Jeff Sessions ripped up this racist Obama policy

Barack Obama’s administration was a disaster on every front.

Obama routinely engaged in race baiting in order to sow discord that benefited him politically.

That all ended when Jeff Sessions ripped up this racist Obama policy.

Liberals have used affirmative action as a reverse racism program to benefit their voting constituencies.

During the Obama administration, the Justice and Education Departments instructed colleges to take race into account for admissions in order to “diversify” their student bodies.

The DOJ and Department of Education reversed those discriminatory policies when Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos instructed college to ignore race based admissions preferences.

The New York Times reports:

“The Trump administration will encourage the nation’s school superintendents and college presidents to adopt race-blind admissions standards, abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses, officials said.

The reversal would restore the policy set during President George W. Bush’s administration, when officials told schools that it “strongly encourages the use of race-neutral methods” for admitting students to college or assigning them to elementary and secondary schools.

Last November, Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked the Justice Department to re-evaluate past policies that he believed pushed the department to act beyond what the law, the Constitution and the Supreme Court had required, Devin M. O’Malley, a Justice Department spokesman, said. As part of that process, the Justice Department rescinded seven policy guidances from the Education Department’s civil rights division on Tuesday.”

Democrats used identity politics based programs like affirmative action to advance the idea of group rights.

Liberals push the notion that you are a member of a group and not an individual and that the government must guarantee your “group” rights.

The only way to preserve your “rights” is to vote for Democrats since they are the party of big government.

Donald Trump was elected to erase Barack Obama’s legacy – and eliminating the racist requirements that colleges take race into account when conducting the admissions process is another down payment on fulfilling that promise.


  1. Sorry I still don’t believe in Jeff SESSIONS ability to get past any thing that need to be done past the TALKING STAGE..
    His EGO over rides him being capable of being strong enough to be AG WE need a TRAY COWDY, Jim Jordan NUENS ability to get thins done.

  2. I disagree with the number lottery. The applicants with the highest test scores should be given first priority. The USA has been dumbing down our college graduates for years. We are no longer educating our brightest students, but by picking college students by race, are setting up students to fail and our college graduates to be behind other nations.

  3. Right now if you apply for a college the first question is are you latino then it will ask others races . The latinos are above the blacks . I have appleyd to several colleges in the state and several online colleges in the last few months getting ready to finish my degree. If I pick mexicano I get a pass first then it gos to the blacks. I’m sick of making phone calls that ask if I speak spanish before I can even get to speak to someone. If you cant speak english learn it. If i go to mexico they are not going to go out of their way to speak english for me.

  4. Simple if a white female marries a black male she becomes black. She can be black. If a black female marries a white male he becomes black. Or vise versa depending on their agenda and way of life. From what I have seen it is typical a white female who marries a black acts and lives like a black person and a black female who marries a white male tends to have a white agenda. But not always. Whites have all had and have black friends who are really good friends and have your back till they get around other black then you become their enemy. I have seen this my whole life. I do have 2 who I have never had turn on me no matter who they where around , but for the other 100s I have been friends with only till they have other blacks around. Everyone has seen this.

  5. Schools, jobs, etc… should take your name and contact info and issue you a number. This should be utilized for getting into the work force, school, etc… When your statistics are viewed, there is only a number associated with it. The best person for the job, etc… Race, sex, etc… should have nothing to do with it. Including age. i probably know more about law enforcement and security of high-rise buildings in major cities than the head of the FBI but cannot find any work because I am older. That is discrimination plain and simple.

  6. Affirmative Action is no joke, as many have stated – it’s a tragedy! American black people must quit mocking fellow American blacks who excel (succeed). It
    all boils down to attitude and discipline. It is the major difference between blacks and orientals. Discipline, my black friends, is doing something you don’t want to do at a time when you don’t want to do it (like homework assignments).

  7. The only criteria for accepting a student in the school system – all levels – is academic ability. Race, sex, politics should not come into the choice. Quotas on race, sex or any other government stipulation should be abolished and color, sex and gender preference put aside when choosing an applicant for entry into a school, high school, or college. Ability, academic accumen and desire to learn should be the only conditions to be met.

  8. Higher education has been, and should always be, based on a student’s INTERNAL intellect and abilities, not on EXTERNAL appearance.

  9. I have never heard that argument before. Sounds as if it could work in a perfect world.Seems as if nothing works in this world. Like Obama, blacks really don’t want to get along with whites. Racism, as you have noted, is on both sides.

