his failed campaign promise to “drain the swamp”. Now, the GOP is divided into TWO camps – the establishment RINOs opposing POTUS Trump and the Constitutional conservatives supporting him and battling libturds.

  128. Sessions hasn’t led the Justice Dept. Not only is the Russian investigating going astray, but he hasn’t properly investigated others crimes. Where is the investigation into the destruction of the military statues?

  129. I like Sessions but as the old saying goes he has chosen the wrong “hill to die on”. It is time that the President fire the AG and get someone who will do the complete job and not just the one that they think is good for them.

  130. I believe that this is the right thing to do for American public. It has gone on enough and has to STOP. President Trump has a country to run and not putting up with this whitch hunt any longer would sure benefit this country. He needs to stay focused on other things that are really important to this country. He has done great so far and will do even greater when this whitch hunt is over.

  131. Krushev one said America will fall from within and it sure looks like we are headed in that direction. If the left manages to impeach our President there will be another civil war with lots of dead on both sides but more on the lefts side. Most dems don’t know know a 30/06 from bulls behind much less how to use one. Make sure you vote to rid this country of all the deep state candidates in Nov.

  132. They got to Sessions! Threatened him, and his family! Told him that what happens to Justice Scalia will happen to you!

  133. he is a pick and chose his battles warrior, his 1st battle, he ran from it. Either you get in their face or you hand the baton over to someone who can, PRESIDENT TRUMP expected this from you and this is not the 1st time you ran for cover, when it looked like it might be a SHTF DAY.

  134. I was very hopeful that Sessions would be a great ally to our President and his agenda. He was such an outspoken early supporter. It was very disappointing to see him bow in front of the early resistance and feed into this false narrative, rather than brush it off.

  135. ps.RicB. See/Read Democrat Harvard EMERITUS LAW Alan Dershowitz’s remarks
    + ‘other Non-partisan Lawyers etc. re what is happening here.
    His ‘personal life (10 + yrs ago) IS a “NUNyo” just like yours.(& mine) ok?
    > Again, Cohen was ‘forced’ on PLEA BARGAIN Reducing Prison time, therefore
    ‘twisting’ words re campaign vio’s ___ Cohen has ‘other’ vio’s Unrelated to DJT. & Those that Do NOT ‘know’ this, well-
    quite frankly, are Unaware/ stupid/ and/or ignorant. (take your pick).
    >Ask Q’s IF U want to ‘know’ more. But Ask ‘correct’ Sorces. & that’s
    bout it.

  136. RicB, re Cohen /campaign vio’ statements = Bunk. /Busted already. Cohens remarks ARE
    written out ‘PLEA BARGAINs’ to ‘flip’ TO AVOID MAJOR PRISON Time. omg -Mostly
    E’0ne knows this (but not ppl watching msm schmooze.) & the ‘LEFT’ IS
    laughing __

  137. If interference in the 2016 election is so important, Why isn’t the D O J Jeff busy with the current interference by domestic cyber Terrorists like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & the Media all have openly declared war on fhe CITIZENS OF THE USA. Never has any legally elected US President been subjected to this level of attack by blatant anti US CONSTITUTION LIBERALS. If Sessionss is an example of what constitutes JUSTICE we have sunk to lower than shark excretion. He was aware of every deep state coup member, He is also aware that Val Jarrett is the architect of the coup. He is aware that HENRY KERNER A JOHN MC CAIN LACKY & PLANT. HE NOW HAS OVERSIGHT CONTROL OVER ALL DOJ FBI, CIA INVESTIGATIONS. HE DIRECTED THE IRS TO TARGET CONSERVATIVES WITH AUDITS UNTIL IT BANKRUPTED THEM IF NEED BE. STOP CURRENT CYBER ELECTION INTERFERENCE BY DOMESTIC AMERICAN ENEMIES & THE US FAKE NEWS MEDIA. lIES ARE LIES EVEN LYING BY OMISSION. FAKEBOOK, GOOBLES,TWISTER, WHATS THE FCC DOING? THE DOJ CENSORSHIP OF OPPOSING ARGUMENT IS A VIOLATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION.

  138. Geez Di, i wouldn’t even ‘think’ re trolling ‘lib’ sites !!!
    > tell me where, perhaps i will. anyway ___

  139. FedUp. “polly wanna Cracker’ ___
    >omg, Thnx for a really good ‘belly laugh’.
    All Time Best Comment.

  140. Fire Rosenstein, Screw what the Press and the democrats will say–They are saying it anyway–Time to start thinking about THIS country for a change.

  141. Correct, Larry.
    We’ll see After mid-terms. PPL need
    understand protocol appointments /approval.
    Not a ‘slam-dunk’ deal. Last person ‘we’
    need Is Rosentein (in a ‘next up’ situation)
    NO Way. __

  142. Must Wait. After mid-terms. 2 more mos of ‘rag. Then Big ‘stuff’.
    We’ll see. SAVE USA. Always Remember, ‘The’ Large Silent Majority’.
    >’pipsqueaks’ here (w/onion breath), don’t count, At all.

  143. JIM, you did a GREAT job with your reply. I don’t think you missed a thing. Why hasn’t anything been done with investigating and charging Hilldabeast, NOT TRUMP. We don’t give a rats ass who he had an affair with BEFORE he was elected POTUS. I thank God everyday that lying, thieving, evil and DEPLORABLE witch was not elected POTUS. She is not even human. I just can’t imagine the thought. They should be investigating her, not Trump, and she should be in prison for all the unthinkable things that POS has done to this country and to profit her OWN pocketbook. They even stole things from the Whitehouse when they vacated. She is despicable doesn’t care anything about the citizens in this country.

  144. I absolutely AGREE 100% with David Donalson’s comment. It is obvious that Hilldabeast, Obama, Mueller, Clapper and Brennan and all the other deep staters are the ones that need to be completely investigated in this collusion charade. I also believe it was Soros’s idea and money, along with Obama that instigated all of crap to overthrow are duly elected President, Donald J. Trump. I can’t believe that is is still going on and it is UNBELIEVABLE and a waste of time and taxpayer money.

  145. Jeff Sessions just wanted a government job, one where he doesn’t have to do much and collect a big paycheck. He couldn’t wait to recuse himself so he wouldn’t have to work too hard. He makes me sick. He always looks like a deer in the headlights. The only thing he works on is putting the kibash on legal marijuana which most of the country doesn’t care about anyway. I hope Trump fires his but asap.

  146. Marlene: I am truly sorry to read about your past experience. Everyone is deserving of being treated with respect and dignity. Please do not generalize your negative experience to believe that all people are the same. I try to stay focused on the issue or issues when having conversations. When I feel that I am being abused or insulted, I cut off my discussions with that person – as they do not know the basics of human courtesy. People who are hateful are negative, don’t look for insights and their hate consumes their heart as well as shows in their behavior. You seem to be a fine person, so please don’t let the bad experiences of the past color your view of all people. I wish you well – sure I may not agree with all your political views – but that does not mean that I do not respect you. In a calm polite discussion, we could even find a lot of common ground and even agree on a constructive way ahead.

