Jeff Sessions did the one thing that can bring Hillary Clinton down for good

Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Russians is the real scandal.

And try as she might, Clinton cannot run away from her wrong doing.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped up to the plate and made the one announcement that could bring Clinton down for good.

Sessions ordered the FBI to re-examine all the evidence they collected during the Uranium One investigation.

NBC reports:

“On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News.

The interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department’s effort to fulfill a promise an assistant attorney general made to Congress last month to examine whether a special counsel was warranted to look into what has become known as the Uranium One deal, a senior Justice Department official said.

At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Obama Administration allowed the sale of U.S. uranium mining facilities to Russia’s state atomic energy company. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state at the time, and the State Department was one of nine agencies that agreed to approve the deal after finding no threat to U.S. national security.”

This scandal saw Clinton’s State Department fail to raise any opposition to the sale of 20 percent of North American’s uranium stock to a Russian-backed company.

Clinton could have recommended against the deal and pushed Barack Obama to cancel it in the name of national security, but instead she sat on her hands.

After she refused to act, money from Russian donors poured into the Clinton Foundation and a Russian company tied to the sale paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to deliver a paid speech.

While Clinton may have escaped accountability under the old regime, Attorney General Sessions is not going to allow her to walk away scot free.

Will this new investigation finally hold Clinton accountable for her shady behavior and what her critics allege is pay-to-play corruption?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. What would it take for you Americans millions to all unite for a common cause to stop this? Cannot rely on corruption of all sorts as in fraudulence by the anti-American democrats and their tool for that agenda the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Surround the castle and make citizens arrest from the list secretly made by Ron and Rand Paul on who is corrupt, the people of Iceland did! What would it take for a real unity of people to take control, because already the powers that be think the masses are too dumbed down and blind and stupid to actually do anything and on the other hand fear it!

  2. I have no confidence in the Integrity of any federal agency. There are very few officials left who have the courage or Integrity to seek Justice

  3. Mike W I like the way you think! And lets not forget the Podesta Brothers and McCain and McCabe along with Mueller’s entire team!

  4. This is a chance for the FBI to redeem itself in accordance with their motto. Also, there are many other questionable activities she has been involved with beyond Uranium one. Where is the $6 billion the State Dept can’t account for, What happen to the aid to Hatiti??? Hell, lets take a new look the white water thing!!!. There are many more things that she had her claws into during her very public life.

  5. Should Hillary be convicted of many federal crimes and sent to prison, just wait till the next elected liberal president would grant her a pardon, unfortunately. Very difficult to punish her.

    There has to be a way to remove the “untouchable” status. Not sure if the incumbents would go along with this demand.

  6. Amen, to that! Let’s roll! Already been rocked, over and over! What a wonderful Christmas present seeing her in handcuffs would be!

  7. In Iceland the people themselves got rid of government corruption by surrounding the castles [so to speak] and making citizens arrest from the very top to bottom of all those that are corrupt and I bet Ron and Rand Paul could easily make a list behind closed doors!

  8. Nothing less than life terms in a federal penitentary, none of this ‘camp cupcake’BULLSHHI like Martha Stewart stayed in.

  9. I totally agree with this…Sessions is doing nothing that I see as a full-fledged
    DOJ/FBI investigation into the coverups and obstruction of justice nor the original crimes of so many….Susan Rice-Lerner-Holder-Lynch-Comey-Mueller-The Clintons-Uma and her hubby-D.W. Schultz- and on and on and on…Why did Sessions take this job if he won’t do it??????

  10. its about that something is done to make Clinton accountable for her crimes. if the normal people did what she has done they would be under the jail.

  11. It’s enough talk already, just issue indictments for the Clinton’s, Obama,
    Holder, Lynch, Comey, Rice, Huma, Mills the list is
    never ending and watch how many look for a plea deal.
    The American public deserves answers and results which
    equals jail time.

  12. Listen to Nick 2391. The game is not over yet. As for sessions, He probable has a skeleton in his closet right now and has to be careful. I believe he is a rightists man and will need time to build the case so that no one can deny his findings. It is a swamp down there and there is a lot of quicksand to worry about.

    December 23, 2017 at 11:45 am .

    HILLARY THINKS she is an untouchable ‘aristocrat’, but in truth she is the scum of the Earth!!!

    Reply She IS scum, but, unfortunately, untouchable. She’ll skate.

  14. Your no Patriot just another brainless angry lib still upset that your criminal is going to pay for her many treasonous crimes, Same for the ass Obama! From your comment, I don’t even believe your American!

  15. Your no Patriot just another brainless angry lib still upset that your criminal is going to pay for her many treasonous crimes, may she hang and rot in Hell! Same for the ass Obama! From your comment, I don’t even believe your American!