  10. The whole affirmative action thing was to dumb down the education process. A dumbed down society is easier to manage…we are seeing that process working right this minute!!! Look at the college students…a liberalized MESS!

  11. I agree with totally bringing back enrollments on your scoring with your academics and achievements not because of your race. If you’re one that pushes for equality then it should be equal opportunity to all. There will probably be a problem that far left teachers will fudge High School grades to put students higher in the line.

  12. Your dead right you have said a mouth full.

  13. All applicants for schools and jobs should be accepted for their knowledge and ability to contribute to the school or company. Stop this prejudicial acceptance of applicants because of race or gender. For a job each applicant should be judged on ability to perform the job and serve the customers to promote the company.

  14. All questions or references to race should be deleted from all applications and forms. All admissions and other considerations should be blind as to race. Race must become irrelevant in America. People should be accepted for who the are and NOT judged by some arbitrary physical characteristic. People should be allowed to succeed or fail own their own merits and efforts. All citizens must be allowed to life, liberty, and the equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

  15. OBAMMIE ==== RACIST/MUSLIM/ FASCIST AMERICA hater; he was NOT raised as an American in Thailand by his communist family.

  16. I agree this has been happening since the 80’s I knew a lady whose son was top Merit scholar in the nation and was turned down by MIT because of his color . HE REAPPLIED AS A BLACK AND WAS admitted

  17. I think we can all see that the reverse discrimination and Racist policies of the obama admin. are not the way to go. Any intelligent person can understand that. If they want to instill their racist policies against White people, why not just separate the races and let them all flourish according to their own agendas??

  18. As soon as the Civil War was over, the leftwingnuts began a program to move people back to the plantation (the government plantation). Now, we have 43%+ on the gov plantation of food stamps and other welfare designed to keep these Americans of all colors on the gov plantation so they will vote for the leftwingnuts.

  19. You Right and it is a shame. Because of civil rights laws making “everyone” equal those that have become equal now think that they are entitled to extra bennies of passing grades without work. Ask any HS teacher. The VA is now loaded with incompetent clerical workers because of federal hiring policies.

  20. As with the whites, the Asians also have a big problem in that they work as hard as whites to get good grades and are also not admitted to schools that want “diversity”.

  21. walkin love and agree with every word you said they think whites should be held back because we work for the grades we get, what do you want to keep everybody stupid because one group refuses to work for what they want.make the grades and it will help you get what you want in life common sense.

  22. David, I understand the point you are trying to make. However, you are wrong. We often hear of the jim crowe laws in the South. Yet we do not hear of the Black Codes of the north. Even in Illinois they had Black Codes that forbade Blacks from living there, and placed severe restrictions on Blacks being there for any length of time. Both the Illinois and Oregon State Constitutions forbade Blacks and Mulattos from entering their States, from moving around freely if they were there, restricting the time they could be in the State. Other northern States had similar laws, and all that before, during and after the war of northern invasion. There were 4 States in the union that allowed slavery before, during and after that war. In the 1858 lincoln-Douglas debate, lincoln very clearly stated he did not believe the Black and White races could ever live together under social or political equality, that he did not favor allowing Blacks to hold public office, to serve as jurors, to intermarry with the white race, and that he considered the white race to be the superior race. He clearly stated he was opposed to citizenship for Blacks. There is not sufficient time or space here to give all the instances of Black suppression I the north.

  23. Dan, you are, in my opinion,100% correct. I have long espoused that very sentiment. Like with photo ID to vote. I am so sick of Blacks being told they are just too damned stupid to get a photo ID. And that they are too damned stupid to get into college based on their academic ability.