  147. Nancy, I agree with you. The thing that galls me is how Sessions has the nerve to say he will not politicize the Attorney General’s office when that is exactly what he is doing. He obviously does not want to prosecute one of the crookest people in the world (Hillary Clinton), but he allows Rob Rosenstein and Mueller to go after President Trump for a scam of a notion; Russian Collusion – which isn’t a crime even though there is no evidence of any Russian collusion with Trump, but plenty of collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians. Such hypocrisy. Sessions needs to go because he does not want to be a neutral Attorney General. President Trump needs to have an Attorney General he can trust to do the right thing; not be pro Hillary Clinton and pro Democrat.

  148. Roman, Once upon a time I wrote and sounded just like you do except I am a conservative Republican. Then I started blogging and after being abused, talked down to, called names, had my intelligence and education questioned, and insulted in general, I report to you that I am now meaner than a junk yard dog and I bite! So fancy pants, we’ll see how long you maintain your lofty pseudo intellectual attitude if you stay in the mix. The first time somebody pushes your button, you remember I told you so. And, low or high class has nothing do with your self defense mechanism!

  149. Stop using God in this, you liberal POS!!! Just like the dirtbag you are, you’ve got it all twisted! President Trump was God’s Will. He made sure the evil hag didn’t win. Evil always loses!!! Thank God for President Trump, truly a Godsend. Trump 2020 whether you like it or not! I don’t give a rat’s a** if you don’t!! Eat it!!!

  150. Are you that dense?? The counsel of any subject of n investigation has the right to know what the prosecution has as evidence or any trail can be declared a mistrial because the prosecution is withholding evidence !!

  151. Jim, Don’t Forget Obama Weaponizing All Government Agencies. You May Not Be Aware The DOJ-FBI-SEC In A Deliberate Assault On OTC Micro-Caps Took Out Around 5,000 Companies. I Didn’t Understand Why At First. Finally It Came To light. The Exemption Funding Was Maximum 1 Million A Year for Over 20 years. Then It Jumped To Unlimited? Reason For Attacking Micro-Caps. To Create A Vacuum On Wall Street For Exemption Funding. It Seems A Million A Year Was Not Enough For Obama’s Alternative Energy Friends. So 100’s of Millions Of Dollars Non-Registered Stocks Under The Registration Exemption Was Funded. A Lot Of Those Companies Went Under. So Where Did All The Money Go? Humm, Maybe Paid For Obama’s 8 Million Home? And I Have Yet To Here About This On Any News Channel??

  152. Dan T., Diane has gone off the rails and lost it completely, with this “illegitimate” $hit talk! Crazy road lizard!

  153. Diane get off your black ass and get a job Go to Trump rallies. Volenteer for republican fund raising. Then you might gain respect. And stop taking drugs. You embarrass yourself.

  154. Agree with you Ron Mills! 100%. Sessions must go and his replacement should be either Jeanine Pirro or Greg Jarrett either of whom would then have the prerogative to fire Rosenstein and recommend special prosecutors to investigate, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper and all other deep staters clear up to and including Obama whom I’m certain instigated all this collusion charade at the outset!

  155. I could not agree more! Priorities are being put on the wayside more than the no-evidence collusion being unsuccessfully pursued turning it into a fishing expedition vis-a-vis a Spanish Inquisition.

  156. Most think Sessions will be AG until after midterms however I wonder if he should go now. Somebody needs to get the Inspector General’s report and get started on it. There is so much to do, it’s
    hard to know where to start but the IG
    report having been done by a objective
    person might be good. We need to get
    started on the extremely large can of
    worms, like now!
    Dan T., have been on in spurts today and reviewing these comments I can see I
    missed a lot. This site has been full of
    liberals today and you have hung in
    there. It will all get settled. You know
    libs go wild and crazy every time they get
    new info to chew on. DIANE has been
    her usual mean, nasty, abusive, low
    class, racist/against whites, serial lying,
    heathen, idiot, piece of human waste.
    Don’t we love her? Tell her, for me, to sit
    on it and spin! 🙂 🙂 🙂 HAHAHAHA!

  157. Sessions is worthless! So incompetent of his position! Either he resigns or be fired…a Clinton piece of junk!
    Her investigationshould already been done…quilty as charged…Also, LEAST WE FORGET


  159. I fully agree with Wanda, Sessions needs to investigate the entire Obama gang and prosecute them. Get rid of the double standard for politicians now.

  160. Einstein said it best… ” The difference between Genius and Stupid.. Genius has limits”
    It is blatantly apparent who in Washington has no LIMITS and it is not President Trump!!!
    Oh and Liberals we are gonna beat your ASS every chance we get……………..

  161. Get rid of Sessions as soon as you can. He’s not doing a damn thing to help us. He hasn’t since day one. It’s time to go get the ones that are in the swamp out without pay. I wish I could get signatures to get everyone to sign to get him out and Rod too. Enough is enough for us people. Where is congress’s back bone? Seems as we put a bunch of Wimps in office. Let’s clean the slate in Nov. Out with the old and in with the new. No working for us the NO PAYCHECK.Make them to there jobs like we hired them too. Might even take there health care and vehicles. We haves to use our own to go to work and they’re no better then we are.

  162. Where is the Constitutional protections against investigations without legal probable cause. This witch hunt was based on a perjured false fraudulent fisa affidavit .This is criminal and thus violates the due process, searches under warrants etc. Government agencies do not have a right to go on fishing expeditions to try to find crimes without tangible evidence supported by true oaths and affidavits for search warrants. The first amendment,fouth amendments and fifth amendments are there to protect all of us from government, hateful enemies, etc making charges and trying to get you for something without probable cause of which there was absolutely noe here and continues to be none .All evidence found from any search etc coming from this phony warrant should be thrown out. It is the same as if someone lies about you having drugs and lies to get a warrant and the government then illegally finds some other stuff. It is deemed non admissible because the original was fraudulent. Trump should have all the phony lying FISA signers tried for perjury and treason as they are trying illegally to overthrow a President nd the government of the United States of America.

  163. Stupid, you did not understand the issue versus your response. Try reading the article more intelligently. Look like an uneducated person.

  164. I’m not sure this should happen before the midterm election. Yes Sessions needs to either do his job or resign. I’m not sure about what was said about Rod Rosenstein, if Sessions resign tomorrow, Rod Rosenstein would be next in line to be the acting AG and That would be a very bad thing. The only alternative would be to fire Rod Rosenstein and that would cause a fire storm with the democrats

  165. Trump Needs To Do His Job As Chief Exe. Fire Jeff, Hire A Real AG, Clean Out The 7th Floor Den Of Rats. As The DOJ-FBI Have Gone Rogue And Out Of Control. “Political Police” Is Not Nor Was Ever, What This Country Is About, Americans Will Not Put Up With It.