  16. President Trump has done nothing, unlike the Traitors Hillary and Obama and all Obama’s staff and his Muslim appointees salted across our government agencies, as far as your special comment above goes you prove to be as unAmerican as Hillary and Obama, now shut up and allow our American President to work Lib!


  18. Mueller was bought and paid for by the Clinton’s, The Clinton’s have his balls in Hillary’s purse alongside Bills. Mueller needs to be removed fron the FBI along with his special team as tainted material! Time to put the law to work and allow the American Public to witness Hillary hang for High Treason! Then go after the other criminals in the Obama traitor network! Include the Muslims Obama installed threw out the different government agency’s, all them must go, those not sentenced for crimes deported!

  19. I agree talk is cheap it`s time to do the job and put these swamp rat`s in prison where they should have been long ago.

  20. THE PROBLEM with the FBI is not with the rank & file agents but with the Obama-appointed criminals that are RUNNING the agency….into the ground!!!

  21. I, agree, if Sessions doesn’t get the job done, then Trump needs to fire him and get someone with a backbone that is not afraid to do the job properly. Hillary knows the law, after all she is a lawyer, so she knows that she is guilty, so we need to prove she is guilty, just like her using a private server and sending classified information over it, I used to work for the government and had a top secret clearance, so I know that she had better sense that to commit the crimes that she is guilty of. Her problem, which is our problem now is that she has gotten away with so much criminal activity for so long, that she thought that she was Teflon coated, and we need to bring her, her husband and the Obama administration down, so come on Trump clean up the swamp as you campaigned that you would, taking down the Clintons and the Obama administration is just about as important as catching Osama Bin Ladin was. I know that Osama Bin Ladin killed a lot of Americans, but so have the Clintons and Obama, maybe not as many, but murder is murder, so lets get the job done.

  22. WE don’t need expensive Special Proscutors. Just arrest her like you would any other criminal. You have the proof. If you don’t have people who can do the job at a criminal trial, I am sure someone in the private sector will stand up and do the job. Get on with it, enough talk.

  23. This collusion with Russia and the Clinton’s is the real thing. It was all about money. Russia obtained 20% of our uranium to fatten the Clinton’s pocket book. No wonder the FBI went after Trump first they had this huge collusion coming like rolling thunder about the Clinton’s and like any any obstruction of Justice the best defense is a offence even when it smells like a can of rotten sardines. Time for Mueller to drop his witch hunt and go after a collusion charge that has real evidence backed by facts.

  24. Unfortunately, there is no amount of evidence that will be used to convict Hillary’s crime syndicate or Obama’s crimes as these politicians are more afraid of losing their lobbyist money then the American people. Nest thong will be UN occupation to strip us of our guns and lock us up. Time for another revolution to drain the swamp.

  25. I’m tired of investigations ! The proof and facts are already there, both Bill and Hillary should have been impisoned years ago ! Now it is time to start capturing and disposing the swamp monsters ! “GO TRUMP TEAM” !

  26. Can the FBI be trusted to reveal any evidence since they let Hillary off of the hook once already. Investigators must included non Clinton supporters to even out the bias.

  27. The Rosenbergs were executed for giving the Russians our Atomic Secrets. Hillarous gave the Russians the material to toast our asses. Now who did the most damage to America?

  28. Common sense will tell any half wit Jeff Sessions is Stupid or a Deep State mole as he has asked the crooked FBI to look into the Uranium One sale.
    The crooked Mueller team will most likely find it to be a”MATTER”

  29. The undeniable truth is, Sessions has to dot every eye and cross every “t” or the left will color it as a political witch hunt, but unimpeachable evidence will put her where she belongs. This horrible woman needs to answer for real crimes and you can’t just throw this together. Sessions hasn’t been dragging his feet and as much as some feel Mueller should be fired…why not see where the evidence gathered by Trump haters takes everything…in other words…wouldn’t it be a thrill if the lefts own attack dogs hang the Russian connection on the real culprit…the witch herself? It’s being scrutinized too close by everyone for any tampering of evidence to take place. If she’d been elected, it’s almost a given that nothing will have surfaced [like tarmac meetings galore], however, Trump and Sessions are saying let the chips fall where they may. When you’ve not broken the law, there’s no need to worry.

  30. Common sense will tell any half wit that the Uranium One sale was against the best interests of the U.S. if not outright Treasonous! Comey, in his now public speech, made the case for the prosecution of Hillary for her numerous ILLEGAL acts before he let her off the hook!

    How much evidence is necessary before any of the Clinton gang are indicted? How many times have we heard “this is the end of –” only to have the carrot jerked away time and time again?

    Don’t tell us, Show us! Cut the political B.S. and get the program on the road.

