Jeff Sessions is preparing a surprise move that is bad news for sanctuary cities

So-called “sanctuary cities” are a threat to the public safety of all Americans.

One only has to look at the case of poor Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal alien let out of jail just moments before by San Francisco authorities who ignored a detainer request.

But the Trump administration is poised to strike down these law breakers once and for all with this one action.

New reports indicate the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to arrest local officials who enact sanctuary policies.

The Washington Times reports:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,” Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan says those policies put his officers and local communities at more risk because they have to arrest illegal immigrants out in the community.

Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies.

Sanctuary cities flout federal immigration laws by ignoring detainer requests for illegal aliens in local custody for various infractions.

In doing so, they promote tragic human trafficking incidents like when eight illegal aliens were found dead from heat exhaustion inside a tractor trailer in San Antonio last summer.

Authorities believe the truck was headed to Houston, one of the cities currently suing the state of Texas to block the state from implementing its ban on sanctuary cities.

What are your thoughts?

Should the federal government arrest and press charges against local officials who defiantly flout federal immigration laws to the detriment of public safety?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. they should arrest all sanctuary citi officials that do not obey federal law and put them in prison. they should also cut all federal funding for all sanctuary cities.

  2. It’s just political business as usual. The dems continue to abuse us law abiding Americans by rigging elections using illegals to vote in the elections. They don’t care if they let in terrorists, drug dealers, foriegn gang bangers, lowlife scum of the earth deadbeat murderous thugs. They view it as a small price to pay to illegally rig and win elections. Bunch of bleeding heart narcissists the libs.

  3. First of all, the Democrat motive for the rampant illegal immigration they have sponsored for the past 8-10 years is purely political; votes. They believe it possible to lock in the presidency and all other federal-level elections if they bring in enough illegal aliens and, using their nearly-perfected election fraud skills get them all registered and voting.
    One fact entirely omitted by today’s media even Fox, involves Senate democrat past practices of promising to participate in full spectrum immigration reform if their republican counterparts will only agree to amnesty for one group or another. The democrats get the amnesty but then develop amnesia regarding reforms. This “bait and switch” strategy will not work this time.

  4. when will Sessions finally take a stand against those traitors. We should have
    enough evidence to put them in jail

  5. Why are Democrats fighting so hard “illegal” Immigrants? They are obstructing justice, breaking our laws.

    If they want them here, then they should be ready to sponsor families. Used to be the law that immigrants we’re sponsered by a citizen. They were responsible for helping them with finding their own homes, food, & other items. They were not allowed to receive government assistance for year/years. Those who want their city to be a Sanctuary city could this??

  6. They swore to uphold the constitution,
    all I see is treason as they ignore the laws
    they swore to defend.
    What do expect from the land of fruit and
    nuts. They should change the name of the
    state to “Californacation”

  7. Shut down all Sanctuary Cities/States, they are Illegal. So what’s the problem. The government needs to show some wrath, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, arrests should be made, starting with the Governors, Mayjors, Police Chiefs, City Council, etc. anyone who is connected with this Illegal obstruction of justice.

  8. FINALLY!! Bring as many ICE officers as you can!! We need help in California!! Hell, I would feed and give them all the coffee they need.

  9. My face is WHITE. I have ‘seen’ BLACK auras. And, yes, Gov. Jerry BROWN lives up to it…head up his arse!

  10. start with that so called governor BROWN
    he has to be an OBAMA ass kisser
    his name realy shows his true colors [brown]

  11. Totally agree with you Mike, not only the mayors but also the governors of the states that hold these cities. We should not stop there the police chief and any lawyer that wants to defend these ilegals should also be arrested.

  12. Yes the government should arrest anyone who does not comply with federal law in regards to illegal immigrants. They should be arrested, taken to jail, stand before a judge and pronounced guilty and taken immediately to prison and if they protected someone who killed an innocent US Citizen, the should receive the death penalty immediately. This has to stop.

  13. I would love to see her run again. If she thought the last defeat was bad, this one would be worse. It would be enough to push her over the edge and into the loony bin.

  14. Put a large trebuchet on the border aimed at Mexico. For every one CA official that supports the illegals, put two illegals in it with them. Then they can live together. For illegals that have overstayed their visas, next plane home and booted out the door at 5000 ft. Be sure to give them all Acme parachutes.;-)

  15. IGNORRASMUSSENS! NJ is now the latest pickle jar of law-breakers. Whoever said it on whatever blog, I, too, will stand shoulder2shoulder to END this treason! MAGA! AMERICA FIRST! ????????????????????????