  166. Trump Needs To Do His Job As Chief Exe. Fire Jeff, Hire A Real AG, Clean Out The 7th Floor Den Of Rats. As The DOJ-FBI Have Gone Rogue And Out Of Control. “Political Police” Is Not Nor Was Ever, What This Country Is About, Americans Will Not Put Up With It. And You Paul Are An Idiot.

  167. Personally, I would prefer that he be fired with a size 12 boot up his ass! Sessions sure turned out to be a rotten piece of human excrement.

  168. Ron, Well thought out and very well stated. One other silly thing I want to tack on here is, I am astounded at how many liberals took President Trump seriously, when he Jokingly said during a
    debate, for Russia to please hack HRC’s
    server and find the 33k missing emails
    because our people could not find them.  Give me a break, liberals have got to be intelligent enough to know that
    was a JOKE. He was on national TV and
    had he been serious he would have not done it in front of the whole world. If he
    had wanted Russia to do that it would
    have been done on the QT with not a
    liberal within earshot. Just so stupid,
    liberals pick everything POTUS says to
    pieces. Thanks for the great comment!

  169. J.D., Where the heck are you getting your information? From the DemocRATS? Or, maybe you’re of the same cloth! You’re totally ignorant as are all Liberals!

  170. RicB, All I hear from you is repeating rumors, not facts! You would do well to keep your opinions regarding rumors to yourself or those opinions will come back and bite you on your derriere!

  171. Smartbiscuits, And I suppose you have the power to read God’s mind and make His judgments? Have you never told a lie or committed any other sin, mortal or venial?

  172. Judicial Watch, through Freedom of Information Act and lawsuits, has forced another 72,000 Clinton emails from the State Dept. PLUS thousands of emails were taken from Clinton’s secretary Huma Abden’s ex-husband, Anthony Weiner’s computer. Needless to say neither of these women understand the word “CLASSIFIED”.

  173. It may have to take we the millions of people not only in our great country ,but also the millions of people in the other countries on this small planet as well,to go after seek out George Soros as he is the person who knows how to influence all the right people not only in our great country ,but all the other leaders of their countries as well ,”And George Soros has become the Devil and not a GOD OR A KING as he thinks he has become ,and he must be captured alive,from where ever he lives,and turned over to the Jewish people ,along with all his money and assets ,if we the people want to see any real change from our great country to all countries on this world our God has given us.

  174. Sessions should have told the President he was going to recuse, he’s a coward and he’s not on the right side

  175. It will never happen. Even if the Democrats were to get the majority in the House, they will never get the majority in the Senate. And the Senate is where the buck stops as far as any impeachment proceedings go.

    Besides, you need to have evidence of a crime before you can impeach someone. And after two years, Mueller has NOTHING.

  176. You should crawl back under the rock you emerged
    from! You are completely out of your mind, if you had
    one to begin with!!

  177. And you cannot provide any evidence that Trump IS violating the law. Mueller has been trying to do it for over two years now and he hasn’t been able to come up with anything.

    Hey, facts is facts. Sorry.

  178. He needs to go like yesterday . Replace him with an AG that’s not for the deep state. One that will re-open clintons doings . Investigate democratic campaign personnel and show how corrupt they are or were ! Lock them all up ! Oh Just like we all know what Loretta was giving Bill on the tarmac. I personally am tired of hearing about the DEMOCRATICS slut stormy Daniels . I didn’t care back when Bill was getting a little on the side and I don’t care who and when trump did who . That’s up to his wife .

  179. this needs to happen so the swamp can get drained and things can move forward sessions was not gonest with our resident and this has become totally out of cotrol

  180. Actually he DOES work for Trump and Trump was the one who appointed him. After all, Trump can fire Sessions any time he wants. And that goes for Rosenstein, Comey, and even Mueller.

    You must have skipped out of Civics class because obviously you don’t understand how your government works. The DOJ is part of the Executive branch and the President is the highest authority over the Executive branch. He can hire or fire anyone in the DOJ any time he wants.

  181. Ric B, You are obviously another brainwashed Demoncrap Libtard whose comments have about as much value that a hole has to a Donut!!
    Get some professional help!!….Moron!

  182. What lies Trump is spreading. He is in disgraceful, dishonest trouble that he has to blame someone to get his supporters to look in another direction instead of the truth being revealed. God hears all his lies and he cannot fool God.

  183. I agree with and support President Trump and I believe he should relieve Sessions and fire Rosenstein!

  184. You apparently are one of those useful idiots that believe the Russians helped elect Trump! OK, genius, perhaps YOU can explain why the Russians would help elect a US President that wants to rebuild the US Military and put America first instead of a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with Russian in the sale of US Uranium reserves in exchange for $145 million in kickbacks to her money laundering “foundation” and in the creation of a fake dossier! Someone the Russian already knew they could buy! Did the Russians interfere in the 2016 elections? Sure! But not to the advantage of one candidate over the other! I doubt it has occurred to dimwits like you that the Russians, like everyone else in the world, expected Hillary to win! So their interference was designed to create division and distrust in our electoral system. In that they succeeded to great extent! And are still doing so thanks to useful idiots keeping this asinine narrative going. Thanks a bunch!

  185. You’re forgetting that the DOJ is part of the Executive Branch and is under the complete authority of the President. The President has the absolute legal authority to fire anyone in the DOJ, including Comey, Sessions, even Mueller and NO ONE can legally come after him for obstruction.

    You’re also forgetting that after two years the Mueller investigation has not yielded one single SHRED of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

  186. This happened over ten years ago, no Russian collusion. Mueller will go after anything, leaving nothing standing in his path, just to get impeachment statements in his report because he knows he can not indict Trump. This whole scam against Trump was planned as soon as, if not before, he became POTUS. They (Obama Admin) do not want our Country given back to the American people. Trump needs to get himself a lawyer who knows what the hell is going on. I’m losing total faith in Guiliana. Conservatives better wake up and get themselves to the voting booth! If we lose mid-terms, kiss everything goodbye that Trump has accomplished. The second tax increase will not happen, nothing will happen, other than deletion of what Trump has done. And then, nothing will happen thru 2020, The Demons will not approve anything. Remember we need that Cavanaugh on the Supreme Court!!!!!!! Vote, Vote, Vote #MAGA

  187. Where did you get your law degree from?
    Under the Appointments Clause of the Constitution, the Attorney General is nominated by the President and appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Constitution provides that civil officers of the United States, which would include the Attorney General, may be impeached by Congress for treason, bribery, or “high crimes and misdemeanors”.[3] The Attorney General may be removed at will by the President under the Supreme Court decision Myers v. United States, which found that the President may remove executive branch officials without the consent of the Senate or any other entity. The common law further suggests that the President has the power to remove an official engaged in purely executive functions or an official whose duties immediately affect the President’s ability to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities, (Bowsher v. Synar, 1986).

  188. Scared of the deep State maybe????? He seems not focused
    at all ..Drain the swamp so we
    Can be a great nation again!!!