  31. all we get are promisses , but they never actually do what they are saying , when they arrest them i will believe it,take down hillary and oboma and you will take down the hole democratic party,as you seen in the election , they are all criminals

  32. I’M not holding my breath. There are still a lot of traitorous elements that will lie, cheat, and steal within the government left over from the Obomanation that occupied the White House for 8 years. However, if the only option left for the traitors to save themselves is to sell Killary down the river, they will do that in a heartbeat!

  33. If Sessions does his job, this should bring not only The Clinton Crime Family down, but the Obama’s as well. Each and every member of the Clinton Family and the entire Obama Administration has committed multiple act if High TREASON against our Country and Its People that we should arrest, try and convict each and every one of them and then start the PUBLIC EXECUTIONS OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE AS THE TRAITORS THAT THEY ARE.

  34. Bill and Hillary are traitors to our country. The Founding Fathers would have hung them 7 years ago!!! Indict these two criminals and bring them to REAL JUSTICE and not just a dog and pony show! Do your jobs when confronted with wrongdoing and lawbreaking. You make laws WHY DON’T YOU ENFORCE THEM ON POLITICIANS that break the law and violate national security!

  35. I will never understand how CROOKED HILLY has had a “FREE PASS” where ALL of her and SLICK WILLY have been allowed all the freedom in the world, even after all the aligations of “WRONG-DOINGS” and NO CHARGES have been filed against them!!!!???? Where is the “EQUAL TREATMENT” under the law????? I can hardly wait til ALL of the CRIMINALS are made to face the charges against them where the illegalities that they have been involved in are brought out and pulicly held accountable!!! If that comes to pass, I can die a HAPPY MAN when it is my time!!! Until then, I live in fear that the “EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW” is a “Pipe-fitters nightmare” that will never come to pass. I want to see ALL of those responsible for the Uranium sale are PUBLICLY held accountable, and ALL MONIES that they accumulated from it, in ANY AND ALL ways is absconded from their accounts and lives and they are incarcerated accordingly!!!

  36. The Clinton’s and Obama along with George Soros are all traitors , If not Prison then relocate them to N. Korea , I think that No one Crosses from North to South Korea across the 38th Parrel They do not have a fence but many Guards ! We still need a Fence on our southern Border !

  37. I hope they do show her she is not above the law. They need to show the Clinton’s they are not going to get away with all of their corruption any more. That would be a good day for America.

  38. It would be GREAT if she finally found out that she is NOT above the LAW. I hope Jeff brings her up on TREASON and then gets her found guilty. That is IF he can find a court that she does not own. If she has a jury trial and they use a jury of her peers would that mean they will be using criminals in the jury??

  39. All of these people? that were enumerated should be put on a rack, stretched a bit, given the hot iron treatment, and beheaded in public with one of Obummer’s guillotines that DHS has tucked away somewhere..and there are many others that fall into this category. If all senators, representatives had to state and swear that they have never been a member of the communist party, or any other party listed on a DD form 55, then most would be liars and perjurers..

  40. Nothing will happen to Killarney if the leadership in the DOJ is the ones doing the investigation. It will be like the email scandal that Comey supposedly did. Enough evidence to zsend her to jail, but nothing happened. Thoroughly corrupt leadership in the DOJ and Sessions does nothing about it. Too used to being an establishment republican to act.

  41. And don’t forget: The FBI is in HILLDEBEAST’s pocket. Plus the fact they are nothing but corrupt. Don’t expect anything from the FBI or the AG’s Office.

    Just more Taxpayer dollars being wasted.

    When will these EVIL Clintons just DIE!

  42. Pay attention to all the good work President Trump has done for us in one year, under the circumstances of having those who opposed him trying to derail EVERYTHING that he has been doing for us. You cannot expect the President to do EVERYTHING within one year. Sit back and relax, instead of acting like a lib, as President Trump will do what he promised.

  43. We all know the govt. is just pussy-footing around. She should be swaying in the breeze at this moment. If DOJ investigates, they’ll just give her a slap on wrist as did the FBI. It’s up too us to help Trump clear the swamp.

  44. Can you imagine Russian uranium mined from US soil, sold to North Korea for an atomic bomb dropped on US soil killing millions so that Hillary could make millions of $ ?

  45. The way I see it, the only way to stop this investigation now would be for her to hire a few hit men and have the people working against her “disappear” or “commit suicide” mysteriously. I’m glad it’s Hillary in the hot seat now, and I’ll bet she’s a bit uncomfortable. That’s because she KNOWS she’s the guilty one.

  46. Christmas wish list.
    Hillary and Bill – indicted.
    Bath House Barry whoever the hell he really is – indicted.
    James Comey- indicted.
    Robert Mueller – indicted
    Louis Freeh – indicted
    Susan Rice – indicted
    Loretta Lynch – indicted
    Eric Holder – indicted

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