Jeff Sessions is about to make an announcement that will change everything

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under fire.

Pundits are speculating about his future.



  1. Brenda, you have based your dislike of VP Pence on WikiLeaks,because they have never lied according to you. My question to you is this, please give us documented examples of information that VP Pence has leaked according to WikiLeaks!

    • Then you are a useful idiot (Lenin’s words) as well as part of the Deep State, or at the very least a hapless denizen of malodorous swamp.

  2. Next thing on Session’s list of things to investigate is The Washington Post and how they are publishing illegal leaks of the presidents conversations.They are accomplices to this and need to be held accountable legally!

  3. I wish they would put Mueller,Obama, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, and the Clinton clan all in jail!!! That’s where they all deserve to be. Mueller is just another setup!!

    • They have their own island, we just need to get them to go. Very nice waterfront accomodations, privacy, and a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. They can choose their own rooms at the Hotel Del ” Alcatraz.”

  4. If caught, I would not jail, take away their clearance & see what kind of job they can get. No work for any company that requires clearance would limit them to very few jobs that pay good.

  5. when i hear of a sting rounding up all these criminals i will beleive it,why ain’t he looking into all the dirty dealing the kenyan clown and hillary have

  6. Our republicans are babes in the woods. Our Marxist Muslim ex-President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama packed the federal government by 220,000 new employees – all card-carrying Marxists racists continuing his work on the US destruction. It seems that our new President is a babe in the woods.

  7. The leakers should be charged with sedition, and crimes against humanity- The ‘lame stream media’ knows this is wrong and they continue to do it, and if it continues, charge them with treason, along with being FIRED permanently-

        • then i suggest you read in Wikileaks the truth, which stated he is a leaker/traitor and never once has Wikileaks put out a lie,, have you noticed mike pence is only person not accused of Russian collusion? also look up on utube the name of murdered man tory smith, who put out also truth about pence, ended up dead. and president trump is also very aware, funny how a man pretends to be a Christian, wolf in sheep’s clothing…even satan appears to some to be the angel of light

          • Well, if you say so. I listen to the man. I am not a die hard Republican. I vote the man, not the party. I voted for the President. Being a Doc. is great but that doesn’t make you a better American than any other, I spent 36 yrs. in the mil. That doesn’t make me any better than someone who didn’t. The proof is in the pudding and so far I see nothing in the VP to show me any thing wrong.

          • i do not pretend , terry to be better than anyone else, we all are humans loved by God equally….our america is in bad shape, when this happened in 1800’s patriots picked up their rifles went to war to save and protect our america, where are the true patriots today willing to stand up fight for our Constitution and president trump? seems to me we Americans are the boss, we taxpayers pay congress and senate,Republicans, democrats their salaries. since they are breaking the Constitution by obstructing president trump they should be fired by us THE PEOPLE, by the way went into the army to be able to get medical education, to help save lives

          • First, thank you for your service. Second, sorry I misunderstood what you wrote. In answer to your statement about throwing them out, I agree with you but people complain about it & then vote them right back in. Don’t know the answer to that one. I to am fed up with what is going down in DC. I to would like to see the President succeed in draining the swamp that is DC. Maybe the answer is in the Convention Of States ( Article 5). Maybe that is were we need to go.

    • Jeff Sessions is ‘going after’ the media!! I totally agree with his ‘deal’!! Any ‘media’ printing stories from ‘unknown’ sources will be liable to penalties and legal action. They will now be required to reveal the sources and names of people involved, when printing their ‘news’!! They’ve been having a ‘field day’ and abused the privileges of the Free Press so now they are being ‘harnessed’!!

    • most is coming from the Washington post where john molester podesta, his wife and brother works, as child trafficking ,child rapist, child murders podesta is fighting against trump hard to keep his crimes undercover about his rapes murders and child trafficking, once truth really comes out we all know what our nation does to child rapists and podesta fears this and is trying hard to dis credt president trump along with pedophiles, child rapist child murderers Hillary and obama

  8. We don’t need to fill up our prisons with leakers. Just declare leaking classified information justification for stripping security clearances from offenders, and for automatic dismissal from whatever government positions they happen to hold. That will rid the Trump Administration of Obama’s and Hillary’s treasonous holdovers! As long as they occupy government positions, our government will not and cannot function!

        • U must be a liberal idiot. Hillary broke more laws than we can count if normal people did a portion of what Killary did we would’ve locked up. How many people were killed or should we say committed sucide under her watch.

          • How many -you ask? I have a list of 46 murders, “suicides”, and “accidents” of 46 individuals who “disappointed” the Clintons. Plus of course the 4 murdered Americans in Benghazi.

          • Democrats and members of the Left are like those three monkeys that cover their eyes, and cover their ears, and cover their mouths, refusing to either see, hear or speak the truth. After three generations have been bombarded with Leftist propaganda and liberal indoctrination, and have used illegal drugs for 50+ years, it’s possible they’re literally incapable of recognizing TRUTH!

          • THE NUT?? research wikileaks, which has never put out even one lie, who said mike pence is main leaker/traitor working with obama and hillary to overthrow government, wish it were not so, he presents himself as a christain, but he is a wolf in sheeps clothing a triatior

          • ezekiel i am a die hard Republican a medical doctor, intelligent, read wikileaks which has never put out one lie yet saying pence is a leaker/traitor, i am the first to have a hard time believing i got fooled with the religion coat that was worn. and mike pence sure is not more american than i am, i am all for president trump and i know it was God in heaven who heard the cries of little aborted/murdered babies by the millions, i know God heard the cries of parents whose children have been kidnapped by child sex human traffifers,raped tortured/murdered by the millions. GOD HAS BLESSED WILL PROTECT PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR SAVING LIVES OF MILLIONS OF CHILDREN, MARCH HIM AND JEFF SESSIONS SET UP a special unit to arrest child traffickers, 3,500 have been arrested and the ones in Washington government the swamp rats are going down for pedophile/raping children HAVE NO DOUBT GOD IS WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP AND IF GOD IS WITH HIM WHO CAN WIN AGAINST HIM NO ONE

    • I agree, to a point. Putting them in Fed prison for at least 13 months would strip them of their right to vote. Add them as well to a data base of facial features, and finger prints for identification. Until they die, they will feel justified in following their beliefs. In prison or other wise, they will be a threat. Personally, a trial, prove guilt, then give them an extra hole they were not born with.

    • Those who support our President, are getting used to the diatribes against our President; however, the worst aspects of the distortions are the outright LIES! I do read some of the “diatribes”/distortions, not because they are worth the paper they are printed on because they are not worth anything! Nonetheless, I want to know what is being said against our President! I enjoy countering the garbage!

      • judith, i totally agree with you, we all know hillary and obama are behind all the fake made up lies, but each lie has caused great obstruction to president trump getting anything pushed thur senate and congress,they are blocking him at every point,arrest obama and it will put an end to all fake made up lies then arrest hillary

    • Fire them but they forfeit ALL government pensions. Why such anyone who violated government restrictions be allowed to benefit from public generosity and tax money?

    • The leakers need to serve time in prison. They should not be allowed to get away with the leaking they are doing which puts our country at risk.

    • I think leaking information about our president or classified documents warrants jail time for criminal disclosure. I also think that slander and libel laws be strengthened to include public figures. If MEM has to sensationalize nothing conversations with no criminal facts to sell papers and sponsors, we are back to yellow press days.

    • I think they need a little more punishment than just losing their security clearance which if they lose their job should be automatic in the first place. I agree slander and libel suits with assist with the job removal.

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