  189. Marlene: We were discussing Sessions and Trump – not Obama and unproven allegations against him. We should stick to the points of discussion and not bring up extraneous issues. As you know, two wrongs never make a right. As to Obama’s actions, they do have explanations – for example, the money he sent to Iran was Iranian money frozen by the US because of Sanctions. Once the sanctions were lifted – because of the Iran nuclear deal – the money was released. Statements that Obama was a Muslim traitor are unsubstantiated and part of the Fake News of conspiratorial right wing sites. And, as to your insults calling me demonanzis – I will not dignify you with a response. Intelligent people do not get into name calling – only low-life people go into name calling as they do not respect different points of view.

  190. Session seems to be controlled
    by Rosenstein…why not RELEASE
    THE DOCUMENTS requested by
    Congress. Yet you claimed you
    are doing a good job???
    We are sick of your dept..
    We need a strong AG
    Just resign for the good of our country .


  192. RicB sounds like you don’t like our president. He’s better than what America almost was cursed with. Oh by the way. We will keep him.

  193. Jeff Sessions needs to go…his appointment was a mistake. I worked in management and hired/fired people primarily according to their level of competence, and I would have replaced Sessions MONTHS AGO. Having him as Atty. Gen. is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Mr. Sessions may be a likeable guy to his fellow politician friends, but he wasn’t appointed to “befriend” people…he was hired to dispense JUSTICE, with an UNBIASED MIND! He obviously hasn’t been doing this if millions of us taxpayers want him replaced.

  194. Duh! It is against the law to interfere in an on-going investigation. The DOJ is to never give up this information, which would end up, as other documents, in the hands of the SUBJECT of the investigation. The DOJ, including the FBI is supposed to have separation so that politicians do not influence the outcome. Would you give Manafort all the information they have against him? Would they give NIXON, proven criminal, all they had in the Watergate investigation. More importantly, Clinton could not get the information in his investigation so he could unravel it. Republicans in Congress are just putting party over country.

  195. No, you overlooked Sessions worst mistake. His worst mistake was supporting and working for a corrupt and abusive man, who only wants his back protected from how he cheated in the 2016 election (with Cohen and campaign violations and with Trump Tower conspiracy with Russians). Now Sessions has the audacity to stand up to someone who continues to obstruct justice (by his own words he fired Comey and took Brennan’s security clearance “because of the Russia probe), and called upon the Russians to hack Hillary’s server to get the missing emails – – which the Russians started that very day. Face it, Trump has five legal fronts for his crimes, and most of his people have already “flipped” on him including Trump org’s Chief Financial officer. Trump is reaping what he has sewn.

  196. What the hell is Sessions still doing dragging his feet about investigating the DEMOCRAPS and all of their illegal activities during the reign of the BIG ZERO????? I cannot believe that nothing is being done there!!! Let’s see,,,,BENGHAZI where Crooked Hilly let 4 diplomats die due to her ineffective role there,,,,,The URANIUM SALE TO RUSSIA,,,, The ILLEGAL DEPOSITS BY RUSSIANS TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION EXCEEDING $145,000,000.00,,,,,The LIES UNDER OATH BY CROOKED HILLY TO THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE REGARDING THE EMAILS, CONFIDENTIAL MISUSE OF SERVERS, DESTRUCTION OF 30,000 EMAILS AFTER THEY WERE DEMANDED BY THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE,,,THE DESTRUCTION OF EIGHT BLACKBERRY’S SO HER ILLEGAL ACTIVITY COULD NOT BE RECOVERED AND EXPOSED>>>,,,,,,That is ALL I CAN PRINT HERE! FINGERS Are TIRED!!!

  197. It is a coup against this President: wake up America. This treasonous people need to be removed and put on trial..! These constant attacks can not be overlooked any longer.

  198. Can’t stomach the little “WIMP” Sessions. He’s a poor excuse for a so called “MAN”. He should either step down or someone should fire his ass. A worthless pieace of crap

  199. these are the political considerations that Jeff Sessions is protecting the DOJ from. You have made up your mind without any evidence, and the Steele dossier has only been confirmed in several parts, and none disproved. Mueller was recognized by both sides of the aisle and one of the people with the most integrity and talent – – – a Republican appointed by a Republican. Like most right-wingers, truth is only what agrees with your biased and often uninformed views.

  200. Sessions claims that he will not allow the DOJ to be influenced by political considerations, that he will demand the highest standards, and he will take action if they are not met.

    If that’s true, then why has the DOJ refused to produce the documents that Congress subpoenaed, unreacted, months ago? It’s against the law to refuse a subpoena. How can he claim to be adhering to the highest standards if the department is in violation of the law?

  201. Yes, I agree that Sessions is removed from office and Mueller has got to go also. There is to many dark players running our government and it is scary just how far they will go to get our President. Please lets us all ask for this to be done immediately. We don’t have to wait this is what they want. Let whatever is done be a surprised President Trump. You ran on the premise that the element of surprise is your biggest strength so go with your gut and take back your office all things will work out for the better. You are the strength we have needed for years.

  202. The buck stops with Hillary, Bill, Obama, Lynch, Brennan, Mueller, Rosenstien, Orhs, McCabe, Strzok, Page,Deriposka Russian Oligard friend of Muellers, Steele, FBI, DOJ, etc. Note: friend of Muellers. Lies, corruption, through and through. Trump is letting them sink themselves in the swampy muck. VoteDemOut Nov.2018 Vote, vote, vote Republican put those folks in Gitmo!

  203. You got to be kidding. The only constant liar here is Donald Trump. Has he ever told the truth? I don’t remember it if he did. As an Alabamian I have had more than a few issues with Jeff Sessions, but this is one move I can appreciate. While he should never have agreed to jump on the sinking ship run by Donald Trump, he has been smart enough to stay out of the line of fire when the ax starts to fall it looks like he will be one of the few in the administration to not end up behind bars.

  204. The damn demonazis still want the evil hag to be president. Not going to happen ever. She has over 3 million illegal votes in California alone. That also ran, Jill somebody,demanded a recount in her home state. Turned out Hillary lost some votes and Trump gained a few. Want make California prove votes? You won’t get far as Moonbat Brown will block you.

  205. Rosenstein needs to go first. He can’t be unbiased since he is a witness in a number of issues(FISA, Comey and others). Then another will be in charge of the Russian witch hunt parameters. Someone will step up to assume temporarily Rosenstein’s position. Then Sessions needs to move on.

  206. The DOJ of this country is operating on life support without any acting AG leadership! Sessions has abjectly failed his serious sworn duty to uphold the law under equal justice? Crime has spiraled out of control allowing violent criminals to seize opportunity to gain the upper hand & continue without fear? This has now become a national security crisis.. Either Sessions is removed & replaced quickly or much worse damage will follow,than any political fallout concerns? Law & order & justice must be restored. If that is accomplished voters will respond to Republicans with landslide midterms!

  207. I can’t help but wonder if sessions was a part of the Anti-Trump movement to begin with. The little Hay Seed kinda looks like a mole and acts like a coward. He’s definitely scared schytless of HillBillery. He’s a cockroach in the swamp’s plumbing. Bullied by one and all of the swamp rats….

