Jeff Sessions proved Barack Obama was the worst President ever with one number

Barack Obama was a disaster.

But how much of disaster was harder to measure.

Jeff Sessions took care of that by proving Obama was the worst President ever with one number.

Barack Obama was the most pro-open borders President in anyone’s lifetime.

America didn’t have a border so much as a turnstyle for illegal aliens to pass through.

That all changed when Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

He tapped Jeff Session for the position of Attorney General in order to implement his America First immigration policies.

And in just two years, Sessions has increased the number of deportation orders to the level they were at before Obama took office.

Breirtbart reports:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ immigration courts have returned deportation orders back up to the rate that existed before former President Barack Obama’s pro-migration policies.

But the backlogs created by Obama’s pro-migrant policies are still keeping hundreds of thousands of Central Americans in U.S. jobs, and are still inviting many additional poor Central American migrants to ask for asylum at border posts in Texas and California.

The number of illegals beating deportation orders has fallen by half since Obama departed, according to data provided by Syracuse University. In numbers, only 75,556 migrants were ordered home in fiscal 2016, but the departure number under AG Sessions is on track to reach 120,000 in 2018, says the university’s newest data at the Transactional Record Access Clearinghouse.

In fiscal 2016, 56 percent of immigrants defeated deportation cases in the immigration-court system run by Obama’s Attorney Generals. But that percentage has quickly dropped to 29 percent in 2018 under Sessions’ oversight, which is slightly above the pre-Obama level which existed before 2009.”

Barack Obama represented the elite consensus that Americans should embrace open borders and celebrate the flood of cheap that stormed into the country.

Trump won the election rejecting this status quo.

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