  16. That’s pretty harsh treatment even for a treasonous politician. I think they should just be put in jail with the criminals they are so gun-ho to protect.I’m willing to bet their opinion of these fine people may change a little.


  18. not only should the officials be prosecuted , so should the state as a whole , we are the citizens and if they are illegals then they ( the government ) has the right ( according to law ) to arrest them and deport them . enough tax dollars going to other than us citizens lets look at CITIZENS that are living on the streets , are we helping them? no immigrants are more important ?

  19. Don’t have faith in any thing Sessions said he would or will do.
    HE has shows no signs that he even knows what his job requires him to do..get RID OF HIM TIRED OF HIS TALK, AND ANGRY THAT HE IS ALL TALK NO ACTION>> GET RID OF HIM>>

  20. Unfortunately, i live on the island w/Margate (AC) and i have to accept this murphy guy as the new gov. He’s ALREADY, in his first or second day, formed a new office for the ALIENS (I think he uses the word immigrant, which they’re NOT)

  21. Make no mistake appointed elected government officials who declare their state, city, or township “sanctuary cities” are breaking the law and should be held accountable. They are bedding people who have broke the law. These are dangerous criminals.

  22. Dear Leslie: I couldn’t have said it any better! I live in San Francisco, the so called ‘sanctuaty city’ and over the years it’s become a dirty, stinky overpriced and overrated ‘craphole’. thanks to the liberals running this place into the ground, sad to say!

  23. I agree. Governors, mayors, police chiefs, judges & any other public officials that refuse to obey and enforce federal law or who obstructs enforcement of federal law should be arrested and prosecuted as a federal felon. If we make it personal by prosecuting people rather than states or cities it will have a more profound effect in solving the problem. This approach will also work in resolving the debate on whether states have a right to legalize marajuana in violation of federal law.

  24. How can illegals afford your high tax base? Is a portion earmarked for illegal sanctuaried border-crashers? EUREKA! And insulting! ONE legislature and ONE governor dictating without benefit of ballot initiatives and referendums? No VOICE of the PEOPLE? So, David, what will you DO about it?

  25. Dear David: Thanks for this so timely post. I couldn’t have said it better. This thief and traitor to California and America must be punished, i don’t know, any ideas? His flunky gavin newsopme, instrmental in making the once beautiful, affordable and great city of San Francisco into a ‘sanctuary city’ wants to take his place. Not if i can help it. This once great city has become a dirty, disgusting overrated and overpriced S**THOLE overrun with bums and ‘coolies’ from china. These disgusting cockroaches have taken over large sections of the city and turned them into third world sewers within the city complete with filth, stench and squalor, just like back in china! if these miserable cretins wanted it just like back in chine, they should have stayed there. The smells, actually stench in certain neighborhoods overrun with homeless encampments that use the sidewalks for their personal toilets, is overwhelming and nauseating. With the mid term elections coming up in June, hopefully the people in California have gotten smarterdo their due diligence and vote these thieves out of office, for their sake, their childrens sake and the sake of their grandchildren. The 4 thieves in charge: jerry ‘the clown brown’, dianne feinstein, nancy pelosi and gavin newsome don’t give a rats ASS about the voters here and it’s obvious. As long as they continue to live their luxury lifestyles the reat of us can scramble for the crumbs. These thieves don’t have to deal with the daily BULLS**T that w, the other 99% deal with on a daily basis.crime, dirty streets and crappy infrastructure.

  26. Lets start with Jerry Brown. As a citizen of CA I nor anyone else had a say in making CA a sanctuary sate. That is just one thing Brown has done. He has lied about everything, used $80 million illegally on his tunnel project that will wipe out the salmon and steel head. His slow moving state run amtrak bullet train now requires billions more $$$ to keep it going, he claims to be environmentally friendly but has allowed fracking to continue, his dad built Oroville dam, that should say a lot about like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He has raised gas tax to pay for our roads, something that he already did but never fixed the roads. Where did all those billions of $$$ go? We have a lumber fee to pay for what exactly? We have a paint fee to pay for what exactly? DMV prices are out of control. He sold our water rights to a corporate farm. He refuses to die and that the one that pisses me off the worst.

  27. FRED, I would have had them in prison a long time ago. The ones her in CA. first in line, no state should have power over the Fed. Gov,t.Moon head Brown would get punked in jail.It would be one way to get some of of the left wing Demc. out of this state.