  208. I would like to say don’t even say anything about Trump killing People. He hasn’t sent any guns to south of the boarder, there was lots and lots and lots of money that could be helping us on the boarder now was sent to a country that wants to kill us. Do some checking on the 8 yrs.before Trump you might even be shocked what went on behind our backs.

  209. Because he is literally useless the deep state corruption has continued unabated. There is no guidance from any honest authority with Sessions still in office. Nothing will improve until he is replaced. Period. No further discussion is useful.

  210. Don Livingston,
    Thank you. For a long time I’ve been hoping against hope that AG Sessions has been working “behind the scenes” crafting well-founded, indictable cases against true miscreants: Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, McCabe, Wray, John Brennan,
    Jeff Sessions is a good man. He has served our nation faithfully for decades. The recent loss of his seat in the senate could still prove to be disastrous! If AG Sessions has not been pursuing indictments against the obvious criminal targets, he needs either to step down or be relieved.

  211. So the treasonous acts of Obama get a pass? This is what you seem to be saying. That POS traded 5 terrorists for 1 deserter without congressional approval. Signed a disasterous agreement with Iran and in the dead of night gave them millions all without congressional approval, all of which is illegal. Obama gave millions to organizations with terrorist ties, he armed our men with the most up to date military weapons then told them to leave and not take any weapons with them. Not even a side arm, three guesses who got those weapons. Obama was a Muslim traitor to America and you damn demonazis still kiss his ass.

  212. We are tired of waiting fire all of the deep state including Sessions, but Rosensteun and Mueller.
    Hire a real AG and someone not in the current DOJ. Ask Hannity to recommend. He has reported with his staff and contributors all of the crimes even before our Congress had a clue about what happened in the DNC.
    Get it done soon before Mueller does more damage to the Executive Branch, Trump family and our Country.

  213. Did u all 4get, the next AG will also have to be confirmed by Senate? He’s gotta wait til after mid-terms unfortunately.

  214. This is a question of who is in charge of DOJ, the President or the inmates of the asylum. My understanding of the Constitution tells me the President can hire and fire anyone in the executive branch. What in the hell is he screwing around for. I ran a business and fired people, it comes with the territory.

  215. Sessions is not doing his job, period. Only reason he recused himslf is that he would implicate himself and would be in deep trouble.
    He needs to be fired to remove the Justice Dept’s line of Obstruction of the truth to come forward. His presence is allowing Rodstein’s continued Mueller’s Witch Hunt.

  216. Session made,a,GREAT statement IT is job is to protect the Justice system..WHY is it a witch hurt..when it is over we will all know..WAIT

  217. Agreed. It is a disgrace what they are doing to our country. He has come up with no Russian collusion, but continues to wander off in other directions. Time for all of the anti=Trump AG and FBI retards to go.

  218. Diane, you are a sad, pathetic little person. Go ahead & rant all you want, we expect nothing less from all you libatards. You can do nothing but bash the best president we have ever had, and all the while your tiny brains spin out of control. Call me an idiot all you want, nobody really cares what you call me but you.


  220. I think you are dreaming if you really think this no balls Sessions is going to do what you expect. If he has balls he would have not recuse himself. Either he is a Rino or he has some dirts the Demorats and crooked Hillary have on him.

  221. Absolutely vote in November because this country does not need liberals
    running our nation. I am a conservative and proud of it because I believe God
    has the final say. This country was founded on religious freedoms for everyone.

  222. In a perfect world .
    We are SUPPOSED to be a National governed by Rule of Law, but it is not that way any more .
    POTUS Trump is trying to make it so again by draining the swamp.:-)
    He fights every day for US!
    For each & every one of us, Americans’.
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  223. PFunny how the truth comes out when they are called to action. He was nothing but a spy for the Dems…drain the swamp.the next two years we will see some real sparks fly.

  224. Bruno: I will not dignify you with a response, as you have resorted to personal insults in an effort to advance your arguments. From my perspective, you are just low-live that does not deserve a response.

  225. Rosenstein first, then Sessions and ultimately Mueller will go. None of them are going to leave freely.

  226. This no balls AG Sessions, whether he is a coward or incompetence or an idiot, he is 100% not fit for the AG job. President Trump must fire him soon. This has been dragging too long, and the FBI and the DOJ are in total chaos. President Trump must get a brave and gutsy AG to clean house.

  227. They all need to go Sessions and Rosenstein and anybody else anti-Trump. Now right now. Should have happened yesterday. Sooner the better. Mueller and his miscreants gotta go. Clean house.

  228. He sits at the behest of the President and I think his time has come to say goodbye to a job he did not do well. Jeffy you are a disappointment.

  229. Jeff Sessions accepted the job as Attorney General when he knew for the beginning he was going to recuse himself. So why don’t He tell President Trump that he was going to do that before he was appointed. Instead, he’s given Rosenstein, Mueller and anybody else connected with the Hillary Clinton Russian dossier scandal a free ride. He’s Stated that he won’t run the Department of Justice by political considerations but that’s exactly what he is doing. By covering up for the Russian dossier and all who are involved and handing over the investigation to Rosenstein and Mueller he is absolutely playing the role of their political stooge. He was the wrong man for the job from the beginning and to be honest I supported him in the beginning. What has he done and where has he been since he was appointed. The answer is absolutely nothing but give carte blanche to everyone who wants to remove President Trump from office.

  230. sessions says the doj would be run by political influence ,but it seems the doj is run by democrats yet,i don’t see any investigations into any of the corrupt left, all the scanndles of the oboma years should be re-opened and re-investigated , because they were never really investigated in the first place , they were covered up to protect oboma and hillary , as for oboma he was worse then nixon , nixon used the irs and got caught , oboma used every government agency , and every one knows it , and he got a free pass,how times have changed , democrats are no longer held accountable for their corruption and crimes , while condeming repubicans who are doing a lot less, trump is right , sessions ain’t even trying to look at the corruption on the left ,yet they are the ones driving the deep state and the collapse of our country

  231. Sessions is not covering our presidents back! From my position the judicial department is run by Rosenstein and the deep state. Where are you Jeff. Looks like you have no control over your own department. Move aside and let a real AG do the job. You are in over your head and an American disgrace. Let a real man do the job you suck!!! I can’t believe you haven’t figured you are out of you league. You have nothing to offer move aside!!!!

  232. Jeff Sessions attitude is not a pronto man!…President Trump need someone who can act and make decisions as it requires…He is from an old schoolwhich is a good attributes bur not for this job….get it done pronto amigo…

  233. Sessions is suppose to be working for us, but he ain’t. He is helping the Deep State, he sure ain’t doing anything for Trump. He is almost as bad as Obama’s AG.

  234. Maybe just maybe the DOJ is working behinds these scenes to get convictions on the obvious illegal activities conducted by the Hillary team. That could even included the form er Director of the FBI when was carrying water for the Sec of State in the Russia Urainium deal.