  24. If History were taught correctly you would know Aficans were first imported by the Dutch to New Amsterdam(New York City today) in 1626 and by 1703 the only city with more slaves than New York City was Charleston, SC. By 1703 42% of NY City households had slaves.
    Jim Crow Laws in the Northern States
    Year Location Jim Crow Law
    1777 Vermont Convention adopts constitution that protects child
    slavery and Atlantic slave trade.1
    1786 Vermont Vermont Constitution of 1786 contains identical
    protection for child slavery and the Atlantic slave trade that their 1777 Constitution contained.2
    1792 Delaware Constitution limits franchise to “free white males.”
    1802 District of Columbia Congress establishes municipal government in D.C. that limits the franchise to “free white male” inhab¬itants.3
    1803 Ohio Upon statehood free blacks prohibited from voting;
    Ohio Constitution protects “virtual slavery” of Negro
    1804 Ohio Anti-Negro “Black Laws” restrict liberties of free blacks.8
    1807 New Jersey Legislature restricts the franchise to “free white
    male citizens.”3
    1811 New York Legislature requires free blacks to produce “certificate of freedom” to vote.3
    1814 Connecticut Legislature restricts franchise to free white males.6
    1815 New York Legislature reenacts 1811 law requiring “certificate of freedom” and voids certificates obtained under an 1813 law.3
    1815 New York Legislature restricts enrollment in the militia to free
    white males.10
    1816 Indiana Upon statehood, legislature prohibits free blacks from
    1818 Connecticut Constitution disenfranchises free blacks not already
    registered to vote.3
    1818 Illinois Constitution at statehood protects human property of
    slaveholders already in the state.7
    1819 Illinois Legislature enacts Negro exclusion law.9
    1820 New Jersey Legislature reaffirms law that prohibits free black
    1820 District of Columbia By charter Congress authorizes municipal government¬of D.C. “to restrain and prohibit the nightly and other disorderly meetings of slaves, free Negroes, and mulattoes.”10
    1821 New York Voters amend state constitution, restrict free black franchise.4
    1822 Rohde Island Legislature restricts franchise to “white” males and bans interracial marriage.6’10
    1823 Illinois By two-thirds vote the legislature places on the ballot constitutional amendment to make Illinois a slave state. Narrowly defeated by voters.11
    1827 Michigan Territory Territorial legislature enacts Negro exclusion law.9

    1829 Illinois Legislature renews Negro exclusion law.9
    1831 Indiana Legislature enacts Negro exclusion law.9
    1833 Connecticut State Supreme Court allows a lower court ruling
    to stand that Negroes and Indians are not citizens.21
    1833 Connecticut Legislature criminalizes the establishment of any
    school for persons of the African race.10
    1836 Rohde Island Legislature amends suffrage law but still applied
    to “white male persons” only.6
    1836 Massachusetts Legislature renews ban on interracial marriage.10
    1836 Illinois Illinois House of Representatives passes a resolution
    by two-thirds vote that “the elective franchise should be kept pure from contamination by the admission of colored votes.” State Rep. Abraham Lincoln supported the resolution.22
    1837 Pennsylvania State Supreme Court rules that Negroes and mulattos
    are not entitled to vote.4
    1837 Michigan From statehood, the Michigan Constitution restricts
    franchise to “white males.”12
    1838 Pennsylvania Voters amend state constitution and disenfranchise
    free blacks.4
    1839 Ohio Ohio House of Representatives passes a resolution
    that Negroes have no right to petition the legislature
    “for any purpose whatever.”5
    1839 Iowa Territory Legislature enacts Negro exclusion law.4
    1845 Connecticut Constitutional amendment restricts franchise to
    “white” males.6
    1846 Wisconsin Territory Voters reject free black suffrage.9
    1846 Iowa Voters reject free black suffrage in original state constitution.12
    1846 New York Voters reject free black suffrage constitutional amendment.4
    1847 Illinois Voters reject free black suffrage constitutional amendment.12
    1847 Connecticut Legislature blocks proposal that would permit free blacks to vote.3
    1848 Oregon From the organization as a territory, the legislature Territory withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1849 Wisconsin Voters reject free black suffrage for a second time.9
    1850 California From statehood, the California Constitution pro¬hibits free blacks from exercising the franchise.19
    1850 Utah From the organization as a territory, the legislature withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1851 Indiana Voters ratify new state constitution that disenfran¬chises free blacks.10
    1851 Ohio Voters ratify new state constitution that disenfran¬chises free blacks.15
    1854 Kansas Territory From the organization as a territory, the legislature withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1854 Nebraska Territory From the organization as a territory, the legislature withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1855 Connecticut Voters adopt constitutional amendment requiring proof of literacy to vote.12
    1857 Wisconsin Voters reject free black suffrage for a third time.9
    1857 Michigan Voters adopt constitutional amendment requiring proof of literacy to vote.12
    1857 Minnesota From statehood,the Minnesota Constitution prohibits free blacks from exercising the franchise.12
    1857 Iowa Voters ratify a new constitution that retains the disenfranchisement of free blacks.17
    1867 Oregon Voters approve constitution 8 to 1, and in 1859, Oregon became the only state admitted to the Union with a racial exclusion provision in the state constitu¬tion; also prohibited exercising the franchise for free blacks, mulattos, and Chinese; prohibited property ownership for blacks and mulattos.9’18
    1859 Ohio Legislature requires election officials to reject the vote of a person “who has a distinct and visible admixture of African blood.”4
    1860 New York Voters reject free black suffrage constitutional amendment for a second time.4
    1861 NevadaTerritory From the organization as a territory, the legislature withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1861 Colorado Territory From the organization as a territory, the legislature withholds exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1861 Kansas Admitted as a “free” state but withheld exercise of the franchise from free blacks.4
    1862 Illinois Voters reject free black suffrage; adopt a racial ex¬clusion amendment to the Illinois Constitution.13
    1863 West Virginia Admitted to the Union illegally, after seceding from Virginia,during the war as a slave state; also prohibited free black franchise.20
    1864 Nevada Prohibited free black franchise from statehood.4
    1865 Connecticut Voters reject black suffrage proposal.4
    1865 Minnesota Voters reject black suffrage proposal.23
    1865 Wisconsin Voters reject free black suffrage for a fourth time.9
    1865 Colorado Territory Voters reject black suffrage proposal.23
    1865 District of Columbia Voters in the nation’s capital reject black suffrage proposal.23
    1866 Nebraska Territory Voters reject black suffrage proposal.23
    1867 Ohio Voters reject black suffrage proposal.4
    1867 Connecticut Voters reject black suffrage in special election.14
    1867 Minnesota Voters reject black suffrage proposal a second time.23
    1867 New Jersey Lower house of legislature refuses a proposed amendment to strike the word “white” from the New Jersey Constitution.14
    1867 Kansas Voters reject black suffrage.4
    1868 Pennsylvania Lower house of legislature votes 64 to 14 against a proposed constitutional amendment for black suffrage.14
    1868 Ohio Legislature rejects black suffrage.12
    1868 Michigan Legislature rejects a proposed amendment to strike the word “white” from the Michigan Constitution.12
    1868 New York Voters reject free black suffrage constitutional amendment for a third time.4
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  25. The message to people of color by the dumbasscrats is really racist. They lecture the minorities that they need them to make it in life. The doctrine of the left is that blacks are too stupid to exist without the government to wipe their butts for them. Some buy into that garbage and nothing will change their minds. But Trump will change that outlook for many African Americans. That’s what scares the hell out of the left.