  28. They are no better than anyone else,put them in jail.They wouldn’t think twice about putting one of us in jail.

  29. Absolutely! When corrupt officials snub federal law, which is the Supreme Law of the Land for the purpose of protecting the banel rights of criminals, that
    is complicit.

  30. I’ve said it before that they should arrest the Mayors an any others for Obstruction of Justice. Take them out of city hall in handcuffs.

  31. Isn’t that aiding and abetting a fugitive? Any person who harbored a fugitive from justice would be arrested and charged for this. What makes city or state officials any different from any other American?

  32. I’ve been saying the same thing for quite some time. If we actually charge the politicians who enact these awful policies, then they would not get enacted. So hey ho, let’s go!

  33. The just-sworn-in Democrat governor of New Jersey announced bookend status with Californication. MS-13 must be ecstatic! No Ocean City and Margate in MY future…DAMN that was ????YMCA????fun fun fun til her daddy took the T-bird away???? Won’t catch me, either, at Pier 23 on the Embarcadero, strolling Rodeo Drive, Carmel, Spanish Bay, Santa Monica, San Diego…NONE of it! Our Eastern Seaboard and Pacific Coast belong to ILLEGALS! DEPORT…NOT ABORT WITH A BAND-AID!

  34. The City Leaders in the Sanctuary Cities need to be arrested and booked for the aiding and abetting of FELONS. It is a felony to “crash the border” . All the arrested politicians should be fined a minimum of $5,000.00 each and that money put into a pool for the victims of crimes committed by the illegal aliens.

  35. Deport the Trespassers and LOCK UP the State and local Government officials and state legislators who passed these illegal laws which are in violation of Federal Laws

  36. The answer to all this is Federal District Court Orders!!!!!!!!!
    The state and locals can ignore DETAINERS!
    Simple as that!!!
    Catch ‘em and Deport ‘em —- problem solved.

  37. I live in Oregon and I believe you should arrest the ones
    that are keeping this state a sanctuary state!! Do away
    with all the sanctuary states!! Arrest Kate Brown and
    all who are involved!!

  38. Let the rich slice of Pacific coast California provide safe harbor to its illegals…while the REST of very tired very fed-up California becomes our 51st RED State! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Not governors, not mayors, not Federal court judges, not their flunkies…NO ONE!

    What I find totally unconscionably amazing? If the Federal government DOES shut down…it will be illegal DACA recipients who are 100% behind it! So I ask…who the HELL is running this country?

  39. Arrest and prosecute. I live in this state with no laws it needs federal help to be cleaned up. This would be a good start.

  40. Sessions, linked w/the Donald make an unbeatable force. I believe the reason things “r” moving so slowly is that da’ “Dummocraps” “r” dragging their feet as usual & will not accommodate “r” “Potus”. I believe not now,not ever until all the vermon is burned & removed from “r” planet!!
    I believe by end of “Trumpster’s 2nd year,he w/h gained more notorioty & respect allowing a better bond between congress & all appropriated parties.
    I say this w/much confidence obviously seeing how much better we “r” now since his election than sad state of affairs we were in b/4!!

  41. Immigration being a federal controlled ,the states and cities do not run immigration,and governor or city controller,not obeying the should be arrested ,( no bail) for being ass holes ,then prosecuted to full extent of law.

  42. Does anyone believe the that show President Trump is low in the polls?
    These idiots never called me and asked what I think of our President.Who in these comments still would vote for Trump.Everyone who voted for Trump should know the Dems are doing everything to discredit our President along with the dishonest Media.Vote all the rinos and dems out in 2018.Thank god for Trump

  43. The ult-liberal 9th Circuit Federal judges with no ‘Lady Justice’ blindfolds do not follow Constitutional rule of law but MAKE laws to serve their purposes of obstructing 1) Trump’s initial travel ban, 2) Trump’s amended travel ban, 3) Trump’s demise of DACA and TPS, 4) TRUMP. PERIOD. What I fail to comprehend…if Obama’s over-reaching executive action DACA without Congressional approval is deemed ILLEGAL, WHY is Trump ILLEGAL in reversing and ending an already ILLEGAL action??? Let the 9th Circuit COURT decide? Are you KIDDING me? Gorsuch and the SUPREME COURT! No WALL No DACA! End chain migration and TPS! Merit-based immigration ONLY! ????????????????????????