  235. Sessions or Muller can’t do anything but kiss butt to democarts! We’re suck of the both bisa snakes!!!!

  236. No , he isn’t asleep, Bruno. Sessions has been threatened by the liberal far left and he has been in their back pockets ever since that day. He hadn’t been in office 24 hours when he recused himself and it’s been nothing from Sessions since then . The biggest thing he’s done is go after MS-13 and while that is something that needed, we have a long list of criminals in the DOJ, the FBI and the Deep State that need to be investigated and And charged for the crimes they’ve all committed thT we already have evidence on and it continues to show up day by day. Making that happen is Session’s job and he’s not about to do it. He hids behind his liberal comrades coattails and we need an attorney General that will clean up the corruption and do his part to drain the swamp!!

  237. MULLER HAS FOUND NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA, HE FOUND stuff years before those people were on trumps campaign and what we are saying is where is the justice with Hilary who clearly violated title 18 USC or Comey who is also in violation of law, or any of the democrats who have violated the law but have not been charged, where is truth and justice for all not just trump all that claim makes you is an angry democrat with no justification

  238. Sessions is part of the Deep State. He is protecting Clintons ans Obamas and himself. NEVER, NEVER TRUST OR BELIEVE A DEMOCRAT. THE TRUTH HAD NEVER BEEN AND WILL NEVER BE IN THEM!!!!

  239. I agree whole Hartley it’s time that Our President first of all release the documents that will have people running for their their attorneys we can recommend a few, and as soon as the hit the air ways fire all of them.

  240. Strange how WE OUT here Looking in Said SESSIONS was not QUALIFIED for the JOB OF AG..He was a pawn for Rosenstein to do his bidding.HE is NOT his own man.. But a puppet for the wrong side.. SESSIONS SHOWS NO RESPECT FOR WHAT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TRYING TO CLEAN UP AFTER THE TRAITORS TO AMERICA..

  241. Bruno, ok you spelled it out for the President and 4 or 5 of his, subordinats. Now would you please tell me what needs to happen to Strzok, McCabe, Lisa Page, and many more who have been criticized for corrupt deals within the FBI, democratic party, and the last administration. Oh I know…. Oh well, s–t happens!

  242. Muller is “doing his job”….his job was finding out if there was any collusion. How far has it strayed from its mission!!!!!! But, we all get it……it’s “get President Trump at any cost.”

  243. You call this investigation the”rule of law” what a sham. Collusion start with the DNC and Hillary Clinton, wher is the rule of law.

  244. Being the whole thing is based on nothing there should not have been a investigation the false dossier was started by the Hillary campaign Rosenstein said no Russian collusion

  245. I say get rid of them both now.What can happen to you that isn’t already happening. How much worse can it get? Get them out put a new ag in and someone you can really trust this time. Do it and this investigation is gone. I keep hearing it will be bad for you but what are they talking about. Bad in what way?

  246. Hey moron this investigation started over 2 years ago and the only one convicted had IRS OR BANK FRAUD AND LYING TO FBI.

    The vast majority of Mueller crimes should have been held by an IRS AUDIT.

    Enlighten you that collusion is not a CRIME and NOR IS FIRING COMEY OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. DUMMY.!!!!

  247. ALL of us ‘commoners’ know Sessions is owned by the Clinton Foundation. You ‘Upper Eschelon’ people are a disgrace for looking the other way, and not trying to correct and ‘drain the swamp’!!

  248. Roman, what world are you living in?? You are a moron. If you cant see what is happening with the corrupt DOJ and FBI, then you are dead asleep. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  249. FedUp – Again, you’re wrong! Don’t you EVER get tired of being an idiot? I am on several liberal sites and you right wing Trump supporters troll those sites all the time. WHY does it bother you so that I’m here? Afraid to hear some TRUTH for a change? Afraid you’re finally going to have face the facts? The criminal in the White House is like a mob boss and the Feds are closing in on him. You sleep with dogs, you’re going to get fleas. He has surrounded himself with felons that will be going to jail. And he WILL be forced to resign (with a made up lie because of his “health”). His business will be ruined and he’ll take the Republican Party down with him!

  250. Diane, you flatter yourself. No one is trying to figure out who you are, we really don’t care. I just made an observation based on your repetitive posts. What do you find so entertaining about trolling conservative sites? It’s sort of like how all you liberals go out and scream at the sky, riot, scream at anyone & every one that does not agree with your commie propaganda. You never saw conservatives out marching & chanting in the streets during the 8 horrible years of your Muslim messiah. We don’t go trolling your liberal sites, why do you think that is? Could be because we really don’t care. Hahahahahahaha, sound familiar?

  251. FedUp – And all YOU do is spit out whatever Breitbart and Faux AlmostNews has spoon fed you all day long. You have not posted an original thought since day one. You ignorant dimwits are a source of entertainment for me, so therefore I need to laugh hysterically over your inane posts and you’re support for the criminal in the White House (for now). I find it interesting that you morons try to figure out my identity on a daily basis….I don’t think about you AT ALL nor could I care less who you are or what you are….to me you’re just a bunch of right wing nutcases!

  252. FedUp – The cheating was done by the Trump Crime Family and Russia, as was evidenced by Cohen this week. How many more times must we say…”This was a bad week for the so-called president “ Hahahahaha! There’s more to come, dear. Might want to get your popcorn ready!

  253. I don’t understand what you are trying to say, but I don’t appreciate that you are trying to be insulting. Let’s be courteous. Mueller is doing his job. The Trump defenders are getting more and more uncomfortable as some of Trump’s subordinates are being convicted of serious wrongdoing. If Trump is found guilty of collusion with Russia, or obstructing justice or other serious wrongdoing, he will be impeached. Pence would then become President. That is what the constitution provides, with its checks and balances. The US is ruled by the rule of law. That is why many Americans love the US – and not some sort of dictatorship by the President who could violate the law and the constitution at will – as essentially occurs in places like Russia.

  254. Diane, You might want to go back outside and scream at the sky again. That ought to make you feel a little better. Amazing, the pantsuit bovine couldn’t even win with all the cheating.

  255. You may call yourself Diane, but no female over age 6 would post the same old “Hahahahaha” that you use over and over. You are either really young, or really really lacking in any kind of original thought. You are more like a parrot repeating the same thing over and over. But, unlike a parrot, they know when to stop.

  256. FedUp – Wrong, again, sweetheart, just like you are on most things! Not a male, not black, don’t live with my mother. If you only knew! Hahahahaha No wonder you’re a Trump supporter……you believe just about anything! So sad for you’re complete ignorance.

  257. Man From Grey – That “legal” win hasn’t been determined yet……..but it will be by Mueller. He obviously didn’t win this election legally; therefore Pence won’t replace him either!

  258. Man From Grey – Apparently you have blinders on…..Trump not surrounds himself with criminals, he actually HIRED them! What’s that say about his judgment? Cohen worked for him for over a decade. Now Allen Weisselberg has been granted immunity and he was CFO for Trump’s daddy! The squeeze will be on Trump’s children now and he will be forced to resign from his illegitimate presidency. Time to face the facts……you always like to point out that Trump is president, not Hillary, and he’s running out of places to hide.