  26. All educational admissions and placement should be based on merit, not on quotas. The same should be true in the workplace. In both cases, if an individual cannot reach the required standard standard, then they should be excluded until such time as they are able to perform and fulfill the requirements. There is no such thing as affirmative action or diversity, when you’re looking for the best.

  27. I totally agree. Obaba tried to get our schools turned to islamic. One day soon maye these blind people will see where our country was going. If not stopped we would be speaking arabic instead of our langusge. He was giving our country to our enemies. Thank you sessions for finally doing your job

  28. Racism in this country was outlawed 150 years ago. Since then it has been kept alive by the Democrat party, in the most sinister way, which is in large part Welfare, in large part Abortion, and in large part Affirmative Action. All three created and nurtured to keep minorities from reaching their true potential. The Elite Left fears equality, because they believe that they are superior to all. As long as there are the pious, the “Elite”, the Deep State and it’s Holier than thou belief, there will be no equality. Pray my friend, God grants and preserves true equality, for ever. Believers live they that don’t, won’t. It’s all about choice.

  29. The only reason there is race bias in this country, 150 years after the mistake was corrected, is because the democrats would not let it end and would not let equality happen. They instituted Jim Crow, and then welfare, then and now portraying themselves as concerned for the oppressed, when in fact they are the oppressors. They have completely obliterated the truth that the republican party was and is anti slavery and believes honestly that all men are created equal. Happy Independence Day! It belongs to all of us!

  30. Yes, for sure get rid of the teachings that you are not a man or a woman, that you can be anything that you want to be. BS, you were either born a male or a female or to be politically correct, you were born either a female or a mail, you were not born a maybe!

  31. Get the common core out of our schools! Return all the books for kids to learn from, that tell the damn truth about our history! The good & the bad!Stop the nonsense & get back to learning skills! Like how to do basic things!!!