  44. The solution to this issue is to have detainers made federal district court orders. At present, the courts are uniform in holding that ICE detainers are not federal court orders. As a result, state and local law enforcement agencies do not have a legal obligation to honor the detainers. That is the reason why ICE is not seeking to hold state and local law enforcement agencies in contempt for failing to honor the detainers. President Donald (“First you grab them by the pussy”) Trump should have the Republican controlled House and Senate pass legislation to require ICE to apply to federal district courts for detainer orders.

  45. Absolutely, YES, any city, county, OR state officials, who defy federal immigration laws, to protect illegal aliens, should be arrested, charged and imprisoned. Stopping this, is crucial to protecting the USA AND the citizens of our great nation. WE are NOT the “gravy train” for every criminal roaming the earth, even if they do think so.

  46. California, California, …

    What would it take to defeat the liberals to capture the next California governorship? The feds need to assure the fair election for all the California citizens. The aliens and dead people cannot vote.

    I’m sure that the real Californian citizens lament over the cost of absorbing the great cost of catering the aliens. Will the true Californian conservative stand up for this governorship?

    American citizens come FIRST! …

  47. The easy solution is to have ICE file “detainers applications” with federal district court judges for approval and then made federal court orders. I do not understand why the Republican controlled federal government doesn’t take this approach. The courts are uniform in holding that the present ICE “detainers” are not court orders and there is no requirement that the detainers be honored by state and local law enforcement agencies.

  48. I can not understand why an illegal action by our former president has to be debated. Declare daca illegal and send all illegals back to mexico and cut the money line(26 million per year) that these people send back to mexico

  49. If the so-called “dreamers” are 20 to 30 years old and they are educated and they know they are illegal, why haven’t they applied for citizenship. Problem solved. We need to be more selective like Norway or Australia. Additionally, it costs more to support all the illegals than it would cost to build the wall. Send them home.

  50. States’ autonomy is one thing. Usurping Federal law is quite another. And usurping Federal law is BREAKING the law of the land. ‘Sanctuary’ USED to refer to brick&mortar churches of safe haven for those legitimately persecuted. Illegals have NOT been persecuted but stroked and entitled UNlawfully. STOMP SANCTUARY! No WALL No DACA! New California the 51st State! I.C.E. sweep of State officials who condone and engage in sanctuary!

  51. ABSOLUTELY! The federal government should arrest state officials who are not seriously protecting public safety and instead cowering to illegals by turning America into a sanctury for criminals.

  52. Anyone who breaks the law, especially when it puts others at risk, should be duly charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



  55. Amen. This pick and ignore practice was how BHO operated. Bad habit. There are several Governors … IL and AL in prison. The new bunch could share a prison cell with these illegal bad actors.

  56. Yes, I agree that they are complicit in any crimes comitted by illeagals after their release. the National guard should be sent in to the appropriate state capitol buildings to stop the insanity and or the city halls. there are precedents going all the way back to the early liquor rebellions of our country,the civil war and the civil rights movements that included the governor George Wallace

  57. The actions of these community and state politicians should be considered as an obstruction of justice and Federal laws. How can our government expect the citizens to respect and obey our laws if our politicians and government officials don’t?

  58. Of course they should. You cant pick and choose which laws you like. If you can, I don’t like to pay taxes. That would get me thrown in the pokey.

  59. all these so call goveonors need to go to jail dims =dums they think they still run usa no this is trump country go trump love u

  60. I find it hilarious that liberals were up in arms over Sheriff Joe tramping on federal laws by using his local law-enforcement personnel to control the influx of illegal immigrants, and then the very same liberals are all for local law-enforcement ignoring federal laws and allowing the free flow and protection of illegal immigrants.

  61. about time thank god send them back let their country put up with the low lifes good job now u guys are protecting us us citizens

  62. Every time President Trump tries to enforce a law the Liberal Clinton/Obama judges tell him he can’t do it! In reality, they have no authority over our president.He has to take it to the supreme court to override them.They are passing their own political agenda instead of the law.The president has the authority to do what he thinks is best for the American people.

  63. Send in the National Guard and beat them down; that’s what the Feds did to the South in the 1960’s when they said we were not following federal law.

  64. I will believe they’re in jail when I see them in jail and not the country club jail they set up for those who belong to the political club, a prostitute of the money.

  65. The founding fathers warned us about the government, and Wallace about heavy taxation. The communist know and do control people by texting them out of what they don’t want them to have, in this case it would be the middle-class as they want to strip the middle class to make them needed like the lower class people who don’t wanna work and will live off the government, or their parents or all the above.