  259. Not for this particular witch hunt by mueller, pls be rational, its common sense. In God we trust, i am a naturalized US citizen and grateful to be one, i love this country. A God fearing nation unlike china, russia and the leftists-liberal.

  260. Jeff Sessions. WHO…WHAT…WHERE in Hell IS he????? I hear he’s been so busy in meetings, having lunch, roaming the halls and “hob-knobbing’ with the Deep State from the beginning that he’s only performed a very small PART of his job. Recently, he’s also had the pompous “gall” to “insultingly pontificate” to his BOSS about the moral requirements OF that job, one he hasn’t even remotely FULFILLED. More Excuses, just more excuses. Sessions remarked publicly that he simply DOESN’T BELIEVE the Justice Department ever did, or could do, the things it’s already been proven to have done. BLIND!!! — The IDIOT is BLIND and DEAF! He’ll never “voluntarily” resign – because he’s too “comfy” doing practically ZERO. G-D-IT — Trump should FIRE the whole LOT of them. Or relay to them that if they don’t get off their President’s ASS and FAST, POTUS will start firing them ALL at will. I don’t think this has actually been tried, but maybe now is the time.

  261. Hmmmm, Grey. What about the soldiers in Niger and the commandos in Yemen under Trump? Guess all the “thousands” of civilians killed in air strikes. Guess to Trump and his followers they DON’T matter. Guess a life isn’t a life!!!!!!!

  262. Dan T., You mean the one who likes watermelon? SORRY, I just could ‘t help myself!!!!! 🙂 🙂 By the way, you wrote a very good rebuttal I read tonight.

  263. M if someone takes that job, he or she should do the job. Trump made a mistake here. Sessions has been an improvement over obama’s AGs. But there is room for improvement.

  264. Lyra Deyton, Someone sorry don’t remember who, said Sessions was a low key stay in the background Senator who kept off committees, etc. the entire time he has been in DC. Maybe he is just a nice man who in his later years has slowed down and backs away from all the controversy he can. Okay but, that’s not what is needed in AG job. We need a barn burner with trusted assistants he can delegate jobs to, then he can get a lot of investigations going at same time and get this mess cleaned up. There are so many things the DOJ needs to be doing it is staggering. In fact, Sessions may be overwhelmed and is just not facing it. One thing is sure, the why’s and wherefores don’t matter. We must have an AG who can and will do the job.

  265. Mark, Sessions is AG of USA however, President Trump is his boss. DJT put him in the position and can remove him as well. If you can be open minded enough you would see that Sessions is bowing to the Dem liberals. With just what was in the IG report Sessions should be investigating members of FBI, Comey, McCabe, and HRC, etc. That’s not per Republicans that’s per the Inspector General’s report.

  266. That’s true that no one should bow to Trump but look at the whole situation. It seems that Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting out of hand, don’t you agree?

    Well, Trump won … legally. Hello? Get over it, sore loser!

  267. Diane, you named a few guilty of the crimes that are nothing comparing to Hillary’s mountainous pile of scandals and crimes. Is that true? Yes or no?

    And also people died around her and Bill. Why is that? ????

  268. Trump thinks that everyone must “bow” to him. Sessions doesn’t work for Trump. He is the attorney general of the USA, not of Donald J Trump.

  269. Yeah, I agree that Trump should replace Session. Is it wrong?

    Let visualize on this scenario: if Eric Holder recused himself, how would Obama react? He would be pissed. Big time.

    And Mueller failed to find Trump guilty of Russian collusion. ZERO. Nothing at all. Session already recused himself is unable to close the Special Counsel investigation. I see no shame in him. Why is that?

    Best that he is to be removed after the election.

    What he did is so … ridiculous. Dam-n.

  270. BILL – I don’t believe Sessions was a “plant” of the Deep State. He was one of Newt Gingrich’s best friends, AND – other than his historical “questionable” bias against Blacks which was dispelled during confirmation, Sessions also came highly recommended by people Trump trusted. Now, either Sessions is being blackmailed by the Deep State, or he lacks balls or legal expertise, or he’s lazy because of his age, or all the above. Maybe he just found it easier to avoid all the day-to-day legal conflicts (Hillary & Mueller), and he cited the WRONG legal Statute so he could recuse himself (so much for this Atty Gen having any legal expertise), and he concentrated solely on immigration, doing only a small part of his job. And — Trump’s been STUCK WITH HIM ever since.

  271. Yes – well, Democratic Senators are starting to CANCEL their scheduled interviews with Kavanaugh. SICK and ROTTEN.

  272. Dan, I’m pretty sure Diane is a young not so attractive male (probably has acne), that has no social skills and cannot speak face to face with people. I believe his hatefulness is just his bitter frustration at his inability to socialize. He stays at home with his mom all day & night trolling all the conservative sites. I think it is just best to ignore him, that will take the wind out of his sails.

  273. Jeff Sessions. WHO…WHAT…WHERE in Hell IS he????? I hear he’s been so busy in meetings, having lunch, roaming the halls and “hob-knobbing’ with the Deep State from the beginning that he’s only performed a very small PART of his job. Recently, he’s also had the pompous “gall” to “insultingly pontificate” to his BOSS about the moral requirements OF that job, one he hasn’t even remotely FULFILLED. More Excuses, just more excuses. Sessions remarked publicly that he simply DOESN’T BELIEVE the Justice Department ever did, or could do, the things it’s already been proven to have done. BLIND!!! — The IDIOT is BLIND and DEAF! He’ll never “voluntarily” resign – because he’s too “comfy” doing practically ZERO. G-D-IT — Trump should FIRE the whole LOT of them. Or relay to them that if they don’t get off his ASS and FAST, POTUS will start firing them ALL at will. I don’t think this has actually been tried, but maybe now is the time.

  274. May be Sessions truly believed that Trump was innocent – and therefore, he recused himself so that no one would think that political considerations played a factor in Mueller’s investigation. If you are truly innocent, then you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide. Besides, if Trump were impeached, Pence would become President. Pence has similar views to those of Trump – but Pence has not be implicated in anything and there is no suspicion that Putin has anything on him – which Trump’s overly friendly behavior to Putin has created such suspicions.

  275. Just spitballing here, but if Flynn is guilty, Manafort is guilty, Gates is guilty, Cohen is guilty, Papadopoulos is guilty……..maybe Trump is guilty??

  276. Anthony everything would be fine if the commiecrats would just admit they are a bunch of deplorable losers.

  277. Absolutely, Jeff Sessions should be replaced,his preformance as Attorney General is appalling. Seeing all of the crimes’ & dishonesty by DNC, FBI, CIA, Hillary Clinton & the Steele Dossier, should have brought this investigation to a halt. However, Sessions has sought to removed himself of any and all responsibility in the investigation, why, what does he have to hide himself, was he involved in some way ??