  32. Now , is there some way we can erase his name from history? Send all of his records back to Kenya.

  33. His racism influenced his bad behavior as president. There are many other reasons, not the least of which is that he is a muslim.

  34. First thing the American education system needs to do is reject and remove common core teaching of liberal revisionist history and math. ONLY fact based subjects should be taught at ALL schools. That should carry throughout the school system. 2nd, there should be ZERO bias for anyone based on skin color, sex, sexual preference or any other factor that is NOT qualification based. The most qualified person should get the job, college admission, advancement or any other advanced subject or position.

  35. We are all equal, it made blacks feel inferior when Obama engaged in race baiting in order to sow discord that benefited him politically. Now we are all equal, Blacks are as smart as any other race.

  36. I supported it in the beginning to give Backs a jump start. But, it has served its purpose. If Blacks have not taken advantage of opportunitues given them by now it is their fault.

  37. Jeff Sessions needs to end anything associated with the Obama Era. We don’t need to be reminded of a period that will be with us for a long time. I want to see my Grand Kids and my Great Grand Kids grow up in a world that doesn’t demand they stop being kids any more. I want to see them go to the school of their choice. I wan’t to see the other kids learn English. That is right they need to be taught English in Schools. No more Muslim habits, no more Muslim Ideology to be presented to them.

  38. Affirmative Action must end. Schools must begin Teachers Reading. Writing and Arithmetic and all the basics. No more Common Core. That is the exact problem that the Main School Board of Education needs to be told to stop hurting our schools and let little kids learn their ABC’s and Reading Writing and Arithmetic and for get anything associated with Obama.

  39. There are many folks that deserve to be admitted of all colors. Color should not be the deciding factor, that’s simply unfair & should be illegal.

  40. Deanne you are expressing common sense and logic. Those who support “diversity” have no idea what that means. They are the faction in this great country who are like locked brakes. They have no comprehension what moving forward means. They just want their freebees.

  41. Under affirmative action Obama, schools had to help Obama’s favored demographics who voted for him beat out those from Republican demographics in school admissions yet insurance companies couldn’t favor Republican demographics even though they cost them less in almost every way to insure! Of course, considering the affirmative action treatment Obama received as President from the media, can you blame him?

  42. Wait a minute; you hate people that feel that they are “entitled” that would be any smug self-satisfied rich basticht! Really?

  43. Just an admission of what we already knew. Even worse was the missus he brought with. As bad as O was, she was even worse.

  44. End ALL “diversity” programs because to expect anything based on skin color instead of hard work and merits is simply racist……

  45. When obozo was in race was his top subject! Anti-white that’s what he was!, anti American, anti military, anti police officers, anti truth!, h
    E was sooooo corrupt he should be HUNG FOR TREASON!, Not to mention he wasn’t even a US citizen!! He should have to pay back everything he took from America and his racist wife too!

  46. about time someone calls the kenyan freak what he really is, a racists, but there is a bigger problem , you have all these other white hating blacks out there getting away with it yet , did anyone ever get arrested for the kill whitey b/s , no

  47. All racist policies must be ended in the USA. Capitalism is based on merit and the value one brings to the market. Racism only creates distortion and unfair results. Paying your, “Fair Share” = paying your dues = getting an education and adequate experience to acquire the position you seek.

  48. Its time to end Affirmative Action … It is my understanding that there is a Grade Curve that goes along with it also ! Those with higher aptitude and grades should be educated to the fullest ! Why put quotas based on race ?

  49. These is no such the a racism, There is only hate.
    And people who think they entitled are on the top of my list.

  50. Identity politics is a poison ideology. Indeed it is a part of the great political correctness theology.

    Wait, there is one more big problem going on in many liberal colleges/universities: anti-white culture courses being offered at their Humanities department. That’s very, very wrong. It’s pure racist. It should be brought to the federal court. END IT NOW!

    Trump 2020!

  51. Affirmative action is a joke. All people should earn their place in colleges ect. What would happen if we had a white history month? How about white entrtainment tv? Or the concept that all lives matter?

  52. Ot only obama hilery c bill c janet reno rice and others such asfarakan waters and so onjust to many to list

  53. Education should be based on the effort of the students…not the color that is favored by an organization.
    Bighter students are better professions at the jobs they choose. The students that display the attributes needed to pass these subjects should recieve the funding over just an average student.
    That is not a racist attitude…just an attitude to select and respect the intelligence of ALL individuals over the COLOR of preference of organizations.

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