  66. Yes, but only if he fulfills his campaign promises! DEPORTATION!

  67. Great comment, our laws need to be enforced. If need be to overrule a lower court than do it, go to supreme court. But this is getting beyond ridiculous its time USA cleaned up its house…………

  68. if we have to obay federal laws why don’t govenors, if they want the illegals they should support them with their own money , these are the reasons we we have the debt like we do, states are suppose to budget their finances and be solvent , yet the fed sends billions to them every year, so you not only have high state taxes , you have the fed taxing you to send the money back to the states , all wasted personnel ,then just look at all the money they send over seas, why are we saving these 3rd world countries anyways , don’t they have governments ,

  69. Yes jail them. They are no better then the criminals they protect. It’s time this country took care of the legal people of this country. Jail a few mayors and governers and the rest of the cowards will fall in line.

  70. Arrest ALL Mayor’s, County Manager’s, and Governor’s that even attempt to harbor criminals and/or put the law abiding citizens life in jeopardy! Bar NONE!!????????????????????????

  71. Live in California with their crazy idiot ideas! This is just unacceptable, if you are illegal, you should not be here, how about cutting all hand outs and they will stop coming, also the homeless are given way too much to be in California
    What we need are Republicans to take the state over and make it the great Golden State it once was

  72. Yes, go after these politicians & close down Sanctuary cities. These undocumented illegals have broken the law. They come to work and send back home as much money as they can (over $ 10 billion dollars , without paying “one penney” in taxes. Our share of our taxes pay for their 1) free food stamps, 2) free health care, & 3) free education. Their contribution to our economy is ZERO.

  73. It is time to lay down the full authority of the law and prosecute obstructionists (even elected officials who are breaking the law)We, must get rid of those illegal criminals after they are put in jail fro their crimes (or send them to Guantanamo. They don’t deserve humane treatment.

  74. Is this Country following the THIRD WORLD COUNTRY POLITICS? The Sanctuary Cities should be denied any Federal Fundings, roads, bridges, educations, and declare this States or Cities as not member of the United States.

  75. People are there to do a job not to make their own rules just because they don’t agree with what they are supposed to uphold. A refusal to do the job is a justification for termination and prosecution. Elected officials that are their superiors should be prosecuted as well.

  76. These Sanctuary cities and states are a threat to the nation and to every citizen in this country. These cities and states seem to act and believe that their actions are contained in their area of control and fail to see or care about national concerns. The people who support this notion and fail to work with national law enforcement are themselves criminals and should be held accountable. Mayors and Governors of these properties shyalso be held criminally liable for allowing their law enforcement agencies to put other cities and states at risk!

  77. I hope he comes to Mass. ASAP ! This state is so bad !
    Start with “Lizzy Warren “, the fake Indian !!!

  78. If I helped a person escape arrest, I would get arrest to aiding and abetting a criminal. Why aren’t the the law enforcement officials not getting prosecuted for violating the law?

  79. Take away all federal funding for their sanctuary citizens. No stamps, health, no housing, no anything. Let them foot their own bill!! They’re so far I’m debt now, bankruptcy would happen in a matter of months. Then after they file in a Federal court for bankruptcy, charge tgem with extortion, for trying to avoid collapse. And then charge, trial, and jail, thrm!!!

  80. Why do we even have to debate about ILLEGAL immigration!? We can’t enforce our laws? It’s pathetic and sad and affects the average Americans, not the “elites.”

  81. If we pick and chose the laws we will obey we will have anarchy. An elected official is still a US citizen that must follow those laws. If they don’t like the laws than change them through the democratic process. Trump was elected president, we knew what his stance was on sanctuary cities and he won. The people have spoken. Arrest any official who thinks they are above the law. Let’s start with the Clintons!!

  82. yes start at the top GOVERNOR, LOCALS, POLICE CHIEF, OFFICERS, ECT IT ALL GOES DOWN HILL . if you get the ring leader then the ring will fold.

  83. A country that does not enforce its own laws might as well not even have any. Enforce the law Mr Attorney General.

  84. Yes, for aiding and abetting, as well as an accomplice for any other crimes committed after letting them out

  85. Been saying this for sometime now. They need to start with the idiot in charge the Governor Brown. Slap his butt and and let him spend time in GITMO. The muslim guys will worship in many ways.

  86. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that the rightful residents and citizens DO mind very much that where they live is crawling with “undesirables”… and wonder why those who live safe, comfortable, well-off lives can impose these lawbreakers on the ones they were elected to serve.

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