  278. He may not have informed him of his decision to recuse himself but he did provide the President with the opportunity to take his resignation from his post as Attorney General which was never publicly discussed. And the reason as to why it’s gone way off course might just be that the President has surrounded himself with a bunch of mafia-connected businessmen and low-life politicians who have been breaking federal and state laws for years or decades and are now taking the President down with them.

  279. News is so bad and Congress two steps behind. Trump has to plea his case directly to the people to keep them pressuring the Congress to do what is right.
    Deep State/Globalists/federal reserve/UN/Justice system could all be eliminated and regain America and freedom our forefathers desired for simply removing Lincoln’s military rule. Taking that power back.
    I think it sad when one reads the enemy act and Officials have to register under the foreign agency register act. Tells what these rotten deep state on both sides have done to Americans Freedom.

  280. He may not have informed him of his decision to recuse himself but he did provide the President with the opportunity to take his resignation from his post as Attorney General which was never publicly discussed.

  281. Funny how when he was hired you all sang his praises as a good friend of the President. Now you’re saying he’s dog meat because he is trying to follow the rule of the law and knows his own past of where he had, in fact, met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, not once, but twice has made him a subject of whether or not he was discussing Trump campaign matters. During a Senate confirmation meeting on January 10th, 2017 he denied these meetings and this was a serious omission, especially for the nation’s top law-enforcement officer, and one who is a vocal advocate for law and order. On March 2nd, 2017 as pressure mounted, Sessions called a press conference and publicly recused himself from the Russia investigation and rightfully so. The pressure to resign came mostly from Democrats, however, most of the Republicans, who never asked him to resign, asked that he remove himself from the Mueller investigation and at one time he himself offered the President a chance at taking his resignation which was never discussed publicly. So who’s to blame for this mess? I always say the buck stops at the top and therein lies the blame.

  282. Sessions was asked during his confirmation hearings if he would go against Trump if anything came up The commies were gunning for the president then.

  283. unless there is a bigger picture with Sessions which i am not seeing at this moment i Believe he was a plant from the very beginning of the Trump Campaign, the deep state republicans put him in there to do precisely this to cover up all crimes of Hillary, Obama The Bushes and all democratic and republican party deep state scumbags. this is where we are at right now. Trump must fire all these people now and need not worry about the political ramifications, he has his base behind him and that’s all that matters which is more then half of the country. if they take him out there will be a civil war in the country the likes of which has not been seen since 1865. all these deep state scumbags and leaders will be in a very bad situation as well as the media, Mueller and his deep state cronies will be history for ever.

  284. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  285. It still doesn’t excuse him from not telling his boss. Sessions was wrong in not informing Trump. The president was blindsided by Sessions. Sessions made a decision that affected the president and didn’t tell him. In business, he would have been gone immediately. How honorable is not telling your manager?

  286. It still doesn’t excuse him from not telling his boss. Sessions was wrong in not informing Trump. The president was blindsided by Sessions. Sessions made a decision that affected the president and didn’t tell him. In business, he would have been gone immediately.

  287. It is time for congress to investigate Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein’s connection to the Hillary Clinton pardon with the FBI and Bengesghi and why 4 americans were slaughtered and left to rot by Hillary and Obama scum bags.
    And the Whitey Bulger Case, Remember that one Mr. Mueller! You’ll hang for that one for sure.

  288. If Sessions has done anything I don’t see it. HRC should be history NY now, this has nothing to do with politics, least for me it’s common sense and human dignity. If she’s doing what rumor, fact shows, well death for her is way too good. Get rid of Rosenstein. HE’S THE ISSUES, SMART ASS WHO HAS SESSIONS EATING OUT OF HIS HAND. BOTH ARE WORTHLESS.

  289. To recuse oneself from an investigation, with political undertones, makes loads of sense – as one does not want to be accused of bein in a conflict of interest situation. The so-called witch hunt has not been proven to be a witch hunt – more and more information is coming out that Trump either lied or misled in his comments about other matters. Some of the witnesses who have pleaded guilty may be making certain revelations very soon. The Mueller investigations needs to run its course. Otherwise, Trump will be facing obstruction of justice suspicions and it will only end up fueling political opposition to him and increase calls for his impeachment. One needs to think strategically in these matters.

  290. It is time for Sessions to be replaced. He needs to go after the deep state that is trying to bring down the President. Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason right along with Obama. These to need to answer for their crimes against this country. There are so many others. All of Obama’s people within the government need to be replaced. Those that trying to overthrow our government need to be sought out and brought to justice. These things are what Sessions should be doing not allowing Muller to try to help do it. He is guilty of helping sell our uranium to Russians and he is trying to bring down our President. He is a traitor. These traitors need to be brought to justice period. Make him do his job or fire him

  291. Roman, if Sessions is so honorable, then why didn’t he have enough honor to let President Trump know he was going to sit this one out? And why isn’t he stopping this witch hunt? They have gone way off course from what this so called investigation was supposed to be about! Will it be enough for you if they start investigating every person that voted for Trump?

  292. Sessions is an honorable man – he is a long standing Republican and has not been accused of any real scandals or improprieties. He is right that the DOJ should not be swayed by political considerations – whether the President should be a Republican or a Democrat. Otherwise, one would be endorsing a path to dictatorship and violate the constitutional provision of separation of powers.

  293. President Trump had every right to expect that Sessions tell him upfront that he was going rescue himself from this bogus Russian investigation! They aren’t even bothering to pretend that they think Trump colluded with the Russians anymore. This is a leftists, globalist witch hunt!

  294. Jeff Sessions should have been gone a long time ago. I am hoping and praying once the midterm election is over with,then President Trump will replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions once and for all, then President Trump can get rid of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well.

    President Trump can find him a better and more supportive Attorney General and then that Attorney General will be able to find her or him a better Deputy Attorney General to work towards re-opening the cases against the crooked and corrupt CIA, FBI, and the DOJ Departments to finish draining the swamp.

    Then once President Trump finally gets him a new Attorney General, just maybe, finally, things will get taking care of pertaining Obama’s corrupt and crooked administration, which will finally include Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and her whole crooked and corrupt Administration, and all of the crooked and corrupt Democrats, that way, they all can be held accountable for all of their crimes that these low-life’s caused during the 2016 election and since the election.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP, PLEASE,PLEASE, once the midterm election is over, start replacing certain people RIGHT AWAY PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then just maybe, things will start working out better for you and your administration 300,000% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. What a major disappointment Jeff Sessions has been. I thought he would be there to fight for our country, but instead he has proved to be nothing more than a loser Rino!

  296. Sessions is right – DOJ should not be influenced by political considerations. If Trump is truly innocent of all the allegations why would he object to Sessions recusing himself from the Mueller investigation? If Trump, in his own mind knows that he is guilty, that would explain his frequent criticism of and ire at Sessions. Trump is certainly not doing himself any good by publicly criticizing Sessions – which plays into the hands of the Democrats – and increases suspicion about Trump’s own past behavior. As they say, where there is smoke there is fire – and now the smoke is getting thicker.

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